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									              BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION
                            November,2010 Examinations

Programme: Shipbuilding Engineering

Subject: Basic Ship Theory-I(4331)

Time Duration: 3 Hrs.                                    Max. Marks: 75
Instructions: 1) All Questions are compulsory.
              2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
              3) Assume suitable additional data if required.

Q.No.1.    Write notes on any three:                                               3 x 5 = 15
     a)    Form Coefficients
     b)    Motions of a ship
     c)    Bow and Buttock lines
     d)    Six-ordinate Rule
     e)    Angle of loll
      f)   Bonjean curves

Q.No.2. Answer the following Questions:
     a) Sketch and describe main features of a container ship.                        (6)
     b) Explain the effects of shifting a weight vertically, transversely and         (6)

Q.No.3. Answer the following Questions:
     a) Half ordinates of a water plane at 12.2m internal commencing                  (9)
        from the aft end are: 2.0,7.5,9.8,10.4,10.6,10.7,10.6,9.9,7.8,4.2,
        and 0.2m. Calculate the area of water plane and determine the
        position of the center of flotation.
     b) Write a note on offset tables.                                                (3)

Q.No.4. The values of GZ of a ship at a particular displacement and KG                (12)
        Angle 0      15     30     45    60   75    90
         GZ      – 0.18 0.44 0.52 0.41 0.20 -0.06
        Plot the curves of stability with the above data and also if the KG
        is reduced by 0.16m. Estimate the range of statical stability and
        initial GM for both conditions.

Q.No.5. A ship of 9000 tonnes displacement has GM= 0.61m and                          (12)
        KG=5.70m. A d.b. tank containing sea water is being pumped
        out. Tank dimensions are 15mx12mx1.2m. Determine the GM
        when tank is a) pumped out to half level and b) fully pumped out.

Q.No.6. A ship has length 128m,breadth 17.7m and draught 7.9m. Areas
        of the immersed section at various stations are:
         Stations AP       ½       1       2       3     4     5
         Area(m  2) 4.11 26.03 49.32 94.53 121.93 135.63 137.00

              6          7          8            9           9½            FP
            135.63    128.78      101.38       45.21        17.81          0
             a) Displacement,     mid   ship   area    coefficient   and   block      (12)
              b) LCB and prismatic coefficient.                                       (12)

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