Dear Home-Schooling Parent: by 9Jba6rwx


									                                                                   Attachment A

                                     (School Letterhead)

Dear Home-Schooling Parent:

Thank you for your notification dated _____________________________ to home-school your

child(ren), __________________________________________________________________.
A copy of Chapter 12, Compulsory Attendance Exceptions, Hawaii Administrative Rules, is
attached for your information. Also attached is a copy of Home School Support Group Phone
List. Please see the Homeschooling website for related information at

Please be aware that according to the Department of Education’s Home-Schooling Guidelines,
you are required to submit an annual progress report by the last school day of the school year.
Results from the Hawaii State Assessment may be used to fulfill the requirement of Chapter 12
of an annual progress report.

In addition, you are also required by Chapter 12 to submit appropriate criterion or nom-
referenced tests comparable to those used in our statewide testing program for children in grades
3, 5, 8 and 10. You are welcome to participate in our statewide testing program at no cost or you
may choose to arrange for private testing at your own expense. Please contact the school if you
wish to participate in our testing program. We will contact you when the dates for our school
have been set.

You will need to submit another OCISS Form 4140 or notification letter if your child moves to
another school or elevates to a grade beyond our school. Please inform the school if your family
moves to the Mainland.

Please call the school if further information or assistance is needed. The school phone number is




c: Complex Area Superintendent

August 2010

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