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									Kit List                                                  Trekking Challenge

This list has been compiled by our local Ground Handlers and is based on recommendations from previous
expeditions. Please do take into account your own personal preferences and common sense! We
welcome feedback on how this list can be improved upon your return from your Challenge. It is highly
recommended that to travel, you use a soft hold-all type of bag / large rucksack and not hard rigid suitcases.
Also note, that some kit can be hired locally - please see Further Information document.

Item                                                                                            Needed? ü
Large rucksack or Kit Bag (60 90 litre capacity to check in at the airport and for porters to
carry - a suitcase is not appropriate)
Day pack (30 35 litre capacity) - must have a good waist strap to be able to carry 6 kg            Yes
Bag to leave items at hotel that you do not need for the actual trek                               Yes
Lightweight waterproofs (jacket and trousers)                                                    Yes
Thermal balaclava or fleece hat                                                                  Yes
Windbreaker (or optional down jacket or ski jacket)                                              Yes
Insulated gloves/mittens and ALSO thermal inner gloves                                           Yes
Fleece                                                                                           Yes
T-Shirts                                                                                         Yes
Long-sleeved shirt for evenings                                                                  Yes
Trekking socks - at least 4 pairs                                                                Yes
Lightweight trousers for trekking (such as lightweight cargo trousers, not jeans) - two pairs    Yes
Trainers or sandals for evenings around camp                                                     Yes
Shorts                                                                                           Yes
Scarf / bandana / dust mask                                                                     Optional
Sun hat - wide brimmed                                                                           Yes
Walking boots must be worn in with good ankle support (no trainers or trainer boots)             Yes
Castual clothes for evenings and travelling                                                      Yes
Thermal top and bottoms - two sets                                                               Yes
Underwear (light and loose) including normal socks                                               Yes
Gaiters (for ascent and for scree on descent from summit)                                        Yes
Swimwear (swimming pool at the lodge on last night)                                             Optional
Smart clothes for last night at the lodge (not taken on trek)                                   Optional
Sleeping Bag - 4 season PLUS a fleece liner                                                      Yes
Sleeping mat a good one! A Thermarest is ideal                                                   Yes
Sun glasses with UV protection                                                                   Yes
Head torch (with 2 sets of spare batteries and bulb)                                             Yes
Water bottles (2x 2 litre bottles) or re-hydration system (but pipes may freeze at summit)       Yes
2x large, stout plastic bags or rucksack liners to waterproof main pack                          Yes
Trekking poles to be taken in your main hold luggage                                             Yes
Light weight travel towel                                                                        Yes
Small steel thermos flask (ideal for hot drinks)                                                Optional

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Kit List continued                                        Trekking Challenge

Health and Hygiene
Toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes (or equivalent), soap, shampoo, conditioner (all
cleansing liquids must be bio-degradable), lip and nose sun protection zinc stick, lip salve,
tissues, razor & cream, deodorant, sanitary products, antibacterial hand gel, absorbent foot
powder, Vaseline
Insect repellent (Containing DEET), sun lotion (minimum factor 30), after sun / moisturiser,
Water purification tablets or drops Iodine tablets are best, neutralising tablets (optional)
Energy foods / drinks / Dextrose tablets                                                         Yes
Contact lenses (bring spare lenses, and glasses in case of dust)                                Optional
Padlock for baggage useful as you may leave some items at the hotel                             Optional
Ear plugs just in case you have trouble sleeping whilst camping                                 Optional
Plastic bags for dirty washing and keeping items dry                                             Yes
Spare boot laces great for tying things to the outside of your day bag also                      Yes
Gaffa Tape and paracord (for emergency repairs)                                                  Yes
Camera, spare batteries and spare memory card                                                   Optional
Personal First Aid Kit
Adhesive dressing (plasters) and blister plasters, zinc oxide tape, antiseptic spray,
diahorrea tablets, re-hydration sachets, paracetamol (no ibuprofen if taking Diamox), any         Yes
other personal medication
 Passport (valid for 6 months AFTER your return) and photocopy, passport photo, visa for
Tanzania, cash ($US), credit card (for emergencies), travel insurance, tickets or e-ticket        Yes
receipt, vaccination certificates

You can also hire some kit from TrekHire UK (www.trekhireuk.com) rather than going to the expense of
purchasing. Don t forget about your 10% discount!

Global Adventure Challenges
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