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December newsletter pub


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									                BAYTHORN PUBLIC SCHOOL
                          Thornhill, Ontario L3T 3V2
                     (905) 889-7992    fax: (905) 889-8554
                          baythorn.ps.yrdsb.edu.on.ca                               DECEMBER, 2011

                     Message from the Administration
                  Welcome to the December Winter-days! We would like to remind our
                  families to dress for the December weather. Appropriate outdoor cloth-
                  ing that includes winter jackets, snow pants, hats, gloves/mittens, and
                  boots are definitely needed to combat the cold weather. We also ask
                  that students continue to bring a change of indoor shoes. It is also a
    PRINCIPAL     good idea to have an extra pair of socks, pants, and mittens/gloves at

 VICE-PRINCIPAL      Thank you to all staff and parents/guardians for their continued support
LORELLIE MUNSON      during the interviews. It is important that we are all partners in our
                     student’s education. And, a part of our shared responsibility is to have
 SUPERINTENDENT      open communication between school and home. We encourage you to
  JACKIE YOUNG       continue to communicate with staff in order to fully support your child’s
   (905) 764 -6830   learning.
     TRUSTEE         As the Winter break approaches, the staff would like to extend warm
  SUSAN GELLER       wishes for a safe, relaxing, and happy holidays to all our Baythorn
   (905) 763 -8682   family.

                     Upcoming Events

                     December 12 and 13                      Grade 7/8 Arts Show – Vaughan City Play
                     December 23                             Last Day of School before Winter Holidays
                     January 9, 2012                         First Day at School after Winter Holidays
                     January 17                              School Council Meeting – babysitting
                     January 20                              P.A. Day – no school for students

                     Change of supervision time in the morning

                     There has been a change in the time of when students are being
                     supervised prior to entry in the morning.
                     Students will be supervised from 8:15 to 8:30 a.m.
Does your child enjoy learning through the Arts?

Students currently in grades four and five who are interested in learning through
the Arts (Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts) are invited to audition for the Integrated
Arts Program at Baythorn Public School located in Thornhill. Please join us at our Arts
Information Evening on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Gym at
Baythorn Public School. Applications will be available on our school website at
www.baythorn.ps.yrdsb.edu.on.ca (beginning on January 13th 2012).

Information regarding the audition process will be shared at the information evening.

Auditions will be held in February 2012.

Please call us if you have any questions.

Partners in Education

Jacqueline Linton
Baythorn Public School W424
“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.”
            Benjamin Disraeli

On November 11, we stood together in peace to honor Veterans, Canadian Forces members and
those who have given their lives in the pursuit of peace. Heroes, who have made great contri-
butions to our country and the world.

We honored the heroes of the past, the present and then looked to the future and the character it
takes to become a hero. The assembly itself freatuerd the choir singing, “Heros” by Mariah
Carey, a celebration of the “Angles of Mercy”, the nurses who made a difference to the Cana-
dian war effort, and a beauiful song called, “The Call” was sung to a slide show of Canada’s
participation in world war 1, 2 and 3. We then celebrated the character traites, as students from
grades 1 to 8 presented a piece on “Character” demonstrating how we can learn from the
solidiers to live our lives with character. Finally, a beautiful dance of hope was presented to
send us away to reflect on the importance of the day and our collective belief that peace can one
day be a way of life.

In addition to the assembly, students from kindergarten to grade eight decorated the Baythorn
hallways with their creative reflections and pictures about heroes . Their creativity and insight
reminded us that together it is our duty to keep the memories of our Canadian Veterans alive as
we are unified in our goal for peace.


Student’s Leaving School with Written Permission
Baythorn prides itself in being able to provide a safe and secure environment for all of its students.
Increasingly, we are being asked to ‘bend the rules’ and allow any number of variations to what we
know is the proper sign out procedure. Effective immediately, we are not going to allow students
to leave the building for any reason, unless the student provides us with a signed note from a legal
guardian or has a guardian sign them out. We will not accept telephone messages nor will we allow
for our facsimile machine to be used as a solution as it is sometimes not reliable in the transfer of
information. E-mail communication with the home room teacher and or the office will not be
accepted. Parents wishing to allow other parents to sign their children out, while not our
preference, must also provide a note indicating that they are giving another parent permission to
take their child out of the building. Any other combination of requests puts our office staff in a
very uncomfortable and libellous situation. Should you wish to update your emergency contact list
please call us as this will also assist us greatly. Anyone on the emergency contact list has
permission to sign your child out of school. We thank you in advance for your attention to this
very important issue.

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