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         Solve it with Silver:
New Effective Ways to Use Silver in Your Home

           Dr. Gordon Pedersen
                May 4, 2009
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      Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Ph.D
• Ph.D in Toxicology
• M.S. in cardiac wellness
  and rehabilitation
• Formulator of over 150
• Best-selling author
• Host of the radio show
  “Common Sense
Silver is a patented product
 that kills bacteria, viruses
          and mold.
  New Patented Silver Technology
• Aquasol Technology
• Manufactured using
  10,000 volts AC rather
  than DC
• Catalytic, not chemical
• Process uses pure
  elemental silver
• Patented technology
  protected for 17 years
     Silver Kills at Very Low Concentrations
          (in vitro tests affecting parts of the body)

MRSA/Staph            wounds                         5.0 ppm
Pneumonia             lung health                    5.0 ppm
Food poisoning        intestinal health              5.0 ppm
Strep pneumoniae      respiratory system             2.5 ppm
Strep pyogenes        ear health and skin            1.2 ppm
Pseud aeroginosa      skin, wound protection         5.0 ppm
Strep mutans          oral health                    5.0 ppm
Salmonella            food poisoning                 2.5 ppm
E. coli               digestive health               5.0 ppm

* Does not kill probiotics (good bacteria in the gut, BYU study)
  How Does Silver Kill Pathogens?
1. Resonance
2. Contact
3. Magnetic
We are surrounded by bacteria,
 viruses, mold and toxins that
         make us sick.

Look at the following examples.
“On any given day in America, there are
  30,000 to 40,000 cases of MRSA.”

MRSA is the dangerous type of staph
 that causes flesh-eating bacteria.

    And we all have some type of
         staph on our skin.
E. coli comes in our foods and can
    lead to fatal food poisoning.

Cruise ships that are disinfected
every day still harbor potentially
   fatal bacteria and viruses.
  Influenza (Flu) kills an estimated
36,000 people in America every year.
Your home is the one place where
 you can control your exposure to
      disease-causing agents.
      Every Home Should Have:
• Silver liquid as an
  internal disinfectant

• Silver gel as an
  external disinfectant
New Ways You Can Use
 Silver in Your Home
Handy Wipes
Dental Floss
Dish Soap
Laundry Soap
Facial Mask
Shampoo & Conditioner
Body Wash
Vacuum Cleaner
Mop & Water
Face Steamer
Feminine Hygiene
Other Ideas
• Silver Sol has anti-viral properties against both
  forms of surface viruses:
  – Reverse transcriptase
  – Viral DNA Polymerase
                       (United States Patent Office # 7,135,195)

* May be the only nutritional supplement to
  receive anti-viral patent approval
     Swine Flu
Don’t Panic (Take Control)
                What It Is
• Swine Flu is a combination of viruses
• Made up from:
  – swine
  – bird
  – human influenza virus
                The Swine Flu IS:
• H1N1 human influenza
   – (this is the same strain that caused the 1918 epidemic)

• Combined with swine flu from pigs
• Combined with bird flu

• The thinking is that a bird containing the bird flu in its
  intestines flew over a pig pen and excreted the bird flu,
  infecting a pig that was already sick with the swine flu.
• Then the pig infected a farmer who already had the
  human flu, and together all of the influenza viruses
  mutated into a totally new virus.
Why Vaccines Are Not the Solution
• Everyone wants a vaccination to save us, but
  they cannot be made for at least three
• They don’t cover all the strains.
• They don’t adapt to the daily mutations.
• They can cause serious side effects.
• They can cause death or permanent disability.
              Story From History
• The flu vaccine was developed to prevent a flu outbreak
• The vaccine was tested in 200 humans.
• The vaccine killed 23 of the 200 test subjects (and was
  considered to be an acceptable loss!)
• The Louis Pasteur Institute in France was paid to
  produce the vaccine.
• The vaccine was given to US soldiers even if they were
  already sick.
• In the sick soldiers, who received the flu vaccine, a new
  flu virus formed, which became pandemic and killed
  about 20% of the world’s population.
       We Are Repeating History
• The bird flu vaccine was developed in 2008.
• It was tested in 200 human subjects.
• It killed 26 of the 200 human subjects (and was
  considered acceptable).
• The Louis Pasteur Institute in France was
  contracted to produce the bird flu vaccine.
• It was opposed but still the US military made it
  mandatory for soldiers to receive the vaccination
  early this year.
• Despite opposition, the bird flu vaccination was
  given, and we are repeating history by creating
  the perfect viral storm.
                What It Does
• The virus is made up of incomplete segments
  of DNA and RNA (genetic material), which are
  injected into a healthy cell, causing genetic
  mutation and illness at the cellular level.

• If left to replicate long enough it will damage
  enough cells to cause serious suffering or
   Why Drugs Don’t Always Work
• Tamiflu can work against influenza but:
• It only works for two weeks (this means it cannot be
  used for prevention, and you must wait until you
  have the disease to start using Tamiflu.
• Tamiflu must be administered within the first 48
  hours for maximum drug benefits.
• The problem is, most people are contagious one day
  before they demonstrate symptoms.
         Why Is It Dangerous?
• Swine flu interferes with and destroys DNA,
  which causes abnormal growth within the
• This causes the following symptoms:
  – fever
  – headache
  – diarrhea
  – vomiting
  – aches and sore muscles
  – nausea
 People are not able to differentiate it from the
normal flu because the symptoms are so similar
   • The swine flu must be sampled and sent to
     the CDC for chemical evaluation to
     determine if it is truly the Swine Flu.

   • This takes about two days.
         How Is It Transferred?
• It is spread by infected fluids like saliva and
  mucous (from sneezing and coughing).
• Your hands spread about 70% of all contagious
• You inhale airborne pathogens.
             Who’s at Risk?
1. People with weakened immune systems
2. People who have poor hygiene
3. People with hyperactive immune responses
  People with Weakened Immune
• Your immune system may be the only thing
  between you and serious viral illness.
• If you are weak, your NK cells will not be able
  to defend against the massive attack from this
     Silver Sol Is Your First Line of
• Take Silver Sol liquid
  – Two teaspoons twice daily
  – Apply Silver Sol to the hands at least twice a day
  – Apply Silver Sol to the nostrils twice a day
  – Eat a healthy diet
      People with Poor Hygiene
• Wash your hands regularly as needed to keep
  the virus off of them.
• Don’t bite fingernails.
• Wash face and especially nostrils.
• Use Silver Sol liquid in a nebulizer (face
  steamer) and inhale 30 minutes a day which is
  ideal for sinus infections.
       People with Hyperactive
         Immune Responses
• These are people who have an over-reactive
  immune response to virtually anything
• They will respond to a new virus by over-secreting
  fluids to the lungs. This could fill the lungs with
  fluid that could drown the person. This is
  modulated by cytokines (which are hormones
  that mobilize immune cells to the lungs).
• They need an immune response but a normal
  response can be modulated using:
   – Vit B3, Vit B6, Folic acid, manganese and probiotics
            What You Can Do
          You Are the Solution!
• Take silver sol orally two teaspoons twice a
• Apply to hands twice a day
• Apply to nostrils twice a day
• Take healthy supplements (b vits, trace
  minerals, probiotics, antioxidants)
• Create a healthy home (hygiene, air filter)
  Silver Sol Potential Solutions for
            the Swine Flu
• Silver Sol has been scientifically shown to:
 *Prevent Bird Flu (H5N1)
• Destroys the H1N1 Flu (which is the same
  strain of virus that caused the 1918 influenza
• Destroys both forms of viruses (reverse
  transcriptase and DNA polymerase)
• Destroys numerous other viruses (including
  SARS, Hepatitis B, & Herpes)
            How Silver Sol Works
•   On contact as a silver oxide
•   Viral disruption
•   Resonance (antimicrobial)
•   Stem cell activation
 Make Sure You Get the Silver That
    Has an Approved Patent!

• US Patent # 7,135,195
• Approved to kill over 143 disease causing
  pathogens and both forms of viruses!
Make your home the first place you protect
yourself and family from bacteria, viruses,
      mold and toxins...with Silver.
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