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                     Vo l u m e 8 - 6 , S u p p l e m e n t t o P h o t o g r a p h i c C a n a d i a n a , D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 8
                    The Photographic Historical Society of Canada

 WITH THE HOLIDAY SEASON UPON US,                                                                  MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL TIME IS
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 WE EXTEND TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY                                                                  FOR THE REMINDER WITH YOUR
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     PHSC EXECUTIVE & OFFICERS                                                                     THE EXECUTIVE DO THEIR JOB.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008                                                                     CANADA’S BEST PHOTO HISTORY
                                                                                                   SOCIETY. IT ONLY COSTS $35.00 –
 SHOW & TELL, SILENT AUCTION, GIFT EXCHANGE                                                        THAT’S A REAL BARGAIN.

                  Yes, its going to be quite an evening as
               we hold our most popular meeting of the                                               PHSC Monthly Meetings
               year – SHOW & TELL NITE. It’s when mem-                                             are held on the third Wednesday from
               bers bring their most interesting and most                                          September to June in the Gold Room,
               mysterious collectible to tell of its acquisi-                                      of Memorial Hall in the basement of
                                                                                                   the North York Central Library,
               tion. Bring along something, yourself. If you                                       5120 Yonge St., North York, Ontario.
               have some unknown object then here is the                                           The meeting officially begins at 8:00
                                                                                                   p.m. but is preceded by a Buy & Sell
               chance to ask the audience if they can rec-                                         and social gathering from 7:00 p.m.
               ognize what it is.                                                                  onwards. For information contact the
                                                                                                   PHSC or Felix Russo, 33 Indian Rd.
                  There will also be a SILENT AUCTION                                              Cres., Toronto, ON, M6P 2E9, Phone
                                                                                                   (416) 532-7780.
               with items spread on tables for bidding.
               Make it a real Christmas and buy some-
               thing for yourself. Bids start at a dollar on                                          Programming Schedule:
               most items.                                                                         December 17th, 2008
                                                                                                   -Our Annual Show & Tell Nite
                                                                                                   brings out those interesting col-
                    REMEMBER TO BRING A                                                            lectibles that members have found
                                                                                                   over the years. As well, to fit with
                        WRAPPED GIFT                                                               the Christmas Spirit, we will hold
                   FOR THE CHRISTMAS GIFT                                                          the Xmas Gift Exchange – so do
                                                                                                   bring along a wrapped gift to par-
                         EXCHANGE                                                                  ticipate in the exchange. Added to
                                                                                                   the evening will be a Silent
                  We will also stage our annual                                                    Auction... a great evening!
               CHRISTMAS GIFT EXCHANGE in which                                                    January 21st, 2009
               you are requested to bring along a gift-                                            -Historian Joan Schwartz visits
               wrapped item of a photographic nature                                               from Queen’s University where she
                                                                                                   is professor of photo history.
               with value of approximately $15.00 or less.
                                                                                                   Offer program suggestions to
               ONLY those contributing a gift can partici-                                         Felix Russo at (416) 532-7780 or
               pate in receiving a gift.                                                           e-mail to
                                                                                                     FOR PROGRAM UPDATES
                  Meetings are held in Memorial Hall, Gold Room,
                        located in the basement level of the
         North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge Street.                                              o ur E - mail ad d re ss i s
   Handy TTC Subway stop and plenty of underground parking                                      
                                                                                                       Robert A. Carter – Webmaster

                                                  THE PHSC E-MAIL   1   VOL. 8-6 December 2008
October 2008 Meeting                             read a complete review on our PHSC web site at WWW.PHSC.CA

Toronto Notes
                                                                                         Reported by Robert Carter

    Paul Burns, our October speaker,        the world outside. c1290 Arnaud de                                                      to build a microscope and writes
doesn’t collect cameras or other            Villeneuve used a camera obscura                                                        of how an object’s shadow can be
artifacts of images and photography,        to “project” actors outdoors on an                                                      converted and projected. This was
just knowledge and information.             inner wall to entertain an audience                                                     some 122 years before Athanasius
    His online story is both a              inside the camera obscura as a                                                          Kircher and his work on the magic
chronological and illustrated history       “moving show” or cinema. The                                                            lantern. Kircher is given the credit
of cinematography in fifteen chapters       performances even included sounds                                                       as the first person to project a slide
reaching back from 1900 to about            from the outside.                                                                       show on a screen using a magic
14,000 BC. He considers cinema                 Girolamo Cardano in 1550 may                                                         lantern illuminated with a candle.
to be a natural phenomenon, better          have copied Villeneuve’s ideas when                                                        Paul chose Johannes Vermeer,
described by science. He thought                                                                                                    the Dutch painter from Delft, as his
he had researched to the beginnings                                                                                                 example of painters using the camera
with the writings of Aristotle (384 -                                                                                               obscura. Vermeer’s 1650 painting
322 BC) and Mo Ti of China (470 -                                                                                                   of ships in port shows ‘circles of
391 BC). Then he came across an                                                                                                     confusion’ in the water near the
even earlier link to cinematography                                                                                                 hulls. These are visual artifacts seen
which he shared with us in this talk.                                                                                               only when a scene is viewed via a
    Paul delved well back into history                                                                                              lens such as in a camera obscura.
far beyond what we usually think of                                                                                                 The camera obscura would help the
as the beginnings of motion pictures.                                                                                               artist get the correct perspective for

                                                                                                    PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT LANSDALE
He wondered about the ancient cave                                                                                                  the objects in his painting. A number
paintings and whether they had a                                                                                                    of Vermeer’s paintings have sight
link to the story of cinematography.                                                                                                lines consistent with the perspective
                                                                                                                                    presented in a camera obscura.
    Pin hole images are natural images
cast by a pinhole “lens.” Who first                                                                                                    The future predicted. We think
saw these images and understood                                                                                                     of photography as processes first
them? Paul notes there is no direct line                                                                                            publicly described in 1839 by
between the beginnings of pin hole                                                                                                  Daguerre and Fox Talbot. But in 1760,
images, the camera obscura effect,                                                                                                  Charles De la Roche wrote a story
and magic lanterns. He believes pin                                                                                                 that predicted photography. In De la
hole images were separate from the                                                                                                  Roche’s time the sensitivity of silver
camera obscura effect for the first                                                                                                 salts to light was known. The missing
one or two percent of this history                                                                                                  element was the means to “fix” the
before use of the camera took over                                                                                                  image and make it permanent. In
and images could be contained and                                                                                                   De la Roche’s story “Giphantie” he
                                            he too projected outdoor scenes into                                                    describes an imaginary process
maintained. Paul pointed out that           a camera obscura room. Cardano
99% of cave art shows animals                                                                                                       that records an image created by
                                            used a convex lens in the aperture                                                      light exposed to a specially treated
and some humans, with some 90%              of the camera obscura which would
of these images showing motion.                                                                                                     canvas. The canvas is placed in
                                            create a brighter image. Was this                                                       the dark for an hour to “dry” and
Paul Gatton proposes that a hide            the first cinema? No projector, no
across the cave mouth would make                                                                                                    the result is a picture accurate to
                                            celluloid, just a tiny hole in the wall                                                 nature.
a natural camera obscura. A small           projecting live actors.
natural hole in the hide could project                                                                                                 Paul started his history in 1992
outside images, including animals in           Less than 1% of Leonardo da                                                          using an Underhill typewriter. He first
motion.                                     Vinci’s research material c1500                                                         envisioned his work as a book that
                                            is related to the camera obscura,                                                       would be read in schools. Paul now
    Paul noted other efforts to depict      yet in all his work he provides 270
motion in history such as Egyptian                                                                                                  feels that self publishing on the web
                                            diagrams of the device. Philosophers                                                    is the better approach. Visit his site
art with strips of pictures of wrestlers,   like da Vinci spent time observing,
the Norman Bayeaux Tapestry, spiral                                                                                                 at and
                                            thinking and putting theories on                                                        discover for yourself the thorough
friezes on Roman columns, and               paper, including thoughts on the
monumental landscape paintings                                                                                                      and comprehensive research he has
                                            relationship between the human eye                                                      put together. ß
from China and Japan.                       and the glass lens.
     The camera obscura (cinema                A Jesuit priest, Franciscus                                                          Check out also the PHSC web site for the
c1290), whether in the form of a little     Maurolycus c1521, describes how                                                               complete illustrated review.
box or big room, contains scenes of
                                                     THE PHSC E-MAIL   2   VOL. 8-6 December 2008
Book Reviews                                                                                         JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTING

The Complete                                                                             shipping within 48 hours of payment.
                                                                                         Those wishing to obtain a personally-

  Nikon Rangefinder System
                                                                                         autographed copy need only contact
                                                                                         me and it will be done. Besides sign-
                                                                                         ing the book I’ve made special labels
                               by Robert J. Rotoloni                                     stating that “this copy has been pur-
                                                                                         chased directly from the author.” Price
Published by NewPro UK, 2007, ISBN Number 978-1874031772,
                                                                                         includes airmail priority shipping and
Hard/Soft cover, 528 pgs., 7.75” x 10.5”, about 5 pounds,
                                                                                         handling to Canada at $115.00 US. I
1350 B&W Illustrations, 24 pgs. colour photos by Tony Hurst,
                                                                                         can accept cheques in US dollars,
Available from the author: Robert Rotoloni, PO Box 3213, Munster, Indiana 46321 USA.     money orders, bank wires or PAYPAL.
Price including shipping is $115.00 US. Also available at                     My email addresses are rotoloni@
    “The       Complete        Nikon                                                     which are my Paypal account num-
Rangefinder System” by Robert                                            bers. Make your payment to RJR PUBLISHING.”
Rotoloni is the authoritative work                                            “This edition is the culmination of over 35 years
documenting the 1950s Nikon                                              of research and collecting this system. It distills the
rangefinder camera system for                                            hundreds of articles and photos that appeared in
collectors. This is the largest and                                      the pages of my Nikon Journal over the past 24
most complete compilation of                                                                           years and covers five trips
everything Nikon made in pho-                                                                              and many interviews
tography, excepting the SLR                                                                                 with key personnel
cameras and lenses, from 1932                                                                                at Nippon Kogaku
- 1964. It even includes many                                                                                 in Tokyo, Japan.”
never-manufactured prototypes.
                                                                                                                    Using practi-
    It is well printed, well repro-                                                                             cally nothing from
duced and profusely illustrated.                                                                                 previous books
Except for a 23-page colour sec-                                                                                 and less than a
tion, it is entirely black-and-white. There are                                                                   dozen images
some excellent illustrations made by master                                                                        from the 1983
photographer Tony Hurst.                                                                                            edition, it’s a
    The book is for collectors, so everything is                                                                    must for Nikon
written from the standpoint of production dates,                                                                    rangefinder
quantities, uniqueness and rarity. There are very                                                   collectors and knowledge
few mentions of features, usage or performance.                                  collectors. It is loaded with facts and figures
    Says the author: “I am pleased to say that the U.S.             so it is the ultimate resource for things NIKON. ß
inventory for my book is in place and orders can be pro-                     Robert Rotoloni, Post Office Box 3213,
cessed immediately. Since available last March I’ve been                          Munster, Indiana 46321, USA.

The Evolution and Demise of the                                       The book presents some history of earliest press
  Larger Format Press Camera
                                                                   photography of the Crimea War in 1855 and the
                                                                   American Civil War in 1861. It wasn’t until the 1880s
                     by Reg Holloway                               that halftone engraving enabled photographs to be
                                                                   reproduced on a page with
Published by Epic Press, Belleville, On.,                          type. Holloway traces the
ISBN 978-1-55452-294-1, Softcover, 80 pgs., 55 B&W Illustrations,
                                                                   changes in processes and
$23.00 CDN/US plus shipping, Available at equipment over the years.
                                                                   During a period of sixty
    Experienced as a reporter/photographer in England,             years press photographers
PHSC member Reginald Holloway has dedicated his                   created a romantic image
book to the cameras he worked with and were prevalent             of themselves.
during the large-format days. Cameras made of wood,                   The book is well illus-
brass and leather could weigh up to five pounds while             trated     and    contains
plates and holders added as much again – it’s a far cry           detailed descriptions of
from today’s 35 Digitals. With no range-finder, exposure          more than twenty classic
meter or flash equipment, it was experience that guided           press cameras. ß
the earliest photographer.
                                                      THE PHSC E-MAIL   3   VOL. 8-6 December 2008

THE BETTERPHOTO                                 Black’s Interclub Competition 2009
  PHOTOGRAPHY                                  Ed Warner reminds us that the                      “No elements may be moved,
                                           Greater Toronto Council of Camera                      cloned, added, deleted, rearranged
           by Jim Miotke                   Clubs, of which the PHSC is a host                     or combined. No manipulation or
                                           member, is once again holding the                      modification is permitted except
                                           GTCCC Interclub Competition.                           resizing, cropping, selective light-
                                           Members of all GTCCC-affiliated                        ening or darkening, and restora-
                                           clubs are invited to participate.                      tion of original colour of the scene.
                                               The following is a synopsis of                     No special effect filters can be
                                           the main points of the competition                     applied. Any sharpening must
                                           rules. You also should read the                        appear natural.”
                                           complete, official rules which will                        Monochrome images will be
                                           be posted on the GTCCC website                         ruled ineligible
                                  OR can be secured
                                           from Ed Warner via bjwarner@                              Pictorial Projection Category
                                  or at our December                              (slides or digital images)
                                           meeting.                                                   A maximum of 2 Pictorial projec-
                                               Please submit your entries                         tion images constitute an entry. There
                                           ONLY through your club’s GTCCC                         is no subject/context limitation.
Published by Watson-Guptill, Aug. 2005,                                                               Prints (small colour prints,
paperback, 7 1/4 X 9 1/4, 224 pages,       rep according to their instructions.
ISBN: 0-8174-3552-2, 200 colour illust.,   Note that the closing date is                          large colour prints, small mono-
$24.95 at, discounted $16.47    January 29, 2009 so they must be                       chrome prints and large mono-
                                           given to Ed at our JANUARY 21st                        chrome prints)
     Pro-photographer Jim Miotke                                                                      Small Prints must be mounted
                                           meeting in Toronto.
has, since 1996, guided countless                                                                 on a mounting board measuring
beginners through his on-line photo            The GTCCC Interclub 2009
                                           Competition has six (6) categories.                    8.5” x 12” and Large Prints must
courses. With new digital cameras,                                                                be mounted on a mounting board
most enthusiasts are not getting the
                                           The total entry for each entrant is
                                           limited to 8 images, regardless of                     measuring 16” x 20” and with total
most out of their new purchase.            the number of clubs the entrant                        thickness of no more than 3/16”
     Issued in 2005, The BetterPhoto       competes with. An entry fee of                         (or 5mm) plus the print. Actual
Guide to Digital Photography clears        $1.00 per image is charged to off-                     print size can be any size within
the stumbling blocks of confusion          set judging and exhibition venue                       either set of dimensions.
with practical, lesson-based instruc-      costs.                                                     Colour Prints (Nature and
tions to achieve beautiful pictures           Nature Projection Category                          Pictorial Categories): A maximum
from digital cameras.                           (slides or digital images)                        of 2 colour prints, large or small in
     Set down in six chapters, the             A maximum of 2 Nature projec-                      any combination, constitutes an
book initiates the novice and the          tion images constitutes an entry.                      entry
confused with step-by-step tutorials           The following Nature Definition                        Monchrome Prints (Nature
to achieve results. Learn about            will be used: Nature Photography                       and Pictorial Categories): A max-
exposure, file formats and quality         depicts Nature subjects, such as                       imum of 2 monochrome prints,
settings, low-light photography, dig-      animals, birds, plants, geology and                    large or small in any combination,
ital filters and white balance, com-       phenomena not produced by man.                         constitutes an entry
position and lens choice, manipulat-       Evidence of the “hand of man” and                          NOTE: For digital images the
ing images, printing, and much             man’s specialized environment is                       maximum pixel length on either
more, all in a handy, bring-along          to be avoided. The accurate record                     side is 1024 pixels, therefore pro-
format.                                    of the subject is the primary objec-                   jected images will show vertical
                                           tive. Photographs of cultivated                        and horizontal images at the same
       SPECIAL BONUS OFFER                 plants, domesticated and/or obvi-                      size using software set to provide
     Author Miotke is adding a spe-        ously controlled specimens,                            a 1024 pixel square template and
cial bonus to those who buy a copy         mounted specimens and museum                           using an SXGA projector It is
of the book through            groups are ineligible. Zoo and                         strongly recommended you alter
Just email him the receipt and             game farm specimens, butterfly                         the size of your image with
receive links to free products in          conservatory specimens etc. are                        Photoshop before submitting.
return. These bonuses can be               acceptable if there is no visible                          A public presentation of awards
e-books, video tips, recorded train-       evidence of the hand of man in the                     will be held at the Toronto Camera
ings, interviews, discounts on ser-        photograph.                                            Club, 587 Mount Pleasant Road,
vices, etc. For this book promotion            In addition, digital images in                     Toronto at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM.
such messages should be sent to:           Nature Photography must follow                         Tickets must be purchased from ß                   the definition of Digital Realism:                     the affiliated GTCCC clubs. ß
                                                   THE PHSC E-MAIL   4   VOL. 8-6 December 2008
                                                                                                ation because of the deepening

                FROM THE ‘NET
                                                                                                global recession and changes in the
                                                                                                value of the U.S. dollar.
                                                                                                     The company has seen a dra-
                                                                                                matic slowdown in consumer spend-
    With the world-wide economy in           Panasonic Corp said it would                       ing. Additionally, businesses are
a tailspin the photographic industry     acquire smaller rival Sanyo Electric                   reducing capital expenditures, and
is bound to be hurting badly. Reports    Co, creating Japan’s top electronics                   as credit markets remain very tight,
are arriving from which we offer a       maker and foreshadowing further                        commercial customers are finding it
few samples.                             consolidation in an industry hit by                    increasingly difficult to secure financ-
    Sony is slashing 8,000 jobs, or 4    slowing consumer demand.                               ing for new equipment purchases.
per cent of its global work force,           The acquisition, estimated to                      Real estate markets also remain
aiming to cut costs by $1.1-billion      cost about $8.8 billion, would fortify                 weak, making sales of the compa-
(U.S.) a year as a global downturn       Panasonic’s competitiveness in                         ny’s surplus assets more difficult.
and a stronger yen batters profits at    rechargeable batteries and solar                       Dramatic changes in the value of the
the Japanese electronics maker.          power equipment as demand grows                        U.S. dollar in countries where the
Sony Corp., which has 185,000            for greener energy sources. The                        company sources and sells its prod-
employees worldwide, said it will        deal carries risks in Sanyo’s loss-                    ucts are also reducing revenue and
complete the layoffs by the end of       making businesses of home appli-                       earnings. As a result, Kodak now
March 2010. The company will close       ances and microchips.                                  expects 2008 second-half and full-
several plants, including one in                                                                year revenue growth, digital revenue
France, cut investment in electron-                                                             growth, earnings from continuing
ics and outsource some work. The                                                                operations, and cash generation to
moves should deliver more than                                                                  be below its October forecast.
100-billion yen in savings a year.                                                                   On the positive side: For years,
    Sony’s announcement comes                                                                   Fujifilm’s professional-grade Instax
amid similar news from other                                                                    instant photo system has enjoyed
Japanese manufacturers, which                                                                   great success among customers in
face plunging demand at home and                                                                Asia and Europe, who consider it
abroad, as well as falling gadget                                                               unmatched in terms of quality and
prices and currency fluctuations.                                                               character. As availability of instant
The U.S. dollar has dropped to                                                                  film has declined, Fujifilm has
about 93 yen from 117 yen last year,                                                            received an influx of requests from
eroding with it Sony’s foreign                                                                  photographers in healthcare, law
income.                                                                                         enforcement, insurance, real estate
                                                                                                and other industries to make the
    Canon Inc. is expected to cut
                                                                                                complete Instax instant photo sys-
more than 1,100 workers at its sub-
                                                                                                tem available to North American
sidiaries that produce cameras and
                                              CNET Asia, Leonard Goh talks                      customers. So now Fujifilm has
chemical products for copiers in
                                         about a proposed aerial shooter –                      announced the arrival of the Instax
Oita Prefecture (Japan) to reduce
                                         the Skyros, a concept camera that                      200 instant film camera and Instax
output on slack demand. Canon has
                                         launches into the sky and snaps                        Instant Color Film to the U.S. com-
lowered its projection for digital
                                         pictures as it descends. It joins oth-                 mercial market.
camera shipments to 27.9 million
units from an initial 29.4 million for   ers like the high-tech Draganflyer X6                       Rollei is introducing a new line of
fiscal 2008, ending next March.          and the kite flyers. Designers                         Rollei digital cameras. The X-8
                                         Siddharth Kambe and Dipti Hanako                       Sports and the XS-10 Touch models
    Also in Oita Prefecture, Toshiba     Kambe engineered the camera to                         lead the pack in innovation, features
Corp. plans to cut some 380 con-         activate its rotors after being                        and genuine coolness! The X-8
tract workers at its semiconductor       launched into the air. The shutter                     Sports boasts capabilities in water,
plant by the end of March. Since         fires at intervals to record different                 cold and abusive situations. It is
July, Toshiba has already cut about      scenes during its descent. If the                      waterproof to 10 meters, shockproof
380 temporary and contract work-         wind is too strong, the built-in sen-                  to 1 meter and frostproof to -5°C!
ers at its chip plants in Mie and        sor in the flight module will direct                   The XS-10 Touch boasts a 3-inch
Iwate prefectures.                       Skyros back to the user. On land, it                   touch screen to simplify moving
    Meanwhile in South Korea, the        will work just like any other camera.                  quickly through the menus. Both
board of Samsung Techwin Co.,                 As to the health of Eastman                       models have anti-shake functional-
maker of digital cameras and preci-      Kodak Co., they put out a long                         ity built-in, PictBridge, Anti-Red Eye,
sion electronics parts, decided to       announcement that it had withdrawn                     and a bunch of other features. ß
spin off its camera division to          its second-half and full-year 2008
enhance the competitiveness of           guidance for revenue growth, digital
each business. The new company is                                                               Assembled with thanks from reports
                                         revenue growth, earnings from con-                        by Fastlens, and CNET Asia.
named Samsung Digital Imaging.           tinuing operations, and cash gener-
                                                 THE PHSC E-MAIL   5   VOL. 8-6 December 2008
Web Sites for Your Entertainment and Research by George Dunbar
     I enjoy surfing the Web for        that document politics, urban and                   net/~dnb/gallery.htm> has a gal-
photo archives. Fortunately, I have     economic development, arts and                      lery of pages showing the amaz-
plenty of leisure time so I can         culture, the entertainment industry,                ing colour pages that were present
spend hours looking at the thou-        crime and law enforcement, reli-                    in some papers circa 1900. We
sands of wonderful photographs          gion, sports, gender issues, and                    may only be familiar with the
that are available. I’d like to share   popular culture and trends.                         obscure B&W microfilms that are
some of my discoveries.                     I’ve always had an interest in                  copies of old newspapers, so
     One of my favourite sites is       the Gold Rush era in Canada’s                       these reproductions from the origi-
<>. It’s a vintage        Yukon Territory and the discovery                   nal pages are an eye-opener.
photography blog featuring thou-        of this site was a joy for me:                           I’ve been delighted to find web
sands of high-definition images         <                       sites of some collectors who spe-
from the 1850s to 1950s. The site       html>. The site holds a wonderful                   cialize in old family snapshots.
is named after Shorpy                   collection of early images of settle-               Many of these amateur photos are
Higginbotham, a teenage coal            ments, gold mining and miners, stern-               found in the trash or bought at
miner who lived 100 years ago.          wheelers, Mounties and scenery.                     flea markets. In most cases the
The photographs of Shorpy and               For those interested in archival                locale and names of those in the
many of the other early photos                                                              pictures are unknown, but that’s
were produced by Lewis Wickes                                                               what makes these images so
Hine. I particularly admire the                                                             endearing and mysterious. One
photography by members of the                                                               site is Look at Me, A Collection of
U.S. Farm Security Administration                                                           Found Photos <http://www.mod-
(1930s) which are also in abun-                                                   > and another,
dance. It’s interesting to see the                                                          with a unique twist, is <http://
4x5 Kodachromes that illustrate                                                   
military subjects during the 1940s.                                                         found.htm>. The webmaster of
     Testament of Honour seen at                                                            the latter site collects old cameras
<> is a                                                             that still contain a roll of film. He
Canadian site devoted to photo-                                                             processes the film and displays
graphs of WWI and WW II.                                                                               the images on his site
Fascinating photographs of sol-                                                                          along with a photo of the
diers, sailors and airmen in                                                                             camera. Added are com-
action.                                                                                                  ments about the find and
     A recent partnership of                                                                             his experience and diffi-
Google and Life Magazine has                                                                            culties with the process-
created a site featuring thou-                                                                          ing and printing of the
sands of images from the maga-                                                                         pictures. He’s preserved
zine’s archive, many previously                                                                       some touching moments
unpublished. Check out: <http://                                                                      in time which otherwise>.                                                                       would have been lost to
There I found great shots of Walt                                                                     posterity. I enjoy viewing
Disney, Charles Lindbergh and                                                                        these “lost” family photo-
Marilyn Monroe too - and many                                                               graphs and think of each one as a
of Karsh’s images. One can visit                                                            “decisive moment.”
the work of Margaret Burke-White                                                                 For data researching David
and see some of Alfred                                                                      Mattison draws attention to the
Eisenstaedt’s contact sheets.                                                               newly digitized British Colonist –
Many of the photographs predate                                                             up to 1905, on the University of
Life Magazine, such as the U.S.                                                             Victoria Library web site: <http://
Civil War photos.                                                                 
     The UCLA Library <http://unit-     motion picture films, this site will be             onist/>.     useful: <http://xroads.virginia.                         The Hathi Trust Digital Library
ject.cfm?letter=A> houses a press       edu/~1930s/FILM/filmfr.html>.                       has released its experimental
photography collection from the         Many 1930s newsreels, documen-                      full-text search component.
Los Angles Times (1920-1990).           taries and other films are available.               Search the word “photographer”
The selected photographs depict         I found the Dillinger, Hauptman and                 and you’ll pull up amazing stuff.
historic and socially significant       Earhart newsreels particularly note-                The search engine is at <http://
people, places, and events, as          worthy.                                   >.
well as preserving glimpses of              Newspaper archives can reveal
                                        much more than early photography.
                                                                                                 Also for newspaper research-
everyday life in Los Angeles. The                                                           ing try <>. ß
images fall into broad categories       The American Newspaper
                                        Repository <http://home.gwi.
                                                 THE PHSC E-MAIL 6 VOL. 8-6 December 2008
   The Daguerreian Symposium in Washington
                                          a photo report by Robert Lansdale

    The Daguerreian Society assembled in                                   flung States such as Alaska – over 200 were in
Washington, D.C. in November for their annual                              attendance this year. The lectures were varied
symposium. We congratulate them for success-                               and interesting, reporting on: Native American
fully pulling together another great collection of                         Images and Culture; the Restoration of Daguerre’s
speakers and special events such as the Trade                              Diorama, coloured Hillotypes; Revolutionary War
Show, Banquet and Auctions. The results of their                           Vets and more. The annual group photograph on
efforts attracted attendees from many parts of                             a daguerreotype plate was a challenge this year
the world: France, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium,                           for photographer Rob McElroy with exposures
India, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Japan and far-                          running a full minute plus. ß

The McEvoy Auditorium in the Center for American Art and Por-              Attendees to the 2008 Daguerreian Symposium in Washington en-
traiture during lectures by seven international speakers.                  dured an exposure of over a minute for their group portrait.

PHSC Canadian members in attendance were Bob Lansdale,                     The Trade Show featured tables laden with hundreds of images –
Dr. Ernie Kerr and wife, Mike Robinson and Felix Russo.                    daguerreian, old and modern, to vintage prints and stereos.

Grant Romer of the George Eastman House in Rochester was hon-              The Marriott Banquet Hall during the Saturday evening festivities
oured with the Society’s Fellowship Award by Matthew Isenburg.             that featured both a silent and a live auction of daguerreotypes.

                                                     THE PHSC E-MAIL   7   VOL. 8-6 December 2008
The JHMCC Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan                                                               by Sam Mabuchi

    July and August of this year saw the annual exhibi-                       We offer here a few of the pages – look to the
tion at the Japan Camera Museum in Tokyo of cameras                           PHSC web site for the complete 53 pages at
and accessories, all made by the members of the Japan                      
Hand Made Camera Club. Some camera
bodies are quite recognizable while others are
curiously configured – but all have been con-
structed or reconstructed to produce a spe-
cialized image to meet the needs of the pho-
    With the elaborate title (in Japanese):
      “If none available, create your own
             world’s only camera”
         Hand made camera exhibition!
  – the presentation attracted much media
    News coverage appeared several times
in newspapers, magazines, on TV, and
radio. A half-page article by Sam Mabuchi
appeared as part of the Culture page of
Nihon Keizai Shinbun (Japan Economic
News Paper – a Japanese version of the
Financial Times).
    A special exhibition catalogue, produced by the
club’s editor Sam Mabuchi covered all the exhibited
items with B&W images and descriptive text in
Japanese. Sample photographs taken by the cameras
formed a separate exhibit.
    After the show closed Mr. Mabuchi went the extra
mile by digitally copying all the exhibited photo-
graphs and combining them with images of the cam-
eras and their text into a memorial CD album. The
edited CD has been distributed to each of the JHMCC
club members. The complete enterprise will be
mounted on our PHSC web site so the world can
appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the JHMCC
members as well as their excellent photographs.

                                          THE PHSC E-MAIL       VOL. 8-6 December 2008
                                              THE PHSC E-MAIL        VOL. 8-6 December 2008
JHMCC Exhibition in Tokyo – continued

    Our thanks to Sam Mabuchi and the members of the Japan Hand Made Camera Club.

                                                                                                 If you’re ever in Japan make sure
                                                                                             to visit the Japan Camera Museum in
                                                                                             Tokyo. It is part of the JCII (*Japan
                                                                                             Camera Industry Institute), organized
                                                                                             to inspect all cameras exported from
                                                                                             Japan. It ceased activity as an
                                                                                             inspection body in 1989 – remember
                                                                                             those little gold labels of JCII attached
                                                                                             to all Japanese cameras.

                                                                                             NOTE: *The institute was chaired by Mr.
                                                                                             Moriyama, House of Representatives. After
                                                                                             his death Mrs. Moriyama, also of the House
                                                                                             of Representatives, was installed as
                                                                                             Chairman. Lady Moriyama was once
                                                                                             Education Minister and Minister of Justice. In
                                                                                             their younger days, Mr. and Mrs. Moriyama
                                                                                             promoted the opening of the Japan Camera
                                                                                             Center for the Japanese Camera Industry in
                                                                                             New York City where Mrs. Moriyama served
                                                                                             as interpreter.


                                        THE PHSC E-MAIL       VOL. 8-6 December 2008
                                            THE PHSC E-MAIL         VOL. 8-6 December 2008
 PHOTOGRAPHIC CANADIANA                                                                    GRAND RE-UNION AT THE NOVEMBER MEETING

                         er 3                 Dec. 2008 – Jan.
          Volume 34 Numb

                                                                                                                                                                                       PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT ANSDALE
                                                             FALL FAIR
                                                 AT THE PHSC
                                CAMERAS FEATURED

                                      L SOCI                             ETY OF CANADA
                       PHIC HISTORICA
          THE PHOTOGRA

    Our next issue of Photographic
Canadiana is ready to roll off the                                                       Absent from our meetings for about five years, Pim Schryer (at left) was back
press. We may have to be patient as                                                      in Toronto and brought along his father Franz where they were greeted by Past
the Christmas mailing rush could                                                         President and former PC editor Bill Belier. Pim, working in the printing trade, was
                                                                                         for many years deeply involved in the production of Photographic Canadiana.
delay its arrival. Be assured that it is
another fine issue, 20 pages, with a
variety of interesting stories.                                                              Modern Lessons from the Vanity Kodak Camera

                                                                                                                                                                                                         PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF RALPH LONDON
Why did this outdoor stage have an
influence on the development of
Ottawa at the same time that cine-                                                            We reported in Photographic Canadiana, Vol. 32-3, Dec. 2006-Jan.
matography was being introduced                                                            2007 the numerous influences that industrial designer Walter Dorwin
to the nation’s capital?                                                                   Teague had on the products of the Eastman Kodak Co. – see Ralph
     These two cartes de visite, found                                                     London and Rick Soloway’s Camera Designs of Walter Dorwin Teague.
by Les Jones, bring to light a long                                                        Those influences continue to appear in various areas. For a simple,
forgotten murder in
                                                                                           important, modern example, see Bill Buxton, “What Apple Learned from
Napanee in 1882. It
was turned into a                                                                          Kodak,” which can be found at
folk song.                                                                                 next/archives/2008/12/what_apple_lear.html. Apple’s lessons came
     Also included                                                                         from the above Vanity Kodak cameras which Teague repackaged and
is: Toronto Report,                                                                        redesigned. Even Apple’s choices of colours are similar to Teague’s:
the Washington                                                                             gold - brown, pink - red, silver - gray, green - green, blue - blue.
Report, Book
Reviews, Visiting
the                                                                                         HONOURS TO TED GRANT                                      Grant documented the right-to-
Michigan                                                                                     The University of Victoria during                   die campaign of Sue Rodriquez, the
Fair and a                                                                               its fall convocation bestowed an                        children of Chernobyl, the Vietnam
tribute to                                                                               honorary degree on Ted Grant rec-                       War plus the summer and winter
Eaton S.                                                                                 ognizing his lifetime achievements                      Olympics, Commonwealth and Pan-
Lothrop Jr.                                                                              of pioneering photojournalist.                          Am Games between 1968 and 1998.
                                                                                             Formerly of Ottawa, Grant has                            His best-known photographs
  WELL                                                                                   been involved in the practice and                       include the 1968 shot of Pierre
W O R T H                                                                                teaching of the medium in Canada                        Trudeau sliding down a hotel banis-
JOINING                                                                                  for more than 55 years.                                 ter, and Ben Johnson winning gold
THE PHSC                                                                                                                                         at the Seoul Olympics. ß
                                                                                                 THE PHSC E-MAIL   10   VOL. 8-6 December 2008

                                                                                                                                            PHOTOGRAPH BY FELIX RUSSO - TORONTO
You are actually looking at 260 images which were sewn digi-              ware. Not everyone stood still during the 20 minute exposure
tally together to form this one 636 MB panorama portrait of               as can be detected by the “half-heads” and particularly the
attendees at the PHSC November meeting in Toronto. It is                  repeat of Wayne Gilbert at the extreme left and seated also
surprising what you learn at our meetings! It came about when             at the far right. Read more in our next issue and on the PHSC
the scheduled speaker backed out and Program Director Felix               web site under “Programs.” Get a full understanding of mod-
Russo (center of photo - leg crossed) came to the rescue by               ern panorama photography in the Winter issue of PhotoEd
revealing the contents of his next issue of PhotoEd magazine              magazine where Russo reviews the GigaPan System (www.
– concentrating on modern panorama techniques and soft-          and also – search “Toronto”).

 Film Cameras Officially
     Dead in Japan                                                                                             With the Christmas
                                                                                                               mail arriving it was
           by Charlie Sorrel                                                                                   nice to see this card
    So few film cameras were sold in                                                                           from veteran aerial
Japan in the last two months that                                                                              photographer George
the trade body CIPA (Camera &                                                                                  Hunter which repro-
Imaging Products Association) has                                                                              duces 13 Canadian
stopped compiling sales figures.                                                                               images representing

                                                                                                                                                     COPYRIGHT GEORGE HUNTER – TORONTO
According to Amateur Photographer,                                                                             each Canadian prov-
only 529 35mm film cameras were                                                                                ince and territory.
made in Japan in February. We are                                                                              With a deep matte
not sure how that figure was reached,                                                                          finish, images have
but if we compare it to CIPA’s own                                                                             quite a saturation.
figures, it looks like there really were
only 529 actual cameras sold – an
incredibly low figure.
    CIFA’s figures are only compiled
for member companies, and the last
update for film was in January (sub-
sequent reports list figures for lens-
es only). Here’s how they break
down for January. New digital still
cameras sold: 5,417,563, up 128%            STEVEN EVANS YEAR END SALE                               CAMERAS FOR CHRISTMAS
from the previous year. New film                                                                      If you’re searching for a different
cameras sold: 1580, a tiny 2.8% of             Member Steven Evans – Vintage
                                           Photography is sending the word                                              photographic
those sold in January 2007.                                                                                             gift for some-
                                           out that he is holding a Year End
                                           Sale with 15% deduction off all                                              one     special,
    So, in Japan at least, film is now
                                           images that are listed on his web                                            then we sug-
a niche product. We still don’t think
                                           site. A diverse selection of cased                                           gest visiting the
it will die, though, anymore than
                                           daguerreotypes, paper prints and                                             web site of
CDs killed vinyl. Film will just be one
                                           various processes awaits visitors.                                           Ms Blythe of
more boutique process for the curi-
                                                                                                                        Halifax, Nova
ous. We predict that there will be a           Contact him at 416-485-2173,                                             Scotia at www.
resurgence in 2018, and all the cool- or visit his web                                             sewnbyblythe.
kids will be carrying Instamatics.         site at                        com. She’ll have you in stitches.

                                                   THE PHSC E-MAIL   11   VOL. 8-6 December 2008
Coming Events                              For Sale
                                           Colour darkroom available with                                     More praise
  STEPHEN BULGER GALLERY                   4x5 enlargers, lenses and easels,                            for the PHSC web site:
                                           20” Hope RA4 processor and
   Dec. 6, 2008 to Jan 31, 2009
                                           fridge of paper. Contact Elizabeth                        Says Jim Miotke: “I have
The Gallery is exhibiting vintage          at                                 been following for
photographs by American photog-                                                                      some time and I have to
rapher Mike Disfarmer (1884 –              Information Wanted                                        say - it’s excellent. I under-
1959), who is considered to be one         Data required on operations and                           stand the amount of coordi-
of the greatest portraitists in the his-   prices charged by photo studios at                        nated teamwork, effort, and
tory of photography. Using glass           turn of the century and early 1900s.                      dedication it takes. Needless
plates, Disfarmer photographed his         Particularly interested in photogs                        to say, you guys are doing
subjects in north light and was            Micklethwaite, Bruce, Stanton,                            great work!”
notoriously obsessed with obtain-          Simpson and Fraser Bryce. Contact                         The latest monthly count
ing the correct light – often spend-       Cyril at                              for visitors to our web site is
ing over an hour perfecting the            Information Wanted                                        2095 from 54 different
lighting. When he was ready to             Vera Poole wants information                              countries. Congrats to
photograph he did so with very little      about the Hollywood Studio in                             Webmaster Robert Carter.
notice given to the sitters. The           Toronto 1924-25 at 477 Yonge St.,
resulting portraits are noted for their
intense honesty, laid bare of artifice.                                                            $3 for shipping. For copies con-
Disfarmer’s work, salvaged and             Research Tool                                           tact: J. McKendry, 1 Baiden St.,
rediscovered by Peter Miller in 1974,      For research, access a digitized                        Kingston, ON, K7M 2J7
was introduced to the world through        version of the British Colonist up to                   Wanted
the pages of Modern Photographer.          1905.                      Cash paid for collections, liquida-
Open Tues. to Sat. 11AM to 6 PM,           spcoll/digit/colonist/                                  tions and estates containing cam-
1026 Queen Street West Toronto.            Free Offer                                              eras, lenses, photographs, docu-
Tel: 416-504-0575 or web site              Nic Maenling offers a lens, free                        ments, books, negatives etc.                      and gratis to one of our readers for                    Courteous service and referenc-
     ARRESTING IMAGES                      the cost of postage. He has a No.                       es. Call Tom for no obligation
                                           V-8 Viewer for a Keystone projec-                       evaluation at 416-888-5828.
A travelling exhibition featuring
100 mugshots taken from the per-           tor which fits models K-109, K-108                      Wanted
manent collection of the Ontario           and K-68. In excellent condition                        Ed James is looking for Russian
Provincial Police Museum will tour         and in the original box with instruc-                   F.E.D. and Zorki 35mm type cam-
Ontario. Check for venue with              tions. “Hate to throw it away!”                         eras, NO Zenits!      Contact: Ed
Museum Curator Jeanie Tummon               Contact Nic at 613-259-2548 or                          James, P.O. Box 69, Elkhorn,
                                                                   Manitoba, R0M 0N0, Tel: 204-
at OR             For Sale                                                845-2630.
                                           A new CD listing Biographical                           Wanted
   NEW MANAGEMENT FOR                      Index of Dagerreotypists in Canada
  D.C. ANTIQUE PHOTO FAIR                  1839-1871 by Graham Garrett.
The DC Antique Photo Show will                                   Great for find-
make its 26th annual spring appear-                              ing all those
ance under new management on                                     involved with
Sunday March 15, 2009, at its reg-                               this earliest
ular venue, Holiday Inn Rosslyn/                                 photo pro-
Key Bridge, 1900 N. Ft. Myer Dr.,                                cess         in
Arlington, VA 22209. Tom Rall who                                Canada. It is
is taking over says that not much                                now available                     Bicycle & Motorcycle photography
will change this year. Added is a                                for $55 plus                      – all related items. Contact Lorne
Preview Admission at 8.30 AM for                                 taxes through                     Shields, P.O. Box 87588, 300 John
$20. Russell Norton, who devel-   or from the                            St. P.O., Thornhill, ON., L3T 7R3,
oped the show, will return to sell his     publisher at www.archivedbooks.               
popular collectible stereoviews.           ca/acdbcanada.html
                                                                                                   Buying or Consignment
                                           For Sale                                                Vintage cameras wanted by expe-
Wanted                                     Early Photography in Kingston                           rienced Ebay seller. Professionally
Ken Bowes is looking for a                 (biographies of 60 photographers)                       presented with pictures and
Hasselblad Xpan. Contact him at:           by Jennifer McKendry. The new                           description. Contact at 905-994-                      3rd printing is available at $15 plus                   0515 or

                                                   THE PHSC E-MAIL   12   VOL. 8-6 December 2008

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