Norwegian washable menstrual pads from the nineteenth century

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					Norwegian washable menstrual pads from the nineteenth century

                                 These pads show various styles of knitted protection which
                                 can be buttoned to the undergarments.

                                 Terry cloth pad that was folded in thirds lengthwise
                                 for wear. These pads measure 24.5 inches by 11 inches
                                 when laid flat.

                       When haven't women used washable menstrual pads in our society?
                       Cotton menstrual rags hanging out to dry were a feature of many an
                       American- and European-city landscape. Often users soaked the bloody
                       rag in a bucket overnight to loosen the stain, then washed it the next

                       The menstrual apron and pad holder in front are cloth-covered rubber.
                       The wearer pinned absorbent cloth, such as bird's-eye diaper cloth, onto
                       the inner side of the holder. Of course, the woman wore the whole
                       contraption "backwards," under her dress, and over her buttocks, to
                       keep the menstrual blood away from her clothing

                       From a 1914 Sears catalog -- a simple apron, together with several
                       washable menstrual pads and belts, and a waterproof pouch to
                       carry used pads


                                            Lunapanties are all-in-one deluxe period panties. Lunapanties are
                                            organic cotton underwear with a cotton fleece panel sewn
                                            permanently into the crotch, making them a perfect replacement for
                                            panty liners. The result? Bulk-free comfort, combined with protection
                                            that's ideal for:
                                                •   wearing daily (you'll never need to buy disposable panty
                                                    liners again)

                                                •   light flow days

                                                •   sports or under tight-fitting clothing

                                               •    pregnancy

                                               •    those days when you're sure that your period will start but
                                                    hasn't yet
                                           Wear Lunapanties as you would your regular underwear. To clean
                                           Lunapanties, soak or rinse them in cold water prior to hand or machine
                                           washing with your regular laundry soap. They may be air or machine
                                           dried. Please do not use chlorine bleach.
                                           Lunapanties are comfortable and discreet backup protection for Sea
                                           Pearls sponge tampons.
                                           Lunapanties are available in two colors, black and cream, in the
                                           bikini style.

                                                      INTRODUCING THE MOON CUP®,
                                              identical to The Keeper but made from medical-grade
           silicone, for all women, but especially for those with an allergy to latex rubber.

Simple to use, both The Moon Cup and The Keeper are innovative feminine hygiene products that are worn
internally, freeing women from dependency on cumbersome, uncomfortable, expensive, paper-based products.
Economical, efficient, comfortable, and environment-friendly, reusable menstrual cups are attractive
alternatives to other feminine hygiene products. Made by a woman for women, The Keeper (natural gum
rubber) and The Moon Cup (medical grade silicone) are both FDA-approved and the only menstrual cups made
                    in America.

                 The Keeper. Available since 1987, this is the alternative feminine hygiene product made
                 from natural gum rubber (latex) and offered in two sizes (A and B). Approved by the FDA,
                 The Keeper is used by women worldwide.
                   The Moon Cup, identical to our original Keeper menstrual cup, but made from medical
                   grade silicone, is manufactured in the U. S. Only The Moon Cup produced by The Keeper
                   Inc., is FDA approved. The Moon Cup is for all women, but especially for those with
                   allergies to latex rubber.

Important Information

Your Keeper is made of latex rubber. If you have an allergy to latex, we urge you to order The Moon Cup,
made of medical-grade silicone (non-latex).

Use only as directed.

$35 + $2 (Includes International shipping also)

Over 10 years that's 29 cents per month!

Compare with other products at $4.00 per month:

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KEEPER Size A - After Childbirth
KEEPER Size B - Before Childbirth & C-Sections
Moon Cup Size A - After Childbirth
Moon Cup Size B - Before Childbirth & C-Sections
(US$32.50 + 3.25 S&H + 2.00 S&H for each additional unit in the same order)

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