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					FAST solution (One Stop automobile Solution Company)

                One Stop automobile Solution
                                           New Business Plan
                                                 Tayeb Ahmed Khan


                                      FAST solution
                               Executive Summary:

The name of our business is FAST solution which is a partnership business formed under the
Partnership Act 1932. We will provide auto mobile service in whole Dhaka city by two ways;
one is car repairing shop and another is one stop service. Bangladesh has a big market for
automobile servicing business because of huge number of personal vehicle and most of them are
driven by own. Basically among those entire owner most of them have no idea about any parts of
his/her vehicle. For our repairing shop we will lease two plot of land one in Demra and another
in Gabtoli. And for our one stop service we have selected 8 most important area where our
technicians will be available for service providing. If anyone has any problem regarding his/her
vehicle and make a call to us then our local depot technicians’ will go there and will fix that
problem. We will go for racker lease from DMP, which will help us to move those vehicles
which are badly break downed. In order to secure 100% one stop service we have an office space
in our Gabtoli repairing shop and our communication officer will receive call from there. In
order to learn about the market potentiality, we were surveyed to thirty respondents and ask them
questions regarding the industry. We have also done Porter’s five, PEST analysis and SWOT
analysis to get an inside view of the markets internal and external environmental factors. Our
initial investment is TK. 26, 15,000 (including 4year promotion cost) and our breakeven
3755units and breakeven monitory value dollar value is TK4792254.94 In addition, we go for
NPV and found that in very beginning year we have loss and after that it will take three year
(total 4year) to recover our initial investment.

                          Service Name and logo: FAST solution

                       (One Stop automobile Solution Company)

FAST solution is basically going to provide one stop service to the customer those who are
facing problem in the road while they drive their vehicle and also while they are facing problem
while they are in home.



                                     “Nothing Can Stop You”


Our Goal is to make profitable relationship with customer via better than best service and as well as
improve the customer value.

                                    Mission Statement

Our Company’s mission is to enhance the quality of human life by adding more vitality.


Our vision is to be the single point of contact for all our client’s vehicle needs, and will set the
standard for service excellence in vehicle service companies across Dhaka City. Make a leading
position automotive service in Bangladesh by committing to excellence in customer service and
ensure quality in services.


We want to form a partnership business of one stop repairing service in Bangladesh in vehicle
repairing industry with the name “FAST solution”. FAST solution is going to be the first one
stop automobile solution service that provides quality service to the customer.We believes
automobile repairing industry has huge business potentials. Our company will improve the
quality of the service by providing better service.. Throughout the company formation, we
followed every step very carefully. Our company’s management teams will make sure, we are
moving toward our vision and serving both customers and investors in meeting their obligations
in better way. We have formed a partnership business of one stop automobile service under the
name of FAST solution. The business has 6(six) active partners and all of them have equal share.
The business has been formed under the “Partnership Act 1932” and all the obligation and
procedures has been followed in forming the business. The head office is situated in Gabtoli area
from where we would operate our business in everywhere in Dhaka city.

                                 Why one-stop Automobile?

At the present time the number of motor vehicles in Dhaka city has increased in haste. People
from upper class, upper middle class, and middle class also maintain more than one vehicle.
According to Bangladesh road transport authority, they survey the increased number vehicles in
Dhaka city.


    Year          2004       2005       2006        2007       2008       2009        2010       2011

Number      of 21471     26779       33963      36942       48137      56778      75881       603166
There have some reasonswhy one stop auto mobile service industry will become popular:

           Easy to access: It is easy to access to get our service. This service industry is fully based
on online. So when the car owner gets any trouble in the street or in any place. They need to just
call us and we will make an immediate response for her/ him.

           Quick response: For any customer inquiry we give our best customer service as soon as
possible. For any breakdown in the street our response team moves towards that place as soon
they can.

           Time consuming: in Dhaka city people are mostly engage to their work. Sometimes they
feel bore to bring their car in the repair shop. So it is good enough for them those who don’t want
to bring their car in the repair shop. That makes the customer to save their time.

           Skilled workers: we have a good combination of professional and high technical skilled
workers. Most of them are from technical school. And they have a very good knowledge about
vehicles repair industry.

                                    Industry Analysis:

                                        PEST Analysis

PEST stands for political, economical, social, and technological. This analysis will reveal the
overall scenario of Bangladesh of these mentioned factors.


Political Turmoil:

Bangladesh has always been under some sort of political unrest and recently with the interim
government; the situation has taken a violent downturn. Political instability is one of the biggest
barriers in Bangladesh for any business venture. Sound political situation helps to grow sound
business condition. In our country Political situation is not good at all. It always inhibits the
growing of business. In this case we can face problems to run our business due to politically
unfriendly environment. As our business is one stop automobile solution service, the political
unrest will jeopardize our business badly.

Trade License:

Any business requires the use of trade license to prove its legitimacy. One stop automobile
solution Service will have to acquire a trade license from the City Corporation. Getting a trade
license is not a hassle free job. One has to go through heavy bureaucratic pressures to get a trade
license in Bangladesh. Sometimes heavy bribing is required.


GDP and the Income Growth:
Bangladesh has been maintaining a good GDP over the last few years and the GDP will expected
to grow at 6.5% in the year 2009. This is a positive indicator for our business because an increase
in GDP usually raises the standard of living of the people. An increase in the income level will
enable more and more people to spend money on luxury needs, especially to buy luxury items
Ex- Car, Motorcycle etc.; thereby the need for one stop automobile solution service will increase.


As Bangladesh has a booming economy, the overall social structure has been changed
dramatically. Now Bangladesh has a strong middle class who has enjoying a stable economic
life. By our one stop automobile solution business we try to change the attitude of our customer
towards the use of our service. We think that our service will create an impact on the society.As
there is an economic growth of at the rate of 6-7% p.a., from a long time it is an indication that
people has a positive attitude towards automobile buying and servicing.


Technological environment has a huge impact on this industry. Due to the technological
advancements, more and more scientists are putting more effort on developing effective form of
simplified automobile solutions.
                                       SWOT Analysis:

The primary tool used to make sense of the information is a SWOT analysis, which stands for
strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are internally
focused and the opportunities and threats lie in the external marketing environment. The idea is
to leverage the strengths and opportunities and address the weakness and threats, which is how
the key problems and opportunities are identified. The SWOT analysis of One Stop Automobile
Solution service will give us the overall profit potential of this Business.


 We are the pioneer in our city

The concept of a one stop Automobile Solution is totally unique in our city. As we are going to
provide each and everything regarding automobile in road and so far we know that there is no
other competitor in market to provide this kind of service. So it is certainly a great strength for

 We will provide quality service
So far we planned for our business, we the executive body decided to put more emphasis on
providing quality service. We know for a business, it is very important to pay attention to the
service quality as it attracts customer. So it is sure that our service will be strength for us.

 Extensive marketing strategy

We will mostly emphasize on marketing and advertising activities. No other automobile solution
company like us to performs this activity. So it is definitely a great strength for our Business. We
will run promotional campaigns, advertise on newspapers, banners and many more, which other
business don’t actually perform.

 Enthusiastic Management

We are some enthusiastic young entrepreneur and we are committed to business to make it very
profitable with providing better service.

 Faster Operation

Our operation is faster because we will use different location wise service like as Example we
have selected total 20 main areas from where we provide service and same time we use special
engineer to give faster service.

 Affordable pricing

Our pricing system is affordable which is the main thing that customer always looking for.

 Operation and maintenance by highly skilled and trained personnel

Our one stop automobile solution Company provides high experienced engineer and quality
worker, who are working hard to provide better service and quality while they provide their


 Brand unawareness

Unawareness of our brand among customers is our main weakness. But we are able to overcome
this obstacle at the very first stage through extensive advertising and promotion.

 Lack of product knowledge

As we are the first in this business and this is the first time that we have come up with such
unique idea, it is obvious that we will have lack of product knowledge.

 New Employees

We want to diminish our operation cost and that is why we will employ new employees who
might not have previous experience to provide this kind one stop solution service.

 Lack of Information

As this is new kind of service in Bangladesh people do not have much information about it. So to
inform people we have to spend lots of money for informative advertising.

 Financial Position

One stop automobile solution is totally new in providing service, so our internal financial
position is not so strong.


 Expansion in other areas of Bangladesh

Up till now we decided to operate our one stop automobile solution service in the Dhaka city. As
it is the capital and central part of our country. Since we will have the largest market share in a
very short period, we’ll also be able to expand our business in different parts of our country. In
our plan, we decided to open our ongoing branches in Chittagong, Shylet, and Rajshahi etc.

 We the owner of the business are educated

We the Six executives as well as the shareholders of the one stop automobile solution company
are educated and studied in the field of business. In market environment we often observe that
many business fail due to the lack of education of the founder. As he has less education, he
usually fails to carry on with his business. But in our case the situation is different. As we are the
student of business, we know much more than any other person. We will consider it as our

 Higher demand and increasing popularity

Our business will certainly have higher demand and its popularity will increase day by day as
people will get all the necessary information and service from our one stop automobile solution
and as they will get to know about our service from advertisements and also from other people.
They need not to face any difficulties while they were facing problem with their vehicle in the
 Government Support

Continuous Government Support to promote our One Stop automobile solution business.

 Monopoly Business

In the market there is no other competitor to compete with us, so it is a great opportunity for our
company to introduce about our service which contains quality that promises to satisfy


 More Expansion/Diversification May Lead to Chaos

Up till now our One Stop automobile solution service business will operate in the Dhaka city.
But we already said that we have planned to expand our business out of Dhaka. In that time as
we will expand our operations widely, it may create any problems or chaos.

 Huge competitors

Since we will be the first modern One Stop automobile solution service business in Bangladesh,
it may happen that businessmen, after acquiring knowledge from us, come up with more
attractive feature than us. It will become a threat for us. Increasing competition is pushing the
company to lower its price down.
 Better Communication with Other Garage with owner

When the communication with nearby other garage with the vehicle owner from where they
always check and repair their vehicle will become easier and cheaper, people will feel more
comfortable to go in those particular garages to fix and repair their vehicle problem. No matter
how improved quality we are providing or even we are providing the same product.

 Economic Fluctuation

Economic instability will lead our business into chaos. And inflation, recession, depression etc.
will lead economic downturn of the company.

 Import Tax

If the import machinery tax increases, that will create great problem of increasing the price.
Changes in government policy regarding taxation and related matters also create some problems.

 The Exchange Rate

The Exchange rate fluctuates which affects the company as most of the machinery have to be

 Limited capabilities of Bangladeshi People

   Per head income of Bangladeshi People is very low and customer are always looking for
   better service with low price now a days and it would be hard for our one stop automobile
        solution company to hold on to its customers with the present pricing strategy. Still out
        objectives to serve people with better quality and lower price remains the same, as our
        company is for the people and for the country. The recent economic condition in Bangladesh
        has reduced the buying capabilities of the customers and as well as the confidence to spend.

                                        The SWOT Matrix

Strengths:                                        Opportunities:
      We are the pioneer in our city                      Expansion in other areas of Bangladesh
      We will provide quality service                     We the owner of the business are educated
      Extensive marketing strategy                        Higher demand and increasing popularity
      Enthusiastic Management                             Government Support
      Faster Operation                                    Monopoly Business
      Affordable pricing
      Operation and maintenance by highly
      skilled and trained personnel
Weaknesses:                                       Threats:
      Brand unawareness                                   More Expansion/Diversification May Lead to
      Lack of product knowledge                           Chaos
      New Employees                                       Huge competitors
      Lack of Information                                 Better Communication with Other Garage
      Financial Position                                  with owner
                                                          Economic Fluctuation
                                                          Import Tax
                                                          The Exchange Rate
                                                          Limited capabilities of Bangladeshi People

                                     Porter’s Five Forces

                                              Threat of
                                            new entrants

   Bargaining power of              Competitive rivalry within the             Bargaining power of
        suppliers                             industry                             customers

                                              Threat of

Bargaining power to supplier:
It needs a lot of capital to buy or even to lease some of the items. The financial institution will
not provide any service unless a big amount of collateral is given to them. On the other hand
mostly all of the purses are imported from foreign companies and they don’t allow following
accrual basis transaction. At the same time quality suppliers are also fistful. For this reason many
a time local dealers cannot provide all instruments in time because of capital constraints and
small group of supplier never help our local dealers to get products within due time. This is very
unpleasing news for new entrants.

Bargaining power to customers:
In Dhaka city we are assuming that vehicles are in huge number. But in reality it is not much as
inhabitant of this huge city. But there have lots of automobile garage for existing vehicle owners.
So they can easily go for low cost offering garage for vehicle servicing. This clearly denotes that
customers have huge power over this industry which is not a very good sign for new business.

Threat of substitutes:
As science always doing hard work to come up with unique and simplified form of any job, so it
assuming that within a short time it will invent newer form of automobile servicing technology.
This can be a great challenge for existing garage owners and new garage owners.
Competitive rivalry:
Automobile servicing is not a new business industry; it is old as our cultural history and this
industry has huge competition. Those are doing business from very beginning they may now
don’t think for profit because they are in huge profit. But it is true that as it is huge industry so
there have huge number of competitors. Many of the firms of this industry have huge no. of
permanent customer. For these reason new comers although come up with modern and new
technology, they failed to do well.

Threat of new entry:
There is potential for the entry of new entrants in the industry but in practice whether they will
enter or not will depend after considering the various forces that will influence entry. As
population is on the rise, more and more people are now purchasing their own vehicle. Also our
government is encouraging businesses to start one stop automobile solution services for the
public. The main objective for doing this one is to provide instant solution available to the public
while they are facing problem with their vehicle in road at affordable.

The switching cost for the industry is quite high as it takes a lot of investment to start the
business. Also there is no feasible alternative once you are out of one stop automobile solution
business because the vehicles and machineries which cannot be used for other purposes rather
than providing fixed or solution automobile services. Also it takes certain level of expertise and
knowledge to provide smooth and reliable services to the public and this is also low in the
industry. So it will be difficult for new entrants to enter and take away our business.

                                    Market Analysis:

Marketing research

We did a small field survey at Dhaka with a sample of 30 respondents. From that survey, we
came to know that current automobile service providers are failing to fulfill the need of the
customers. In addition, 80% of the respondents said, they are likely to get the one stop quickly
automobile service. It clearly shows there is a need in the market. We can fulfill the need to
make profit. In our survey questionnaire

   1. How long would you have to wait to get your car fixed?

                     20%           20%
                                                             One Hour
                                                             Less than 1 hour
                                                             Two Hour
               20%                                           More than 2 Hour
                                                             Whole day

                                                                                 40%    of    the
response come from they think that it will take at least 2 hour to fix the car, 20 % responder of
each they think it will take whole day, one hour and more than two hours. Less than 1 hour is

   2. Do you think one stop automobile solution should values its high profile clients more?


                                                          Strongly Agree
                    10%               30%
                                                          Strongly Disagree

30% of the responder they are strongly agree about this, 50% are agree, 10% of each disagree
and neutral. This really means that we should target psychologically prestigious people and we
should go for middle to higher class people.

   3. What attributes/ features would make a one stop automobile solution important to you?

                                                           Quick service
                                                           Low service
              20%                           40%
                                                           Online service
                                                           Efficient employee"s
                                                           Employee Behavior
                                                           Different service

40% of the responders feature like this because they will get the quick service, 30% like it’s an
online base service, and 20% are think that they will provide efficient employees. 5% of each
thinks they will get different service and employee’s behavior.

Market trends:

As we know consumers minds changes over time about new service, and there is hardly any new
service innovation one stop automobile solution market to fulfill those changes and keep the
customers satisfied. Today the whole world is going shorter, time consuming. Customers want
the quick response and quick service. Therefore, we think our service will be able to meet new
trend of customer’s preference.


At present, there are lots of auto repair workshops in Dhaka city. They are our main competitors
where they serve the full customer service such a long time. They are mainly working in the
garage, where customer brings their car for faulty reason. The auto repair workshops also serve
the customer in home.

Although our business idea is new, we come in this service industry with a new concept where
we can serve the customer as immediately as possible. But our business is fully serving the
customer as soon as can, which we called fast solution. We will give online customer service
where the workshop doesn’t provide. For any customer inquiry we will give the home service.
Customers are eagerly expected to get their car back from the repair shop where our service is
suitable for them. At the present people are not more interested to take their car in the repair shop
and keep it for 2 or 3 days. They want quick service. For that reason we think that there have lots
of competitors in Dhaka city. We will get a good feedback and we can sustain our business for
long run.

                                 Market Segmentation

We divide the total market into smaller segments for get attention of our target market. We found
that, there is no single way to segment the market. We emphasize on different major variables
those are used in segmenting consumer market such as- geographic, demographic, psychographic
and behavioral variables.

Geographic Segmentation:
Our company decides to operate in only one geographical area, Dhaka city. The reason is its

Depot Area:

Category A:                     Category B:                     Category C:

Gulshsan-1                      Gulshan-2                       Sayedebad

Banani                          MoghBazar                       Shahbag

Dhanmondi (Pilkhana Road) Farmgate                              Rampura

Motijheel                       Mohakhali                       ProgotiShoroni

                                Rajlokkhi                       Khilkhet

                                Uttara-10                       Mirpur-10

                                Kolabagan                       Mirpur-14

                                Shamoli                         Mohammadpur


Our company goes with three demographic variables- gender, income and occupation.

In gender, we will go with male and female both, because this kind of service is very essential
when people stack in this kind of horrible situation. We will emphasize on income segmentation.
The reason is, one stop solution in Bangladesh is very unique and convenience. People who
have car with high level of income, they are only eager and able to get our service. We think that
the income level is at least tk. 50,000. But less income people may be also interested if they
mound in an unavoidable circumstances. Occupation is another variable we look at, when we
segmenting our consumer market. But here we will consider all executive type employees along
with entrepreneur.


In this segmentation we look at social class and lifestyle- these two variables.

Our targeted people for providing service are in upper uppers, lower uppers, and upper middle
class. Mainly those people, who lead lifestyle as achievers and strivers, will be our target

Target Market
By market segmentation we reveal our firm’s market segment opportunities. At starting we
evaluate three factors: segment size and growth, segment structural attractiveness, and company
objective and resources. Through market segmenting evaluation, we find out target market
segmentation- differentiated marketing. In our market coverage strategy, we look at several
market segments and design separate offer according to market segments.

We want to launch our service to higher and upper middle class people. And people, who lead a
lifestyle as achievers and strivers, will be our target customer.
Our target depot areas would be:

Category A:                           Category B:                   Category C:

Gulshsan-1                        Kolabagan                         Mohammadpur

Banani                            MoghBazar

Dhanmondi                         Farmgate

(Pilkhana Road)


For capital constraints we cannot consider all of the segmented depot area. But in future as our
business will become familiar, we will cover our all segmented geographical locations.

                                  Strategic Marketing:

       Product (Service)

FAST solution will provide its customers with full service for repairing vehicles (not all kinds of
vehicle) and its equipment. If we categorize our service it has some features of shopping service
and some of specialty service for this reason we offer different service criteria. Our offered
services are:
      We will fix any kind of vehicle(our categorized vehicle only )problem
      Call for automobile solution anywhere in Dhaka city.
      Premium price for better than best service.
      Promised for making a new era in automobile solution business through quick service.
      Give special service in case of corporate service.
      In major case like heavy accident cargo service.
      Round the clock service facility.
      Integrated wireless connection for internal communication.

       Pricing: Price (Savings)

Pricing is such a crucial factor in marketing of a product/ service. We also faced the same
problem when our team was working on it. We have to consider that if the price goes high
people will refuse to take our service. To attract customers pricing is a very important factor. As
we are a new company and also our target market is specified so to establish better relation with
our target market we will follow the skimming pricing strategy. As per our analysis, collected
data and our service cost we have decided to offer our service in different category prices which
given below (changeable):

                                    Service Charge chart:

Service category                               Service charge (min.)
        Jeep                                   Tk. 3,499/=
               Microbus                        Tk. 3,199/=

             Private Car                       Tk. 2,499/=

             Motorcycle                        Tk. 499/=

       Corporate Service Charge                Tk. 1,999/=

We are going to offer variety service charges for different category vehicles. Because of this the
price of this particular Varity vehicle owner like jeep owner may be ready to pay higher amount
to fix their problems. Considering our quality, our price is low enough to capture the market and
our pricing strategy mainly focuses on the right price for the customers.

Place (Space):

The idea of our business is making our service available to every targeted depot area in Dhaka
city. This might be difficult but not impossible. We will create not only depot area at the
locations but also will create a space in the customers mind. This will helpful in Word-of-Mouth
promotion. All kind of service will be available in our A category locations. As set up cost is
high so we apologize for this inconvenience for providing 100% committed service. But we can
assure that after our break even we will make all the facilities available in all of our depot area.

Promotion (Support):

It’s a new concept in the country. So that we have an extensive promotional strategy which are
quite cost effective. To survive in market in any situation is so tough; if it’s a company like ours
then it is so much risky too. Our company is a new company in market with a new idea for this
reason we are enough careful to make strong company fame, brand perception and loyal
customer. The following types of promotional approach we will take to promote our business.

Personal Selling:

Personal Selling is an effective way to manage personal customer relationships. We will have some part-
time college students as our sales persons. Basically, they will work for us when we need them. And the
will come when we call them. These sales persons act on behalf of our company. They will make
appointments with car owners and fix the meeting. Then they will let them know about our services.


We will use leaflets for our promotion too. We will use leaflets in two ways:

             We will print leaflets and will distribute those in some particular places of our targeted
                areas. We will make arrangements of distributing those leaflets in front of the mosques
                on Friday after the Jummanamaj. And we will distribute those in front of some popular
                fast-food vendors and some restaurants in our targeted areas.

             We will send our leaflets to people with newspapers. Basically we will do this by
                managing the newspaper hawker. We will give them our leaflets and they will put our
                leaflets inside the newspaper and distribute them.

Banners and danglers:

We will use banners and danglers in the important roads of our targeted areas. There will be address,
contact information and services in those banners and danglers.


We will use posters as our promotion tool too. We will attach those posters for promotion in some
major locations in those areas.

Stickers and pads:

We will use stickers and pads as promotion tool. Basically we will give those stickers and pads when we
go to a company or organization for corporate deals. And we will give those things to our loyal
customers too.


We will use postcard as our promotion tool too. Basically it’ll play a very important role in our

We will use postcards in the following way:

     Gain loyalty by rewards – we will use your postcards to give back to our clients. One
        way of doing this is by including a tear-off coupon in our prints. Our clients will use the
        coupon to redeem any promotional discounts or free items from our auto repair shop. We
        can offer a certain percentage discount from any services that we offer; i.e. 10% discount
        on body repairs or 20% discount on engine overhaul. We can also offer freebies such as
   free brake fluid, engine oils or air filter replacements. These will give our clients reasons
   for repeat business as well as be loyal to us and our business.

 Open new possibilities for our business - For example, we are planning to offer small
   replacement parts aside from repair services. We can test our prospective market by
   sending out postcards. Create client lists consisting of our primary and secondary targets.
   We will send out variety of messages and postcard designs then evaluate which among
   these are effective according to the responses. Based on the results of our testing, we will
   be able to decide how we will go on with a bigger marketing strategy.

 Increase client traffics - If we are joining an exhibit or holding a seminar for auto repairs,
   we can invite prospective clients by mailing them our postcards. We have to let them
   know when the event is happening and what benefits they can get by going there. We will
   use one part of the brochure as an RSVP space that they can send back for confirmation.
   In case we are holding our anniversary, we can send these prints as an invitation for our
   clients. We will tell them that cool freebies and promotional offers like free engine tune-
   up, wheel alignment, etc. await them.

 Creative means of establishing client contact – We have to list down the names of our
   clients and know their special days like birthdays and anniversary. We can send them
   greeting postcards on these days. We will design our prints with a special message
   together with our company logo and tagline. It would be better to hand-written a message
   to make it more personal. We can also establish rapport with our customers by sending
   them postcards saying "thank you" for entrusting their vehicles to our care as well as
   greeting postcards on holidays.

Loyalty cards:

As loyalty cards have recently become an important form of sales promotion, we will also use loyalty
cards for our promotion. Loyalty cards encourage the customers to return to the retailer by giving them
discounts based on the spending from a previous visit. Loyalty cards can offset the discounts by making
more sales and persuading the customer to come back.

DMP special Email:

We will collect the list of vehicle owners’ addresses through DMP and send them special e-mail
where we send them all the features of our business and the charge and services in details. They
can reach us through just a call. Our website name is

                                    Our advertisements:

Social Network ad:

Newspaper ad:


Other Promotions:

This part consists of different promotional offer which will be provided at the beginning of the
venture. These are:

Press conference:
We will call for press conference before launching the business. To get familiarity with the
people, we will do this. It will have huge media coverage which will definitely promote our

We will have a very attractive discount structure which will draw the attention of prospective
clients. If anyone becomes a second time service receiver of our CHITA, we will offer him10%
discount, for third time 12% and so on for higher service receiver.

Road show:
Before launching our business we will arrange road show in all our targeted business areas to
draw the attention of the people of those areas. In our road shows, we will provide free t-shirts to
road show joiners. In our t-shirts we will include our company name, logo, slogan, contact
address and our service features.

We will billboard too for our promotion. We will rent some billboards in some major locations
of Dhaka city.

Promotional Budget:

Cost of Billboards:

On the divisional districts only and for the whole 2 months campaign. The three billboards will
be on Gulshan circle-2, Motijheel, and on Mohakhali.

Total cost for billboards = 140000 BDT.

Transit Advertisements costs:

Terminal posters are on 6 different terminals inside Dhaka city. Total cost for per month 10000
per terminal. So for 2 months campaign the total cost would be 120000 BDT.

Costs of banners, danglers, posters, leaflets, stickers and pads, postcards and layalty cards=
130,000 taka

Costs of road show (including t-shirts)= 40,000 taka

Costs of arranging press conference= 70,000 taka

TOTAL          ADVERTISEMENT              COST         FOR     THE        CAMPAIGN           =

   = 5, 000, 00 BDT.

Distribution Strategy:

We are service providing company and we are the 1st company in Bangladesh which offers this
kind of services. We will follow differentiated marketing strategy for capturing our whole target
customer where our companyFAST solution offering a new service. We will choose exclusive
distribution channel whereFAST solutionhas its own distribution channel. Basically we will
operate all our depots by ourselves. And it is indirectly a great competitive advantage (if any new
company interested for this business) for our company by which it will be easy for us to give
services anywhere in the targeted segmented area. We will also sign corporate deals with some
companies like insurance; bank etc and all the cars of those companies will be repaired by us.
For example, if we sign a corporate deal with Grameenphone, all the vehicles of the
Grameenphone will be repaired by us. As it will be a big deal and there will be lots of vehicles to
provide service, we will rent a garage in Bashundhara residential area as the head office of
Grameenphone is located there. And we will take all the vehicles to that garage and provide
servicing there. It should be included here that we will rent the garage only but man power will
be our own staffs. So, we will not have to share the service charge with that garage owner and
we will give only garage rent. In our depots, we will have rented garages where we will repair
the vehicles which will take longer time to repair.

                                 Operation Management:
Geographic Location:

Our initial plan for this business is to create competitive advantages and provide best customer
service. So we build two major depots around the Dhaka city area in initial stage. The location
will be Demra and Gabtoli. Our main machineries and heavy instrument will be there. The
reasons behind choosing Demra and Gabtoli are the cheap wage cost, huge labor pool and a low
rent cost for the garage. In fact, it is familiar for so many garage and cheap labor.


Fast Solution will provide the facilities that the customers need and something more than that.
We will make sure that the facilities that are provided are supreme and live up to the customers’
expectations. The facilities that we have are:

      Auto solution shop

      Car Repair

      Inventories

      Communication Office

We provide every kind of facilities that our customers can expect and we provide it within
limited time span. Our facilities are arranged in a way that our customers are fully-pleased and
be eager to maintain a long-term relationship.

Auto solution shop:

Our auto solution shop will be situated in different location around the Dhaka city area. Initially
we choose 8 different places for our one stop shop. The place is Motijheel, Banani, Dhanmondi,
Gulshan-1, Kolabagan, Mohammadpur, Moghbazar andFarmgate. Our technicians will be
always ready for provide service around these areas. Whenever the customer makes a call our
technicians will be in 20 minutes distance and will be able to provide quick service.

Car Repair:

When a car is broken down, the Fast Solution will provide facilities regarding repairing the car.
Whenever our customer will bring their car we will try our best to fix it as soon as possible and
we will also make sure that our customers are happy with the service provided to them. We will
provide assistance in repairing mechanics, electrics, engines and paint.

      Mechanics:In Fast Solution, we will make available to every possible solution
       regarding cars’ mechanism. Our expert mechanics will be assisting our customer almost
       every possible way. We will make sure that our customer gets the best solution for the
       problems of car’s mechanism. We will hire expert mechanics who will provide our
       customers the best services. They will repair brakes, suspension system, gears, steering
       and every other mechanism. We will make sure the work is done as accurately as

      Electrics: The technicians in Fast Solution will provide solutions for car electrical
       problems as well. They will solve our customers’ problems with cars’ batteries,
       alternators, ignition, engines’ control system and such others. These car problems can put
       people in many dangerous situations. So our technicians will make sure that our
       customers’ will get the most accurate solutions.

      Engine: Our technicians and mechanics in Fast Solution will have immediate way out
       for cars’ engine problems. Engine problems are very crucial and these put a person in
       troublesome situations. Our technicians and mechanics are able to deal with every engine
       problems that can occur and they are able to do it within limited time. Problems like car
       lights, bearings exhaust systems, vacuum and coolant leaks and many other difficulties a
       car might face.

      Dent and Paint: In Fast Solution we have workers for car paint and removing dent.
       Our people will fix the scratches on cars, changing color at customers’ preference, dents
       in the cars. We will try our level best our customers’ cars look good and they are satisfied
       with the service. We will also make sure that our customers’ get what they want.


In our inventories in Fast Solution we have components that are helpful in solving car problems.
Inventories keep us available with necessary components in every situation. We have an
inventory that is sufficient for our daily works. In our inventories we have oil (Mobil etc) rubber
and other miscellaneous things.

      Oil:We have oils in our inventories to provide our customers. We have engine oil, brake
       oil, gear oil, motor oil etc. in our inventories. We have enough oil in our inventory so that
       our customers will not have problems regarding the problems mentioned.

      Rubber: Rubber is also included in our inventory. By rubber, we mean rubber parts
       such as tires, mats, hose, O-rings, seals, bumpers and other rubber components. These
       rubber materials are essential for cars. We store these components so that it can be of use
       to our customers.

      Miscellaneous: In Fast Auto Solution, we also provide other miscellaneous
       components such as screws, wires, glasses, acids and several other things that are
       necessary for the cars. We keep these components available in our inventories so that our
       customers will get immediate help. We have our inventory adequate so that we can
       provide best service to our customers.

Communication Office:

Fast Solution has hired communication officers. Our communication officers are the one who
will communicate with the customers. They are the ones who will take the calls, bring the
customers and make sure that our customers are pleased. They will help our company to connect
with as many people as we can. As Communication officers’ we have highly trained
professionals who know how to communicate with the customers, how to persuade them, how to
make connections, to describe to the customers about the services and so on. The
Communication Officers’ are the one who help our company, Fast Solution, to gain popularity.

                                      Control system

Successful of any plan largely depends on proper enforcing of controlling process to reduce the
gap between actual and desired performance. So, as like to give our marketing plan the light of
success we will enforce strict controlling policy to ensure desired performance. Our control
policy will include the following features:

       Establishing proper standards to measure on customer satisfaction, obedience and
        commitment to achieve the organizational goal.
       Apply account of 360 degree evaluation process to better understand the performance
       Carefully observe the actual performance and keep record of that correctly.
       Compare actual performance to the standard measure.
       Give proper rewards for performance achievements to reinforce desired behavior.
       Give punishment if any employee found ruining the reputation of the firm and declining
        customer satisfaction.

                                        Labor Force:

Our main goal is To Develop & Promote good relationships between our clients & candidates.To
provide the best available quality of staffing solutions to compliment our clients, staff and to
build the communities in which we conduct business.

Fields of Service:

, Fast Auto Solution has potential labor forces .Those are given below,

      Engineering
      Technical
      Mechanical

Labor Contracting:

Various companies make use of outsourcing services to focus on their core business. , Fast
Solution hires field of expertise covers manufacturing, engineering, electrical, instrumentation,
fabrication and development and other specialized labor.

All artisans supplied, are as per the requirements of the client and have the relevant qualifications
and experience.

Locating scarce labor skills is only part of our function, as well as ensuring the right match of
qualifications and experience; we look for the perfect fit between personalities of the candidate
and the client.

      Accuracy Analysis’s
      Foreman
      Drivers
      Laborers Unskilled (Raw)
      Laborers - Mechanical
      Depot technicians
Employment Policy

Fast Solution is committed to becoming equal opportunity Company, including people who have been
previously disadvantaged and disabled persons. We strongly maintain equal opportunity to the entire

       Business ethics and values are the foundations on which the company is built.
       Fast Solution is compliant with the requirements as laid out by legislation.
       Fast Solution is committed to the development and training of staff, focusing on non-
        discriminatory practice.

                                         Service Policy:

We pioneered car repair via our quality garage network. At competitive prices and with a better driver
experience than via franchised dealer networks, Fast Solution      continues to be the class leader for
quality car servicing. You get complete peace of mind with fully protected warranty, genuine OE [original
equipment] quality parts, and all parts and labor guaranteed for twelve months or 12,000 miles. And we
won't do any service work or any repair without getting your agreement first. If you face any trouble in
the road-our communication officer s are always ready for give you right direction. Just give us a call
from wherever you in the Dhaka city. Our technicians will be reaching within 10-15 minutes. And it will
take only a few minutes for solve your problem unless a heavy breakdown. We have agreement with
several garage and organization so that we can fix your problem rapidly anywhere in the city. Our racker
will bring your car to our garage.

                                  Corporate Deal

1. Corporate deal with GP:

Fast Solution has a corporate agreement with Grameen Phone (GP).WE take care about More
than 100 vehicles. Our 2 technicians always present there so that they can fix any problem
regarding our corporate agreement.

2. Corporate deal with Square:

Fast Solution also has corporate agreement with Square. Our technicians solve their all kind of
car    problem regarding our corporate agreement. Our technicians always present there and
take care of their cars. And we won't do any service work or any repair without getting your
agreement first


                                      Management Team

Management is the one that runs the whole organization. Management controls people and resources
in a group according to prior established principles or values. We have developed our management
team in three departments– Marketing, Finance & Human Resource Management.

Marketing Department

In Fast Solution, the Head of Marketing Department will be Chief Marketing and Promotional
Officer. One Customer Service Representative and one Promotional Officer will work under
Chief Marketing and Promotional Officer. The Customer Service Representative would
responsible for interacting with the customers and he will gather information about customers’
need and demands. The Promotional Officer will be responsible for the promotion and
advertisement of the company.

Finance Department:

Chief Finance Officer is the Head of the Finance Department. He will be regulating all the finance
operations that include preparing financial statements, making financial forecasting, approving funds
and others. There will be one executive officer who will be assisting CFO for maintain all the financial
correspondences. As CFO is the Head of the department, he is the one who will be responsible for all
financial transactions and other financial works.

Human Resource Department:

The Manager of Human Resource and Operations is the head of Human Resource Department. One
supervisor will work under him who will be in charge of communicating with the workers that is workers
will be under him and he will directly report to the HR Manager. The HR manager will then initiate
necessary schemes and programs. The HR Manager will also be responsible for recruiting, compensating
and retaining the workers and other employees.

There will also be one Chief Executive Officer. He is the Head of the whole organization. He will be the
one who will take the most important decisions for the organization. The CMO, CFO and HR Manager
will directly report to him. CEO will give the head of other department directions and approval of their

                                     Organizational Hierarchy:

In the following, we have shown the organizational hierarchy for our company. In the hierarchy, the
management, employers and employees designations are shown and their works are described in the


                 CFO                          CMO                       HR Manager

                   Executive                   Service
                    Officer                 Representative


                                     Figure: Organizational Hierarchy

CFO:CFO    is the Chief Financial Officer, the head of the Finance Department. CFO is the one who

controls the financial sector of the company. He will be looking after the financial flow of the
organization and even the approving of funds for the organization. He has one executive officer who will
work for him and will help him to make the financial reports and will also help the company to observe
the financial state of the organization.

          Executive Officer:He        will be working under CFO. He will be making all financial

           statements, balance sheets, income statement and financial forecasting for the company.
           He will keep record of all financial transaction CFO will check the financial reports and make

CMO:The Chief Marketing     Officer, CMO, is the head of Marketing Department. He is the one who

handles all the marketing related works in the company. He is the one, who seeks for new opportunities
for business expansion, handles the promotions and advertisements of the company and will also gather
information of the consumer market. There will be employees who will work under him and will assist
him with his work.

          Service Representative: The service representative is the one who will represent
           the company and will communicate with the customers. He will not only
           communicate with the consumers but also with the other organization we will be
           working with. He will gather information about customers’ needs and demands.

          Promotional Officer:The promotional officer will be working under the CMO
           and his responsibility will be promoting the company. He has the responsibility to
           maintain all the promotional stuff of the organization.

Manager of HR Department:The head of the HR Department is the HR Manager. His
responsibility is to maintain good relationship between the management and employees so that
employees and workers will build long-term relationship with the organization. He will also
structure compensation structure and will execute the Training and Development program.

      Workers: Workers are one of the key parts in any organization. Workers are the
       one who will be doing the core works for the company. The workers here are actually
       the technicians and mechanics who will be doing the servicing works. Without
       workers, no organization can survive.

      Supervisor:The supervisor is the one who will be communicating with the workers
       and give the HR Manager about them. He will supervise the works of employees and
       he will check up on them.He will also see if the new recruits of the company need any
       kind of training or not.

                          Critical Risks assumptions:

1. Service price forecast: We cannot be fully sure how much we will be charging in the
   future. Price may not be as likely as our expectation from the analysis as the sample size
   was too small for reliable data. We could not get enough information about customers’
   needs and demands due to small sample size. In this case we could increase the
   receivable period to attract more customers to receive our service.

2. Competitors’ price cut: In Fast Solution, our service is our weapon. But our
   competitors have an option that is cutting down their price of service. If they reduce their
   price, there is a chance that we might lose a few of our customers. As our competitors do
   not have a chance to provide the service that we will be providing, they may decrease
   their charged price so that they get more customers. That might put our business in a risk.

3. Inexperienced workers: At the beginning, we might not get many experienced
   workers as much as we can. We might not fulfill our customers’ expectation at first. May
   be because of our few inexperienced workers, we might not be able to get many
   customers. And thus we may not have a good start in early state.

4. Business co-worker crisis: As we are thinking about working with other business
   plants as well, we might not be able to get many of them too. Working with other
   business plants might lift up our cost at first. We will not be able to make much profit.
   We may not be able to work with those who already have a well-established name. We
   will face a co-working business crisis.

5. Availability of customers: At Fast Solution, we will be providing high-quality
   service with a price a little higher than the locals’. In Bangladesh, people mostly like to
   try cheaper services. Many people may not like to pay a little extra for better services.
   That might cause difficulty in getting customers. Availability of customers will be a
   tough job for us and be risky for our business.

                              Community Benefit:

1. Employment: Bangladesh has a high unemployment rate. With our business, we will
   be able to hire many unemployed technicians and mechanics. With our business and
   facilities, we will be able to create employment for lots of local people. Our business will
   help many people to get job and bear their expenses.

2. Social Benefit: With our business, we will be able to help many businesses, like ours,
   to get on their feet. Our business will help them increase their profit along with ours. This
   will be help in the enrichment of local economy as well as national economy.

3. Benefit for the industry:Our Company will also work with the businesses that are
   similar with ours. In this way, not only our cost will be lowered, but also the other
   businesses will get more customers and will generate more profit. In this way the industry
   will be benefitted.

                                Financial Management:

                Initial investment

                Category                       Units Per costs (BDT)   Total (BDT)

                Manufacturing Cost of Garage      2          100000       200000
                Stock of materials                                        100000
                Garage Land (Lease)               2          200000       400000
                Lease Agreement(Depot)            8            20000      160000
                Motorcycles                       8            70000      560000
                Racker Lease Agreement                                    200000
                Equipment And Machineries                                 500000
                Promotional activities                                    500000
                Telephones                                                  15000
                Cash                                                      365000

                Total cost                                               3000000

Our company Fast Solution has invested Tk 3000000 which is provided by an angel investor.
Our main service is to provide fast and efficient way to repair cars which is also mobile. So
firstly we need 8 depots which will be in every major location of the city. Each of them needs Tk
20000 in advance on average. Since the depots will be not very big, just a 200sqr feet shop just
to park the motorcycles and put two to three chairs where mechanics can rest, and to keep some
tools for repairing. Also we need to have two main garages from where we will operate the
depots and also repair cars. We thought of taking 2 lands at two corners of the city where leasing
empty land would not cost us too much. We will provide the land owner four months of advance
payments i.eTk 400000 for two garage land. Also we need to build the garage with tin only. We
estimated a cost for two garages that is Tk 200000 for both the garage. Also since the technicians
need to travel fast, they need some reliable transport. And what can be better than motorcycles in
the heavy traffic city, Dhaka. Each of the motorcycles would cost us Tk 70000 and for 8 depots

        we need 8 motorcycles that cost us (8*70000) Tk560000. Also if the car is fully damaged and
        need to take to the garage, we will offer them racker so that they can take the car to our garage
        without delay. So we will have an agreement with the racker owners to provide us the racker
        when we need it. It will cost us Tk200000. Also some machineries and equipment that cost us Tk
        500000. We kept Tk 500000 for the promotional activities that will be for the next five years.

Pro forma INCOME statement
                                  Year 1               Year 2                Year 3                year 4

Incomes                                 7200000              10800000              14400000               18000000
Rent ( Depot)                  960000              1152000               1344000               1536000
Rent ( Garage)                1200000              1320000               1440000               1560000
Wages                         3600000              5760000               6720000               7680000
Salaries                      1140000              1350000               1740000               2220000
communication                  120000               144000                216000                264000
Transportation                 120000               180000                300000                360000
Misc. Expences                  60000                84000                120000                144000
Advertising Expences           120000               144000                180000                216000
Utilities                       24000                36000                 60000                 72000
Motor cycles (7yrs Straight
line)                           80000                80000                 80000                 80000
Equipments and Machineries      50000                50000                 50000                 50000
Garage Building                 10000                10000                 10000                 10000
Total Expences                          7484000              10310000              12260000               14192000
Net Income before tax                   -284000                490000               2140000                3808000
Tax (37.5%)                                   0                187500                806250                1428000
Net Income or loss                      -274000                302500               1333750                2380000

In the first year we are expecting that each of the depot and the garages will receive at least on
call a day. And we charge Tk 2000 for going and repairing the cars. So if the sales unit is 10 per
day and if we charge Tk 2000 per car, then our revenue per day turns out to be Tk 20000. And at
the first year we generated Tk 7200000. For the next year, we just expected demand to go up 5
unit per day. So it becomes 30 units and gives us Tk 30000 per day, and the whole year Tk
10800000. And in the following year the expected demand to be increase is 5 unit per day which
gives us the assumption for the Income.

Now the expected expenses part, firstly we assumed that our depot will cost us Tk 10000 per
month for the first year and gradually increases by Tk 2000 by the following years. Also the
expected rent for the garage rent will follow the same pattern of increasing its rent by Tk 5000
per year starting from Tk 50000 per month. The expected salary for the technicians will be Tk
10000 per month and gradually it increases by Tk 2000 in the following years, also the labors
that assist the technician gets the half of the amount technicians receives. For the first year only
we expected to hire 22 labors and 19 technicians. And the year onwards we will have 32 labors
and 24 technicians. Also we will have 5 managers and two communication officers. For the
managers we will provide Tk 15000 at the start and Tk 10000 for the communication officers.
Each person salary will increase by Tk 2500 every year and also in the third year we will recruit
1 more communication officer since the demand will be increasing and we will receive more
calls. Moreover we expected to have others expenses and it will also increase as our business
starts to operate fully.

Pro Forma Balance Sheet
                                                     Year 1             Year 2              Year 3       year 4
Fixed Assets

Garage building                                     200000             200000              200000                200000
Less: Accumulated Depreciation                      -10000             -20000              -30000                -40000
Equipments and Machineries                          500000             500000              500000                500000
Less: Accumulated Depreciation                      -50000            -100000             -150000               -200000
Motorcycles                                         560000             560000              560000                560000
Less: Accumulated Depreciation                      -80000            -160000             -240000               -320000
Land (lease)                                        200000             200000              200000                200000
Depot (lease)                                        96000              96000               96000                 96000
Racker (lease)                                      200000             200000              200000                200000
Total Fixed Assets                                 1616000            1476000             1336000               1196000
Current Assets
Cash                                                231000             623500             2047250               4517250
Inventories                                         100000             150000              200000                250000
Total Assets                                       1947000            2249500             3583250               5963250

           Our business is a service business. so there is no option to deliver the service in credit or get
           anything in credit. Only the part we need in the business to run it efficiently are the assets. We
           have lots of assets which cost us merely Tk 2700000. Some of them, like the lease agreements
           are considered as assets since those payments are advance payment provided to the land owners.
           These advance payments will be back if we no longer stay on their assets. Also the depreciation
           method we used for the real fixed assets is straight line method of depreciation. For garage
           building its life is 20years, for motorcycles 7years, for equipment and machineries 10years.
           Though the equipment and machineries used in the repair shop is hard to spoil. But the tools
           might get lost frequently. Also if the business demands more we might be forced to increase our
           fixed assets like motorcycles, depots, etc.

        Pro forma Cash flow statement
                                                           Year 1   Year 2       Year 3   year4
        Cash flows from operating activities

        Net Income/ Loss                                  -274000   302500 1333750 2380000
        Add Depreciation                                   140000   140000 140000 140000
        Subtract Increase In Inventory                          0   -50000  -50000  -50000

        Net Cash provided from operating activities       -134000   392500 1423750 2470000
        Beginning cash                                     365000   231000 623500 2047250
        Ending cash                                        231000   623500 2047250 4517250

For the cash flow our initial ending cash is not that much as expected. First year we could not
generate profit which is applicable for most of the business. so in the first year we used some of
the cash from the business to cover the loss. But as the days goes by, with the marketing and
promoting help, our demand tends to increase which results in a profit. The second year is
considered to fall under the growing stage for the business. The next year as the market starts to
grow for our service we generate more and more profit, which results in a tremendous cash flow
for the business.

NPV calculation: cost of capital 9%. All values in BDT.

   0                         1                       2                       3              4

(2635000)               -274000                   302500                 1333750                2380000




Since the NPV is positive we should go for the business. Though we need four years to recover
our investment and also we may have loss in the first year, but every business in the first year
does not make profit, that’s a myth. But continuing this project can bring us lots of profit after
we establish the business fully.

    Break Even Calculation                year 1          year 2          year 3          year4
    Labor cost                               3600000         5760000         6720000        7680000
    demanded units (expected)                      3600            5400            7200           9000
    Labor cost / unit                              1000            1066             933            853

    communication expenses                    120000          144000          216000         264000
    demanded units (expected)                   3600            5400            7200           9000
    communication expenses / unit                 33              26              30             29

    Transportation Cost                       120000          180000          300000         360000
    demanded units (expected)                   3600            5400            7200           9000
    Transportation Cost / unit                    33              33              41             40

    Misc. Expenses                             60000           84000          120000         144000
    demanded units (expected)                   3600            5400            7200           9000
    Misc. Expenses / unit                         16              15              16             16

    Advertising Expenses                      120000          144000          180000         216000
    demanded units (expected)                   3600            5400            7200           9000
    Advertising Expenses / unit                   33              26              25             24

    Utilities                                  24000           36000           60000              72000
    demanded units (expected)                   3600            5400            7200               9000
    Utilities / unit                               6               6               8                  8

    Average Variable Cost                          1121            1172            1053            970

    Salaries                                 1140000         1350000         1740000        2220000
    Rent ( Depot)                             960000         1152000         1344000        1536000
    Rent ( Garage)                           1200000         1320000         1440000        1560000
    Total Fixed Cost                         3300000         3822000         4524000        5316000

    BEP For The Year in units             3754.26621 4615.94203 4777.19113 5161.16505
    BEP For The Year in Taka              4792254.94 4881456.95 5298975.11 5958156.91
Contingency Plan

Continuity and contingency is essential for a business. Fast solution ltd. will provide service
through whole Dhaka city. The market will allow many competitors to come in repeatedly
because of the low market share. Each time, we will offer a service, might have been copied by
new competitors that come in. also they might introduce new ideas to gain more market shares.
So to become dominant and get competitive advantage all the time, “Fast Solution ltd” has to
develop and renew its service and introduced new and divergent service time to time to be

On the other hand if Fast solution’s current business plan fails in a certain time, then we will
reorganize our strategy and go for the repair shop only. In this way our business will continue
with the amount invested. And the amount invested for the depot will be recovered by selling the
motorcycles and cancelling all the lease agreement paying some fees. All of the mechanics will
be put in the repair shop.




                                     Date of interview: /     /2011

Dear Respondent,

We are doing our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at North South University and currently
conducting a research as a part of the degree requirement. The information provided by you will be
used for our Business report (One stop automobile solution) only. All findings will be in line with law and
research ethics, and will remain confidential and anonymous.

Express Your Opinion by giving (√) marks.

Respondent’s Profile:

 I) Age in years.

□ 18-24    □ 25-29      □ 30-39 □ 40-49 □ 50+

 II) Gender:

□ Male                  □ Female

III) Occupation:

□Business □Student □Teacher          □Doctor     □Service Holder □House wife □Others

1. Which brand of car you use?

□ Toyota       □Mitsubishi□Nissan□Honda□ Others

2. Have you faced any problem with your car while travelling?

       □ Yes       □ No

3. How often do you face car problems?

□ Once a month            □Twice a month       □About once in 2-3 months

□Once a week or more often□About once a year                    □ About twice a year

4. How do you manage when you face a car problem?

□ I try to fix it on my own □ I call a mechanic
□ I try to get it to a garage□I try to get help from people
5. Any method you use above, can you get your car fixed on the spot?

       □Yes                                    □No

6. How long you had to wait to get your car fixed?

□one hour□ Less than 1 hour□Two hour
□More than two hours □ Whole day

7. Do you really like to get help instantly and get your car ready in less time if there are no major

       □Yes                                    □No

8.Do you think one stop automobile solution should values its high profile clients more?

□ strongly agree□ Agree □ Neutral        □ Disagree        □Strongly Disagree

9. One stop automobile solution has adequate number of depose to serve its customer service

□ strongly agree□ Agree □ Neutral        □ Disagree        □Strongly Disagree

10. What doyou think of the charge you pay for your car problems?

  □ I think they charge too high □ I think it’s high but not too expensive
  □ I think its reasonable        □ I do not know

11. What attributes/features would make a one stop automobile solution important to you?

□ Quick service         □ Low service charge      □ online service

□Efficient employee’s   □ Employee behavior               □ Different service

□Others (please specify)……………………………………………………………………………..

12. Why did you choose one stop automobile solution service to repair or fix your vehicle problem?

□Nearest to my home           □Management is friendly □Efficient employee

□The authorized person of the company known to me         □ Quick & Reliable Service

□ Cheaper Service

□Others (please specify)……………………………………………………………………………..

13. What is your opinion to improve the services of the one stop automobile solution? (If Any)


14. Whenever you think about one stop automobile solution service which of the following comes to
your mind?

    (You can choose more than one)

□ Quick and reliable service           □ Efficient Service                 □ Quality Service

□ Cheaper Service                      □ High price service with quality

□Others (please specify)……………………………………………………………………………..

15. Please rank any 5 of the following factors you consider as most important for one stop automobile
solution service:

   (Simply put a, b, in the blanks)

   a. Price            b. Quality             c. Brand name d. customer value
   e. Cleanliness      f. Status              g. Service Quality       h. Quick & Reliable
   i.     Cheaper      j. Efficient           k.              (others)






16. Would you prefer home service regarding one stop automobile solution service?

        □Yes                                  □No


Description: At the present time the number of motor vehicles in Dhaka city has increased in haste. People from upper class, upper middle class, and middle class also maintain more than one vehicle. According to Bangladesh road transport authority, they survey the increased number vehicles in Dhaka city.