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									 Very often, your Windows 7 computer can be
performing very slow compared to what it once
was. Thankfully, there are many very effective
   solutions to this even though there is an
   unlimited number of reasons to why your
computer may be running slowly. I am going to
 explain in detail, the best, and most effective
 ways to make Windows 7 run faster on your

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Uninstall Unused Programs Pretty much everyone who uses their
computer on a regular basis will have programs on their computer
which they simply don't use Having programs on your computer
which you don't use means that you are putting unnecessary strain
on your computer for no reason that benefits you whatsoever
 The fix this, all you have to do is uninstall any programs which you
don't use by using the instructions below: Click Start, then click
Control Panel When the control panel screen appears, click
Uninstall a Program
 You will now see a list of the programs which are installed on your
computer Now you should click any program name which you feel
you don't use or need, and then click Uninstall
 Now you will be promoted to an uninstall screen, and all you have to
do from here is follow the instructions which are shown to you by the
uninstaller Repeat this process for all and any programs you don't
use or need
 Delete Unused Files This is really simple, and can be really effective
 No doubt you will have files such as pictures, music, or videos on
your computer which you know yourself you probably will never
look/listen to again
 Having too many files on your computers hard win 7 boot disk drive
can cause your computer to slow down due to the limited memory it
can work with To delete unused files, all you have to do is go to your
documents or desktop and find files you wont have any use for, and
that are worthy of deletion
 Right click, and click Delete to fully remove the file, and free space
Closing Task Tray Programs More often than not, you will have
programs running on your computer when you don't even know it!
Programs which are running in your task tray will still be causing
speed decreases of your computer even if you aren't actually
properly using the program! You should close all programs which are
running in your task tray which you are not using
 Closing programs which you are not using in your task tray is
unbelievably simple Simply goto the bottom right of your screen,
right click, and close any programs which you are not using
 Although these methods of making your computer running Windows
7 faster may seem too simple, you would be surprised to how much
they actually affect the performance of your computer! If you still see
no change in the speed of your computer after using these methods,
then it's probably because your computer simply can't handle all that
you want it to do, and that it's time for you to upgrade to a more
powerful computer
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