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									                         FORGET ME NOT
         (Adopt a box with Operation:MOM)

This project is to help Operation:MOM gather postage and product cost for the “Touch of Home”
packages sent overseas to our Men and Women serving in the Military in harms way. The
postage on one package is $10.50. Operation:MOM sends 100 or more packages each month.
Here are several ways to help. Pick an option and make a difference to our deployed men and

    1.   Sponsor a box for one year at $25.00                                $300.00
    2.   Sponsor a box for six months at $25.00                              $150.00
    3.   Sponsor the postage for one year at $10.50 each month:              $126.00
    4.   Sponsor the postage for six months at $10.50 each month:            $ 63.00

Sponsor $25.00 to support one Military person’s monthly care package
Items: Granola/protein/cereal bars, beef or turkey jerky, Handi-snacks, crackers, small size
chicken or tuna, Trail mix/nuts/raisins, hard candy/life savers/gum/mints/Gummy worms/Gummy
Bears (chocolate melts), Black or White tube socks, sanitary wipes (personal size), personal size
deodorant (men and women), small lotions & shampoos, lip balm, ground coffee (small pkgs. or
single servings), shower gel(bar soap melts in the heat), headbands (keeps sweat out of their
eyes), Q-tips, disposable razors, foot powder, feminine hygiene products, playing cards, puzzles
books, paperback books, CD’s, DVDs,

Checks should be made payable to:

            Operation:Mom Placer County
            P.O. Box 8002
            Auburn, CA 95604-8002
Additional information:

Group Leader-Operation:MOM
Contact: Pat Ryan
Phone: 530-908-0751

Thank you for supporting our troops throughout the year:

*Select Option and circle:              1    2    3     4



(Your contribution is tax deductible – Operation:MOM will send you a receipt)

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