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									     What kinds of tests does oDesk offer?
     oDesk provides free online skill tests on a range of topics
     from Adobe applications to English grammar to XML. We
     are continually adding and revising our test selection, so
     check back regularly. And be sure to take to showcase
     your newly acquired skills!
     We offer a basic outline syllabus to review before the test,
     but we do not offer a complete study-guide. oDesk tests
     are intended for showcasing your existing skills, not
     assisting to learning new ones.
     oDesk also offers the oDesk Readiness Test to help
     acquaint new providers with our system. Providers' job
     application quotas are restricted until they pass this test.
     How do I screen providers based on test scores?
     To screen providers based on our skill tests, set your test
     of choice as preferred qualifications on your job post.
     Candidates who have not passed the specified test will be
     marked as unqualified. When you simply want to browse
     provider who have passed a particular test:

1.          step 1: Go to Find Providers & Jobs > Tests.
2.          step 2: Browse the complete list of tests, filter it by
     Category or search for a specific Title. The list of tests can
     be sorted by clicking on the table headers (ID, Title,
     Category, Qualified Providers, Tests Taken, Test Scores.)

3.          step 3: Click the View Providers link in the Actions

     All tests are scored on a scale of 0.0 to 5.0 (5.0 being the
     highest possible score). The 'passing' level for most tests
     is 2.5 out of 5.0. Individual test scores are also assigned a
     percentile rank to show their relative position in the
     distribution of scores. Our percentiles are calculated using
     a complex normalizing formula (read more about it on
     Only providers who have passed and made the test score
     public on their profile will appear as qualified in your search.
     Others may have passed, but hidden their test results.
     You can review the Syllabus and Test Statistics by
     clicking on the test's Title instead of View Providers.
     How do I take a test?
     All providers are eligible to take our free skill tests. Each
     test can be taken only once every 30 days (except the
     oDesk Readiness Test - that can be retaken immediately).

1.        step 1: Go to Find Providers & Jobs > Tests.

2.        step 2: Browse the complete list of tests, filter it by
     Category or search for a specific Title. The list of tests can
     be sorted by clicking on the table headers (ID, Title,
     Category, Qualified Providers, Tests Taken, Test Scores.)

3.        step 3: Click the Take Test link in the Actions column.
     Review the Syllabus and Rules. Press the Start Test
     button. You'll be taken to our testing partner's website.
     Review their Instructions carefully. Make sure you
     understand how many questions you'll need to answer and
     how long you have to complete the test. Then press the
     Continue button.

4.        step 4: The test will take a moment to configure and
     may take a little more time over a slower internet
     connection. Press the Click here to start your test button.
     Your test has now begun! Answer each question before
     moving on to the next. You can review previous questions,
     but you cannot edit their answers. Counters at the top tell
     you how many questions and how much time you have left.

5.          step 5: At the end of the test, you'll be shown Your
     Score and your Results by Topic. You can access this
     information again later in Profile & Settings > My Tests.
     When you're done reviewing your results, press the
     Continue without provide feedback or Continue and
     provider feedback on this test button. We'd greatly
     appreciate it if you could take a few moments to leave
     feedback. It will be read and used to improve the test.

     If you encounter any problems with a specific test question,
     please use the Report an issue with this test question
     link. You can also let us know on the feedback form at the
     end of the test or by contacting Customer Support. These
     reports are used to improve the tests.
     You can manage the tests you have taken in Profile &
     Settings > My Tests My Tests. (Learn more about My
Most tests work with standard browser settings. However,
if you start a test and it tries to jump back to the previous
screen, please check your browser settings. Make sure
that popup windows, javascript and cookies are enabled.
Some tests may also require Active scripting and Scripting
in Java Applets.
Which tests should I take?
Take as many as you'd like! We recommend that all new
providers read through the list and take any test that
corresponds with the skills you would like to showcase.
There's no penalty for failing - and you're free to retake the
test after 30 days. You can also hide the tests if you don't
like your scores.
You may take as many tests and showcase as many skills
as you'd like, may not be wise to leave them all visible on
your profile. Generally, only better than average test
scores public should be made public. That means at least
the 50% percentile and preferably higher than 66%.
Are there so many tests you just don't know where to start?
We suggest you take tests that:
        are listed as requested qualifications on jobs posts
     you're interested in. The buyer probably won't consider
     your application otherwise. Be sure your passing test
     score is public to be recognized as a qualified candidate.

        are featured on the profiles of providers in your field.
     You can click on other candidates with public profiles on
     job posts or do a provider search to size up your

        not many other providers have taken (sort by Tests
     Taken to find these hidden gems). They may be new
     tests or unique skills - either way you'll really stand out to
     any buyer looking for that specific skill.
    What is the oDesk Readiness Test?
    We developed the oDesk Readiness Test (ORT) to help
    familiarize providers with our most important features and
    policies. It is different from our other tests in several very
    important ways.

1.       The ORT is open-book. Every question is linked
     directly to the appropriate help page. (Sharing answers is
     still forbidden.)
2.       The ORT can be retaken immediately and as many
     times as necessary. There's no waiting period to retake
     this test.

3.       The passing score is 5.0 out of 5.0.

4.       Upon passing, you'll receive an oDesk Ready badge
     on your profile and appear in searches filtered for oDesk
     Ready providers.

5.       There are only 11 questions - significantly fewer than
     most other tests. This in combination with two points
     above means many providers display very short
     completion times.
 Providers' job application quotas are restricted until they
 pass the test and are deemed oDesk Ready.
 Provider Companies
 Exclusive affiliated contractors take a different version of
 the test. Staffing managers take the same version as
 independent contractors.

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