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Medical and Clinical Supplies Checklist
Whether you are evacuating or sheltering-in-place, you will need enough supplies for two weeks. Make a separate list for
special needs residents including those who are non-ambulatory, are on oxygen, have Alzheimer’s or other physical and mental
impairments, and their prescription medications.

Medical and Clinical Supplies
     2 Hurricane Tracking Charts                                    300 Name Badge’s
     1 Red Sharps Collector                                         7 Roll’s First-Aid Tape
     1 Orange Collector                                             2 Whistles
     2 Large Pkg. Q-tips Cotton Swabs                               2 Digital Thermometers
     1 Box of 100 Single Tipped Applicators                         200 Probe Covers
     255 3x3 Sterile Gauze Pads                                     2 After Bite insect sticks
     25 4x4 Sterile Gauze Pads                                      1 Tube Anti-Itch Gel (EX. 2005)
     12 Rolls Flexicon Elastic Gauze Bandage                        1 Benadryl Cream (EX. 2004)
     1 Large Roll Sterile Kerlix                                    1 Hydrocortisone Cream (EX. 2004)
     360 Plastic Strip Bandaids                                     6 Tubes Triple Antibiotic Cream (EX. 2006)
     1 Pkg. of 100 Alcohol Swabs                                    4 Potable Aqua Drinking Water Germicidal Tablet’s
     1 Dark Blue First Aid-Kit w/Medical Scissors                   2 Large Bottles Eye Wash (EX. 2006)
     1 Manicure Kit-2 sizes Clippers-Tweezers                       2 Small Bottles Eye Wash (EX. 2004)
     1 Notebook                                                     2 Disposable Flash Camera’s (EX. 2005)
     5 Permanent Markers                                            1 Weather Radio NOAA
     2 Ball Point Pens                                              3 AAA Batteries (for Weather Radio)
     4 Pair Scissors                                                6 Bottles Rubbing Alcohol (EX. 2008)
     1 Roll Red Duck Tape                                           5 Bottles Hydrogen Peroxide
     1 Large Box 50 Dust Masks                                      2 Boxes Latex Gloves
     1 Pkg. Baby Wipes                                              250 Plastic Pill Cups
     2 Forever Flash Lights                                         200 Plastic Lids for Pill Cups
     3 Large Pkgs. Cotton Squares                                   4 Large Red Plastic Bags
     1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer                                        15 Small Bio Specimen Bags

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