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Page 2                                                                                                                                                    April 30, 2009

              unite downtown
                                                                                                                           Published monthly by the Niche
                                                                                                                           Publications Department of the
                                                                                                                           Winston-Salem Journal
                                                                                                                           418 N. Marshall St.
                                                                                                                           Winston-Salem, NC 27101
              study shows need for a new central library                                                                   336-727-7293
                                                                                                                           Fax 336-727-7485
                                                  By Jason Thiel
                         Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership President                                                      Editor
                                                                                                                           Tammy Holoman

                   ecently, there                             21st-century library. Below is a list of some of the
                   has been com-                              issues that were raised in the report.                       Layout and Design
                   munity discussion                               " The building lacks functionality and flexibility.     Karen E. Liparulo
                   about the need                             Too many load-bearing walls impede the ability to
         for a new Central Library.                           enlarge areas and create more open and flexible
                                                                                                                           Cover Design
         Forsyth County, which                                spaces.
         operates the area libraries,                              " The facility is inefficient and costly to operate     Kyle T. Webster
         initiated a feasibility study                        and maintain due to its age.
         on a new Central Library                                  " The building cannot accommodate wiring                Advertising Account Executives
         location that was pre-                               needs for expanded technologies for public use               Charlene Brown-Farris
         pared in August 2008 by                              and staff efficiencies. The current wireless access
                                            Jason Thiel                                                                    336-727-7494
         Providence Associates, a                             in the building is inconsistent and unreliable.
         prominent library-planning                                " There are roof leaks throughout the building.         James Hastings
         consulting company. The study says that since             " More meeting space is needed to match                 336-727-7403
         the early ’90s, there has been a renaissance in      the community needs.
         the construction of new central libraries in the          " The low main-level ceilings and the
         downtown areas of major U.S. cities across           “chopped up” arrangement of the building is inflex-        Downtown: The Heart of
         the nation. It also highlights the reconstruction    ible and confusing for the public.                         Winston-Salem is produced by
         progress of many libraries in North Carolina and          " There is too little space for the library’s col-    the Niche Publications Department
         South Carolina.                                      lections, especially special collections such as           of the Winston-Salem Journal in
              According to the report, some of the regional   local history.
                                                                                                                         association with the Downtown
         libraries that have completed construction are:           " There are no study rooms for the public.
         Richland County Public Library in Columbia,               I bring these issues up because I recently            Winston-Salem Partnership.
         S.C. (1993), Spartanburg (S.C.) County Library       was asked by the Friends of the Central Library                Rence Callahan, Chairman
         (1997), Greensboro Public Library (1998),            to sign a petition in support of their efforts to              Jason Thiel, President
         Greenville (S.C.) Public Library (2002) and High     advocate for a new Central Library. Of course                  Justin Gomez, Director of
         Point Public Library (2008). Chapel Hill Public      I signed the petition and decided to joined the                Marketing and Operations
         Library entered the construction stage this year,    Friends of the Central Library. You can also
         and the Main Library in Durham County entered        become a member of the Friends of the Central
                                                                                                                             Mary Charlotte Hinkle, Project
         the planning stage in 2008. The Public Library       Library for as little as $5.                                   Manager
         of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County is in the
         visioning stage.                                        For more information, contact the Friends of              305 W. Fourth St., Suite 2-E
              The study also points out the current build-    the Central Library at P.O. Box 21431, Winston-              Winston-Salem, NC 27101
         ing’s challenges that negatively impact Forsyth      Salem, NC 27012. Or you can call 336-703-
         County’s Central Library’s ability to serve as a     3018.

                                                                                                                         Downtown: The Heart of Winston-
                                                                                                                         Salem is published monthly and
                                                                                                                         copies are distributed throughout the
                                                                                                                         downtown area in select racks and
                                                                                                                         boxes, ZIP zoned into the Winston-
                                                                                                                         Salem Journal, direct mailed to
                                                                                                                         Winston-Salem Partnership members,
                                                                                                                         and inserted into The Chronicle.
April 30, 2009                                                                                                                                          Page 3


      The railroad line from Greensboro to
   Winston-Salem was completed in 1873. The
   town needed a train station, and an effort
   to fund a station was headed by the Young
   Men’s Business Association. The new pas-
   senger station was built on a pie-sliced
   piece of land surrounded by businesses on
   Chestnut Street, between Third and Fourth
   streets. The new station opened May 9, 1904,
   and was designed by Frank Milburn. Milburn
   also designed the second Forsyth County
   Courthouse. The Chestnut Street station
   served the city until a new station was built in
                                                                      Image courtesy of Molly Grogan Rawls, the author of Winston-Salem in Vintage Postcards

                                                      WSJ1364026-01                                                                                  WSJ1364030-01
Page 4                                                                                            April 30, 2009

 I’M           DOWN
                                                           is  yea
                                                   at th ies
                                              music t ser
                                        ce the oncer
                                  t o fa five c
                             ready fter
                          get Alive a
                                                    By Michael Huie
                                                           Special Sections Writer

                                                             ay Stephens has given local bands
                                                             a place to play in Winston-Salem for
                                                                 As the owner of Ziggy’s, the legend-
                                                 ary club that closed in November 2007, Stephens
                                                 helped make Winston-Salem an important music
                                                 destination. This year, he’s applying his booking
                                                 acumen to one of the Downtown Winston-Salem
 Photo courtesy of DWSP
                                                 summer music series.
Simplified is                                        Stephens booked this summer’s lineup for the
playing July
                                                 Alive After Five series, which begins May 21 and
16 as part
                                                 continues through July 30. The Thursday-night
of the Alive
After Five                                       concerts will be held at Corpening Plaza at the
series.                                          corners of First and Liberty streets from 5:30 to
                                                 8:30 p.m.
                                                     This is Stephens’ first year programming the
                                                 series. Considering his background as a concert
                                                 promoter, booking this series came naturally.
                                                     “I’ve got a laundry list of bands,” he said. “I just
                                                 went to my Rolodex and started calling my favorite
                                                     The bands that Stephens brought to this year’s
                                                 Alive After Five are a varied bunch, ranging from
                                                 country to rock to reggae.
                                                     The series kicks off May 21 with Andy and
                                                 Marty’s FM Gold Party Duo along with The
                                                 Downtown Band. Stephens says Andy and Marty
                                                 play solid-gold hits from the ’60s and ’70s, with a
                                                 sound that combines their own instruments over a
                                                 DJ spinning records.
                                                     There are a few other bands Stephens is also
                                                 excited about bringing to the series.
                                                     Matt Stillwell (June 18) is a country performer
                                                 from Sylva. Stephens compares Stillwell to Kenny
                                                 Chesney and says the young performer is on
                                                 the rise. Stillwell has had several hits on country
                                                 radio, including one song that made it to the Top
                                                 10 of the Great American Country chart. His lat-
                                                 est album, Shine, is available on iTunes and at his
                                                 Web site [].
                                                     On the opposite end of the spectrum is the
                                                 reggae of Selah Dubb Sounds (June 4). Originally
                                                 from the Netherlands, the group’s singer has a
April 30, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                    Page 5

                                 es   line arty
                           t seri ’s FM Gold P
                  co           Mart  ndnd
                                            n Ba
                              ndy a owntow
                         21 A      D
                    May and The
                    Du o            zie            nds
                           2 8 Koo Dubb Sou
                     May          elah
                           e 4 S ty Dogs

                      Jun 1 Dir                 l           antra
                            e1           illwel        he M
                       Jun 8 Matt St les and T
                                1            p
                         June 5 See Peo ers
                                 2            st
                          June The Prank
        e Af

                           July The Plaid
                                   9                       and
                            July 6 Simplifie airy Road
                                     1            rD
                             July 3 Thacken

                                             ee           ds
                              Julyething Gr chool Ban
                               Som       High

                                                                                              YES WE DID!
                                                                                              Miller’s                          Stimulus Sale!
  voice reminiscent of great reggae vocal-
                                                                                                                                    SUIT SALE $12995
                                                                                                                                    Suit, Shirt, Tie Set, Shoes & Socks
  ists such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh,
  Stephens says. To hear for yourself, go to                                                                                        TIE & HANKERCHIEF SETS
                                                                                                             10                      $
      Thacker Dairy Road is a street in
  Greensboro and also the name of the band
  playing July 23. As you might expect, this                                                                                               Reg. $2995
  five-piece band is from Greensboro and plays

                                                                                              SELECT SHIRTS $5

  a mix of rock, country and soul. Stephens
  says their sound is influenced by many
                                                                     Photo courtesy of DWSP
  genres. “They’re a jazz-jam band with a bit of
  a country sound,” he said. “They play every-        LEFT: Alive After Five concerts         Selection of                     SELECT LOGO CAPS                                             ATHLETIC


  thing from bluegrass to George Benson riffs.”       are held in Corpening Plaza.
                                                                                                                                                    $ 98                                     SHOES

                                                      ABOVE: Matt Stillwell has had
  The band is working on its debut CD, sched-
                                                      several hits on country radio           SHIRTS
                                                                                                                                                                                             $ 95
  uled to be ready later this year. For more infor-

                                                      and is playing on June 18.
                                                                                              $ 98
                                                                                                                                                      2 for $ 5
  mation about them, go to thackerdairyroad.
  com.                                                                                                                                           or

                                                                                               miller’s variety store
      Re-creating the vibe and energy of a

                 see page 13
                                                                                                     622 North Trade St. • Winston-Salem, NC 27101 • 336.722.5049
                                                                                                                SERVING YOU FOR 80 YEARS...SINCE 1928!
Page 6                   April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009       Page 7

Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 9

                                                          ng ity
                                                        ri c
                                                      vo ur
                                                     a o
                                                            people are developing a taste for downtown
                                                                                                                     By Michael Huie
                                                                                                              Special Sections Writer

                                                                        hen Steve Lane worked for Reynolds Tobacco                 For Smith, one of downtown’s best selling points is its
                                                                        Co. in the 1980s, downtown Winston-Salem was           diversity. She says when you eat downtown you see a
                                                                        a very different place. In his mind, there is one      cross-section of the Winston-Salem population.
                                                                        reason for the current revitalization: restaurants.        “You see all kinds of people downtown. Other parts of
                                                                             Today Lane, and others like him, come from        the city are fairly homogenous, but downtown is quite differ-
                                                         Kernersville, Clemmons and all over Forsyth County to eat             ent,” she said.
                                                         downtown. The eateries that make up restaurant row on Fourth              The difference in downtown since the surge in restaurant

                                                         Street, along with those in the Arts District and the rest of         openings is apparent to John Melchior, a Saturday regular at
                                                         downtown, have loyal customers. According                                                   Hutch and Harris. He moved to Winston-
                                                         to them, the selection of restaurants down-
                                                         town is one of the area’s main selling points.         I think we just like going           Salem five years ago, and says the
                                                                                                                                                     change in downtown growth since then
                                                             Irv and Helen Keck are retired and live in                                              is dramatic.
                                                         Clemmons. At least once a week they drive
                                                         downtown and eat at Sweet Potatoes on
                                                                                                                 downtown. We like the                   “It’s night and day,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                         For Melchior, who is working on his
                                                         Trade Street. When they first decided to try
                                                         downtown dining a few years ago, they heard             atmosphere down there.              PhD, the restaurants mean that more
                                                                                                                                                     is going on downtown. Even if it’s a
                                                         the naysayers.                                                                              weekend when there are no special
                                                             “We listened to all the old-timers that said
                                                         [downtown] was dead, and went anyway,” Irv
                                                                                                               We like the people and we             events happening such as the RiverRun
                                                                                                                                                     International Film Festival or the Salute!
                                                             “I think we just like going downtown. We                 like the food.                 Wine Festival, business at the restau-
                                                                                                                                                     rants keep downtown hopping.
                                                         like the atmosphere down there. We like the                                                     “It’s good for business, but it also
                                                         people, and we like the food.”                                                              gives people something to do. Like last
                                                             Lane wishes Hutch and Harris had been open when he                night, there was nothing really going on down here, but
                                                         worked for Reynolds. He loves the free hors d’oeuvres the             there were still no parking spots left,” he said.
                                                         pub at the corner of Fourth and Spruce serves right after work            Jan Allred lives in Ardmore, but loves to eat downtown at
                                                         from 5 to 7 p.m. He says the unique atmosphere of downtown            6th and Vine in the Arts District as well as Hutch and Harris.
                                                         restaurants adds a lot to the experience. In his mind, the variety    She enjoys the downtown ambience and being able to walk
                                                         and quality of restaurants has made downtown come alive.              down the street, shop and then duck in somewhere for a
                                                             “If it wasn’t for places like this [and other restaurants], you   bite to eat.
                                                         wouldn’t have a downtown,” he said.                                       In fact, she’s so fond of Hutch and Harris that she held
                                                             Ruth Smith moved to Winston-Salem in 1981. Back then              her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration there. Not
                                                         she wasn’t so interested in coming downtown, but now she              long after, Allred got married. When it came time to choose
  PHOTOS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Mellow                 leaves her Kernersville home at least once a week to eat at           a restaurant for an informal, post-wedding meal, she looked
  Mushroom (photo courtesy of DWSP); Hutch               one of her favorite downtown restaurants. She frequents Sweet         back to downtown.
  and Harris (photo courtesy of DWSP); Finnigan’s        Potatoes along with Downtown Thai on Fourth Street and                    “We just thought it would be good luck,” she said, smil-
  Wake (Journal photo by Bruce Chapman); and             Finnigan’s Wake on Trade Street.                                      ing.
  Sixth and Vine (photo courtesy of DWSP).
  Page 10                                                                                                                                 April 30, 2009

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

            Cinco De Mayo Celebration
            SATURDAY, MAY 9TH
            Salute Wine Festival ❉ $4 Housewines
            SUNDAY, MAY 10TH
            Mother’s Day Brunch ❉ 10:30 am-2:30 pm
            MAY 15TH -17TH                                                               SERV
            Join Us For Wake Forest Graduation Weekend
            MONDAY, MAY 25TH                                                                                                               After
            Memorial Day Parade & Party                                                                                                    9p.m.

                            HAPPY HOUR / FREE FOOD                                                     336-722-4222
                                                                                                      MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30A.M. - 2:30P.M.
                                Monday thru Friday 5-7
                                                                                              NOW OPEN FRIDAY & SATURDAY 5:30P.M.
               424 W. Fourth Street • Open at 11 AM • 336.721.1336

                                                                                                   LOCATED ON THE CORNER OF 4TH & LIBERTY

                                Visit us on-line at:
                                                                                                   TRY OUR TAWOOK AND SHAWARMA
                                                                         GREAT VEGETARIAN OPTIONS

                    Join us on any of the following dates...
               May 19, July 28, Sept 15 or Nov 17, 2009
                       Informative presentations from...
                       City/County Inspections Department
                                    Fire Marshall
                        Forsyth County Health Department
                        Forsyth Tech Small Business Center
                       City Office of Economic Development
             Architectural, Real Estate and Construction Professionals
                         Information Technology Specialist

                             Seminar to be held at...
             The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership
                   305 West Fourth St, Suite 2E.
                            Sign up today by calling
                         (336) 354-1500 or


April 30, 2009                   Page 11

Page 12                                                                                                                                                            April 30, 2009

                                                                                                                                                             Photos by Allie Brown
                                                                                                                                                        Co-owner Arci
                                                                                                                                                        Edwards (below,
                                                                                                                                                        inset) says
                                                                                                                                                        Kindred Spirits
                                                                                                                                                        carries a well-
                                                                                                                                                        rounded, eclectic
                                                                                                                                                        mix of items.

              In Good Spirits
                            visitors find a sense of peace at new age shop
                                                                   By Michael Huie
                                                                Special Sections Writer

                          rci Edwards doesn’t really see the people who             “I want to facilitate people on their spiritual path, whatever that
                          come into her shop as customers. But Kindred         is,” Arci said.
                          Spirits is much more than just a store.                   Kindred Spirits began as a booth in the old Cook’s Flea Market
                              The New Age shop on Trade Street in the          off University Drive. Then, the store was called The Brass Tree, and
          Downtown Arts District is more of a gathering place or safe          specialized in brass items. Cook’s was sold to The Home Depot,
          haven for its dedicated clientele. Arci (pro-                                            so Arci and Howard decided to look for another
          nounced Archie) says Kindred Spirits very                                                 location. She says downtown was the obvious
          often becomes a shelter for people when                                                   choice.
          they are going through difficult times in                                                     “I just happened to turn up Sixth Street and
          their lives.                                                                              saw the mural on the side of the building, and it
               “I hate calling them my customers,                                                   had a Shiva [a Hindu god] on it. So I was like, ‘OK,
          because that’s so ‘business.’ People                                                      this is where I need to be,’ ” she said.
          come in here when they don’t want to                                                          The store opened on Sixth Street in 2001
          buy anything. They come just to feel                                                      in the space now occupied by Sixth and Vine.
          good. Usually, they feel better when they                                                 By that time, the business had morphed into a
          leave,” she said.                                                                         general New Age store. Three years later, Arci
               Arci co-owns the store with her hus-                                                 discovered she would have to move the business.
          band, Howard Fawley. Their devotion to                                                    She and her husband considered shutting down
          that community continues even after the                                                   entirely, but the store’s loyal following pleaded with
          store is closed. Twice a month, they hold                                                 them to find another home.
          Sunday love feasts at their house. Arci                                                       With the help of the Downtown Winston-

          cooks an informal vegetarian meal for any-
          one in the Kindred community who might                  I want to facilitate “           Salem Partnership, they found a temporary space
                                                                                                   on Trade Street. before moving into their current
          want to drop in.                                   people on their spiritual path,       location near Chelsee’s Coffee Shop and Sweet
               Kindred Spirits is about community, but
          it’s also a unique shop in Winston-Salem,                whatever that is.               Potatoes restaurant. Today, Arci credits her cus-
                                                                                                   tomers with the store’s survival.
          selling a range of New Age items includ-                    Arci Edwards                      “The community wanted us to stay. They made
          ing clothing, jewelry, books, statues and                                                it happen,” she said.
          incense. Arci says what sets the store                                                        She and Howard divide the business work.
          apart from others is its well-rounded mix of eclectic items.         She handles the day-to-day at the store, while he handles the
               “It’s a spirituality-based shop. It promotes wellness on all    bookkeeping at home.
          levels. I try to have something for everyone. If a family of three        When you walk into the shop, it’s easy to see why some would
          generations comes in, each one of them will be able to find          come there for comfort. The color of the walls and the decor pro-
          something,” she said.                                                mote a sense of peace. Arci says she’s very pleased with the
               Part of that diverse selection includes items for people of all store’s current location.
          faiths. If you’re Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or           “I can’t imagine being anywhere else, and I wouldn’t want to be
          Wiccan, chances are there is something for you.                      anywhere else. I love it here. I love the community.”
April 30, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 13

                                  from page 5

    Grateful Dead concert isn’t easy. But that’s exactly what the Pranksters will try
    to do July 2. The band, which has a history of playing in the area, plays music
    from virtually every period of the Dead’s career. According to the band’s Web
    site (, they cover “fan favorites from 19 classic albums” spanning
    1967 through 1987. They might also throw in an Allman Brothers or Pink Floyd
    cover as well.
        The rest of the summer’s lineup promises bands and performers just as
    diverse as those mentioned above. Stephens says being outdoors is a perfect
    summer experience for audience and artist. The venue is great and, with no
    admission charge, the price is right.

        “Corpening Plaza is a very inviting, family-friendly environment. It’s a great
    venue and the sound’s always good. Bring out a blanket. It’s just a really nice
    spot,” he said.

                                                                                                                      The Triad’s Destination
                                                                                                                     for World Class Cuisine.

                                                                                                               With a menu based on fresh, local, seasonal ingredients and three classically trained
                                                                                                                          chef/owners, Meridian has redefined fine dining in the Triad.

                                                                                                                                                     “ one who loves meat and potatoes will go away

                                                                                                                                                  dissatisfied... “4 Stars” – The Business Journal, June 2007

                                                                                                                 Menu updated daily online.

                                                                               WSJ1364008-01                                                                                                      WSJ1364011-01
Page 14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        April 30, 2009

WHATDO                                                                                                             TO                                               For a complete listing of Downtown events, please visit
                                                                                                                                                             and click on the “Events Calendar.”

                                                                                                                                                                                      May 2009  (a partial list of happenings)

        Sunday                                  Monday                                    Tuesday                         Wednesday                               Thursday                                       Friday                               Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                                                         1 First Friday Gallery Hop;               2 Taste of the Town, Derby
                                                                                                                                                                                                     7–10 p.m., Arts District, 6th & Trade     Style, 4 p.m., Benton Convention
                                                                                                                                                                                                     streets, free,             Center (301 W. Fifth St.), $10–$20,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Opening Reception, E.O. Hill and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Holly Wilbur, 7 p.m., Artworks Gallery        Afro-Modern Dance Class,

                                                                                                                                                                           Gallery                   (564 N. Trade St.) www.artworks
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               4 p.m., Golden Flower TaiChi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Center (612 Trade St.), $12,

                                                                                                                                                                           Hop >>                        Bob Malone w/local host Ken
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mickey, 8 p.m., The Garage (110
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Live Music, 10:30 p.m., Foothills
                                                                                                                                                                                                     W. Seventh St.), $10, www.the-            Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.), www.

     3 ½ Price Wine & Sunday                   4 Monday Night Specials, $2           5 Sangria Tuesday, 6th and            6 Open Mic Night, 8                 7 Spring Dance Concert, 8                 8 SALUTE! “Winemaker Din-                 9 SALUTE! NC Wine Celebra-
 Brunch, 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth      Yuengling Draught Beer, Recreation      Vine (209 W. Sixth St.), www. 6th     p.m.–midnight, The Garage (110 W.    p.m., The Ste.vens Center (405 W.        ners,” all winemaker dinner pairings      tion, noon–6 p.m., Fourth Street,
 St.), no cover,      Billiards (412 W. Fourth St.), www.                           Seventh St.), call Dan at 336-924-   Fourth St.), $10–$12, www.ncarts.        are posted at        $20–$25,
      Blues-A-Palooza, 1 p.m.,                      Idea Exchange, 5:30 p.m.,         5332 on Mondays after 4 p.m., www.   edu                                          Live Music: The Love Lan-                 SALUTE! After Party Featuring
 Downtown Arts District (6th and Trade         Free Appetizers, 5–7 p.m.,        Center for Design Innovation (301                           Retro Night w/ DJ S.K., 9             guage, Cakes Of Light, Terrance           Throwback Band, 6–10 p.m., free,
 streets),          Hutch & Harris (424 W. Fourth St.),     N. Main St., Ste. 2105), Free, www.                                        p.m., 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),   And The Tall Boys, 8:30 p.m.,   
                                                                                                  Krankies Coffee (211 E. Third St.), $7,
                                               Free Music to Live By, 7:30                                                                                     Trivia Night @ Foothills, 9 p.m.,
                                         p.m., Krankies Coffee (211 E. Third                                                                                Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),
                                         St.),                                                                                       no cover,

     10 ½ Price Wine & Sunday                  11 Monday Night Specials, $2          12 Sangria Tuesday,                   13 Open Mic Night, 8                14 Retro Night w/ DJ S.K., 9              15 Arthur’s Play Time, 6–8                16 The Time is Now! Motiva-
 Brunch, 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth      Yuengling Draught Beer, Recreation      6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),      p.m.–midnight, The Garage (110 W.    p.m., 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),   p.m., The Children’s Museum (390          tional Symposium, 2 p.m., Benton
 St.), no cover,      Billiards (412 W. Fourth St.), www.                    Seventh St.), call Dan at 336-924-                       S. Liberty St.), www.childrensmus         Convention Center (301 W. Fourth St.),
     Mother’s Day Celebration, 1                     Idea Exchange, 5:30 p.m.,         5332 on Mondays after 4 p.m., www.      Trivia Night @ Foothills, 9 p.m.,                               $10–$15,
 p.m., Downtown Arts District (6th and         Free Appetizers, 5–7 p.m.,        Center for Design Innovation (301                        Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),       Live Music: Vel Indica, 10 p.m.,          Live Music: 10:30 p.m., Foothills
 Trade streets),    Hutch & Harris (424 W. Fourth St.),     N. Main St., Ste. 2105), free, www.                                        no cover,       Finnigan’s Wake (620 N. Trade St.),       Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.), www.

     17 UNCSA Wind Ensemble,                   18 Monday Night Specials,             19 Sangria Tuesday,                   20 Open Mic Night, 8                 21 Alive After Five, 5:30 p.m.,          22 Live Music: Something                 23 Live Music: 10:30 p.m.,
 7:30 p.m., The Ste.vens Center (405     $2 Yuengling Draught Beer, Recreation   6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),      p.m.–midnight, The Garage (110 W.    Corpening Plaza (corner of First and     Green, 10 p.m., Finnigan’s Wake           Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),
 W. Fourth St.), $10–$12, www.           Billiards (412 W. Fourth St.), www.                    Seventh St.), call Dan at 336-924-   Liberty streets), free,     (620 N. Trade St.),                                         Idea Exchange, 5:30 p.m.,         5332 on Mondays after 4 p.m., www.       Retro Night w/ DJ S.K., 9                Discount Friday Night, 4–8
     ½ Price Wine & Sunday                     Free Appetizers, 5–7 p.m.,        Center for Design Innovation (301                        p.m., 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),   p.m., The Children’s Museum (390
 Brunch, 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth      Hutch & Harris (424 W. Fourth St.),     N. Main St., Ste. 2105), free, www.                                                     S. Liberty St.), www.childrens museu-
 St.), no cover,                                                          Trivia Night @ Foothills, 9 p.m.,
     Mayfest: Multicultural Music,                                                                                                                          Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),       Downtown Jazz, 5:30 p.m.,
 Arts, & Entertainment, 1 p.m.,                                                                                                                             no cover,       Corpening Plaza (corner of First and
 Downtown Arts District (6th and Trade                                                                                                                                                               Liberty streets), free,

     24 ½ Price Wine & Sunday                  25 Monday Night Specials,             26 Sangria Tuesday,                   27 Open Mic Night, 8                28 Retro Night w/ DJ S.K., 9             29 4th-Year Student Film                  30 Live Music: 10:30 p.m.,
 Brunch, 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth      $2 Yuengling Draught Beer, Recreation   6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),      p.m.–midnight, The Garage (110 W.    p.m., 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth St.),   Screenings, 6 and 9 p.m., Main            Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),
 St.), no cover,      Billiards (412 W. Fourth St.), www.                    Seventh St.), call Dan at 336-924-                       Theatre at ACE Exhibition Complex
     Carolina on My Mind, 1 p.m.,                     Idea Exchange, 5:30 p.m.,         5332 on Mondays after 4 p.m., www.      Trivia Night @ Foothills, 9 p.m.,     (1533 S. Main St.), $10–$12, www.
 Downtown Arts District (6th and Trade         Free Appetizers, 5–7 p.m.,        Center for Design Innovation (301                        Foothills Brewing (638 W. Fourth St.),
 streets),          Hutch & Harris (424 W. Fourth St.),     N. Main St., Ste. 2105), free, www.                                        no cover,

     31 ½ Price Wine & Sunday
 Brunch, 6th and Vine (209 W. Sixth
 St.), no cover,
     Beach Party Sunday, 1 p.m.,
 Downtown Arts District (6th and
 Trade streets), www.theafasgroup.
April 30, 2009                                                                                                                                          Page 15




        CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!           different artists every Sunday

     We need energetic volunteers to      afternoon in the Downtown Arts
     help with the 2009 Salute! Wine      District during May. Check out the

     Festival. In exchange for two        calendar on page 14 for details.
     hours of your time, you get free
     admission to the festival and a          THE FORSYTH COUNTY
     cool T-shirt. Contact Sarah@dwsp.    HISTORIC RESOURCES

     org for more information.            COMMISSIOn is inviting residents
                                          of Winston-Salem and Forsyth

         TASTE OF THE TOWN will take      County to participate in its “This
     place on Saturday, May 2 from        Place Matters” campaign dur-
     4—7 p.m. This Family Services        ing Historic Preservation Month
     fundraiser provides a venue for      in May. This Place Matters is
     more than 20 restaurants to show-    a photo-sharing campaign in
     case their specialties. On May 2,    which residents take photos of
     the day of the Kentucky Derby,       themselves, holding the offi-
     patrons will join us in the Benton   cial This Place Matters sign, in
     Convention Center in downtown        front of whatever places mat-
     Winston-Salem to sample excel-       ter to them. It can be the family
     lent food, watch the derby, par-     home, a church, a local hangout
     ticipate in a silent auction, and    or a local landmark. The pho-
     view live entertainment. Tickets     tos will be posted on the city’s
     are available at all Winston-Salem   Facebook page. The National
     Lowes Foods locations for $20.       Trust for Historic Preservation
                                          started the This Place Matters
        THE SCENE IN WINSTON-             campaign in 2008. Participants
     SALEM SCAVENGER HUNT                 may also upload their photos to

     was a huge success! Thank you        the National Trust for Historic                                        ..
                                                                                                   nner co

                                                                                                  y Speciael -
     to everyone who participated,        Preservation at www.preserva
                                                                                            your di
                                                                                    To make
     sponsored or volunteered for Complete instruc-

                                                                                          Fr i d a o f Wi n
     the scavenger hunt this year. It     tion on how to participate, along
     was a fun event and we were so       with a printable copy of the sign,
     happy to hear that everyone had a    are available online on the city’s
     good time. Sixty-eight teams ran/    Planning Department site at www.
                                                                                                   2 Price!
     walked/hopped around downtown                                                                         ❈

     on the beautiful spring afternoon.   planning.                                                                                   Mo Lu
                                                                                                                                          n      n ❈ ❊
                                                                                                                                       10 day- ch
                                                                                                                                            am Sun
         DOWNTOWN’S CAFFE                     A NEW RESTAURANT is                                                                               - 3 da
                                                                                                                                                   pm y
                                                                                                                                   Fr Di
     PRADA will be serving more than      planned for Fourth Street. One of                                                          ida nn
                                                                                                                                        y&      er
     1,000 portions of free Pink Ribbon   the owners of Finnigan’s Wake in                                                              m Satu
     Sorbetto (a special flavor created   the Downtown Arts District since                                                                    0 p rday
                                                                                                                               Sa   Br           m
     for the event) at 10 a.m. at the     2006 said he bought Cat’s Corner                                                       tur    u
                                                                                                                                    da nc
                                                                                                                                  10 y & h
     Survivor’s Tent on Saturday May 2
     at the Susan G. Komen Race for
                                          Cafe and plans to turn it into a
                                          Mexican restaurant called Rana
                                                                               300 South                                        ❊
                                                                                                                                    am      S
                                                                                                                                        - 2 unda
                                                                                                                                            pm y

     the Cure.                            Loca, which means crazy frog.        Liberty Street,                                      ❈

       CAMEL CITY CAFE is now
                                          He said he expects to be open by
                                          mid- to late summer. Cat’s Corner
                                                                               Winston-Salem, NC
     open for lunch on Fridays. Visit     Cafe’s last day was April 24. The    Convenient to Old Salem. Easy access to for more info.     owner said he will continue to       Business 40. Located in the Historic Railroad
                                          own Finnigan’s Wake with Phillip     Building. Next to the Children’s Museum.
         THE AFAS GROUP has               “Opie” Kirby. The new restaurant     Plenty of free parking.

     released their 2009 Blues-A-         will be open for lunch, dinner and
     Palooza schedule that will feature   late-night meals.                    336.245.2828


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