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Anti-Aging 2 u Sdn. Bhd.(818959 –T)

Lot 08 -79,8 Floor, Berjaya Time Square,

55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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      Skin care,

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      Cosmetics products
PRODUCT              PROFILE
  Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser is series of Feminine Hygiene Wash product

  being associated with a pharmaceutical manufacturer in England is natural

products that are made particularly to meet women's needs,

                   We ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality.
About us:
Mega Alpha Her Hygiene             Dedicated towards in creating premium, natural products

that are made particularly to meet women's needs, Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser being

associated with a pharmaceutical manufacturer in England , which has many year of

reputation of producing premium pharmaceutical prescription generic branded drugs and

products globally.

Our company uses the concept of        " MY CONFIDENCE MY DAILY SOLUTION "
as our policy. In order for today's women to lead a healthier and more intimate life-style.

Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser provides women with a premium feminine hygiene

product that is changing the lives of women all over the world.

We at Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser are committed to provide high-quality natural

Products that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of today's women.

We ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality.
Endure the confidences all day long with the freshness of

                      Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser Feminine Hygiene Wash.

Your daily odor protection, Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser
feminine cleansing product is ideal for women of all ages, it can reduce the dryness and

suitable for everyday use.
 I.     Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser 200 ML.

                                       3       Month Using.

Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser                          200 ML.

      Code           HC200

      Product Name   Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser 200 ML

      Retail Price   RM 69
II.     Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser 100 ML.

                                         2 Month Using.

Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser                          100 ML.

      Code           HC100

      Product Name   Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser 100 ML

      Retail Price   RM 39
III.     Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser 30 ML.

                                        2       Weeks Using.

Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser                          30 ML.

       Code           HC30

       Product Name   Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser 30 ML

       Retail Price   RM 12
Knowledge with                            Her Hygiene Cleanser

Daily use with Her Hygiene Cleanser Intimate Cleanser can help to prevent change to the
balance of the organisms in the vagina, this due to its Natural Antiseptic plant based
properties which help to promote the vagina's natural acidic pH balance.

Under normal conditions the vagina has a pH balance of between 3.8 - 4.2 pH and is
colonized by good bacteria (lactobacilli) which helps provide a defense against infection.
Lactobacilli help maintain vaginal acidity by producing lactic acid, where by providing the
vagina inhospitable for many other micro-organisms.

When the natural balance is disturbed the vaginal sensitivity increases and the vaginal pH
becomes more Alkaline (less acidic) and more prone to the overgrowth of other organisms.

A certain amount of vaginal discharge is normal. The vaginal walls and cervix contain glands
that produce small amounts of fluid is usually clear or milky white and does not have an
unpleasant order to it. Normal vaginal discharge is thicker at times of menstrual cycle, during
breast feeding and during sexual arousal.

Itching and/or burning in the vaginal area may be very disturbing and very uncomfortable.
Certain vaginal infections such as trichomoniasis may cause discomfort, even painful itching in
the vaginal areas. Experiencing vaginal itch is about poor hygiene or that you are dirty.
         Here   are   some   common   causes for vaginal
         itching :
   I.    Excess perspiration

  II.    Certain clothing - tight clothing

  III.   Wearing wet clothes - especially a wet bathing suit

 IV.     Sexual activity

  V.     Allergic reaction to latex (condoms), deodorants, detergents &
         soaps, lubricants.

 VI.     Wearing panty liners or pads during your menstrual cycle

VII.     Over used of Antibiotics

VIII.    Vaginal dryness
**Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser can help relieve the symptoms of itching, burning,
soreness, unpleasant odor and other external vaginal irritations. If symptoms persist it is
recommended to seek medical advice as this is not replacement for medical treatment.

Yeast infection symptoms area thick, cottage cheese like discharge that cones with intense
itching and discomfort. If you think you may have a yeast infection or never had a yeast
infection and suspects you have now, please see your doctor for proper diagnose and
treatment. If you are in doubt of any vaginal discharge, see your doctor as soon as possible.

                     most common vaginal symptoms that can
Listed below are some of the
be prevented or relieved with the use of Mega Alpha Her
Hygiene Cleanser Intimate Cleanser Product.

# Vaginal Odors e.g. unpleasant odors, unnatural odors and bad smells.

# Vaginal Dryness

# Vaginal Discomfort

# Vaginal Sensitivity

# Vaginal Infections

# Vaginal Yeast Infection

# Vaginal Itching

# Vaginal Soreness / Burning

# Vaginal pH imbalance

# Discomfort After Sexual Intercourse
        Fair        Good          Very Good

      Research By Anti-Aging 2u Sdn. Bhd.   AUG/ 2011
I.     Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser Feminine Hygiene Wash contains Natural main
       ingredients from Aloe Vera And Eucalyptus Oil, the natural contains make Super
       Moisturizing, promote healing and inflammatory, Anti-fungal important antioxidant.
       from Nature's Pharmacy, which are known for their properties in aiding vaginal
       symptoms, unpleasant odors, and toning & tightening of the vaginal area.


                                              PhD, Scientific Advisor & Research Consultant, Professor Emeritus
                                              of Physiology, Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine Say:
                                              Aloe Vera Extract : Anti – itch , soothes irritated skin keeps, skin
                                              moisturized, promote healing and anti inflammatory.

     Aloe vera contains polysaccharides that act as a conductor to direct biological activities among an orchestra of
     various molecules. Many agents within Aloe have been isolated, identified and demonstrated to synergize with one
     another over a large biological spectrum. A standard preparation of Aloe vera with a well-defined unit for each
     biological activity is necessary for future research. The conductor-orchestra theory opposes the idea that suggests that
     one molecule in Aloe (a polysaccharide) is responsible for the beneficial effects and that the standardization should
     be based on that polysaccharide. A greater understanding between the conductor and orchestra is needed to
     better define how Aloe vera synergizes its many activities. This understanding will change many pharmacologic
     concepts in the future. The conductor-orchestra concept will be practiced as the central format by which the Aloe
     industry will operate

     Dr Peter Atherton article on aloe vera in the treatment of venous leg

     ulcers in Nursing Standard (1998) : aloe vera: magic or medicine?
 Eucalyptus Essential Oil : Anti – fungal, important antioxidant and anti – bacterial properties.

Dr. Young’s journeys across the world, and recipes for 25 special oil blends say
The Most Powerful Anti-Fungal Essential Oils

Essential oils of Eucalyptus Essential Oil were equal or superior to the powerful anti-fungal drug,

The Eucalyptus Essential Oil     at a 0.04% concentration completely stopped the growth of 35
different fungi.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil , kill more than 60 types of bacteria,15 strains of fungi and several
viruses. Eugenol strongly inhibits growth of HSVI and HSVII.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil reduced Candida infection in test subjects by 75% after 8 days, closely
equivalent to Nystatin. 5% of adult women suffer from candidiasis which can have serious long
term consequences.

ADAMS, R.P. Identification of essential oil components by gas chromatography/mass
spectroscopy. Say

Eucalyptus oil can be used as an antiseptic gargle.

Its powerful germicidal properties effectively kill staphylococcus bacteria and have been used
to treat tuberculosis.

Eucalyptus oil can be applied externally to relieve fevers that arise from infectious diseases.

Several animal studies report that eucalyptus applied to the skin can reduce pain.

Eucalyptus radiata is an anti-microbial oil and has been studied for its action against viruses.
II.   Maintains optimal vaginal pH levels 3.5 -4.0 helping to maintain the vagina's
      microbial balance and natural acidity.

                           pH LEVELS SCALE
      Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser pH 3.5 to 4.0 level formulation is helping to maintain
the vagina's microbial balance and natural acidity.

******      ideal for vaginal acidity as normal vaginal acidity is between pH 3.8 to 4.2

     III.   Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser products are manufactured to adhere to the
            most rigid standards in the world and has passed testing by the Health Sciences
            Authority, Malaysian Ministry of Health approvals

How to use

   1. Clean the external vagina areas with clean water.

      2. Pour a small amount of HER(size of an about 20 cent coin) onto your palm and
apply gentle on the areas.

        3. Leave it for about 1 minute then rinse thoroughly with water.
MEGA ALPHA PARTNER……..                                          The benefits.

 1.         Good Profit margin & Fast Recurrence of Sales

 2.        Good supporting team, Our Marketing team will planned to support
     Product & Marketing Knowledge by our planned Table.

          Free of charge for Banting, Product poster, Presentation file , Catalog &
     Standard services.

 3.        Good marketing plan

 -   Anti-Aging2u Sdn Bhd. will focus for new customer sales by let the customer try the
     sample of Mega Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser and giving away brochure to make
     customer know that what is benefit of Her Hygiene Cleanser
-   Giving the Promotion (RM 10) for first try size (30 ML for 2 week)

-   Facebook & Twitter is the fastest platform to spread the news and updates of Mega
    Alpha Her Hygiene Cleanser product Where can get it. So we create a “ Like Alpha Her
    Hygiene Cleanser” contest in face book fan page and the more post face book user
    share on their wall will have a chance to win.

-   Anti- Aging2u Sdn Bhd     will arrange tide up with Popular Feminine Chinese/
    English/Malay magazine newspaper for example:

                                        a. Jessica (Chi)

                                        b. Female(Eng)

                                        c. Wanita( Malay)


                                        d. Motro Harian

                                        e. China Press

                                        f. SinChew Daily

                                        g. The Star.
Example :   Tide up with Popular Feminine magazine.
“   Thank you ”

              By Mega Alpha Team

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