; Ban animal sacrifice in all Hindu's temples in India - Sukanya Kadyan
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Ban animal sacrifice in all Hindu's temples in India - Sukanya Kadyan

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									To:        The President of India, New Delhi (Her Excellency Pratibha Devi Singh Patil),
           Prime Minister of India, New Delhi. (Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan Singh),
           President, BJP (Shri Nitin Gadkari), Secretary to the Ministry of Environment
           and Forest (Shri Vijai Sharma), His Excellency Governor of Haryana (His
           Excellency Governor of Haryana Shri Jagannath Pahadia), Speaker Lok
           Sabha (Smt. Meira Kumar), Animal Welfare Division (Dr. Anjani Kumar),
           OIPA in India, Hon’ble Speaker, Haryana Legislative Assembly, Chandigarh
           (INDIA) (Hon'ble Shri Kuldeep Sharma), Vice President of India (Hon'ble Shri
           Hamid Ansari), Leader BJP (Shri L. K. Advani), Chief Minister, West Bengal
           (Km. Mamata Banerjee), Joint Secretary (Coordination and Public
           Grievances), Hon'ble Mr. Chief Justice, Union Minister for Environment and
           Forest (Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan), International Secretary General, VHP (Dr.
           Parveen Togadia), and Minister-of-State , Forests
Subject:   Ban animal sacrifice in Hindu's temples - cow slaughtering on Bakir
           Eid in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Letter:    Greetings,

           It's still legal in Philadelphia, and probably most other places. There are
           restrictions saying one has to kill the animals "humanely" and maybe no
           dogs or cats. But apparently animal sacrifice is allowed on grounds of
           religious tolerance.
           This example seemed to be a version of Satanism, but major religions
           including all Islamic and some Hindu groups still have animal sacrifices.
           Personally, I don't have any tolerance for religions that still demand animal
           sacrifice. I feel that such practices should be strictly banned and that the
           religions have to reform themselves where necessary.

           But this is a discussion question so let's hear your analysis........where as
           Gandhian Ideologist, Philosopher and social reformer Naresh Kadyan,
           representative of the International Organisation for Animal Protection -
           OIPA in India and founder chairman, People for Animals (PFA) Haryana be
           ready to change his Hindu religion and searching other religion where
           animals sacrifice are not appreciated / due respect given to the animals to
           live their natural span of life.

           We want Deletion of this section from the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
           Act, 1960 :

           28. Saving as respects manner of killing prescribed by religion : Nothing
           contained in this Act shall render it an offense to kill any animal in a
           manner required by the religion of any community. I know that you have
           power to issue ordinance to ban animal sacrifice in all Hindu's temples in
           India, hence we expect this ordinance now from your good self...........Her
           Excellency the President of India.

           Why animal sacrifices?
It is amazing that in this modern age, the relationship of a human being
and his God should still be measured in terms of an exchange or barter:
you give something and you get something back. This is the underlying
principle of animal sacrifice.

It is another matter that no religion in the world preaches violence or
orders the death of any living creature. However, even if one were to
believe in the sanctity of sacrifice, it would be based on the fact that God
would not want the human to perform a random act of violence or murder,
but that the human should sacrifice something he loves/desires in return
for something that he wants even more.

In this case, buying an animal and killing it slowly after inflicting torture is
a meaningless exercise. This is why most modern societies have
abandoned such practices.

On the contrary, in India there has been a growth in the number of
sacrifices in the 20th century...
The government is planning to bring out a comprehensive law to prevent
cruelty to animals.

Replying to questions in the Lok Sabha, the Environment Minister, Mr.
Jairam Ramesh said the proposed law will also ensure promotion of welfare
measures for animals.

Sharing concern over the growing cruelty against animals, the Minister said
the Animal Welfare Board of India, having a network of 2,800 NGOs across
the country, is taking effective measures to protect animals, particularly
the stray animals.

He said his ministry has approached the Supreme Court for banning the
practice of bull fighting and animal sacrifices in some parts of the country
during festive seasons. Stating that six states have banned animal
sacrifice, Mr. Ramesh said his ministry had sent advisories to other states
in this regard.

Section 268 of IPC...... Public nuisance

A person is guilty of a public nuisance who does not act or is guilty of an
illegal omission which causes any common injury, danger or annoyance to
the public or to the people in general who dwell or occupy property in the
vicinity, or which must necessarily cause injury, obstruction, danger or
annoyance to persons who may have occasion to use any public right.

A common nuisance is not excused on the ground that it causes some
convenience or advantage.

Section 269 of IPC...... Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease
dangerous to life

Whoever unlawfully or negligently does any act which is, and which he
knows or has reason to believe to be, likely to spread the infection of any
disease dangerous to life, shall be punished with imprisonment of either
description for a term which may extend to six month, or with fine, or with
Section 270 of IPC..... Malignant act likely to spread infection of disease
dangerous to life

Whoever malignantly does any act which is, and which he knows or has
reason to believe to be, likely to spread the infection of any disease
dangerous to life, shall be punished with imprisonment of either
description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with

Section 3 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960........ Duties
of persons having charge of animals : It shall be the duty of every person
having the care or charge of any animal to take all reasonable measures to
ensure the well-being of such animal and to prevent the infliction upon
such animal of unnecessary pain or suffering.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001 ................

6. Slaughter - (1) No animal shall be slaughtered in a slaughter house in
sight of other animals

(2) No animal shall be administered any chemical, drug or hormone before
slaughter except drug for its treatment for any specific disease or ailment.

(3) The slaughter halls in a slaughter house shall provide separate sections
of adequate dimensions sufficient for slaughter of individual animals to
ensure that the animal to be slaughtered is not within the sight of other

(4) Every slaughter house as soon as possible shall provide a separate
space for stunning of animals prior to slaughter, bleeding and dressing of
the carcasses

(5) Knocking section in slaughter house may be so planned as to suit the
animal and particularly the ritual slaughter; if any and such knocking
section and dry landing area associated with it shall be so built that escape
from this section can be easily carried out by an operator without allowing
the animal to pass the escape barrier.

(6) A curbed-in bleeding area of adequate size as specified by the Central
Government shall be provided in a slaughter house and it shall be so
located that the blood could not be splashed on other animals being
slaughtered or on the carcass being skinned.

(7) The blood drain and collection in a slaughter house shall be immediate
and proper

(8) A floor wash point shall be provided in a slaughter house for
intermittent cleaning and a hand-wash basin and knife sterilizer shall also
be provided for the sticker to sterilize knife and wash his hands

(9) Dressing of carcasses in a slaughter house shall not be done on floor
and adequate means and tools for dehiding or belting of the animals shall
be provided in a slaughter house with means for immediate disposal of
hides or skins;
(10) Hides or skins shall be immediately transported from a slaughter
house either in a closed wheelbarrow or by a chute provided with self-
closing door and in no case such hides or skins shall be spread on
slaughter floor for inspection

(11) Floor wash point and adequate number of hand wash basins with
sterlizer shall be provided in a dressing area of a slaughter house with
means for immediate disposal of legs, horns, hooves and other parts of
animals through spring load floor chutes or sidewall doors or closed
wheelbarrows and in case wheelbarrows or trucks are used in a slaughter
house, care shall be taken that no point wheelbarrow or truck has to ply
under the dressing rails and a clear passage is provided for movement of
the trucks.

12. Adequate space and suitable and properly located facilities shall be
provided sufficient for inspection of the viscera of the various types of
animals slaughtered in a slaughter house and it shall have adequate
facilities for hand washing, tool sterilisation and floor washing and
contrivances for immediate separation and disposal of condemned

13. Adequate arrangements shall be made in a slaughter house by its
owner for identification, inspection and correlation of carcass, viscera and

14. In a slaughter house, a curbed and separately drained area or an area
of sufficient size, sloped 33 mm per metre to a floor drain, where the
carcasses may be washed with a jet of water, shall be provided by the
owner of such slaughter house.

Laws that prohibit animal sacrifice
Though Article 51 of the Directive Principles of the Constitution of India
states that individuals should show kindness and compassion towards all
living beings, animals continue to be slaughtered in a cruel and illegal
manner for the purpose of sacrifice.
Specific laws prohibiting animal sacrifice have been passed only in a few
states of India. These states are, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat,
Kerala, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The rules regarding animal

sacrifices in all these states roughly contain the same facts. Section 2(b) of
the Andhra Pradesh Animals and Birds Sacrifices (Prohibition) Act, 1950,
defines "sacrifice" as the killing or maiming of any animal or bird for the
purpose of any religious worship or adoration.
These Acts specifically prohibit any person from officiating, performing,
assisting or participating in any sacrifice. It also maintains that no one can
knowingly allow such a sacrifice to be performed at any place of religious
worship or place under his control.
The penalty for contravention extends to a fine and/ or imprisonment.
In so far as the other states which lack such specific Acts, the following
legal provisions can be used:

 Local Municipal Corporation Acts : These Acts prohibit the slaughter of
any animal within a corporation area, other than in the licensed slaughter
house. Since temples and streets, where animal sacrifices usually occur,
are unlicensed, it becomes illegal to slaughter animals at these places.

 Pollution Act : This Act incidentally comes under the Local Corporation
Act. It prohibits any act of animal sacrifice in a public place on the ground
that they will cause pollution.

 Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 : This Act prohibits damage to any wild
animal, which is considered to be Government property. The definition of
an "animal" in the Act include amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals
and their young. In the case of birds and reptiles, even their eggs are
included in this category.

Hon'ble the Chief Justice of India may kindly treat this mail as
Naresh Kadyan,
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection
- OIPA in India, Chairman, People for Animals Haryana, +91-9813010595
moved PIL No. 381 of 2010 in the Supreme Court of India which was fixed
on 29-11-2010 but later deleted, Let PETA in India move fresh PIL and
Smt. Maneka Gandhi may introduce - place a bill on the floor of the House
but she failed to do so.
We demand replace existing toothless legislation for animals with strong
Animal Welfare Act, 2011. No exemption, double standard for domestic,
wild, marine, exotic, birds and force animals - Abhishek and Sukanya

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Kadyan Representative of OIPA Delhi, India                           2010-05-24
in India
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Whitney Metz            Mannington, WV, United States               2010-05-24
linda brockett          airdrie, United Kingdom                     2010-05-24
john649 lopez           reno, NV, United States                     2010-05-24
Andreina Garbati        Toulon, France                              2010-05-24
Nan Bongiovanni         Carlsbad, CA, United States                 2010-05-24
Liliana Dulgheroiu      Constanta, Romania                          2010-05-24
Alex Kolenoff           Ontario, Canada                             2010-05-24
Maria Dulgheroiu        Constanta, Romania                          2010-05-24
Gabriella Laczi         Hilo, HI, United States                     2010-05-24
Andrew Heugel           Brewster, NY, United States                 2010-05-24
Jane Burgess            West Bromwich, United Kingdom               2010-05-24
Lorna Soto              Rowlett, TX, United States                  2010-05-24
Cristina Seica          Anadia, Portugal                            2010-05-24
Lona Caires             Chesterland, OH, United States              2010-05-24
henry oehlke            lorain, OH, United States                   2010-05-24
Genine Silverio         Pearland, TX, United States                 2010-05-24
Jamaka Petzak           Glendale, CA, United States                 2010-05-24
Melissa Conrad          Salt Lake City, UT, United States           2010-05-24
Amy Dumas               Princeville, United States Minor Outlying   2010-05-24
Name                       Location                           Date
Yasiu Kruszynski           Chicago, Poland                    2010-05-24
Jimmy Foot                 Mckinleyville, CA, United States   2010-05-24
laura raforth              rochester, NY, United States       2010-05-24
Kiara Johnson              Lutz, FL, United States            2010-05-24
Natasha Leite de Moura     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil             2010-05-24
Chris   >^..^<             Bayonne, NJ, United States         2010-05-24
Tierney Grinavic           Huntingtown, MD, United States     2010-05-24
andrea steinke             london, United Kingdom             2010-05-24
Graciela Patrón Mederos    León, Spain                        2010-05-24
Mervi Rantala              Tampere, Finland                   2010-05-24
Joan E Loza Mobry          Madison, WI, United States         2010-05-24
Tamara Williams            Charlotte, NC, United States       2010-05-24
Sherry Hauner              San Antonio, TX, United States     2010-05-24
Jennifer Stalker           Bay City, MI, United States        2010-05-24
Sissy Mac Neil             East Bay, Canada                   2010-05-24
Sarah Woods                Flintshire, United Kingdom         2010-05-24
maria eugenia gonzalez     mexico, CA, United States          2010-05-24
Andrew Kurzweil            Brooklyn, NY, United States        2010-05-24
Kellie Smith               Deering, NH, United States         2010-05-24
Julie Menkin               Oslo, Norway                       2010-05-24
lynn malcolm               belfast, United Kingdom            2010-05-24
ScintillatingSkua bellia   San Francisco, CA, United States   2010-05-24
Aina Solem                 Trondheim, Norway                  2010-05-24
David Tsosie               Phx, AZ, United States             2010-05-24
Lise Hansen                Fjell, Norway                      2010-05-24
Hayley Barbet              London, United Kingdom             2010-05-24
Caitlin Schmedlin          Monroe, CT, United States          2010-05-24
Manuela Rodrigues          Tampa, FL, United States           2010-05-24
Carina Hansen              stamsund, Norway                   2010-05-24
Name                    Location                                  Date
Robert Andrade          Foresthill, CA, United States             2010-05-24
Lisbeth Vangeid         Stabekk, Norway                           2010-05-24
Angela Ara              Oldham, Manchester, United Kingdom        2010-05-24
michelle strudwick      portland, United Kingdom                  2010-05-24
Peter LunaVegan         Wuerzburg, CA, United States              2010-05-24
Sophia Papadochatzaki   Athens, Greece                            2010-05-24
George Kallipolitis     Athens, Greece                            2010-05-24
Dawn Mason              Pottsville, PA, United States             2010-05-24
joan yielding           st louis, MO, United States               2010-05-24
Catherine Mizerany      Arnold, MO, United States                 2010-05-24
Jennifer Chadwick       Covina, CA, United States                 2010-05-24
charles mclachlan       none, United Kingdom                      2010-05-24
Elle Simpson            Philadelphia, PA, United States           2010-05-24
Laura iancu             Chicago, IL, United States                2010-05-24
iselin fagereng         trondheim, Norway                         2010-05-24
ines vasquez            caracas, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic   2010-05-24
Angelika Scherschel     Denver, CO, United States                 2010-05-24
Sandra Martinho         Chaves, Portugal                          2010-05-24
MICHELLE SOULE          LOXAHATCHEE, FL, United States            2010-05-24
Vanditta Diwakar        Suva, HI, United States                   2010-05-24
Mary Learn              Niagara Falls,Ontario, Canada             2010-05-24
Dianne Douglas          Phoenix, AZ, United States                2010-05-24
Sheila Gredzinski       Atglen, PA, United States                 2010-05-24
stephen hardin-banks    greater manchester, United Kingdom        2010-05-24
Samantha L              Chicago, IL, United States                2010-05-24
Nora Jones              Newcastle, Australia                      2010-05-24
Patrick Kelly           Palos Park, IL, United States             2010-05-24
Ann Cawley              Saint Joseph, MO, United States           2010-05-24
DAVE BEARD              PERSHORE, United Kingdom                  2010-05-24
Name                 Location                                Date
Marta Correia        Lisboa, Portugal                        2010-05-24
Chris Drumright      Murfreesboro, TN, United States         2010-05-24
Lilly Medina         Rome, Italy                             2010-05-24
Lynae Woods          Fayetteville, PA, United States         2010-05-24
karen ericson        bothell, WA, United States              2010-05-24
Barbara McNamara     Joppa, MD, United States                2010-05-24
Jan Novotny          Jacksonville Beach, FL, United States   2010-05-24
LAZAR GABRIELA       BUCURESTI, IA, United States            2010-05-24
Diane Gandee Sorbi   Redwood City, CA, United States         2010-05-24
Lianne Brown         Queanbeyan, Australia                   2010-05-24
erin reese           houston, TX, United States              2010-05-24
Tina Pota            Skopje, Macedonia                       2010-05-24
carmen vasile        triuggio, Italy                         2010-05-24
Jackie Tryggeseth    Sauk City, WI, United States            2010-05-24
Alexis Terrell       Cooper City, FL, United States          2010-05-24
Nadia Davidovich     Rosario, Argentina                      2010-05-24
giulia sciarretta    toulouse, France                        2010-05-24
Clare Jeffcock       Portland, OR, United States             2010-05-24
JOHANNE PLOURDE      SOREL-TRACY, Canada                     2010-05-24
Julia Burwell        Bellevue, WA, United States             2010-05-24
Mary Alexander       Glen Allen, VA, United States           2010-05-24
Keith Malek          Brooklyn, NY, United States             2010-05-24
Melissa Buchanan     West Hollywood, CA, United States       2010-05-24
S morris             Calgary, Canada                         2010-05-24
Phyl Morello         Whtte Pine, TN, United States           2010-05-24
Mary Nagy            Brunswick, OH, United States            2010-05-24
Jennifer Hall        Greeneville, TN, United States          2010-05-24
Rhea Preston         Laguna Beach, CA, United States         2010-05-24
Evelyn Milburn       Houston, TX, United States              2010-05-24
jody sidote          glen gardner, NJ, United States         2010-05-24
Name                   Location                          Date
susan webb             finksburg, MD, United States      2010-05-24
christina brewer       montreal, CA, United States       2010-05-24
marilyn miller         la mesa, CA, United States        2010-05-24
matt washam            calabasas, CA, United States      2010-05-24
Sarah Nelson           Alloway, NJ, United States        2010-05-24
marissa abramovic      Edenton, NC, United States        2010-05-24
David Mac Kercher      Queensbury, NY, United States     2010-05-24
Laurie Brewer          Barberton, OH, United States      2010-05-24
Deborah Outman         Atlanta, GA, United States        2010-05-24
Cosmic Rhino Ranger    Montara, CA, United States        2010-05-24
Sara Thomas            Arlington, TX, United States      2010-05-24
Darlene Ninnemann      Fremont, MI, United States        2010-05-24
dian wright            garland, TX, United States        2010-05-24
mary strobridge        Elmira, NY, United States         2010-05-24
Carol Leuenberger      San Carlos, CA, United States     2010-05-24
Eleni Michaels         Sydney, Australia, Australia      2010-05-24
Cinzia Maddalena       Potomac, MD, United States        2010-05-24
kim bauer              lancaster, CA, United States      2010-05-24
paulene zullo          plumpton, Australia               2010-05-24
valerie moore          Newhall, CA, United States        2010-05-24
Magdalena Mazurek      Mississauga, OH, United States    2010-05-24
Dan Hoeschele          Hawthorne, NJ, United States      2010-05-24
leon muhudinov         saddle brook, NJ, United States   2010-05-24
Candice McMillan       Edmonton, Canada                  2010-05-24
Sue McGuey             BRAMPTON, Canada                  2010-05-24
michael o'leary        wichita, KS, United States        2010-05-24
joelle coudriou        paris, France                     2010-05-24
Blue Ape With A Drum   Plymouth, United Kingdom          2010-05-24
Martha Stopa           Darien, IL, United States         2010-05-24
Lilac Alfke            San Antonio, TX, United States    2010-05-24
Name                        Location                          Date
Ashoke Dasgupta             Winnipeg, Canada                  2010-05-24
Linda Basden                Jerseyville, IL, United States    2010-05-24
Jennifer Rose               Woodstock, GA, United States      2010-05-24
SHANNON AGUIRRE             Laguna Hills, CA, United States   2010-05-24
Lisa Merrill Hinchey        White Rock, BC Can, Canada        2010-05-24
J MASSETTI                  ASTORIA., MA, United States       2010-05-24
elena georgiadou            thessaloniki, Greece              2010-05-24
abby heirtzler              westport, CT, United States       2010-05-24
shamalatha rao              Bangalore, IN, United States      2010-05-24
Ted Teodoro                 River Edge, NJ, United States     2010-05-24
Katrien Vandevelde          Nieuwrode, Belgium                2010-05-24
Steven Hunter               Novato, CA, United States         2010-05-24
Jennifer Wade               Birmingham, AL, United States     2010-05-24
Denise Elliott              Bristol.UK, United Kingdom        2010-05-24
martin morgan               asheldham, United Kingdom         2010-05-24
laila schmidt christensen   modalen, Norway                   2010-05-24
Alexandra Marcella          Dunvegan       Ontario, Canada    2010-05-25
camilla vaarli              lier, Norway                      2010-05-25
Vika Babakova               Cherkassy, Ukraine                2010-05-25
Brittany Valdes-Pages       Centennial, CO, United States     2010-05-25
KATIA EFSTATHIOU            THESSALONKI-MACEDONIA, Greece     2010-05-25
bubu louk                   athens, Greece                    2010-05-25
Kate Cox                    Carmichael, CA, United States     2010-05-25
Yannis Karaouzas            Athens, Greece                    2010-05-25
Ernie Needham               Newton, NJ, United States         2010-05-25
Luba Landeka                Pancevo, Serbia                   2010-05-25
james m nordlund            Fargo, ND, United States          2010-05-25
Laura Tatti                 Oristano, Italy                   2010-05-25
Misty van Hove              Hoofddorp, Netherlands            2010-05-25
Name                            Location                         Date
marisa leopardi                 bitonto, Italy                   2010-05-25
Syreeta Batiste                 Canoga Park, CA, United States   2010-05-25
valérie delaugeas               paris, France                    2010-05-25
Dimitrije Spasic                Belgrade, Serbia                 2010-05-25
Robert Clay Glastad             Bergen, Norway                   2010-05-25
Diana Arikane                   cork, Ireland                    2010-05-25
Pamela Check                    Chico, CA, United States         2010-05-25
Panagiotis Rigopoulos           Patra, Greece                    2010-05-25
stephane le pierres             penvenan, France                 2010-05-25
Maryann Joslin                  glen allen, VA, United States    2010-05-25
Marianne Good                   Forsa, Sweden                    2010-05-25
Davina Williams                 Tarboro, Belgium                 2010-05-25
Isabella PARFENOFF              Los Angeles, CA, United States   2010-05-25
Christophe Pourbaix             Monceau-sur-Sambre, Belgium      2010-05-25
joyce waldie                    moyock, NC, United States        2010-05-25
Susan Manning                   New York, NY, United States      2010-05-25
Ken Martin                      Newtown, CT, United States       2010-05-25
Jamie Horneman                  Chicago, IL, United States       2010-05-25
Johnny Højfeldt                 Koege, Denmark                   2010-05-25
Maria Poor                      Dunstable, MA, United States     2010-05-25
Sally Messing                   Bloomington, IN, United States   2010-05-25
Patricia Austin-Puccio          Rowayton, CT, United States      2010-05-25
Ilana Worthington               New york, NY, United States      2010-05-25
Elaine Aronoff                  Springfield, VT, United States   2010-05-25
Joel Clasemann                  Duluth, MN, United States        2010-05-25
Sinikka Djaouti                 Jarvenpaa, Finland               2010-05-25
tortiller jean-luc              biches, FL, United States        2010-05-25
Beth Stephens, Scott Stephens   Stratford, Canada                2010-05-25
and Vicky Fuller, Our Family
Antonietta Salerno              South Australia, Australia       2010-05-25
Name                       Location                                Date
Tanwi Sandelwood           Onbekend, NE, United States             2010-05-25
Denise Smallman-Chilcoat   Baltimore, MD, United States            2010-05-25
Jasmin Engel               Darmstadt, Germany                      2010-05-25
Kairen Brooke-Anderson     Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa   2010-05-25
Elizabeth Langston         Memphis, TN, United States              2010-05-25
John Kyler                 PHILADELPHIA, PA, United States         2010-05-25
ANN PLUMMER                LATHRUP VILLAGE, MI, United States      2010-05-25
Jason J Green              Spotsylvania, VA, United States         2010-05-25
adriana belle              cori, Italy                             2010-05-25
Marcia Mueller             Spokane, WA, United States              2010-05-25
Emma Bradshaw              Lisle, IL, United States                2010-05-25
OCTAVIA PLUMMER            WHITEHALL, PA, United States            2010-05-25
Megaen Reilly              Pittsburgh, PA, United States           2010-05-25
Lori Snyder                New Oxford, PA, United States           2010-05-25
Kate Mayers                Amherst, NH, United States              2010-05-25
Jennifer McMurphy          Boise, ID, United States                2010-05-25
Pam Hagy                   Nashville, TN, United States            2010-05-25
Mary Saucedo               Austin, TX, United States               2010-05-25
arthur poletti             Western Springs, IL, United States      2010-05-25
R.S. Lasswell              Pullman, WA, United States              2010-05-25
Jeri Kobrick               livingston, NJ, United States           2010-05-25
Yevgeniya Ferris           Poughkeepsie, NY, United States         2010-05-25
Dona Fong                  Richmond, CA, United States             2010-05-25
Henriette Matthijssen      Boyle, Alberta, Canada, Canada          2010-05-25
Cheree M.                  Dade, FL, United States                 2010-05-25
Ann Schleihs               Kansas City, MO, United States          2010-05-25
Melissa Slack              Newburgh, NY, United States             2010-05-25
Patricia Pizarro           Santiago , Chile                        2010-05-25
Angélica Naux              Santiago , Chile                        2010-05-25
Cordelia Jodorowsky        Santiago , Chile                        2010-05-25
Name                             Location                           Date
carole hagen                     warrenton, OR, United States       2010-05-25
Randy Harrison                   Eugene, OR, United States          2010-05-25
Bonnie Snider                    Jacksonville, FL, United States    2010-05-25
Chris McCabe                     Sandy, United Kingdom              2010-05-25
D Richmond                       Newport, WA, United States         2010-05-25
William C. & Janet S. Reynolds   Oxford, OH, United States          2010-05-25
Jennifer Johnson                 Belvidere, IL, United States       2010-05-25
John Brophy                      vista, CA, United States           2010-05-25
Lara Sugrue                      Hertfordshire, United Kingdom      2010-05-25
Jerri Miller                     No.Hollywood, CA, United States    2010-05-25
Neil Sugrue                      Hertfordshire, United Kingdom      2010-05-25
Antonella Spain                  capitan, NM, United States         2010-05-25
Pauline Graham                   Newcastle, United Kingdom          2010-05-25
Ron Avila                        San Francisco, CA, United States   2010-05-25
karen fagan                      Surrey, Canada                     2010-05-25
Debra Noce                       Media, PA, United States           2010-05-25
Natalie Van Leekwijck            Beaverton, OR, United States       2010-05-25
simon hooper                     essex uk, MI, United States        2010-05-25
amanda stokell                   ramsgate, AL, United States        2010-05-25
Meenal Kapadia                   Concord, CA, United States         2010-05-25
Maria Papadopoulou               Athens, Greece                     2010-05-25
Anna Drummond                    Grass Valley, CA, United States    2010-05-25
Jezreel del Rosario              Pacifica, CA, United States        2010-05-25
thierry Schmitt                  Riedisheim, France                 2010-05-25
VIRGINIA LIONATTO                buenos aires, Argentina            2010-05-25
jake wolfhart     Peace Dude     Capitan, NM, United States         2010-05-25
Darren Mitton                    Rome, GA, United States            2010-05-25
Thomas Shelton                   Ringgold, GA, United States        2010-05-25
Lynn Mundinger                   Mission Woods, KS, United States   2010-05-25
Sandra Goeldner                  Cologne, Germany                   2010-05-25
Name                      Location                             Date
Michael T. Tiedemann      Poughkeepsie, NY, United States      2010-05-25
Paul Weiss                Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States   2010-05-25
Amanda Baldwin            Mount Joy, PA, United States         2010-05-25
Lori Kondro               Burbank, CA, United States           2010-05-25
Christopher David Moore   West Chester, PA, United States      2010-05-25
Paulo Santana             New York, NY, United States          2010-05-25
Susan Holmes              Wales, United Kingdom                2010-05-25
Christianna Skoczek       Kittery Point, ME, United States     2010-05-25
LECUYER Laurence          Saint Joseph, France                 2010-05-25
Lynn Crandall             Cottonwood, AZ, United States        2010-05-25
marie perthuisot          La Garde, France                     2010-05-25
Phoebe Chayance           Shrewsbury, United Kingdom           2010-05-25
C Gray                    East Sussex, AL, United States       2010-05-25
Davi Parrish              Englewood, FL, United States         2010-05-25
Mary Rausch               Lynnwood, WA, United States          2010-05-25
Jo Daniels                Bristol, United Kingdom              2010-05-25
Chrissy Putnam            Roxbury, CT, United States           2010-05-25
anette juhl allton        tommerup, Denmark                    2010-05-25
francoise deleuze         jauche, Belgium                      2010-05-25
Elfmagic Taylor           Adelaide, Australia                  2010-05-25
Rufus Appoline            San Diego, CA, United States         2010-05-25
Colleen Hagopian          San Diego, CA, United States         2010-05-25
Maddie Burke              El Segundo, CA, United States        2010-05-25
katrina goodwin           hyattsville, MD, United States       2010-05-25
Angel Above               Sunrise, FL, United States           2010-05-25
Jenny O'Neil              Otero County, NM, United States      2010-05-25
Denise L.                 Fords, NJ, United States             2010-05-25
sangeeta goswami          Guwahati, AS, United States          2010-05-25
jeanaann barnaby          Gilmour, Canada                      2010-05-25
Llew Taylor               New Castle, PA, United States        2010-05-25
Name                    Location                          Date
William Lowe            Goleta, CA, United States         2010-05-25
Tamela Mullin           MI, AL, United States             2010-05-25
peter goddard           great grimsby, United Kingdom     2010-05-25
Chloe Moll              Laguna Beach, CA, United States   2010-05-25
Geynell Eskite          Baltimore, MD, United States      2010-05-25
Cary Moy                Oak Park, IL, United States       2010-05-25
Matsi Yasei             McKinney, TX, United States       2010-05-25
pia forss-saarinen      sahalahti, Finland                2010-05-25
Sarah Rowten            87124, NM, United States          2010-05-25
Iris Theys              Kibbutz Dorot, Israel             2010-05-26
cynthia villaume        liverdun, France                  2010-05-26
Cindy Cattach           Bundoora, Australia               2010-05-26
sandra holliger         roggenhouse, AL, United States    2010-05-26
sid tricot              tourcoing, France                 2010-05-26
serena ruffilli         firenze, Italy                    2010-05-26
lorenzo oggioni         firenze, Italy                    2010-05-26
Antonella Boemi         ROma, Italy                       2010-05-26
Stephanie Schützinger   Hamburg, Germany                  2010-05-26
Radostina Dubarova      Burgas, Bulgaria                  2010-05-26
Daniela Baer            Freiburg, Germany                 2010-05-26
Klaus Ruppert           Freiburg, Germany                 2010-05-26
rotem torgan            beear seva, Israel                2010-05-26
Kara Middleton          Southaven, MS, United States      2010-05-26
Marina Türkal           Munich, DE, United States         2010-05-26
Bianca Heiden           Grevenbroich, Germany             2010-05-26
sharon mottram          bolton, United Kingdom            2010-05-26
alison thompson         adelaide, Australia               2010-05-26
Urosh Sredojevich       Bijeljina                         2010-05-26
Dr. Kerstin Huf         Ingelheim, Germany                2010-05-26
Carmen Arsene           pitesti, Romania                  2010-05-26
Name                         Location                          Date
Bobbie Flowers               New York, NY, United States       2010-05-26
Fabienne Amnesty For Animals Limburg, Netherlands              2010-05-26
Jacqueline Herder            Landgraaf, Netherlands            2010-05-26
Michaela Topell              Frankfurt am Main, Germany        2010-05-26
Natasa Vasilic               /                                 2010-05-26
Rose Bellamy                 st.columb, United Kingdom         2010-05-26
Željana Mejaš                Split, Croatia                    2010-05-26
Katty Deprez                 tournai, Belgium                  2010-05-26
christine terry              covina, CA, United States         2010-05-26
robyn reichert               lake worth, FL, United States     2010-05-26
breton celine                pleumartin, France                2010-05-26
Dawn Joslin                  Northfield, NJ, United States     2010-05-26
Michael Dontas               Lancaster, PA, United States      2010-05-26
Linda Rutledge               Mt Morris, IL, United States      2010-05-26
Aristotle Montemayor         Jacksonville, FL, United States   2010-05-26
katleen hendrickx            nieuwerkerken, Belgium            2010-05-26
Cecilia Bravo-Arenas         Naples, FL, United States         2010-05-26
marleen geudens              westerlo, Belgium                 2010-05-26
jana dokoupilova             bratislava, Slovakia              2010-05-26
maomi neko                   island east, Hong Kong            2010-05-26
gerlinde palsingh            vienna, WY, United States         2010-05-26
Doniscia Veyssière           Labourse, France                  2010-05-26
Marta Fernández              Jersey City, NJ, United States    2010-05-26
Rosemarie Sardinas Herrera   Salzburg, Austria                 2010-05-26
Helma Fuhrmann               Salzburg, Austria                 2010-05-26
karen gillado                makati, Philippines               2010-05-26
prerna barcan                London, United Kingdom            2010-05-26
Evangelos Aragiannis         Ermoupolis - Syros, Greece        2010-05-26
Britt Johnson                kansas, United Kingdom            2010-05-26
Hannah Dietrich              Graz, Austria                     2010-05-26
Name                          Location                                 Date
Inma Cobos                    Barcelona, CA, United States             2010-05-26
Sonja Reinecke                braunschweig, Germany                    2010-05-26
BOZZOLA Eliette               St Martin de Crau, France                2010-05-26
SOPHIA PARASCHOU              DALLAS, Greece                           2010-05-26
Astrid Bubat                  Lemwerder, DE, United States             2010-05-26
MARIA CHORATTA                NICOSIA, Cyprus                          2010-05-26
daniela hagmann               mellingen, Switzerland                   2010-05-26
Irmgard Macher                Rust, DE, United States                  2010-05-26
Karen Sheaffer                Vandergrift, PA, United States           2010-05-26
Jonna Korsberg                Helsinki, Finland                        2010-05-26
Hanna Erkel                   Szentendre, Hungary                      2010-05-26
Geoff Knight                  Truro, United Kingdom                    2010-05-26
Bikesh Shrestha               Kathmandu, Nepal                         2010-05-26
Anita Clemmer                 Jessup, MD, United States                2010-05-26
melanie martel                chapleau,on, Canada                      2010-05-26
ellie luna                    Los Angeles, CA, United States           2010-05-26
Jodi Eisen                    Adelanto, CA, United States              2010-05-26
Connie Klein                  Delta, PA, United States                 2010-05-26
Chana Bogsted                 East Bridgewater, MA, United States      2010-05-26
George Theobald               Shelbyville, Australia                   2010-05-26
Pauline Pellack               Winnipeg, CA, United States              2010-05-26
Lisa Lewis                    Garner, NC, United States                2010-05-26
Les Lambert                   Worcester, MA, United States             2010-05-26
AnimalSpirit Diana Martz      Shelbyville, IN, United States           2010-05-26
Martina Zalguizuri Blasquiz   Isaba Navarra Spain, AL, United States   2010-05-26
christina adriaensen          anisaras hersonissou, Greece             2010-05-26
Bryan D. Freehling            Lahaska, PA, United States               2010-05-26
Birgit Leser                  Gratwein, Austria                        2010-05-26
Sanja Lalić Valečić           Zagreb, LA, United States                2010-05-27
Daniele TRANCHANT             Castelsarrasin, France                   2010-05-27
Name                 Location                           Date
Diana Phoenix        Kazan, Russian Federation          2010-05-27
Claire Barker        Swansea, United Kingdom            2010-05-27
bunki prelez         plantation, FL, United States      2010-05-27
Laura Broenink       Amersfoort, Netherlands            2010-05-27
Mavis Petrie         Aberdeen, United Kingdom           2010-05-27
Nicole Graziano      howard beach, NY, United States    2010-05-27
Nadja Herten         Dortmund, Germany                  2010-05-27
Gloria Torres        Bogotá, Colombia                   2010-05-27
Julia Tawyea'        Lake Ariel, PA, United States      2010-05-27
Alan Kardoff         Palm Bay, FL, United States        2010-05-27
barbara beneroso     los angeles, CA, United States     2010-05-27
Michael Erickson     Roy, WA, United States             2010-05-27
Paraskevi Angelaki   Athens, Greece                     2010-05-27
Marilyn Kaplan       N. Massapequa, NY, United States   2010-05-27
annmarie devine      burtonport co donegal, Ireland     2010-05-27
Jeanne Young         chico, CA, United States           2010-05-27
Nichole Long         Montgomery, AL, United States      2010-05-27
Earnest Reeves       Spartanburg, SC, United States     2010-05-27
Tayla French         B. Hills, Australia                2010-05-27
John Ruscigno        Brooklyn, NY, United States        2010-05-27
Candi Ausman         Fremont, CA, United States         2010-05-27
Catherine Worley     Lynn, MA, United States            2010-05-27
Richard Hollister    Tucson, AZ, United States          2010-05-27
Sara Britt           Long Beach, CA, United States      2010-05-27
Laura Witko          Nottingham, United Kingdom         2010-05-28
Cynthia Woodcock     Youngsville, NC, United States     2010-05-28
mike moore           Edinburgh, United Kingdom          2010-05-28
Lynn Miller          Glens Falls, NY, United States     2010-05-28
Ella Chernovian      Rockford, MN, United States        2010-05-28
Darlene Therrien     Richer, Canada                     2010-05-28
Name                    Location                           Date
Cher Clarke             London, Canada                     2010-05-28
Chris Vaughn            Weimar, CA, United States          2010-05-28
Kenny Vaher             NYC, NY, United States             2010-05-28
Heidi Charnquist        Omaha, NE, United States           2010-05-28
ailed rivera            cayey, Puerto Rico                 2010-05-28
Dianne Douglas          Phoenix, AZ, United States         2010-05-28
Erin Robinson           Okemos, MI, United States          2010-05-28
Nancy K.                Northern Greece, Greece            2010-05-28
Michael Caeney          Runnemede, NJ, United States       2010-05-28
Victoria Hart           Lakewood, OH, United States        2010-05-28
Terrie C. Williams      Vidor, TX, United States           2010-05-28
Catherine Turley        Orange, CA, United States          2010-05-28
Colleen Klaum           Allentown, PA, United States       2010-05-28
Alex Zinnecker          Hollenbach, DE, United States      2010-05-28
Martina Karl            Gersau, Switzerland                2010-05-28
Eva Bode                Bingen, Germany                    2010-05-28
Andrea Tackett          Pikeville, KY, United States       2010-05-28
Joel Myrick             Morgan Hill, CA, United States     2010-05-28
Mrs M                   - -, NY, United States             2010-05-28
Hannah H.               Happy, TX, United States           2010-05-28
Christine L Bogan       Traverse City, MI, United States   2010-05-28
Echo G.                 Ashland, OH, United States         2010-05-28
Patrizia Scally         Houston, TX, United States         2010-05-28
mimi lepug              northampton, MA, United States     2010-05-28
Douglas Richardson      Greeley, CO, United States         2010-05-28
Margaretha van Egmond   Nieuwe Wetering, Netherlands       2010-05-28
Bob Eck                 Chinle, AZ, United States          2010-05-28
catherine ignatowski    glen rock, PA, United States       2010-05-28
Lisa Provident          Belle Vernon, PA, United States    2010-05-28
Daniel Arther           palmdale, CA, United States        2010-05-28
Name                 Location                                  Date
Hester Goedhart      Dayboro, Australia                        2010-05-28
Shirley Strang       Lake Macquarie, CA, United States         2010-05-28
Deanna Zimmerman     Atlanta, GA, United States                2010-05-28
tortiller jean luc   biches, NY, United States                 2010-05-28
Cheryl Ulrich        Mosinee, WI, United States                2010-05-28
Delia Fernández      Caracas, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic   2010-05-28
Jenny Dooley         Sydney Au, Australia                      2010-05-28
Robyn Lamoreux       San Pedro, CA, United States              2010-05-28
Ivona Parkaceva      Skopje, Macedonia                         2010-05-28
Liliana M. Pomeroy   Cuernavaca, Mexico                        2010-05-28
chris beal           louth, TX, United States                  2010-05-28
catherine gaspard    bruxelles, Belgium                        2010-05-28
Joel Symons          Anchorage, AK, United States              2010-05-28
pete childs          rancho mirage, CA, United States          2010-05-28
Carol Kaito          Fort Collins, Afghanistan                 2010-05-29
Elaine Robinson      Wolverhampton, United Kingdom             2010-05-29
Paola Ghidotti       Milano, Italy                             2010-05-29
Luke Swanhart        Winter Haven, FL, United States           2010-05-29
kiki naseva          gothenburg, WY, United States             2010-05-29
carolyn bridges      chatsworth, GA, United States             2010-05-29
Thomas Jones         North Tonawanda, NY, United States        2010-05-29
Stephanie Phillips   Pittsburgh, Korea, Republic of            2010-05-29
Manon Gauthier       Ste-Marthe sur le lac, Canada             2010-05-29
Wolfman Ross         Racine, WI, United States                 2010-05-29
Carl Nylund          Grandview, MO, United States              2010-05-29
Peggy Singh          Oxnard, CA, United States                 2010-05-29
corinne ramsden      lancashire, United Kingdom                2010-05-29
Julie Zserdin        Decaturville, TN, United States           2010-05-29
Bernie Campbell      Alachua, FL, United States                2010-05-29
Name                    Location                              Date
Ellen Gutfleisch        Sussex, WI, United States             2010-05-29
Julie Gengo             Cardiff, CA, United States            2010-05-29
Anja Hattenrath         Frechen, Germany                      2010-05-29
Regina Dickerson        Valhermoso'Spgs., AL, United States   2010-05-29
ylva bernhardtz         Ghotenborg, Sweden                    2010-05-29
Casssandra Belcher      White Lake, MI, United States         2010-05-29
michel michaeljohn      Arroyo Grande, CA, United States      2010-05-29
Mike Mountjoy           Herndon, VA, United States            2010-05-29
sebastien vigne         albi, France                          2010-05-29
Sharon Balloch          ardoise, Canada                       2010-05-29
Josianne Dheur          Liège, Belgium                        2010-05-29
annie cowling           DANBURY, CT, United States            2010-05-29
John Smith              Manchester, VT, United States         2010-05-29
kaine sauvagE           aillon le jeune, WY, United States    2010-05-29
Alisha Nickols          Stockton, CA, United States           2010-05-29
Yrna Miryana            jakarta, Indonesia                    2010-05-29
Kelly Cleveland         Denver, CO, United States             2010-05-29
christiane page         pals, Spain                           2010-05-29
breton carine           blois, France                         2010-05-29
gwenn meltzer           ridley park, PA, United States        2010-05-29
Tara Arneson            Salem, OR, United States              2010-05-29
viviane vanbuggenhout   brussels, Belgium                     2010-05-29
john hedrick            tallahassee, FL, United States        2010-05-29
Duwan Irons             Thousand Oaks, CA, United States      2010-05-29
Annmari Lundin          Casselberry, FL, United States        2010-05-29
Darla McClain           West Babylon, NY, United States       2010-05-29
mauri pequerul          URREA DE GAEN, Spain                  2010-05-29
sheila dempsey          bronx, NY, United States              2010-05-29
angela fazzari          tucson, AZ, United States             2010-05-29
DEBI MOHAN              Miami, FL, United States              2010-05-29
Name                     Location                             Date
Cheryl Ross              Livermore, CA, United States         2010-05-29
Isabel Barros            San Fernando, Argentina              2010-05-29
Keth Luke                New Port Richey, FL, United States   2010-05-29
Kristina Koon            Conway, AR, United States            2010-05-29
Paul and Pat Carter      42003, KY, United States             2010-05-29
marjolein soederhuizen   amsterdam, Netherlands               2010-05-29
DARCIE MONROE            PLATTSBURGH, NY, United States       2010-05-29
Jennifer Graf            Austin, TX, United States            2010-05-29
Anne Padilla             Santa Fe, NM, United States          2010-05-29
alicia vázquez           Madrid/Spain, Spain                  2010-05-29
L Bxx                    Allston, MA, United States           2010-05-29
kathleen gorman          Sedona, AZ, United States            2010-05-29
Susan Ibarra             Rohnert Park,, CA, United States     2010-05-29
ekeim teeuwisse          the hague, Netherlands               2010-05-29
Michaela Stoff           Aachen, Germany                      2010-05-29
Inge Boey                Hemiksem, Belgium                    2010-05-30
Evangelia Manthoyianni   Athens, Greece                       2010-05-30
candice johnson          orem, UT, United States              2010-05-30
Adam Izak-Sunna          Rotterdam, Netherlands               2010-05-30
Thomas Walser            Oftringen, Switzerland               2010-05-30
Jen Werner               Tempe, AZ, United States             2010-05-30
audrey garcia            barcelona, Spain                     2010-05-30
Ellen Thrasher           Arlington, TX, United States         2010-05-30
Alexander Zaragoza       Barcelona, Spain                     2010-05-30
leonor ruiz ciruelas     gerona, AL, United States            2010-05-30
ken price                bloomfield, NJ, United States        2010-05-30
jeff zander              holiday, FL, United States           2010-05-30
babila mba               randallstown, MD, United States      2010-05-30
Linda Millemaci          Amherst, NY, United States           2010-05-30
Sandra Lee Childs        Miranda, CA, United States           2010-05-30
Name                 Location                           Date
Matthew Cloner       Seattle, WA, United States         2010-05-30
Deb Brown            Raleigh, NC, United States         2010-05-30
Joanna Dulowska      Grudziadz, United Kingdom          2010-05-30
pam wright           pasadena, CA, United States        2010-05-30
Lia Navarro          S,S,F., CA, United States          2010-05-30
De Andre Nickens     Los Angeles, CA, United States     2010-05-30
Kaye Skinner         Phoenix, AZ, United States         2010-05-30
Susan Iarra          Rohnert Park,, CA, United States   2010-05-30
Gudrun Dennis        Gainesville, FL, United States     2010-05-30
Ann Stephens         Bethune, SC, United States         2010-05-30
lach veronica        arad, Romania                      2010-05-31
Kema Hausia          Oakland, CA, United States         2010-05-31
Chelsea Madison      Oakand, CA, United States          2010-05-31
Jade Golden          San Francisco, CA, United States   2010-05-31
Scott Ciu            Oakland, CA, United States         2010-05-31
Sezar Ciu            Oakland, CA, United States         2010-05-31
Rolf Naujokat        Oakland, CA, United States         2010-05-31
Melissa Webber       Kodak, TN, United States           2010-05-31
Slavica Vukelic      Belgrade, Serbia                   2010-05-31
Sarah Panullo        Waymart, PA, United States         2010-05-31
Tom Stilwell         Franklin, NC, United States        2010-05-31
Kerstin Strobl       Marktoberdorf, Germany             2010-05-31
Ellen Nelson         Belvidere, IL, United States       2010-05-31
jozon florence       paris, TX, United States           2010-05-31
Renee Wright         beaverton, South Africa            2010-05-31
Jamie Brown          Panama City, FL, United States     2010-05-31
JOSEPH BARNETT       Pensacola, FL, United States       2010-05-31
Lauren Sledge Tata   Garland, TX, United States         2010-05-31
chirag crooknhook    Bangalore, India                   2010-06-01
Gaby Ferréol         Port-Louis, Brittany, France       2010-06-01
Name                 Location                            Date
stéphanie rossenu    Beaverton, OR, United States        2010-06-01
Lea Boekholt         Amsterdam, Netherlands              2010-06-01
Anna Hickl           Duisburg, Germany                   2010-06-01
Dianne Hillier       London, United Kingdom              2010-06-01
Jorgen Deman         Menen, Belgium                      2010-06-01
Bibi Buchanan        Toronto, Canada                     2010-06-01
Olga Vinogradova     Borok, Russian Federation           2010-06-01
Nick Hardy           Clearwater, FL, United States       2010-06-01
carolina pereira     lisboa, AL, United States           2010-06-01
Milla Öst            Eskilstuna, AL, United States       2010-06-01
peter billington     eaton bray, United Kingdom          2010-06-01
Sally Jay            Elwood, Australia                   2010-06-01
Roberta Boffo        york, PA, United States             2010-06-01
Jamie Lynaugh        Schenectady, NY, United States      2010-06-01
Susan Fleming        Plainfield, IL, United States       2010-06-01
Agnes Hall           Langwarrin Victoria, Australia      2010-06-01
Irma Paulme          Q.C., Philippines                   2010-06-02
MJ Toppen            Los Alamitos, CA, United States     2010-06-02
Kimberly Tilley      Pelham, NH, United States           2010-06-02
Julie Figueroa       Port Charlotte, FL, United States   2010-06-02
Echo G.              Ashland, OH, United States          2010-06-02
valerie sherrill     boardman, OH, United States         2010-06-02
Margaret Rigsby      Hazel Green, AL, United States      2010-06-02
biljana nikolic      belgrade, Serbia                    2010-06-02
reita newkirk        santa fe, NM, United States         2010-06-02
Ray Bell             Bakersfield, CA, United States      2010-06-02
Barbara Schiano      New York, NY, United States         2010-06-02
louis olivencia      NEW JERSEY, NJ, United States       2010-06-02
Dalia E. Hettfield   South Gate, CA, United States       2010-06-02
Brigitte H.          Speicher, Germany                   2010-06-02
Name                    Location                                Date
Dianne Hohol            Vancouver, Canada                       2010-06-02
Colin Rajah             San Leandro, CA, United States          2010-06-02
ALPHA W.                Germany, IN, United States              2010-06-02
John-Michael Moreno     Cooper City, FL, United States          2010-06-02
Rhonda Maness           Horton, AL, United States               2010-06-02
luisa alvarez           fullerton, CA, United States            2010-06-02
Sherrie Estes           Fordsville, KY, United States           2010-06-02
Carol Handras           Belvidere, NJ, United States            2010-06-02
Ivana Grmoja            zagreb, FL, United States               2010-06-02
A. Searle               Edinburgh, United Kingdom               2010-06-02
Joy Bergstrom           Wake Forest, NC, United States          2010-06-02
Sky Williamson          Green Cove Springs, FL, United States   2010-06-02
Ruth Bescript           Tucson, AZ, United States               2010-06-02
Victoria sensel         Blue Ridge, TX, United States           2010-06-02
Michael Sullivan        Lafayette, CA, United States            2010-06-02
Liz Johnson             SWAFFHAM, CA, United States             2010-06-02
carol marshall          farnborough, United Kingdom             2010-06-03
Mark Couch              Hoover, AL, United States               2010-06-03
Enald Erasmus           Pretoria, South Africa                  2010-06-03
Topher McCabe           Dundee, United Kingdom                  2010-06-03
Alisa Mazure            Riga, Latvia                            2010-06-03
eva-maria jung          eisenstadt, Austria                     2010-06-03
Suzanna van der Voort   Palo Alto, Netherlands                  2010-06-03
Bernell Trapp           Allen, TX, United States                2010-06-03
Ioan pop                Bucarest, Romania                       2010-06-03
Annie Dillon            Port Glasgow, United Kingdom            2010-06-03
Sunny Kim               clifton, VA, United States              2010-06-03
Nancy Poopatanapong     Walnut, CA, United States               2010-06-03
Wendy Forster           Manchester, United Kingdom              2010-06-03
Darlene Logue           Las Vegas, NV, United States            2010-06-03
Name                    Location                         Date
Diane Miller            Warwick, NY, United States       2010-06-03
tekla drakfrende        rättvik, Sweden                  2010-06-04
Kurt Frees              Cincinnati, OH, United States    2010-06-04
Dan Jones               Sonoma, CA, United States        2010-06-04
Jennifer Cross          Mill Valley, CA, United States   2010-06-04
Matt Durden             Richmond, VA, United States      2010-06-04
Yasmine Saad            Fonte Nuova - Rome, Italy        2010-06-04
jacqueline stuart       aberdeen, United Kingdom         2010-06-04
Diana Cao               Venice, FL, United States        2010-06-04
Dean Leh                Albuquerque, NM, United States   2010-06-04
Mandi Traut             Saratoga, CA, United States      2010-06-04
emily kyash             melbourne, VI, United States     2010-06-04
Lyhann O Shaughnessy    mexico, Mexico                   2010-06-04
Panagiotis Rigopoulos   Patra, Greece                    2010-06-05
LiLi Rasekhi            Ashburn, VA, United States       2010-06-05
Lisa Koehl              Brooklyn, CT, United States      2010-06-05
John Moreno             Miami, FL, United States         2010-06-05
Leigh Bennett           Bonaire, GA, United States       2010-06-05
pamlynn montgomery      norcross, GA, United States      2010-06-05
Leslie Baker            Fort Worth, TX, United States    2010-06-05
Maynard Clark           Boston, MA, United States        2010-06-05
Ellyn Sutton            Spokane, WA, United States       2010-06-05
Diana Giron             Bogotá, Colombia                 2010-06-05
Deana Palmer            Burton, MI, United States        2010-06-05
Tanya Gan               Mandaluyong City, Philippines    2010-06-05
Maria Gjura-Staka       Antelope, CA, United States      2010-06-05
Vegan Ryche             Bothell, WA, United States       2010-06-05
Nehha Josshi            Mumbai, India                    2010-06-06
samantha raftery        victoria, bc, Canada             2010-06-06
Margaret Sweeny         Paisley, United Kingdom          2010-06-06
Name                  Location                           Date
Marina Certo          Juiz de Fora, Brazil               2010-06-06
Terry Jordan          Los Angeles, CA, United States     2010-06-06
Milica Ristic         Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia          2010-06-07
Isobella Merritts     Nashville, TN, United States       2010-06-07
Veronica Goddard      Mansfield, United Kingdom          2010-06-07
Elaine Whitelaw       Edinburgh, United Kingdom          2010-06-07
Caleb Laieski         Phoenix, AZ, United States         2010-06-07
Carol E McCormick     Rockville, MD, United States       2010-06-07
Bau kenmie            kajang, MS, United States          2010-06-08
Sarah Nicol           Gloucestershire, United Kingdom    2010-06-08
SUZANA SABO           cantavi, Serbia                    2010-06-08
Joe Park              Portland, OR, United States        2010-06-08
Nicole Verbist        Genval, Belgium                    2010-06-09
maria brion           silver city, NM, United States     2010-06-09
vercknocke pascal     bagnols sur ceze, France           2010-06-09
Eric Mesta            S,S,F., CA, United States          2010-06-09
Kassandra Cantu       Mission, TX, United States         2010-06-09
Juliana van Niekerk   Grasland, NJ, United States        2010-06-09
Per Hyttfors          San Francisco, CA, United States   2010-06-10
Patricia Antonucci    Tinton Falls, NJ, United States    2010-06-10
Ira Polyakova         Moscow, Russian Federation         2010-06-11
Raabia Hawa           Nairobi, Kenya                     2010-06-11
C Favre               pully, Switzerland                 2010-06-11
Susan ettmayr         haenertsburg, South Africa         2010-06-11
Ewa Romanowska        Warsaw, Poland                     2010-06-11
Nadja Herten          DO, Germany                        2010-06-11
joanne hall           dublin, Ireland                    2010-06-11
Carolyn Williams      Stockton, CA, United States        2010-06-11
neha mishra           bangalore, India                   2010-06-11
veronica pankiw       toronto, Canada                    2010-06-12
Name                 Location                            Date
Joanna Kara          Sofia, Bulgaria                     2010-06-15
diya sur             hyderabad, India                    2010-06-15
Maryanne Campbell    Greenville, SC, United States       2010-06-15
Ron Taylor           pahoa, HI, United States            2010-06-15
Joydip Kundu         Kolkata, India                      2010-06-15
rianna ashwell       auckland, New Zealand               2010-06-15
Mack David           belle meade, NJ, United States      2010-06-16
Christopher Lewis    Brandenburg, KY, United States      2010-06-16
Stephanie Dyer       Ballarat, Australia                 2010-06-16
Rose Akin            Izmir, Turkey                       2010-06-16
Delia Sch.           Hamburg, Germany                    2010-06-16
Reba Smith           Charlotte, NC, United States        2010-06-16
federica fronteddu   roma, Italy                         2010-06-16
Kristy Mitchell      Stephenville, TX, United States     2010-06-16
hinhanni wicahpi     Cornwall, United Kingdom            2010-06-16
sandra scheir        balterswil, SC, United States       2010-06-16
erin pheil           frisco, CO, United States           2010-06-16
Stormy Hebrew        Wheat Ridge, CO, United States      2010-06-17
Jacob Johnston       florence, MA, United States         2010-06-17
Nina Parshall        Stafford, VA, United States         2010-06-18
OISHIMAYA SEN        KOLKATA, India                      2010-06-21
Susan Esposito       Staten Island, NY, United States    2010-06-21
Patrick Taylor       San Francisco, CA, United States    2010-06-21
Stephen Greene       Ellerbe, NC, United States          2010-06-22
Kim Ying             Frankfurt, Germany                  2010-06-23
Tatiana Toelen       Italy, AL, United States            2010-06-23
Miriam Shahd         Moelln, Germany                     2010-06-23
Natalia Nat          Paris, France                       2010-06-23
Pim Kemp             Holton St Mary UK, United Kingdom   2010-06-23
Eliza Normann        Oslo, Norway                        2010-06-23
Name                   Location                               Date
Thorsten Kassebeer     Eime, Germany                          2010-06-23
mahesh agarwal         hyderabad, AR, United States           2010-06-23
Sarah Confer           Franklin, PA, United States            2010-06-23
Marion Nolte           Frankfurt, DE, United States           2010-06-24
Melissa Wise           San Diego, CA, United States           2010-06-25
Pearl Gilman           Seattle, WA, United States             2010-06-25
Stephanie Malara       Carlsbad, NM, United States            2010-06-26
Kurt van der Blom      Den Haag, WV, United States            2010-06-26
Virginie DURIS         VERRIERES LE BUISSON, France           2010-06-26
Ellinor Sandberg       Molndal, Sweden                        2010-06-26
Sophia Mosconi         Brooklyn, IA, United States            2010-06-26
James Martin           Savannah, GA, United States            2010-06-27
Valerie Wehmueller     Kirkwood, MO, United States            2010-06-27
Françoise Bonté        Evry, France                           2010-06-28
Jeramie Dreyfuss       Hailey, ID, United States              2010-06-28
Barbara Monaco         Elk Grove Village, IL, United States   2010-06-28
Lisa Zarafonetis       Dallas, TX, United States              2010-06-28
Susan Bell             Las Vegas, NV, United States           2010-06-29
Luiz Rens              Sioux Falls, SD, United States         2010-06-29
Michal Kolman          Kozojedy u Kralovic, Czech Republic    2010-06-30
Christina Jones        Wichita, KS, United States             2010-06-30
jamie greer            west orange, NJ, United States         2010-06-30
Rachel Shprintzen      Chicago, IL, United States             2010-06-30
DAVID TRUESON          palm springs , CA, United States       2010-07-01
Sky Sunday             Emmaus, PA, United States              2010-07-01
Thomas Sandman         Chandler Heights, AZ, United States    2010-07-02
Carol Kemp             Holton St Mary UK, United Kingdom      2010-07-03
Eddie Picton           Holton St Mary, AL, United States      2010-07-03
Roswitha von Heissen   Tutzing, Germany                       2010-07-03
pete giacca            warminster, PA, United States          2010-07-04
Name                         Location                          Date
Bill McGlone                 New Haven, CT, United States      2010-07-04
Lori Kegler                  San Pedro, CA, United States      2010-07-05
CINDY COLLIER                WAKEFIELD, United Kingdom         2010-07-05
Roberto Angarita Vargas      Bogotá D. C., Colombia            2010-07-05
Gabrielle Sweet              Palm Harbor, FL, United States    2010-07-06
pat myers                    ancramdale, NY, United States     2010-07-06
Jessie Humphrey              Paulden, AZ, United States        2010-07-06
Pamela Pourreyron            Bath, ME, United States           2010-07-07
Gunter Zientek               Newmarket, Canada                 2010-07-07
Traci Newcomb                Rocky Mount, NC, United States    2010-07-08
Mackenna Carr                Fayetteville, NC, United States   2010-07-08
Diana Barry                  Chapel Hill, NC, United States    2010-07-08
Zacharias Affolter           San Diego, CA, United States      2010-07-08
Olivier Rousselle            Paris, France                     2010-07-11
Vanessa Sarges               Toronto, Canada                   2010-07-11
Christina Palmatier          Hutchinson, KS, United States     2010-07-11
Judy Penna                   Holiday, FL, United States        2010-07-12
Jacqueline S                 Pembroke, NC, United States       2010-07-13
Gabriela Garcìa Mayagoitia   Mexico City, Mexico               2010-07-14
Lorri Makela                 Angel Fire, NM, United States     2010-07-14
Laura Herndon                Burbank, CA, United States        2010-07-15
Timmi Sommer                 Dana Point, CA, United States     2010-07-15
Fred Paulson                 Rochester, NY, United States      2010-07-15
Hope Grable                  Bourbonnais, IL, United States    2010-07-15
Justina Powell               Ventura, CA, United States        2010-07-15
kenneth knoppik              boca raton, FL, United States     2010-07-16
Scott Burbridge              Takoma Park, MD, United States    2010-07-16
evelyne flament              renescure, France                 2010-07-17
Jill Vickerman               Yzerfontein, TX, United States    2010-07-17
Rita Leone                   Southaven, MS, United States      2010-07-17
Name                          Location                           Date
Tatiana Torres                Bogota, Colombia                   2010-07-17
C. John Bengiovanni           Sacramento, CA, United States      2010-07-18
Arild Warud                   Ericeira, CA, United States        2010-07-18
Julie Alexander               Coominya, Australia                2010-07-18
Jon Spinac                    New York, NY, United States        2010-07-18
Desirree Marlena Clonch-Huff Vale, NC, United States             2010-07-18
Alexander Dean                Athens, Greece                     2010-07-20
Stephen Bross                 Boulder, CO, United States         2010-07-20
sharon collette               Athens, GA, United States          2010-07-20
Carole Sarcinello             Mosheim, TN, United States         2010-07-20
Heather Coughlan              Raleigh, NC, United States         2010-07-20
EB Wolk                       Medford, MA, United States         2010-07-20
christine kwiecinski          West Seneca, NY, United States     2010-07-20
Valerie Hildebrand            Winnipeg, MB., Canada              2010-07-21
susan harwood                 carmarthen, United Kingdom         2010-07-22
CATHALA Corine                26700, France                      2010-07-22
Darcy Babines                 Pittsburgh, PA, United States      2010-07-22
kathleen foos                 phippsburg, CO, United States      2010-07-22
SHAKEERAH ABDUL AL SABUUR PENNDEL, PA, United States             2010-07-22
Brittany Thompson             Haddock, GA, United States         2010-07-22
Andrea Da Costa               Melbourne, Australia               2010-07-22
carmen rico                   toronto, Canada                    2010-07-22
John L. Smith                 Bergenfield, NJ, United States     2010-07-23
carlee trent                  springfield, OH, United States     2010-07-23
monica russo                  torre annunziata(na), Italy        2010-07-23
Valentina Mamut Sosa          PGSM, Argentina                    2010-07-23
Charlene Shumate              Prairie Grove, AR, United States   2010-07-24
Mizla Manandhar               London, United Kingdom             2010-07-25
isabel esteve                 igualada, Spain                    2010-07-25
Paul Hester                   Neptune Beach, FL, United States   2010-07-25
Name                   Location                              Date
Lori korunka           mount olive, IL, United States        2010-07-25
Olivia Schlosser       Mansfield Center, CT, United States   2010-07-25
Patricia Sharp         Portland, OR, United States           2010-07-25
Erica Borremans        Brussels, Belgium                     2010-07-25
Edward S. Gault        Berlin, MA, United States             2010-07-25
Gunther verbeke        brussel, WY, United States            2010-07-26
Daniela Koetzsch       Loehne/ Germany, Germany              2010-07-27
Dorothy Dotson         New Whiteland, IN, United States      2010-07-28
Michele Mercer         Casa Grande, AZ, United States        2010-07-28
Selva Iris Carnevale   Villa Gobernador Galvez, Argentina    2010-07-29
Ewa Piasecka           Warsaw, Poland                        2010-07-29
Kristin Marshall       Fillmore, NY, United States           2010-07-30
Victor Escobar         Midlothian, VA, United States         2010-07-31
Michela Messineo       Roma, Italy                           2010-07-31
Kayla Hyde             mexico, ME, United States             2010-08-01
laurie sudol           clarkdale, AZ, United States          2010-08-02
Eileen Fortin          Campbell, CA, United States           2010-08-02
Lee Rowell             Richardson, TX, United States         2010-08-02
Sharon Fischer         Granville, NY, United States          2010-08-03
Jo Wilson              Broxburn, United Kingdom              2010-08-03
Caroline Ledgin        merrick, NY, United States            2010-08-03
Paige Harrison, R.N.   New York, NY, United States           2010-08-03
Claudija Valenti       Melbourne, Australia                  2010-08-03
Jeanette Loos          Stenloese, Denmark                    2010-08-03
Helen King             Zakynthos, Greece                     2010-08-03
Caleb Laieski          Phoenix, AZ, United States            2010-08-04
Bev Silverman          Yorkshire, United Kingdom             2010-08-04
martyn bassett         london, United Kingdom                2010-08-04
Michelle van Soelen    Pretoria, South Africa                2010-08-04
weronica widercrantz   gotenborgh, Sweden                    2010-08-04
Name                       Location                             Date
mike smith                 london, MA, United States            2010-08-04
Salome Benoliel            miami, FL, United States             2010-08-04
Angie Starling             Hickory, NC, United States           2010-08-04
Jean Lord                  Cliffwood Beach, NJ, United States   2010-08-05
Dianne Berings             Deurne, Belgium                      2010-08-05
Ann Lafave                 bloomfield, Canada                   2010-08-05
Erin Kathleen              Rocky Mountains, CO, United States   2010-08-06
Erin Hope Blitz            Boca Raton, FL, United States        2010-08-06
Sanjeev Rai                Ranchi,, India                       2010-08-07
Julie Lafferty             boise, ID, United States             2010-08-10
e. roberts                 pgh, PA, United States               2010-08-10
sue Schümmer               Ulm, DE, United States               2010-08-11
Mia Huolman                Vaasa, Finland                       2010-08-12
Denise Norman              Wales, United Kingdom                2010-08-13
Lena Rehberger             Grebenhain, Germany                  2010-08-13
Andrea Dorazio             ashburnham, MA, United States        2010-08-13
Daiane Silva               DURHAM, NC, United States            2010-08-14
Jean Greene                Ellerbe, NC, United States           2010-08-15
Kelsey Busser              Grand Rapids, MI, United States      2010-08-15
Kelly Garriott             Lampasas, TX, United States          2010-08-17
Sasank Isola               Princeton, NJ, United States         2010-08-19
Tom Maxwell                Los Angeles, CA, United States       2010-08-20
Elisabeth Kelly            Washington, DC, United States        2010-08-21
Laxmi Dass Ex. Chairman,   Delhi, India                         2010-10-01
Sukanya Kadyan             Delhi, India                         2010-10-01
Manvi Bhatt                Dehradun, India                      2010-10-01
Jocelyn Koopmann           Kangaroo Flat, AK, United States     2010-10-01
Bobbie Flowers             New York, NY, United States          2010-10-01
AnnMarie Glaviano          Naperville, IL, United States        2010-10-01
Name                 Location                            Date
Nirupama M S         albuquerque, NM, United States      2010-10-01
leslie smith         san marcos, TX, United States       2010-10-01
sophia bertolino     san rafael, CA, United States       2010-10-02
Nicole Weber         Pasadena, MD, United States         2010-10-02
Bev Brewis           Victoria, Canada                    2010-10-02
Darlene Wood         Reidsville, NC, United States       2010-10-02
laila bouklata       Alhoeima, Morocco                   2010-10-02
teresa carver        plymouth, TX, United States         2010-10-02
teksin kanat         london, United Kingdom              2010-10-02
Peter Scott          Knox, IN, United States             2010-10-02
Deanna Mok           Singapore, Singapore                2010-10-02
Sarah D'Agostino     San Diego, CA, United States        2010-10-02
Judith Abel          Basel, Switzerland                  2010-10-02
NEHA SHARMA          raipur, India                       2010-10-02
Carlos Oropeza       Somerdale, NJ, United States        2010-10-02
ana maria carvalho   guaratinguetá - são paulo, Brazil   2010-10-02
Marco Baracca        Milano, Italy                       2010-10-02
debbie baker         birmingham, United Kingdom          2010-10-02
Marissa Hall         Greensburg, PA, United States       2010-10-02
Pilgrim G            Hertford, United Kingdom            2010-10-02
Olivia Seynaeve      OOSTENDE, Belgium                   2010-10-02
Deepak Rao           Bangalore, India                    2010-10-02
Mary Ann Clark       Weatogue, CT, United States         2010-10-02
Deb J                Newprague, MN, United States        2010-10-02
Ron Clark            Willits, CA, United States          2010-10-02
klea morianou        psyhiko, Greece                     2010-10-03
Natasa Delic         Belgrade, Serbia                    2010-10-03
Lilith Diamond       Bertinoro, Italy                    2010-10-03
Lucy Wingate         Atlanta, GA, United States          2010-10-03
evagelia pitsiou     ATHENS, Greece                      2010-10-03
Name                             Location                           Date
Samuel Leal                      Barcelona, Spain                   2010-10-03
Rick Andersohn                   Santa Rosa, CA, United States      2010-10-03
Wendy Benay Watson               Sanford, FL, United States         2010-10-03
Klara Bruemmer                   Geldern, Germany                   2010-10-03
Rachel Mangan                    North Olmsted, OH, United States   2010-10-03
Jens U. Loehner                  Hof, Germany                       2010-10-03
m phelps                         gloucester, United Kingdom         2010-10-03
richard collins                  maynard, MA, United States         2010-10-03
Kelly Hayes                      Chicago, IL, United States         2010-10-03
Hege Marit Hostad                Elnesvågen, Norway                 2010-10-03
Márcia Machado                   Porto, Portugal                    2010-10-04
Pauline Cousins                  chepstow gwent, United Kingdom     2010-10-04
CATHALA Corine                   Pierrelatte, France                2010-10-04
Sarah Oswald                     Melbourne, FL, United States       2010-10-05
Carol Hupp                       Jacksonville, FL, United States    2010-10-06
Kit Blumenstein                  Lewisville, TX, United States      2010-10-06
Kathy Kahn                       Lake Mills, WI, United States      2010-10-06
SJ Champ                         Los Angeles, CA, United States     2010-10-06
Action for our Planet .com       Ludlow, United Kingdom             2010-10-07
The Summer Family                Bournemouth, United Kingdom        2010-10-07
Jack Carone                      canoga park, CA, United States     2010-10-07
Claudia Wegman                   palm desert, CA, United States     2010-10-07
Karen Tucker                     Pensacola, FL, United States       2010-10-07
Viktoria Misinszki               Bacska Topolya, Serbia             2010-10-09
Berissa Bubic                    Frankfurt, Germany                 2010-10-09
Sherry Bender                    New York, NY, United States        2010-10-09
clifford and christine schmutz   newark, NJ, United States          2010-10-09
Angélica Naux                    Santiago, Chile                    2010-10-09
Elisabeth Bechmann               St. Pölten, Austria                2010-10-09
elena gil                        new york, NY, United States        2010-10-09
Name                  Location                           Date
Maureen carnduff      belfast, United Kingdom            2010-10-09
Marion Lovell         Hertsfordshire, United Kingdom     2010-10-10
Melissah Chadwick     Melbourne, Australia               2010-10-11
Tanya Willis          Lewes, DE, United States           2010-10-11
Wanda Jackson         Pinnacle, NC, United States        2010-10-12
Becky Visco           Wimberley, TX, United States       2010-10-12
Yogesh Sangwan        Sirsa, India                       2010-10-12
Ajay Kadian           Jhajjar, India                     2010-10-13
Nikhil Kumar          Delhi, IN, United States           2010-10-13
Annemieke Antonisen   Den Haag, Netherlands              2010-10-15
narender sihag        ........, India                    2010-10-15
Sézille Mathilde      Vélizy, France                     2010-10-15
Asmita Alkar          NAVIMUMBAI, MH, United States      2010-10-16
Akiko Motomura        London,, United Kingdom            2010-10-16
Amanda Flood          kenner, LA, United States          2010-10-17
Concerned Citizen     New City, NY, United States        2010-10-17
Jinny Lee             Melrose, FL, United States         2010-10-20
Theory Madison        Birmingham, MI, United States      2010-10-20
Derek Waldmann        Cincinnati, OH, United States      2010-10-20
Rebecca Coiro         hillaird, FL, United States        2010-10-20
Mary Ann Smale        Steuben, ME, United States         2010-10-20
Leslie Fox            Bedford, NH, United States         2010-10-20
Charles Muehlhof      Danville, PA, United States        2010-10-23
Nicole Maschke        Cleveland, OH, United States       2010-10-23
Ramona Thompson       Birmingham, AL, United States      2010-10-23
Helen Beasley         Bowling Green, KY, United States   2010-10-23
Judy Boone            Forest Hill, TX, United States     2010-10-23
ilse diels            mol, Belgium                       2010-10-24
Helen Bertrand        NY, NY, United States              2010-10-24
Diana Ferreira        Paços de Ferreira, Portugal        2010-10-24
Name                        Location                              Date
Edward Laurson              Denver, CO, United States             2010-10-24
Sherry Gerszberg            Kendall Park, NJ, United States       2010-10-25
Barbara Lestorti            Waterbury, CT, United States          2010-10-25
Edmund Weisberg             Philadelphia, PA, United States       2010-10-25
Jennfier Campa              Mission Hills, CA, United States      2010-10-26
Priyā Sā'blə                Pune, India                           2010-10-27
Anonymous Anonymous         anonymous, MA, United States          2010-10-28
Olivia Schlosser            Mansfield Center, CT, United States   2010-10-28
jennifer chin               menifee, CA, United States            2010-10-29
Janet Nelson                Mack, CO, United States               2010-10-30
carole dunlop               bohemia, NY, United States            2010-10-31
Cynthia M. Thomas           Port Townsend, WA, United States      2010-11-01
Ritva Janhonen              Jyväskylä, Finland                    2010-11-01
moggy westfall              reston, VA, United States             2010-11-02
Sami Signorino              Kokomo, IN, United States             2010-11-02
Jerilyn Capaccione          Aliquippa, PA, United States          2010-11-03
Ira Mak                     Jerusalem, Israel                     2010-11-03
joni moretti                whitehouse, NJ, United States         2010-11-05
James Walker                janesville, WI, United States         2010-11-05
Larry D. Grazier            Lexington, TX, United States          2010-11-06
Corinna Morton              Salt Lake City, UT, United States     2010-11-07
Elizabeth O'Halloran        Kettering, United Kingdom             2010-11-07
Kate Kenner                 Jamaica Plain, MA, United States      2010-11-07
Andrea Oefinger             Newtown, CT, United States            2010-11-08
Christina,Joanna,Angelica   Athens, Greece                        2010-11-08
Nicole Strathmann           Florissant, MO, United States         2010-11-09
Jennifer Bates              Chevy Chase, MD, United States        2010-11-11
Laverne Wallace             Charlotte, NC, United States          2010-11-12
Caroline Raward             Sydney, Australia                     2010-11-12
Name                   Location                             Date
Sudershan Dhandharia   Kolkatta, India                      2010-11-13
Satvir S Chaudhry      Panchkula, India                     2010-11-14
JOHN wHITE             Fort Worth, TX, United States        2010-11-14
Kim Bigley             Houston, TX, United States           2010-11-14
Social Service         Delhi, India                         2010-11-15
Linda Bescript         Tucson, AZ, United States            2010-11-15
Susannah Kegler        San pedro, CA, United States         2010-11-16
Lise Vandal            Alma, CA, United States              2010-11-19
Sheila Mahon           NY, NY, United States                2010-11-20
Dana Giordano          Philadelphia, PA, United States      2010-11-20
Pia Mustonen           Tampere, Finland                     2010-11-22
Jamie Baughman         Tigard, OR, United States            2010-11-22
DR THEODORA MANOLAS    JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY, United States   2010-11-22
Sharon Poore           Port St. Lucie, FL, United States    2010-11-23
Tanaka Yayoi           Kitamoto-shi, Japan                  2010-11-23
Brinda Davis           McCleary, WA, United States          2010-11-24
Ashley Roberts         Rome, GA, United States              2010-11-25
Tania Marchand         Laval, NY, United States             2010-11-26
Amish Mehta            ........, IN, United States          2010-11-26
Mirella Burgess        Bridgetown, WA, United States        2010-11-27
Ingrid Peeters         Torremolinos, Spain                  2010-11-27
Denise Bell            Wirral, United Kingdom               2010-11-27
Nationalspca Nepal     Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal              2010-11-28
Karan Vir              Mumbai, India                        2010-11-29
Mahesh Aggarwal        Agra, India                          2010-11-29
Neall Shennan          Paisley, United Kingdom              2010-11-29
paula b                johnstown, PA, United States         2010-11-29
Kelly Butler           Essex, United Kingdom                2010-12-02
Eva Fidjeland          Orrefors, Sweden                     2010-12-03
Sharon Bailey          Richardson, TX, United States        2010-12-03
Name                         Location                              Date
Susan Pernot                 Cortez, CO, United States             2010-12-04
marie elaina rago            allentown, PA, United States          2010-12-04
Mary Bell                    Oakland, MD, United States            2010-12-04
Saakshi Tanwar               Mumbai, India                         2010-12-06
Angela Kimbro                Vancouver, WA, United States          2010-12-07
isabel esteve                , Spain                               2010-12-07
Vijay Somany                 Rewari, India                         2010-12-07
Sajjan Singh                 Rajasthan, India                      2010-12-08
sumitra mishra               BBSR, India                           2010-12-08
Sandra Hudson-Knapp          Poultney, VT, United States           2010-12-08
zelime matthews              colorado springs, CO, United States   2010-12-08
Bhavin Vasavada              Ahmedabad, India                      2010-12-11
Rebecca Lynn Mayo            , New Hampshire, United States        2010-12-11
GRANT AND MARY EVANS         NORTH PALM BEACH, FL, United States   2010-12-12
Jerry Mayeux                 Hattiesburg, MS, United States        2010-12-13
Alana Marchetti              Meadville, PA, United States          2010-12-13
Susan Sinotte                Kelowna, BC, Canada                   2010-12-14
GINA PARISI                  , New York, United States             2010-12-14
gail harris                  damascus, MD, United States           2010-12-15
Lindsey Poore                federalsburg, MD, United States       2010-12-16
Jo Lathwell                  Trowbridge, United Kingdom            2010-12-16
Howard Calvert               Reno, NV, United States               2010-12-16
Madhu Goyal                  New Delhi, India                      2010-12-16
elisabetta rossi             savona, Italy                         2010-12-17
Abhishek Kadyan Journalist   Delhi, India                          2010-12-17
Julie Farrell                Sydney, Australia                     2010-12-17
olivia dewitt                taylorsville, KY, United States       2010-12-17
Erica Melamed                , Florida, United States              2010-12-17
Caroline Williams            Adelaide, Australia                   2010-12-17
Joyce Barringer              Cambridge, MA, United States          2010-12-18
Name                Location                             Date
DONNA MOCK          MEDFORD, OR, United States           2010-12-18
Danielle Tran       Calgary, CA, United States           2010-12-18
june bullied        toronto, CA, United States           2010-12-19
Rochat Sylvie       La Sarraz, Switzerland               2010-12-19
Thomas Skrabucha    Pawtucket, RI, United States         2010-12-19
Katherine Whitson   Prairie Village, KS, United States   2010-12-19
carol crunkhorn     , New Zealand                        2010-12-19
Chase Gentry        Old Hickory, TN, United States       2010-12-21
Rose Nguyen         Houston, TX, United States           2010-12-21
debi kaufmann       denver, CO, United States            2010-12-21
Pan Jin Yi          Sandakan, Malaysia                   2010-12-21
Ricardo Moreira     Porto, Portugal                      2010-12-22
Henri De Decker     Tisselt, Belgium                     2010-12-22
Caleb Laieski       Phoenix, AZ, United States           2010-12-23
Jessie Dijkstra     Ypsilanti, MI, United States         2010-12-24
Judith King         Oakville, CT, United States          2010-12-26
Irena Gabut         Krakow, Poland                       2010-12-26
Kristell Hemery     New York, NY, United States          2010-12-26
Sharda Kadyan       Delhi, India                         2010-12-26
Ella Reeves         Vancouver, CA, United States         2010-12-27
Amit Deol           Sirohi, India                        2010-12-27
Janet Robinson      Boca Raton, FL, United States        2010-12-27
Allegra Wong        Boston, MA, United States            2010-12-27
Sadia Caceres       Hollywood, FL, United States         2010-12-27
vignesh kartik      Chicago, IL, United States           2010-12-27
Sneha Poojary       Mumbai, India                        2010-12-27
helen Xavier        Chennai, India                       2010-12-27
Melissa MacDonald   Laguna Hills, CA, United States      2010-12-27
Arun R              Bangalore, India                     2010-12-27
shri vasan          Chennai, India                       2010-12-27
Name                  Location                             Date
Chandrika Vijayavel   Bangalore, India                     2010-12-27
Pintu K               Chennai, India                       2010-12-27
annie statton         somerset, AK, United States          2010-12-27
Lillemor Saarnak      Arvika, Sweden                       2010-12-28
patricia m lasek      barneveld, NY, United States         2010-12-28
Esther Zamora         Hesperia, CA, United States          2010-12-28
ARTURITU DE SIMONS    MEXICO, Mexico                       2010-12-28
Drahomíra Rudolská    Nejdek, Czech Republic               2010-12-28
subhash hathwar       bengaluru, India                     2010-12-28
Gene Yakub            Treviso, Italy                       2010-12-28
Pepucho Lengualarga   Key Biscayne, FL, United States      2010-12-28
Parag C               Bangalore, India                     2010-12-28
Evelyn Badeau         Calgary, Canada                      2010-12-28
Jessica Nyquist       Colton, OR, United States            2010-12-29
Danuta Watola         Kalety, Poland                       2010-12-29
Olja Kaludjerovic     Kotor, WA, United States             2010-12-29
Martin Abza           Braunschweig, Germany                2010-12-29
Nina Marković         Kotor, Montenegro                    2010-12-29
Isabella Duffy        Zernien, Germany                     2010-12-29
Priyanka Samyuktha    Hyderabad, India                     2010-12-29
Nancy Roussy          Ste-Florence, Canada                 2010-12-29
Michele Martin        Ballston Spa, NY, United States      2010-12-29
Eva Ahl               Arvika, Sweden                       2010-12-29
maria schulz          timisoara, Romania                   2010-12-29
Manuel Marin          aberdeen, United Kingdom             2010-12-29
tina mann             sutton in ashfield, United Kingdom   2010-12-29
Natalie Custer        Alachua, FL, United States           2010-12-29
shannona arnold       Granite Bay, CA, United States       2010-12-29
Paulina Hoppel        Poznan, Poland                       2010-12-29
Martina Schoppe       Golmbach, Germany                    2010-12-29
Name                        Location                            Date
Janna Griffin               Rockwall, TX, United States         2010-12-29
angelita ritz               stone mountain, GA, United States   2010-12-30
Yahel Castañeda             Pachuca, ME, United States          2010-12-30
Madhur Patel                St. Gallen, Switzerland             2010-12-30
sarthi jain                 delhi, India                        2010-12-30
Ricardo Delgado Rodríguez   Benalmádena, Spain                  2010-12-30
silvia reyes                arlington, TX, United States        2010-12-30
Mary Wynne                  fresno, CA, United States           2010-12-30
Patricia Nigro              Deltona, FL, United States          2010-12-30
Patti Mcneill               Big Hill, Australia                 2010-12-31
arjun s                     india, India                        2010-12-31
Mary Jo Christian           Tinton Falls, NJ, United States     2011-02-12
tanu singh                  faridabad, India                    2011-02-12
sonia fey                   Deroche, BC, Canada                 2011-02-12
victoria marshall           rutland, VT, United States          2011-02-12
Deepak Rao                  Bangalore, India                    2011-02-12
Kelly Carson                Port Angeles, WA, United States     2011-02-12
Michelle Sibinovic          Temple City, CA, United States      2011-02-12
shruti raheja               delhi, India                        2011-02-13
LISA COOK                   FORT WORTH, TX, United States       2011-02-13
inu gupta                   Bhopal, India                       2011-02-13
John Miller                 Bloomingdale, IL, United States     2011-02-13
Karine Michel               Bruxelles, Belgium                  2011-02-14
Cindy ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Brower        Chicago, IL, United States          2011-02-14
Jim Mock                    Medford, OR, United States          2011-02-14
nancy sands                 brooklyn, NY, United States         2011-02-14
Dawn Edwards                chicago, IL, United States          2011-02-14
Maxi Mock                   Medford, OR, United States          2011-02-14
Tulula Fanjoy               Casa Grande, AZ, United States      2011-02-14
Isabella Rael               Rio Vista, CA, United States        2011-02-14
Name                          Location                                Date
Faye Godwin                   Hillsborough, NC, United States         2011-02-15
Brittany Brower               Montgomery, IL, United States           2011-02-15
Jay'den Thome                 Miami, United States Minor Outlying     2011-02-15
kristen davies                Chicago, IL, United States              2011-02-15
carlos leon                   Aurora, IL, United States               2011-02-15
Linda F. Alvarez              Chicago, United States Minor Outlying   2011-02-15
Thomas E. Chadwick            Gastonia, NC, United States             2011-02-15
Chiara Sellani                Marotta, Italy                          2011-02-17
michele squires               hockley, TX, United States              2011-02-17
Melissa Chapman               China, MI, United States                2011-02-17
James and Shelley and Elise   Morgantown, WV, United States           2011-02-17
Monika Dudziak                terrarossa, Italy                       2011-02-17
alison braddock               manchester, United Kingdom              2011-02-17
Deborah Richardson            Spanaway, WA, United States             2011-02-17
Tracy Brinkley                Chicago, IL, United States              2011-02-18
Erika Johnson                 Ellicott City, MD, United States        2011-02-18
Colette Marshall              Uckfield,UK, United Kingdom             2011-02-19
Leverett Spinac               New York, NY, United States             2011-02-20
Klaudio Negric                Rijeka, Croatia                         2011-02-21
rinki banerji                 mumbai, India                           2011-02-23
Elisabeth Emma Lehner         Wels, Austria                           2011-02-23
Jennifer Luffman              Hollywood, FL, United States            2011-02-23
KD Haferkamp                  Garland, TX, United States              2011-02-23
Andreia Capelo                Funchal, Portugal                       2011-02-24
kaylea marwick                washington, MI, United States           2011-02-25
Julie Cavalca                 Newark, DE, United States               2011-02-26
Naresh Kadyan                 Delhi, IN, United States                2011-02-26
Fabiola D.                    Barcelona, Spain                        2011-03-02
Name                       Location                          Date
Nick Leonard               Las Vegas, NV, United States      2011-03-02
mary Keilhauer             Marietta,, GA, United States      2011-03-03
Naresh Kadyan              Delhi, India                      2011-03-07
Levin Manabat              Portland, OR, United States       2011-03-07
Samantha & Muffin Knight   Shepparton, Australia             2011-03-08
McCallum Dickens           New York, NY, United States       2011-03-10
Sioux D.                   Adelaide, Australia               2011-03-11
Ashley Hunsberger          Philadelphia, PA, United States   2011-03-11
J Colon                    Columbus, OH, United States       2011-03-11
Jennifer Burnham           Bellingham, MA, United States     2011-03-11
Christine Walker           Buffalo, NY, United States        2011-03-11
Lauren Iannacone           Churchville, PA, United States    2011-03-12
Kim O'Connor               N. Saanich, Canada                2011-03-12
Bill Craig                 Kempten, Germany                  2011-03-13
Avleen Kohli               Mumbai, India                     2011-03-13
Robert Scott Wolfe         Cranston, RI, United States       2011-03-13
Abigail McKee McKee        Pittsburgh, PA, United States     2011-03-14
Giulia Togliatto           Adelaide, Australia               2011-03-15
Lauren G                   Monrovia, CA, United States       2011-03-15
Amy Lupo                   Kansas City, MO, United States    2011-03-16
Henrik Faaborg             Aarhus, Denmark                   2011-03-18
L. McGannon                Mitchell, SD, United States       2011-03-19
Ricarda Hänsch             Rosengarten, Germany              2011-03-19
Clair Obscur               Cannes, France                    2011-03-19
Elena Villarrubia Andres   Madrid, Spain                     2011-03-19
gro ottesen                stavanger, NV, United States      2011-03-19
erik lievens               eindhoven, Netherlands            2011-03-20
fiona curran               Co Galway, Ireland                2011-03-20
Jessica Dias Estanislau    Heerbrugg, Switzerland            2011-03-20
Sandra Warner              Pipers Creek, Australia           2011-03-20
Name                          Location                               Date
Js Angerla                    Prague, Czech Republic                 2011-03-20
M.A. Gansevoort-Buijs         De Weere, Netherlands                  2011-03-20
Evelina Costa                 Alcochete, Portugal                    2011-03-20
Pearl Lotus                   Dublin, Ireland                        2011-03-20
Catherine Keyte               London, United Kingdom                 2011-03-20
Claudia Roos                  Ingelheim, Germany                     2011-03-20
Sandy London                  Australia, AS, United States           2011-03-20
ten gyour                     lille, France                          2011-03-20
TAO Foundation                Someren, Netherlands                   2011-03-20
Corina Khan                   Timisoara, Romania                     2011-03-20
Sonia Trimboli                Catania, Spain                         2011-03-20
cozmescu cristina alexandra   deva, Romania                          2011-03-20
cc king                       London, United Kingdom                 2011-03-20
Mikaela Pons                  Vårgårda, Sweden                       2011-03-20
Harpreet Narula               Secunderabad, India                    2011-03-20
claudia correia               portimão, Portugal                     2011-03-20
Slke Dallmann                 Drymen, United Kingdom                 2011-03-20
Anita Jensen                  Calpe-Alicante, Spain                  2011-03-20
David Bethell                 Hopewell Junction, NY, United States   2011-03-20
Lorenna Hanssen               Galway, Ireland                        2011-03-20
Janett Loher                  Neufarn, Germany                       2011-03-20
Sabine B. Tucker-Seip         Sachsenheim-Haefnerhgaslach, Germany 2011-03-20
Barbara Nozzi                 Durand, IL, United States              2011-03-20
Anj Prasad                    Sydney, Australia                      2011-03-20
Athena Savva                  Paphos, Cyprus                         2011-03-20
suppin nathalie               st maime, France                       2011-03-20
Macquart Nina                 Robert-espagne Meuse, France           2011-03-20
NICK GIZELIS                  ATHENS, Greece                         2011-03-20
Joanna Salgut                 Trelleborg, Sweden                     2011-03-20
Virginia Bagés                Neuquén, Argentina                     2011-03-20
Name                      Location                                 Date
Michele Russ              Crawfordville, FL, United States         2011-03-20
deslandes yannis          st-bruno, Canada                         2011-03-20
Tony DeMalio              Sicklerville, NJ, United States          2011-03-20
Donna Crary               Westbrook, ME, United States             2011-03-20
julia hung                kaohsiung, Taiwan                        2011-03-20
Alexa Major               Denver, CO, United States                2011-03-20
Deborah Bohley            Mainz, Germany                           2011-03-20
Cindy Poulin              Thetford Mines, CA, United States        2011-03-20
grettel solorzano Ulloa   sta Cruz, Gte, Costa Rica                2011-03-20
Sandra Bos                Willow Springs, IL, United States        2011-03-20
Mary Acosta               Baldwin park, CA, United States          2011-03-20
Rayme Schlichenmayer      Inver Grove Heights, MN, United States   2011-03-20
Leilani W                 Washington, DC, United States            2011-03-20
Alan Francisco            San Diego, CA, United States             2011-03-20
Michelle Stone            Juneau, AK, United States                2011-03-20
Elsie Au                  St. Louis, MO, United States             2011-03-20
vickie merritt            somerset, KY, United States              2011-03-20
isma kumar                clevedon, United Kingdom                 2011-03-20
Tyana Underkofler         Tigard, OR, United States                2011-03-20
John Locker               Gold Coast, Australia                    2011-03-20
lory tinker               bologna, Italy                           2011-03-20
Donna Crary               westbrook, ME, United States             2011-03-20
renata harris             reading, United Kingdom                  2011-03-20
Denise Parzych            New London, CT, United States            2011-03-20
Anna Stecyk               Baltimore, MD, United States             2011-03-20
Camilla Petersson         Bal harbour, FL, United States           2011-03-20
angeliki anestopoulou     Markopoulo, Greece                       2011-03-20
ANDREA SINTORA            marbella, Spain                          2011-03-20
Kiara Gilbert             Roanoke, TX, United States               2011-03-20
Cindy Barg                Gottam, Belgium                          2011-03-20
Name                 Location                            Date
Andrea Boswell       Provo, UT, United States            2011-03-20
Rachel Alonzo        Redding, CA, United States          2011-03-20
Deborah Burckhardt   Wellington, New Zealand             2011-03-20
Ed Abdool            Wellington, New Zealand             2011-03-20
Mary Heslan          Wellington, New Zealand             2011-03-20
lara mcmahon         brisbane, Australia                 2011-03-20
guida katy           fouesnant, France                   2011-03-20
tina jackson         ballan, Australia                   2011-03-20
Sven Winkler         Postbauer-Heng, Germany             2011-03-20
Trish Santinon       melbourne, Australia                2011-03-20
Stephanie Rodda      Melbourne, Australia                2011-03-20
Barbara Homburg      Löhne, Germany                      2011-03-20
Claudia Gayer        Weiden, Germany                     2011-03-20
Rose Zurzolo         Melbourne, Australia                2011-03-20
Holly Crawford       Perry Hall, MD, United States       2011-03-20
Patricia Neskavich   Shelby Twp., MI, United States      2011-03-20
Lynn Phlegm          Oak Park, MI, United States         2011-03-20
claire matthews      lower hutt, New Zealand             2011-03-20
Tonia Christensen    Thorne Bay, AK, United States       2011-03-20
julia still          wells, United Kingdom               2011-03-21
carolina nunes       lisbon, PR, United States           2011-03-21
Beate Michl          Nandlstadt, DE, United States       2011-03-21
Shy Debsikdar        Durg, India                         2011-03-21
Isabel Fernandes     Cascais, Portugal                   2011-03-21
jay raj              Hyderabad, India                    2011-03-21
Adrienne Kehr        Massillon, OH, United States        2011-03-21
Sandra Lyons         Galway, Ireland                     2011-03-21
yvonne kilgour       auckland, New Zealand               2011-03-21
SERGIO PINTO         lisboa, Portugal                    2011-03-21
Jace Kai             Middle Village, NY, United States   2011-03-22
Name                      Location                           Date
Inge von Jaduczynski      Unterschleissheim, Germany         2011-03-22
terry de aos              torremolinos, Spain                2011-03-22
Doris Maria               Shulin, Taiwan                     2011-03-22
Sheri Lucas               Burnaby, Canada                    2011-03-22
Anne Bartholomaeus        Samtens, Germany                   2011-03-22
Fight Right               Ulm, DE, United States             2011-03-22
Monika Fetz               Göfis, Austria                     2011-03-22
Beate Teutsch             Magrè, Italy                       2011-03-22
Deborah "Dusty" Debandi   Greensboro, NC, United States      2011-03-22
Doris Stockhecke          Langenfeld, Germany                2011-03-22
rosanna mannu             sanremo 18038, IL, United States   2011-03-22
gianna katirtzoglou       athens, Greece                     2011-03-22
mary gilmore              columbus, OH, United States        2011-03-22
Cristina Molina           Antioch, CA, United States         2011-03-22
Dana Grunwald             Hamburg, Germany                   2011-03-22
Joan Kear                 Solon, OH, United States           2011-03-22
Judith Zabriskie          Monona, WI, United States          2011-03-22
Neil Ryding               Warrington, United Kingdom         2011-03-22
Sheila Jeitler            vössendorf, Austria                2011-03-22
Carla Vieira              Somerville, MA, United States      2011-03-22
Arpad Banki               Százhalombatta, Hungary            2011-03-22
Michaela Pollak           Straubing, Germany                 2011-03-22
cintia helena avila       São Paulo, United Kingdom          2011-03-22
Zsuzsanna Tárnok          Abaliget, Hungary                  2011-03-22
Dana Kaiser               Ontario, CA, United States         2011-03-22
Rick LoneWolf             Las Vegas, NV, United States       2011-03-22
Melinda Deli              Tatabánya, Hungary                 2011-03-22
katira tejeda             plano, TX, United States           2011-03-22
John Kelly                West Babylon, NY, United States    2011-03-22
nicole l                  las vegas, NV, United States       2011-03-22
Name                    Location                          Date
Dick Lee                Grand Rapids, MI, United States   2011-03-22
Sara E.                 arlington, VA, United States      2011-03-22
Ik Van                  tourcoing, France                 2011-03-23
ioli stamatopoulo       athens, Greece                    2011-03-23
claudine goossens       grimbergen, Belgium               2011-03-23
tortiller jean luc      biches, France                    2011-03-23
Christina Delle Fave    Colico, Italy                     2011-03-23
Robin vigfusson         Nutley, NJ, United States         2011-03-23
wendy clack             edinburgh, United Kingdom         2011-03-23
Vivienne Ben-Shir       London, United Kingdom            2011-03-23
Cheryl Redfearn         Sheffield, United Kingdom         2011-03-23
ONY -                   -, United Kingdom                 2011-03-23
Michelle Alexander      Campbelltown, Australia           2011-03-23
Daniela Brzobohata      Vienne, Austria                   2011-03-23
Wendy Kobylarz          Candler, NC, United States        2011-03-23
sharon gates            independance, MO, United States   2011-03-23
Ellen Friedberg         Cheadle, United Kingdom           2011-03-23
John Shay Jr            Hagerstown, MD, United States     2011-03-23
Sandra Seiça            Aveiro, Portugal                  2011-03-23
lisbeth Jensen          Dronninglund, Denmark             2011-03-23
Marco Glauser           Wolfhalden, Switzerland           2011-03-23
Marion Oakley           Ashford, United Kingdom           2011-03-23
SHrinidhi NAndedkar     Nagpur, India                     2011-03-23
Therry Jackson          Würzburg, Germany                 2011-03-23
Carrie Davis            Bangor, ME, United States         2011-03-23
Edna Solange            Lisbon, Portugal                  2011-03-23
Hillary Demetropoulos   Brooklyn, NY, United States       2011-03-23
Jennifer Collins        Cork, Ireland                     2011-03-23
Ann Forrest             Coventry, United Kingdom          2011-03-23
Bronwyn Slater          Cork, Ireland                     2011-03-23
Name                 Location                            Date
michel paradis       longueuil, Canada                   2011-03-23
janine Campbell      Zimmerman, MN, United States        2011-03-23
ELIZA CLASS          ARECIBO, PR, United States          2011-03-23
Adriana Faria        Puyallup, WA, United States         2011-03-23
Steve Daniels        Roanoke, VA, United States          2011-03-23
Shannon Ledford      Hoover, AL, United States           2011-03-23
angela sibetta       montreal, Canada                    2011-03-23
Ian Turner           Sacramento, CA, United States       2011-03-24
Patty Fleener        Stayton, OR, United States          2011-03-24
Noel Jarvis          Otterbein, IN, United States        2011-03-24
Tony Menechella      Frankfort, KY, United States        2011-03-25
Amir Malkawi         Detroit, MI, United States          2011-03-30
Rowan O'Connor       oakdlae, NY, United States          2011-03-31
Anjan Sannidhi       East Brunswick, NJ, United States   2011-04-01
michele b            burleigh, NJ, United States         2011-04-03
Bamboo Britney       Round Rock, TX, United States       2011-04-06
Carol Ripley         Hertford, United Kingdom            2011-04-09
charul bhoria        8146021560, India                   2011-04-10
Tatyana Maslyanko    Fremont, CA, United States          2011-04-10
Melissa Savilonis    Enfield, CT, United States          2011-04-13
Susanne Miller       Las Vegas, NV, United States        2011-04-14
Abha Thapliyal       PUNE, India                         2011-04-15
Sabrinna Valisce     Brisbane, Australia                 2011-04-15
amla ramsaran        cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago        2011-04-16
ruchika mehta        Faridabad, India                    2011-04-17
Dawn Mason           Pottsville, PA, United States       2011-04-18
Inge Lewis           Conway, SC, United States           2011-04-18
Rosangel Dagnesses   New York, NY, United States         2011-04-18
victoria bas         buenos aires, Argentina             2011-04-18
Pamylle Greinke      Peconic, NY, United States          2011-04-19
Name                   Location                                 Date
Shannon Capps          Lake Orion, MI, United States            2011-04-20
Janet Chase            Bend, OR, United States                  2011-04-20
elena tripatzi         Athens, Greece                           2011-04-21
Gina Pimento           Jamaica, NY, United States               2011-04-22
poonam khilnani        New Delhi, IN, United States             2011-04-23
Tracey Cooke           egg harbor township, NJ, United States   2011-04-23
Maria Schneider        Munich, Germany                          2011-04-23
Mary Ann giacometti    garden city, NY, United States           2011-04-24
H. Elizabeth Shapere   Winston Salem, NC, United States         2011-04-25
Roxane DuShane         Fremont, CA, United States               2011-04-25
Elin Heilig            x, Sweden                                2011-04-25
rhonda costello        miami, FL, United States                 2011-04-26
Josh Alfonso           Deerfield Beach, FL, United States       2011-04-27
Andrey Tolstov         Moscow, Russian Federation               2011-04-30
Asli Gedik             amsterdam, Netherlands                   2011-04-30
Joanna Karatsaneva     sofia, Bulgaria                          2011-05-02
Jennifer Jacob         Chennai, IN, United States               2011-05-02
jackie grayson         Manchester, United Kingdom               2011-05-02
Paola Magnusson        salem, ID, United States                 2011-05-02
EILEEN BOND            MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom               2011-05-02
jaana jaakkola         alaska, AL, United States                2011-05-02
june mason             gateshead, United Kingdom                2011-05-02
Avril wilkinson        Brisbane, Australia                      2011-05-03
valérie DISLE          SAINT LEU LA FORET, France               2011-05-03
olivier GOMES          SAINT LEU LA FORET, France               2011-05-03
PATRICIA GAMA          AMADORA LISBOA, Portugal                 2011-05-04
Alma Williams          Houston, TX, United States               2011-05-04
Paul Haider            Chicago, IL, United States               2011-05-06
marlen telle           bergen, Norway                           2011-05-07
Tammy Furmanski        Marysville, CA, United States            2011-05-07
Name                      Location                             Date
Tracey Smith              Lumberton, NC, United States         2011-05-09
Jason Bowman              Sacramento, CA, United States        2011-05-09
Christian Rodriguez       Deerfield Beach, FL, United States   2011-05-10
Stephanie Larsen          Rosemont, IL, United States          2011-05-11
cs praveen jain           sultanganj, IN, United States        2011-05-11
harshit aggarwal          delhi, DE, United States             2011-05-15
Nitika Luhadiya           Mumbai, MH, United States            2011-05-15
sukhdevi s. jain          mumbai, MH, United States            2011-05-15
Natalie Woodford          Sugar Hill, GA, United States        2011-05-16
SANDRA ROCHA              OPORTO, Portugal                     2011-05-17
Deborah Dixon             Browns Mills, NJ, United States      2011-05-21
Lauren Macura             palm bay, FL, United States          2011-05-22
Deepak Bhayani            mumbai, India                        2011-05-23
Ashley Buerkett           Chicago, IL, United States           2011-05-24
Faith Atkinson            Belleville, Canada                   2011-05-27
ruth johnson              Marion, IL, United States            2011-05-29
Regina Powell             Concord, CA, United States           2011-06-01
Austin Lynch              Lynn Haven, FL, United States        2011-06-01
Kristina Golemanova       Gabrovo, Bulgaria                    2011-06-02
Carol Appel               los Angeles, CA, United States       2011-06-04
Jose Ovidio Perez Morel   Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic    2011-06-05
Kim Garside               Las Vegas, NV, United States         2011-06-06
Dianne McGonigle          Durham, Canada                       2011-06-08
Richard van Camp          mainz, Germany                       2011-06-08
Michelle Hellstern        Somewhere, OK, United States         2011-06-09
Rcha h                    seattle, WA, United States           2011-06-10
Valerie Hermant           PARIS, France                        2011-06-11
Gabriel Pereira           Belo Horizonte, Brazil               2011-06-11
Kimberley Maunder         Nairobi, Kenya                       2011-06-11
Ana MTavares              Sintra, Portugal                     2011-06-13
Name                      Location                         Date
Mark Noble                Los Angeles, CA, United States   2011-06-16
Cynthia Henley            Houston, TX, United States       2011-06-16
agnieszka wojciechowska   lodz, Poland                     2011-06-17
Mary Hubbard              Detroit, MI, United States       2011-06-17
John Nathan Contrea       Boulder, CO, United States       2011-06-18
Michael Springer          Coeymans, NY, United States      2011-06-18
Lilian Williams           Bethesda, MD, United States      2011-06-18
Astrid Aquino             pasadena, CA, United States      2011-06-18
Jamie Horneman            chicago, IL, United States       2011-06-18
Manuela arioli            Milano, Italy                    2011-06-19
Dana Reeder               Hartsburg, MO, United States     2011-06-19
Laura Stone               Redhill, United Kingdom          2011-06-24
Mara Gemini               Adelaide, Australia              2011-06-24
Staci Sharp               Carmel, IN, United States        2011-06-24
Stef Young                Cornwall, United Kingdom         2011-06-24
Joan Prioli               Freehold, NJ, United States      2011-06-24
lynda wilby               kansas, United Kingdom           2011-06-24
Terrie Holden             Bucks, United Kingdom            2011-06-24
Samantha Wilde            Shropshire, United Kingdom       2011-06-24
carolyn barnes            greene, NY, United States        2011-06-24
Jan Thompson              Chorley, United Kingdom          2011-06-24
cathy gilbert             Tonbridge Kent, United Kingdom   2011-06-24
VAIBHHAV GUPTA            LONDON, United Kingdom           2011-06-24
andrew vallender          leicester, United Kingdom        2011-06-24
indu uniyal               DEHRADUN, India                  2011-06-24
Lindsay Coupe             Manchester, United Kingdom       2011-06-24
romana mattioli           rochester, NY, United States     2011-06-24
Ally Aravena              Montreal, Canada                 2011-06-24
Allan and Denise Hodder   Fairfax, Australia               2011-06-24
Tris Young                UK, United Kingdom               2011-06-24
Name                   Location                                Date
Imelca Avendano        Alton, TX, United States                2011-06-24
Snezana Prodanovic     Belgrade, Serbia                        2011-06-24
neima NEIMA            PARIS, LA, United States                2011-06-24
Grigor Dimitrov        Homberg, DE, United States              2011-06-24
keelin sweeney         liverpool, United Kingdom               2011-06-24
beatrice de filippis   sana'a, Yemen                           2011-06-24
linda nolan            Farrell, Spain                          2011-06-24
bernie wright          None, Ireland                           2011-06-24
Elizabeth Lean         Truro, United Kingdom                   2011-06-24
patricia donovan       ivybridge, United Kingdom               2011-06-24
Olivia Fahl            Meylan, France                          2011-06-24
richard king           norwich, United Kingdom                 2011-06-24
Michael Culkin         Forest Hills, NY, United States         2011-06-24
myriam ortiguier       vesoul, France                          2011-06-24
Carrina Rowe           Birkenhead, United Kingdom              2011-06-24
Caroline Luley         Cocoa Beach, FL, United States          2011-06-24
SERAP KAYA             İstanbul, Turkey                        2011-06-24
Nadia Donato           New York, NY, United States             2011-06-24
Cynthia Miller         Belleville, MI, United States           2011-06-24
Sonia Swartz           Atlanta, GA, United States              2011-06-24
Darcy Dodson           Roanoke, TX, United States              2011-06-24
deborah lamb           m/c, MI, United States                  2011-06-24
Pam Laverton           Aberdeen, United Kingdom                2011-06-24
kelvin thomas          narberth, United Kingdom                2011-06-24
Rina Deych             Brooklyn, NY, United States             2011-06-24
caryn van der byl      wasington dc, VA, United States         2011-06-24
Tsveta Connan          Caen, FL, United States                 2011-06-25
Lorna Grundy           Wirral, Great Britain, United Kingdom   2011-06-25
Milena Minkova         Sofia, Bulgaria                         2011-06-25
Keiko Krahnke          Loveland, CO, United States             2011-06-26
Name                   Location                            Date
kerry medlyn           plymouth, United Kingdom            2011-06-27
Lukas Martinelli       Pleasant Hill, CA, United States    2011-06-27
joanna schultz         henderson, NC, United States        2011-06-27
mathy merbis           schilde, UT, United States          2011-06-27
Senninha Seynaeve      Oostende, WY, United States         2011-06-27
inge maes              essen, FL, United States            2011-06-27
Nishani Soniya Siva    scarborough, OK, United States      2011-06-27
Cassandra Alayon       Staten Island, NY, United States    2011-06-27
toni zizinia           roma, IL, United States             2011-06-27
rich nelsoin           memphis, TN, United States          2011-06-27
Dianne Snow            Burpengary, Australia               2011-06-27
mary axson             detroit, MI, United States          2011-06-27
Amy Stroud             Arlington, TX, United States        2011-06-28
Judith Bernegger       Buttwil, SC, United States          2011-06-28
shawn nolan            Cibolo, TX, United States           2011-06-28
Joanne Anand           Perth, Australia                    2011-06-28
angela king            harare, Zimbabwe                    2011-06-28
Risela Ruiz            Miami, FL, United States            2011-06-28
Shelley DeCato         Rutland, VT, United States          2011-06-28
Vivian Palmer Harvey   Phoenix, OR, United States          2011-06-28
Glenn Woodford         Albert Park, Vic, Australia         2011-06-28
Kerri Milam            Houston, TX, United States          2011-06-28
Monica Lucas           Burlingame, CA, United States       2011-06-28
NiNA QUINONES          new york, NY, United States         2011-06-28
Gail Formosa           Philadedlphia, PA, United States    2011-06-28
K Mason                Little Rock , AR, United States     2011-06-28
Kim Larsen             Rockledge, FL, United States        2011-06-28
Mathieu P.             Antibes, France                     2011-06-29
Emily Pompei           Virginia Beach, VA, United States   2011-06-29
Carina Eriksson        Billesholm, Sweden                  2011-06-29
Name                           Location                            Date
daphne dimitriadi              los angeles, CA, United States      2011-06-29
Lisa St Michael                Hamlin, NY, United States           2011-06-29
France Agnew                   Indianapolis, IN, United States     2011-06-29
Janet Romano                   Egg Harbor Twp, NJ, United States   2011-06-29
Marianna Pemmer                Szekesfehervar, Hungary             2011-06-29
Yvonne Jansson                 Stockholm, Sweden                   2011-06-29
Theresa Conover                Furlong, PA, United States          2011-06-29
Jos Dirix                      Tongeren, Belgium                   2011-06-29
Lashitha Sanjeev               Hyderabad, India                    2011-06-29
Sue Le Ray                     Kettering, United Kingdom           2011-06-30
Deborah A. Niwa                Meadville, PA, United States        2011-06-30
Thendral Perumal               Gandhinagar, India                  2011-06-30
Anna Gannon                    Des Moines, IA, United States       2011-07-01
Jan Garen                      Swansea, United Kingdom             2011-07-02
Laura Klutey                   Jacksonville, FL, United States     2011-07-02
Naresh Kadyan, Representative Delhi, IN, United States             2011-07-02
of OIPA in India
Christie Joubert               N Kingstown, RI, United States      2011-07-02
Ioana Camelia Mitu             Bucharest, Romania                  2011-07-03
Olesya Edwards                 Scottsdale, AZ, United States       2011-07-03
Sian Anaisa                    Helsby, United Kingdom              2011-07-03
Antonio Delgado Fenoy          Torre del Mar, Spain                2011-07-03
Victoria Streifer              Somerset, NJ, United States         2011-07-03
Jerry Gentry                   Agoura Hills, CA, United States     2011-07-04
Alyssa Boyle                   Burbank, CA, United States          2011-07-04
Abby fleming-smith             rotherham, United Kingdom           2011-07-04
Jack Crossley                  Barnsley, United Kingdom            2011-07-04
Fulvia Zambon                  Brooklyn, NY, United States         2011-07-04
Jeannine Barrett               Oakhurst, Australia                 2011-07-04
mary c. robinson               talent, OR, United States           2011-07-05
Name                   Location                         Date
Serge Marinec          Amsterdam, Netherlands           2011-07-05
Leticia Frutos         Asuncion, Paraguay               2011-07-05
vikki kritinar         huntsville, AL, United States    2011-07-06
Anne-marie Larsen      Vormark, Denmark                 2011-07-08
Susanne Holmer         Gävle, Sweden                    2011-07-09
John Whyman            Vivian, LA, United States        2011-07-09
T M LaBrie             Englewood, CO, United States     2011-07-10
Deepika p              bangalore, India                 2011-07-11
Premalatha p           bangalore, India                 2011-07-11
Deepika pradyumna      bangalore, India                 2011-07-11
harshwardhan jaju      delhi, India                     2011-07-11
pradyumna mg           bangalore, India                 2011-07-11
hema kini              bangalore, India                 2011-07-11
Shawlinee Chopra       Gurgaon, AL, United States       2011-07-11
Rita D'Souza-Lachaux   Auroville, TN, United States     2011-07-11
rohil chopra           Bangalore, India                 2011-07-11
Patricia Brown         Fremont, CA, United States       2011-07-13
Darcel Kashmark        Moorhead, MN, United States      2011-07-15
Katie Edmunds          Kendal, United Kingdom           2011-07-25
MarcoⓋ Baracca         Milano, Italy                    2011-07-25
Beth Winter            Denver, CO, United States        2011-07-25
Nancy Roussy           Ste-Florence, Canada             2011-07-25
Universe Newton        Los Angeles, CA, United States   2011-07-25
Beth chaney            galt, CA, United States          2011-07-27
Nikki Bruno            Prescott, AZ, United States      2011-07-27
Sruthi A               Tulsa, OK, United States         2011-08-01
Windy Weaver           Gasport, NY, United States       2011-08-02
melanie flint          le boulou, France                2011-08-05
Ericka Lepe            Buín, Chile                      2011-08-06
Poongothai kasi        Trichy, TN, United States        2011-08-06
Name                     Location                              Date
Shenita Etwaroo          New York, NY, United States           2011-08-06
elaine johnson           Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom        2011-08-08
Loredana Nifosi-Labidi   Bad Tölz, Germany                     2011-08-08
Vickie Meyer             Lake Mills, IA, United States         2011-08-08
grace trujillo           Houston, TX, United States            2011-08-08
Raluca Keskin            Bucharest, Romania                    2011-08-08
Irma Fleischeuer         Sittard, Netherlands                  2011-08-08
Anita Papassarandis      Athens, Greece                        2011-08-08
Riesa Larson             New castle,, DE, United States        2011-08-08
carolyn hayton           evandale, Australia                   2011-08-08
Christine Pinehill       Brisbane, Australia                   2011-08-09
K O'Donnell              Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands   2011-08-09
Dario Lembo              Catania, Italy                        2011-08-09
Delliana of the Sea      Manitou Springs, CO, United States    2011-08-10
Claudia Urbaczka         Berlin, Germany                       2011-08-10
kim hingstoon            newcastle, ME, United States          2011-08-10
Heidi Blomqvist          Hoyerswerda, DE, United States        2011-08-10
Andrea Nemec             Osijek, Croatia                       2011-08-10
Verene Neuwerth          Sion, Switzerland                     2011-08-10
Tone St.Pierre           1929 Auli, Norway                     2011-08-10
Hindya Dupont            Paris, France                         2011-08-10
anita mahdessian         san diego, CA, United States          2011-08-10
Georgia Smith            Gilbertsville, PA, United States      2011-08-10
David Raza               Cape Town, AL, United States          2011-08-10
Eve Mangold              Milton Keynes, United Kingdom         2011-08-10
Dori Sanz                Madrid, Spain                         2011-08-10
Billye Thompson          Mount Juliet, TN, United States       2011-08-10
Ana Gnjatovic            Dugo Selo, Croatia                    2011-08-10
Sonja Nielsen            Glostrup, Denmark                     2011-08-10
Márcia Paiva             Viçosa, Brazil                        2011-08-10
Name                    Location                             Date
Alexandra Frey          Bergkirchen, Germany                 2011-08-10
Bianca Wittkowski       N-Vluyn, DE, United States           2011-08-10
Stacy Wallace           tallahassee, FL, United States       2011-08-10
Susanne Faux            Krems, Austria                       2011-08-10
christina evans         sandy bedfordshire, United Kingdom   2011-08-10
loren evans             TAMPA, FL, United States             2011-08-10
Lydia De                Berlin, Germany                      2011-08-10
Thomas Fuchs            Karlsruhe, Germany                   2011-08-10
sanja-angela morandin   korntal, SD, United States           2011-08-10
lara parera             vienna, Austria                      2011-08-10
steffen laube           berlin, Germany                      2011-08-10
tamara kucurac          novi sad, Serbia                     2011-08-10
Jil Heirman             Aarschot, Belgium                    2011-08-10
Wiola Joos              Schifferstadt, Germany               2011-08-10
Konstanze Radke         Falmouth, Germany                    2011-08-10
selina schwede          krausnick, Germany                   2011-08-10
Claudia Gmür            Rotkreuz, Switzerland                2011-08-10
Volker Klingberg        Hannover, Germany                    2011-08-10
kimberly wolf           new york, NY, United States          2011-08-10
Katrin Hetzel           Künzell, Germany                     2011-08-10
Annette Bader           Meerbusch, Germany                   2011-08-10
Susana Soares           braga, Portugal                      2011-08-10
Catherine Rolli         Oberglatt, Switzerland               2011-08-10
Susana Lee              san Francisco, CA, United States     2011-08-10
Anne Kopp               Köln, DE, United States              2011-08-10
Douglas Kinney          Otego, NY, United States             2011-08-10
sari alie               jakarta, Indonesia                   2011-08-10
Tharana Patten          Cape Town, South Africa              2011-08-10
Rico Faber              Vlotho, Germany                      2011-08-10
Cat Jones               Creston, Canada                      2011-08-10
Name                       Location                         Date
shannon lee zawko          charleston, SC, United States    2011-08-10
Julie Halvorson            Westminster, CO, United States   2011-08-10
Alfred Russel Wallace      Oujda, Morocco                   2011-08-10
Sandra Loureiro            Lisbon, Portugal                 2011-08-10
ALI ROKNI                  TEHRAN, WA, United States        2011-08-10
Christine von Deyn         Hamburg, Germany                 2011-08-10
Robin Vanostrand           London, Canada                   2011-08-10
Aleasha Casaretto          Collyeville, TX, United States   2011-08-11
Nadine Slavinski           Frankfurt am Main, Germany       2011-08-11
Corinna Peplies            Wülfrath, DE, United States      2011-08-11
Kirsten Strauch            Willebadessen, Germany           2011-08-11
Nadine Massag              Riedstadt, Germany               2011-08-11
Andrea Läng                Bellmund, Switzerland            2011-08-11
Joanna Ciasnocha           Grudziadz, Poland                2011-08-11
Diana V Geldern            Wien, Austria                    2011-08-11
Ivelina Stancheva          Ruse, Bulgaria                   2011-08-11
Melissa Loher              Germany, Germany                 2011-08-11
Annie Dillon               Scotland, United Kingdom         2011-08-11
Maria Grazia Carraro       Galzignano terme PD, Italy       2011-08-11
Elena Latella              MESSINA, Italy                   2011-08-11
Judith Trouvain            Biberach, Germany                2011-08-11
Paola Casadei              Borgo Maggiore, San Marino       2011-08-11
Peter und Roswitha Labes   Ratingen, Germany                2011-08-11
Irmgard Borowski           Duisburg, Germany                2011-08-11
Dawn Litton                Montreal, Canada                 2011-08-11
Doris Mundinger            Offenburg, Germany               2011-08-11
Manuela Albrecht           Wutöschingen, Germany            2011-08-11
Kerstin Dietholm           Glattbach, Germany               2011-08-11
Rosi Zang                  Alzenau, Germany                 2011-08-11
marion suckow              Diemelsee, DE, United States     2011-08-11
Name                     Location                           Date
Sabine Van Regenmortel   Herenthout, Belgium                2011-08-11
Ludger Wilp              Bottrop, Germany                   2011-08-11
cristiano pinnow         viamão, Brazil                     2011-08-11
Seddar Emilie            Servins, France                    2011-08-11
OUAI Dalila              PARIS, France                      2011-08-11
Chris Maez               Yankton, SD, United States         2011-08-12
sylvia habermann         grevenbroich, Germany              2011-08-12
daliborka papazovska     Skopje, Macedonia                  2011-08-12
susan stange             seelze, DE, United States          2011-08-12
marianna piccolella      casandrino, Italy                  2011-08-12
MARY WOLFE               KENNARD, NE, United States         2011-08-12
ESTHER CHALABY           DALLAS, TX, United States          2011-08-12
Lars Höpker              Delmenhorst, Germany               2011-08-12
Katja Schumann           Kilkenny, Ireland                  2011-08-12
Jeanri Greyling          Stilbaai, South Africa             2011-08-12
Ian Pruden               falmouth, United Kingdom           2011-08-12
judith pittonet          scarborough, CA, United States     2011-08-12
Menita Havelaar          Western Cape, South Africa         2011-08-12
mandy narloch            hettstedt, Germany                 2011-08-12
Jane Huntley             derbyshire, United Kingdom         2011-08-12
CHRISTOPHER TOCCO        GOODRICH, MI, United States        2011-08-12
Sabine Turzer            Lochham, Germany                   2011-08-12
Martin Mora              Buenos Aires, Argentina            2011-08-12
Martin Mora              Buenos Aires, Argentina            2011-08-12
Iris Pfister             Nuremberg, Germany                 2011-08-12
Karin Meixenberger       Hagenbüchach, Germany              2011-08-12
gary scott               south shields, GU, United States   2011-08-12
ulli ponz                graz, Austria                      2011-08-13
Zoe Robinson             Stockport, United Kingdom          2011-08-13
Cachera Aurélie          Rognac, France                     2011-08-13
Name                    Location                           Date
ANITA HORST             THE WOODLANDS, TX, United States   2011-08-13
eileen roberts          pgh, PA, United States             2011-08-13
Kristy Newman           Milton, WV, United States          2011-08-13
Noah Heinz              Eppelborn, Germany                 2011-08-14
EILEEN BOND             MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom         2011-08-14
Nathan Luevano          El Paso, TX, United States         2011-08-14
DENISE C                BRUXELLES, Belgium                 2011-08-14
Patricia Tinney         Penn Yan, NY, United States        2011-08-14
Florian Schneider       Berlin, Germany                    2011-08-15
jamie igoe              torrance, CA, United States        2011-08-15
Lori Franklin           Waterford, Canada                  2011-08-15
alison mcgregor         aberdeen, United Kingdom           2011-08-15
Cristina Cristache      Bucharest, Romania                 2011-08-16
Nadja Böthin            Bäretswil, Switzerland             2011-08-16
John Richard Young      Norristown, PA, United States      2011-08-16
Wendy Dyet              Camillo, Australia                 2011-08-16
Larissa Bock            Lugano, Switzerland                2011-08-16
Roberta De Andreis      Loano, Italy                       2011-08-16
Mary Kay Cribbs-Habit   New Stanton, PA, United States     2011-08-16
Sladjan Gjorgjevic      veles, Macedonia                   2011-08-16
paola orazi             aprilia, Italy                     2011-08-16
Selene Rossi            Roma, Italy                        2011-08-16
KARUNA TKV              Bhubaneswar, India                 2011-08-16
Berissa Bubic           wiesbaden, Germany                 2011-08-16
Cynthia Marie Lippman   New York, NY, United States        2011-08-16
Daniela Höhn            Hadamar, Germany                   2011-08-17
Armin Weber             Augsburg, Germany                  2011-08-17
LUCY BEACH              JOHNSTOWN, PA, United States       2011-08-17
Christopher Hanson      Fremont, CA, United States         2011-08-18
Timothy Paich           Flemington, NJ, United States      2011-08-18
Name                     Location                             Date
Tanja Hoepker            Bielefeld, Germany                   2011-08-18
annika heß               neuenstein, Germany                  2011-08-19
Lucilla Gonzalez-Borik   Santa Ana`, CA, United States        2011-08-20
Michele Wilkinson        Ashton Under Lyne, United Kingdom    2011-08-20
rachel doherty           County Mayo, Ireland                 2011-08-21
Bente Henriksen          Næstved, Denmark                     2011-08-22
Glaucia Silva            Cotia, Brazil                        2011-08-22
sonia Gonzalez           london, Canada                       2011-08-22
melody essex             Chattanooga, TN, United States       2011-08-22
Terry Pitt               Kansas City, MO, United States       2011-08-22
Mira Iordanescu          Toronto, Ontario, Canada             2011-08-22
Rebecca Gates            Nashville, TN, United States         2011-08-22
Crina Cotoc              charleston, IL, United States        2011-08-22
Eniko Molnar             Sibiu, Romania                       2011-08-22
Irina Dassler            Nuermberg, Germany                   2011-08-23
sinead quilter           listowel, Ireland                    2011-08-23
Aline LE LEUXHE          Malakoff, CA, United States          2011-08-23
donita booher            livingston, NJ, United States        2011-08-23
Jan Belker               Borken, DE, United States            2011-08-23
Deborah Burgio           Southgate, MI, United States         2011-08-24
joanne lim               seri kembangan, Malaysia             2011-08-24
Brandon Winters          south milwaukee, WI, United States   2011-08-24
Martin Reifinger         Grossrussbach, Austria               2011-08-25
Brandon Traister         Sicklerville, NJ, United States      2011-08-26
Marija Popovic           Belgrade, Serbia                     2011-08-27
Gabriella Serafino       ALTAVILLA VICENTINA, Italy           2011-08-28
josh solis               frankyn, WI, United States           2011-08-29
ian holder               studio city, CA, United States       2011-08-30
Emily Fitzpatrick        Oak Ridge, TN, United States         2011-08-30
Glenn Goris              Sint-lenaarts, Belgium               2011-08-31
Name                   Location                           Date
CLAUDIA CORREIA        Portimão, Portugal                 2011-08-31
Christine Dierckx      Schilde, Belgium                   2011-09-01
Tomoko Nakamura        Kobe, Japan                        2011-09-04
Yvonne Hansen          Neuss, Germany                     2011-09-06
ingrid Padmos          Brijdorpe, Netherlands             2011-09-06
Paula Lloyd            Burton on Trent, United Kingdom    2011-09-06
Kathryn Woolfe         Lane Cove, Australia               2011-09-06
Nadja Pedro            Neuenhof, Switzerland              2011-09-06
manuela reiche         Lindenschied, DE, United States    2011-09-06
Kaylynn Wilson         Vancouver, WA, United States       2011-09-06
Judith MIller          Bozeman, MT, United States         2011-09-06
Andreas Chevallier     Wiesbaden, Germany                 2011-09-06
sandra sheehy          dublin 15, Ireland                 2011-09-06
BILL Anne              Dirbach, Luxembourg                2011-09-06
katia magnani          st laurent du var, France          2011-09-06
RENATA MAKOWSKA        GUIMAR, Spain                      2011-09-06
nuno miguel vocals     lisboa, Portugal                   2011-09-06
Brandy Presgraves      Newark, OH, United States          2011-09-06
annick le parque       moncton, NE, United States         2011-09-06
Allison Brown          wellington, New Zealand            2011-09-06
Diane MacArthur        Brighton, Canada                   2011-09-06
jennifer stratton      grapevine, TX, United States       2011-09-06
Ingrid Fuerstenau      Duisburg, Germany                  2011-09-07
april dove             myrtle beach, SC, United States    2011-09-07
Dina Mayer             Munich, Germany                    2011-09-07
Jennifer Bahmgartner   New Haven, CT, United States       2011-09-08
sarah vanbelle         bruxelles, Belgium                 2011-09-09
- Ucar                 -, Germany                         2011-09-10
AJ Roca                San Francisco, CA, United States   2011-09-10
Jo Hampstead           Milton Keynes, United Kingdom      2011-09-12
Name                            Location                            Date
Ellaine Lurie-Janicki           West Haven, CT, United States       2011-09-14
Josie Jansen                    aachen, Germany                     2011-09-15
hanne gebehart                  45711 datteln, DE, United States    2011-09-15
Kornelia Gaber                  18198 Kritzmow, DE, United States   2011-09-15
alexander snitily               vienna, Austria                     2011-09-15
CHRISTINA GOURGOURI             MOUDANIA, Greece                    2011-09-15
Pia Berrend                     Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg            2011-09-15
Ingrid Alexander                Grandville, MI, United States       2011-09-15
Elisabeth Roger                 Île Perrot, Canada                  2011-09-15
Gudrun Hölling                  Niebüll, Germany                    2011-09-15
Alam Azaad                      Mir Colony, Pakistan                2011-09-15
Jeanette Leinweber              Wattenheim, Germany                 2011-09-15
Silke Kersken                   Wülfrath, Germany                   2011-09-15
patrick wagner                  rumelange, Luxembourg               2011-09-15
alessio rotunno                 casoli -CH-, IL, United States      2011-09-15
Valarie Oloman                  Burnaby, Canada                     2011-09-15
Katarzyna Kaczor                Dublin, Ireland                     2011-09-15
mark walker                     hubert, NC, United States           2011-09-15
sara mcgregor                   perth, United Kingdom               2011-09-15
Tam O'Malley                    Norfolk, United Kingdom             2011-09-15
Lucia Wicht                     Ense, Germany                       2011-09-15
jane sprague                    grants pass, OR, United States      2011-09-15
Gloria Wiest                    Decorah, IA, United States          2011-09-16
Rosalie Cortez                  Tulare, CA, United States           2011-09-17
Perry Dale                      steilacoom, WA, United States       2011-09-18
Tashu M                         San Diego, CA, United States        2011-09-18
chairani amral amir             bsd-serpong, ID, United States      2011-09-19
don and irene fewell and koch   silver spring, MD, United States    2011-09-20
Akshat Jain                     Chennai, India                      2011-09-22
Helen Garvey                    manchester, AE, United States       2011-09-22
Name                     Location                               Date
Siva Kumar               Bangalore, India                       2011-09-22
Lisa Thompson            Kamloops, Canada                       2011-09-22
Dianne Brake             Cardiff, United Kingdom                2011-09-23
Dean Mullen              Dublin, Ireland                        2011-09-24
Verna Bobb               Yonkers, NY, United States             2011-09-24
Tabitha Coffin           Plano, TX, United States               2011-09-25
Adrienne Kneis           Krefeld, Germany                       2011-09-28
Christina Angelou        Hals, Denmark                          2011-09-29
natalia quiroga          huntington beach, CA, United States    2011-09-29
jude arsenault           montreal, Canada                       2011-09-30
Kuhn Aurélie             Eguelshardt, France                    2011-09-30
TERRY ROCHE              BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom             2011-10-01
shirley moore            tavarnelle vp, Italy                   2011-10-01
Sarah Blake              San Francisco, United Kingdom          2011-10-02
Patricia Aranibar        McKinney, TX, United States            2011-10-03
Judi Plouffe             Columbia, CT, United States            2011-10-03
Brenda Read              Keswick, Ont., Canada, CA, United States 2011-10-04
Elena Antoniou           Nicosia, Cyprus                        2011-10-04
Joan Braun               Garfield Heights, OH, United States    2011-10-05
Danielle Millet          issy les moulineaux, France            2011-10-11
chrouabi siham           bruxelles, Belgium                     2011-10-11
robin caroline           st pierre Réunion, France              2011-10-12
Georgina Hill            Wigan, United Kingdom                  2011-10-12
Protégeons Les Animaux   Lunel, DE, United States               2011-10-12
Eric Lidiak              Greeley, CO, United States             2011-10-13
Marco Antonio            North Park, Italy                      2011-10-13
michael harris           new york, NY, United States            2011-10-14
Marie Ribatto            Palm Desert, CA, United States         2011-10-15
Magdelena Soreno         Jamestown, NY, United States           2011-10-15
Chiffon La Chiffe        Fontenay-aux-Roses, France             2011-10-16
Name                  Location                            Date
Anne Ribatto          San Francisco, CA, United States    2011-10-16
Natalia Macekova      Nitra, Slovakia                     2011-10-16
Hannelore Nosterer    Rohrbach, Austria                   2011-10-16
Andy andyMaidlow      Brighton, United Kingdom            2011-10-16
bettina sampl         schladming, Austria                 2011-10-16
ana claudia almeida   brasilia, Brazil                    2011-10-16
sharon chapman        Coventry, United Kingdom            2011-10-16
kathy zombeck         dearborn, MI, United States         2011-10-16
Sheila Rawden         Alessandria, Italy                  2011-10-16
kelly Alamanou        Athens, Greece                      2011-10-16
stephanie regot       pessac, France                      2011-10-16
Gabriela Gallas       Porto Alegre, Brazil                2011-10-16
Katarzyna Medowska    Gdańsk, Poland                      2011-10-16
Jacqueline Brum       east greenwich, RI, United States   2011-10-16
Gaby Seabra           Anadia, Portugal                    2011-10-16
Frans Meijers         Maastricht, Netherlands             2011-10-16
Tera Miller           Wichita, KS, United States          2011-10-16
alice montgomery      Fort Myers, FL, United States       2011-10-16
Cortney Marie         Phoenix, AZ, United States          2011-10-16
Cathy Karr            Fort Myers, FL, United States       2011-10-16
m veronika            jkt, Indonesia                      2011-10-16
katella ting          alhambra, CA, United States         2011-10-16
Animal Lover          New Delhi, India                    2011-10-17
rita ioannou          lincolnshire, United Kingdom        2011-10-17
Angela Weate          louth lincs, United Kingdom         2011-10-17
peter reicher         Linz, Austria                       2011-10-17
Mona Tehrani          Ladera Ranch, CA, United States     2011-10-17
Meher Toorkey         London, United Kingdom              2011-10-17
Carole Li             Pennant Hills, Australia            2011-10-17
Hayley Pooley         cape town, South Africa             2011-10-17
Name                  Location                       Date
priscilla rodriguez   palmdale, CA, United States    2011-10-17
Irene Webb            Cape Town, South Africa        2011-10-17
Lissa Holt            Dallas, TX, United States      2011-10-17
Coral lowden-smith    BEDFORD, AL, United States     2011-10-17
jaimini bharakhada    leicester, United Kingdom      2011-10-17
Debbie Mundy          Adelaide, Australia            2011-10-17
Kevin Sewell          Nottingham, United Kingdom     2011-10-17
Jimmy Skov            Viborg, Denmark                2011-10-17
Terry keenan          Chicago, IL, United States     2011-10-17
Anita Gram            Dayton, OH, United States      2011-10-17
Douglas Fritz         St.Paul, MN, United States     2011-10-17
Silvia Macek          Völkermarkt, Austria           2011-10-17
elke zeich            backnang, Germany              2011-10-17
SD Reetz              Seattle, WA, United States     2011-10-17
Jill Barrett          Auckland, AK, United States    2011-10-17
france gagnon         granby, Canada                 2011-10-17
Cynthia Brower        chicago, IL, United States     2011-10-17
Suzanne Bowen         Franklin, Australia            2011-10-17
April Meddick         Torquay, Australia             2011-10-17
Barbara Gruner        Zeehan, Australia              2011-10-17
Aphrodite Kerylidis   Adelaide, Australia            2011-10-18
Laura Lee             K.L, Malaysia                  2011-10-18
Karin Koetzner        Phuket, TN, United States      2011-10-18
Diane Carvello        San Diego, CA, United States   2011-10-18
Lolo Asadi            Denver, CO, United States      2011-10-18
Julie Amiri           Englewood, CO, United States   2011-10-18
bronwyn graham        melbourne, Australia           2011-10-18
Denise White          Southport, FL, United States   2011-10-18
tina minster          rochester, NY, United States   2011-10-18
Manav Relan           Mississauga, Canada            2011-10-18
Name                    Location                                 Date
Helen Sayde             Nelson, United Kingdom                   2011-10-18
Nazneen Ramzan          Bankstown, Australia                     2011-10-19
Whitewolf Ara           United Kingdom, MT, United States        2011-10-19
Lynn Arcana             Delaware, United States Minor Outlying   2011-10-19
Marielle Hrycyk         Grayslake, IL, United States             2011-10-19
Adam Jones              Avon, IN, United States                  2011-10-20
Stephanie Grice         Dadford, United Kingdom                  2011-10-20
Brittany Smith          Indianapolis, IN, United States          2011-10-20
Ro Ya                   Berlin, DE, United States                2011-10-21
Dorota Wiśniewska       Wrocław, Poland                          2011-10-21
Lisa Bobbitt            Oakland, MI, United States               2011-10-21
SHREYAS MANTRI          RIVER EDGE, NJ, United States            2011-10-23
Harsha Vardhana R       Bangalore, India                         2011-10-24
Deborah Shillam         Keighley, United Kingdom                 2011-10-24
anna cavicchioli        Mt. Colah, Australia                     2011-10-25
julian morley           london, United Kingdom                   2011-10-28
Cheryl Chaney           East Brunswick, NJ, United States        2011-10-29
Vijayshree Danthurthi   Charlotte, NC, United States             2011-10-29
Maria Petersson         Helsingborg, Sweden                      2011-11-02
billy williams          rochester, NY, United States             2011-11-02
Selene Rossi            Roma, Italy                              2011-11-06
Trisha Thompson         Utica, MI, United States                 2011-11-06
Maria Bernardo          Atlantic Beach, FL, United States        2011-11-06
MICHELLI LARANJEIRA     CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil                     2011-11-07
Melissa Barbella        New Rochelle, NY, United States          2011-11-07
francesco sisca         catanzaro, Italy                         2011-11-07
valeria tramacere       Sarzana, Italy                           2011-11-07
Ana Cordeiro            Sintra, Portugal                         2011-11-07
Emilie Pretto           Longueuil, Canada                        2011-11-07
Name                 Location                               Date
Denis Fink           Lindenberg, Germany                    2011-11-07
Alexandra Chevrand   Nova Friburgo, Brazil                  2011-11-07
Beatriz Fernandes    São Paulo, Brazil                      2011-11-07
Mariana Zampieri     Barretos, Brazil                       2011-11-07
Patricia El-moor     Brasília, Brazil                       2011-11-08
Laryssa Oliveira     São Paulo, Brazil                      2011-11-08
bruna braga          rio de janeiro, Brazil                 2011-11-08
Paulo Rocha          Rio Brilhante Ms, Brazil               2011-11-08
Hellen Oliveira      Machado, Brazil                        2011-11-08
elisabete amorim     petropolis, RJ, Brazil                 2011-11-08
Henrique Moraes      Sydney, Australia                      2011-11-08
MALU FRITSCH         Porto Alegre, Brazil                   2011-11-08
Rafaela Cabral       Salvador, Brazil                       2011-11-08
Marcella Alcantara   cabedelo, Brazil                       2011-11-08
Letícia Castro       Salvador, Brazil                       2011-11-08
beatriz gomes        porto alegre, Brazil                   2011-11-08
Fernanda Bueno       rio de janeiro, Brazil                 2011-11-08
Frederico Delgado    Almada - Portugal, PR, United States   2011-11-08
Mariane Guimarães    Salvador, Brazil                       2011-11-08
clarissa boico       campinas, Brazil                       2011-11-08
Franciane Conrad     Curitiba, Brazil                       2011-11-08
Anacy Lehmkuhl       Brasília, Brazil                       2011-11-08
Ludimila Magri       Pitangueiras, Brazil                   2011-11-08
Ariane Soares        americana, Brazil                      2011-11-08
Renata Cloux         vera cruz, Brazil                      2011-11-08
ANDREA VALERIO       rio de janeiro, Brazil                 2011-11-08
Cibele Cruz          Jundiaí/SP, Brazil                     2011-11-08
ROSA ALMEIDA         BRASÍLIA, Brazil                       2011-11-08
amanda donato        são sebastião-sp, Brazil               2011-11-08
Gabriela Stoffel     Florianópolis, Brazil                  2011-11-08
Name                      Location                       Date
Laiz Fittipaldi           São Paulo, FM, United States   2011-11-08
Lia Matos                 Nampula, Mozambique            2011-11-08
ana paula do coutto       niteroi, Brazil                2011-11-08
Daniela Bress             Salzgitter, Germany            2011-11-08
Alessandra Fernandes      Sao Vicente, Brazil            2011-11-08
Laura Mora                Mairiporã, Brazil              2011-11-08
Giovanna Chaves           Curitiba, Brazil               2011-11-08
Karin Chaves              Curitiba, Brazil               2011-11-08
Beatriz Ribeiro           Curitiba, Brazil               2011-11-08
Marlene Chaves            Curitiba, Brazil               2011-11-08
Lorena Santos             Taguatinga, Brazil             2011-11-08
alessandra lopes          sao paulo, Brazil              2011-11-08
Victoria Noaves           Sao paulo, Brazil              2011-11-08
Madonna Hiller            Bauru, Brazil                  2011-11-08
Ophelia Marçal            Porto, Portugal                2011-11-08
Sônia Elicker             Porto Alegre, Brazil           2011-11-08
Rogerio Serrao            Almada, Portugal               2011-11-08
Laura Mattei              Mazzano Romano (RM), Italy     2011-11-08
Cainã Brasileiro          Salvador, Brazil               2011-11-08
Daniel André Fernandes    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil         2011-11-08
Norah André               Rio de Janeiro, Brazil         2011-11-08
Ronaldo Kohn              Rio de Janeiro, Brazil         2011-11-08
Gerard André              Rio de Janeiro, Brazil         2011-11-08
Sarah Silva               Franca, Brazil                 2011-11-08
Ângela Ângelo             Coimbra, Portugal              2011-11-08
magda relvas              castelo branco, Portugal       2011-11-08
Rosita Koschar            Rio de Janeiro, Brazil         2011-11-08
Maurício Cláudio Guedes   Coimbra, Portugal              2011-11-08
WANIA ESTEVES             Rio de Janeiro, Brazil         2011-11-08
Name                   Location                        Date
Rejane Prestes         Canoas, Brazil                  2011-11-08
Mário Amorim           V.N.Gaia, Portugal              2011-11-08
Natercia luis          Castelo Branco, Portugal        2011-11-08
Catarina Pinto         Lisboa, Portugal                2011-11-08
Catarina Albuquerque   Amadora, Portugal               2011-11-08
Carlos Da Cunha        London, United Kingdom          2011-11-08
ana alves              setúbal, Portugal               2011-11-08
Estela Salles          São Paulo, Brazil               2011-11-08
Adriana pongolino      SP, Brazil                      2011-11-08
Susa Araujo            Belo Horizonte, Brazil          2011-11-08
isabel taveira         mitcham, United Kingdom         2011-11-08
maria ouro             santarem, Portugal              2011-11-09
MARIANA ROCHA          RIO DE MOURO, Portugal          2011-11-09
Haydée Pisa            Aveiro, Portugal                2011-11-09
Susana Costa           Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal   2011-11-09
freitas rosa maria     porto, Portugal                 2011-11-09
Andrea Rizzi Cafasso   bragança paulista, Brazil       2011-11-09
hannah garrison        Brazi, IN, United States        2011-11-10
regina mendonça        São Caetano do Sul, Brazil      2011-11-11
Patrícia Souza         São Gonçalo, Brazil             2011-11-12
Gurjot Tur             Seattle, WA, United States      2011-11-13
rui pedro fonseca      4200 Porto, Portugal            2011-11-13
Melanie Colaço         Lisbon, Portugal                2011-11-14
Becky Lambert          Victoria, Canada                2011-11-15
arnaldo marçal         peniche, PR, United States      2011-11-16
anna radden            Plymouth, United Kingdom        2011-11-19
Alexander Dean         Miami, FL, United States        2011-11-20
David Ulibarri         Chicago, IL, United States      2011-11-21
Upasana Roy            kolkata, India                  2011-11-22
Lynn Conlon            Ft. Worth, TX, United States    2011-11-25
Name                     Location                               Date
Govind K                 Calicut, India                         2011-11-30
Rachel Hayes             Wigan, United Kingdom                  2011-12-01
paola barbaglia          trecate, Italy                         2011-12-01
Debra Slattery           Slate Hill, NY, United States          2011-12-02
Karen Pyles              Nuevo, CA, United States               2011-12-02
aman lthania             amritsar, IN, United States            2011-12-08
Arisha Channah           Karachi, Pakistan                      2011-12-11
Shell Schmidt            Aberdeen, SD, United States            2011-12-12
Shrenik Shah             BOSTON, MA, United States              2011-12-12
David Narodov            Manhattan, New York City, NY, United   2011-12-12
Jordyn Hill              Chillicothe, OH, United States         2011-12-14
Beth Bartling            Chillicothe, OH, United States         2011-12-16
Preethi Krishnamoorthy   Bangalore, India                       2011-12-16
Sergio Lopez             Distrito Federal, Mexico               2011-12-18
pauline moore            houston, TX, United States             2011-12-18
thomas moore             houston, TX, United States             2011-12-18
Toni Adisano             Brooklyn, NY, United States            2011-12-19
Jutta Nowakowska         Torun, Poland                          2011-12-21
Tanja Keim               kronach, Germany                       2011-12-26
Virve Hilvervik          Stockholm, Sweden                      2012-01-19
Rebecca Beauchamp        Dayton, OH, United States              2012-01-19
Nadine Vermeulen         Tzaneen, South Africa                  2012-01-19
Garry Lough              Wylie, TX, United States               2012-01-21
Richard Seeger           Cheboygan, MI, United States           2012-01-22
Olga Gorovits            Brooklyn, NY, United States            2012-01-26
Casey Knoblock           Vista, CA, United States               2012-01-27
Lars Saade               Aachen, Germany                        2012-01-29
Amy Bernett              Centerville, OH, United States         2012-02-01
Jackie Cao               Woodbury                               2012-02-02
Name                           Location                            Date
Marie-Rose Grasser             Luxembourg, Luxembourg              2012-02-07
satender singh                 delhi, India                        2012-02-12
Tejas Shah                     Gandhinagar, India                  2012-02-14
Cheri Beauchemin               Roxbury, NH, United States          2012-02-15
Carolyn Lever                  Christchurch, New Zealand           2012-02-15
PFA Haryana                    Palwal, India                       2012-02-15
Andrew Evans                   Uxbridge, United Kingdom            2012-02-15
rog borlase                    ipswich, MA, United States          2012-02-15
Jayne Mansfield                Hayle                               2012-02-15
Aarti Sharma                   Mumbai, India                       2012-02-15
Carlos Rodriguez               NY, NY, United States               2012-02-15
Wendy Worrance                 Milan, MI, United States            2012-02-15
geeta paintal                  mumbai, India                       2012-02-16
Krista Potter                  Sippy Downs, Australia              2012-02-16
bharat sharma                  mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA, India   2012-02-16
Bettina Lorenz                 Rhede, Germany                      2012-02-16
S. Vinod                       Philadelphia, PA, United States     2012-02-16
Chantal Viturtia               Rottenburg, Germany                 2012-02-16
George Thoams                  Lysand, KY, United States           2012-02-17
nilüfer PEÇİNKAYA              mersin, NM, United States           2012-02-18
Marija Makeska                 Canton, MI, United States           2012-02-18
Martta-Liisa Harju             Tampere, Finland                    2012-02-20
Jenny Harju                    Tampere, Finland                    2012-02-20
debby murphy                   rainham, United Kingdom             2012-02-21
Andrea Phillips                ALDERSHOT, United Kingdom           2012-02-21
jon ashmore                    now, KY, United States              2012-02-21
RB                             Escondido, CA, United States        2012-02-21
Debra Pinegar                  Denton, TX, United States           2012-02-23
Jana Ovcar                     Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia           2012-02-27
Sonya caresforanimals Lawton   stoke on trent, United Kingdom      2012-02-28
Name                         Location                              Date
Azar Javid                   Miami, FL, United States              2012-02-29
Sasha Elisa                  Springfield, IL, United States        2012-03-01
Mark Muenker                 San Francisco, CA, United States      2012-03-02
MacKenzie Serpe              Everett, WA, United States            2012-03-02
Surind Raj                   Petaling Jaya, Malaysia               2012-03-02
Cindy Lewis                  Evansville, IN, United States         2012-03-03
Daniela Hielckert            Huntington Beach, CA, United States   2012-03-03
Monique Vella                Sliema, Malta                         2012-03-03
David Murray                 Center Junction, IA, United States    2012-03-03
julie kim                    bayside, NY, United States            2012-03-03
Joseph Duvall                Independence, MO, United States       2012-03-03
Iansomerhalderfoundation     Middletown, CT, United States         2012-03-03
Melissa Bortolazzo           Towradgi, Australia                   2012-03-03
Ryan Goody                   Reading, United Kingdom               2012-03-03
Rajesh Datta                 Chandannagar, West Bengal, India      2012-03-03
barbara baggs                chgo, IL, United States               2012-03-03
luz miguel                   mandaluyong, Philippines              2012-03-03
Sandra Teager                Lija, Malta                           2012-03-03
Carmen Sant                  Marsaskala, Malta                     2012-03-03
Alina Lin                    Kovrov, Russian Federation            2012-03-03
Brandy Davis                 Clarksville, TN, United States        2012-03-03
haddi casamatta              london, United Kingdom                2012-03-03
DIMITRI TIRRIS               ATHENS, Greece                        2012-03-03
Director Events OIPA India   Delhi, India                          2012-03-04
fran marcel                  Marshfield, MA, United States         2012-03-04
Joanna Attard                bahar ic-caghaq, Malta                2012-03-04
Helen viner                  devon, United Kingdom                 2012-03-04
Anne Kirkwood                Bradenton, FL, United States          2012-03-05
Nina Rauball                 Heidelberg, Germany                   2012-03-05
Name                      Location                            Date
Dr. Sanjana Sebastian     london, MA, United States           2012-03-06
Charlotte Indira          Singapore, Singapore                2012-03-08
Megan DePerro             Buffalo, NY, United States          2012-03-09
Andrea Sreiber            Subotica, Serbia                    2012-03-10
Judit Zacsko              Örebro ,Sweden, SD, United States   2012-03-10
Tatjana Plieschke         Beckum, Germany                     2012-03-11
Deepa Subbaraman Sriram   Bangalore, India                    2012-03-14
Brandon Evangelista       Toronto, Canada                     2012-03-14
Liz Konold                Wilmington, NC, United States       2012-03-14
Stefano Serpico           Rimini, Italy                       2012-03-15
Olga Philipova            Zaporozye, Ukraine                  2012-03-18
Ana Mendoza               Dos Hermanas, Spain                 2012-03-18
Katrin Trester            Sondershausen, Germany              2012-03-19
Melissa Geno              Brentwood, TN, United States        2012-03-20
Roxanne Leander           Cape town, WY, United States        2012-03-21
Marci Jacobson            Daveport, IA, United States         2012-03-25
Thomas Ryan               Ridgewood, NJ, United States        2012-03-25
Cheryl Mulligan           Chester, NY, United States          2012-03-26
Balakrishna Kini          Mysore, India                       2012-03-26
Sujay Dinakar Rathnam     Hyderabad, India                    2012-03-28
Dhruv Naker               Rugby, United Kingdom               2012-03-28
Richard van Camp          wiesbaden, Germany                  2012-03-31
Tracy Carl                Bowersville, OH, United States      2012-03-31
Herta Kriz                krems, Austria                      2012-03-31
Petra Karner              Wien, Austria                       2012-03-31
Ginger Neimo              Adelaide, Australia                 2012-04-01
ed branigan               Tujunga, CA, United States          2012-04-02
J Read                    Gosport, United Kingdom             2012-04-04
Cynthia Stormer           Milton, FL, United States           2012-04-05
shubham dada              delhi, India                        2012-04-06
Name                   Location                            Date
Eric Sexton            Maumelle, AR, United States         2012-04-07
Ulrike MacKay          Wilhelmsthal, Germany               2012-04-07
Yuvrajsinh Jadeja      anjar, India                        2012-04-18
Pramstra Fred          Utrecht, Netherlands                2012-04-24
Ryan Hall              Kings Mountain, NC, United States   2012-04-24
Christophe Lanckriet   Antwerpen, Belgium                  2012-04-25
Lillie younger         pound ridge, NY, United States      2012-04-26
anna kim               Broomall, PA, United States         2012-04-29
Julie Joe              Clovis, NM, United States           2012-05-01
andrea franco          london, United Kingdom              2012-05-01
tony Zaadel            Antwerp, Belgium                    2012-05-01
Mario Cesar Lungo      Cordoba, Argentina                  2012-05-01
Jean-Luc Dancy         Strausberg, Germany                 2012-05-01
pat gee                bristol, United Kingdom             2012-05-01
lynda chabane          nottingham, United Kingdom          2012-05-01
Christopher Evans      Near Byton Hand, United Kingdom     2012-05-01
vida fritz             vico-morcote, AP, United States     2012-05-01
Beth McHenry           Easton, PA, United States           2012-05-01
Mary Ann Toy           Chichester, NH, United States       2012-05-01
heather derrintgon     raleigh, NC, United States          2012-05-01
margaret touw          richmond, VA, United States         2012-05-01
kristin mack           Sandefjord, Norway                  2012-05-01
Fiona Mawson           Oxford, United Kingdom              2012-05-01
emma perry             keyport, NJ, United States          2012-05-01
Christine Senchesen    Las Vegas, NV, United States        2012-05-01
britta gehler          krefeld, DE, United States          2012-05-01
jan schmitz            voorbeeld, Netherlands              2012-05-01
Renate Thomee          Limburg, Netherlands                2012-05-01
Joanne Greaves         Poole, United Kingdom               2012-05-01
Melissa Ghafoori       Irvine, CA, United States           2012-05-01
Name                   Location                                 Date
tressa reisberg        Medina, OH, United States                2012-05-01
Emanuela Virzi'        Palermo, PA, United States               2012-05-01
Mayito Román           Barranquilla, Colombia                   2012-05-01
SAM MCFARLAND          UNIONTOWN, PA, United States             2012-05-02
FELIX BENOIT           ANDENNE, Belgium                         2012-05-02
Angélique Alarie       St-Adolphe d'Howard, Canada              2012-05-02
Christine Lavalley     Hebecrevon, France                       2012-05-02
Bob Oort               Georgica NSW, Australia                  2012-05-02
Marty Deason-Fahling   Minneapolis, MN, United States           2012-05-02
Josiane Antoine        creutzwald, ND, United States            2012-05-02
Jackelyn Han           Cebu, Philippines                        2012-05-02
coudyser christelle    pégomas, France                          2012-05-02
branas olivier         parthenay, France                        2012-05-02
lawra Rup              liège, Belgium                           2012-05-02
maurer serge           mittelhausen, France                     2012-05-02
Jean-Marc Brélivet     Quimper, France                          2012-05-02
Darlene Schueler       Estill Springs, TN, United States        2012-05-02
Jeannette Dunkel       Stanley, NY, United States               2012-05-02
imorzynski sylviane    saint béron, France                      2012-05-02
de zangelis josiane    beaumont de pertuis, France              2012-05-02
lisa langston          stowell, TX, United States               2012-05-02
raffin fabienne        lyon, France                             2012-05-02
Andrea Eder            Bad Birnbach, Germany                    2012-05-02
mistouflet virginie    viré, France                             2012-05-02
mauer dominique        chantenay st imbert, AL, United States   2012-05-02
Pension Tiare          Tahiti, TN, United States                2012-05-02
Michelle Restoin       SaintJunien, France                      2012-05-02
jude mignacca          syracuse , NY, United States             2012-05-02
Elga Nelly             Marseille, AE, United States             2012-05-02
Sylviane Barras        Marecottes, Switzerland                  2012-05-02
Name                   Location                            Date
Tina Jones             Auckland, New Zealand               2012-05-02
Yolanda MacKenzie      Hercules, CA, United States         2012-05-02
sylvie groult          vigneux, France                     2012-05-02
Christine mandeau      Nordwestuckermark, Germany          2012-05-02
Sandra de Peyer        Genèvwe, AK, United States          2012-05-02
Dagmar Grabsch         Berlin, Germany                     2012-05-02
carol myers            barling, AR, United States          2012-05-02
elisabeth forgeot      caudebec les elbeuf, France         2012-05-02
chuck chucky           gourgé, France                      2012-05-02
Ambert Jacques         Epinac, FL, United States           2012-05-02
lysiane servais        Spa la Sauvehiece, Belgium          2012-05-02
manhaeve florence      sempy, France                       2012-05-02
isabelle thirion       bruxelles, Belgium                  2012-05-02
Valérie Briancon       Saint Siméon de Bressieux, France   2012-05-02
aurore devenne         nontron, FL, United States          2012-05-02
chantal maunier        toulon, France                      2012-05-02
Torrisi Isabelle       Marseille, FM, United States        2012-05-02
shannon benes          Las Vegas, NV, United States        2012-05-02
JARDON Gabrielle       crolles, NY, United States          2012-05-02
fabrice lagrange       bagnolet, France                    2012-05-02
milei anne marie       ternay, France                      2012-05-02
Dena Garcia            Saint Cloud, FL, United States      2012-05-02
Péquegnot Christine    Salt Lake City, UT, United States   2012-05-02
Karma Samten Lhamo     Liège Belgium, AL, United States    2012-05-02
laura guillaume        saulon la chapelle, France          2012-05-02
Kristyna Stuchlikova   Susice, Czech Republic              2012-05-02
Sharmee Bhatt          Mumbai, India                       2012-05-02
Caroline JUEN          begles, France                      2012-05-02
domingos valerie       mazingarbe, France                  2012-05-02
froidure sandrine      hamelet, France                     2012-05-02
Name                       Location                              Date
Noanimaltesting No         La Salle, Italy                       2012-05-02
Hauchard Nathalie          ROUEN, France                         2012-05-02
giovani dominique          aulnoye-aymeries, FM, United States   2012-05-02
Miranda Parini             magenta, Italy                        2012-05-02
Isabelle VASSIEUX          Le Cannet, France                     2012-05-02
BONDONI Véronique          sigean, FL, United States             2012-05-02
Claudine Chevriaux         poligny, FL, United States            2012-05-02
spagiari eleonore          camon, AL, United States              2012-05-02
Eleonora Solda             Bologna, Italy                        2012-05-02
marie-france warth         strasbourg, NY, United States         2012-05-02
delcroix muriel            chalindrey, France                    2012-05-02
Darlene La Plante          Hannacroix, NY, United States         2012-05-02
rossi marie                paris, France                         2012-05-02
bodin sabrina              séné, France                          2012-05-02
balle christiane           gespespunsart, France                 2012-05-02
Julie Martel               Paris, France                         2012-05-02
maget arabelle             glaire, France                        2012-05-02
thierry leroy              la fleche, France                     2012-05-02
Carine De Vleminck         W-Br., Belgium                        2012-05-02
laetitia lenglet           saint pierre des corps, France        2012-05-02
couvent alexandra          noyon, France                         2012-05-02
robin martine              jussy, FL, United States              2012-05-02
NOE Severine               VERVINS, France                       2012-05-02
rosa sandrine              ris orangis, France                   2012-05-02
Renée Vernier              Bruxelles, Belgium                    2012-05-02
Van Campenhout Dominique   Hannut, Belgium                       2012-05-02
delahaut sabine            paris, France                         2012-05-02
Annie GRENIER              charleroi, Belgium                    2012-05-02
Mijanou Bauchau            Agoura Hills, CA, United States       2012-05-02
Biserka Bedeković          Novi Marof, Croatia                   2012-05-02
Name                 Location                               Date
karine Bergo         Amiens, France                         2012-05-02
TAVAKELIAN INGRID    Bouafle, France                        2012-05-02
Bastin Jennifer      Theux, Belgium                         2012-05-02
Manu Schillings      Dison, Belgium                         2012-05-02
Mary Quatela         asti, Italy                            2012-05-02
Deborah Smith        London, United Kingdom                 2012-05-02
Andreia Pimenta      Barreiro, Portugal                     2012-05-02
allard axelle        corbeil ESSONNES, France               2012-05-02
Anthony Murray       Rocky Mount, NC, United States         2012-05-02
Laura Flauch         BREST, France                          2012-05-02
Veronika Rozova      london, United Kingdom                 2012-05-02
magalie cirillo      hénin-beaumont, France                 2012-05-02
EL Asrag Lara        Paris, France                          2012-05-02
Natalie B.           London, United Kingdom                 2012-05-02
Leia Cairns          Beachwood, NJ, United States           2012-05-02
Stéphane Martin      Nancy, France                          2012-05-02
mélissa béranger     payaa, France                          2012-05-02
Cristen McConville   Butler, NJ, United States              2012-05-02
Jasmina Cuk          Solna, Sweden                          2012-05-02
GENOT EVELYNE        tournai, Belgium                       2012-05-02
Mike Rigoli          Chicago, IL, United States             2012-05-02
Isabelle Breuil      Villeneuve St Georges, France          2012-05-02
Petra Connor         Bad Dürrheim, Germany                  2012-05-02
deleau noemie        laon, France                           2012-05-02
bouffénie elodie     hirson, France                         2012-05-02
Elizabeth Ljung      Norrköping, Sweden                     2012-05-02
Claire Marchesi      Valbonne, France                       2012-05-02
Filser Deborah       Strasbourg, France                     2012-05-02
violin caroline      morfontaine, France                    2012-05-02
Anne Hodgkinson      Palma de Mallorca, CA, United States   2012-05-02
Name                    Location                                 Date
Ingrid RENE             St Benoit La Forêt, NY, United States    2012-05-02
jazmine ganado          cebu city, Philippines                   2012-05-02
Monique Angela Buijs    De Weere, Netherlands                    2012-05-02
collins marie           Paris, France                            2012-05-02
elisabeth molines       mejannes le clap, France                 2012-05-02
POMPON Corinne          Montpellier, FL, United States           2012-05-02
Marysia Marshall        North Tonawanda, NY, United States       2012-05-02
maggy copine            raillicourt, France                      2012-05-02
JOANN BROWN             COLUMBUS, OH, United States              2012-05-02
ferber karine           hermeray, France                         2012-05-02
Françoise gaychet       lacroix-falgarde, France                 2012-05-02
Lucy Bradford           Stroud, IL, United States                2012-05-02
ana mendonça            portugal, Portugal                       2012-05-02
Sabine Ladet            Pontault Combault, France                2012-05-02
Menguy Marie            Noyal chatillon sur seiche, FM, United   2012-05-02
boutier audrey          saint quentin, France                    2012-05-02
Gwénaëlle LIDER         CONCARNEAU, France                       2012-05-02
Saner Yves              2740 Moutier, Switzerland                2012-05-02
alexandra amoussa       paris, France                            2012-05-02
Hanna Spolavori         Porto alegre, Brazil                     2012-05-02
yelle nathalie          quebec, Canada                           2012-05-02
May Nyborg              Gibostad, Norway                         2012-05-02
Bobbi Parsley           Atwood, IL, United States                2012-05-02
Veronique Sud           Hennuyères, Belgium                      2012-05-02
Eva-Maria Heiderstädt   Berlin-Marzahn, Germany                  2012-05-02
Maria Karlsson          Göteborg, Sweden                         2012-05-02
boulay franciane        malicorne, France                        2012-05-02
morvan yann             ploufragan, France                       2012-05-02
Patricia Dupas          bagneux, IA, United States               2012-05-02
Name                      Location                          Date
BLSCAK Brigitte           Bernex, France                    2012-05-02
Agatha Borecki            Middletown, CT, United States     2012-05-02
loreli dejac              blasdell, NY, United States       2012-05-02
sylvie julien             Bourges, France                   2012-05-02
JAMAIN severine           golfe juan, France                2012-05-02
annie van-san             houdeng-goegnie, Belgium          2012-05-02
Loretta Noack             Hofkirchen, Germany               2012-05-02
Philipperon Laura         Grasse, FL, United States         2012-05-02
may may                   kajang, MA, United States         2012-05-02
Gaelle Gabriel            Boncelles, Belgium                2012-05-02
Ryan Jean                 Randolph, ME, United States       2012-05-02
sandrine dos santos       miserey, France                   2012-05-02
madalena pereira          bragança, Portugal                2012-05-02
ruth vereecke             maldegem, Belgium                 2012-05-02
Marianna Alexandros       Normandie, France                 2012-05-02
Mina .comKostadinovic     Nis, Serbia                       2012-05-02
florence nouaille         st aupre, France                  2012-05-02
vivian Kral               Bruxelles, Belgium                2012-05-02
Marina Cardon             SOIGNIES, FL, United States       2012-05-02
Cheryl Weiss              Granite City, IL, United States   2012-05-02
Edward Owens              Richmond Hill, Canada             2012-05-02
Ana María Valencia        Calama, Chile                     2012-05-02
Agnes Praxmayer           Denison, TX, United States        2012-05-02
brigitte cornelis         bruxelles, Belgium                2012-05-02
cavasse simone            Angouleme, FM, United States      2012-05-02
RITTER pascale            etain, FL, United States          2012-05-02
Mauricio Cuello           Santiago, Chile                   2012-05-02
Virginie Hanoun           Chambray les Tours, France        2012-05-02
Caroline Sévilla          Champs-sur-marne, France          2012-05-02
Samantha Meldrum-Lester   Bedford, United Kingdom           2012-05-02
Name                    Location                                 Date
Marie-france Zamblera   Villeneuve-le-comte, France              2012-05-02
ayme marjorie           fontvieille, AL, United States           2012-05-02
Michèle Dessons         Sagnat, France                           2012-05-02
darif robert            lalley, France                           2012-05-02
Isabelle Bergeron       lyon, France                             2012-05-02
Eileen Thomson          Annan, WY, United States                 2012-05-02
joelle questel          ste-anne, Guadeloupe                     2012-05-02
Marie-Claude Lefebvre   Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France             2012-05-02
Jordan Fox              Marlton, NJ, United States               2012-05-02
Juanita Bowen           Shearwater, Canada                       2012-05-02
sonja trypsteen         overijse, Belgium                        2012-05-02
Erik Husoe              San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States   2012-05-02
Pierre-Henry COUPPA     Concarneau, France                       2012-05-02
bigard mauricette       saint-raphael, France                    2012-05-02
Vasco Bilelo            Aveiro, PR, United States                2012-05-02
Michelle Hodges         Taunton, United Kingdom                  2012-05-02
Maria Vidoz             Corrientes, Argentina                    2012-05-02
BONNET Françoise        FRANCE, FM, United States                2012-05-02
gail farmer             Wolverhampton, WV, United States         2012-05-02
recupa sophia           talant, France                           2012-05-02
Raphaëlle Skylitsis     Polleur, Belgium                         2012-05-02
suykerbuyk alain        havelange belgium, WA, United States     2012-05-02
steve gibson            bowness on windermer, WY, United         2012-05-02
Maria Delgado           Sintra, Portugal                         2012-05-02
Kir Royal               Grand Auverné, France                    2012-05-02
stephanie lareynie      terrasson, France                        2012-05-02
Maria Ralha             Braga, Portugal                          2012-05-02
Doris Daugherty         Washington, PA, United States            2012-05-02
keck magali             wittelsheim, France                      2012-05-02
Name                  Location                              Date
Virginie Welle        Dripping Springs, TX, United States   2012-05-02
choitel caroline      cannes, France                        2012-05-02
kevin toigo           corbeil essonnes, France              2012-05-02
jose bingoni          bruxelles, Belgium                    2012-05-02
robat dany            gerpinnes, Belgium                    2012-05-02
Ruffra Lise           nevers, France                        2012-05-02
Vicky Coupal          Montreal, Canada                      2012-05-02
Iveta Kubovicova      Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia           2012-05-02
martine deklerk       quaregnons, Belgium                   2012-05-02
anahid ghazarian      decines, France                       2012-05-02
Loredana Mainardi     Roma, Italy                           2012-05-02
Elizabeth Castillo    Bogotá, CO, United States             2012-05-02
JOUNIAUX Frédérique   Saleilles, France                     2012-05-02
Magali Feugier        MARSEILLE, France                     2012-05-02
Mathoux Josiane       Mons, Belgium                         2012-05-02
Natacha Taskov        Erpe Mere, Belgium                    2012-05-02
Tulie Laughlin        Falmouth, MI, United States           2012-05-02
POIGNON Aurelie       NANCY, France                         2012-05-02
virginie trescents    st martin de crau, France             2012-05-02
Sarah Graissaguel     Aurillac, France                      2012-05-02
Marie Mouret          Perray, France                        2012-05-02
marie-france dubois   brussel, Belgium                      2012-05-02
Wylmer Rivera         Bogotá, Colombia                      2012-05-02
amand patricia        brussel, Belgium                      2012-05-02
edwige derer          melle, France                         2012-05-02
Florian Levesque      Bretteville, France                   2012-05-02
adrienne liege        dunkerque, France                     2012-05-02
Tanja hoffmann        Gelsenkirchen, Germany                2012-05-02
Dinah Soh             singapore, Singapore                  2012-05-02
Patrick Prout         Champs-sur-marne, CA, United States   2012-05-02
Name                    Location                         Date
DUNAJCZYK fabienne      BIARRITZ, France                 2012-05-02
Stephanie Rupp          Erlangen, Germany                2012-05-02
seno julien             vence, France                    2012-05-02
Alexandra Wyrwicz       london, United Kingdom           2012-05-02
MAYIS BRUNO             29400 GUIMILIAU, France          2012-05-02
Laetitia Abdelmoumene   Longwy, France                   2012-05-02
Sarita Raturi           Duluth, GA, United States        2012-05-02
RAYMOND Nadia           Saint Jean de Liversay, France   2012-05-02
Daniel Burke            Huddersfield, United Kingdom     2012-05-02
Léa Manche              DEULEMONT, France                2012-05-02
pat myers               ancramdale, NY, United States    2012-05-02
Steffi Bornschein       Heilbronn, Germany               2012-05-02
Kimiyo Nakamura Garey   TOWSON, MD, United States        2012-05-02
Rose Wedlund            Tacoma, WA, United States        2012-05-02
brasey brigitte         Payerne, Switzerland             2012-05-02
Manuela Caprano         Karlsruhe, Germany               2012-05-02
elena ucelli            san giuliano milanese, Italy     2012-05-02
briosca marcelle        martigues, France                2012-05-02
ASHWIN MOHAN            Leicestershire, United Kingdom   2012-05-02
ROCIO WILSON            WILLOWBROOK, IL, United States   2012-05-02
DOMINOIS                st denis le ferment, France      2012-05-02
Christelle Dizet        Vannes, France                   2012-05-02
Janice Buckley          Manchester, United Kingdom       2012-05-02
wagner andrea           nilvange, France                 2012-05-02
Tarun Bedi              Rome, Italy                      2012-05-02
Estelle Calon           Geneva, Switzerland              2012-05-02
Jessica Roberts         Willowick, OH, United States     2012-05-02
evrard katia            la bachellerie, France           2012-05-02
Katerina Raja-Peppas    Pulborough, United Kingdom       2012-05-02
Name                   Location                         Date
Bettina Liebsch        Krefeld, Germany                 2012-05-02
Johanne BELGAID        Pontault, France                 2012-05-02
Anneke Andries         Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands      2012-05-02
Renee Janssen          BUSSUM, Netherlands              2012-05-02
mélissa kuhn           erlqch, Switzerland              2012-05-02
viviane broos          kapellen, Belgium                2012-05-02
wil termaat            woerden, Netherlands Antilles    2012-05-02
mirna solomun          rennes, France                   2012-05-02
Florian Maitre         Champs-sur-marne, France         2012-05-02
Helfenstein Kathy      Sain-avold, France               2012-05-02
favre sylvie           bex, SD, United States           2012-05-02
Ángeles Selgas         Betanzos, Spain                  2012-05-02
Vitboxer Agneta        Tingsryd, Sweden                 2012-05-02
geminiani aurelie      hautmont, France                 2012-05-02
laurence suardi        aix en provence, France          2012-05-02
Monique Smitherman     Henderson, NV, United States     2012-05-02
Anne-Lyse SIRMAN       PRESILLY, France                 2012-05-02
Libélulle Rovea        faulquemont, FM, United States   2012-05-02
Roy Fanny              Toulon, France                   2012-05-02
girard catherine       st martin de la cluze, France    2012-05-02
sandrine mouthon       la tour, France                  2012-05-02
michel crombois        maubeuge, France                 2012-05-02
Filipa van Uden        caparica, Portugal               2012-05-02
Christelle CHAPELAIN   MORDELLES, France                2012-05-02
kelly grimm            davie, FL, United States         2012-05-02
Marika Marika          Edesheim, DE, United States      2012-05-02
Rae Castina            Huguenot, NY, United States      2012-05-02
F. Jackie Loose        Hamburg, DE, United States       2012-05-02
pinelopi demetriadou   nicosia, Cyprus                  2012-05-02
CARMEN CELEA           BUKHAREST, OR, United States     2012-05-02
Name                 Location                            Date
Ea Eilimo            Vantaa, Finland                     2012-05-02
Christelle Barbier   Douzens, France                     2012-05-02
merle ruf            Bridgeville, DE, United States      2012-05-02
Russo Marilyn        Porticcio, FM, United States        2012-05-02
COBO Emilie          Villers les pots, France            2012-05-02
Geneviève Radel      Piolenc, France                     2012-05-02
Cécile Misscaille    haute vienne, France                2012-05-02
Tim O'neill          Kingston, Canada                    2012-05-02
Terje Solheim        Oslo, Norway                        2012-05-02
Titina Nobile        Berlin, DE, United States           2012-05-02
Mirel Baholli        Tirana, Albania                     2012-05-02
michael boyd         salt lake city, UT, United States   2012-05-02
jean pierre          ml, WA, United States               2012-05-02
Rudy De Bock         Ronse, Belgium                      2012-05-02
Robert Ortiz         Phoenix, AZ, United States          2012-05-02
duvoisin audrey      argenteuil, France                  2012-05-02
emiliani audrey      marseille, French Guiana            2012-05-02
Glen Venezio         San Juan, PR, United States         2012-05-02
Marika Fodor         Luzern, Switzerland                 2012-05-02
Tanja Rieger         NMS, Germany                        2012-05-02
emma schumann        ruislip, United Kingdom             2012-05-02
malerba linda        liège, Belgium                      2012-05-02
Tom krish            madurai, India                      2012-05-03
Elaine Al Meqdad     Willowbrook, IL, United States      2012-05-03
armelle martin       pibrac, France                      2012-05-03
Alwine kerkhof       Gronau, DE, United States           2012-05-03
Bamboo Ab            DIGOIN, France                      2012-05-03
Taylor Robinson      Clovis, CA, United States           2012-05-03
Diana Cruz           Bogota, Colombia                    2012-05-03
manuela wolter       st-cruiz, Costa Rica                2012-05-03
Name                    Location                           Date
doris hilton            elizabethtown, PA, United States   2012-05-03
l young - rudolph       winnipeg, Canada                   2012-05-03
Suzette Duncan          Leoma, TN, United States           2012-05-03
Tamara Swart            Detroit, MI, United States         2012-05-03
jocelyne lapointe       Terrebonne, CA, United States      2012-05-03
Michele Able            United States, IL, United States   2012-05-03
Dani Seifert            St David, AZ, United States        2012-05-03
Anchal Kohli            New Delhi, India                   2012-05-03
Priya Sawhney           moraga, CA, United States          2012-05-03
Janet Waletzko          Königslutter, Germany              2012-05-03
Ana Mesner              Ljubljana, Slovenia                2012-05-03
Irene Broßeit           Herford, OR, United States         2012-05-03
Christian Toledo        Madrid, Spain                      2012-05-03
viallet celine          beaufort, FL, United States        2012-05-03
Eva LAHONEN             Helsinki, Finland                  2012-05-03
grosjean audrey         wolfisheim, FL, United States      2012-05-03
angela dames            Köln, DE, United States            2012-05-03
Claudie Cotret          Boston, MA, United States          2012-05-03
Alice Flmale            Namur, Belgium                     2012-05-03
Laurie Steenbakkers     villeneuve d'ascq, France          2012-05-03
Aura Beckhofer-Fialho   Street, United Kingdom             2012-05-03
Hannia Corena           Cartagena, Colombia                2012-05-03
Angy Castaño            Tulua, CO, United States           2012-05-03
Rahul Mehra             New Delhi, India                   2012-05-03
sandra trommet          schärding, Austria                 2012-05-03
regnier natacha         ORANGE, France                     2012-05-03
mireille monthioux      ST CHAMOND, France                 2012-05-03
fabien pawloff          marseille, France                  2012-05-03
cindy alstad            tybee island, GA, United States    2012-05-03
Karin Wießmann          Bremen, Germany                    2012-05-03
Name                 Location                             Date
Albane Coudert       Bourg saint Andéol, France           2012-05-03
chantal marseille    uckange, FL, United States           2012-05-03
CHRISTINE DAVID      FREHEL, France                       2012-05-03
Ilona Vanek          parkstein, Germany                   2012-05-03
Lorraine Lowry       Etobicoke, Canada                    2012-05-03
Schla Winer          Friedenfels, Germany                 2012-05-03
Heike Vogel          Aschaffenburg, Germany               2012-05-03
phillip goetz        Pringy, Switzerland                  2012-05-03
Glades Coronel       Partlow, VA, United States           2012-05-03
Annie PEYSSON        PUSIGNAN FRANCE, FL, United States   2012-05-03
Lauren Kozen         Boynton Beach, FL, United States     2012-05-03
martine cuisenaire   Heer, Belgium                        2012-05-03
steve raja           pulborough, KY, United States        2012-05-03
Roberta Turpin       Redcliffe, Australia                 2012-05-03
margo sandra         epinal, France                       2012-05-03
wendy smith          nelson, United Kingdom               2012-05-03
PREVOST Melanie      dunkerque, FL, United States         2012-05-03
carol devarieux      paris, France                        2012-05-03
Serena Wittkopp      Portland, OR, United States          2012-05-03
Melissa Hillen       Romney, WV, United States            2012-05-04
CRISTINA PLANIOL     GIRONA, Spain                        2012-05-04
anna nelson          santa fe, NM, United States          2012-05-04
nina Harju           vantaa, AA, United States            2012-05-04
hille heinlein       dortmund, Germany                    2012-05-04
rose corletto        Charleston, SC, United States        2012-05-04
soares emilie        tourcoing, France                    2012-05-04
lam m                paris, France                        2012-05-04
Francine Bolduc      Pintendre, Canada                    2012-05-04
Gouby Jeanne         Le Cannet, France                    2012-05-04
Name                         Location                                 Date
dhaval bhatt                 mumbai, India                            2012-05-04
sabatier nathalie            mallemort, NY, United States             2012-05-04
rieben marjolaine            miremont, France                         2012-05-04
relin tiphaine               cabrieres, NY, United States             2012-05-04
brigitte vanbekbergen        bruxelles, Belgium                       2012-05-04
Mary Hatfield                SIDNEY, KY, United States                2012-05-04
wafaa soudy                  casablanca, Morocco                      2012-05-04
sofia silvestri              livigno, Italy                           2012-05-04
Bud Adam                     Akron, OH, United States                 2012-05-04
Shiva Lucian                 KL, Malaysia                             2012-05-04
ANTONINI Claudine            bagnolet, NY, United States              2012-05-04
LATAUPE anne marie           ternay, France                           2012-05-04
dausse corinne               montpellier, France                      2012-05-04
angelini sandra              vinalmont, Belgium                       2012-05-04
liz woloski                  beausejour, Canada                       2012-05-04
Stéphanie B.                 Marseille, France                        2012-05-04
sauwah tsang                 las vegas, NV, United States             2012-05-04
Maria teresa PINTOS          Berazategui, Argentina                   2012-05-04
LE GUERN NICOLE              PONT DE BUIS, France                     2012-05-04
Alejandra Alexay de Haller   Bariloche Rio Negro, AR, United States   2012-05-04
Schuh Jennifer               Corpus Christi, TX, United States        2012-05-04
Dedy Pheng Lai               Sa, ID, United States                    2012-05-05
Lefèvre Nathalie             Montaigu de Quercy, France               2012-05-05
Victoria Legros              MISSILLAC, LA, United States             2012-05-05
Lemeunier Laure              Angers, France                           2012-05-05
LEGRAND KAROLINE             labatut, France                          2012-05-05
Nicole de Beukelaer          braine l'alleud, AL, United States       2012-05-05
Christian Hemon              Ploneour, France                         2012-05-05
Romain VIOLLEAU              Séné, France                             2012-05-05
Ananya Saha                  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India               2012-05-05
Name                 Location                           Date
chris demottes       nice, France                       2012-05-05
SYLVIE CATTIAUX      stiring, France                    2012-05-05
lucrecia palma       paris, France                      2012-05-05
Victoria Mielke      Hagen, Germany                     2012-05-05
Maria Gaasbeek       Nieuwegein, Netherlands            2012-05-05
annik grandjean      vielsalm, Belgium                  2012-05-05
Monique Van Assche   Brussels, Belgium                  2012-05-05
brotcorne syssi      mons, Belgium                      2012-05-05
laura adams          Otis, OR, United States            2012-05-05
alessandra astolfi   rovigo, Italy                      2012-05-05
kichenin victoire    choisy le roi, France              2012-05-05
Mirela Chimonides    paphos, Cyprus                     2012-05-05
Claudia Rümelin      Lüneburg, Germany                  2012-05-05
Chris Zette          nantes, France                     2012-05-05
Sick Sick            Cappelle, France                   2012-05-05
Sick Her             Cappelle, France                   2012-05-05
Coremans Marie       Horrues, AP, United States         2012-05-05
Jessica Opiolla      Nusse, Germany                     2012-05-05
grisard sophie       menetou salon, FL, United States   2012-05-05
Myh Gail Marsot      Cannes la Bocca, France            2012-05-05
poste poste          bayonne, France                    2012-05-05
Céline Talon         Château-Thierry, France            2012-05-05
Elaine Oltman        Boise, ID, United States           2012-05-05
andy richter         wiener neustadt, Austria           2012-05-05
Petra Hegenscheidt   Essen, Germany                     2012-05-05
SZALA SANDRINE       HOUTKERQUE, France                 2012-05-05
Annette Schiffke     Park City, MT, United States       2012-05-05
Alex Busch           Heidenheim, DE, United States      2012-05-05
anna greco           paris, France                      2012-05-05
Semra Öztürk         ARTVİN, Turkey                     2012-05-05
Name                         Location                             Date
sonia Hamdad                 caluire, France                      2012-05-05
Lilly Drogies                Innsbruck, Austria                   2012-05-05
nathalie breuil              lesterps, FL, United States          2012-05-05
Dhiraj Agrawal               nashik, India                        2012-05-05
Cornelia Friedrich           Hennef, Germany                      2012-05-05
Marie Claire ARGENCE         VEYNES, France                       2012-05-05
Heike Fürstenberg            Berlin, Germany                      2012-05-05
Petra Geyer                  Igensdorf, Germany                   2012-05-05
Maria Kowalska               Vienna, Austria                      2012-05-05
Dragana Stevic               Belgrade, Serbia                     2012-05-05
Rouxel Fabrice               Suippes, France                      2012-05-05
Mirjam Kösterke              Rödinghausen, DE, United States      2012-05-05
Sonja Klasen                 Otisville, NY, United States         2012-05-05
trolliet caroline            ste Geneviève, France                2012-05-05
Jerome Granier               Toulon, AL, United States            2012-05-05
Marija Popovic               Belgrade, Serbia                     2012-05-05
Le Tallec Lolita             Savigny le Temple, France            2012-05-05
Cynthia Lalila               liverdun, France                     2012-05-05
rich rls                     nepal, Nepal                         2012-05-05
Ledent Patricia              Fleurus, CA, United States           2012-05-05
Tierheilpraktikerin Astrid   Erkrath, DE, United States           2012-05-05
Annett Matwig                Eilenburg, Germany                   2012-05-05
Silke Hattwig                bochum, DE, United States            2012-05-05
Anna Gruber                  Fusch a d Glstr, Austria             2012-05-05
SPIEGLER Sylviane            Woerth, France                       2012-05-05
Coralie GONZALEZ             FONTIES, France                      2012-05-05
rosane agnoleto              Cascavel, MS, United States          2012-05-05
galland nadeige              l hay les roses, FM, United States   2012-05-05
Sylvie Herr                  Nancy, France                        2012-05-05
Name                        Location                                 Date
Martine THIBAUT             Paray Vieille Poste, GU, United States   2012-05-05
Katrin Storey               Port Moody, Canada                       2012-05-05
berard jerome               pont audemer, France                     2012-05-05
venes gaelle                tulle, France                            2012-05-06
QUESNEL Nathalie            CALAIS, France                           2012-05-06
debera delgatto             greenwich, CT, United States             2012-05-06
barrette claire             st-rémi, Canada                          2012-05-06
Marisa Herrera              CA, CA, United States                    2012-05-06
Claudia Gonzalez            mexico, ME, United States                2012-05-06
twyla anderson              brisbane, AL, United States              2012-05-06
Phyllis Ottomanelli         Katonah, NY, United States               2012-05-06
Mithila Naidu               Bangalore, KS, United States             2012-05-06
Bernie Soans                Mumbai, India                            2012-05-06
ivan varella                Paris - France, France                   2012-05-06
Alba Pillwein               Arlington, VA, United States             2012-05-06
irene allori                Genova, Italy                            2012-05-06
piras bourguignon josyane   revin 08500, France                      2012-05-06
Acke Danielle               Bruxelles, Belgium                       2012-05-06
taniya tyagi vats           Muzaffarnagar, India                     2012-05-06
francine silon              belgique, India                          2012-05-06
odette chauve               morangles, France                        2012-05-06
géraldine jouin             narbonne, France                         2012-05-06
Francoise MOUILLARD         GERPINNES, Belgium                       2012-05-06
laurence froidevaux         nidau, Switzerland                       2012-05-06
Sylvia Falkenberg           Stolberg, Germany                        2012-05-06
Sibylle Bellmann            Dippoldiswalde, Germany                  2012-05-06
Andrea Schnelle             Harbke, Germany                          2012-05-06
Bette Pietsch               Marana, AZ, United States                2012-05-06
lopin herve                 leguillac de l'auche, France             2012-05-06
Katja Sidim                 Berlin, Germany                          2012-05-06
Name                        Location                                Date
Eva Schmelzer               Duesseldorf, Germany                    2012-05-06
jacqueline brandao          pont de metz, France                    2012-05-06
Lisa Petruska               Kingston, PA, United States             2012-05-06
regina powell               Concord, CA, United States              2012-05-06
cynhtia thomas              colo spgs, CO, United States            2012-05-06
Gabriele Redies             Düsseldorf, Germany                     2012-05-06
janet forman                new york, NY, United States             2012-05-06
Romina Alvarez              Copenhagen, Denmark                     2012-05-06
Annastacia Fulcher          NJ, NJ, United States                   2012-05-06
Inna Trotsai                Vinnitsa, Ukraine                       2012-05-06
ILONA FULNECZKOVÁ           Louny, Czech Republic                   2012-05-06
fay forman                  new york, NY, United States             2012-05-06
Marina Ruch                 Binzen, Germany                         2012-05-06
Michela giorgi              Cassville, NY, United States            2012-05-06
barat audrey                LA VARENNE ST HILAIRE________, France   2012-05-06
Joachim Martin              Montpellier, France                     2012-05-06
Nastya Gorislavskaya        Kyiv, Ukraine                           2012-05-06
Faith Angel                 Melbourne, Australia                    2012-05-07
VIVIANE TITS                liege, NY, United States                2012-05-07
IRENE JOHNSTON              MORPHETT VALE, Australia                2012-05-07
Anastasia Michailov         SA, Australia                           2012-05-07
daniéle liberton            bruxelles, Belgium                      2012-05-07
Michelle Sippel             Vellmar, Germany                        2012-05-07
Simone Piechotta            85290 Geisenfeld, Germany               2012-05-07
Elisabete Ribeiro           braga, Portugal                         2012-05-07
Shéhérazade Benguerraiche   aix en provence, France                 2012-05-07
Keanu Gross                 neuendettelsau, Germany                 2012-05-07
moe kassraian               las vegas, NV, United States            2012-05-07
linda mei                   piagge, IL, United States               2012-05-07
marija rumberger            siebnen, Switzerland                    2012-05-07
Name                     Location                                    Date
letizia Paolini          castel Colonna (AN), Italy                  2012-05-07
person christel          aix en provence, AL, United States          2012-05-07
JAYLA DAWN WOODRUM       Olive Hill, KY, United States               2012-05-08
Adelio Maestri           Pieve di Bono Trento, Italy                 2012-05-08
Patrizia Rosmini         Rivolta d'adda, Italy                       2012-05-08
Ankita Roy Chowdhury     Ahmedabad, India                            2012-05-08
gerard sonia             wavre, AL, United States                    2012-05-08
shirley moore            tavarnelle val di pesa, WY, United States   2012-05-08
Anna Charlton            lilydale, Australia                         2012-05-08
annie tancrez            houplines, France                           2012-05-08
vani hans                mumbai, India                               2012-05-08
Patricia Coibion         Olne, Belgium                               2012-05-08
aurore trinel            dagonville, France                          2012-05-08
luccon sylvie            bourg en bresse, France                     2012-05-08
Guido Winnepenninckx     Halen, Belgium                              2012-05-08
RUYSSCHAERT ANNE-MARIE   LILLE, France                               2012-05-08
Domange Emmanuelle       Amneville, France                           2012-05-08
VIALLET stephanie        Ostwald, France                             2012-05-08
vauklin francesca        angers, France                              2012-05-08
Nathalie Bouvet          Charmont, France                            2012-05-08
Karen Bailey             Melbourne, Australia                        2012-05-09
macor daniella           havelange belgique, FM, United States       2012-05-09
Laurence Puente          Epagny, FL, United States                   2012-05-09
Maraillat Alain          Limoges, FL, United States                  2012-05-09
Yvonne Saldana           Berwyn, IL, United States                   2012-05-09
bourgard karine          floremont, France                           2012-05-09
Elfi Oberlander          Brindisi, Italy                             2012-05-09
Jean-philippe Becker     Metz, France                                2012-05-09
CHRISTIANE DE RIDDER     MELSBROEK, Belgium                          2012-05-09
Berisa Berkel-Bubić      Heidelberg, Germany                         2012-05-09
Name                         Location                                Date
Justyna Dziekonska           Lomza, Poland                           2012-05-09
FUCHS CLAUDINE               france , France                         2012-05-09
katja vrbovšek               celje, LA, United States                2012-05-09
sara reynolds                haywards heath, United Kingdom          2012-05-09
mia Irawati                  Collinsville, IL, United States         2012-05-09
Jessica Bellomy              Washington Court House, United States   2012-05-09
                             Minor Outlying Islands
angie paterson               nosara, Costa Rica                      2012-05-09
Lele Mo                      21781 Cadenberge, Germany               2012-05-10
Nancee R Bushman             Columbus, GA, United States             2012-05-10
georgine frederix            mol, Belgium                            2012-05-10
did cel                      AVIGNON , France                        2012-05-10
pamela hier                  lincoln, NE, United States              2012-05-10
Ronda Richardson             Granite City, IL, United States         2012-05-11
DIANE KASTEL                 WHEATON, IL, United States              2012-05-11
Vaidas Gasickas              Vejle, Denmark                          2012-05-11
Christian Peter Wüstenberg   Soltau, DE, United States               2012-05-11
Leroux Patricia              Auvers St Georges, France               2012-05-11
Laurent Baudchon             Etréchy, France                         2012-05-11
johanne pilon                vancouver, Canada                       2012-05-11
JJ Vegana                    Bundang, Korea, Republic of             2012-05-13
spagiari eleonore            camon, France                           2012-05-13
sannah alam                  markham, Canada                         2012-05-13
nathalie ELBRING             bavilliers, France                      2012-05-14
Maria Alekseenko             Mitishi, Russian Federation             2012-05-14
Nikhil Anand                 Markham, Canada                         2012-05-14
Aarthi Kalyan                Mississauga, Canada                     2012-05-14
sabrina bonnefon             mondragon, France                       2012-05-15
Delvin Arikadan              Cary, NC, United States                 2012-05-15
andreatta carine             st geoirs, France                       2012-05-16
Name                             Location                            Date
Lolli Milore                     Palma, Spain                        2012-05-16
Cherida Hivale                   Floral Park, NY, United States      2012-05-16
KRISHNA Raj                      Orlando, FL, United States          2012-05-16
Chand Datta                      Breda, Netherlands                  2012-05-17
Jessica Grantier                 Anchorage, AK, United States        2012-05-17
Ute Elisabeth Kudla              Stuttgart, Germany                  2012-05-17
VIER EVA                         PARIS, WY, United States            2012-05-18
meghna shetty                    bangalore, India                    2012-05-19
Deborah Reynolds                 St Helier, United Kingdom           2012-05-19
Julie Pridgen                    Clovis, NM, United States           2012-05-21
tijana spasic                    beograd, Serbia                     2012-05-21
Svetlana Blagojevic-Stefanovic   Belgrade, Serbia                    2012-05-21
Chris Coombes                    Sydney, Australia                   2012-05-21
Sandra Tetenburg                 Den Haag, Aruba                     2012-05-21
Ludivine MICHEL                  REIMS, France                       2012-05-21
Lena Bodin                       Hobart, Australia                   2012-05-21
Milagros Alvarez                 Tonawanda, NY, United States        2012-05-21
victoria ansaldo                 mohrsville, PA, United States       2012-05-21
Cristina Daminelli               Bergamo, Italy                      2012-05-21
Filomena cilenti                 laval, Canada                       2012-05-21
Anita Crijns                     Lelystad, Netherlands               2012-05-21
sue holdsworth                   suffolk, United Kingdom             2012-05-21
Pirko Laatsch                    Kl. Barkau, DE, United States       2012-05-21
PJ DEE                           PALM BEACH, FL, United States       2012-05-21
michele bergiers                 verviers, Belgium                   2012-05-21
Henriette Roux                   PRETORIA, South Africa              2012-05-21
cindy zimmermanm                 Imperial Beach, CA, United States   2012-05-21
Claire Thompson                  Gateshead, United Kingdom           2012-05-21
Laura Campbell                   La Habra, CA, United States         2012-05-21
Isabella Gallaon-Aoki            Niigata-shi, Japan                  2012-05-21
Name                   Location                          Date
Ellisa Skelding        Walsall, United Kingdom           2012-05-21
kate wall              Birmingham, United Kingdom        2012-05-21
Bo Kali St-Wyatt       Eldersburg, MD, United States     2012-05-21
Jasmine Daniels        orange park, FL, United States    2012-05-21
Erik Jorddal           Bergen, Norway                    2012-05-21
Krithika B             Chennai, India                    2012-05-21
valerie knapp          carshalton, United Kingdom        2012-05-21
Christelle Hanscotte   coudekerque branche, France       2012-05-21
Jennifer Reyes         Tipton, CA, United States         2012-05-21
Lisa Clarke            Coventry, United Kingdom          2012-05-21
sue fellows            Hereford, United Kingdom          2012-05-21
alfonso tolosa         bacoor, Philippines               2012-05-22
Claudia Cuellar        Fayetteville, NC, United States   2012-05-22
Nicky Neyah            Vilvoorde, Belgium                2012-05-22
sophia fischer         karlsruhe, Germany                2012-05-22
Musette Stewart        Longwood, FL, United States       2012-05-22
Silvia Cordeiro        São Paulo, Brazil                 2012-05-22
lyn chadwick           Exeter, United Kingdom            2012-05-22
shirley ueberroth      linwood, MI, United States        2012-05-22
marni montanez         Newberg, OR, United States        2012-05-22
Tina Pugh              Hazlehurst, MS, United States     2012-05-22
Elsa Saldana           Sierra Madre, CA, United States   2012-05-22
Fraditia Anggreini     Tokyo, Japan                      2012-05-22
Leone Newmark          Davie, FL, United States          2012-05-22
Linda Byway            Minster Thanet, United Kingdom    2012-05-22
Caroline Xavier        Mtlr, France                      2012-05-22
lily lenuit            farmingville, NY, United States   2012-05-22
Carmen Danielmeyer     Frontenhausen, Germany            2012-05-22
Gitte Løyche           Kr. Saaby, Denmark                2012-05-22
Denise Bottali         Kent, United Kingdom              2012-05-22
Name                      Location                           Date
Evelyn Ball               Lockport, Canada                   2012-05-22
ricarda schlensker        recklinghausen, Germany            2012-05-22
gail dressel              pinegrove, PA, United States       2012-05-22
Wenda Shehata             Dalington, United Kingdom          2012-05-22
Kathy Lindler             Chapin, SC, United States          2012-05-22
KHIRESWAR PRADHAN         SAMBALPUR, India                   2012-05-22
Liz McLean                Woking, United Kingdom             2012-05-22
Gerard Bane               Ramsgate, United Kingdom           2012-05-22
Jan Krug                  Dresden, Germany                   2012-05-22
Jane Jackson              Kent, United Kingdom               2012-05-22
Beverly Kinsella          pretoria, South Africa             2012-05-22
Kelly Jones               Hove, United Kingdom               2012-05-22
stéphane bouthier         West Hartford, CT, United States   2012-05-22
Pamela Jones              Liverpool, United Kingdom          2012-05-22
Alison Johns              bordon, United Kingdom             2012-05-22
Alan Sutton               Ulceby, United Kingdom             2012-05-22
Sue Morley                Workington, United Kingdom         2012-05-22
Shivakumar BG             London, United Kingdom             2012-05-22
Kari Manovitch            London, United Kingdom             2012-05-22
Hayley Jones              Fareham, United Kingdom            2012-05-22
Ashleigh Robinson         Te Awamutu, New Zealand            2012-05-22
Steve Campkin             Ashford, United Kingdom            2012-05-22
Sarah John                London, United Kingdom             2012-05-22
Keshav Narayan Sorathia   London, United Kingdom             2012-05-22
Jane Wright               Arvada, CO, United States          2012-05-22
Divvya Doss               Perth, Australia                   2012-05-23
Ray Chandra               Dhaka, Bangladesh                  2012-05-23
Jan Alexander             Ballyconnell, Ireland              2012-05-23
Alison Palmer             Eastbourne, United Kingdom         2012-05-23
Joyce Young               Kitchener, Canada                  2012-05-23
Name                       Location                               Date
Gudrun Wiesflecker         Absam, Austria                         2012-05-23
sandrine wilhelm           fecamp, France                         2012-05-23
florence huyghe            pouilly, France                        2012-05-23
k ferguson                 Whitstable Kent, United Kingdom        2012-05-23
chaplain muriel            la penne sur huveaune, France          2012-05-23
Irena Franchi              Sunny Isles Beach, FL, United States   2012-05-23
Margherita Ferraro         Coburg, Victoria, Australia            2012-05-23
hendro hadi                Surabaya, Indonesia                    2012-05-24
Pat Mocchi                 Goldenrod, FL, United States           2012-05-24
Kiki Ivanova               Petar4, IA, United States              2012-05-24
todea emilia               campeni, Romania                       2012-05-24
Cyrille BAUCHART           villeneuve-la-garenne, France          2012-05-24
perrine pauchet            monchy-sur-eu, France                  2012-05-24
Tatijana Dapcevic Nalcic   Kotor, Montenegro                      2012-05-24
Denise Greed               Grandchamp, France                     2012-05-24
Phyllis Sistrunk           Fort Worth, TX, United States          2012-05-24
kat beatty                 chino, CA, United States               2012-05-24
livrieri chantal           grenonle, France                       2012-05-24
julie derby                mpls, MN, United States                2012-05-25
Bonnie Gorman              Pontiac, IL, United States             2012-05-25
COCHET FRANCOISE           rouville, France                       2012-05-25
julie fuller               kent, United Kingdom                   2012-05-27
Marina Violati             Rome, Italy                            2012-05-27
Michelle Light             the hague, Netherlands                 2012-05-27
Jennifer Jessen            Helensvale, AA, United States          2012-05-28
Weston Temple              Springfield, MO, United States         2012-05-29
Catherine Chalmers         Eastbourne, United Kingdom             2012-05-31
RITSA ANESTOPOULOU         ATHENS, Greece                         2012-06-01
Carol Semin                Johannesburg, South Africa             2012-06-03
Helen Scholes              hoddesdon, United Kingdom              2012-06-03
Name                      Location                           Date
Dena McAbee               Melbourne, Australia               2012-06-04
Alexandre Boissonneault   Quebec, Canada                     2012-06-04
megan sampson             Bognor Regis, United Kingdom       2012-06-04
Deb Basha                 Isle of Palms, SC, United States   2012-06-04
Doreen pain               blackburn, United Kingdom          2012-06-04
Charlotte Mussman         St. Louis, MO, United States       2012-06-04
Fai Fiona Parsons         Hertfordshire, AK, United States   2012-06-04
patricia noon             exeter, United Kingdom             2012-06-04
Heike Obergantschnig      Bushkill, PA, United States        2012-06-04
don hinton                lake villa, IL, United States      2012-06-04
Ailsa Porter              Springs, South Africa              2012-06-04
Melanie Shepherd          Port Elizabeth, South Africa       2012-06-04
Gene Greger               Troy, NY, United States            2012-06-04
sandra barker             stoke on trent, United Kingdom     2012-06-04
lisa legatos              lowell, MA, United States          2012-06-05
Julie Douglass            Dursley U.K., United Kingdom       2012-06-05
janin bigalli             antwerp, Belgium                   2012-06-05
jeffrey manmiller         Temple, PA, United States          2012-06-05
Carla Tellez              Gaithersburg, MD, United States    2012-06-05
salaun frederique         brest, FL, United States           2012-06-05
Nicola Ní Seighin         Kidwelly, United Kingdom           2012-06-06
elise ney                 Washington, DC, United States      2012-06-06
Francis Acevedo           Tracy, CA, United States           2012-06-09
Anup Barua                New delhi, India                   2012-06-10
Evon D' Gama Reddy        Mumbai, India                      2012-06-10
piton sandra              bralleville, France                2012-06-14
erdogan sevgi             paris, France                      2012-06-15
EQU EQUALMIST             LIMASSOL, Cyprus                   2012-06-15
Borrajo Silvia            St-Imier, IA, United States        2012-06-15
barriere aude             limoges, France                    2012-06-15
Name                     Location                                 Date
Francoise Mougenot       DOMBASLE SUR MEURTHE, France             2012-06-16
catherine savoye         lorrez le bocage, France                 2012-06-16
Nicole Weschke           Bernburg, Germany                        2012-06-16
Nadine Maisonnat         salon, France                            2012-06-17
ORIVEL ALAIN             BLOIS, France                            2012-06-17
Krishna Singh            Lalitpur, Nepal                          2012-06-18
Rachel Groenendijk       sd,mjverdweko, Netherlands               2012-06-21
Cheryl Harrell           Denton, TX, United States                2012-06-22
Linda bailey             fennville, MI, United States             2012-06-22
Shuchi Mehta             Watertown, MA, United States             2012-06-22
sarah rescorl            clinton, WA, United States               2012-06-23
Sue Winter               Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, United States   2012-06-23
Maureen Russell          Folkestone, United Kingdom               2012-06-24
Irina Sinyapkina         Brest, Belarus                           2012-06-28
laure bauchet            marck, France                            2012-06-29
maria dale               pontypridd, United Kingdom               2012-06-30
Linda McGee              Glasgow, United Kingdom                  2012-06-30
Amy Motherwell           Frankston, Australia                     2012-07-01
SANJEEV KUMAR            SOLAN, India                             2012-07-03
Laura Adams              Dublin, Ireland                          2012-07-03
Kshama Meher             Ahmednagar, India                        2012-07-05
Kaitlin Smith            Inverness, United Kingdom                2012-07-08
Chantal Sajous Delerue   Reims, France                            2012-07-09
eloise leclercq          tourcoing, France                        2012-07-09
Alexia Clark             Tulsa, OK, United States                 2012-07-11
sravan b                 hyderabad, India                         2012-07-14
Vikram Khanna            Patna, India                             2012-07-14
Rebecca Attridge         Hampshire, United Kingdom                2012-07-14

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