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Internet English @ 2005 Fall
       Nicole Huang
   Email: Electronic mail, or email, may be the
    most heavily used features of the Internet.
   Header: are the beginning of any email
   Subject: Describes message (recommend)
     To    : Lists recipient of the message (at
    least one required)
     Cc        : List carbon copy recipient(s)_
    Bcc : Lists blind carbon copy recipient(s)
    name(s) will not be listed with the message

 Netiquette:
The set of rules about behaviors that is
  acceptable when writing an email or
  talking to people in a chat room.
  --from Cambridge Advanced Learner

Netiquette Quiz
                Mailing List
You can access a world of mailing lists, organized
  around a specific topic, through the Internet.

How Do mailing lists work?
 Each mailing list has two email addresses:
  administrative address and list address.
  Administrative address is for you to subscribe
  (get on the list) and unsubscribe (get off the
  list). The List address is for communicating to
  the other members of the discussion group.
  When you send email to this address, it gets
  distributed to everyone else on the list.
            Mailing List
How to “get on” a mailing list?
  Subscribing to mailing lists is free-
  just send an email message to the
  “subscription address.” Leave the
  subject line of your message blank.
  In the message box type:
 Subscribe <LISTNAME><Firstname

 Ex: Subscribe ENGL-SL Nicole Huang
              Mailing List
How to “get off” a mailing list?
 If you want to remove yourself from
  the list, you will need to
  “unsubscribe”. The process varies
  from list to list; but generally, you’ll
  need to send a message with the
  word” unsubscribe” followed by the
  name of the list and your email
  address to administrative address,
  not to the list address.

   Ex: Unsubscribe ENGL-SL Nicole
        Hands-on Practice (1)
Mailing Lists
Daily Brief:
   Daily summary of U.S. and world news sent out by
e-mail every weekday morning. To subscribe, fill out
the form at

Word. A. D day
   Mails out an English vocabulary word and its
definition each day. To subscribe, send email to, and on your Subject line,
put subscribe<you full name>. For example,
subscribe< Nicole Huang>
      Hands-On Practice (2)
 Please Subscribe 3 Mailing Lists and post
  subscribing process on your blog. (which
  one you sended the request to? How? What
  commend? Also tell us on your blog what
  you’ve received from the list when you get
  the feedback?)
1. Daily Brief (a must)
2. World. A. Day (a must)
3. Slang of the Day
4. EZTalk 每日一字電子報
5. 華視英語電子報
6. 1390英文電子報

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