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                             From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms
                                                                                      ....and everything in between
Dear Friends,

   For as long as I can remember, I have worked in a flower shop.
From my cherished childhood learning at my Grandmother’s knee to
my own Shoppes & Tea Room working next to my Dad, I loved every
                                                                               Floral & GARDEN

    Time away from the flowers was spent in the kitchen with My
Mother & Dad and Grandmothers ~ cooking and baking in the
                                                                               Food & BEVERAGE
traditional methods & recipes they brought from their childhood in

   While the traditional floral gift shoppe of my Grandmother’s day            Gifts & ENSEMBLES
has passed… & My Parents & Grandparents no longer share my daily
steps, ..their inspiration, spirit and traditions live! The quality, service
and love continues as well…

   Tony’s Family Recipes offer the Russian, German & Slavic
traditions of his heritage. A wonderful & diverse enhancement!

Floral beauty, handcrafted artisans’ gifts, all-natural personal care
luxe items, & of course, the food! We offer all the very best in fabulous      PERSONAL CARE
presentations and simple traditions for your Family or your gift

    Please allow us the honor to share in your family occasions with           KITCHENWARE & TEXTILES
the perfect accent of nature’s beauty, artisan’s craft, or simply the
fondest memory of family favorite recipes for your home or event. The
beauty & scent of flowers always bring a sense of joy and peace to your
life. Every handcrafted item brings a story along for added interest!          Service
   Every design or gift ensemble is created to your request …
                                  We hope to hear from you today…

 Tel: (954) 428-3042                       Thank you, Lynn & Tony              ORDER
 Fax: (954) 719-2445                                                             SALES@TEAPETALS.COM
Portfolio profiles & services                                                          Teapetals
                                  From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms ...and everything in between
 Floral & Garden ~ Fresh Flowers from $25.00 ~ Permanent design from $125.00
 Food & Beverage ~ Packaged Specialty Food from $4.50 ~ Fresh Food from $3.95
 Gifts & Ensembles ~ Gift, Collectible items from $9.95 ~ Ensembles from $24.95
 Personal Care ~ Soaps, Skincare, Thermal Water from $8.95
    bolle for guests ~ BUBBLES for kids ~ teapetals for face, hands & bath
 Kitchen Wares & Textiles
    TOWELS, APRONS, POTHOLDERS, GRILL/OVEN MITTS                                 Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                                  Fax: (954) 719-2445
 Gift Service ~Registry & Subscription
 KIDS                                                                                LOCAL DELIVERY IN SOUTH FLORIDA
    ENSEMBLES FOR ALL OCCASIONS                                                         SECURELY, COST-EFFICIENTLY
    PIGGY BANKS ~ KIDS IN THE KITCHEN TOOLS ~ HOMEWORK CADDY ORGANIZER                                                                                                                          Tel: (954) 428-3042
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms                   .                                                                      Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                                     ..and everything in between                                     SALES@TEAPETALS.COM


                   Please meet our Dear Friends, Ander & Nuria. We couldn’t resist including this picture that exudes their happiness enhanced by the beauty of the flower market!
                                             Ander & Nuria celebrated their wedding this year. We wish them many years of floral beauty & love!

                     Flowers are a beautiful message … Enhance someone’s day with the beauty of your love & kindness & fresh flowers!
blooms, etc                                                                                            Teapetals
                                                                                                         Tel: 954-428-3042
                                                                                  Email: SALES

   ITEM           DESCRIPTION        SIZE       COLOR       PRICE

FLOWER STEM       RANUNCULUS         21"       ORANGE       $2.45

FLOWER STEM          ROSE            31"        MANGO       $1.80

FLOWER STEM       COCKSCOMB          28"       FUCSHIA      $5.99

FLOWER STEM       HYDRANGEA          27"      BURGUNDY      $5.85

FLOWER STEM      ORIENTAL POPPY      31"       ORANGE       $8.35

FLOWER STEM       PARROT TULIP       30"      YELLOW RED    $4.35
FLOWER STEM        ROSE BUD          28"

FLOWER STEM       RANUNCULUS         21"      ORANGE RED    $5.35        The natural beauty of flowers and botanicals are
PLANT POTTED       CYMBIDIUM                   EGGPLANT     $67.00       gentle reminders of peace and serenity with
                RECTANGULAR SET
                    OF TRAYS
                                                GREEN       $31.75       magnificent power. A perfect gift for every occasion
               RECTANGULAR WOOD
                                    LARGE       GREEN       $13.25       & emotion ~ flowers deliver an unspoken message of
               RECTANGULAR WOOD
                                    MEDIUM      GREEN       $10.75
                                                                         comfort , joy, blessing, kindness or a simple thought!
               RECTANGULAR WOOD                                          Little else has such power!
                                    SMALL       GREEN       $8.95
                                                                         Our permanent blooms and botanicals offer a
               TWIG & BITTERSWEET            ORANGE RED &
                    BERRIES                   BROWN TWIG
                                                            $28.25       realistic image that lasts far longer as an accent for
                                                            $4.99        any room or patio. This is a small sample of the
PLANT STEM         GERANIUM                      RED        $14.45       bevy of beauty available for your exclusive design.
                                                                     Commercial grade-a quality permanent floral and botanical designs
                                                                    Tel: (954) 428-3042
Teapetals                                                            Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                                                                          CANDLE LANTERN
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms    ..and everything in between                                9" x 9" x 16.5"

                                                      TABLETOP         BARREL      ROOF
                                                      TERRARIUM Designed after the
                  $44.00                              English Conservatories, detailed &
                                                      fully functional. 9”L x 5½”W x 8”H
                  SET OF 3
                                                      $56.00                                                          GAR435
                  THIMBLE POTS
                                 fresh floral design                                                         CANDLE LANTERN
                                                                                                           7" diameter x 12" H
                                    sympathy & occasion designs
                   CANDLE LANTERN
                   12¼”sq x 16½”H           Floral & Gift Subscription Service
                                             Your special gift is delivered for memorable
                                            occasions or a monthly token of love. We take care                      GAR440
                                            of your memories….never forget special days                               $54.50
                   GAR262                   again…monthly Service program begins at $10 plus                   LAMPSHADE
                   $115.00                  delivery                                                   ALUMINUM LANTERN
                   CRAFTSMAN LANTERN                            permanent floral design                  7" diameter x 13" H
                   Copper Antique Finish
                   9¾”W x 13”H                                    centerpieces
                                                                  premium grade stems
                  GAR357                                          premium grade foliage
                  $285.00                                                                                          GAR380

                  CURVED TOP                                                                                       $145.00
                  LANTERN                                                                        TABLETOP 4-TORCH LANTERN
                  12"W x 11"D x 24"H                                                                    19"W x 19"D x 18"H

                                                                    Garden & patio accents
                   ANTIQUE COPPER PLATTER
                                                          Tel: (954) 428-3042
              Teapetals                                    Fax: (954) 719-2445
Food – the four letter word that describes the very essence and sustenance of life! Life at teapetals is no different – it’s all
about the food on most days! It has certainly been the mantra of our Family! Our savory and sweet menus are filled
with recipes that have been handed down through the generations of our multi-ethnic Family. While Italian Country
Table Cuisine is our predominant heritage, we also pride the enhancement of our ancestors from Germany, Poland,
Ukraine and the British Isles.

Our recipes result in fabulous taste and begin with the finest quality, all-natural ingredients. Our forte is not the fancy
gastronomic fare and huge, decorative cakes. We pride ourselves to bring you the home cooking that generations have
savored and enjoyed. Simply – Good Food! These Family Traditions have been front-and-center for holidays,
celebrations and Family Gatherings. Food is a definitive contribution to fond memories!

Throughout the course of our own lifetime, we have developed and adopted some of our own Favorites ~ and yours, we
hope! Do you have your own favorite recipe that you would like us to make for you? Please give us the opportunity to
create and share memories with you – fulfill a wish, a craving, or simply enhance your day with something savory, sweet
and delicious.

We will do our very best – you and your guest will be satisfied – we guarantee it!

                                                                  Thank you for your selection to share our Food!!!
teapetals – family recipes                                 Real Food – Real Ingredients
                                                ~ Soups ~ Sunday Gravy ~
                                              ~Cakes ~ Cookies ~ Cupcakes ~
                                                   ~ Candy ~ Desserts
                                    Recreate special times at Your Family Table.
                                    Presentations: Gift, Taster, or Kitchen Stock
                                                Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                 Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                       Real, natural ingredients enhance our
                                    traditional, family recipes that celebrate
                                    our heritage.

                                      Special requests to recreate your
                                    Family’s memory or ethnic tradition are
                        Traditional Recipes                 Guaranteed Fresh to Order
 PLEASE BE CERTAIN TO   Family Recipes                      Moist, Delicious Cakes
   ADVISE US OF ANY     Ethnic Specialty Recipes            Creamy Frostings & Citrus Glazes
      ALLERGIES         Homemade Everything                 Special Requests Welcome
                        Fresh Ingredients
    teapetals – family recipes
                    US OF ANY ALLERGIES
                                                       Homemade – Real Food – Real Ingredients

Homemade Soup                         Cakes                     Size Choices:
                                                                                               Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                                                Fax: (954) 719-2445
 Pasta e Fagioli                  Bob’s Carrot Pecan            $4.99 & up:                  SALES@TEAPETALS.COM
 Chicken Pastene                                                   Soups, Puddings, Gravy:
                                  Pop’s Sour Cream Pound               Pint, Quart, Casserole, Kitchen Stock
 Vegetable                                                      $3.50 & up:
     Veggie, Ham or Beef
                                  Susan’s Glazed Lemon             Cake & Cupcakes:
                                                                        4-in, 6-in, 8-in, 10-in, 9X12-in,
                                  T’s Banana
 Sunday Gravy                                                           Loaf, Mini-Loaf, cupcakes
                                                                $4.99 & up:
   Tomato Sauce                   Anna’s Applesauce Spice          Cheesecake & Pies:
  Meatballs                       Anna’s Sour Cream Ribbon              8-in, 10-in & deep-dish
                                                                $2.50 & up:
  Bracciola                       Cheesecake Cecilia               Cookies:
  Sausage                                                               Taster, Dozen, Box per Lb, Kitchen Stock, Tray
                                  … & Traditional Favorites!       Candy: Taster, ½ Lb., 1 Lb., Kitchen Stock, Tray
Mom’s Favorites                          Red Velvet Layer
  Rice Pudding                                                                                    Cookies
                                         Chocolate Layer
  Ricotta Cheese Pie
                                                                                            Anna’s Biscotti
                                         Vanilla White or Rainbow Layer
                                                                                            Anna’s Pizzelles
T’s Butter-Creams                        Strawberry Shortcake
   Vanilla                               Jewish Apple Cake                                  Anna’s Butternut
   Chocolate                                                                                Pop’s Macaroons
                                         Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
   Peanut Butter                 Homemade Frosting, Creams, Custards                        Ceil’s Rosettes
   Coconut                              your choice to accent your cake                    …& Traditional Favorites!
                           Tel: (954) 428-3042 - Fax: (954) 719-2445
                           E m a i l : t e a p eta l s . c o m @ g m a i l . c o m
                                      s a l e s @ t e a p eta l s . c o m

Specialty foods
 ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
      Proudly American the initiative & talent
        We are proud to support
               American Pride & Craftsmanship.
               ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
  •   We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

Teapetals                                                  Email: sales @
                   Better Batter Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix
                     Nothing tastes better than mouth -watering    Tel: 954-428-3042
                  buttermilk! Inside this amazing tin, you’ll find three   Daddy Cakes® transformed a normal pancake
                   fantabulous 8-oz portioned paks. Just add water         breakfast into a fun adventure for our family and
                    to your mix and smell the sweet smell of butter.       friends - that was just the beginning of what
                         Collectible Tin: $13.50                           became a much larger adventure of seeking out
                                                                           and creating some of the best mixes, batters and
                    PAUL FRANK's DADDY CAKES Boomerang                     products that we could share "Daddy Cakes™“ by
                                   Banana Pancake Mix                      adding some excitement to American tradition...The
                  The story of the book , Wild West Bonanza, relates       pancake breakfast! After all, the pancake breakfast
                  Julius’ love of banana pancakes. Now, the story has      is more than just a warm meal, pancake breakfasts
                   become a reality. Paul Frank Industries partnered       bring people together.
                  with Daddy Cakes and Julius will be introducing his
                            favorite flavor- Boomerang Banana!
                                Collectible Tin: $14.50

       There are few meals that as children we remember our Dads actually cooking,
       and, doing exceptionally well at! Dads have long been the conquistadors of "The
       Best Pancake Breakfasts!" So, now all families, friends, and community events                  Blueberry Bonanza Blast
       can have fun for breakfast by using Daddy Cakes® mixes that introduce great                    Pancake Mix - Waffle Mix
       ingredients like real fruits and creative fun.                                                   Wild Maine Blueberry
       Many mixes are "JAWs" (Just Add Water) and they are also portion packed - tear                  Collectible Tin: $13.50
       open a pack, add a little water and presto you are ready to be on the Food
       Channel! The line of Daddy Cakes® mixes are great base components that are
       the foundation to a wide breadth of recipes for other delicious baked goods               Syrups Also Available:
       including cakes, cupcakes, breads, cobblers and so much more. So from our                 Maple, Wild Blueberry,
       family's kitchens to yours we hope to share the wonderful flavors and easy fun of
                                                                                                  Apple Butter: $6.95
       Daddy Cakes line of products.

      Handmade in the USA
Proudly American
               ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
   •   We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

 Teapetals                                                      Email: sales @
                                                                  Tel: 954-428-3042
A delightful confection made from Almonds & Popcorn smothered in smooth
creamy chocolate. It's absolutely delicious! Top Corn® is a first place National
Gourmet Food Show Winner! This one-of-a-kind specialty is the perfect gift, the
perfect snack and the perfect addiction and indulgence for the most discriminating
of tastes!

                                   TOP CORN
       2-Ounce and 8-OunceTop Corn Gold Pouch
       For those who just want a little snack, our 2 ounce gold pouch
       For the true chocolate lovers, try our 8-ounce gold pouch!       2-oz Price: $ 5.75
                                                                        8-oz Price: $10.95

                                                                         Made in the USA

Proudly American
                       ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
    •      We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

 Teapetals                             Email: SALES @
                  Welcome to the LowCountry! Tel: 954-428-3042
                               Handmade in the USA
                      Proudly American
              ITEM                   SIZE           PKG              UNIT
   SWEET COUNTRY PICKLES             16-OZ         GLASS             $9.00
         BLACK BEAN DIP              16-OZ         GLASS             $8.00
   STRAWBERRY PRESERVES               9-OZ         GLASS             $7.00
        PEACH PRESERVES               9-OZ         GLASS             $7.00                     Artisanal Foods ~ Southern Style!
         FIG PRESERVES                9-OZ         GLASS             $7.00
   BLACKBERRY PRESERVES               9-OZ         GLASS             $7.00
   GINGER PEAR PRESERVES              9-OZ         GLASS             $7.00
        ARTICHOKE RELISH             16-OZ         GLASS             $9.00
          CORN RELISH                16-OZ         GLASS             $8.00
  RED TOMATO CHOW CHOW               16-OZ         GLASS             $8.00
    LOW COUNTRY GUMBO                32-OZ         GLASS            $11.00
SWEET COUNTRY PICKLES                                                          Sweet and crunchy with just the right amount of garlic.

      BLACK BEAN DIP          Jalapeno & garlic add flavor. Include in layered dips; spread on a tortilla; or, top with scrambled eggs, cheese + salsa to make an easy breakfast burrito
STRAWBERRY PRESERVES                               Made with strawberries picked at the height of season - in the months of April, May & June, LC makes tons!
   PEACH PRESERVES              South Carolina harvests about 200 million LBs of peaches a year. Excellent on toast or biscuits, but especially delicious as a topping for ice cream!
      FIG PRESERVES                               These preserves are made just the way they have been made for generations - slow-cooked and hand-packed.
BLACKBERRY PRESERVES                          Full of whole blackberries and not too sweet & picked in the height of season ensuring they are fresh and sweet. Enjoy!
GINGER PEAR PRESERVES Ginger & Pears ~ a delicious combination ~ elegant and versatile. Breakfast toast; bagel schmear with cream cheese; hors d'oeuvre poured over brie!
  LOW COUNTRY GUMBO               THE MOST popular product. Add chicken, shrimp or pork ! Pour over cooked rice and you've got dinner. Vegetarians, add some grilled tofu.

    ARTICHOKE RELISH               Made with Jerusalem Artichokes! Great as the 'secret ingredient' in your favorite chicken or tuna salad recipe or simply served on a hot dog!
        CORN RELISH              Substitute for your everyday salsa. Add a dollop to fresh beans or peas. Terrific condiment with pork tenderloin or fish, burger or grilled chicken.

RED TOMATO CHOW CHOW Smoky, spicy relish! Best thing on a hamburger & change your turkey sandwich forever! Mix it in pimento cheese recipe or as a topping on a grilled fish
                   ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
   •    We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

  Teapetals                                                                                  Email: sales @
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms                    ...and everything in between Tel: 954-428-3042
              Mexico Cocoa
                                                                                                         Dessert Cocoas:
                 Bring the tradition of
                                                                                             Tiramisu – Cheesecake - Crème Brulee
                 Mexico right into your
                 own cocoa mug!
                                                                                                Set of Three: $12.50 ~ Each $4.25
                 Mexican spiced hot                                                     Smooth, delicious Dessert Cocoa!
                                                                                        Each flavor comes in a 2.5 oz tin with 2 servings.
                 chocolate was created
                 using an old authentic                                                 Directions: Place 2 heaping Tbsp. in to mug, add 6oz. hot (not boiling)
                                                                                        water. Stir and enjoy. Adjust recipe to taste. For extra creamy cocoa use
                 recipe so add water                                                    milk instead of water.
                                                                                        Ingredient: Sugar, nonfat dry milk, whey (milk),cocoa powder(Dutch
                 for a delicious cup                                                    Process), canola oil, corn syrup solids, natural & artificial flavors, guar
                                                                                        gum, salt.
                 everyday! $10.50                                                       Allergy Statement: May contain traces of peanuts and/or other allergens
                                                                                        not listed in the ingredients.
                Directions: Place 2-3 Tbsp. mix into mug, add 6 oz. hot (not boiling)
                water, stir and enjoy. Adjust recipe to taste. For extra creamy use

                milk instead of water.
                Ingredients: Sugar, Dutch Cocoa Powder, Whey (Milk), Nonfat Dry
                Milk, Canola Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Cinnamon, Natural and Artificial
                Flavors, Nutmeg, Cloves, Allspice, Guar Gum, Salt.

                                                                                           Always in Good Taste
                                            McSteven's, Inc. was established in 1980 selling bulk teas and spices. The business
                                            has evolved over the last 30 years to the production of cocoas and drink mixes in
                                            innovative packaging and flavor mixes. All McSteven’s Products are made in the
                                            USA. Thirst-quenching beverages or fireside hot drinks are quickly prepared with
                                            excellent flavor

Proudly American
                                                                                                Tel: (954) 428-3042
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms
                                                                                                Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                                      a nd everything in b etween

                          ¼ LB Assorted Truffles
                                  5 pieces                                                                            SNOWFLAKE
                         Gift Box & copper ribbon .                                                                    PRETZELS
                                   $10.99                                                                         16-OZ White Chocolate
                                                                                                                 Covered Snowflake Pretzel
                                                                                                                 Gift Box tied with a sheer
                                                                                                                   holiday bow . $16.50

                                            A Southern-based manufacturer of delicious
 CHOCOLATES                                 gourmet quality confections. All products are
  ¼ LB Assorted                             manufactured from scratch the old-fashioned                     PRETZEL RODS
    Chocolates                              way, utilizing the finest ingredients available   • Dipped in White Chocolate & Oreos
                                            combined with a lot of TLC!                       • Dipped in White Chocolate & Peppermint
     5 pieces
                                                                                              • Pretzel Rods Dipped in Milk Chocolate &
     Gift Box
                                                                                              Mini Chocolate Chips
 & copper ribbon .                            PEANUT BUTTER CUPS                               Packed 10 pieces individually wrapped inside a
      $10.99                                 Creamy Milk Chocolate & Peanut                       Gift Box, tied with a sheer holiday bow .
                                              Butter Large Cup Individually                                        $16.50
                                             wrapped in Acetate Gift Box, tied
                                                 with a sheer bow . $4.50
                                                     TO DIE FOR!!!
             HANDCRAFTED in the USA

                                                                                                        Proudly american
                                                                                                                                                Tel: (954) 428-3042
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms
                                                                                                                                                Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                                                 and everything in between
                                                                                  The aroma of these all-natural wafers will
                                                                                            whet any appetite!
                                                          Add Elegance to Champagne, Wines and Liqueurs
                                                          Create Fabulous Desserts and Tortes
                                                          Garnish Fruit and Cheese trays
                                                                                                                                      1 oz package: 1 serving
                             Vanilla Almond is the original flavor                                                                    (7 wedges) - 60 Calories
                             created to enhance – not compete –                                                                                $2.50
                             with your desserts & toppings; accent              The Cinnamon Oblaten is a
                             your favorite coffee or tea; or simply             natural choice with apple pie,
   Award-winning design!                                                                                                          A subtle variation on a theme... Our classic
                             enjoy alone!                                       apple cider or hot cocoa,
                                                                                                                               dessert wafer, with a twist (of lemon). A
                                                                                Cinnamon Oblaten adds aromatic
                                                Caramel                                                                        refreshing confection of natural lemon
                                                                                touch to all your holiday events!
 Lemon is a subtle variation on the             Blends the rich, creamy taste                                                  essence, unsalted butter, and powdered sugar
 classic wafer with a twist (of lemon).         of Caramel with Vanilla                                                        fills the same delicate wafers. Each round is
 A refreshing confection of natural             Almond       natural  flavor.                                                  imprinted with our distinctive design. So
 lemon essence, unsalted butter, and            Fabulous alone or       your                                                   delicate, yet so delicious, by itself or as the
 powdered sugar fills the same delicate         favorite beverage                                                              perfect accompaniment to fruited yogurts,
 wafers                                                                                                                        sorbets, gelatos. It's a crisp and tangy accent
                                 Chocolate - Created exclusively                                                               to espresso or tea.
                                 for chocolate lovers! An amazing
                                 product which blends the
                                 richness of chocolate + the
                                 subtlety of Vanilla Almond
  Serve at Special Occasions
                                 creating an elegant dessert wafer
                                 for all occasions.                                                                   THE ORIGINAL
 Proudly american                                                                                                   CARLSBAD OBLATEN
                                                                                                                                Classic Dessert Wafers
                   ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
  •     We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

Teapetals                                                                        Email:
                                                                               Tel: (954) 428-3042 - Fax: (954) 719-2445

                                                     All-Natural Ingredients

                     $8 .99                                                                            $8 .9 9
 The perfect combination of sweet and salty.             C HO COLATE             The perfect combination of sweet and salty. Mini
 Mini pretzels covered in pure milk chocolate                                      pretzels covered in creamy white chocolate
            Gift C e llo 14 -oz Ba g                      COMPANY                             Gift C e llo 14 -oz Ba g

         In 1991, Mark founded SBCC and now has 10 company-owned stores in northern Indiana and
      10 franchised locations throughout Indiana and Michigan. The company began making
      chocolates under a license from
                                    UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME.
                                                  Domer, Rockne and Nuts for ND
      SBCC now makes licensed chocolates for

            Proudly American
         Garlic Parmesan Dipping Sauce, is fragrant
         garlic, extra virgin olive oil and fresh
         Parmesan cheese blended smoothly with real
         lemon juice to create this Caesar style classic.
         This delicious condiment from Wine Country           WINE COUNTRY
         Kitchens can be used as a dressing, marinade,          KITCHEN
         grilling sauce and as an instant dipping sauce.       Grilling & Dipping Sauces
         This dipping sauce comes in a elegant French
         glass bottle that will compliment any kitchen.
         Net wt. 11.8 fl. oz. (350 ml)      Price $15.95

                                              This Roasted Tomato and Balsamic Dipping
                                              Sauce produced by Wine Country Kitchens is a
                                              combination of robust tomatoes, garlic and
                                              spices, blended with barrel aged Italian
                                              balsamic vinegar which create a full and rich
                                              flavor reminiscent of a Tuscan farmhouse

Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                              meal. Use as a wonderful condiment to flavor
                                              any great dish. You can toss with fresh pasta.
                                              drizzle over freshly steamed vegetables, or
Fax: (954) 719-2445                           use     as       an      exotic   mayonnaise.
Email: SALES @ teapetals.cOM                  Net wt. 11.8 fl. oz. (350 ml)   Price $15.95
                                                                            T e l : 9 5 4 -4 2 8 -30 4 2
                                                                  s a l e s @ t e a pe t al s .c om

Herbes Special -                              Aux Anysetiers du Roy
   Fish Herbs
 [Salt & Herbs]
   1-oz Ceramic                                                           Dark
        Jar                                                             Chocolate
      $13.80                                                                 &
                                                                         Fleur de
                                       White                                Sel
                                     Chocolate                           Fondue
                  Shallot Confit                                          7-oz Ceramic Jar
                   7.4-oz Glass                                                 $23.00
                      $12.25             L'Epicurien
                        With its homemade style of production,
                        l'epicurien has carried out a cooking
                        process that makes all its preparations
                        slowly simmer in cauldrons. The deep and
                        rich colors of fruits or vegetables, together
                        with their delicate flavors, are deliciously

                    Confit of Figs &
                   Balsamic Vinegar
                  8.6oz Glass- $12.25                         Specialty food
                     ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
    •     We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

Teapetals                                                                                         Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                                                   Fax: (954) 719-2445
    Organic Dog Treats
 Ollie B. Biscuits are 100% gluten free with no wheat, corn, or soy. Never added salt or sugar.
             These all-natural dog treats have zero additives, preservatives or fillers.
  Ollie B. Biscuits are high in protein and have almost half the crude fat of most other treats. The original recipe is completely meat-free
and meat by-product-free. Artisanal treats made from a special recipe, proudly hand-baked in small batches in Savannah, Georgia with all
organic (human-grade) ingredients. These premium dog treats come in a unique artisan shape, and tastefully packaged in attractive tins.

                                                             The Ollie B. Biscuits™ Mission:
                                                   To Make More Dog Tails Wag More Often

2.5-OZ bag of biscuits
                                                                    4-OZ tin of biscuits

                  H u m a n -G rade Org a n i c I n g re di en ts
                                                                                                        8-OZ tin of biscuits
                                       H o n ey                                                               $12.50
                                G i n g e r P o w de r
                        U n s w e etened Ap p l e s a uc e

                                 B re w ers Y e a s t
                                     M o l a s ses
                                                                                               Ollie B Biscuits
                                     Oa t B ra n
                                                                                                   BARKING BARKERY
   American                         S a l m o n Oi l
                                 Org a n i c E g g s
                               B ro w n R i c e Fl o u r
Art of Tea is a premier purveyor of organic and specialty teas. Their custom teas are handcrafted, artisan blends using 5,000-year-old traditions from the
world’s finest organic teas and botanicals, carefully selected directly from growers. Each tea has a beautiful display and a unique story. Some actually bloom,
while others simply expand as they are infused. Steve Schwartz, Master Tea Blender, creates award winning teas from top tier organic teas and select
botanicals. Art of Tea combines aesthetics with passion, flavor, high quality control and respect for the tea & its growers. "One batch at a time our teas are
hand crafted with care using only the most precious botanicals."-Steve Schwartz, CEO
                  Coconut Cacao Puerh-Pure Bliss! This                          Rosehips and Hibiscus Blend (Caffeine     Tropical Pineapple Iced Tea-Fresh Green Tea hand
                  unique blend of organic loose leaf Pu-                        Free)-Organic Rosehips shells and         crafted with pineapple, papaya and tropical flowers.
                  erh with cocoa nibs and coconut                               organic red hibiscus petals blended       Our custom blend is delicate, sweet and refreshing.
                  provides a smooth, round, robust, yet                         together... beautiful and refreshing!     Each pot brews a cup reminiscent of a tropical
                  sweet flavor with a mild hazelnut finish.                     This is an essential blend that can be    paradise.
                  Steep multiple times to experience a                          added to any tea or fusion as a base      Velvet Tea-Sweet enticing chocolate swimming in a
                  different flavor profile with each brew.                      ingredient.                               deep velvety base of organic Rooibos and refreshing
                  ORGANIC. Organic Loose Leaf Pu-erh                            White Coconut Crème-Spring select         mint leaves. The finish is smooth, with a touch of
                  Tea, Organic Cocoa Nibs, Organic                              white tea hand blended with coconut,      vanilla. Organic Fair Trade Rooibos, Organic Mint,
                  Coconut Pieces, Natural Flavors                               safflowers, and cornflowers. Delivers a   Organic Apple, Organic Cacao Nibs, Chocolate, Natural
                  Banana Dulce (Caffeine Free)-A                                sweet creamy texture with a light body,   Flavors
                  scrumptious herbal blend with savory                          and a good balance of coconut.            Healer's Tea-Based on an herbal combination from the
                  notes of ripe banana, sweet coconut,                                                                    Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) this combination was
                                                                                Beach Flower-Fresh green tea delicately   used in circles of the elite as a choice health tonic and
                  graham cracker flavor and a deep
                                                                                hand-crafted with essences of lychee      elixir for abundant radiance. Many call this effect the
                  caramel finish. It brews a bright cup rich
                                                                                and cantaloupe into perfect spheres.      "Glow". At the Art of Tea we uncover this discovery for
                  in benefits as a soothing treat. Organic
                                                                                Indulge in the delectable aroma and       your advantage to this timeless work of prized
                  fair trade rooibos, organic fair trade
                                                                                flavor as this artisan tea unfolds to     botanicals known within the Chinese tradition. -
                  chamomile,       organic      lemongrass,
                                                                                reveal an exotic flower. Silver Tipped    Ganoderma lucidum, Red Ginseng pieces, dried fruit,
                  organic coconut, organic lavender,
                                                                                Green Tea Leaves, Pink Amaranth           haw, licorice, Chinese Wolfberry fruit, select green tea,
                  banana, Natural Flavors
                                                                                Flower and Jasmine Flowers, Natural       rock crystal sugar, flowers, xulian flower, jujube, honey
                  Italian Blood Orange (Caffeine Free)-                         Flavors                                   suckle, and plum blossom. Simply open one pouch and
                  Fair Trade Organic Rooibos combined                           Chocolate Monkey-Chocolate, banana,       place into boiling water within your favorite cup or pot
                  with hibiscus, orange peel, safflower,                        Rooibos and pink peppercorn blended
                  and natural citrus essence. This caffeine                     together with apple bits to create an     Blueberry Cheesecake (Caffeine Free)-Artfully hand
                  free blend brews a light pink hue with a                      incredible dessert tea. Great hot or      crafted organic and fair traded South African rooibos,
                  clean mouth feel.                                             iced. Organic Fair Trade Rooibos,         honeybush, and antioxidant rich blueberries infused
                  Cinnamon Fig-Full bodied organic black                        Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Apple Bits,   with a natural creamy rich flavor. Organic fair trade
                  tea base with freshly ground cinnamon                         Organic Banana Chips, Pink Peppercorn,    rooibos, organic honeybush, organic blueberries,
                  bits and fall-ripened fig. Delivers a rich,                   Chocolate, Natural Flavors                organic cornflowers, marigolds, natural flavors.
                  maple-covered apple-type taste with a                                                                   White Peony-Only harvested for a few weeks each
                  warming cinnamon fragrance. Organic                                                                     year. This prized tea is hand-picked bringing only two
                  Black Tea, Organic Cinnamon Bits,             We carry bulk teas from this portfolio. Please offer us   leaves and a bud form under strict standards passed
                  Natural Flavor                                your request. Your tea will be packaged in a sealed       down from the Ming Dynasty Our organic white peony
   Please visit our catalog soaps page – you will               package with steeping instructions.                       has many buds and is fresher and sweeter than most
   note that some of our soaps contain these teas.              Email us at: or call 954-428-3042     white teas
   We will be happy to offer you the details!

                                                               We are pleased to offer you the fine quality of Ashby Tea in these varieties:

                                                                      Afternoon Tea           Each tea bag is vacuum-sealed in an
                                                                      Apricot Tea             individual, colorful pouch. This is the
                                                                      Apricot Decaf Tea       perfect touch to include with a Gift
                                                                      Assam Tea               Ensemble or Fresh-Baked Treat.
                                                                      Chamomile Tea           Please ask about our portfolio of
                                                                      Ceylon Tea              teapots, mugs, cups, tea breads, tea
                                                                      Cinnamon Tea            cookies and scones.
                                                                      Cinnamon Plum Tea                     Individual Pouch is $0.50
                                                                      Darjeeling Tea
                                                                      Earl Grey Tea
                                                                      English Breakfast Tea
                                                                      English Breakfast Decaf
                                                                      Japanese Green               Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                      Lemon Tea                     Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                                      Peppermint Tea          SALES@TEAPETALS.COM
                                                                      Raspberry Tea

                             Exquisite English Quality ~ Sublime Flavors ~ Beautiful Blends
 James Ashby, a traditional Family Man, established Ashby’s Tea in London in 1850. Importing and packaging only
 the highest quality teas from the most prestigious tea plantations around the world, Ashby Tea has become a standard
 among English Teas. The teas offer quality, freshness and packaging that reflects the heritage and reputation that the English
 have come to expect of a great tea.
                                              tel: 954-428-3042
teapetals                                     SALES@TEAPETALS.COM
              American Classic Charleston Breakfast® Tea made
              from 100% tea grown at America's only tea
              garden. Charleston Breakfast can be enjoyed                                 American Classic Island Green® is
              whenever you are looking for a rich flavorful cup of                        carefully crafted to be America's
              tea                                                                         unique and refreshing version of a
                                                                                          classic, centuries-old beverage.
   Loose Tea Tins contain 1.6 oz. of premium tea $10.50
                                                                                   American Classic     Plantation Peach – A very
CHARLESTON TEA PLANTATION does NOT use any pesticides (herbicides,                 special taste for    our tea by blending the
fungicides and insecticides)! A custom designed irrigation system enables          invigorating taste   of southern peaches with
total dependency on rain and pond water to hydrate our young tea                   Charleston Tea        Plantation's finest tea
plants. Waste (stems and fibers) from made tea is used as mulch in the tea         leaves..
fields This mulch helps the soil to retain water & inhibits weed growth, keeps
the soil temperatures from becoming too hot or too cold and even protects
sloping ground from soil erosion. This type of organic mulch breaks down
overtime, providing an environment that encourages the growth of
earthworms and other beneficial insects.

 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED PYRAMID The Charleston Tea Plantation is located on historic Wadmalaw Island in the heart of the
   BAGS Net Wt. 84 oz. (24g). $7.35 Lowcountry of South Carolina. The history of the Island dates back to 1666. Captain Robert
                                       Sanford and the crew of the Berkeley Bay landed on the shores Rockville, South
                                       Carolina. He and his crew claimed the land for England and the Lords Proprietors. Today,
                                       Wadmalaw is considered to be one of Charleston's most unspoiled islands. 10 miles long
                                       and 6 miles wide, the Island's only connection to the mainland is a bridge that crosses
                                       over Church Creek.
                                       With its sandy soils, sub-tropical climate and average rainfall of 52 inches per year,
American Classic Tea, a 100% tea
                                       Wadmalaw process idyllic conditions for the Camellia Sinesis plant. This plant is currently
from    America's       ONLY   tea
                                       used to produce both black and green teas in over 320 varieties.
garden. The fresh smooth flavor of
                                       The Plantation is like taking a step back in time. Wadmalaw Island has not and cannot be
American Classic Tea has made it
                                       commercially developed, therefore, much of the land remains untouched – the home to
a Southern favorite for many years.
                                       Angel Oak, a Live Oak tree that is believed to be over 1,500 years old.
Teapetals.comFrom the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms                            ...and everything in between
                                                                                                                                Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                                                                                 Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                                              The History of Tea
                                                                    According to Chinese mythology, in 2737
Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea from Tea                               BC the Chinese Emperor was sitting                                                 Tea Varietals
                Leaves                                             beneath a tree while his servant boiled                       On a general level, tea leaves can be classified as Green
Tea brewing is an art that is simple to perform but                drinking water. A leaf from the tree                       Oolong or Black. The tea color is a result of the chemica
which also requires some care to do well. While                    dropped into the water and he decided to                   changes that occur to the leaves when they are given time t
essentially tea is brewed by adding boiling water to               try the brew. The tree was a wild tea tree.                oxidize, before drying, during the manufacturing process. Te
the dry leaf, the quantity of leaves, the temperature               Conversely East Indian & Japanese                         leaves that have been given full time to ferment become blac
of the water and timing is of vital concern. The                   legends attribute the discovery of tea to a                tea. Oolong leaves are those that have been given a shorte
following is a guide for brewing tea leaves.
                                                                   priest who founded Zen Buddhism. The                       time to oxidize or semi-ferment. Tea leaves which have been
1) Warm empty tea pot by filling it with hot water.
This will prevent the hot water from cooling too
                                                                   Indian legend tells he began to feel                       dried without being given time for oxidation or fermentatio
quickly         when          it       is       added.             drowsy in the 5th year of a 7-year                         remain green in color.
2) Boil Filtered Water. For Black teas, use the water              sleepless meditation. He plucked a wide
when it comes to a boil. For Green teas, the water                 tea tree’s leaves, chewed them & re-
should be heated to a lower temperature (usually                   energized. By 900AD, tea was China's                                              Benefits of Tea
approximately 176°F).                                              national drink. Tea cultivation thruout
3) Empty hot water from teapot. Add one rounded
                                                                                                                                  Soothing, Delicious & Healthy. The American Health
                                                                   China and Japan is accredited to the                        Foundation recommends we consume 5 - 6 cups daily
teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup (5.5 oz) of water              movement       of     Buddhist      priests.
(or one heaping teaspoon per mug).                                                                                             because Tea:
                                                                    The modern term "tea" derives from                         • contains 1/3 less caffeine than coffee or cola
4) Add the freshly boiled water over the leaves in
                                                                   early Chinese dialect words. Known as                       • helps reduce fatigue
5) Brew tea. Brewing time varies depending on the                  Camellia Sinensis to Western botanists,                     • maintains mental alertness
leaves being used and individual taste. Careful timing             Tea is an evergreen plant of the Camellia                   • stabilizes fluid levels
is essential. General rule: the smaller the leaf, the              family.         Tea Storage                                 • is fat free and calorie free
less brewing time. Darjeeling teas need 3-4 minutes
                                                            Tea easily absorbs moisture and odors and so it is essential       Did you know?
to brew. Whole-leaf teas need 4-5 mins. All teas will
become bitter if brewed for longer than 5 or 6
                                                         that it is kept in a cool dry place away from any strong smelling     • The antioxidants in a single cup of tea equal those in one
minutes. It is a common mistake to brew tea until it     items. It must be stored in an airtight container not exposed to      serving of vegetables
looks right. The color of tea is a poor indicator of     light and used within a reasonable time. Because light breaks         • Tea is a rare source of natural fluoride which inhibits
                         taste.                          down the quality of tea, glass containers are not suitable for the    growth of the oral bacteria and enzymes responsible for
6) Serve and Enjoy!                                      storage of tea unless stored away from light. Tea is fresher          dental plaque
                                                         packed in vacuum sealed foil pouches and tins.                        • Vitamins and minerals found in tea include:
                                                                                                                                          • Vitamins B1, B2, B6,
      We carry a variety of Tea Brands that showcase varietals and blends from around the                                                 • Folic Acid, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium
  world, including which is harvested from the only tea plantation in the USA! We hope
  you will try each varietal and enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.
      Our tea portfolio will grow as we do to bring you the finest quality and unique blends…

                                            Please tell us your favorite!                                                                   All about tea
                                                                                                              Coconut Pouchong Oolong Tea – This South Pacific
Jasmine Tea - Freshly picked green leaves are layered with aromatic                                           delicacy is composed of long, green leaves of rare
jasmine petals, which impart their piquant aroma. When the Tea                                                elegance that produce a serene, light tea. The subtle
Master determines the precise moment of flavor perfection, the leaves                                         nectar of young coconut instills a tropical sweetness in
are fully fired and dried to preserve complexity                                                              this exquisite bouquet.
                                                                                                              Sugar Caramel Oolong – Premium quality green oolong
Sencha is the most famous of Japanese Green Teas for a reason. It is made from tea leaves shielded
                                                                                                              leaves infused with sweet essences of rich caramel and
from the sun for at least two weeks before they are harvested. This increases the level of caffeine,
                                                                                                              burnt sugar. Complex balance of subtle lingering floral
while magically limiting the development of bitter catechin, offering it a sweet flavor. Sencha is a
                                                                                                              notes and a deep sweetness.
Japanese green tea with the delightful aroma of a fresh country meadow after the spring rains. Grown
in the shadow of Mount Fuji, this smooth green tea is traditionally served to guests in Japanese homes.       White Persian Melon Tea – Rare whole leaf White Tea
Not only is it beautiful in color and beneficial to the body, but also healthy and delicious.                 enlivened with the nectar of succulent melon. This
                                                                                                              luxurious delicacy is light, refreshing and exotic.
Ceylon teas thrive in fertile soils and warm conditions. So when they are grown in the middle of a Sri
Lankan rain forest, something spectacular happens. The Sinharaja tea that grows here is exceptionally         White Ginger Tea – Hand-plucked White Tea leaves
mild and compared to an average Ceylon, is much richer. For Sinharaja GOLDEN MOON uses rich, dark             and exquisite Yin Zhen buds with freshly dried ginger
tea leaves that are nourished by fertile rainforest streams in the hills of Ceylon. It has a toasty,          root producing a sweet and enlivening cup. Ginger,
molasses-like character with ripe berry notes and a caramelized finish. Serve with a touch of raw sugar       treasured by traditional herbalists for its strengthening
and cream for a taste that is smooth, full-bodied and warming.                                                and digestive properties, lends a spicy and aromatic
                                                                                                              note to the clear infusion.
Snow Sprout is also known as “Silver Needle Tea.” It is classified as a yellow tea, whose leaves are
                                                                                                              Honey Pear Tea – Top-quality black tea with sweet ripe
allowed to sit damp in the initial phase of drying. The leaves are more yellow and smell different than
                                                                                                              fruit and rich, smooth honey. Reminiscent of a
other teas. As the most gentle among white tea, Snow Sprout delivers tender young buds that give a
                                                                                                              succulent Mid-Eastern dessert treat, this loose leaf tea
light infusion of serene clarity. Delicate herbal notes are followed by a lingering sweetness.
                                                                                                              delivers a full-bodied, amber liquor and a sweet, rich
The rarest of all tea, White Tea takes on a subtle, yet complex flavor with the addition of a                 flavor that is delicious hot or iced.
chrysanthemum flower. Golden Moon Tea was the first nationwide importer of White Tea & brings
                                                                                                              Rose Tea – Intoxicating and rich, a beautiful black
the finest flavor and quality to our diverse line of White Tea. White tea is popular and thus varies in
                                                                                                              loose leaf tea sprinkled with rose petals. It delivers an
quality. GOLDEN MOON processing requires that leaves only be picked between March 15 and April
                                                                                                              exotic floral aroma and a light taste that is divine hot
10. It is never picked on rainy days, if dew has not dried or if there is frost on the ground. No purple
                                                                                                              or iced.
buds are allowed and the stems must not be too long or too short. Partially open leaves or leaves
damaged by wind, handling or insects are rejected and placed into a lower grade. Our special White
Tea is produced using the two leaves and a bud portion and is then withered to produce leaves that
are not black or red but green in color.                                                                   ALL GOLDEN MOON TEAS ARE AVAILABLE IN
                                                                                                           LOOSE LEAF. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO PACKAGE
                             Known for centuries as one of the ten great Chinese                           YOUR SELECTION IN REQUESTED QUANTITIES.
                             Teas, our Orchid Temple Oolong from Fujian Province
                             is referred to as Ti Kwan Yin – or “Iron Goddess of                                Exquisite Loose Tea is the perfect complement to
                             Mercy.” A millennium old legend tells of a good farmer                             your gift ensemble, sweet treat or simply to enjoy in a
                             who swept a withering temple each month for years                                  relaxing moment recreating a spa atmosphere.
                             until his charity was returned in the form of a single
                             Oolong tea shoot. Our Oolong links its lineage to that
                             Goddess-sent shoot. Drinking a cup of this green tea-
                             like Oolong will do nothing to make you doubt the
                                                                              Tel: (954) 428-3042
                             claim. Orchid Temple produces a fragrant, pale green
                             infusion with an exquisite floral note that lingers on
                                                                               Fax: (954) 719-2445
                             your palate. This tea is complex and invigorating, yet
                             smooth and refined.

                               Like fine wines, teas have vintages.      SALES@TEAPETALS.COM
To ensure the best tea, Golden Moon Tea reviews each tea seasonally for taste, aroma & freshness.
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms                ...and everything in between
                                                                                                        Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                                                         Fax: (954) 719-2445

                                                                                             CARIBE          CHAMOMILE        EARL GREY
Chamomile Tea Tin        Earl Grey Supreme Tea Tin       Paris Tea Tin
  20 Silk Sachets              20 Silk Sachets          20 Silk Sachets
       $8.99                        $8.99                    $8.99

                                                                                      ORGANIC PASSION PLUM   PARIS BLACK   PEACHES & GINGER

                        French Verveine                        Peaches & Ginger
                                             4-OZ Loose Tea
                      4-OZ Loose Tea Tin                       4-OZ Loose Tea
  Organic Passion Plum                          Tin $9.99
                             $9.29                                Tin $9.59
4-OZ Loose Tea Tin $8.99

                                                                                       VERVIENNE LEMON        ROOIBOS      WEDDING WHITE

   Canton Tea Tagalong
                                        Caribe                 Wedding Tea Tagalong
    5 Silk Sachet Tin
                                  4-OZ Loose Tea Tin              5 Silk Sachets
                                        $9.49                          $4.65
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms                      ...and everything in between
                                                                                                                     Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                                                                      Fax: (954) 719-2445
Canton Tea ~ Green Tea infused with Orange Extract

Caribe Tea ~ Black & Green Teas are blended with hibiscus, guava, coconut and
strawberry. It is then accented with marigolds and cornflowers
Chamomile Tea ~ Egypt provides the finest chamomile flowers of which Harney uses only
flower heads. This produces a tisane with definite body - not thin and watery. No caffeine!
Herbal Caffeine FREE
Earl Grey Supreme Tea ~ For the Connoisseur, we offer Earl Grey Supreme - a higher grade                CARIBE          CHAMOMILE        EARL GREY
of tea along with the addition of Silver Tips. A special blend of black teas and lemony
bergamot oil. Four teas are blended, then the silvertips and bergamot are carefully added.
Most of our customers have never gone back to regular Earl Grey once they have tasted
Supreme. If you love Bergamot and Fine Teas, this is the blend for you! Black Tea of
Supreme Grade
French Verveine Lemon Tea ~ The very best imported Verveine. This Lemon Verbena tea
is an unusually full-bodied herbal yellow beverage with a wonderful aroma produced from
big green leaves. Herbal Caffeine FREE

Organic Passion Plum Tea ~ Hibiscus base tea with the essence of spiced plums. Long on                                  PARIS BLACK   PEACHES & GINGER
                                                                                                     ORGANIC PASSION
taste with no caffeine, this herbal brew delivers delicious taste with the added benefits of
Siberian Ginseng - Juicy and Jitter-Free!

Paris Tea ~ A homage to Paris, this blend is reminiscent of one of the most popular
blends in Paris. It is a blend of fruity black teas and vanilla with a hint of lemony

Peaches & Ginger Tea ~ This blend combines the flavors of fresh peaches and ginger. It
contains pieces of real peaches and ginger!

Rooibos Tea ~ Low in Tannin, Rooibos contains natural sweeteners and is rich in
                                                                                                     VERVIENNE LEMON     ROOIBOS      WEDDING WHITE
essential minerals. Fast becoming a favorite of USA Tea aficionados! Herbal Caffeine

Wedding Tea ~ A Tea for Marriage! This elegant White tea is a special blend created for that
special event. Mutan White Tea, with a touch of lemon-vanilla to taste, pink rosebuds and
petals. Tea sachets in tidy tagalong vintage tins. This is a special wedding favor or perhaps as a
nod to the wedding party. The Tagalongs can be personalized with the couple's names.

  Call: 954-428-3042
                                                                                       Proudly American
                                                                      Scented sachets                        $2.00
                  ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
    We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

                                                               Lime & Coconut                 Spa Day

                       Passion Flower

Holiday Welcome


                                                  Pear Spice


                     Suds & Soap        Tel: (954) 428-3042 - Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                          E m a i l : s a l e s @ t e a p eta l s . c o m

teapetals                                        From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms           …and everything in between – 954.428.3042 –
                                                                                    This body bar is filled with the floral intoxication of fields of
        blooms                                                                      French Lavender Mont Blanc – grown in the highest
        Gardeners! This is the perfect soap for you. Blooms is a deep-              elevations in the purest environment. Cold-processed &
        cleansing bar that lightly exfoliates the dirt and grime of                 Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,
        handiwork while it moisturizes and soothes the skin. Cold-                  Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Organic Passion Plum
        processed & Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil,                  Tea, Essential Oil Blend, Lavender, 100% Pure Wildflower
        Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter,               Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract Blend Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in
        Aromatic Blend, Ceylon Tea, French Green Clay, 100% Pure                    bar is approximately 4.8 oz
        Wild Sunflower Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract Blend Each 3-in
        x 2 1/2-in bar is approximately 4.8 oz                                      Lemongrass
                                                                                    Lemongrass cleanses and helps refine the skin. The
                                                                                    premium oils, butters, botanicals, tea and honey in this bar
         fruits & veggies                                                           offers the best combination of natural ingredients that will
                                                                                    deeply cleanse and help refinish your skin. Cold-processed
         A deep-cleansing bar intended for the gourmet kitchen! An                  & Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,
         aromatic blend of crisp, cool cucumber and fresh sliced fruit              Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Aromatic
         infused to herbs, oils, butters and botanicals creates a natural           Blend, Green Tea, 100% Pure Wild Sunflower Honey,
         recipe for the chef! The fruits & veggies bar continues to                 Calendula, Herbal Extract Blend Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in bar is
         moisturize hands after repetitive cleansing. Cold-processed &              approximately 4.8 oz
         Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,
         Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Mango
         Butter, Aromatic Blend, Assam Tea, 100% Pure Avocado
         Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract Blend, Cucumber Extract,                     Pakalana
         Cucumber Zest Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in bar is approximately 4.8                An aromatic blend of the floral majesty of Hawaii…aromas of
         oz                                                                         beauty captured in a body bar for the perfect luxury bath. The
                                                                                    regenerative benefits of macadamia oil are added to an
                                                                                    already luxurious, creamy olive oil and shea base. French
          Herbs & spices                                                            Rose Clay, one of the mildest of the facial clays, is added for
          Another Gourmet Kitchen Tool! Fresh Basil & Thyme create                  its gorgeous color and Jasmine Petals are the finishing
          the cleansing aroma to keep hands fresh. Cold-processed &                 touch. Cold-Processed & Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-
          Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,               A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Macadamia
          Unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aromatic                Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aromatic Blend, Floral Tea, French Rose
          Blend, Green Tea, French Green Clay, 100% Pure Avocado                    Clay. 100% Pure Wildflower Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract
          Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract Blend. Lemon Extract Each                   Blend, Jasmine Petals. Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in bar is approx.4.8
          3-in x 2 1/2-in bar is approximately 4.8 oz                               oz.
teapetals                                From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms        …and everything in between
  chocolat                                                                 Te nero
  Rich - creamy - decadent ... Imagine the intoxicating aroma of           Tea can be served as a soothing drink and a soothing skin
  chocolates as you unwrap the gold foil. You couldn't feel more           treatment! Its anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-oxidant
  spoiled! The perfect body bar for chocoholics everywhere!                effects are well documented. This bar is filled with an
  This fabulous bar is as smooth as lotion in the shower.                  amazing supportive cast to nurture your skin in daily
  Chocolat is a gentle, creamy bar that moisturizes and soothes            regimens. Cold-Processed Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil,
  the skin with the aroma of the finest European Chocolates!               Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Essential Oil Blend,
  Cold-processed & Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive               Cocoa Butter, Lavender, Afternoon Tea, 100% Pure Orange
  Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil,                  Blossom Honey, Herbal and Fruit Extract Blend Each 3-in x 2
  Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Cream, Belgian Chocolate [52%                    1/2-in bar is approximately 4.8 oz
  Cacao], Cocoa, Essential & Aromatic Oils, Sugar Caramel &
  Cinnamon Tea, 100% Pure Orange Blossom Honey 3-in x 2-                   Te hibiscus
  1/2-in bar. 4.8 oz                                                       Hibiscus is a strong antioxidant rich in AHAs and amino
                                                                           acids.    It supports normal acid-alkaline balance and
  Patchouli                                                                complements hydration, anti-aging, elasticity and oil-control
  With a strong, sweet and spicy musk aroma, Patchouli acts as             actions of the rich base of premium oils, butters, honey &
  an astringent, tones and revitalizes the skin. This non-toxic,           extracts. Cold-processed Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil,
  non-irritant and non-sensitizing ingredient helps to soothe              Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aromatic
  even the most sensitive skin. Cold-processed & Refined [Oils]            Blend, Hibiscus Tea, French Rose Clay, 100% Pure
  Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea              Wildflower Honey, Fruit Extract Blend Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in
  Butter, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oil Blend,                  bar is approximately 4.8 oz
  Pumpkin Butter, Darjeeling Tea, 100% Pure Mesquite
  Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract Blend Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in bar
  is approx. 4.8 oz                                                        Te verde
                                                                           Green Tea – volumes are written on this multi-talented anti-
                                                                           oxidant. Combined with a strong supporting cast of premium,
   Te limone                                                               natural components, this bar meets the challenge! Mesquite
                                                                           Honey is considered to be the premier desert honey. Cold-
   Tea is a powerful anti-oxidant. Blended with 100% Pure
                                                                           Processed & Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil,
   Honey magnifies its benefits. Cold-processed & Refined
                                                                           Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Camellia Oil, Cocoa
   [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined
                                                                           Butter, Aromatic Blend, Japanese Green Tea, French Green
   Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oil Blend, Mango
                                                                           Clay, 100% Pure Mesquite Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract
   Butter, Jojoba Oil, Lemon Tea, French Yellow Clay, 100%
                                                                           Blend. Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in bar is approximately 4.8 oz.
   Pure Wild Sunflower Blossom Honey, Herbal Extract Blend.
   Lemon Extract Each 3-in x 2 1/2-in bar is approximately 4.8
                               T e a p e t a l s. co m – 9 5 4 . 4 2 8 . 3 0 42 – S A L E S @ t e a p e t al s .c o m
           Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                                 The Premium Art & Designs of American &
                                                                                    International Artisans
                                                              These artisan bars are the perfect size for guests, hosts and hostesses. A perfect way to try a variety of
            Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                              our portfolio too! Each bar is individually wrapped with our amazing Italian design papers. You
          sales @
                                                              may also request a variety or multiple of one “flavor”. These bars mirror the integrity of our
aloe                                                          Artigiano and teapetals bars – natural ingredients, handcrafted, gorgeous presentation!
Fresh & clean aromatic in this aloe-based guest soap will
complement any décor or preference. Cold-Pressed &                                                                                                  Each bar is $5.00
Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut         fiore
Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter,         An aromatic blend of the floral majesty of
Aloe Vera, Essential Oil Blend, French Green Clay,             Hawaii…aromas of beauty captured in a body bar for
Comfrey Root Powder, Chamomile Tea, 100% Pure                  the perfect luxury bath. The regenerative benefits of      This body bar is filled with the floral
Avocado Blossom Honey                                          macadamia oil are added to an already luxurious,           intoxication of fields of French Lavender
                                                               creamy olive oil and shea base. French Rose Clay, one      Mont Blanc – grown in the highest
                                                               of the mildest of the facial clays, is added for its       elevations in the purest environment. Cold-
                                                               gorgeous color and Jasmine Petals are the finishing        processed & Refined [Oils] Ingredients:
acqua                                                          touch. Cold-Processed & Refined [Oils] Ingredients:        Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined
A revitalizing mineral-based guest soap to include for the     Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter,     Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Organic Passion
                                                               Macadamia Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aromatic Blend, Floral
men in the house! Cold-Processed & Refined [Oils]                                                                         Plum Tea, Essential Oil Blend, Lavender,
Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined         Tea, French Rose Clay. 100% Pure Wildflower Blossom
                                                               Honey, Herbal Extract Blend, Jasmine Petals.
                                                                                                                          100% Pure Wildflower Blossom Honey, Herbal
Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oil Blend including                                                                  Extract Blend
Italian Petitgrain, 100% Pure Mesquite Blossom Honey,
Orange Extract, Nori Seaweed, Dead Sea Clay,                   nero                                                       tropicale
Avocado Oil                                                    Bamboo Charcoal based guest soap will complement           Everyone loves the beach for their own
                                                               your man’s gift set. Cold-Processed & Refined [Oils]       reasons. This gift will transport your guest or
                                                               Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined
                                                                                                                          host/hostess the aroma of those tropical
cacao                                                          Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Essential Oil
                                                                                                                          memories. Cold-Pressed & Refined [Oils]
Pure soothing moisture from this cocoa-butter guest            Blend, 100% Pure Mesquite Blossom Honey, Sea
                                                               Buckthorn Berry, Bamboo Charcoal                           Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut
soap will please skincare challenge & perfect
complement to ALOE and NOCI in a gift set. Cold-                                                                          Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,
Processed & Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive                                                                     Coconut Milk, 100% Pure Wild Sunflower
                                                                noci                                                      Blossom Honey, Avocado Oil, Macadamia
Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, High % Unrefined
                                                                Another pure formula to please any recipient, this shea
Cocoa Butter, Avocado oil, Cream, Essential Oil Blend,                                                                    Oil, Cream, Macadamia Oil, Chamomile
                                                                butter-based guest soap will satisfy the most sensitive
100% Pure Wild Sunflower Blossom Honey
                                                                guest and discerning host/hostess. Cold-processed &       Tea Extract, Pineapple Extract, Banana
                                                                Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut    Extract, Essential Oil Blend, Aromatic Blend
erber                                                           Oil, High % Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,
Gourmet Hosts & Hostesses will love this gift soap to use       Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, Cream, 100% Pure
while preparing their next amazing dinner. Cold-Pressed         Orange Blossom Honey, Afternoon Tea.

& Refined [Oils] Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut
Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter,
Jojoba oil, French Green Clay, Essential Oil Blend, 100%
Pure Avocado Blossom Honey, Basil, Thyme, Citrus Zest
                                                             Please visit our Artisan Site:
                      ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
      •     We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

  Teapetals                                                                           Email: sales @
                                                                                        Tel: 954-428-3042
  Ideas to include: Italian Note Cards, Lace Pottery Jewelry Bowl, Frame, Candle, Hanky, Photo Album, Wedding Planner, Tea & Accessories
  Ideas to include: Frame, Journal, Italian Note Cards/Paper, “Nesting” Accessories, Cookbook, Design Books, Teapot, etc.
SWEET TEA & 16 – SWEET 16 [Young Ladies] ~ SPORT TECH 16 [Young Men]
  Ideas to include: Favorite Treats, Ladies’ Tea Package, Ladies’ Personal Care, Young Men’s Sport or Tech Accessories & Perso nal Care
  Ideas to include: All their Favorite Things!
  Ideas to include: Hand-Loomed Shawl, Soup, Mug, Bed Tray, European Linens, Preserves,
  Ideas to include: Tea, Homemade Foods ~ Sweet & Savory, Specialty Foods & Preserves, Fruit, Floral, Botanical, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, etc
  Ideas to include: Hand-Loomed Shawls, Baby Accessories, Teapots, Tea, Tea Accessories, Music, Frame, Treasure Box, Storybook, etc
  Ideas to include: Bakeware, Baking Accessories, Aprons, Oven Mitts, Potholders, Recipe Cards, Cookie Mixes, Cookie Jars, etc.
  Ideas to include: Cooking Accessories, Aprons, Oven Mitts, Potholders, Tea Towels, Recipe Cards, Cookie Mixes, Serve ware, etc.
  Ideas to include: Specialty, Homemade & Handcrafted Candies, Cookies, Cakes, Pastry, Pies, Nostalgia Sweets, Candy Dish, etc.
  Ideas to include: Soups, Foods ~ Savory & Sweet, Hand-Loomed Pashminas & Shawls,
  Ideas to include: Personal Care, Skincare, Candles, Bath Accessories, Music, Tea, Tea Accessories, Spa Accessories, Wine Glasses, etc.
  Ideas to include: Specialty & Homemade Foods~Savory & Sweet, Italian Handcrafted Ceramics, Italian Skincare, Glassware, Lin ens, etc
  Ideas to include: Specialty Food, Gourmet Accessories, Décor Accessories, Sterling Silver Jewelry Design, Designer Scarf, Skincare, etc
                   ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
       We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

  Teapetals                                      Email: @
  COMFORT CANDLE                                CO        Tel: 954-428-3042
Have Comfort in your home…
 In the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country lies
 the small town of Comfort. The scenery is gorgeous,
 the people are great, and the weather is just about
 perfect. There could not be a more fitting name for a
 town and it became the inspiration for the Comfort
 Candle Co. . . a candle that you will love to own and
 burn everyday. They're that good! Unique fragrances
 & soy wax blends – artisan crafted by hand. A candle
 that gives you the comfortable feeling you can only
 find at home. If there is one thing we know about, it's

                                                            7-oz Glass in Gift

                                                               Proudly American
                              3-oz Travel Tin
     30-oz Glass             ALSO AVAILABLE
                             ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
                 We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.
Fragrances                                               Email: @                                              Tel: 954-428-3042
                   COMFORT CANDLE CO
Alpine Spruce - Wonderful organic blend of spruce, redwood, and moss.               Orange Crème - The essence of tangy orange with a hint of fresh crème.
Apple Strudel - True bliss depicts the combination of baked apples, cinnamon,       Orange Spice - Exhilarating orange flavor with clove accents.
and buttery crust.                                                                  Pineapple et Sage - Lightly sweetened pineapple complemented with
Bluebonnet - Bountiful, fragrant Texas wildflowers during the height of a Spring-   soothing herbal elements.
time blooming season.                                                               Pumpkin Bread - Freshly baked pumpkin bread with just the right amount of
Cashmere - An exquisitely, elegant fresh fragrance.
                                                                                    ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Cherry Blossom - Rare and precious blossoms denote Spring's new life.
                                                                                    Pumpkin Cappuccino - Decadent duo. Rich, delicious cappuccino in harmony
Citrus Grove - Stroll through a tree-ripened grove of succulent, sweet fruit.
Comfort - The ecstasy of salvation and spiritual joy.                               with harvest-fresh pumpkin.
Divine - Fan favorite. Strawberry, pomegranate, and vanilla create this luscious    Rain - Wonderfully delicate, fresh fragrance reminiscent of an early Spring
delight. It's Divine!                                                               rain.
Eden - Paradise. Captivating and sensual. A beautiful, pure fragrance.              Red Currant - Savory blend of tart red currants and golden fruit glaze.
Fig - Delectable biblical fruit with a uniquely wonderful sweet and fruity          Rosemary Mint - Calm your soul. Cool, minty, and soothing aromatherapy.
fragrance.                                                                          Sandalwood - Rich, essential musk oils blended to create an exquisite
French Tulip - Saunter through fragrant French Tulip fields in full bloom.          fragrance.
Havana - Enticing notes of Bergamot and Patchouli highlight this distinctive        Sangria - Lively, fruity blend with an intriguing juxtaposition of red wine
selection.                                                                          spritzer.
Hawaiian Pineapple - Arouse your senses with this fruit from a tropical paradise.
                                                                                    Shortbread - All-natural gourmet recipe of this buttery, sugary classic.
Hill Country Home - Maple and walnut high notes create a cozy and comforting
                                                                                    Spiced Tea - Warm, flavorful holiday tea with a pinch of cinnamon.
Homemade Sugar Cookie - The smile provoking flavor of fresh from the oven           Thyme - Enchanting herbal blend with woodsy undertones.
cookies.                                                                            Tuberose - Tantalizing exotic fresh floral sensation.
Honeydew Melon - The Harvest-fresh scent of juicy melons.                           Utopia - Indulge yourself. An irresistible blend of valley-fresh grapefruit and
Joy - Nutmeg, clove, and ginger rekindle meaningful holiday memories.               tree-ripened pomegranate.
Leather - The fragrant aroma of fine leather.                                       Verbena et Sage - Herbal delight sure to soothe your soul.
Lemon Chiffon - Fragrant and delicate lemony scent.                                 Very Vanilla - Vanilla with a little vanilla added.
Lemon Verbena - Zesty, light lemon scent blended with foliage and flowers of        Water Garden - Potpourri of lush and fragrant flora.
the Verbena.                                                                        White Lavender - Clean, light aroma with soothing and relaxing elements.
Lemongrass Tea - Subtle yet complex aroma with a lemony scent and ginger

Linen - Crisp, clean, and Summertime fresh.
Mimosa - Pure, soft, floral menagerie of Mimosa blossoms.
Mint Julep - High notes of aromatic mint with slight undertones of rich
chocolate.                                                                                                                    Proudly American
                                                                                                                                                     Bali Beads
From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms
                                                                                     Each piece of this collection is designed and made to your custom order by skilled
                                                                                     craftswomen in Bali. The workshop has been a Fair Trade enterprise for over 20
                                                                                     years. Hand Craftsmanship! We stock small quantities for immediate delivery. Your
                                    ...and everything in between                     custom order is available for delivery in 4 to 6 weeks. Every piece is available in a
                                                                                     variety of color combinations. This display is only a sampling!
                 954-570-5886 ~ sales @

      Fringe Necklace                                                                                                                           Spiral Necklace
           $74.50                                                                                                                                    24-in
       Chartreuse/Navy                                                                                                                              $49.99
          Red Coral                                                                                                                              Black & Copper
           Pictured                             Fringe
                                                                          Spiral Stretch Band Bracelet                  Flat Square Overlay
                                        Stretch Band Bracelet
                                                                                     $33.75                            Bracelet Loop Closure
                                            Ocean Blue Mix                      Peacock Blue Mix                               $33.75
                                                                                    pictured                               Brite Mix pictured

                                                      Floral Row                                                                                       Starfish
                                                  Stretch Band Bracelet                                            Leaf Flat Bracelet                  Necklace
                                                        $25.50                  Flat Inlay Disc Bracelet                 $39.99                         $72.50
                                                                                     Loop Closure                                                     Ocean & Coral
                         Loop Link                                                      $54.25
                         Peacock Blue
                                                                                                                      Red Coral Matte
                          Iridescent                  Pink/Chartreuse
                                                        pictured                   Black/Copper/Gold                                                           Link

                                                                                                    Fringe Stretch
                                                                                                      Band Ring
                                                             Leaf Pierced Earrings                      $17.50
                                                                    $19.50                           Ocean Blue Mix                                     Ruffle Necklace
                                                                   Black/Copper                         pictured
Wisteria Necklace                                                     pictured                                                                             Charcoal Grey
                $57.25                                                                                                                                        pictured
      Chartreuse/Navy; Ocean Blues;                                                Additional Colors Available by Design
      Raspberry/Chartreuse pictured
Teapetals       From the leaves of tea to the petals of blooms         ...and everything in between     Bali Beads
                   954-428-3042 ~ sales @

                                                                                                 BLUE      HOT PINK
                                                            RED MIX

                   LEMON SHINE
                                             Most            CAJUN MIX                  PEACOCK          LAVENDER

                                           Designs           RED CORAL
                                                                                        TURQ MATTE
                                            In All
                    LEMON MATTE
  COPPER MIX                                Colors         XMAS MIX
                                                                                       TURQ SHINE
                                                                                                         RED & PINK
                       FOREST                                                             BRITE MIX
                                                                 RED SHINE
     GREY                WHITE
                                                            CITRINE SHINE

                                               Special Color Request                                      PASTEL
                                             possibly 4-6 week lead time
                                                                                         BLUE SHINE
                         PARIS                       for delivery
                                                      954-428-3042 ~ sales @

                                                                                  SLEIGH BELLS STONEWARE TRIVET $14.00

                                                                                                                               NESTED SCRIPTED BOXES
                                                   “MERRY MUNCHIES”
 BOX SCRIPTED & LINED WITH LATCH                                                                                                    $2.49-28.49
                                                CERAMIC SNACK TRAY $26.00

             $20.00                           “WIND IN YOUR SAILS” CERAMIC
                                                                                SUGAR PLUM SCRIPTED CAKE OR COOKIE DISH
                                                   DÉCOR TRAY $7.75
                                                                                                 $5.75                      LARGE WOOD “LIL RED WAGON”

                             PUNCHED TIN                                 SUGAR PLUM
  VINTAGE MILK BOTTLE                                                  STONEWARE WITH
                            HEARTS SET OF 3                                                 SUGARPLUM STONEWARE           3PC STONEWARE SNOWMAN
     SET OF 2 WITH                                NESTED PATRIOTIC     SEAL COOKIE JAR -
                                $20.00                                                        SUGAR SHAKER $4.00               COOKIE JAR $50.00
  METAL HOLDER $24.00                             BOXES $2.49-28.49          $7.50
                                                              Bella Vita                                                 Bella Vita
                    Bella Vita                      OB-1 PAPER SINGLE WINDOW                                     OJ-1 JUTE CANE HANDLE
                J6 Tote Natural                      OIL/VINEGAR BAG NATURAL                                    SINGLE OIL/VINEGAR BAG
            This sturdy Jute bag has                    Gift bags designed to                                         BLACK WINDOW
             interior compartment                   accommodate your olive oils,                                   Gift bags designed to
          separators to carry up to 6             vinegars and much more. Made                                 accommodate your olive oils,
        bottles. Jute is sustainable and           of our beautiful natural colored                              vinegars and much more.
         very durable, making it not               handmade paper with window                                     These attractive natural
           only reusable but an eco-              to show off your gift. These bags                               colored jute bags have a
           friendly bag to utilize for            are eco-friendly, sustainable and                            window to show off your gift.
                shopping $9.98                    reusable. Patent Pending. $3.85                              These bags are durable, eco-
                                                                                                                 friendly, sustainable and
                                                           Tel: 954.428.3042                                  reusable. Patent Pending $4.50

             Bella Vita
 Natural handmade paper with red                                         Bella Vita
Chili pepper accent. These bags are                                 OB-1 PAPER SINGLE
   eco-friendly, sustainable and                                OIL/VINEGAR BAG GRAPHIC
          reusable. $4.90                                            VERONA BROWN
                                                             Gift    bags      designed      to
                                                                                                   Bella Vita Designers travel the world to find the
                                                             accommodate your olive oils,
                                                                                                   finest materials: exquisite handmade papers,
                                                             vinegars and much more. Made
                                                                                                   luxurious satins, velvets and sheers, and refined
                                                             of our beautiful natural colored
                        Bella Vita                                                                 jute. Each bag is enhanced with accents and
                                                             handmade         paper        with
            GB2 HANDMADE PAPER DOUBLE                                                              decorations to make each a unique packaging
                                                             decorative olive branch. These
                   JAR GOURMET BAG                                                                 alternative and a gift in itself.
                                                             bags       are        eco-friendly,
            Unique 2-compartment gourmet
                                                             sustainable and reusable. Patent
            bag     with      window       and
                                                             Pending. $3.85
            compartment separator made                                                                                           Bella Vita
            from handmade paper. These                                                                                OJ-1 JUTE HANDLE SINGLE
                                                                       Bella Vita
            bags       are        eco-friendly,                                                                            OIL/VINEGAR BAG
                                                            OB-2 DOUBLE WINDOW PAPER
            sustainable and reusable. Patent                                                                                     NATURAL
                                                              OIL/VINEGAR BAG NATURAL
            Pending. $2.25                                                                                                      WINDOW
                                                                 Gift bags designed to
                                                                                                                         Gift bags designed to
                      Bella Vita                             accommodate your olive oils,
                                                                                                                       accommodate your olive
              GJ2 NATURAL JUTE DOUBLE                      vinegars and much more. Made
                                                                                                                        oils, vinegars and much
                  GOURMET JAR BAG                           of our beautiful natural colored
                                                                                                                        more. These attractive
          Unique, two-compartment jute                        handmade paper, these two
                                                                                                                      natural colored jute bags
          gourmet bag with windows,                          bottle bags have a window to
                                                                                                                       have a window to show
          compartment separator and a                        show off your gift. These bags
                                                                                                                       off your gift. These bags
          bamboo cane handle. These bags                   are eco-friendly, sustainable and
                                                                                                                      are durable, eco-friendly,
          are      durable,      eco-friendly,             reusable. Patent Pending. $4.50
                                                                                                                      sustainable and reusable.
          sustainable and reusable. Patent                                                                               Patent Pending $4.50
          Pending. $5.00
Teapetals for kids
                Christmas                           dreams

                                              Hugs n kisses
              new school year
                                fan club
                                             welcome to the
                   good game!                    family!
                                       Call: 954-428-3042
              Handcrafted soaps for kids with all-natural ingredients and fun aromas!
Milkshake                                                     Veggy
Shake up the suds with brown sugar and cinnamon.
                                                              If they won’t eat it – bathe in it! Every little nose will love these veggys! A
Brown sugar is a gentle treatment to freshen skin
                                                              healthy dose for sure! Well, maybe the colors, anyway. This Olive Oil based
texture. Ingredients: Cold-processed Grade-A Olive Oil,
                                                              soap is softened with honey for the perfect soothing bath after a day in the
Refined Process Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter,
                                                              sun or other sensitive invasion on the skin. Aromatics of cool cucumber and
Cocoa Butter, cold processed Macadamia Oil, Cream,
                                                              lime. rich oils, butters, green tea & honey nurture and hydrate sensitive skin.
aromatic blend, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Wildflower Blossom
                                                              Cucumber extract is added to this soap for its vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
Honey, Banana Extract, Sugar Caramel Tea
                                                              Cucumber peel offers a natural source of a fresh, powerful antioxidant
     Nutty                                                    ingredients: Cold-processed grade-a olive oil, Refined Processed coconut oil,
                                                              unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, cream, macadamia oil, avocado
     Moisturize and Nourish the gentlest skin. Unrefined
                                                              blossom honey, green tea extract, cucumber extract, essential oil blend
     Shea Butter is the ultimate, pure moisturizer, with
     inherent vitamins. The most simple is always the best!                    EACH BAR IS 2-IN SQUARE AND 1 INCH THICK. $5.00
     Ingredients: Cold-processed Grade-A Olive Oil,
                                                                               INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED IN ITALIAN DESIGN PAPERS & SEAL
     Refined Process Coconut Oil, High % Unrefined Shea
     Butter, Cocoa Butter, cold-Processed Avocado Oil,                                         BOXED SETS AVAILABLE
     Cream, Cold-Processed Macadamia Oil, Orange Blossom
     Honey, Orange Extract, Afternoon Tea.                                                   Oatmeal
                                                                                             Perfect Bar for Morning Kids and soothing
           beach                                                                             baths.    The ingredients tell the story!
           Perfect to wash away the sand, cool the                                           Ingredients: Cold-processed Grade-A Olive
           sun’s heat, & soothing! Aroma of the                                              Oil, Refined Processed Coconut Oil, Cold-
           perfect Pina Colada, rich oils, butters,                                          Processed Macadamia Oil, Unrefined Shea
           chamomile tea, milk & honey to nurture and                                        Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cream, Aromatics Blend,
           hydrate sensitive skin. ingredients: Cold-                                        Banana Extract, Wildflower Blossom Honey,
           processed Grade-a olive oil, Refined                                              English Breakfast Tea, Vanilla, Essential Oil
           Processed coconut oil, Unrefined Shea                                             Blend
           Butter, cocoa butter, coconut milk,
           aromatic Essential Oil blend, avocado oil,
           Macadamia Oil, cream, Wild Sunflower
           blossom honey, Yellow Clay, Chamomile tea
           extract, Pineapple extract, Banana Extract,
           coconut Tea
                              Sales @                                       954.428.3042

                 Handcrafted soaps for kids with all-natural ingredients and fun aromas!
Dreamsicle                                                                       Postgame
Hmmm! Cool, Creamy, bit of citrus – you remember the flavor?! This bar
                                                                                 Even little buds get stinky after the game! They feel yucky and
is refreshing, dreamy and soothing! Creamy orange, apricots and
                                                                                 definitely lose their sweet aroma! This body bar is the best
honey enhance the nourishing base of cleansing moisture. Kids will
                                                                                 bath solution. Invigorating, Soothing and Creamy texture. Cool
dream of sugarplums and wishes after a bath with this body bar.
                                                                                 Ocean Aromatics and lime turn stinky to fresh & clean. Aloe
Ingredients: Cold-processed Grade-A Olive Oil, Refined Coconut Oil,
                                                                                 heals & softens. Cold-processed &/or Refined Process
Unrefined Shea Butter, Cream, Cocoa Butter, Aromatic Blend, Citrus
                                                                                 Ingredients: Grade-A Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea
Extracts Blend, Orange Blossom Honey, Apricot Tea
                                                                                 Butter, Cocoa Butter, aromatics blend, Aloe Vera, cream, French
                      Pink                                                       Green Clay, Avocado Blossom Honey, lime extract, Earl Gray Tea
                      Your Princess will love this pint-sized beauty bar!
                      Lather and Nourish your royal girls. Ingredients:           Taffy
                      Cold-processed Grade-A Olive Oil, Refined                   Look at a jar fill ed with taffies – which one do you
                      Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Aloe Vera,              pick?    Ch er ry!    This body b ar is f illed with good
                      Cocoa Butter, Aromatic Blend, Strawberry Extract,           stuff but s me lls like th e p erf ect ch e rry red taffy!
                      French Rose Clay, Floral & Fruit Tea Blend,                 Sweet and sudsy! Cherry infuses this fun bar for the perfect
Fruity                Strawberry Seeds                                            bath treat! Of course, the luxury base remains for soft
Fun & Good for You. Skin loves fruits too! Refreshing fruity                      cleansing with excellent hydration and nurturing gentle skin.
Aroma creates the perfect wake-up call or all-day refreshment!                    ingredients: Cold-processed Grade-A Olive, Refined process
This bar is all peaches & cream! Ingredients: Cold-Processed                      Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Cream,
Grade-A Olive Oil, Refined Process Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea                    aromatic blend, Berry Tea blend, Cherry Extract, Wildflower
Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aromatic blend, Mango Butter, Cream,                        Blossom Honey
Orange Blossom Honey, fruit tea blend including peach
  Brownies                                                                            beach
  Belgian Chocolate creates the perfect Brownie! This soap matches that               Perfect to wash away the sand, cool the sun’s heat, &
  perfection for skin. Smells and Looks like a Chocolate Bite. The sweet aroma        soothing! Aroma of the perfect Pina Colada,           rich oils,
  of a chocolaty brownie helps bath-time smell good too! Kids won’t resist a          butters, chamomile tea, milk & honey to nurture and hydrate
  brownie bath! Unrefined Shea Butter, chock full of vitamins & minerals;             sensitive skin. ingredients: Cold-processed Grade-a olive oil,
  cocoa butter infuses creamy, emollient qualities to the olive oil base. Olive Oil   Refined Processed coconut oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, cocoa
  is gentle and moisturizing. Ingredients: Cold-Processed Grade-A Olive Oil,          butter, coconut milk, aromatic Essential Oil blend, avocado oil,
  Refined Process Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Cocoa                 Macadamia Oil, cream, Wild Sunflower blossom honey, Yellow
  Butter, Cream, Aromatic Blend, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Orange Blossom Honey,        Clay, Chamomile tea extract, Pineapple extract, Banana Extract,
  Cocoa, Orange Extract, Banana Extract, Cinnamon Tea                                 coconut Tea
                         Birthday cakes , etc !
Teapetals for kids    cupcakes, mini cakes, cookie s
                              banana cake
                               apple cake
                              rainbow cake
                              Carrot cake
                            my favorite cake
                            donut mold cake
                       sandwich cookie mold cake
                     birthday gift ensembles
                        sweet tooth
                        healthy kids
                        girly girl
                        baby baby
                        16 going on 30
                        my favorite things
                      Call: 954-428-3042
                                                                                          All-in-one hanging folder system
                                      1 Magnetic Dry Erase Board w/ Notes & Calendar
                                      1 Dry Erase Marker w/ pocket
                                      1 Large Center Display Window for lunch menus or
                                      2 Clear Pockets perfect for School Supplies
                                      4 Legal-Size File Pockets with label inserts
                                      2 Velcro Straps to roll & store poster board projects
                                      2 Magic Hooks with come-off-clean adhesive
                                      Made With Durable Material to stand up for years of

                 Teapetals for kids
The Homework Caddy was created by a mother of three who needed
an innovative solution to the papers, books and school projects
constantly accumulating on the horizontal surfaces in her house. It
specifically addresses all the organization needs most school kids
(and their parents face). Best of all - it does this in almost no space
at all! It is designed to fit on the back of most standard bedroom or
closet doors. It measures 28 inches wide by 36 inches tall. Now you                 SALES @
too can turn this bit of unused space into your children's homework
organization center! Organize YOU! Not just for kids!!!                                    954-428-3042
                                      this little piggy
                                      WHITE CERAMIC PIGGY BANK WITH
                                       HANDPAINTED RAISED DESIGN
                                                Work truck
                                                 Polka dots
                                                 Baby boy
                                                  Baby girl


                                       Tel: 954-428-3042
                                       s a l e s @ t e a p e ta l s . c o m

piggy banks in coordinated gift box      Teapetals
                                                                                 Call: 954-428-3042
 Teapetals for kids                                                              Sales @

                                          Tovolo®’s Ice Cream Cone Pop Molds Nix ice
                                          cream cone troubles for good. No more melty
                                          mess with these soft-serve-style molds with
                                          “cones” that catch sticky spills. Slip out one
                                          pop at a time by simply gripping the handle
                                          and twisting from the base. Base keeps pop
                                          molds secure from tips and spills in the freezer
                                          Insulated plastic sleeves keep your pops
                                          colder, longer, outside the freezer. Dishwasher
                                          safe. 5.25in x 5.25in x 6.25in $10.35

        Tovolo®’s Freezer Gems Popsicle Molds
These popsicle molds are a real gem! Use them to add
some sweet bling to hot summer days. Insulated
plastic sleeves keep your pops colder, longer, outside
the freezer. Base keeps pop molds secure from tips
and spills in the freezer Each set comes with 6                              Tovolo®’s Ice Cream Sandwich Molds
different, fun gem shapes Made of durable materials
Freezer gems are BPA Free Dishwasher safe. $10.35

                     Let Tovolo® help you make fast, easy, and attractive
                     treats with our Ice Cream Sandwich Molds. We designed
                     these sandwich molds to be the easiest and most fun to
                     use molds on the market Available in two design sets with
                     three shapes in each set. Brightly colored to make an
                     attractive addition to any kitchen. Design details are
                     pressed right into the cookie. Dishwasher safe $12.35
            ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
     We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

    Teapetals                           KITCHEN WARES & TEXTILES
                                                            Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                             Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                 Email: SALES @ teapetals.cOM

                           The trend to return home for Family meals at the kitchen
                           table and healthy foods ignited a huge expansion of
                           interest in good ingredients for homemade or semi-
                           homemade recipes.
                           Home has become increasingly important as it was for
                           generations past. The accents, efficient tools and yes,
                           whimsy contribute to make a house – a home; and, time
                           spent in the food preparation less stressful.
                           Our personal passion for everything food brings you the
                           best of our own selections in our kitchen. We hope your
                           Family enjoys our selections as much as we do!
KITCHEN TEXTILES                                               Proudly American
                           ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
              We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.
                                                                             Tel: (954) 428-3042
            Teapetals                                                         Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                              Email: SALES @ teapetals.cOM

Heartland Bakeware is a manufacturer of a new,
patent pending, brand of Anodized Bakeware.
Anodizing is a process that hardens aluminum. It
offers tremendous performance and durability. It
attracts the oven heat for faster baking and with
the AireGourmet insulated baking sheet, offers
perfect baking results without burning. The
durable surface is also safe and healthy to use.
There is no transfer of aluminum residue to foods.
There is no nonstick coating to wear off. And it
won't rust. It's designed to last a lifetime.

Baking Sheet [14”x16”] $25.00
Baking Sheet [9.5”x14”] $20.00
Convertible CakePan [9”x13”] $45.00
Pizza Pan [14.5” Round] $22.00

                                                       WILL NOT WARP         MADE IN THE USA
                                                         OR BEND         Proudly American
                                      Commercial-Grade Bakeware

                                                       HEATING Core
     Angel Food / Tube Pans                                                  4.5" D     $5.39
                                                        4 1/2" Deep
     • 14 gauge 3003 aluminum
                                                                          8.5" X 4.75" X
     • Anodized finish                                  Dough Docker                     $8.89
     • Seamless even wall thickness
                                                                          7.5" X 4.75" X
     • Extremely Heavy Duty!                            Lattice Cutter                   $8.69
                                      Dough Docker
                                      • ABS Plastic     Fluted Tart Pan
     Fluted Tart Pans                 • 5" Wheel         6" Removable          6"       $6.39
     • 3003 Aluminum Alloy                                  Bottom
     • Heavy Duty 18 Gauge                              Fluted Tart Pan
     • Anodized Safety & Durability
                                                         8" Removable          8"       $9.29
     • Removable bottom
                                                      Angel Food Pan Sq
    Contour Baking Pans                                                    10.5" SQ x
                                                       10" tapered 3.5"                 $26.00
    • 3003 Aluminum Alloy - 16 (ga.) Lattice Cutter          deep
                                      • APS Plastic   Contour Cake Pan       6" x 3"    $7.19
    • Anodized Safety & Durability
                                      • 5" Wheel      Contour Cake Pan       8"x 3"     $9.29
                                                        Bowl Scraper       6.25" x 4"   $1.39
Bowl Scrapers
• Durable and Flexible Plastic
• Contoured edges to reach all corners                                   Teapetals
• Super Bright Polish Finish
• Reinforced top edge to prevent warping                          954-428-3042
Fire Wire   ®
                Fire Wire® Flexible Grilling Skewer is an ingenious
                cable-style grilling skewer that makes grilling easier
                than ever before. Made of 100% food grade stainless
                steel, Fire Wire® offers flexibility like no other skewer
                on the market. Fire Wire® is twice as long as a
                traditional skewer and comes with a lifetime
                guarantee. With Fire Wire® you do not have to touch
                the food twice; simply marinate in a bag on Fire Wire®
                and place the food on your grill.

                                                    Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                     Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                     Email: SALES @ teapetals.cOM

Teapetals       Flexible skewers are three times longer - flexible design lets
                you effectively use the space on your grill like never before
                Each skewer holds twice as much food as a regular skewer
                Made of stainless steel cable
                Will not rust
                Skewer tips stay cool to the touch
                Loop on one end
                Pointed tip on opposite end Skewer $10.50
                Two skewers per order           Seasoning Kit $4.50
                Dishwasher safe
                Each wire measures approx 31” long
                Instructions for use printed on inside of color package
               Teapetals                                                         Made in Germany             
                                                                                                                           Tel: 954-428-3042
The Kaiser Bakeware La Forme Plus Springform Pan features a leak-proof design that holds all the ingredients of your cheesecake inside the pan thereby eliminating dripping
inside your oven. The Kairamic non-stick coating eliminates the need for flouring pans, resulting in baked goods with a smooth crumb. The magnum coating is not affected
by acidic or citrus foods, and allows for easy release when lightly coated with butter or oil. The pan has a 10% shorter baking time in comparison to tinplate pans. Suitable
for right and left-handed people, the springform ring can be used on either sides.

                                                                                                                                     LOAF              12-INCH CONICAL
                                9-INCH SQUARE                                              10-INCH ROUND                            $52.00                  $55.00
     8-INCH ROUND                   $52.00                 9X13-INCH RECTANGLE                 2 BASES
                                                                  $59.00                                                  A perfect addition to any baker's collection,
         $45.00                                                                                 $60.00
                                                                                                                          the La Forme Plus Loaf Springform opens up
 Each piece of La Forme bakeware is designed with the finest materials available to guarantee perfect                     to easily release foods (such as pound cakes)
 performance. After extensive product research, Kaiser selected steel as the base material for the entire La Forme        while preserving the cake top's golden brown
 and La Forme Plus Collections. The steel base is coated with one of two nonstick surface systems, depending on           crust and seamless sides. Simply release the
 the intended use of the piece. The La Forme Plus collection is made with the innovative KAIRAMIC® non-stick              buckle and you can cut slices directly on the
 coating.                                                                                                                 base of the pan.

 In an oven, where the temperature can fluctuate up to 50 degrees in a normal baking cycle, the ideal baking
 vessel should retain heat well enough to maintain an even temperature. Yet, it should not retain heat so well
 that a cake, bread or cookie will burn in the time required for complete baking. Kaiser chose heavy-gauge steel          The La Forme Plus 13"x9" Rectangular
 as the base material for the La Forme and La Forme Plus collection, because it conducts heat gently and evenly,          Springform pan is great for all your recipes
 and produces the perfect balance necessary for a golden brown crumb or outside of the cake, and a perfectly              using this size with the added benefit of our
 baked, moist interior. Cakes and breads cook uniformly, and cookies baked on La Forme cookie sheets brown                removable side wall. Great for baking
 evenly                      and                     maintain                     their                  shape.           cheesecakes, brownies and other goodies.

 La Forme's heavy-gauge steel eliminates warping in every piece of bakeware. Select La Forme and La Forme Plus
 pans are manufactured with the cut- and acid-resistant Magnum coating. This allows baked goods to be cut in              The La Forme Plus 9" Square Springform
 the pan.                                                                                                                 solves the problem of removing delicate cakes,
 La Forme and La Forme Plus Features                                                                                      desserts or even savory dishes without
 • Magnum cut-resistant or nonstick interiors mean ease of use and easy cleanup.                                          damaging the presentation. Easy to use for
 • Heavy-gauge steel provides even and gentle heat distribution.                                                          baking cheesecakes, cakes, breads, lasagna,
 • The leakproof bottom eliminates messy spills.                                                                          and many other dishes
 • Superior springform buckle provides the perfect release of baked goods.
                               Tools and accessories combine innovative design with intelligent application

                                                                           Tovolo®’s Ice Cream                                 Tovolo®’s Silicone Mixing Spoons
                                                                             Sandwich Molds                                    are designed to let you handle even
  Scrape & Scoop
                                                                                                                               the thickest batter with comfort and
   Multi-Purpose                                                       Fun, fast, and easy treats with our Ice Cream
                                                                                                                               ease. 18/10 stainless steel oval handle
      Scraper                                                          Sandwich Molds. Available in two design sets
                                                                                                                               for comfort. Will not discolor or hold
            Tovolo®’s Scrape & Scoop Multi-Purpose                     with three shapes in each set. Brightly
                                                                                                                               aromas.       Heat     Resistant     to
            Scraper Save time and money with this clever               colored to make an attractive addition to any
                                                                                                                               600°F/300°C. Dishwasher Safe. 2.25" x
            utensil. Slice bread, spread butter, scrape jars           kitchen. Design details are pressed right into
                                                                                                                               0.5 " x 12" - $10.35
            and scoop jam -- with one simple kitchen tool.             the cookie. Dishwasher safe $12.35
            Oversized handle keeps hands clean, no matter
            the task. Flexible silicone design scrapes hard-
            to-reach places. Scoops up hard to handle jams
                                                                                                                          Tovolo®’s Twist-Lock Corn Holders Set [8]
            and jellies with ease. Dishwasher safe. $6.35
                                                                                                                          Corn Holders feature a specially designed coil
                                                                                                                          that you twist into the corn cob - Holders twist
                                              Tovolo®’s Silicone Spatula has a rigid core to make                         into place and won’t slip out. Even though the
                                              it strong and has flexible edges so it can scrape even                      corn is held firmly, the holders are easy to
                                              heavy ingredients completely from the side of the bowl                      insert and remove. Corn Holders twist and lock
                                              or pan. Edges are tapered to a sharp point to scrape                        into place Soft, non-slip handles help you keep
                                              bowl and pan sides clean Completely smooth surface                          a firm grip Strong Stainless Steel pins and coils
                                              allows for even spreading Stainless steel handle will not                   will not bend under pressure Corn Holders will
                                              degrade, unlike a traditional wooden handle Silicone                        keep your fingers clean and away from hot corn
                                              head is curved on one side and flat on the other to                         $12.35
                                              better fit bowls, pans, and reach those hard corners.
                                              Heat resistant to 600°F/315°C Dishwasher safe $10.35

Tovolo®’s TEAGO Portable Tea Press Put a new spin on "taking tea!" Enjoy loose leaf tea
anywhere, anytime with this reusable 2-5 steep air tight press that draws in hot water and
                                                                                                          Teapetals      Tel: (954) 428-3042
expresses seamlessly for perfect tea every time. Hollow, air tight plunger can brings perfect,
flavor-enhancing extraction. Expresses water quickly, eliminates slow dripping Hollow body                                Fax: (954) 719-2445
allows you to pack more tea Steel clip holds infuser to side of taller cups and prevents falling                        sales @
in. Dishwasher safe $12.35
            Teapetals                                       Wear Veggys
 Tel: (954) 428-3042
  Fax: (954) 719-2445
sales @

             CHILI PEPPER
POTHOLDER                    $7.99

             CHILI PEPPER
                             $12.49   A sampling of a large portfolio filled with whimsical,
             CHILI PEPPER
                                      sarcastic, humorous images and twists on common
                                      colloquialisms adorn aprons, grill gloves, potholders and
             CHILI PEPPER
                                      towels by a New Orleans designer. The philosophy of “we
                                      are what we eat” is taken to a new level as “we are what
  APRON     HIGH ANXIETEA    $23.99   we prefer”! We chose a few of our favorites for this
                                      segment of our own portfolio that includes: Anxietea,
                                      Garlic, and Chili Pepper. As we grow with your positive
TEA TOWEL   GARLIC GRAPHIC   $12.49   response, we will certainly widen our selection.        A
                                      humorous, quality accent to your gift ensemble!


   Please visit our artisan website for more textiles:
Teapetals                                 Gift wrapping

      $1.50 - Decorated pillow folded box:
  garden, home, teacher, santa, menorah & tea

                                                          HAT BOXES
                                                          GIFT BAGS
                                                      NOVELTY CONTAINERS
                                                         TRAYS & TINS

                                               Tel: 954-428-3042
                           E m a i l : S A L E S @ T e a p e t a l s. c o m

         Handcrafted                             Jute, cane &
Support our favorite charity:
Local south florida: children’s aid club
National: st. jude’s children’s research hospital ~
          ronald mcdonald house ~
          alzheimer’s foundation ~

   It is our sincerest hope and fervent goal to grow this business and support all our favorites on a
   scheduled basis. For now, we will start at home with a portion of all sales in 2011 to the
   Children’s Aid Club in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. This small group of amazing women
   support the critical, emergency events of families-with-children, in crisis. Children’s Aid Club
   intervenes while families wait for approval of support from larger charities. CAC provides
   immediate help to sustain daily life and sustenance for this void of time. Their limited funding
   needs support to help more families, more often, in bigger ways! We honor their efforts and
   total dedication to be prepared for that moment’s notice. We understand the crises presented to
   them along with the dilemma of “what to do” while you wait for the bureaucratic process and
   good intentions of national and regional charity organizations. We appreciate your support to help
   them too!                                               Tel: (954) 428-3042
                                                          Fax: (954) 719-2445
                                                          Email: SALES @

 Teapetals ~ Proudly American
                      ~ American Craftsman ~ American Spirit ~ American Heritage ~
      •    We are proud to support the initiative & talent of American Pride & Craftsmanship.

                                                                       Please visit our Artisan website:

                                                       Ask about           tel: 954-428-3042
                                                      Promotions           FAX: 954-719-2445
                                              Ask about credit card
                                                                         Post office box 141
   Thank you for your support, your kindness and your                    Deerfield beach , florida 33443
appreciation for the artisanal and whimsical aspects of our
portfolio. We hope you will visit our website often and keep
this catalog close-at-hand for the perfect gift!

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