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					                                                  Term 1 – Week 2

                                      Permission Notes and Payments Due
                    Voluntary Contribution - $40 student or family $60
                    Textbooks – $40 per student
                    Swimming Carnival - $8 + note
                    Chinese Gardens Excursion (Year 6) - $25 + note
                    School Photos – Envelope required

                                   Please note these amounts can be paid off in instalments

                                                What’s Happening
                                                           Term 1

                    Week 3
                    6 Feb.         Swimming Carnival – Primary only (strong swimmers only)
                    9 Feb.         Captains’ Inductions

                    Week 4
                    13 Feb.        P & C Meeting, 7.30pm
                    15 Feb.        Scripture begins
                    16 Feb.        School Photos

Friday, 10 February 2012
                                                      4. A “ chilled water bottle refilling station” was
       Value of the Week – Reliability                installed beside the Kindergarten room. This
                                                      allows children (and teachers) to refill their
 I am practising reliability when I:                  water bottles with chilled water throughout the
     make promises I can keep;
                                                      By encouraging our children to bring reusable
     really care about doing what I promise;
     return things I borrow;
                                                      water bottles to school we will be promoting
     do my best and finish on time and               healthy living and also set a great
     plan ahead.                                     environmental role model for the students. The
                                                      P & C has purchased some reusable water
                                                      bottles which will be available for sale soon (at
Funding Grants                                        cost). Thank you to Pete Simpson for
Last year the P & C formed a Sub-committee to         volunteering his time and skills to do the
apply for funding grants. We are very happy to        electrical work for this job and to Mr Zoglmeyer
announce that we have just been granted               and Mr Foye for liaising with the P & C on this
$15,000 + GST to install 16 solar panels on the       project.
administration building. This funding is from the
Department of Climate Change through the              Induction Ceremony
National Solar Schools Program. This will             On Thursday, 9th February the school will hold
reduce the school’s electricity consumption by        an induction ceremony for House Captains,
an estimated 5127 KWh annually and carbon             School Representative Councillors and Library
emissions by 5.48 tonnes per year, helping to         Monitors at 11.30am.
minimise the School’s environmental footprint.        Please feel free to join us.
It includes a system to monitor electricity
generated by the solar panels versus supply           Playgroup
drawn from the grid. This will be accessible on       The playgroup which meets at school on a
the Interactive White Boards so that the children     Thursday morning from 9.15am onwards will
can be educated about renewable energy.               be starting next Thursday, 9th February.
If you see any funding that you would like the        The group meets in the demountable behind
Grants Committee to apply for please notify the       the hall.
school office and we will be happy to look into it.   All pre-schoolers are very welcome. I know
                                                      Anne, who leads the group, would be delighted
Water Bubblers and Chilled Water Fountain             to see you there.
The P & C had a very busy year in 2011 with
fundraisers that included Mother’s & Father’s         Kiss and Drop Zone
Day Stalls, Canteen, Loose Change Fundraiser,         The bus company has contacted the school to
Phil Davidson Concert and Movie Night to name         request we ensure that the bus bay is clear for
a few. The generous contributions made by             the arrival and departure of buses.
families enabled money raised to be spent on          Apparently, the first bus has been delayed,
“Water Projects” around the school grounds.           arriving late to its ongoing destinations.
                                                      From my observation parents have been terrific
These included:-                                      in their drop off and pick up – particularly in the
  1. The taps in the boys and girls toilets were      afternoon.
upgraded to “Time Flow Taps”. Students simply         Thank you for your support.
press the water tap and then wash their hands.
After a set period the water automatically stops      Parent Helpers
flowing. This should promote hygiene and hand         Each year Mrs O’Brien is supported by a
washing amongst the students.                         wonderful group of parents who work with our
 2. A row of water bubblers has been installed        students in Literacy and Numeracy.
 near the sports storage room. Students playing
 and participating in sport on the back oval now      If you are able to support with listening to
 have ready access to water without needing to        student read, or help with writing or numeracy
 leave the area.                                      it would be appreciated if you could fill out the
 3. Repairs were made to the existing water           following slip and return it to the office.
bubblers near the library. This included
replacing several broken water bubbler outlets.

Friday, 10 February 2012
Mrs O’Brien will hold an information session with    Last Year Ms. Kerr’s 4/5 class was victorious.
parents in Week 4. During this session Mrs           The children had a fantastic time making their
O’Brien will explain programs and demonstrate        snake and took great pride in the fact that they
the types of strategies for supporting learning in   were involved in helping the school.
literacy and numeracy.
                                                     Let’s see which class will come out on top this
Mr Zoglmeyer will be holding an information          year. Will Ms Kerr’s Year 5 class be victorious
session in Week 5 for parents helping in             again? Or will it be a different class who wins
classrooms with literacy.                            the prize?

Mrs O’Brien will organise times and a day or
days with you that you find suitable.

Thank you so much for your support. It means a
great deal to teachers and students.

                                                     Mr A Baldacchino                115-119 Great Western Highway,
I am able to support Mrs O’Brien in listening to     Principal                            Emu Plains NSW       2750
students read.
                                                     PO Box 91 Emu Plains 2750
                                                     Fax:    (02) 4735 6141
I am available to work with students on writing      Phone: (02) 4728 7200
tasks.                                               Email: nepean-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au

I am available to work with students in
                                                          Do you think you can dance,
                                                               perform, create?
                                                     Nepean High School is a selective school for the
________________________________                     creative and performing arts.

My child is in class:                                Talented students with a strong interest in Dance,
                                                     Drama, Instrumental Music, Vocal, Visual Arts,
_______________________                              Digital Media and Photography, are encouraged to
                                                     apply. Local (in area) students wanting to be part
                                                     of our selective Creative and Performing Arts
                                                     Program must also audition or present a portfolio
                                                     of work.
Loose Change Fundraiser
                                                     To be a part of the 2013 Year 7 cohort of creative
Its time for our annual loose change fundraiser.     and performing arts students, or for more
Last year’s fundraiser was extremely successful      information contact the school 47287200 or
and with the money that we raised the P&C was        website
able to purchase the newly installed bubblers        nepean-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au for an
and chilled water coolers.                           application package.

For the next two weeks we are asking you to          All interested families are welcome at Open Night
send in your spare change (anything from 5c          Monday 19th March from 6.00 pm
up) with your children. Each class will have their
own tin to collect their coins in, then all the
                                                        Closing date for applications 28th March 2012
children with their teachers will assemble
outside and make a snake from the coins they
have in their tins. The class with the longest
snake wins.

Friday, 10 February 2012

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