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                           November,2010 Examinations

Programme: Fabrication Technology & Erection Engineering

Subject: Piping Fabrication & Installation(5342)

Time Duration: 3 Hrs.                                    Max. Marks: 75
Instructions: 1) All Questions are compulsory.
              2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
              3) Assume suitable additional data if required.
              4) All Dimensions are in mm.
              5) Refer to the Data provided at the end of the Question Paper.

Q.No.1. Answer any five of the following :-                                 5 x 3 = 15
     a) Explain PFD’s and P&ID’s in piping.
     b) Explain the influence of fluid velocity on design of pipe.
     c) Explain the different piping joints with neat sketches.
     d) Explain the uses of the below mentioned pipe fittings:
        i) Lateral ii) Globe valve iii) Check valve.
     e) Explain the procedure to use synthetic raisins in pipe bending
     f) Explain the spark test to inspect plastic welded pipe joints.

Q.No.2. Design a pipe, of material ASTM A333 GR1 to fabricate a pipeline       (12)
        to conduct a fluid at 450c, delivery pressure of 6.5 kg/cm2 and
        discharge of 24.54 m3/hr. The Total length of the pipeline is
        2752 mts and have in its length 5 nos of concentric reducers, 3
        nos of Globe valves, 1 no. of Gate Valve, 12 nos of short radius
        90 Elbows and 2 nos of Long Radius 45 Elbows.

Q.No.3. Answer the following :-
     a) Draw the isometric view and developed view of the portion of the       (8)
        pipeline, whose views are shown in Fig.1.
     b) Explain the procedure followed to select the material of the pipe      (4)
        for a certain application.
     b) List the different non-metallic piping materials used to               (4)
        manufacture pipes and also mention their respective

Q.No.4.   Answer any two of the following :-                                2 x 6 = 12
     a)   Explain with a neat sketch a compression pipe bending process.
     b)   Explain the major phases in piping installations.
     c)   Explain the different welding flanges used, with neat sketches.

Q.No.5. Answer any two of the following Questions:                          2 x 6 = 12
     a) Calculate the Minimum length of a 40mm O.D pipe required to
        fabricate a 3 piece bend by Hack-saw cutting and welding. The
        bend angle is 100 and the inner radius of the bend is 200mm.
     b) Explain the procedure to conduct a Hydro-test on a pipeline.
     c) Explain the need of insulation of pipelines. List the different
        types of insulations with examples. Give the different insulation
        forms available.


Q.No.6. Answer any two of the following Questions:                               2 x 6 = 12
     a) Make a bill of material for the portion of the pipeline shown in
        Fig.1,Q.3.(a). Assume suitable data.
     b) Explain the different considerations, to be taken in account,
        while designing a steam pipeline.
     c) Explain the different methods used to relieve the pipeline from
        thermal stresses.
        Table 1:- Pressure Drop in Pipe
              Pipe NB     Pressure Drop (PSI) Per 100 ft long Sch 40 Pipe
         US                    2”          2 1/2”            3”         3 1/2”
         80                   6.40          2.63            0.89        0.43
         90                   7.96          3.28            1.10        0.54
         100                  9.69          3.98            1.34        0.65

         Table 2:- Permissible stresses for ASTM A333 GR1
          Temperature of fluid F  -20 to 650  700     750         775
          Permissible Stress (PSI)   16,500   16,200  15,800      14,600

         Table 3:- Pipe Properties
          Pipe   Pipe Wall Thickness of Pipe
          NB     OD     (inch)
          (inch) (mm) 40 sch      80 sch 160sch
             2    60.3    0.154    0.218    0.344
           21/2   73.0    0.203    0.276    0.375
             3    88.9    0.216    0.300    0.438
           31/2 101.6 0.226        0.318      -

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