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									Goal or purpose in life can only be achieved if you have a strong motivation within you. Without any
motivation, it's hard once you reach what you aspire. But it can not be denied, it is quite difficult to build
motivation within yourself. In fact, you probably do not know exactly how to build motivation within
yourself. In fact, actually a lot of things to do to motivate them. Do I ...? try to consider the following

Create Sensation
Create something that can "wake up" and arouse you in the morning before. For example, you think
tomorrow should be a profit of 1 billion rupiah. Although it sounds impossible, but this sensation is
sometimes your spirit to work better than what you did yesterday.

Continue to Develop Your Goals
Do not ever hung up on one simple goal. The purpose of life is too simple to make you have no more
strength. In fact, in order to achieve something you need a greater challenge to mobilize the power of
the real you. The purpose of living will raise the motivation and strength in your life.

When Death Set
You need to think about the time of death in that direction even though the symptoms are
unpredictable. Imagine the last moments of life truly is a moment of very sensational. You can imagine
the 'flash back' in your life. Since you live your childhood, adolescence, to come across as mature and
independent person. If you imagine the 'doom' you're close, it will motivate you to do even more for
your life.

Leave Friend Unnecessary
Feel free to leave your friends who can not drive to your destination. Therefore, whoever your friend,
you should be able to bring in change for the better. Know, hang out with people who are optimistic will
make you think too optimistic. With them, life is more fun and full of motivation.

Casually Shadow Fear
When you are haunted with anxiety and fear, do not run away from the shadows. For example, you've
been afraid to face the future is bad. Come and enjoy your fear by trying to handle it. When you manage
to overcome the fear, then you have succeeded in increasing the confidence that you are able to
achieve a better life.

Say "Welcome" in Every Problem
Path to achieve the objectives are not always as smooth as toll roads. One moment, you will face the
steep, uphill, and full of rocks. Do not rotate the direction to take shortcuts. Continue to face the street
and think the best way to get through it. If you look at the problem as something terrible, you will be
more difficult to be motivated. Conversely, when you are ready to face any problems, then you seemed
to have excess energy and passion to achieve your goals.

Start with Good Taste
Do not ever feel overwhelmed with your life's purpose. Try to enjoy life and the path you take. If you are
already beginning to feel 'not like', then it seems, life will never be the motivation you have.

Hard training with
Can not, you have to practice all the time if you want to get the best results. Basically, there's nothing
you can not achieve if you keep trying hard. The more vigorous practice, the easier it will cope with any

Conclusion: The motivation is 'something' that can grow your spirit in order to achieve the goal. With a
strong motivation within yourself, you will have a high appreciation and respect for self and life. So you
also have no doubt go to achieve goals and ideals of your life ..!

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