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									German-owned manufacturing company celebrates its 10 year anniversary

RABAT - A German-owned manufacturing company, Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd, celebrated its 10
year anniversary of operations here in Malta with a reception held in Rabat on Friday 23rd October,

The company was launched in mid July of 1999 by German investor Herbert Hofsaess as a production base for
Signal Construct Gmbh, a market leader in manufacturing LED solutions for various industries such as mobile
phones, automotive applications, machinery and also aeronautics. Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd. soon proved to
be an asset for Signal Construct since it shifted its production base to Malta as it gave Signal Construct the
chance to be more competitive, more cost-effective and focus more on developing new products.

                                          In early 2008, through marketing and research initiatives brought about
                                          by the management of Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd, a new line of
                                          products was developed to target LED lighting for commercial/domestic
                                          use such as hotels, retail outlets, private residences and commercial
                                          buildings. This new innovative line of products not only paves the way
                                          forward for Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd to further expand its
                                          production base, but also makes it one of the first manufacturing
                                          companies in Malta to expand through the creation of green-jobs. Such a
milestone definitely puts all staff at Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd to proudly look forward to a prosperous new
decade of operations.

Celebrations for the staff at Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd, commenced ten days earlier since a special brass
band from Minden was brought to Malta to perform a special two hour concert to celebrate their anniversary as a
special treat for all the workers at Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd. The main event last Friday, organized by
Events Encore, showed the unveiling of a specially commissioned artistic sculpture, using various products
which Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd produce. All staff where given a silver memento as a sign of appreciation
for their hard work and dedication over the past decade.

The event ended with a speech from Ing. Stefan De Marco, advisor for
Energy Efficiency within the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs,
who not only congratulated the company on its success but also outlined
the importance that companies such as Sicons Opto Products have
towards the National target to reduce carbon emissions. He also
mentioned that they are in discussion with Sicons Opto Products to
jointly run a project in order to show what huge positive benefits one gets
from using such solid-state lighting.

A spokesman for Sicons Opto Products (M) Ltd said: “These last ten years have been very exciting for us and
the development we have recently done keeps us confident for the future”. He also mentioned: “Our LED
lighting products provide the end-user with a solid German quality product, which strongly competes with what
is available in the European market, and every order we get from Malta is a clear example of how we can sustain
our own economy”. (jjb)

Foto 1: Directors Chev. Henry J. Borg and Mr. Herbert Hofsaess unveiling the artistic sculpture, assisted by Finance and Operations Manager
Mr. Jonathan J. Borg and Finance Director Mr. Armin Wacker

Foto 2: Advisor for Energy Efficienct within the Ministry of Resources & Rural Affairs, Ing. Stefan De Marco, delivering his speech.

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