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► History  of hypnosis
► Definition of hypnosis
► Process of hypnosis
► Uses of hypnosis
► Capability to be hypnotized
► Theories of hypnosis
► Stages of hypnosis
► Social constructionism
         History of hypnosis
► The Hindus of India claim that they started
  hypnosis method and used it as a cure for
► The first recognizable practitioner of
  hypnosis was Franz Anton Mesmer
► The main hypnosis discoveries came in 1842
  when James Braid started to learn more
  about its effects.
        Definition of hypnosis
► Hypnosis   is a trance-like state in which a
  person becomes more aware and focused and
  is more open to suggestion. It is induced by
  other person. A state in which one can access
  creativity, retrace certain inhibitions,
  reprogramme patterns and work with pain
► Being hypnotized is usually characterized by
  intense concentration,extreme relaxation, and
  high suggestibility.
           Process of hypnosis
► Person  must be relaxed, agree to be
  hypnotized and use his full imagination.
► The hypnotist must instill a person that he is
  getting tired and his eyes are getting
► A person is asked concentrate his view on
  one thing and look carefully, in this way
  eyes’ muscles will get tired sooner.
    Capability to be hypnotized
People who can’t be hypnotized:
► People who don’t want to be hypnotized
► Children, mental patients
► People with poor intellect
Other people more or less are capable to be
► People  whose imagination is very big is
  more open to hypnosis.
► Stenford’s scale is used to evaluate persons
  capability to be hypnotized. A hypnotist tells
  person to swing and according to it’s
  intensity we can say weather he is deep or
  low hypnotised.
           Uses of hypnosis
► To cure allergy
► To eliminate addictions
► To drop various fears
► Sometimes in court
► Helps to relax
► Find some points about ones past
► Free of physical pain.
           Theories of hypnosis
► Socialconstructionism and role-playing theory
► Dissociation and neodissociation theories
► Neuropsychological theory of hypnosis
► Hypnosis as a conditioned process leading to sleep
► Hyper–suggestibility theory
► Informational theory
► Systems theory
     Social constructionism
► Robert Baker claim that what we call
  hypnosis is actually a form of learned social
► People just behave the way they imagine a
  hypnotized person would act
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