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									How to Ghost Ride a Whip
        Jenny Donoghue
          May 6th, 2010
        Ghost riding is the act of getting out of your
        car while it is in neutral or while it is in drive
        and dancing around the car, on top of the car,
        or behind the car.
        A whip is a fast, expensive car, such as an
        Aston Martin. Sometimes used to describe
        vehicles of a lesser extent in areas of lower

1. UrbanDictionary.com         2                             5/6/10
       Ghost riding originally started in San
       Francisco’s East bay and has now spread to
       most of the US.
       Dating back to the 1980’s, in Oakland, CA
       people would gather and stage impromptu
       car rallies where displaying such tricks as
       ghost riding the whip took place.

1. Washingtonpost.com        3                       5/6/10
                          What You’ll Need
               Firstly, a Whip.
               Next a group of friends willing to join in the
               Some loud music is always a plus, especially
               bass heavy music.
               Lastly, a camera person!

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                Song about it
   It has been
   popularized by
   songs like
   “Ghost Ride It”
   by Mistah

1. Dubcnm.com         5         5/6/10
     Also Popularized by…
 Multiple YouTube
 videos from
 around the world
 including soldiers
 in Iraq
 One Ghost Ride
 the Whip video
 from Iraq has over

1. Youtube.com        6     5/6/10
             Safety is a must!!!
       As said best by Mistah F.A.B. himself

    "It's fun, it's an adrenaline rush, but I
    won't lie to you or sugarcoat it. It's
    dangerous. I've seen a lot of bad
    stuff happen. Definitely, do not try
    this at home."

1. Washingtonpost.com       7                   5/6/10
Instructions if You Refuse
     to Heed Warning
  Once you have all the requirements, (A whip,
  friends, music and a camera)…
1.) Get into the driver’s seat , start car and
Dance, Laugh, and
put it into DRIVE
2.) Whileget SILLY!!
just out is still rolling, open the door
and get

                         8                       5/6/10
Actual Video Footage

         9             5/6/10
Questions ???

      10        5/6/10

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