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									 Brand-new computer is running slow? Writing our
own program to fix the sluggish problem and make
Windows 7 faster is an awesome job to do. Plus one
minute is all that is needed to finish the program to
 make the speed of Windows 7 faster. Some might
 find it hard to believe to speed up Windows 7 and
make it run faster is that easy. Why not spend one
              minute to find out yourself?

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To make Windows 7 faster, let's grasp the point of this command line
first: del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\* tmp 1 Del that can be replaced with
erase is one of the MS-DOS commands, it is used to delete one or more
files to make Windows 7 perform better and run much faster 2 Del /f
means read-only files will be deleted by force Cleaning out useless
read-only files improves the efficiency of Windows 7 and makes it a lot
  3 Del /s means all the specified files under subdirectory will be deleted
This command helps to make the running speed of Windows 7 increase
faster by automating file removal 4 Del /q means files will be deleted
without asking for your confirmation, which saves the trouble of pressing
Enter to make unwanted files disappear and optimize Windows 7
performance so that it can be much faster 5 %systemdrive% means the
current system drive which usually locates in C:\
 6 %windir% that can be replaced by %systemroot% usually means
C:\Windows 7 windows 7 boot disc %userprofile% represents the patch
of C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ 8 tmp is a wildcard character
which means all the files that end up with a suffix of
tmp In order to make Windows 7 faster by finishing the program, we
should know about some other wildcard characters which are * _mp, *
log, * gid, * chk, *
old, etc These files are temporary files, log files, temporary help files,
temporary backup files that are not useful to most people and should be
deleted to make computer Windows 7 some free drive space and let it
perform better and run much faster By now you can make PC Windows
7 run faster by writing your own program into a bat file within one minute,
if you have a good understanding of the MS-DOS commands above
 If not, please to look up the complete program in one of my live articles,
which helps to increase Windows 7 performance quicker and make it run
faster All you have to do is to copy, paste, save and run it It is as simple
as that Looking for some more in-depth tips on how to make Windows 7
faster? somekeyword! Or browse my other live articles in EzineArticles
com which aim to offer multiple solutions on how to fix slow Windows 7
and make it run much faster
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