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									3 Smart Ways To Get Facebook Likes

Facebook likes fire up your posts and adds a steady flow of activity stream to eyes outside your network
of connections. When somebody likes your Facebook status, blog post, videos or photos, it
automatically gets in the news feed of the liker’s social connections. Because Facebook likes are instant
promotions which carries a huge potential in turning your content viral, here are smart ways to get
Facebook likes at snap of a finger.

Use Videos Related To Your Niche
One great way to build popularity for your brand is to your videos. The internet today has blazing speed
and people are more inclined to watch videos than read a boring litany of words. If you have a small
business, you can create a video presentation of the operation floor – how your product gets produced
or how your services are delivered. One way is to create “A-Day-In-A-Life-Of” video themes. It can be
very sensational to the everybody else watching and, most of all, it adds a human touch to your small
company. Videos nowadays are easy to produce, all you need is a home video camera or even a phone,
do some minor tweaks and upload it to YouTube.

To make it more fun and interesting, insert funny texts and bubble thoughts to the characters in your
video. Do this right and you’ll get tons of instant likes.

Use Crafty Photos
Photos are the sweetest eye-candy around. Have you tried hanging out in your Facebook timeline?
Almost everybody share meme’s (photos of internet famous characters that range from cats to Chuck
Norris, with two or three punch lines in text), pretty photos with quotes, advice and/or hilarious text, or
even just plain text quote in slide panes. Photos are very effective in attracting reader’s attention,
engaging them and feeding them your message. To make your photos interesting, find a way to come up
with an alluring hook or theme that’s related to your business. Make it tell a story. You know as they
say: A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Crack A Joke When Writing
Blogging is one of the strongest ways to build and maintain fresh content flowing to your site, both for
SEO and social media purposes. There really are times when you have to take a break from catchy
photos and offer something of more value that’s related to your niche. Maybe you can write a how-to
article, a case study to emphasize the effectiveness of your business or share some expertise on the
topic. Whatever you need to write, inject some humor in there. Write in a tone as if you are just
conversing with a bunch of good friends. It may be an article but readers can hear your voice flowing
through. They’ll still finding it worth clicking the thumbs up button.

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