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									Affordable Hearing Aids Lower The High Cost Of Hearing
 After going through three pairs of expensive custom hearing aids, Douglas Smith says he found a
 better solution for his needs with the MDHearingAid line of low cost hearing aids.

Online PR News – 13-July-2012 Chicago, IL - For many people, hearing loss progresses so gradually that
they don’t notice until it begins to affect their ability to communicate with others, according to Dr. Sreekant
Cherukuri , a Chicago-based ear, nose and throat doctor. Douglas Smith, 61, says he started to experience
hearing loss during his late 40's and especially beginning in his early 50's. "During meetings I was always
asking people to repeat what they were saying," says Smith. "It was getting very hard to understand what
people were saying to me. Many times when trying to communicate with my wife, she would get frustrated
and just give up. Eventually, I went for a hearing test and it showed that I was having difficulty in hearing the
higher sound frequencies."

Smith says that he was fitted with a pair of in-the-ear custom hearing aids, which cost him about four
thousand dollars. Like many people in his situation, the cost of Smith’s hearing aids was not covered by his
insurance. "But it was great the first time I used them, says Smith. I went outside and I could hear sounds I
haven’t heard in years,” he says.

       After reading through many reviews I decided to try a low cost set called the
                      MDHearingAid, which was designed by a doctor
"After using the hearing aids for a few years, my audiologist told me that my hearing was getting worse and
that I needed a new pair," says Smith. “Then a friend of mine suggested that a vocational rehabilitation
program run by the state might be able to cover the cost.” Smith applied for financial assistance, and the
agency agreed to pay for his next pair of hearing aids. "Even though the state paid for that pair of hearing
aids, I learned that they still needed $450.00 per year for maintenance," says Smith. After several years,
Smith needed to get a third pair, but this time he again had to pay the full cost, because he was now retired
and the state agency would no longer cover his expenses.

“Even with the custom hearing aids, I was having problems,” says Smith. "I still couldn’t understand what
people were saying to me nearly as well as I thought I would, and background noises were always
distracting. I then decided to try a few different kinds of hearing aids in the $300.00 price range, but I was
disappointed in their performance," says Smith. He says he then noticed articles and advertising for other
low cost hearing aids on the internet and started to do more research. "I read a lot of reviews by users.
After reading through many reviews I decided to try a low cost set called the MDHearingAid , which was
designed by a doctor."

"Many people don't get hearing aids because of the high cost," says Dr. Cherukuri, who invented the
hearing aids that Smith purchased.

"It's estimated that 36 million people in the U.S. need hearing aids, but over 77 percent (or about 28 million)
are doing without them," says Dr. Cherukuri. According to research by Johns Hopkins scientists, about 6.7
million Americans age 50 and older have hearing loss, but only one in seven uses a hearing aid.
The Hopkins researchers say it shows how under treated hearing loss is.

"I believe that the low cost hearing aids that I found are better than my expensive pair because they are
simple to use and they are tuned to receive human speech frequencies,” says Smith. “Now I can actually
communicate with people.”
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