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Our corporate motto, “Demand Expert Solutions®” represents the expectations and
standards we set for ourselves. We demand the best from our staff and we expect the
best for our customers. Commercial Solutions has several locations across Canada
that provide MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) products and services to industry in
the fields of bearing, power transmission, industrial, safety, forestry, fire and emergency
services, mining and resource management equipment products and services. We say,
“Demand Expert Solutions®” and we stand behind it with our commitment to providing
exceptional customer service and technical support.

We thank our existing customers for their patronage. Together, we look forward to
providing new customers with our excellent service and expert solutions, which have
enabled us to become the outstanding company we are today.

For more information or to place an order, call Commercial Solutions at
1.888.522.9822 or visit our website at

Jim Barker
President and CEO
Commercial Solutions Inc.

                 “Commercial Solutions” is a registered Trade-Mark of Commercial Solutions Inc.
               “Demand Expert Solutions” is a registered Trade-Mark of Commercial Solutions Inc.

   STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING .................................. 4

   GENERAL SAFETY .................................................... 14

   NOZZLES & ADAPTERS ........................................... 23

   WILDLAND ................................................................. 25

   TOOLS & SAFETY EQUIPMENT.............................. 29

   FOAM & SPILL CONTROL ........................................ 32

   MEDICAL ................................................................... 36

   GAS DETECTION ...................................................... 38

   TRAFFIC..................................................................... 40

   MISCELLANEOUS ..................................................... 42

                                          COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS

                                                                                        BUNKER COAT
                                                                                        • Hand warmer pockets
                                                                                        • Articulating rapid rescue strap
                                                                                          (patent pending)
                                                                                        • Breathable inner liner pocket
                                                                                        • Notched radio pocket with mic tab
                                                                                        • Patented liner inspection ports
                                                                                        • Patented dead air panelling
                                                                                        • Patented waterproof wristlets

                                                                                        • Patented coat tails
                                                                                        • Additional mic tab
                                                                                        • Glo-Flex® canadian flag

                                                                                        CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS
                                                                                        • Custom reflective lettering on back
                                                                                        • Custom labeling / insignia

                                                                                        BUNKER PANTS
                                                                                        •   Parachute style suspenders
                                                                                        •   Full bellow pockets
                                                                                        •   Angled pant cuff (patent pending)
                                                                                        •   Patented liner inspection ports
                                                                                        •   Patented biflex heat channel knees
                                                                                        •   Velcro fly closure with hook and dee

                               MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS
                                                                                              BUNKER GEAR IS AVAILABLE IN
                               Outer Shell:        60% Kevlar® / 40% Nomex®                 CUSTOM OR GENERIC SIZING WITH
                                                                                             NO OVERSIZE PREMIUM PRICING.
                               Thermal Liner:      Aralite / Nomex® Facecloth
                               Moisture Barrier:   RT7100                                   2 WEEK CUSTOM STOCK DELIVERY
                               THL:                243 (NFPA minimum standard is 205)         AVAILABLE, CALL FOR PRICING:
                               TPP:                43.8 (NFPA minimum standard is 35)

                               Colour Choices:     Yellow, Gold, Khaki, Black and Red
That’s why we partnered with Honeywell First Responder
  to help design the safest bunker gear available
In our continuing commitment to ensure that Volunteer firefighters are
       amongst the best equipped professionals in the country,
            Honeywell First Responder in partnership with
             “The Fire Within” and Commercial Solutions
        proudly introduce “The Fire Within” Spec bunker gear.

 Morning Pride Bunker Gear is the only gear to offer a ‘Lifetime Warranty’
              To enquire about our “Field Test Evaluation”

                                       MORNING PRIDE
                                                                        PROTECTIVE CLOTHING SYSTEMS

• Reflective heel protector
• Comfort PowerLining® - high abrasion / tear resistance with antibacterial
  properties that keep boots dry
• Fire / ice Vibram® Powersole® provides flexibility and traction in
  cold temperatures
• NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition, NFPA 1992, 2005 Edition
• Various sizes available, call for details



• Full grain, heavyweight, jet black, silicone impregnated, water
  resistant leather
• Upper features 6 iron, 3/4 heel wedge stabilizer
• Poron package insole for additional comfort
• Radiant-Tex® heat reflective filler
• One piece, logger style, Vibram® outsole
• Removable, replaceable, patented Dryz® polyurethane insert
• Fire resistant, abrasion resistant rubber toe cap
• NFPA 1977, 2005 Edition
• Available in narrow, medium or wide widths in sizes 5 to 14

                                                                              STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING


• Come with speed zipper
• NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition, NFPA1999, 2003 Edition, NFPA 1977, 2005
  Edition, NFPA 1992, 2005 Edition
• Various sizes available, call for details



• 8” leather / fire resistant Advance® Ripstop side panels / lace-up
• Fire / ice Vibram® lug outsole
• NFPA 1951, 2007 Edition, NFPA 1999, 2003 Edition, NFPA 1977,
  2005 Edition, NFPA 1992, 2005 Edition
• Various sizes available, call for details



• New cement sole construction
• Patented PowerHeel™ adds an extra layer of protection while the
  thermoplastic heel counter retains its shape and provides lateral
  support, encouraging correct spinal alignment
• Vibram® Bidifia Cup Sole improves flexibility providing natural
  movement of the foot
• Ribbed Powerguard™ for additional comfort
• Other features include cushion ankle protection, Crosstech™ moisture
  barrier, steel toe and steel bottom plate and heavy-duty pull straps
• NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition
• Various sizes available, call for details

                               16” SHOE-FIT™ BUNKER BOOTS

                               •   Kevlar® / Nomex® lining
                               •   Padded shin protector
                               •   Extra heel reinforcement
                               •   Wide angle lug outsole NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition

                               TFG 5118(SIZE)

                               16” SHOE-FIT™ BUNKER BOOTS

                               • Built-in urethane-silicone enhanced insulation and a wool felt
                                 midsole lining
                               • Extra heel reinforcement
                               • Kevlar® / Nomex® lining with built-in cushion shin protection
                               • Black Sure-Loc™ outsole with built-in metatarsal foot guard
                               • NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition
                               • Various sizes available, call for details

                               TFG BTR5123(SIZE)


                               • True 3-D hand shaped styling, Digiroo™ high grip palm and fingers
                               • Kangaroo back, cowhide cuffs and Crosstech® moisture barrier
                               • NFPA 1971, 1951, 2007 Edition (rescue and recovery) NFPA 1999,
                                 2003 Edition
                               • Lifetime warranty on finger never to detach
                               • 16 sizes available

                               TFG GLSGKCG(SIZE)          Cowhide Cuff
                               TFG GLSGKCW(SIZE)          Two-ply Nomex® Wristlet

                               WINNIPEG MITTS

                               •   The only NFPA 1971-2007 firefighter mitt
                               •   Crosstech® moisture barrier
                               •   Elk hide outer with air shield cuff
                               •   Various sizes available, call for details

                               TFG GLBPREGM(SIZE)

                               FIRE MATE™ GLOVES

                               • Elk upper and kangaroo palm
                               • Meets both NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition and NFPA 1951
                                 due to dexterity
                               • Crosstech® moisture barrier
                               • Lifetime warranty
                               • Various sizes available, call for details

                               TFG GL9550(SIZE)           Leather Gauntlet
                               TFG GL9500(SIZE)           Two-ply Nomex® Spandex Wristlet w/ Leather Pull Tab
                 FIRE MATE™ GLOVES

                 • 65% Nomex® / 35% Kevlar® lining
                 • Slash and puncture protection
                 • Kangaroo leather palm and soft elkskin back features Eversoft
                   tanning to repel water and dry faster
                 • NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition
                 • Lifetime warranty
                 • Various sizes available, call for details

                 TFG GL9150(SIZE)                Leather Gauntlet
                 TFG GL9100(SIZE)                Two-ply Nomex® Spandex Wristlet w/ Leather Pull Tab

                 SQUIDS® GLOVE GRABBER

                 •   Clips to clothing, belts, tool belts, and D-rings
                 •   Breakaway feature
                 •   Dielectric / non-conductive material
                 •   Durable, ultra-resilient acetal copolymer
                 •   Hi-vis orange

                 ERG 3400ORG

                                                                                                       STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING
                 EAGLE™ HOODS

                 • Available in PBI® / FR Rayon, Nomex® or P84
                 • Hood design extends approximately 8” in the front and back and 6”
                   on the sides
NON-VENTILATED   • Comes in standard non-ventilating hood or ventilating hood with
                   open weave mesh panel in the crown
                 • NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition

                 TFG HDVFCPBIR           Ventilated Face and Chest | Pbi™ Blend
                 TFG HDFCN               Non-ventilated Face and Chest | Nomex®
                 TFG HDVFDHTC            Ventilated Full Drape | Eagle HTC™ Carbon Blend


                 VENTED SUPER HOODS

                 • New patented comfort top moves the seam circle inside the
                   diameter of the helmet headband for no rub comfort

                 TFG 300V0422FNF White | Nomex®
                 TFG 300V0452FNF Bronze | Pbi™ Blend
                                                                                 STRUCTURAL STYLE STANDARD HELMETS
                                                    MORNING PRIDE
                                                     PROTECTIVE HELMET SYSTEMS

                                                                                 •   One handed faceshield operation
                                                                                 •   Superior “Universal Plus 8-Way Suspension”
                                                                                 •   Stronger and lighter field proven FYR glass shell
                                                                                 •   Built-in goggle retention system
                                                                                 •   Standard earflaps: yellow Nomex® flannel available in BPR or HDO
                                                                                 •   Standard chinstrap: Nomex® quick release postman slide
                                                                                 •   NFPA,1971, 2007 Edition
                                                                                 •   Available in black, white, red, yellow, blue, orange and green
                               BEN 2
                                                                                 •   Also available with NFPA EZ-Flips visor

                                                                                 BEN 2 PLUS TRADITIONAL
                                                                                 • Standard eye / face protection: clear APEC hi-temp 4” x 0.150”
                                                                                 • Standard trim: Reflexite® 8-trapezoids lime

                                                                                 LITE FORCE PLUS MODERN
                                                                                 • Standard eye / face protection: clear APEC hi-temp 4” x 0.110”
                                               LITE FORCE                        • Standard trim: Reflexite® 5 – 1” x 4” lime

                               WITH NFPA EZ-FLIPS VISOR

                                                                                 ESS GOGGLES
                                                    MORNING PRIDE
                                                     PROTECTIVE HELMET SYSTEMS

                                                                                 • Features semi-permanent, two-piece strap and mounting
                                                                                   bracket system
                                                                                 • Thumb screws secure goggle straps to the helmet
                                                                                 • Patented ESS Speed-Clip™ strap system makes strap adjustment
                                                                                   quick and easy
                                                                                 • Frame is designed to fit over most eyeglasses
                                                                                 • NFPA 1971, 2000 Edition

                                                                                 TFG HPE20

                                                                                 THERMAL IMAGER

                                                                                 • Designed for durability and survived both 3’ and 6’ drops during
                                                                                   rigorous testing as well as passed IP 67 requirements
                                                                                 • Tested up to 644ºF (340ºC), graphic temperature bar up to
                                                                                   600ºF (300ºC)
                                                                                 • Reliable, light, easy to operate and easily transferable
                                                                                 • Comfortable, affordable, effective, durable and non-intrusive with
                                                                                   30 minute low battery warning
                                                                                 • Weighs approximately 1lb.
                                HELMET NOT INCLUDED                              • Anti white-out programming
                                                                                 • Uses two AA batteries
                                                                                 • One year warranty

                                                                                 TFG TIKITF                 ºF GIT Readout
                                                                                 TFG TIKITC                 ºC GIT Readout
                     FRT1000 FIREFIGHTER TRACKING SYSTEM
                     • Up to 100’ range inside buildings; signal works through walls and
                       other obstacles
                     • Auto-on lanyard
                     • New motion-sensing technology switches tracker from standby to
                       transmit mode or search mode when firefighter goes down
                     • Does not interfere with radio communications as it transmits and
                       receives a silent 457 kHz signal
                     • To be worn on the SCBA belt during rescue operations
                     • Runs on three AAA Alkaline batteries for up to 250 hours in transmit
                       mode and 50 hours in search mode
                     • UL Functionally Intrinsically Safe approval

                     DRA R56770                  W/ Gatekeeper and Pouch


                     UCF 1600/3200 THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA

                     • Distant subjects are brought into closer view, and in greater detail,

                                                                                               STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING
                       using a standard digital 2x zoom
                     • Optional Thermal Scan (TS) technology allows hidden sources of
                       heat to be detected quickly and clearly
                     • The Dräger UCF 1600/3200 has three different, optional handles
                            Basic handle
                            Image and video capture handle
                            Transmitter handle
                     • Powered by a SmartCell lithium ion battery, which provides
                       operational use of up to four hours
                     • Comes with charging unit for the direct and simultaneous charging of
                       the camera and a replacement battery
                     • Small, light and extremely robust
HANDLE OPTIONAL      • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling and optimum operability
                     • Micro IR VOx microbolometer technology for unique image
                       colouration and quality
                     • Two transparent colour (TC) operating modes for high and low
                       temperature ranges as well as flexible UCF-colour ranges for an
                       optimum display of the thermal images
                     • Direct temperature detection in Fahrenheit and Celsius
                     • Thermal Scan function (TS) complete with adjustable colouration of
                       the thermal image
                     • Tripod connection point integrated into the housing

                     • Two year warranty

                     DRA 4057985                 1600 Standard Model
                     DRA 4057990                 3200 Advanced Model
                                                  PSS 7000

                                                  • Features a new harness suspension system with harness friction
                                                    buckles that allow for quick and easy donning and doffing
                                                  • Advanced compression moulded comfort padding
                                                  • Vulcanized chloroprene rubber outer surface provides
                                                    excellent stability
                                                  • Carbon-fibre back plate with three-position height adjustment to fit
                                                    the torso length of any firefighter
                                                  • Self-adjusting, pivoting waist belt
                                                  • Features the Dräger Quick Dock system that allows for fast, secure
                                                    cylinder change-out
                                                  • Exceeds NFPA 1981 - 2007 Edition standards
                                                  • Central battery system supplies power to the SCBA with an additional
                                                    back-up battery providing total reliability and confidence
                                                  • Comes with a standard cylinder strap for single cylinder configuration

                                                  DRA 4058401

                               For expert advice or a quote on any of the products seen in
                                 this catalogue, speak to one of our firefighting experts:
                                                     or email
                     ULTIMATE GEAR BAG

                     •   3.8 cubic foot capacity
                     •   Heavy-duty coated nylon that is oil, water and grease resistant
                     •   Reflective trim along straps and diagonally on each end of bag
                     •   Four additional pockets including extra-large helmet pocket
                     •   Vented main compartment with Velcro® flap closure

                     TFG GBB80RS

Arsenal® Fire and Rescue Gear Bags hold and separate turnout gear, equipment and
personal items unlike any others. Super-tough 1000D nylon outside and double-coated PU
inside. This righteous combination repels water and resists abrasions, tears, and punctures.
Heavy-duty zippers, lots of ergo, and pockets aplenty finish it off nicely.

                     ARSENAL® LARGE GEAR BAG

                                                                                               STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING
                     •   16” x 21” x 15” main hold and 10” x 10” outside front pocket
                     •   16” x 8” x 14” side pocket and 16” x 2” x 14” other side pocket
                     •   Maltese cross
                     •   2” webbing handle and shoulder straps
                     •   Grab `n Go pull strap and removable shoulder strap

                     ERG GB5005                  Large Gear Bag
                     ERG GB5005W                 Wheeled Gear Bag

                     ARSENAL® STEP-IN COMBO GEAR BAG

                     •   15” x 14” x 15” main hold
                     •   Two 15” x 8” x 15” end pockets
                     •   Maltese cross
                     •   Removable adjustable shoulder strap and strap grabber

                     ERG GB5060

                     ARSENAL® DAY BAG

                     •   600D nylon body material
                     •   12” x 15” x 9” main hold
                     •   Two 9” x 2” x 7” side pockets
                     •   12” x 15” x 2” front and rear pockets
                     •   Maltese cross
                     •   Removable adjustable shoulder strap and strap grabber

                     ERG GB5010
                              P100 DISPOSABLE RESPIRATOR

                              • 99.97% efficiency against both oil-based and non-oil based particles
                                down to 0.3 microns

                              MMM 8293

                              N95 PARTICLE DUST MASK

                              • Increased comfort and wear time
                              • Provides a secure seal and a better fit to protect against particles
                                from grinding, sanding, sweeping and other dusty operations
                              • Adjustable nose clip reduces eyewear fogging
                              • 20 per box

                              MMM 8210

                              X-PLORE 5500 SERIES FULL FACEPIECE RESPIRATOR

                              • Three sizes in one mask
                              • Compact low-profile design ensures a wide, unobstructed field of vision
                              • Features a five-point head harness and a double-layer face seal with
                                triple sealing action
                              • Inner mask is ergonomically formed for a comfortable and safe fit

                              DRA R55270

                              PARAT C ESCAPE HOOD

                              • Provides at least 15 minutes of effective protection from the toxic
                                gases and vapours emitted during a fire
                              • The hood is pulled over the head to provide the wearer with both
                                respiratory and eye protection
                              • Easy to see bright orange colour that has been flame flash tested
                                at 1200˚F
                              • Shelf-life of 12 years providing the filter is replaced after six years
                              • One size fits all
                              • Also available in hard plastic case

                              DRA R53555

•   NRR 32 dB
•   Vibrant colours make protection visible
•   Self-adjusting foam expands to fit virtually every wearer
•   Contoured T-shape for easy insertion and wear

HOW LL30                     Corded | 200 Pairs / Box
HOW LL1                      Uncorded | 200 Pairs / Box
HOW LLPD1                    Plug Depot® | 500 Pairs
HOW LL1D                     Leight® Dispenser


• Patented liquid and foam filled cushions for better seal and
  lower pressure
• Simple height adjustment and wide ear cushions
• Padded wide headband for extended wear
• Stainless steel headband wires with four-point suspension
• Twin cup design minimizes resonance
• Maximum high and low frequency attenuation
• CSA class AL

PLT H10A                     Head Band | NRR 30 dB
PLT H10B                     Behind-the-head | NRR 29 dB
PLT H10P3E                   Helmet Mount | NRR 27 dB


•   Premium optical quality and extremely lightweight at 26 g
•   Lenses are hard-coated and scratch resistant

                                                                            GENERAL SAFETY
•   Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses offer 99.9% UV filtration
•   Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards

WAS W20804                   Amber
WAS W20802                   Smoke
WAS W20800                   Clear


•   Tough, durable, nylon frames with two streamlined designs
•   Soft nosebridge and temple tips for added comfort
•   Hot colours and flared accents
•   Lanyard and microfibre bag included
•   Meets CSA Z94.3 standards

AOS 1165000000               Metallic Sand Frame | Red Mirror Lens
AOS 1165100000               Metallic Sand Frame | Clear AF Lens
AOS 1165200000               Silver Frame | Blue Mirror Lens
AOS 1165300000               Silver Frame | Clear AF Lens
AOS 1165400000               Black Frame | Gray AF Lens


WAS 200000             (1) 250 mL Lens Cleaner | (2) Boxes of 300 Tissues
WAS 200500             (1) 500 mL Lens Cleaner | (4) Boxes of 300 Tissues
                              BIG ED™ FLASHLIGHT

                              • Right angle flashlight specifically designed for firefighters
                              • Body is made of Xenoy® unbreakable chemical resistant resin
                              • Polycarbonate lens and thermoplastic rubber shroud
                              • Powerful Xenon lamp produces a bright, long distance beam
                              • Spare lamp is included as a secondary lamp
                              • Unique push-button “Quick Change Battery Ejection System” on
                                Alkaline unit allows easy change of battery pack, four C-cell Alkaline
                                batteries (not included)
                              • Rechargeable version includes a NiCad battery pack and can use a
                                fast or trickle charger

                              PEL 3700001245              Four C-cell Alkaline (Not Included)
                              PEL 3750051245              NiCad Battery Pack (Included)

                              LITTLE ED™ RECOIL™

                              • LED lamp provides 10,000 hours of lamp life and is protected by
                                durable polycarbonate, O-ring sealed shroud
                              • Rotary on / off switch operates easily, even when wearing thick gloves
                              • Rugged, lightweight ABS resin body resists water and chemicals
                              • Stainless steel clip and ring attaches to turnout gear for hands-free use
                              • Runs off three C-cell Alkaline batteries

                              PEL 3610010245              Yellow
                              PEL 3610010110              Black

                              REMOTE AREA LIGHTING

                              •   Comes in 1510 case
                              •   16 x 1 watt LEDs mounted in an aluminum heat sink
                              •   Aluminum pole extends to a height of 83”
                              •   Provides 1280 lumens of light for any area
                              •   Rechargeable battery has nine hours of life
                              •   Diffuser can be mounted to change the beam from a focused
                                  spot to a diffused beam

                              PEL 945000150

                              4AA LED FLASHLIGHT

                              • One watt, 10,000 hour, super high-flux LED provides a longer
                                reaching, brighter beam that’s ten times brighter than a
                                high-intensity LED
                              • Ergonomically shaped for maximum hand comfort
                              • Powered by four AA Alkaline batteries that run for up to four
                                hours at full intensity with two additional hours of declining
                                usable light
                              • Up to 3,500 peak beam candlepower (42 lumens)
                              • Waterproof
                              • Features a wrist lanyard connection
                              • Available in yellow or black

                              STM 68202

•   TruBeam optics technology
•   Innovative high power LED
•   White, bright, smooth light
•   Easy spot-to-flood with no loss of light quality
•   Durability reassurance
•   Machined aluminum construction
•   Lifetime guarantee

DUR KDAY2DSE04A              (2) AA Duracell® Batteries
DUR KDAY1DSE04A              (3) AAA Duracell® Batteries
DUR KDAY3DSE04L              (2) CR123 Duracell® Lithium Batteries


•   Features two ultra-bright blue taillight LEDs
•   Offers two modes: steady and blinking
•   Three-position toggle switch that is easy to turn on / off with gloves
•   Heavy-duty D-rings and quick-release strap
•   65,000 candlepower
•   Meets NFPA requirements
•   Rugged, high-impact thermoplastic, waterproof housing
•   Fits existing charging racks
•   Includes a truck mountable 12-volt DC direct wire charging rack and
    quick-release shoulder strap

STM 44401


                                                                             GENERAL SAFETY
• Available in single or split colours
• LED module alignment screw easily adjusts light module angle for
  maximum light intensity for any windshield angle
• 17 total Scan-Lock flash patterns to choose from allowing for seven
  patterns that flash simultaneously or alternately
• Three suction cups securely hold dash light to the windshield
• 8’ cord with cigar plug and on / off switch with LED ‘on’ indicator
• 12 VDC with super low current draw: 0.6 amp solid / 0.3 amp split
• Perfect for volunteer firefighters
• Five year warranty
• Available with green LEDs



• Ideal to keep in the trunk of your car or in a first aid kit
• Uses a Lithium CR123 battery that has a ten year shelf-life and won’t
  leak in harsh temperatures
• Features nine user-selectable flash patterns, including Coast Guard,
  “SOS” Morse code for rescue and solid-on (lantern) mode for use as
  a lantern or power-fail light
• Red LED light and yellow outer shell

PFL BAG4Y                    Yellow Bag
                              VANTAGE LED TACTICAL HELMET LIGHT

                              • Lightweight, compact, low profile design easily attaches / detaches
                                above or below brim on fire helmets, industrial helmets and hard hats
                              • C4 LED impervious to shock, and is two to three times brighter than
                                previous generation LEDs
                              • Six hours of continuous runtime to the 10% output level
                              • Fits both traditional and modern style helmets
                              • Swivel clamp and insertable 5° angle adjuster to optimize
                                beam location
                              • Anodized aircraft aluminum
                              • Uses two 3V Lithium batteries
                              • Also includes a reflective strip and is waterproof to 1m for 30 min.
                              • Limited lifetime warranty

                              STM 69140

                              BLACKJACK FLASHLIGHT HOLDER

                              • Built from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and weighs only 1.8 oz.
                              • Superior under brim patented design securely holds the light on
                                the helmet
                              • Fits most firefighting helmets, both traditional and modern styles
                              • Accommodates four AA size lights from Pelican™, Streamlight®,
                                Kohler-Brightstar® and Underwater Kinetics®
                              • Also accommodates new generation of 123 size Lithium powered
                                lights from Surefire® and Pelican™

                              ODI BJ001        Fits Pelican™ Stealth Lights and Streamlight® Two AA Lights
                              ODI BJ002        Fits Streamlight® Four AA Lights
                              ODI BJ003        Fits Surefire 6P, G2 Nitrolon and Pelican® M6 2320 Lights

                              PROCELL® ALKALINE BATTERIES

                              •   Long lasting and dependable, even after five years of storage
                              •   Lasts up to five times longer than super heavy-duty batteries
                              •   Long service life at high drain discharges
                              •   Operates reliably in temperature extremes of -20ºC to 54ºC
                              •   Date coded to ensure freshness
                              •   Economical bulk packaging for professional applications
                              •   Contains no added mercury

                              DUR PC1300                   D | 1.5 Volt
                              DUR PC1400                   C | 1.5 Volt
                              DUR PC1500                   AA | 1.5 Volt

                              DUR PC1604BK                 9V | 9.0 Volt
                              DUR PC2400                   AAA | 1.5 Volt

                              PELICAN™ CASES

                              •   Constructed of lightweight space age structural resin
                              •   O-ring seal and exclusive purge valve
                              •   Supplied with pre-scored Pick ‘N’ Pluck™ foam or padded dividers
                              •   Locking flanges and massive multiple latches for absolute security
                              •   Moulded fold-down handle
                              •   Personalized nameplate engraving available
                              •   Unconditional lifetime guarantee

                              We carry a full line of Pelican™ Cases. Call for details.

•   Maintains constant 58˚F / 14˚C to keep firefighters cool
•   Cooler packs last up to four hours
•   Comfortable cotton construction with hook and loop closure
•   Flame resistant Banox FR3 fabric lasts up to 50 washings
•   Exceeds FTMS 191-5903
•   Great addition to a firefighter’s rehab program
•   Hi-vis orange
•   Sizes S, L and XL

ERG 6200(SIZE)


•   320D nylon taslan shell
•   2” Level 2 ANSI-certified tape (3M™ Scotchlite™)
•   Inset hood with drawstring and stoppers
•   Storm front with zipper and snap closure
•   YKK #5 zippers
•   Reversible
•   Sizes S to 5XL

ERG 8360(SIZE)

                                                                         GENERAL SAFETY

•   Weatherproof outer shell constructed of 100% polyester
•   Breathable PU coating
•   Inner jacket with removable 300 g fleece lining
•   2” Level 2 ANSI-certified tape (3M™ Scotchlite™)
•   Inset hood with drawstring and stoppers
•   Storm front with zipper and snap closure
•   YKK #5 zippers
•   Sizes S to 5XL

ERG 8380(SIZE)



• Waterproof outer shell constructed of 100% polyester with PU coating
  and DuPont® Teflon®
• Polyester lining with 160 g padding and quilting
• 2” Level 2, ANSI Certified tape (3M® Scotchlite® 8910)
• Jacket is ANSI 107 Class 3, EN471 Class 3 certified
• Pants are ANSI 107 Class E, EN471Class 2 certified
• Various sizes available, call for details

ERG 8385LIME(SIZE)          Jacket
ERG 8915HIL(SIZE)           Pants
                              ICE COMMANDER RESCUE SUIT

                              • Offers both insulation and flotation performance allowing rescuers
                                to be immersed in icy cold water for extended periods of time while
                                maintaining mental and physical capabilities
                              • Increased size range as a result of a longer torso, diagonal zipper
                                entry and widened boot entry
                              • New hood design with back zipper adjustment
                              • Back O-ring safety line attachment with front quick-release
                              • Includes over-gloves and a zip-in liner

                              MUS IC9001

                              INFLATABLE PFD

                              •   Comfortable neoprene collar
                              •   3F manual inflator
                              •   D-ring
                              •   Available in red / carbon only

                              MUS MD3051

                              PROFLEX® FIRE AND RESCUE STANDARD GLOVES

                              •   Armortex reinforcement on palm, fingers and thumb saddle
                              •   Amara on fingers, thumb, and palm
                              •   Double-needle kevlar stitching
                              •   PVC-reinforced fingertip gripping zones
                              •   EVA knuckle pad and palm padding to dampen shock and impact
                              •   Stretch spandex shell for comfort and fit
                              •   Sizes S to 2XL

                              ERG 726(SIZE)


                              •   Keprotec reinforcement on palm, fingers and thumb saddle
                              •   Amara on fingers, thumb, and palm
                              •   Double-needle Kevlar stitching
                              •   PVC-reinforced fingertip gripping zones
                              •   Stretch spandex shell for comfort and fit
                              •   EVA knuckle pad and palm padding to dampen shock and impact
                              •   Sizes S to 2XL

                              ERG 730(SIZE)

• Waterproof and breathable Hipora® barrier to protect hands from
  micro-organisms such as TB, Hepatitus, Staph and HIV meets
  O.S.H.A. Bloodborne Pathogens Standards (29CFR 1910.1030)
• Cut resistant Kevlar® palm and thumb panels, side panels and
  finger panels
• Sizes M to 2XL



• No-tangle design holds the shape of the harness
• Lightweight polyester webbing
• CSA compliant
• Available in several D-ring configurations to comply with fall arrest, work
  positioning, ladder climbing and / or confined space entry
• Available with an integral shock pack sewn on back
• Please contact your safety specialist for work suitable configurations

DBI 1102010C


                                                                               GENERAL SAFETY
• 130’ galvanized cable
• Stainless steel and cast aluminum housing with environmentally
  sealed inner components
• Self-adjusting disc brake, and reserve lifeline system
• CSA Z259.2.1, Type 2 certified

DBI 3403600C


• 6’ long
• Web loop harness connector

DBI 1220006C


• 6’ long
• Double leg, 100% tie-off lanyard
• Elastic bungee style legs and large rebar hooks

DBI 1221008C
                                                         RESCUE ROPE BAG

                                                         • Braided MFP Polypropylene floating rope
                                                         • Bright orange nylon and polyester self-draining bag comes with
                                                           adjustable strap and 3M® reflective safety band

                                                         SCP 4093

                                                         ABC DRY CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER

                                                         •   Manufactured and tested to cUL standards
                                                         •   Dependable steel cylinders with all metal valve construction
                                                         •   UL and U.S. Coast Guard listed
                                                         •   Bar coded labels
                                                         •   -65° F to 120° F temperature range

                                                         We carry a full line of fire extinguishers. Call for details.

                              The FIRM Inc.                                                       #15 215 38th Ave N.E.
                                                                                                   Calgary, AB T2E 7E3
                                                                                         Ph: (403) 451-9201 Fax: (403) 451-9199
                              Fire Industry Repair and Maintenance                            Email:

•   Heavy-duty, long lasting, industrial fire hose
•   Constructed of top quality high density fibres
•   Specially formulated rubber compound
•   Won’t delaminate, will not rot or mildew
•   Resistant to chemicals, oils, fuels, ozone, UV, abrasion and heat
•   Standard red

NFE 6102                    1-1/2” x 100’
NFE 6110                    2-1/2” x 100’
NFE 6100                    1-1/2” x 50’
NFE 6108                    2-1/2” x 50’


•   Constant flow rate with all effects
•   BIMATIC system maintains constant working pressure
•   Cleaning system without the need to cut water flow
•   Valve with anti-shock polymeric lever

NFE SG1560                  VIPER FT-1550 / 60 | 200 L / Min.
NFE SG12250                 VIPER FT-2510 / 100 | 400 L / Min.

                                                                          NOZZLES AND ADAPTERS
NFE SG3012                  VIPER FT-8020 / 1-1/2” | 300 - 800 L / Min.


• Specifically designed with a 1/4” discharge orifice
• When connected to the end of a fire hose, it generates a high
  velocity water jet
• When used in conjuction with Class “A” foam, this nozzle is an
  extremely effective tool on duff fires
• Comes with a 1-1/2” double female connector

SCP 4005



• Has superior characteristics to work with today’s Class A and
  Class B foams
• Designed for flexibility, the nozzle tip can be detached so a Scotty™
  foam inductor can be inserted between the tip and shut-off valve
• Available in 30 gpm and 70 gpm flow rates

SCP 403730                  30 gpm Nozzle
SCP 403770                  70 gpm Nozzle
                                                 FOG / STRAIGHT STREAM NOZZLE WITH SHUT-OFF

                                                 • Built-in twist-to-shut-off capability
                                                 • Ideal for hose stations, industrial use, forestry and fire departments
                                                 • Avaiable in 30 gpm and 50 gpm flow rates

                                                 SCP 403830                   30 gpm Nozzle
                                                 SCP 403870                   70 gpm Nozzle

                                                 “REVOLVER” MULTI-FLOW NOZZLE

                                                 • Can be set on one of four different flow rates, three in a straight
                                                   stream mode and one in a fan pattern
                                                 • Pre-set flow rates are 3, 6, 10 and 12 gpm
                                                 • Flow rate is easily changed by rotating the outer barrel to desired setting
                                                 • Made from glass-reinforced, engineering grade polymers making it
                                                   very lightweight, extremely durable and absolutely corrosion proof
                                                 • Can be used with Class A or Class B foams, but is not designed

                                                   to generate the type of bubble structure typical of Scotty® air-
                                                   aspirating foam nozzles
                                                 • Comes with 1-1/2” male NPSH threads on the nozzle body
                                                 • Various connector options available, call for details

                                                 SCP 4044

                                                 FIRE COUPLER SPANNER AND GAS WRENCH

                                                 • Durable, lightweight wrench used to tighten and loosen 1” to 3” fire
                                                   hose line couplers, swivel hose fittings and anvil lug couplers
                                                 • Can also be used to open standard 70 mm caps on five gallon foam
                                                   concentrate containers
                                                 • Slot in wrench for use as a gas cock shut-off
                                                 • Made from tough, glass-filled nylon and is spark and corrosion proof
                                                 • Includes a quick-snap belt clip

                                                 SCP 4577BK

                              For expert advice or a quote on any of the products seen in
                                this catalogue, speak to one of our firefighting experts:
                                                    or email

•   420D nylon shell stands up to long term wear and tear
•   Zip-up cap cover keeps debris and contaminants at bay
•   Closed cell insulation keeps water cool for hours
•   TPE polymer bladder for water that tastes like water, not plastic
•   Big mouth opening for simple filling and cleaning
•   70 oz. (2 L ) water capacity
•   Hi-vis lime

ERG GB5155


• 99% Kermel and 1% anti-static carbon fibres
• Inherently flame resistant, exceptional fabric handling, draping qualities,
  pliability, durability and colourfastness
• Excellent laundering quality with less than 1% shrinkage
• Meets CGSB 155.20, 155.22, NFPA 1975 - 1999, NFPA 1977 - 1999,
  NFPA 2112, ASTM F1506, EN 470 and EN 531 standards
• Striped / barred front, modified “X” back and arm / leg bands
• Regular sizes: 34 - 62
• Tall sizes: 34 - 62



• Single action pump
• Has a brass pump chamber protected by an engineering grade
  polymer sleeve
• Meets UL and other back pack pump specifications

SCP 4000BP


• A versatile combination of mattock and axe for chopping, grubbing
  and digging fire lines in brush or rocky terrain
• 3-3/4 lb. head
• 36” wooden handle

HJK 100350                  Pulaski Axe
HJK 402                     Replacement Handle
WOE 27050                   Axe Cover


• Popular, lightweight and extremely rugged shovel
• 46” handle, solid shank and heat tempered steel blade

WOE 27051                   Shovel Cover
                             3000 POCKET WEATHER METER

                             • Measures wind speed, temperature, wind chill, relative humidity,
                               heat index and dew point temperature
                             • Pocket sized and easy-to-use

                             NEI 0830

                             ADC SUMMIT

                             • Measures barometric pressure, altitude, water flow, wind chill, wind
                               speed and temperature
                             • Storm, altimeter and wind chill alarm
                             • Displays the past 24 hour pressure and temperature tendency
                             • Predicts the coming 12 hours weather
                             • Current, max and average wind speed (in km/h, mph, ft/s, m/s or
                             • IR data communication with PC using ADC-IR
                             • Waterproof

                             BRU ADCSUMT

                             RINO® 530HCX

                             • Waterproof FRS / GMRS radio and GPS navigator
                             • Features:
                                    Barometric altimeter
                                    Electronic compass
                                    Bold colour TFT display
                                    MicroSD™ card slot accepts preloaded MapSource® data cards
                                    Automatic routing and turn-by-turn directions with alert tones
                                    Rechargeable Lithium ion battery

                             • Ideal for search and rescue

                             GRM 0100039221

                             NÜVI® 550

                             •   Touchscreen
                             •   Portable, rugged and waterproof

                             •   Detailed street maps
                             •   Spoken turn-by-turn directions
                             •   Large, colour display
                             •   User-replaceabe, rechargeable Lithium ion battery
                             •   Other features include:
                                    Preloaded with City Navigator® NT street maps
                                    Millions of points of interest with digital elevation maps
                                    MicroSD™ card slot accepts preloaded cards
                                    High-sensitivity GPS receiver and HotFix™ sattelite prediction
                                    World travel clock with time zones
                                    Currency and measurement converter
                                    Picture viewer
                                    Supports optional FM traffic alerts or optional MSN® Direct content

                             GRM 0100070001

                             We carry a full line of Garmin® GPS units. Call for details.

• Powdered gelling agent designed to thicken fuels used in
  prescribed burning
• Formulated to be used as 3 lbs. to 5 lbs. per 45 imperial gallon
  of fuel
• 50 lb. bag

FIR 20789


• For back fires and controlled burning
• Fuel trap on spout and check valve in cover prevents flashback
  into fount
• 15 gauge seamless aluminum fount, a double bottom and a full
  length handle
• Holds 1-1/4 gallon of fuel
• Uses either diesel fuel or stove oil

FOS 85022


•   Easy to store
•   Rigid steel rim and 18 oz. woven polyester construction
•   9” diameter x 9” deep
•   Carrying strap and tipping handle

WOE 20795


• Lightweight and strong
• 1-1/2” diameter
• Service pressure 250 P.S.I.; proof pressure 500 P.S.I; burst pressure
  750 P.S.I.

NAF 6000


• Easy-to-use device that creates a wall of water to help cool and protect
• When connected to a water supply hose, the angled ramp within the
  unit directs the water flow up through the opening vent
• Depending on flow and pressure, the squall wall can create a wall of
  water up to 40’ wide and 20’ high
• Can be secured to the ground with a spike or to a plywood plate for
  fast deployment
• Available in 20 gpm or 50 gpm flow rates at 100 psi

SCP 4056

            • 13” aluminum blade with natural finish
            • Premium ash handle and lightweight scoop
            • 27-3/4” in length

            GNT GAG08D

            ECONO SHOVELS

            • Hollow back tempered steel blade
            • Rolled-back steps
            • Hardwood handle

            GNT LHS2L                   Square Point | Long Handle
GNT LHS2D   GNT LHS2D                   Square Point | Short Handle

                                                                                    TOOLS AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT
            GNT LHR2L                   Round Point | Long Handle
            GNT LHR2D                   Round Point | Short Handle



            • Bolt-on connector and strong brace assembly reduces broken
              handles and worn-out threads
            • Industrial quality, thicker hardwood handle and broom block
            • Top quality sweeping fibre is colour-coded to help choose the
              right broom
            • Sold fully assembled and ready to use
            • Available in 18”, 24” and 36”

            AGI 99942                   Fine
            AGI 99947                   Medium
            AGI 99952                   Stiff
            AGI 99958                   Coarse


            •   PVC coating and imprinting ensures long use
            •   Metric tapes are graduated in meters
            •   Imperial tapes are graduated in feet and inches
            •   Metric tapes with feet and 10ths are available as a special order
            •   Refills available

            SOK 845344                  30 m
            SOK 845444                  30 m | 100’
            SOK 845345                  50 m
            SOK 845445                  50 m | 165’

                               •   Window punch, pry tool and seatbelt cutter
                               •   Gas shut-off
                               •   Spanner for 1-1/2” and 2-1/2” rocker lugs
                               •   4” and 5” Storz locking couplings

                               TFT RESQRENCH

                               6-N-1 RESCUE TOOL

                               • Hardened steel punch shatters safety glass
                               • Aggressive cross-hatch teeth twist and pull anything that gets in
                                 your way
                               • Laser heat-treated cutting edges cut wires and cables easily

                               • Pry-bar quickly pries open windows and doors
                               • Slot for shutting off standard gas safety valves
                               • Spanner wrench tightens and loosens up to 6” hose couplings

                               CHL 88


                               • Carry six screwdrivers in the space of two
                               • Leatherman® Blade Launcher™ technology; no springs required
                               • Bottle opener
                               • Patent pending carabiner
                               • Comes with nylon sheath
                               • 154CM blade engineered to provide triple the edge retention of
                                 typical stainless steel knives
                               • 25 year guarantee
                               • Comes with three double sided S2 steel tool bits

                               MAN 830569

                               WEDGE-IT DOOR STOP

                               • Designed to hold an interior or exterior door open to a 90˚ angle
                               • Can be placed on top of the door, over the hinge pin or on the floor
                               • Ribbed construction for maximum strength
                               • Virtually indestructible because of Lexan™ plastic construction, the
                                 same as bullet-proof glass
                               • Four non-skid polyurethane pads prevent it from sliding when
                                 placed on top of door or on smooth surfaces
                               • Comes in yellow, green, orange or black

                               IND WEDGEIT

• Fully encapsulated Level A suit with patented, limited use fabric
  consisting of multiple barrier films laminated to both sides of a tough
  substratet material
• Tychem® TK is both sewn and taped to provide one of the broadest
  ranges of chemical protection available
• Features:
        Extra wide three-layer faceshield (PVC 40mil / Teflon® 5 mil / PVC 20 mil)
        or standard faceshield view
        Attached internal Barrier® gloves
        Attached outer butyl gloves
        Expanded back for SCBA
        Flat back for SAR
        Front entry or rear entry
        Gas-tight zipper closure
        Double storm flap over zipper
        Attached boots with outer boot flaps
        Knee wear pads
        Two exhaust valves
        Internal adjustement belt

                             Faceshield            Back               Entry

                                                                                         TOOLS AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT
DUP TK554T(SIZE)             Extra Wide            Expanded           Front
DUP TK555T(SIZE)             Extra Wide            Expanded           Rear
DUP TK552T(SIZE)             Standard              Flat               Front
DUP TK553T(SIZE)             Standard              Flat               Rear


• High level protection against toxic and corrosive gases, liquids and
  solid chemicals
• Suited for hazmat and domestic preparedness situations
• Patented, lightweight fabric of multiple film barriers laminated to
  both sides of a 3 oz. polypropylene
• Successfully tested against more than 230 chemicals
• Specify size when ordering
• Features:
        Double taped seams
        Two layer faceshield,
        Internal adjustment belt
        Gas tight zipper closure
        Double storm flap
        Two exhaust valves
        Expanded back
        Replaceable butyl gloves with attached internal 4H glove liners
        Knee wear pads
        Attached sock boots and outer boot flaps

DUP RS562T(SIZE)              Front Entry

DUP RS563T(SIZE)              Rear Entry


• Light liquid splash protection
• Used extensively in the petroleum, pulp and paper, food and chemical
  processing and pharmaceutical industries
• Multi-layer barrier film laminated to blue polypropylene fabric
• Comfortable, durable and lightweight
• Specify size when ordering

DUP C1120S                    Serged | Collar
DUP C1125S                    Serged | Collar | Elastic Wrists and Ankles
DUP C1122S                    Serged | Attached Hood | Elastic Wrists | Attached Boots
DUP C1127S                    Serged | Attached Hood | Elastic Wrists and Ankles
DUP C1127T                    Taped | Attached Hood | Elastic Wrists and Ankles
                              FLOOR GATOR® SORBENT

                              • Premium oil absorbent made from 100% recycled waste products
                              • Will absorb up to six times its own weight
                              • Will encapsulate, suppress vapours and eliminate residue left over
                                by other absorbents and can be reused until fully saturated
                              • Non-leaching and non-carcinogenic
                              • Helps meet EPA 1996 mandate to reduce waste by 50%
                              • Reduces the risk of accidents from residue left over by
                                other absorbents
                              • Contributes 7000 BTU’s with less than 5% ash during incineration
                              • Applications: fuel, oil and grease spills, volatile liquid spills and
                                antifreeze spills

                              GTP GS20                   30 lb. Bag
                              GTP GS205GP                5 gal. Pail w/ Lid and Scoop
                              GTP GS20SJ3                3 L Shaker Jug

                              OIL GATOR® SORBENT

                              • All-natural, environmentally safe biocatalyst that does not contain
                                any manmade, cultured or genetically altered micro-organisms
                              • Contains all the natural ingredients necessary to accelerate the
                                indigenous microbes to a point where they will rapidly degrade
                                unwanted hydrocarbons
                              • Comes in a 30 lb. bag for ease of handling and storage
                              • Absorbs up to six times its weight in oil or oil-based products
                              • Ground cleaning by accelerating bioremediation
                              • Stops leaching of spills into the soil or groundwater
                              • Applications: fuel, oil and grease spills and volatile liquid spills

                              GTP GS10                   30 lb. Bag
                              GTP GS105GP                5 gal. Pail w/ Lid and Scoop
                              GTP GB8F                   8 L Bucket
                              GTP GS10SJ3                3 L Shaker Jug

                              CELL-U-SORB® SORBENT

                              • 100% cellulose absorbent produced from recycled raw materials
                              • Harmless to plant, animal and aquatic life
                              • Selectively absorbs hydrocarbons from water while absorbing trace
                                amounts of water for a cleaner surface
                              • Floats indefinitely for easy removal
                              • Environment Canada tested to pick up 18.9 times its weight in
                                medium weight oil
                              • Comes in a 20 lb. bag for easy handling
                              • High absorbency means less product is required to clean up a spill
                              • Helps meet EPA 1996 mandate to reduce waste by 50%
                              • Contributes 7000 BTU’s with less than 5% ash during incineration
                              • Applications: paper mills and other process industries, ports, spill
                                response companies, filter medium, funeral homes and hospitals

                              GTP GS25                   20 lb. Bag
                              GTP GS255GP                5 gal. Pail w/ Lid and Scoop

•   The only UL listed (7P21) wetting agent for Class A and B fires
•   Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable
•   Encapsulates the oxygen to consume the fire
•   Approved USDA forestry services 5100-307
•   Approved to NFPA 10, 18 and UL 162 and UL711



•   Honda 5.5 hp with Davey single stage pump
•   20’ x 1-1/2” suction
•   50’ x 3/4” discharge
•   Includes:
       Foot valve
       Scotty® 4010 air-aspirating nozzle at 12 US gpm
       5 US gallons of FlameOut®
       NLV150-large volume nozzle with D shut-off handle
       100’ x 1” lay flat firefighting hose

JIC GH5501

                                                                           FOAM AND SPILL CONTROL

• 250 gallon water tank with 15” wheels and #3500 axles



• 4’ x 5-1/2’ skid with 150 gallon tank




• The most simple and effective method of deploying a foam
  surfactant / wetting agent onto a fire scene from a 3/4” garden hose
• To operate, simply open the inlet side of the mixing chamber, insert a
  foam cartridge, reseal the inlet end cap, attach to a 3/4” garden hose
  and spray foam
• Flows water at a rate of 3 gpm when attached to a standard 3/4”
  garden hose line
• Foam cartridges are 100% biodegrable, non-toxic and are available
• Recommended for use with water pressures between 35 psi and
  85 psi

SCP 40103
                                 FOAM-FAST™ 1-1/2” FOAM APPLICATOR

                                 • Comes with either a 15 gpm, 30 gpm or 50 gpm nozzle, 15” long
                                   mixing chamber and two pistol grips (one with D-handle shut-off)
                                 • When connected to a hose line, the unit works by diluting a solid
                                   foam cartridge into the water flow, the water / foam solution then
                                   passes through the patented Scotty® air-aspirating foam nozzle
                                   producing low expansion foam
                                 • Each 12” long foam cartridge will last up to 30 minutes
                                 • Foam cartridges are 100% biodegrable and contain no
                                   toxic materials

                                 SCP 401015                15 gpm Nozzle
                                 SCP 401030                30 gpm Nozzle
                                 SCP 401050                50 gpm Nozzle

                              FOAM-FAST™ MINI

                              • The mini kit is used to convert a Scotty® 4000 water hand pump or
                                any hand pump with 3/4” garden hose threads, into a hand pump
                                capable of generating a foam surfactant / wetting agent
                              • When installed on a hand pump, the unit works by diluting a solid
                                foam cartridge into the water flowing through the pump, the foam /

                                water solution then passes through the patented Scotty® 4003 air-
                                aspirating foam nozzle producing low expansion foam
                              • Each unit comes with six 3” long foam cartridges that will continue to
                                produce foam through four refillings of a standard 5 gallon backpack
                              • The foam cartridges are 100% biodegradable and contain no
                                toxic materials

                              SCP 4010MINI

                              ROLL AND FOAM PORTABLE FOAM ATTACK SYSTEM

                              • A self-contained unit that can transform any pressurized fire hose,
                                water supply line or stand pipe into a fire fighting foam
                                generating station
                              • Can be installed in an accessible area and quickly deployed in case
                                of an emergency
                              • The system consists of a wheeled supply tank with a 14 gallon
                                capacity, a 50’ length of flat rack hose, a 30 gpm Scotty® foam
                                eductor factory set for either 1% for Class A foam (4045A-30) or 3%
                                for Class B foam (4045B-30), a matching air-aspirating foam nozzle

                                and a D-handle, pistol grip shut-off with swivel connector

                              SCP 4045A30

                              DRUM AND PAIL WRENCH

                              • Designed to loosen and tighten the caps found on standard 5 gallon
                                foam pails and both the large and small bungs on 55 gallon drums
                              • Made from incredibly tough, glass-filled nylon and is spark and
                                corrosion proof
                              • 10” in length and weighs 6.5 oz.

                              SCP 4578YF
                   EMERGENCY SPILL SAK™

                   • Absorbs up to 9 gallons per kit
                   • Contents:
                          (10) Pads - 15” x 19”
                          (2) SOC’s, - 3” x 12”
                          (1) Pillow, - 18” x 18”
                          (1) Pair nitrile gloves
                          (1) Disposable bag
                          (1) Instruction sheet
                          (1) Reusable stuff sack

                   SOP SKASAK

                   ECONOMY SPILL KIT

                   • Absorbs up to 5 gallons per kit
                   • Contents:
                          (10) Pads - 15” x 19”
                          (2) SOCs, 3” x 4’
                          (1) Pair nitrile gloves
                          (1) Disposable bag
                          (1) Instruction sheet
                          (1) Yellow PVC bag

                                                                     FOAM AND SPILL CONTROL
                   SOP SKAPP

                   OIL SORBENT PADS

                   •   One ply, white, economy, medium weight pads
                   •   For use with oil and petroleum-based fluids
                   •   15” x 19”
                   •   100 per bale

                   SOP ENV300


For expert advice or a quote on any of the products seen in
  this catalogue, speak to one of our firefighting experts:
                      or email

                             • 100% natural rubber
                             • Complies with CE, USDA and FDA regulations, 21 CFR for use in
                               food processing
                             • Available in lightly powdered or powder-free
                             • Available in sizes S to XL

                             NOR T425(SIZE)             Powdered
                             NOR T425PF(SIZE)           Powder-free

                             FULL AND HALF SPINAL BACKBOARD

                             • Made with quality hardwood, multiple coats of polyurethane and
                               UV protection
                             • Used for immobilizing upper body, spine, neck and head in a
                               seated position
                             • Multiple handles / holes for additional responders to lift and
                               application of straps

                             WAS F6065701               Full Spinal Backboard | 180 cm x 40 cm
                             WAS F6066200               Half Spinal Backboard | 90 cm x 40 cm

                             REGULATION FIRST AID KITS

                             • Call for pricing (contents vary according to province)
                             • Metal case

                             WAS F881M160               Level I
                             WAS F882M361               Level II
                             WAS F883M021               Level III

                             POWERHEART AED G3 DEFIBRILLATOR

                             • Simple, easy-to-use, one button operation with instructive voice
                               prompts guide user through rescue
                             • Daily, weekly and monthly self-tests
                             • STAR® biphasic defibrillation energy waveform
                             • New AHA 2005 protocol

                             CDS 9300E501

                             KORE KOOLER REHAB CHAIR

                             • A patented concept, developed by a firefighter himself for firefighters
                             • Entails a modified folding chair with arm reservoirs that contain plastic
                               bags filled with ambient temperature water
                             • Chair weight capacity is rated at 300 lbs. and features wide rail
                               construction to accommodate the bulk of turnout gear
                             • The sling construction mimics a hammock effect to relax and support
                               the firefighter in perfect limb immersion position comfortably

                             TFG KKCHAIRKIT
                        ARSENAL SCBA MASK BAG

                        •   8” x 14” spacious main hold
                        •   Spring loaded steel clasp attaches to web gear or belt
                        •   Drawstring opening and barrel lock closure
                        •   Fits most masks

                        ERG 5080
                        ERG 5080L                    Brushed Poly Fleece Lining

                        LARGE TRAUMA BAG

                        •   Customizable interior slots and reflective trim
                        •   600D polyester
                        •   12” x 14” x 9” main hold
                        •   Two 12” x 3” x 5” side pockets
                        •   11” x 2” x 6” front pockets
                        •   Blue

                        ERG 13437

                        REVIVE-AID® BELT / KEYCHAIN POUCH

                        • Emergency disposable CPR mask / barrier
                        • Comes with one pair of nitrile gloves

                        OTW 01RB2020B                Black
                        OTW 01RB2020R                Red
                        OTW 01RB2020RB               Royal Blue


                        • Contents: headstrap, oxygen inlet, disposable one-way valve with
                          built-in 3M® Filtrete® filter, pair of “latex free” nitrile gloves and
                          instructions leaflet
                        • White clam shell printed hard case

                        OTW 01PV1500WCS              Complete Kit
                        OTW 01PV1505CS               Replacement One-way Valve

                        BURN RELIEF® LARGE BURN KIT

                        • Contains: (1) body towel - 24” x 36”, (2) face masks - 14” x 18”,
                          (2) leg rolls 8” x 36”, (2) arm rolls 3” x 36”, (2) finger rolls 1” x 36”,
                          (2) self conforming gauzes, (1) pair of scissors and (1) carry case

                        OTW 06BK1200
                             X-AM 2000

                             • Catalytic Ex sensor calibrated to methane, responds quickly to
                               explosive gases
                             • Offers a high level of sensitivity to combustible organic vapours
                             • Features powerful electrochemical DragerSensors® from the
                               miniaturized XXS generation
                             • Tough, water and dust resistant to IP 67 and shock proof
                             • Gas enters the instrument from the top and the front
                             • Audible multi-tone, visual 180˚ and built-in vibration alarm
                             • Alkaline battery operated
                             • Comes equipped with a standard data logger

                             DRA 8318910                Ex, O2, CO and H2S

                             X-AM 3000

                             •   Easy-to-use three button operation with large display
                             •   Precalibrated electrochemical sensors and catalytic sensor
                             •   Loud audible alarm, visual and vibrating alarm
                             •   Evaluates TWA and STEL
                             •   Comes with optional internal pump which is ideal for confined
                                 space applications

                             DRA 4543718                Ex, O2, CO and H2S

                             X-AM 5000

                             •   Two button control panel and easy to follow menu system
                             •   Durable electrochemical sensor technology and catalytic Ex sensor

                             •   Exchange, upgrade or calibrate the sensors to read other gases
                             •   Tough, water and dust resistant to IP 67 and shock proof
                             •   Does not include power supply unit
                             •   Comes with data logger, manufacturer’s and calibration certificates
                             •   Order battery and sensors separately, call for details

                             DRA 8320000

                             PAC® 7000 PERSONAL GAS MONITOR

                             • Impact resistant housing which features protective rubber coating
                               and is resistant to corrosive chemicals
                             • Meets IP 65 requirements
                             • Can be fastened securely to the wearer’s clothing with a stable and
                               tightly locking crocodile clip made of stainless steel
                             • Back-lit display, vibration, visual and audible alarm
                             • Comes equipped with a bump test mode and IR interface
                             • Features a data logger in which all concentrations and events are
                               stored together with their respective dates

                             DRA 4543876                CO / COHB
                   CLAN LAB SIMULTEST

                   • Designed to provide a rapid identification of chemical substances
                     commonly associated with the production of methamphetamine
                   • Includes:
                         Accuro® Bellows Pump
                         Five simultest sets
                         Simultest set adapter with extension hose
                         Pelican™ carrying case with foam insert
                   • Completes simple test procedures in less than four minutes
                   • Detects phosphine, phosgene, ammonia, hydrochloric acid
                     and iodine

                   DRA 4056562


                   • Simultaneous detection of up to six different gases
                   • PPM / LEL hydrocarbon detection and wide range of toxic gases
                   • IR Sensors available for CO2, % LEL, CH4 or HC and %VV CH4
                     or HC
                   • Powerful long life pump with low flow shut off and alarm up to
                     125’ range
                   • CSA, Intrinsically safe, transformer testing version available
                   • Various options available, call for details

                   RKI 725245RK                 %VV, %LEL IR, autoranging / O2
                   RKI 725401RK                 LEL / O2 / CO / H2S


For expert advice or a quote on any of the products seen in
  this catalogue, speak to one of our firefighting experts:
                      or email
                                                            BARRICADE TAPE

                                                            •   3” x 1000’ x 2 mil
                                                            •   Meets OSHA 1910.144 for marking physical hazards
                                                            •   Non-adhesive
                                                            •   Lightweight, economical, reusable polyethylene

                                                            PSC B31022Y15                 “Fire Line - Do Not Cross” | Yellow
                                                            PSC B3102R10362               “Danger Do Not Enter” | Red
                                                            PSC B3102Y9                   “Caution Do Not Enter” | Yellow

                                                            WEIGHTED TRAFFIC CONE

                                                            • Wide body and weighted base withstand wind generated by high
                                                              speed traffic
                                                            • Non-porous surface resists dirt and grease and does not stick
                                                              when stacked
                                                            • Injection moulded orange, low density polyethylene with a UV
                                                              resistant stabilizer
                                                            • 28” tall with a 6” North-Brite™ reflective collar
                                                            • Weighs 7 lbs.

                                                            NOR 1617287C6NB

                                                            TRAFFIC DELINEATOR POST

                                                            •   Highly durable polyethylene
                                                            •   Base sold separately
                                                            •   42” tall

                                                            •   Orange with two 4” reflective white stripes

                                                            NOR TVPORT                    Delineator Post
                                                            NOR TVPORBM                   10 lb. Base

                                                            PAC-A-CONE PRO SERIES

                                                            • Full size traffic cone that can be packed to store flat
                                                            • Expands to 30” (75 cm) and collapses to 2” (5 cm) for convenient
                                                            • Innovative internal lighting system offers greater visibility for night-time
                                                              use (optional)
                                                            • Sold in packages of five to meet NFPA requirements

                                                            PKC PAC51230
                             PRODUCT NOT EXACTLY AS SHOWN
                   STOP / SLOW PADDLE

                   •   Octagonal shaped paddles ideal for flaggers, crossing guards, etc
                   •   Economical signs are made of plastic
                   •   Reflective aluminum
                   •   Supplies a highly visible message day or night
                   •   10” aluminum handle

                   NOR PTA012ALRF

                   OVERSIZED SAFETY VEST

                   •   Meets the new NFPA 1901 standard
                   •   4” 3M® reflective tape
                   •   Five point velcro tear away
                   •   Oversized design to fit over most bunker gear

                   AMC VCSAVGXXL               Green
                   AMC VCSAVOXXL               Orange


For expert advice or a quote on any of the products seen in
  this catalogue, speak to one of our firefighting experts:
                      or email
                              DRYZ INSOLES

                              • Controls odour and keeps feet dry
                              • Absorbs 160 times its weight in moisture
                              • Sizes 7 to 12

                              TFG BT904(SIZE)

                              YAKTRAX® PRO

                              • Better traction instantly
                              • Easy on and off
                              • Sizes S to XL

                              INI 8005(SIZE)

                              SILICONE WATERGUARD

                              • Silicone waterproofing spray
                              • 12 oz.

                              IFS T53563

                              PERMANENT H20 GUARD SPRAY

                              • Permanent waterproofing guard

                              IFS T53565
                          1.877.301.FIRE OR FIRESERVICES@CSINET.CA

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