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					The Value Of Words: Adsense Keyword Tool
After I wrote "The Secret to Making cash on Hubpages", I got the majority of helpful hints from fellow
hubbers. One of them was: "Use the google adsense Keyword Tool". It was good advice. But I was
reluctant to visit it. Why? Because i used to be afraid it wasn't destined to be any fun. My way is: if it's
not fun, do not do it !
But... I tried it just the same. And guess what? It is awesome !
I'm a linguist. Helps improve words. I have always supported the value of words. This is the tool that
can help you find out how much a word is worth! Believe me, some words are equal. And just which
will prove it, I will provide how to determine the current rate of the biggest word you have you ever
heard !
But first, let's musical interlude to get in the mood!
Let's report that you have a website or website that features the lyrics which will
Supercalifragisticexpialidocious, and you are wondering what search phrase to use and how often
them is searched per month. Wl , you go to Google Adsense Keyword Tool, nevertheless , you input
the URL of your webblog , and they will give you the answer. It can be yourself, or you can look of the
screenshot below.
The linguists at Google know that the worth of a word is not vast , but rather is entirely down to the
context in which it really is found. They will not tell you what level of a keyword is worth until you give
them a URL among actual content. For instance, after gave them the URL of some last hub, these
firms showed me dollar and pennies figures for phrases relating to chopsticks.
So how much can be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious worth on a guide where the lyrics to the single
appear? I don't actually are aware. When I tried to input the car , the Google Adsense Search-based
tool told me it was none for my beeswax. They said this web page was in no way connected to some
Adsense account.
Still, it's good to know that every word holds a market value. And I'm betting of
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is worth a whole lot more when "ape language studies."
Google is also willing to give an estimate of the cost per click of a password without being given a
specific situation. This is really just an estimate, but rather according to this information, the cost by
the click for the biggest password you ever heard would be fifty-eight cents. That's with a world
monthly search of 158 ,000. The cost per click through , of course, is not the same as the wages per
click. I think that you will find much less.
How does most of the estimated cost per click of the biggest password you ever heard compare to
most of the phrase "ape language fields of study "? Ape language studies can be estimated to cost
your five cents per click.
Note to self: write most hubs about supercalifragilisticexpialidocious together with fewer hubs about
ape language studies! Alternatively, i can just sprinkle the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious into
my hubs in ape language studies. Most likely nobody will notice!
I have learned a lot from this homework of the Google Adsense Keyword a software. It is fun and
easy which you may use. The information it supplies very illuminating. I have always supported the
value of words. I never imagined that it could grow to be determined this precisely!

(c) 2009 Aya Katz

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