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                                                A Talk by

                       ACFS Committee Member Dr Barbara Newton

               A Personal Memoir
    From the First Asian-Australian Student Work Camp in 1963 to
              inspiration on the Silk Road in China 2001

                    Wednesday 11th April 2012, 1.15pm at AUSCOCO Rooms,
   Level 5, Suite 461, 317-321 Castlereagh Street, (near Campbell St) Margaret Kelly will be
               outside the building to let you in. Margaret’s mobile 0488 913 133.
      Meet for lunch at 12 noon at Siam House restaurant, opposite the Capitol Theatre.


               Thursday, 12th April 2012, 7pm at AUSCOCO Rooms (see above).
                    Please join us for dinner afterwards with our Guest Speaker.

Our ACFS April Meetings in April will feature a talk by ACFS Committee Member Dr Barbara Newton.

Dr Barbara Newton is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. Her main qualifications are Bachelor
of Arts degree, Doctor of Philosophy degree, Member of the Australian Psychological Society and
Member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis.

As a clinical psychologist in private practice for the past 20 years, Dr Newton has treated many
clients. She has presented papers in relevant areas both nationally and internationally. Before
entering private practice she worked in market research, educational research, schools, universities
and hospitals.
All welcome. $2 donation at the door.

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Secretary’s Report                                        speeches, vintage fashion parades, 1930s music
                                                          and dancers jitterbugging, and roving entertain-
What a fascinating presentation by Dr Richard Wu          ment. Congratulations to NSW Transport Roads &
on the history of Beijing in the early 20th Century       Maritime Services for a great day out.
at our March evening meeting!
                                                          Margaret Yung Kelly
The talk was filled with interesting snippets of          Secretary
information not found in the many published
books on that period and enhanced by the                  Thanks to the following for their donations:
excellent accompanying slides. We had to end the          Bernard Tan, V. I. Sun, Lorraine McDermott, Keng
talk because of the time factor, but Dr Wu has            & Rosalind Chai
kindly promised to continue the talk at our May
evening meeting. For those who missed the March           2012 Tours:
meeting, do mark it in your diary for 10th May,
7.20pm. Dinner afterwards at the Haymarket                Last chance to book for Lesley Heath's
Chinese Restaurant was, as usual, delicious and           Spectacular Scenery of Southwest China Tour.
the company was delightful.                               Contact details: Mobile 0434 338 083. Email:
Our sincere thanks to City of Sydney historian
Laila Ellmoos for her talk on Quong Tart at our
March lunch-time meeting. Thanks also to the              Grand Turkey Tour details and itinerary are at
Haymarket Library for the venue,. Quong Tart              the back of this Bulletin. If anyone is interested in
was a successful restaurateur, businessman and            joining this tour, please contact Margaret Kelly:
leader of the Chinese community, and was                  Tel. 9810 4298, Email
famous for establishing the first tea rooms in            Bookings required by China Travel Service before
Sydney. He was also famous for his love of all            10th April 2012.
things Scottish, and for singing Scottish ditties
dressed in kilts.                                         ACT ACFS Tour to Fujian-Taiwan
                                                          The ACT Branch of the ACFS is planning a 17-day
The talk was made all the more special as it was          Fujian-Taiwan tour (Fujian is a province on the
attended by ACFS member Lois McEvoy and her               mainland across the Taiwan Strait) in October
son Peter who is a great-grandson of Quong Tart.          2012.

On the 18th March a group of ACFS members                 The cost per person twin share is $5600 plus
gathered at Bradfield Park, Milsons Point, to join        taxes of $480 and Chinese visa fee of $90. The
in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the         single supplement is $855.
Sydney Harbour Bridge opening to traffic.
Coinciding with Seniors Week, we were treated to          For the itinerary and inquiries, please contact
a sumptuous morning tea and returned home with            Teck Lee at or by phone on
souvenir tea towels and postcards of Sydney               6254 6814 or 0419 971 209.
Harbour Bridge historical images. There were

Dates for your Diary:
10th lunchtime and 11th evening April ACFS meetings: Dr Barbara Newton's talks on ‘A Personal Memoir          -
From the First Asian-Australian Student Work Camp in 1963 to inspiration on the Silk Road in China 2001’

31st March-22nd April:       Maiden Theatre & Moore Room, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Entry free.
'Botanica 2012 - The Masters & Moore' A spectacular exhibition of contemporary botanical art including 10
Gold Medal winners from the Royal Horticultural Society Exhibitions in London.

30th April:     Nostalgia Productions' The Good Old Days - Sydney Town Hall, 11 am and 2 pm. Bookings &
Enquiries: Tel. 9810 3297

Till 6th May:   Art Gallery of NSW. 'Dragons' - Asian Gallery. Free. Info line
1800 679 278 'Art Express' (upstairs) Free.

9th May:        ACFS lunch-time meeting

10th May:       ACFS evening meeting - Dr Richard Wu

ACFS Regular Activities
Medical Qigong: Every Monday, 11am to 12noon. Exercise Class $3 per session
Mandarin: Every Tuesday 10.30am to 12noon in our ACFS Rooms. Language Class $10 per session. If you
would like to join in the classes, please contact Margaret Kelly.

Travelling the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World

Will be on show from the 31 March – 29 July 2012
National Museum of Australia, Canberra

Step 1000 years back in time to experience the sights, sounds and stories of the greatest trading route in
history in this new exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey along the greatest trading route in history — the legendary Silk Road.
Explore the ancient cities of Asia and the Middle East over six centuries, where spectacular sights, exquisite
silks and rousing stories await.

Remarkable dioramas, fascinating interactives and impressive artefacts will amaze children and adults alike on
this adventure along the Silk Road, the world’s oldest international highway.

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Please renew your membership early to allow us time to update our records before our next Bulletin. We
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   Part of Malcolm Turnbull's Edward Dunlop lecture – part 2
And as Kissinger has also pointed out, unlike the             apparently laboring under the misapprehension that
USSR or even the US, China does not seek to                   while everything can change in the economic
persuade other countries to adopt its values, let             balance in our region, nothing will change in
alone its system of Government.                               strategic terms.

The central role of trade in China’s prosperity also          In other words, even though China is about to
argues for its rise to remain peaceful. In 2010               become the world’s largest economy and is actually
China’s trade was 55 per cent of its GDP – the same           in the centre of East Asia, nonetheless the United
as for Britain in the 1870s, the era of the Pax               States will remain the dominant power in the region,
Britannica, and five times larger than trade in the US        in the same way it has been since
economy of the 1950s and 1960s when American
economic dominance was greatest. Given the                    1945 and even more so since the collapse of the
importance of a stable economy in the regime’s                USSR in 1991.
legitimacy, China’s rulers themselves have more to
lose than almost anyone from conflict that disrupts           Au contraire. Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme
global economic flows.                                        chose (The more things change, the more they stay
                                                              the same)is not a sound basis on which to build
The best and most realistic strategic outcome for             Australia’s foreign policy.
East Asia must be one in which the powers are in
balance, with each side effectively able to deny the          Rather, our strategic response to the rise of China
domination of the other – a scenario which Hugh               therefore should be to continue to deepen our
White has written about extensively in the recent             engagement with that nation and with our other
past.                                                         neighbours, as friends even if not as allies, and at
                                                              the same time hedge against improbable but
With its energy and resource security depending on            adverse future contingencies, as opposed to seeking
long global sea lanes, it is hardly surprising that           to contain (futilely in all likelihood) a rising power.
China would seek to enhance its naval capacity.
Suggestions that China’s recent launch of one                 Of course cool heads are required on all sides. China
aircraft carrier and plans to build another are signs         needs to be more transparent about its goals in the
of a new belligerence are wide of the mark.                   region and on the basis of that build confidence with
                                                              its neighbours so that misunderstandings can be
In that regard, I disagree with the underlying                avoided.
premise of the 2009 Australian White Paper that we
should base our defence planning and procurement              In that light, the decision to host up to 2500
on the contingency of a naval war with China in the           marines at an Australian army base in Darwin could
South China Sea. Prejudice or wishful thinking is             hardly be regarded as a threat to China (just as
not a substitute for coolly rational analysis.                Australian naval ships exercising with the PLA navy
                                                              was presumably not regarded by the US as a
As I said in London, this is no time for another “long        threat). After all there are over 60,000 American
telegram” or talk of containment. It makes no sense           service personnel including 17,000 marines in Japan
for America, or Australia, to base long-term                  and Korea – on China’s doorstep in comparison to
strategic policy on the proposition that we are on an         Darwin.
inevitable collision course with a militarily
aggressive China.                                             China’s prickly reaction reflected not the
                                                              foreshadowed deployment itself, but the context
Yet remarkably, while all of us galahs in the political       briefed out by the White House – that that this was
petshop are talking about the rise of Asia, many are
part of a strategy to stand up to growing Chinese           rhetorically) to maintain both an ally in Washington
economic and strategic power, a spin reflected in           and a good friend in Beijing – which is, after all, our
most media commentary despite being contrary to             most important trading partner and a principal
common sense (not to speak of geographic reality).          reason why our unemployment rate is half that of
                                                            North America or Europe.
It suits President Obama’s domestic agenda to be
seen to muscle up to China, even if the additional          If extravagant professions of loyalty and devotion to
muscling does not bear too much analysis. But an            the United States strike a somewhat awkward note
Australian Government needs to be careful not to            for many Australian ears, how do we imagine they
allow a doe-eyed fascination with the leader of the         sound in the capitals of our neighbours? And the
free world to distract from the reality that our            same may be said in respect of equally extravagant
national interest requires us truly (and not just           compliments paid to Beijing.
Australian leaders should never forget that great           So Asian growth has presented us with a huge
powers regard deference as no more than their due.          windfall in national income. Since 2003, when the
                                                            China boom became apparent, Australia’s GDP is up
I’ve spoken about how certain strands of Australia’s        25 per cent, but national income (which adjusts GDP
diplomatic and strategic stance (or at least the way        to account for transfers to foreign investors and
they are presented) appear at odds with our interest        changes in our terms of trade) is up 42 per cent.
in seeing the region in a fashion where there is no         The boom has been widely discussed; I will make
single hegemon – where stability is ensured by a            three quick points about it.
power balance rather than a powerful enforcer.
                                                            The first is that in some ways Australia has little
The transformation of our economy by the rise of            choice but to adjust to accommodate rising demand
emerging Asia surely underlines that point. Asia’s          for resources. The return of China and India to the
growth has sparked a rapid expansion of global              centre of the world economy is a powerful force far
demand for food, minerals, energy and other raw             beyond the control of a small, open market
materials, in many cases outstripping supply. And           economy.
China’s current stage of urbanisation and
industrialisation is resource-intensive, leading to         As Paul Bloxham at HSBC Australia has pointed out,
large rises in the price of two commodities used to         all the half-trillion dollars or more of approved or
make steel (iron ore and coking coal) and three             anticipated coal, iron ore and gas projects that will
burned for energy (crude oil, gas and thermal coal).        utterly reshape our economy over the next decade
                                                            only add up to about the amount of capital invested
Australia is a net importer of oil, but among the           in China every three months. So it is
world’s top exporters of the other four
resources. Hence prices for our commodity exports           deluded to believe we can protect uncompetitive
are more than three times higher than in the 1980s          industries, manage the exchange rate, or somehow
and 1990s, and the value of our yearly exports of           stand loftily aside from the current global
minerals and energy have increased four-fold in the         restructuring, which in any case has been extremely
past eight years in Aussie dollars.                         beneficial to us so far.

At the same time global prices for manufactures             My second point is that governments can, however,
have fallen, a consequence of production scale and          make decisions in areas such as workplace relations
efficiency in Asia. These forces have interacted to         that impede or smooth the movement of labour and
push Australia’s terms of trade (the price of exports       capital from one sector to another – and policies to
relative to imports) to their highest in history,           smooth the current structural adjustment are
although it now appears a long-expected easing is           urgently needed. Governments can also make
underway; mid-2011 may have been the peak of the            policy choices that influence whether temporary
boom.                                                       income from the boom is saved or spent.

The desirability of saving much of what may turn out          bulk commodities may slow, while rising incomes
to be a brief windfall is why I’ve advocated Australia        will increase demand for more sophisticated
create a new sovereign wealth fund or commit to               products and services. Perhaps India and Indonesia
renewed deposits into our existing one. Perhaps               will step into the breach, but we should not assume
most importantly of all Governments can invest in             that.
the education, the science and the research that will
enable us to remain competitive in a converged                To conclude, the main challenges for Australian
world where the developed societies can no longer             political leaders in responding to the rise of China
assume they have an advantage in technology or                (and in due course India) are to combat
knowledge.                                                    complacency. Complacency in assuming the current
                                                              resources windfall will persist forever; or that the
Finally, Australians should not be complacent about           strategic and diplomatic posture that served us in
the current outlook, or the tremendous 20-year run            the past can and will serve us unchanged in the
of prosperity that past economic reforms and the              future; or that it doesn’t matter if our economic and
rise of Asia have delivered to us. The irony of the           strategic messages to our region are somewhat
21st century resources boom is that it came after             contradictory. There are great opportunities for
two decades of concerted effort to create a more              Australia in our ever-closer ties with Asia, and the
flexible Australian economy capable of efficiently            region’s economic prosperity, but we will need
producing and exporting a more diverse range of               thoughtful, nuanced, consistent and forward-
goods and services, so reducing dependency on                 looking policies to make the most of them.
commodities. Ross Garnaut has recently pointed
out that growth in China, at least, is likely to become                                   
increasingly productivity-intensive and demand for

How a US ally can be friends
with China
                                                              What is new and introduces a note of urgency for us
                                                              is the unprecedented transfer of wealth from the
Richard Woolcott                                              West to the East, which will continue into the
March 12, 2012                                                foreseeable future. This greatly changed situation in
Opinion                                                       the Asia-Pacific region, driven by the spectacular
                                                              rise of China in particular but also by the rise of
Global power has shifted to the Asia-Pacific and we           India, the continuing economic strength of Japan
sit on a fault line.                                          and South Korea and the growing potential of
                                                              Indonesia and Vietnam, is a historic turning point to
THE idea that Australia does not have to choose               which Australia must respond.
between our history and our geography is simplistic
and has been a politically expedient cliche. Our              The Asia-Pacific is now the region where the world's
history is our past, some of it shameful and some             major power relationships most closely intersect. It
noble. Our future lies in our geography.                      is where the template for the United States-China
                                                              relationship will largely be shaped. It is also the
The potential importance of Asia and the need for             crucible in which the inter-relationships on Asian
Australia to adjust to its geographical environment           issues between the US, China, Japan, India, Russia,
is not new. Successive governments have advocated             Indonesia, South Korea and the main ASEAN
this, but our responses so far have yet to match the          economies will be forged.
rhetoric and have been far from adequate.

To cement its place in Asia, Australia needs a              through which political and business leaders can
fundamental change to its national psyche, focusing         talk with their counterparts regularly by telephone.
more on Asia than on our traditional links with the
US, the United Kingdom and Europe. A key task is to         We still lack a deep engagement with China and the
determine a more appropriate and up-to-date                 capacity to understand more fully Chinese views.
balance in our relations with the US and China, the
emerging superpower.                                        Just as alliance does not equate to compliance,
                                                            understanding does not equate to agreement.
We need to be frank about the extent to which the           We need to build up a habit of regular, improved
US - although it will continue to be the major power        consultation, particularly with the main Asian
in the world for the foreseeable future - may be in         countries, in advance of major policy decisions,
relative decline and how China is likely to evolve          especially those that affect them.
over the next decade.
                                                            A recent example of our failure to do this was the
Australia has been slow to come to terms with the           decision, subsequently rescinded, to ban live cattle
major global, regional and bilateral implications of        exports to Indonesia. Another was the
the rise of China.                                          announcement that we would establish a
                                                            refugee/asylum seeker regional centre in East
We should not be afraid of forward-looking change.          Timor. A third was the announcement during US
For example, the ANZUS Treaty, now 60 years old, is         President Barack Obama's visit last year to rotate
somewhat out of date and should not be regarded             2500 US marines through Darwin.
as an absolute guarantee of American military
support, nor as a political sacred cow. On the only         We must avoid any perception in Asian countries
occasion on which we sought American support                that racism and religious intolerance remain present
under ANZUS, during Indonesia's confrontation with          in Australia's political and public attitudes. Because
Malaysia in 1964, the US declined. Moreover, ANZUS,         of our history, the White Australia policy and the
or our broader alliance with the US, has led us into        statements of politicians such as Pauline Hanson, we
three unsuccessful wars (Vietnam, Iraq and                  are on a ''good behaviour bond'' in the eyes of many
Afghanistan) in support of policy decisions taken by        thinking Asians, who remain uncertain about the
the US administration.                                      depth and sincerity of our commitment to our Asian
                                                            and south-west Pacific regional neighbourhood.
Australia should send an unambiguous signal to
China and the US that, while we have different values       We have tended to lecture too much and listen too
from China and an alliance relationship with the US,        little. Expressions of moral superiority, ''big brother''
we welcome the rise of China, oppose policies               attitudes and more recently an excessive focus on
directed at the ''containment'' of China and see no         terrorism and consular cases can distort our
intrinsic reason why China under its system of              priorities.
authoritarian capitalism - which will inevitably need
to be adjusted - cannot continue to rise peacefully.        The key to a better future is for Australia to focus its
                                                            limited resources in our own region and not allow
A failure to accommodate a rising China could lead          itself to be drawn into distant conflicts, which are in
to instability and frustrate progress towards Asia-         fact detours from our area of primary interests.
Pacific regional co-operation. We do not consult and        Richard Woolcott is a former head of the Department
talk with the Chinese at the head-of-government             of Foreign Affairs. This article draws from his
and ministerial level and with the business                 submission to the white paper on ''Australia in the
community in the regular manner we should in the            Asian century''.
Asian century. We should aim to have arrangements
approaching those we have developed with the US,

        Australia China Friendship Society
        澳 中 友 好 協 会                                                          NSW INC.

Invites you to join our Grand Turkey Tour
          We have been able to obtain for members and friends specially priced tour, organised by
                 CHINA TRAVEL SERVICE (AUST.) PTY. LTD. (Licence No. 2TA001849)
This tour will depart from Sydney on Wednesday, 19September, 2012, and arrive back in Sydney on
Friday 05th October, 2012. Please complete the attached booking form and return to Mrs Wilmar
Masilungan, China Travel Service (Aust) Pty. Ltd Sydney Office, Level 1, Suite 3 -7, 650 George Street,
Sydney 2000, Tel: (02) 9372 - 0041 as soon as possible to secure your place on this fabulous tour.

Please make cheque deposit of $550.00 payable to CHINA TRAVEL SERVICE
  The balance of the tour costs is payable by 15 June, 2012 and a meeting of tour members will be held
  about two weeks prior to departure. Travel Insurance is essential. CTS Tours can arrange it at a special
                            minimal cost or you can make your own arrangement.
                                          Book as soon as possible
                                           DON’T MISS OUT!!
Tour Leader is Mrs. Margaret Kelly, NSW Secretary;Tel/Fax: (02) 9810 4298Email:

Tour Inclusions:
       International airfares & taxes
       Hotel accommodations as specified in the itinerary or similar
       Deluxe motor coach
       Entrance fees
       Touring with licensed English speaking tour guide throughout
       Local taxes VAT and service charges
       Baggage handling
       Service and handling fees
       Arrival & departure group transfers
       Tips to local guide and driver (Turkey)
       Meals as indicated (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner)

       Visa fees: (Australian Passport Holders must have a valid passport for at least 6months to enter
        Turkey and Abu Dhabi. It is issued on arrival at all airports) Cost: Turkey approx: US$20 or 15euro,
        Abu Dhabi: Free of charge valid for 29days.
       Travel Insurance
       Drinks with meals or any other items of personal nature
       Any sightseeing not mentioned in the above itinerary
       Tipping in Abu Dhabi (Optional)
Tour Cost: $6,925.00 per person on twin share basis
Single Room Supplement: $1,195.00
*Minimum 16passengers for guaranteed departure
*Tour prices quoted as at 22Dec11 and subject to change.

                                 ACFS Grand Tour of Turkey

                        19September – 05October, 2012 (17Days)

Day 1: Wednesday, 19September: Sydney /                      battle fields of WW1 at Gallipoli, Anzac Cove, Lone
Istanbul (via Abu Dhabi)                                     Pine Cemetery, Chunk Bair and Gabatepe War
Fly from Sydney International airport to Istanbul via        Museum then across the Dardanelles to Canakkale.
Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways (EY455)                        We will check in to the hotel in the afternoon.
                                                             Dinner will be at the hotel. (BLD)
Day 2: Thursday, 20September: Abu Dhabi                      Kolin Hotel or similar
On arrival into Abu Dhabi at 0640, you will be met
and transferred to your hotel. You will commence             Day 6: Monday, 24September: Canakkale to
your guided city tour in the morning that will include       Kusadasi via Troy & Pergamon
both lunch and dinner. (LD)                                  This morning visit the legendary city of Troy,
Hala Arjaan Rotana or similar                                immortalized by Homer in the stories of King
                                                             Priamus, Hector, Paris and the beautiful Helen. See
Day 3: Friday, 21September: Abu Dhabi /                      the archaeological excavations that have revealed
Istanbul                                                     nine separate periods of settlement and the ruins of
Morning transfer to the airport for your flight to           city walls, house foundations, a temple and a
Istanbul (EY97 0930/1305). On arrival, our                   theatre. Also see the symbolic replica wooden
representative will be at the airport and welcome            Trojan horse that commemorates the epic war
you to Turkey and transfer you to your hotel. Free           machine that was constructed in the 13 century
at leisure in the afternoon. (BLD)                           BC. We proceed to visit the ancient kingdom of
Crowne Plaza Harbiye or similar                              Pergamon, where we visit the ruins of Asklepieon
                                                             and we continue on to our hotel in Kusadasi for
Day 4: Saturday, 22September: Istanbul                       overnight. Dinner at hotel. (BLD)
Today, we start our day with a visit to the                  Charisma Hotel or similar
impressive Topkapi Palace, which served as the
palace of the Ottoman Sultans between the 16 &               Day 7: Tuesday, 25September: Ephesus and
19 Centuries. It has a superb position overlooking           Virgin Mary’s House
the Bosphorus. (Harem included) We also pay a                This morning we set off for the ancient city of
visit to the underground Cistern and to the                  Ephesus where our walking tour includes the Great
magnificent Haghia Sophia (St Sophia’s Basilica)             Theatre, which was built by the Romans between
built by Constantine the Great and reconstructed by          41 and 117AD and is still used today; Gymnasium
Justinian in the 6 century. It is one of the world’s         of Vedus; the magnificent Library of Celsus; the
greatest architectural marvels. We will visit the            Temple of Hadrian, guarded by a head of Medusa;
fascinating and impressive Blue Mosque (Sultan               and the House of Virgin Mary where she is believed
Ahmet Camii), famous for its six minarets, its               to have spent the last years of her life along with St
beautiful blue Iznik tiles, unique architectural and         John the Theologian. Visit the Ephesus Museum at
marble latticework. Visit the Byzantine Hippodrome,          Selik. Spend the night at our hotel in Kusadasi.
the centre of Byzantine life for 1000 years, where           Dinner will be at the hotel. (BLD)
chariot races and competitive athletic events took
place. We will finish the day with a visit to Grand          Day 8: Wednesday, 26September: Kusadasi to
Bazaar which is the world’s biggest and the oldest           Pamukkale via Hierapolis
shopping venue. (BLD)                                        After breakfast we will drive to Pamukkale, famous
Optional: Turkish Bath approx. AUD80.00pp                    for its chalk-white array of fantastically shaped
Day 5: Sun 23September: Istanbul to Canakkale                limestone. On arrival, we will visit the ancient ruins
Early departure from the hotel and leaving Istanbul          of Hierapolis, which is one of the world’s oldest
behind, your drive takes you to the Northern                 healing centres and then the rest of the day is yours
Aegean city of Canakkale along the Sea of                    to further explore the ruins. Dinner will be at the
Marmara and across the Dardanelles. Visit the                hotel. (BLD) Pam Thermal Hotel or similar
Day 9: Thursday, 27September: Pamukkale to                   Day 13: Monday, 01October: Cappadocia
Antalya                                                      Begin your discovery of Cappadocia with Goreme’s
Morning drive to Antalya, arriving at noon. And we           “Caves of God” a UNESCO World Heritage site.
will pay a visit to the ancient city of Perge, which         Monasteries and churches hewn into volcanic tufa
                                                                                                  th       th
was founded around 1000BC and ranked as one of               rock reached their peak between 7 and 13
the great Pamphylian trading cities. Perge had one           centuries. We will visit Red Valley of Dervent and
of the oldest Christian communities in Asia Minor.           enjoy a large palette of colors throughout the day.
The city prospered under Alexander the Great and             You will see the ongoing erosion on the fairy
the Romans. The substantial remains of a great               chimneys of Pasabagi and we will have a chance to
theatre, stadium Agora, Bath Complex, huge                   pay a visit to one of the regional pottery workshops.
Hellenisic and Roman Gates and an impressive                 Dinner will be at the hotel. (BLD)
colonnaded street are highly worth to see. Check in          Morning Optional: Hot air ballooning flight
to our hotel in Antalya; and enjoy a relaxing                approx. USD250.00pp
afternoon by the Mediterranean coast. Dinner will
be at the hotel. (BLDCrowne Plaza Hotel similar              Day 14: Tuesday, 02October: Cappadocia to
Day 10: Friday, 28September: Antalya                         Early morning drive to Ankara, capital city of Kemal
Today is a free day with choice of an optional tour          Ataturk’s new regime since 1923; his memorial
of Phaselis, a coastal ancient city together with a          stands as one of the landmarks of Ankara, once
yacht cruise along the Turquoise Coast of the                Galatian’s Ancyra. We will arrive at the city in the
Mediterranean if weather permits. (BLD) Approx.              afternoon and pay a visit to the mausoleum of the
AUD100.00pp                                                  founder of Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
                                                             Later a detailed visit to the museum of Anatolian
Day 11: Saturday, 29September: Antalya to                    civilizations will take you to the mysteries as far
Konya                                                        back as the Paleolithic Age. The exhibit includes
On our way to Konya we pay a visit to Aspendos,              miraculously preserved wooden furniture from the
which, like Perge, was founded on a hilltop near a           tomb of Phrygian King Midas. Dinner will be at the
river and later spread down to the plain and it is           hotel. (BLD)
visited today principally for its theatre. The               Crowne Plaza Hotel or similar
outstanding feature of Aspendos is the theatre in
the lower town, built in the late 2 Century AD               Day 15: Wednesday, 03October: Ankara to
during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180). It            Istanbul
seats 15000 people and has remained perfectly                Today, we will have a scenic drive from Ankara to
intact for 1800 years. Today’s long drive will cross         Istanbul. On arrival you will have a tour of
the Taurus mountains with beautiful scenery of fir           Bosphorus, one which takes in a variety of diverse
trees and cedar trees. Visit to the biblical city of         cultures. Tour of the Egyptian Spice Bazaar before
Konya, where we will visit the museum and                    cruising along the Bosphorous waterway past, the
mausoleum of the founder of the mystic cult of               palaces of the Ottomans, Dolmabache and
Whirling Dervishes called Mevlana Rumi. Dinner               Beylerbeyi as well as mansions and villas. After the
will be at the hotel. (BLD)                                  cruise you will visit Dolmabache Palace. Dinner will
Hilton Garden Inn or similar                                 be at the hotel. (BLD)

Day 12: Sunday, 30September: Konya to                        Day 16: Thursday, 04October: Istanbul / Sydney
Cappadocia                                                   (via Abu Dhabi)
Early drive to Cappadocia, the land of fairy                 After breakfast, check out of the hotel and transfer
chimneys. This land has also been used by movie              to the airport for your flight back to Sydney. (B)
makers because of its natural bizarre look. En route         (EY096 1415/1940) & EY454 2200/1810+1)
to Cappadocia we will visit a 700 years old
Caravanserail. On arrival at Cappadocia we will pay          Day 17: Friday, 05October: Sydney       Arrival in
a visit to the famous underground city of Saratli.           Sydney at 1810
Dinner will be at the hotel. Enjoy Whirling Dervishes
performance this evening. (BLD)
MDC Hotel or similar

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