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					What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                   Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 Open Mujo on Saturdays
 Deli Sandwich shop with fresh made to order sandwiches
 There aren't enough quiet places to study.                          I wonder if it would be possible to regulate cell phone
                                                                     usage. Patrons use cell phones loudly, everywhere,
                                                                     including in the AAE library study areas.
 Be on central campus                                                For SI masters students, the resources at the Dude don't
                                                                     seem accessible. They're not communicated very well at
                                                                     SI. Perhaps some sort of an orientation? I guess I just
                                                                     don't feel like I can have access to those resources or know
                                                                     how to do so.
 A cooler temperature, more nooks for people to study in.            I do not like going to the Dude because there is no
 There are very few tables that are conducive to studying.           comfortable place to study. It is way too open so I feel like
 You're stuck at these large group tables that are in the middle     I'm swimming around in the place, and it is hard to find a
 of the room. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to study      little nook to study in. If the basement of the Union were
 in what I call the fish bowl (the center of a room).                transplanted into the Dude. I would go there. Also, the
 Sociological studies have shown that people will migrate            upper level with the computers is too hot because of the
 towards walls and corners. If more tables were available            machines constantly running. So I do not like going in
 along walls and divider walls, I would probably go there more       there because I don't like studying in a sauna. Maybe if
 often.                                                              the machines were turned off when not in use, it would be
                                                                     a few degrees cooler. And for me, the Dude feels like
                                                                     Planners don't belong there, only Engineers
 More open wireless network. I've never been able to get
 CAEN wireless to work very reliably on my Mac laptop. I
 have no problem with the wireless networks elsewhere on
 campus. I would spend more time there if I knew I would be
 able to rely on the network.
 More study areas marked as quiet (I think there may be signs
 asking people to be quiet, but people don't seem to follow
 them). Study carrels like at Hatcher would be nice too.
                                                                     More variety of foods, not the same that all the other paces
                                                                     in Pierpont have. And hours of Mujo (engineering and
                                                                     architecture students are usually up all night but we can’t
                                                                     find food after midnight which is ridiculous!)
                                                                     Get the architecture books out of the basement! It is so
                                                                     depressing, especially for a visually oriented field.

 More comfortable places to read, study; more computers.
 Clearer maps, water fountains
 Bring the on-hold check out facility down on first floor so that    During mid night why all the windows machines reboot to
 people can collect books on hold 24 hours a day.                    Linux?
 More food
                                                                     Sorry folks, nice facilities, but I have little use for most of
                                                                     the high-tech whatnot and North Campus is a soulless
                                                                     commuter campus that lacks any sense of urban vibrancy,
                                                                     so I try to avoid your building as much as possible. If I
                                                                     ever have another option, the Duderstadt Center is not
                                                                     somewhere I would choose to spend my time.
 Quiet study areas                                                   Although I live on north campus, I did not like going to
                                                                     the Duderstadt because it is always loud, lots of group
                                                                     work being done throughout the library and beyond. If I
                                                                     need a quiet place to go, I bus into central campus, which
                                                                     is a shame.
 Color printers for faculty cutting edge classrooms with
 technology and flexible seating, etc.
 Get rid of the building and create a building that is amenable
 to using a library and all of its resources. I avoid using the
 building at all costs because the atmosphere is so dreadful.
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                     Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 Modern teleconferencing equipment. Room 1080 is 10 years              I taught a distance ed course in room 1180 last Winter.
 old and worthless. Also poorly configured.                            Due to all of the technical problems, poor room
                                                                       configuration, and obsolete equipment, this experiment
                                                                       largely failed.
 An entrance on the southeast side of the building off of
 Bonisteel so I don't have to walk through the loading dock.
 A station for people to use to get organized with like a large        It would be nice if the actual computers were cleaned more
 hole punch, stapler, paper clips ETC                                  because every time I use them, the keyboards are dirty and
 It should have wireless in the audio studio control room. It
 should have a control booth in the Video Studio. It should
 have a few more staff members. It should have someone to
 oversee the relationship of DC to the Pedagogical issues on
 campus. There is too much disconnect!        The services are
 for the most part, fantastic.
 Opening hours of video/DVD library from 8.30am

 More easily accessible support staff for GroundWorks in
 evening/weekend hours
 More work/meeting setups with better electrical outlets in the
 lobby/MUJO area.
 Natural light to the basement!                                        I most often use GroundWorks and the arch library so my
                                                                       comments are mostly limited to these two aspects:
                                                                       Moving GroundWorks outside the security perimeter of
                                                                       the library is a major headache. No longer is it possible to
                                                                       scan from journals, books etc without checking them out -
                                                                       [some of which can't be checked out] and dragging them
                                                                       upstairs to the new center. It just adds a needless layer or
                                                                       bureaucracy to what was already a hit and miss system.
                                                                       Also, the slide scanner trays for the GroundWorks
                                                                       scanners must be checked out from the second floor desk.
                                                                       This desk closes at 5 or so. Therefore who cares if
                                                                       GroundWorks is open 24 hrs if you can't access the
                                                                       infrastructure you need to get the job done. Lastly,
                                                                       allowing food and drink in the library is stupid. It's
                                                                       damaging to the resources [cookie crumbs and grease
                                                                       stains in the journals] distracting and damaging to the
                                                                       senses - [the smell of tuna wraps while you're trying to
                                                                       write a paper] and it fosters an overall level of disrespect
                                                                       for the resources. This is not a shopping mall. Please use
                                                                       your 'inside voice' as people are paying a lot of money to
                                                                       try and get some work done. Allowing the perception that
                                                                       Duderstat is a collective 'chill space' or living room is
                                                                       irresponsible to the academic mission of the school.
                                                                       Finally, Please do not further condemn this building by
                                                                       calling/marketing it as 'the dude'. It's again, the wrong
                                                                       message to market. that's it....for now
 More Macintosh computers, they always seem to be broken or            Whoever decided to remove all of the parking wasn't
 full whenever I need them. I would also like KVM switches             thinking... at all.
 on some of the machines - allowing us to plug in our laptops
 so we might be able to use both machines at once. This
 would be extremely useful for developing and testing
 applications and websites.
 Better lighting. The atrium, although lit by skylights during
 the day, is very, very dark and hard to study in a t night.
 Food services open later

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                       Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 Available lockers for students, so that cases of theft for
 students leaving their place of study to grab some food is
 More food services; maybe get some more restaurants. Have               Have more study rooms. Most of them are always
 at least one coffee shop open for majority of the day, another          occupied. Books from ALL classes must be kept at
 open the times the first is closed. This way students can have          reserves even if the prof. uses a brand new edition. More
 100% access to coffee etc. It gives the student a good and well         room to sit without a computer in front of you. (this does
 deserved break.                                                         not mean that some computers should be removed. all
                                                                         computers available are required). The Duderstadt center
                                                                         DESPERATELY needs more parking. The Pierpont lot is
                                                                         very, very small and can hardly hold staff, let alone
                                                                         students. Convert architecture lot to a multi story parking
                                                                         lot??? is that a possibility?? STOP BUILDING
                                                                         BUILDINGS AT EXPENSE OF PARKING!!!!! because
                                                                         the bus service isn’t that efficient. especially on weekends
 More study rooms
 An email and instant messenger reference service such as U-
 M library's 'Ask Us' service.
 More restaurants or vending machines.
 1. A better temperature control in the AAE Library. I almost
 always find it colder than the outside weather (especially in
 the basement)
 You should bring that big screen back that told you how many
 computers were available in each section.
 CAEN Free printing
 More computers on the ground and second floors.
 A service/repair station for student computers, where labor
 and part fees are at least as low priced as you can get them.
 Right now student's only option is a service center or the
 company, which is extremely expensive because they jack up
 labor prices to a ridiculous amount. It'd be a way to help
 students and make money as well. I know there's a CAEN
 service center, but they only deal with dells and apples, which
 doesn't leave much love for us HP, Compaq, Toshiba, etc.
 owners out there. Just a thought.
 The DC needs to find a way to keep people quiet. I often
 come to use the computers, and there are people laughing and
 joking around. I understand there is some group work that the
 computers are needed for, but every time I need to use a
 computer there is at least one group of people being loud and
 annoying.      Also, I think students should not be able to lock
 computers. I've been at the DC many times searching for a
 computer, and there were open computers that were locked so
 someone could leave for awhile and have a computer reserved
 for them. It doesn't seem too fair.
 CAEN printing sucks!! I can never get free printing as an
 engineer. It needs to have a place that serves good coffee
 (Espresso Royale) that is open until 3am. Closing at 11pm is
 not helpful at all!! I don't drink coffee just b/c I like it, but to
 actually help me stay awake when something is due the next
 More tables and study nooks with the comfortable chairs;                STOP GETTING RID OF THE SOLARIS MACHINES!!
 those always fill up quickly.                                           As a Computer Science student, the Sun machines running
                                                                         Solaris are vital to my getting work done. Certain
                                                                         programs (e.g. purify) are only made available by the
                                                                         university on the Solaris machines. While you're at it, you
                                                                         could get some new Solaris machines too.

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                     Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 More computers for group work. One computer on a table /
 desk that 4 people can get around, preferably with large or
 multiple monitors.
 Better lighting on the 2nd floor. The extra lights installed
 near the study tables are a help, but there really needs to be,
 maybe, 10 times more lighting, especially of the
 book/magazine areas. Clean the stairs regularly. Somehow
 get the Mujo noise to be less. Especially when they whip the
 coffee: what a racket! Either fix the escalators or replace
 them with stairs. They seem to always be under repair. Hire
 people to go through the stacks finding misplaced books on a
 more regular basis, like weekly. We need an official web
 form for submitting mis-cataloged books. It needs to have a
 follow-up function so that once a decision is made, the
 person(s) suggesting that the book was mis-cataloged get
 some kind of response.       Either enforce the no-eating policy
 or remove the no-eating policy so that I can eat there too. I
 will not eat in the library against the policy, but it seems that
 there is no enforcement of this policy, and I often find trash
 left over from some students who ate lunch or a late-night
 snack on the tables. This is very annoying. I encourage you
 to email me your responses to these comments. My email
 is Thanks.
 Friendlier staff at the Mujo: those girls are so catty and
 The study rooms are a great place to meet with your study             The Duderstadt is a well run library. Little staff
 group prior to an exam or large project. However, almost              involvement with students on a normal basis allows for a
 every time I have been to the study rooms they have been              great study area.
 occupied for interviews. I do not know how to propose a
 solution to this, but I would very much like to have more
 access to these rooms.
 CAEN lab with free printing
 1. Places to sleep (little cubbies or something, like they            The Media Union is large.
 supposedly have in Japan). 2. Smoking lounge(s).
                                                                       Better bus service. Quality of U of M food is poor
 More study cubicles
 More study tables. It is often hard to find table space to sit
 and use my laptop.
 A reasonably-priced place to eat with good quality food.
 An entrance on the East side of the building.
 More areas where you can meet with a group
 McDonalds/Burger King
 More Macintosh Computers. They're always occupied                     The Sun systems are always empty. The only time I see
                                                                       them occupied is when there is nothing else available. The
                                                                       Mac's seem to be overpopulated, forcing me to use a Linux
                                                                       machine, which cannot do everything I need it to do.
 Greater access to simple video editing software Additional
 computing stations and standard programs (Opera, gaim, etc.)
 Late night snack bar
 Better cell phone reception and more lighting by the cubicles.
                                                                       Really, its a great place to study
 Oxygen bar any kind of bar; long white boards in computer
 labs for teaching; more food choices
                                                                       It is a real pain in the ass to print on Linux currently.
                                                                       CAEN should configure the computers in each 'zone' on
                                                                       the third floor to print to the nearest printer by default, as it
                                                                       is terrifically annoying to get up and check the name of the
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                    Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                      nearest printer. In addition, some programs (GGV comes
                                                                      to mind) won't allow the user to set options to lpr, which
                                                                      means it is impossible to use them to print. I know it's
                                                                      much easier for CAEN to just reimage the drives and not
                                                                      do any other work, but they should actually do their jobs
                                                                      instead of being progress bar supervisors.
                                                                      I love the fact that we are allowed to eat in there.
                                                                      Sometimes, projects get really long and tedious; the fact
                                                                      that you can eat while studying really encourages me to go
                                                                      there to study. I also like the comfortable chairs.
 Working elevators
 More computers with two monitors like the ones in the
                                                                      The staff is especially pleasant. Mark Scott and Lori
                                                                      Castle, Kathy Reister and Meredith Gailey are absolutely
                                                                      terrific professionals.
 More parking during business hours available to students.
 More food services on the weekends.
 Double-sided printing from computer labs. Working
 escalators on both sides and both floors.
 I know it's a lot to ask, but I really like it when some of the
 books I am looking for are online. Many times I am at home
 doing research and it is a hassle to get to the library. I really
 wish there was more available online.
 More group study tables
                                                                      It would be nice if people more frequently checked the
                                                                      status of the printers. I constantly go to print something
                                                                      and the printer is down. I repair the problem and then I
                                                                      have to wait for a days worth of other student's documents.
 Many of the computers in each section of the building are            None.
 now hooked to the printer. it becomes a concern when the
 place is busy
 Better food. Low-priced food.
 More Parking Spaces. Better Food Court, More restaurants.
                                                                      I'm pretty happy with existing resources. I wish though
                                                                      that the conference rooms are better regulated and people
                                                                      aren't allowed to live in them.
                                                                      Keep Mujo open more!!
 Vending machines maybe. Mujo is very nice, but sometimes
 students want something other than coffee and sweets.
 Cafe should be open all 24 hours…maybe we need more
 Better food services. (Panda Express is an improvement over
 last year, but we need more than that)
                                                                      There used to be a large LCD panel on the 2nd floor of the
                                                                      dude that showed computer availability in each computer
                                                                      section. I am very disappointed that this is no longer
                                                                      there. Can it be brought back?
 More study tables that can fit 3-4 people                            Please service broken computers more promptly
 Better resources, better availability of resources and better
 software for those resources specifically in the GroundWorks
 center. Placing the microfiche journal information online
 for easier usage.
                                                                      Change the name back to Media Union.
 Big comfortable chairs, a fireplace and a bar. That way I            Please put some toilet seat liners in the bathrooms, I sick
 would never have to leave.                                           of the turd birds building huge nests of toilet paper and

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                  leaving them behind for all to enjoy.
                                                                  The Dude rocks.
 More machines running Linux so that there is opportunity to
 log in remotely and do computations in the background.
 (More efficiently share our resources).
 More food store and coffee shop cleanliness in restroom          Need more coffee shop      parking space
 more music
 More computers!!                                                 Not nearly enough Windows machines available.
 A cheap sandwich shop (e.g. Subway). Lids for the vending
 machine coffee cups. An indoor connection to the EECS
 building. Reliably available tampons/pads in the ladies
 Easier to use copiers
 Better food options. I think Jimmy John's would be great!
                                                                  Sometimes, my mouse icon acts of its own free will. It
                                                                  seems that someone else’s movements with the mouse are
                                                                  realized on my screen and with the program I am using.
 More study tables
 CAD Lessons (Solid works, Nastran, I-Deas) Class like
 (How to make film) Class like (how to make record)
                                                                  An easier way to search for articles in journals. Something
                                                                  more comprehensible.
 More fast food that is lower cost! Also, more small study
 group rooms (many are taken up for interviews when they
 could be used for studying!!)
 Food available 24-7 and am not talking of vending machine
 Much more parking...FREE parking
                                                                  This isn't about the Duderstadt but a walk-in engineering
                                                                  help center like the math lab would be nice. The ELRC is
                                                                  not a good place, they don't have people there.
 Photocopiers that have cards linked to our expense accounts.     I have taught dozens of classes in the 3rd floor computer
 Other universities offer that. I have brought this to the        labs, which should have been on the survey also. Those
 attention of several faculty who then denigrate that opinion.    labs are extremely poor, by the way, the software is often
 They are close-minded idiots who do not have to make their       non-working, the overhead projector rarely works, tech
 own copies. I am sorry for the bitter statement, but I was       help is impossible to reach. Generally a bad experience.
 stunned at the blinding ignorance expressed by these
 professors. Finding the damn articles, finding a photocopier
 that isn't jammed or broke, trying to add money to the copy
 card, running out of money and trying to find a cash machine
 on campus, it is like the movie 'Planes, Trains and
 Automobiles.' Argh.
 Better name (like Media Union) copies of science textbooks
 More Windows computers. There needs to be about 30 more          Not enough computers to use during peak hours. Add
 per floor.                                                       more windows machines.
 More food options                                                The availability of UNIX machines is horrible and
                                                                  continues to get worse as more of the machines are
                                                                  removed from the DC.
 A good place to buy tasty food.
 More food options
                                                                  Bathrooms need to be cleaned more frequently.
                                                                  Maintenance of facilities is sometimes an issue. Last
                                                                  semester the door to the men’s bathroom NE3 made a loud
                                                                  noise every time it closed and this wasn't addressed until
                                                                  summer despite it being an ongoing problem. Have
                                                                  someone around that can service down printers.

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                    Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 24 hour coffee
 Vending machines that are located in more than just the
 ground level area.
 More work study rooms. Separate the recruiting events from
 the availability of these rooms.
 Computing resources
 Vending machines, Mujo's too expensive. Appropriate library
 for engineering students (text books). More light on the
 library. More study group rooms
 I would appreciate more lighting as well as a warmer                 I would appreciate more food availability in the area to
 temperature during the winter time as the place tends to be          promote a more relaxed atmosphere.
 quite cold and dark.
 CAEN lab and CAEN printing                                           None at this time
 More tables and much better table lighting. Also, with the
 new theater under construction, after-hours parking is
 atrocious. I find myself parking at the GG Brown lot and
 walking. Not sure if there is any solution to this, but there are
 a lot of spots in the Pierpont lot that are restricted 24/7 to
 certain passes or 2 hour parking. Allow people to park in all
 of these spots after hours; it is painful to have these vacant
 while so many are looking for places to park.
                                                                      Lighting is not enough. Power of air conditioner is too
                                                                      strong in summer.
 More books at the library desk which are on loan for a hourly
 More PC computers running on windows, less sun
 computers... not that many people use them or want to. More
 space for individual study
                                                                      I don't like how both escalators on the ground floor go up
                                                                      to the second. One should go up and the other should go
                                                                      It is very annoying when staff cleans the library during the
                                                                      school day using loud machines (such as vacuum cleaners,
                                                                      rug cleaners). It would be much easier to study if this type
                                                                      of work was done late at night or early in the morning,
                                                                      when fewer students are at the library.

 More chairs so that people who aren't using the computers can        The Duderstadt is a great place for study and meeting with
 still sit around people who are and work on things without           your classmates to work on homework and other stuff.
 taking the seats from other computer stations.
 (1) Must provide better information on facilities available. (2)     It’s a nice place overall. Staff are very courteous and
 More restaurants/cafe's (3) Fax machines for students' use (if       efficient.
 they're already there, it emphasizes point(1)). (4) Brighter
 lighting at night.
 The Duderstadt Center could use more information about who           It is very useful that the facility is open 24 hours per day.
 is allowed to use the various labs and rooms in the building,
 such as the UM3D lab and the multimedia workrooms, and
 for what purposes. The Duderstadt Center could also use a
 locked-door CAEN lab (or at least a locked door printing
 room) with unlimited printing for CAEN users, such as what
 is available in the basement of the Pierpont Commons.
 NO -- DC's hardware is superb, services are diverse                  Need more quiet study areas, better enforced rules (no
                                                                      major food, no loud chat/cell phone, etc in these areas)
 Better lighting for study tables
                                                                      Should increase the number of available tables to study.
                                                                      Bathroom is not really clean.

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                   Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 Free printing station(s) for engineering students who are
 entitled to it. GOOD Coffee/Food available later. Current
 copies of engineering course texts Past exams w/solutions
 for engineering classes . Beds :)
 More Apple computers.                                               Please clean the computer keyboards.
 More group study rooms
 More lounge chairs, More Computers
 The scanners should be moved back into the library rather           The scanners should be moved back into the library rather
 than outside the library sensors which makes it impossible to       than outside the library sensors which makes it impossible
 carry the journal outside the library so we are not able to scan    to carry the journal outside the library so, we are not able
 the journal as a digital documents and have to make                 to scan the journal as a digital documents and have to
 photocopies rather than digitizing                                  make photocopies rather than digitizing
 Stricter noise rules
 Working Printers                                                    Basically the only complaint I have is that the printer
                                                                     system is confusing and unreliable.
 This is not specifically for the Dude, but North Campus needs
 MORE PARKING, MORE FOOD, and more commercial
 firms, for things to do.
 Maybe more food in stores opened later (other than the
 vending machine).
 It would be great if the cafes, shops etc remain open till late
 Nothing                                                             None
 An escalator that goes down from the second floor rather than
 the elevators.
                                                                     Printers are very frequently not working and because they
                                                                     are locked, I can't fix them.
 More selections for food. Restaurants open later on Sundays.
 More food places
 Possibly a recreation room, or something of the sort where we
 could take a break from studies and related work. Something
 on the lines of the pool table in the student lounge. There
 really is nothing to do when you want to take a break. Going
 out for a walk is not a good idea as winter is fast
                                                                     I like the areas by the large windows that have the long
                                                                     tables and chairs. I believe there were couches there
                                                                     before. I think the tables and chairs serve a better purpose
                                                                     and I've noticed more people using those areas because of
 More areas for group meetings in a casual atmosphere, like
 Mujo without the coffee. Something that lists all the available
 resources, I feel like the Dude offers more than I know about
 More food services, so that the waiting queue will not be as
 long as now during rush hours; CAEN lab based printers;
 Printers that do not breakdown and stop working regularly
 More food selections
 Meets all of my needs.
                                                                     The printers never work
                                                                     Sometimes, the room temperature is too low. Maybe, the
                                                                     air conditioning is set at low temperature.
 Make it an option to daily sign up or 'rent' a computer for
 group meetings so that you will always have a computer with
 the needed software.
 Buy more scan machines that can automatically scan                  Buy more scan machines that can automatically scan
 separated papers, it is very busy in ground works, and I don't      separated papers, it is very busy in ground works, and I

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                     Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 know anywhere else also equips with scan machines. And                don't know anywhere else also equips with scan machines.
 now one machine that can do this automatic work is out of             And now one machine that can do this automatic work is
 order in GroundWorks, only one is available to students, too          out of order in GroundWorks, only one is available to
 hard to use it when I need. Thanks.                                   students, too hard to use it when I need. Thanks.
 More food options                                                     Is it possible to have more study rooms? It is esp. difficult
                                                                       to use them if they are used for interviews from 9am-5pm
                                                                       every weekday.
                                                                       There’re too few parking spots in the north campus!!!
                                                                       Should build a parking structure for students (instead of a
 More Food More windows computers Change name back to
 media union
 More healthy affordable food choices.                                 Bring back the Odwalla bar.
 More entertainment centers...maybe bowling, more pool
 tables, video game centers etc. INSTALL YAHOO
 MESSENGERS ! There is MSN, but many of us also would
 like to have Yahoo messenger.
 CAEN printers, one has to go to Pierpont CAEN lab for free
 More GroundWorks, Easier Access to 3D Lab
 Full-spectrum lighting. More food selection at cheaper prices.
 More Mac computers
 More pc's, more food options, cheaper food options
 Cheaper food.
 More seating.
 Undergraduate specific study groups. Like chem 130 study
 group for engineers.
 An Indian fast food restaurant
 I cannot think of such a thing.                                       I like Dude, thanks.
 Less Macs and Sun machines, and more Windows computers.               The volleyball courts shouldn't have been torn down to put
 Those sun machines and macs are almost always unused, and             that theater in there, I'd much rather play volleyball than
 it's always hard to find a windows computer, especially if you        watch that. Takes the little fun north campus had out of it.
 need 2 or 3 of them together to work on a group project.
 And, better food court in Pierpont Commons, Staches only
 has over-priced weird sandwiches that don't sound appealing,
 how about a KFC or taco Bell?
 more plug points near the systems
 Temperature control; It gets colder with the AC than it should        N/A
 Good and cheaper restaurants. (The cafeteria is the best one,
 but quite expensive for hot dishes). Mujo is quite expensive,
 although nice.
 More computers - especially PCs
 More private study table space
 Quiet study areas. The Duderstadt Center is much too noisy to
 work in.
 More parking nearby
                                                                       Please make podcast audio available in non apple format
                                                                       (.ogg perfered), so it is compatible with Linux (my
 -More parking. it's ridiculous how there's no place to park. I
 want to study, but not if I’m in danger of having my car
 ticketed/towed -more computers. There’s never enough
 available -more group computer areas -more places to get

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                   Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 food. especially a downstairs escalator from the 2nd to 1st
 All computers should have free printing for engineers, rather       n/a
 than just the CAEN labs.
 More staplers.                                                      It's a nice building, well-kept and clean. Keep it up.
 More lighting on the first floor...the tables with lights over
 them are always taken
 A CAEN lab for unlimited engineering printing that is open
 you should be able to make photocopies using entree plus off
 of your mcard
 More Mac computers. More designated 'silent' study areas.
 More outlets for plugging in laptops. More space for groups
 to work at computers. It gets a little crowded trying to fit 4
 people around one of the computers there. Also more
 accessible parking. My friends and I study less at the
 Duderstadt center now that we have to walk a ways in the
 dark to get to it. It doesn't feel as safe.
 A CAEN lab!
 Better parking, more food choices                                   Why is that theater being built right in the middle of the
                                                                     parking lot? If there is an event there then parking will be
 Working escalators....
 Hot drinking water                                                  Illumination is not enough. The study area is so dark!
 More computers so that they aren't all filled up all the time.
 Stricter policies on quiet areas and noisy areas.
 More places to snack
 It should have more coffee machines. At night when you
 really have to stay awake, coffee is very important. Or else it
 would be even better if there was a 24hrs coffee shop there
 where the prices are not inflated.
 24-hour coffee shop (or cafeteria)
 It should have a food court... Often students study till late in
 the night and the only thing around is a wending machine....
 there should be more food places.....
 A reflection room like the one in Michigan League
 I think it has everything that a person could be looking for.
 Perhaps a small convenience store? Something that sold free
 foods (fruits, veggies, hummus)
 More comfy places to sit and read
 A waterslide. Just kidding. :) I actually can't think of            THE DUDE ROCKS! I love the appearance of the
 something that I've wanted while at the Duderstadt Center and       building: it's very engineering-like and thus very inviting
 not having it.                                                      for me since I am in the school of Engineering.
 Far less Macs and more PCs. There are always open Macs but          The new Suns that can run Gnome and Windows Server
 never any open PCs during the evening and weekend hours.            are awesome. Always open (because no one knows they
 Certain engineering software only runs on the PCs (and some         can run Windows) and super-fast. If only they had a
 Suns) and it really sucks when you can't find any to work on.       standard keyboard instead of that cruddy Sun model...
 More 3-4 person study rooms would be helpful for group
 meetings. It'd be possible to fit three people in the normal
 study rooms by just adding another chair (for plain old
 studying), or up to four by adding a second table and pushing
 the tables against the walls (would be very helpful for when
 all members have laptops for paper-writing)
 More computers.                                                     The desk on the second floor used to have a computer

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                 Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                   screen that showed where open computers are. Put it back,
                                                                   please. That was very helpful to glance at as you searched
                                                                   for a computer.
 More parking options since the theatre invaded the main
 parking lot.
 It should have CAEN printing labs - that are open 24/7 -          I love the Dude, it is definitely one my favorite places on
 because I came down there one night to do some printing for a     campus
 class but it wasn't available
 Taco Bell
 More books. More (and newer) Macs.
 Alcohol, Starbucks, a white castle
 Better printing: printer service is terrible, queue is usually
 backed up or out of paper, and it takes a few hours for ITCS
 to fix it Extended Mujo hours-- late at night is when I really
 need it, I have plenty of other options during day
 A place to get food when Pierpont is closed.                      Have an escalator going down not 2 going up.
 Recycle bins for drink containers!! Not just trash cans and
 paper recycling Faster response for fixing computers /
 I don't like how the CAEN computer sites close at midnight,
 so you have to go to the other computers, which don't have
 free printing.
 More Macs, especially some G5's.                                  What happened to all of the Macs? It seems like they've all
                                                                   but disappeared. I would guess that they're being phased
                                                                   out since you haven't purchased any fast ones in a couple
                                                                   years. Actually it seems like there are less computers
                                                                   overall than when I started. One thing that would be
                                                                   great would be to have some walk up stations in the lobby
                                                                   like the ones they have over in Pierpont. They're great
                                                                   when you're just passing through on your way to class. It's
                                                                   convenient to check email, and I miss being able to do that
                                                                   like I could down at Angell Hall when most of my classes
                                                                   were down on central campus.
 A better computer support staff.
                                                                   I find the library and the facilities excellent.
 Separate areas for group computer work. Too often groups          The Duderstadt Center is a really nice facility; the
 meet in areas for individual study and it is very distracting!    atmosphere is conducive to studying.
 More study tables
 Previous name was better MEDIA UNION
 More places to seat. It is very hard to find a table at night
 More food options more late night food options the thing
 in Angell hall where it says how many computers are
 available and where. The third floor has that thing locked in
 the back...why don't they open that up.
 all the things that make central campus great.
 1) Staplers, heavy-duty hole punches, etc... (rather than
 having to go to the info desk) 2) Diet CodeRed
 MountainDew in the vending machines. 3) Wireless printing
 Some big name food chains with entree acceptability like at
 the Union or the League.
 More smaller tables to study at without a computer

 Easy to access introduction to all of the services and spaces
 available. Might be in the form of display cases, or ongoing
 video demonstrations of some of the work along with

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                 Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 information about how to get involved. It should be in the
 lobby, or maybe along the connector.
 More tables to work at
 Sun System computers are not enough to meet the needs for         The Computer work stations usually get loud because it is
 both EECS 427 and EECS 470 class use. often it is hard to         such an open space. Maybe change or switch the settings
 find Sun machines. There should be resting areas since it is      of the cubicles.
 a 24 hour library. Like comfortable traditional sofas, love
 seats etc... The lighting on top of computers, especially
 around the Linux, Sun, and Windows computer work stations
 are too dim. It often causes eye irritation because not enough
 light is being supplied. The tubed light should be changed.
 Pretty good services.... great place to study! Some better        The building sometimes smells of Chinese food -- because
 places for food can be available....                              of the Panda Express -- please see if you can get some
                                                                   other food store -- that is also open till late....
                                                                   It's always very cold inside
 A location on Central Campus... ha ha                             I never really go to North Campus, so it's easier for me just
                                                                   to use the 9th floor of S Quad or go to the Union Tap
                                                                   Room or something.
 More computers.
 Somewhere to buy stamps and letters by the single item and        I noticed an option to check for the 'use of the Duderstadt'
 use of a fax machine towards the copy cards. I'm not sure if      was Poster Shop. I was completely unaware of this so
 this is possible in Pierpont or the Duderstadt.                   called shop. Do I assemble my presentations there? Can I
                                                                   blow up pictures? Maybe have a brochure available of the
                                                                   possible services that the Duderstadt offers - from video
                                                                   conferencing to the poster shop to the study rooms for
 A parking lot.
 Double screen work stations like the computers in LS&A.           The DC is great. Especially the rapid prototyping machine.
 They're are some lovely ones in the EMS studios and the           I want to give special recognition to John Merlin Williams,
 video editing rooms but the double screen work environment        Mark (?) the DC facilities manager, Linda Kendall-Knox,
 can make such a difference when designing or even when            and James (?) the manager of the 3D lab, an amazing staff
 organizing a paper. Also more certification courses for           helps keep things organized and innovative.
 resources that require them - better yet would be a faster
 process for graduate students who have prior experience with
 the equipment and simply want access to known resources.
 Better information (and hours of operation/web reservation)
 concerning the resources at checkpoint charlie.
 Places to sleep
 I am currently satisfied with the DC services, and do not see     See 24.
 the need for anything additional.
                                                                   The engineering library is a great atmosphere -- very
                                                                   pleasant and sunny even in the winter. The engineering
                                                                   support services (CAEN,GroundWorks, computers,
                                                                   printers) are unparallel!
                                                                   I really like the new Sun computers that run Windows,
                                                                   located on the 3rd floor. They work really well for CAD
                                                                   modeling and simulation.
 More places to eat.
                                                                   I always complain about the Duderstadt Center not having
                                                                   enough tables for study....yes, there are many computers,
                                                                   but we have groups and we can't usually fit in one of the
                                                                   computer tables, so I'd really love to have more tables.
                                                                   Also, the computer room in the second floor, the south-
                                                                   west, gets extremely cold that you can't even type on the
                                                                   computers. Thank you.
 It should have more food available at more hours.
 A good coffee shop that is open 24/7.                             Mujo is a coffee shop that does not meet my expectations.
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                       Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                         They do not properly stock things or do their inventory. I
                                                                         remember this happening quite a few times. me: I would
                                                                         like a mocha' them: we are out of chocolate me: me:
                                                                         How about a coffee? them: we are out of coffee beans.
                                                                         me: chai? them: we are out of milk. me: water? them: we
                                                                         are out of ice. This is unacceptable. They should stock
                                                                         their inventory better! Keep better track and order ahead
                                                                         of time so that they don't run out of essentials like coffee,
                                                                         milk, cocoa etc.
 Rules about quiet study, groups sometimes get too noisy
 More janitorial staff
 More food options                                                       I like everything else
 I found printing at the Dude a bit difficult to figure out, but         The coffee shop is great!
 once I did, I was very pleased with it - there are lots of
 printers and they're nice and fast.
                                                                         There is a great demand for CAEN computers on Central
                                                                         Campus, so having more CAEN computers on Central, for
                                                                         example, in the Undergraduate Library, would be helpful.
 I think there should be more areas to study at a table, such as
 the areas near Mujo's. It is easy to study there while eating
 lunch and also not feel like you need to be silent.
 More choices for food that is not too expensive...Mujo has a
 decent selection but it is all pretty expensive
 More couches
                                                                         The printers this year have been really bad. I don't know
                                                                         how many times I've had to go to a different place to print
                                                                         things because I can't find a working printer or I have to
                                                                         change machines because they can't see the printer or
                                                                         some other error. One Windows machine I was on
                                                                         crashed when I hit the print button in Word - more than
                                                                         once. This is unacceptable. Previous semesters it has
                                                                         been very reliable. I don't know what happened, but it is
                                                                         virtually impossible to print from a Windows machine in
                                                                         particular this semester - but often the printers themselves
                                                                         are down so even that doesn't matter.
                                                                         Food. The prices at Mujo are ridiculous. Something needs
                                                                         to be done because it makes me want to never buy
                                                                         anything on north campus.
 A screen indicating which computers are open. Used to have
 this in previous years, but it is gone now. It was very helpful
 to locate an open computer.
 Make the CAB service at nights more frequent (it takes like
 an hour for the cab to come.)
 Traditional private study space. This belongs at least where            The Duderstadt's menacing, corporate architectural
 the tiny rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Recruitment               presence is repulsive. It's also distinctly inconvenient and
 interviews do not belong in the library.                                uncomfortable to use. Three major improvements could
                                                                         make the building good: 1) creating a spacious and visible
                                                                         connection between the ground floor and the basement. 2)
                                                                         completely reconfiguring the diamond-shaped area of Star
                                                                         Trek-like common spaces and conference rooms to be
                                                                         comfortable, legible, and functional. 3) connecting this
                                                                         area with a new building or extension toward Bonisteel,
                                                                         which could be built around a new courtyard, and might
                                                                         include a variety of programming. 4) Avalon Bakery
                                                                         pastries at Mujo again!
 MORE MAC'S!!!!! More tables to do homework, and more

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                  Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 power cords on the big tables to plug laptops into.
                                                                    The Mujo cafe is a great place to drink coffee, meet
                                                                    friends, and get caught up on newspapers. The basement
                                                                    is my favorite place to do homework and study. Also, I've
                                                                    enjoyed some of the books that are provided in the
                                                                    recreational reading section. The printers in the
                                                                    basement haven't been working when I try to use them.
 The Duderstadt Center may already have this, but if so the
 staff was not aware. For some engineering presentations, we
 are required to use an overhead projector so we need to
 photocopy our slides onto clear sheets. The staff told us we
 had to go all the way to the architecture building to do this,
 though it seems there should be a way of accomplishing it in
 the Duderstadt Center.
 The DC should have better chairs. The chairs right now tilt
 forward as opposed to backward, which is very awkward.
 They also are very hard to operate and seem to break very
 easily. Perhaps less expensive but more robust chairs with
 fewer features (only up/down adjustment and reclining tilt)
 would be a better investment. Also, small lamps at
 workstations, especially at the stations with no computers
 would be very nice. Better cleaning at Mujo would be good
 too. Finally, the chairs in the central collaboration area are
 way too low compared to the tables for comfort.
 More study areas (areas without computers, just normal
 More food and drink outlets.
 Chairs with swing desks in the little cushy seating areas, like
 in the basement of Pierpont. The box tables are too small and
 inconvenient for group work.
 Study rooms for student use, instead of just company               Parking is always an issue, and the Macs in the Dude have
 interviews.                                                        slowly dwindled in number.
 A food resource after midnight better than the current vending
 More study tables.                                                 None
                                                                    I find that the printers are often not working, especially
                                                                    during late hours. More rovers would be helpful to fix this
 The DC should have CAEN printing.
 Sofas.                                                             Need slightly stronger ceiling lighting in computer areas.
 Greater availability to study rooms, more study areas
 A CAEN lab with free printing.                                     None.

 A Big Screen Movie Theater for Elegant screenings.                 Why is the escalator broken so much? Also, an escalator
                                                                    going down from the 2nd to the first floor would be nice.
 Higher Printing quota                                              Great place to study.
 CAEN printing
 The Center should have some way of notifying appropriate
 personnel when a printer is out of service. Sometimes one of
 the two printers will go out forcing all of the load onto the
 other; eventually that one fails too.
 More PCs, and more places that are dedicated to quiet              The Sun computers take up much space that could be used
 studying. They don't have to be individual study rooms, just       for PCs or Macs, and it seems as though they are almost
 more designated quiet areas.                                       never used. The quantity and lack of usage is frustrating

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                  Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                    when, during prime hours, all PCs are filled, and yet all the
                                                                    Sun Microsystems are open because no one is familiar
                                                                    with them or has time to spend waiting for them to meet
                                                                    all their needs.
 Better noise control
                                                                    I'm very satisfied with what the Duderstadt Center can
                                                                    offer right now.
 Free Printing (CAEN printing). Better lighting in the lower
 level (Some areas are not as well lit).
 No                                                                 More quiet study area
 More quiet study areas. It can be quite loud at times.
 A down escalator from the second floor                             I don’t really care about the escalator
 A water slide
 More food options
 A CAEN lab with CAEN printers, not just CAEN computers.
 Perhaps more study tables                                          I love the 'Dude.' It's a nice reliable way to study at any
                                                                    time of the day.
 More desks and possibly more machines for the exam times.          I love the DUDE!
 More computers. There are never enough during peak hours,
 no matter what the monitors say. Specifically, there are never
 enough PC's that have all of the necessary software for some
 engineering courses.
 Game tables near recreational reading
                                                                    I think more lightings are required in the lobby (tables near
                                                                    the cafe)
 More girls at the front desks.
 A down escalator when coming from the second floor more            Like the online journal sources, I wish all the books were
 copies of books related to courses...can't find any microwave      electronically available, and alums should also have the
 filter books right now cuz other students have them. the           opportunity to pay for CAEN and computer access
 dude should have free parking all the time...just like every       too...especially since none of our tuition went to free
 other place on campus, what else is my tuition supposed to go      parking.
 Possibly more tables for students to study, but it can't be too
 cramped because that creates an unpleasant atmosphere.
 Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the Duderstadt Center.
 Unlimited printing. It's silly that in the building Engineering    The building should be focused on student use, not profit.
 students are most directed to CAEN does not run the printers.      The fact that Career Fair is not given top priority over the
                                                                    coffee shop is ridiculous. Frankly, the existence of the
                                                                    coffee shop that is then not kept open when most useful,
                                                                    over night, is a tangible example of how profit driven and
                                                                    shallow the University has become.
 More tables on the second floor and more study tables overall      An open house would be nice to see all that is available
 in the building. Also, get better food choices, especially in      there.
 the vending machines.
 -Get rid of the sun machines they are useless -More large          Basically it would just be sweet to have a note board
 group study tables and less book shelves -All CAEN printing
 -Should sell beer to go with the pizza at ugo's -Get golf carts
 to drive across the diag during the winter
 More tables designed for group study.                              This is my favorite place to study.   It gets VERY cold
                                                                    on the 3rd floor though. Could you please turn up the heat?
                                                                    Also, could you please fix the purple chairs that do not
                                                                    change height? Please take away more of the Sun
                                                                    computers because they are rarely occupied. MACs aren't
                                                                    used often either. There should be a noteboard (like the
                                                                    UGLI) in which people can leave messages saying where

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                    Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                      they are studying in case friends are coming to meet them.
                                                                      This would reduce phone calls and conversations in
                                                                      normally quiet study areas.
 Display more detailed map of each building level showing             To keep people from wandering the computer labs on the
 computer resources, study tables, and bookshelves. Also              second and third floors looking for a computer, place a
 advertise all of the different services the DC offers.               plasma television on the second floor (near the escalators)
                                                                      with computer availability mapped onto it, as ITCS has
                                                                      done in the 'fishbowl' of Mason/Angell Hall.
 More food options until later at night.
 There should be a bowling alley or some other form of                None.
 recreation for students on North Campus. The students who
 study on North Campus, who are mainly engineers and art
 and architecture and music students are too focused on studies
 and this can be detrimental to their psychological health. The
 fact that North Campus does not have many forms of
 relaxation and instead only has facilities that are related to
 work has definitely attributed to the fact that we are classified
 as students who have overly studious lives and an inactive
 lifestyle. But the Duderstadt Center can make a difference.
 By including a bowling alley or something as simple as an
 arcade, the atmosphere on North Campus will be more
 conducive for the all rounded development of students and
 staff alike.
                                                                      Parking is difficult.
 Cheaper food areas. We often have to eat lunch, dinner and a         While the toilets at the Media Union are always clean, the
 snack in between during the course of the day. Each meal             ones in Pierpont Commons (near the DPS office) are not
 costs an average of 5$ (including a drink) and that makes            very clean. There always is toilet paper lying on the floor
 about 15$ a day. For a student, that’s asking a lot. Prices on       and the toilet itself smells musty.
 bottled drinks and etc. cannot be reduced, but the food made
 at University can be sold a little cheaper.
 Tutors for engin101
 More Windows-based machines, wireless printing, more                 The couches in the upstairs alcoves are NOT comfortable
 desks/study areas w/ desktop surfaces (i.e. get rid of the           by any stretch of the imagination and should be replaced
 couches in upstairs alcoves), possibly Herman-Miller Aeron           with some outward facing desks. Otherwise, The Dude is
 chairs.                                                              a great place to study and work.
 More windows computers.
 More parking
 More Study Rooms and Conference Rooms. They are always               Need to re-allocate space in the building to better serve
 full. Cannot study or conference when I need it most.                students' group & individual study needs.
 It would be nice to have more inexpensive food options even
 if it's just more vending machines with variety. It would also
 be convenient to have more parking (though I understand it's
 not easy to change).
 More comfy chairs in Mujo.                                           I love the Mujo. It doesn't have the best coffee but it does
                                                                      have the best atmosphere on north campus.
 Food open later than midnight, perhaps until 2AM or so.              Very often when my girlfriend and I come here to study
 MORE STUDY ROOMS!!                                                   we try and find a study room only to find that they are all
                                                                      taken up. I normally would not have a problem with this
                                                                      except for the fact that at any given time at least 4 of the
                                                                      rooms are occupied by nothing other than the persons
                                                                      laptop, school books, and book bag, there is no one in the
                                                                      room and the motion activated lights are turned off
                                                                      indicating they have not been there for quite some time. I
                                                                      don't think its fair that people should be able to leave for a
                                                                      meal and by leaving their stuff essentially keep the room
                                                                      from being used by students that have study needs that are
                                                                      just as urgent, while they go have a nice dinner with their

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                   Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                     friends. One could remove this stuff and place it outside
                                                                     of the room or the front desk but the last thing anyone that
                                                                     has all that homework wants to do is to get into a
                                                                     confrontation with another student. If one of the staff
                                                                     could periodically (like every 1/2 hour or so) walk past all
                                                                     the study rooms and make sure that if there are any rooms
                                                                     with stuff in them and the lights off, that their stuff be
                                                                     moved to the circulation desk so the room can be used by
                                                                     other students. I am aware of the fact that you can check
                                                                     out a room, but very often it is something that is spur of
                                                                     the moment, and since we cannot reserve them within 24
                                                                     hours we are on the first-come first serve basis, I just think
                                                                     that others on the same basis should not be able to hold a
                                                                     room that is not reserved by leaving their stuff in there and
                                                                     walking away.
 More Windows machines and more printers. A CAEN lab
 for printing would also be nice. More parking for students.
 Vending machines for late-night drinks/snacks.
 Parking. There used to be a parking lot but someone decided
 to put a building there. Now it is not as worth while to visit
 after 5 because there is no parking.
 More space to socialize and chat during the short study             I like the building and it services. It is one of the best I
 breaks. Space for group studies with big tables, boards, plugs      have ever seen.
 etc. (apart from the ones close to Mujo) so that groups can
 work in semi-private environments.
 I think the Media Union is lacking in Macintosh computers           I think the Media Union could use more quiet areas for
 and the ones currently in the building are outdated. Please         students to study.
 invest in Macintosh computers.
 Free printing, cheaper food                                         The food and drinks are too expensive
 More stations that display what computers are being used.
 This way I don't have to walk around for ten minutes before I
 realize there are no computers left.
 Nothing comes immediately to mind
 24 hour food places
 Office supplies (at least a stapler)
 More room for quiet areas.
 Fair prices for the cafes. And more frequent bus services.
                                                                     The Duderstadt Center needs to have more areas where
                                                                     you can use your unlimited CAEN printing.
 More long study tables                                              The lighting could be a little brighter
                                                                     I enjoy studying in comfortable places in the dud with lots
                                                                     of natural light.
 The printers often jam and stay jammed for many hours.              The printers often jam and stay jammed for many hours.
 Someone should periodically check to make sure they are all         Someone should periodically check to make sure they are
 up. Once, four printers on one floor were inoperative right as      all up. Once, four printers on one floor were inoperative
 I had to print out an assignment that was due! Also, clean          right as I had to print out an assignment that was due!
 the restrooms periodically during the day. They're often            Also, clean the restrooms periodically during the day.
 filthy!                                                             They're often filthy!
 More chairs, more sofas and tables, some place to catch a nap,      The temperature in the Duderstadt Center should be
 more places to get food, possibly cheaper food.                     constant throughout... It’s too cold in some parts, while it’s
                                                                     warm in other...
 Cell-Phone Signals especially in the basement (Although             Some seats don't have enough light or the shadow of user's
 this may disturb others because of the cell-phones' ringing,        head may appeal on the books (Maybe my head is too
 but I think it's important because my parents and friends keep      big......)
 complaining that my cell phone is not available while I am in
 the basement of here.) Hot water for drinking (I always
 bring hot water, but while I finishing it; I don't know where to
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                      Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 More food outlets and chairs and tables                                A very good place to sit and study
 You need a reason to come down... it would be great if                 Calling it the Dude is not so hot. Did UMEC do that...
 courses were avail online.                                             what idiots.
 More individual study rooms
 More computers, free parking, a good atlas, more study
 rooms, more dining places
 A way to spend meal credits                                            Many computers go unused because they do not have
                                                                        windows or a familiar format.
 It should be warmer during the winter!
 A designated quiet study area. Too many students feel free to
 just chat away in the library and it is impossible to find a quiet
 area unless you reserve a study room. I have personally asked
 many of them to please keep it down - especially if the area
 was quiet until a certain group of students arrived. I've tried
 reasoning with them to please keep it down - since it is loud
 everywhere else in the library, but no one seems to have any
 respect anymore. Also, for the study rooms, it would be nice
 to have a key provided to you if and only if you have reserved
 the study room so that you can go the bathroom or gather
 journals etc. without having to worry about your things. It is
 a catch-22 to want to keep your things in the room so no one
 will take it, but be able to leave for a few minutes at a time
 while keeping your things safe.
                                                                        Great facility, but it was pretty ridiculous to change the
                                                                        name. It will always be the Media Union to me and quite a
                                                                        few other students.
 A healthier option for food, maybe a fruit/vegetable stand or
 Library should subscribe to the Serious 'Automotive News',
 incl. the online version, and make it available remotely to all
 UM faculty and staff. The above is considered 'The Bible' of
 the auto industry and is glaring by its absence. It is not
 necessary that it subscribes to 'Car and Driver' and other fluff
 enthusiast magazines instead.
 We need better restaurants on north campus. This might be an
 answer for the Pierpont Commons folks.
                                                                        I find the atmosphere to be comfortable and pleasant
                                                                        especially with the natural lighting.
 I do not use the resources enough to address this question.
 More variety for food. It all seems to be associated with
 University Catering and the food is overpriced.
 The ability to scan journals without having to leave the library
 environment The ability to access all of the scanned articles
 that other faculty have had provided for their courses
 You could probably always use more casual seating, friendly
 to laptop use (i.e., not just benches).
 More/better food.
 Showers would be nice for the staff who run/bike to work or            Frank (the custodian) and his crew do an excellent job.
 during the day. Also, the generic seating that is by Mujo is
 very popular, I bet people would appreciate more of it.
 N/A                                                                    N/A
 Music practice rooms, pianos (good quality)
 A faculty liaison that can directly answer and guide faculty to        The D.C. is one of the treasures of the north campus and
 the proper person or entity within the D.C. With so many               the university at large. There should be a way campus
 resources, it is often difficult to find out what the D.C. offers--    wide of recognizing all of the activities that happen there--

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                   Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 how to use it, where it is, etc. You did at one point have          The community should also know what is happening as
 something like this in Linda's Place.                               well.
 A 24/7 Cafe.
 Since I do not really use the DC, I do not have any
 suggestions. I think the food court is an excellent idea, but
 worry about the clutter (chairs and tables in the way) during a
 building evacuation.
 I do not use the facility enough to give a suggestion.
 More trash receptacles. More campus telephones.                     I use the meeting rooms near the cafeteria for lunch
                                                                     meetings. I participate in Engineering's recruiting events
 Food court more rooms to study
 More hours for Mujo and Espresso Royale                             The range of services is terrific. The leak in the ceiling is
                                                                     an embarrassment (this may be Pierpont rather than
                                                                     Duderstadt but not many folks will make the distinction.)
                                                                     Placing buckets in the center of the hallway is unsafe,
                                                                     tacky, and shows a lack of pride in our facilities. This is so
                                                                     closely affiliated with an engineering school--if engineers
                                                                     at UofM can't get it right, who can? Get a dialogue with
                                                                     Pierpont and see what can be done to fix it properly.
 Cheaper parking
 The ability to scan documents on the upper floor, rather than       I like the Dude.
 having to take old journals from upstairs down to
 GroundWorks to scan them.
 -A quiet zone. Certain times of day there is lots of activity in    The GroundWorks help people are not very helpful.
 some of the computer areas which is very distracting. Since         Telling someone who is new to the equipment to read the
 most of the CAEN labs around N. Campus are one room they            FAQ is just being lazy. They have to instruct a little but.
 can't be quiet areas but it would be nice to designate an area
 as a no-
 Post office
 More restaurants (but that's a commentary on all of North
 more meeting rooms US postal office
 A place that sells grab-and-go hot prepared food preferably
 with some international flavor (not cold muffins, sandwiches
 It would be nice to have more multimedia rooms and more             On the most part, I am impressed by and grateful for the
 electronic music rooms.                                             excellence and professionalism of the DC staff.
 Easier access to money machines. As it is, we must illegally        I love the Duderstadt photo wall. Interesting stuff. I think
 park to use the ones in the foyer.                                  the atmosphere and cleanliness is top notch.
 Really happy with the place. Maybe a bigger Quiet study area
 and more study rooms probably...would help more...because
 sometimes there are no spaces available.
                                                                     I use the library only. I take out books and return them
 Longer hours for food. More multi-media resources. New
 scanners. Color printers.
 More sitting next to Mujo cafe
                                                                     This survey filled out by full time staff has questions that
                                                                     simply can't be answered. Please be sure that each
                                                                     question has an answer that a full-time staff can fill out.
 More parking. Lots more parking for visitors. Especially a
 problem on weekends
 Friday evening movies or happy hours
 More large tables like the tables near the breezeway on the         Duderstadt is a great place and an awesome resource!
 first floor.

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                      Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 A working escalator: it's been closed for nearly a week now
 cheaper food--Mujo's expensive! well, the coffee's reasonably
 priced, and the soup, but the other stuff...well, it doesn't fit my
 Covered and/or enclosed connection to EECS/Lay Auto and
 to Lurie
 Perhaps a noontime concert from time to time to help liven up          I'm generally easy to please about things like this.
 the place, such as in the atrium during the winter, out on the
 patio in the spring and summer. For some reason, I think giant
 video screens showing cool tech in use or under development
 at the U-M would be a nice backdrop, but am not sure if that
 would raise objections in the atrium area, for example.
 Perhaps that would be interesting in the concourse between
 the DC and the Commons.
 I’m not sure since I have only used the Duderstadt Center for
 performances and the performance space was nice. It could be
 warmer in there (the audio visual studio with the mat stage).
 Seats to eat one's lunch at the concession stands! Also a quiet
 comfortable place to read, study, chats with colleagues. You
 are tremendously space bound. North Campus is pathetic
 compared to main campus. Need to alleviate sterile feel to
 North Campus.
 An entrance on the road side of the building near the BME              A lot of the services listed I did not know existed.
 More food/drink resources with late hours                              I still call it the Media Union
 I don't know how to answer this question. I have no idea what          What is this place? How can it be useful? Why is it
 the Duderstadt Center should mean to me.                               located on North Campus if it seems to be something you
                                                                        want all students to use? Can you make an outreach or
                                                                        some other center that provides at least a part of the same
                                                                        resources and put it on Central Campus so it would be
                                                                        practical to visit? What are your constraints? Mine are
                                                                        limited time, money, and knowledge. How can this Center
                                                                        become a part of what I know about this campus (still a
                                                                        first year grad student getting acclimated)? Parking in
                                                                        general is expensive or nonexistent, so in order for a
                                                                        resource to be useful, it must be easily accessible. If it
                                                                        takes an hour round-trip to travel to North Campus, it
                                                                        becomes a large tax on your time that I'm spending at
                                                                        work, in class, or on projects.
 We can always use more computers, especially around exams.
 Group study areas are good; overall I think it serves its
                                                                        It's a very cool place, can't wait to have the new sound
 The website could be more user friendly - think of it from the
 viewpoint of a staff person looking for something. More links
 on more pages to the same things would help. Often I cannot
 find what I'm looking for without taking a bit of time.
 More printers. More larger tables for study groups.
 Another Audio Studio! :)
 The Duderstadt Center should have a microphone inventory in
 Checkoutpoint Charlie for use in the inventory of the video
 studio. The DC should also have a student control group
 which works with John Merlin Williams to help solve issues
 between student needs, faculty needs, and staff needs if issues
 arise. There have been multiple issues with students not
 working constructively with staff members because of

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                     Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 problems which arise because of conflict, and there is
 currently no outlet to show this frustration. The DC should
 also put NEW Macintosh G5 Dual Processor machines in the
 Audio and EMS studios. It is silly that the facilities which
 use extreme amounts of processing power and currently have
 Macintosh G4 Single Processor machines.
 A gallery space equipped for performance and video
 installation. Like a cross between the video studio and the
 gallery that exists now.
 More parking. Now that the new theater has taken up a                 If possible, there should be an express bus that services
 sizeable portion of the Pierpont/Duderstadt parking lot, there        Pierpont/Duderstadt and the Union. The Commuter is a
 is very little parking available. Even at night when the 'pass        good bus to use to get anywhere on campus, but the time it
 lots' are open to the public, there is still little parking           takes to get from North Campus to the Union is 30+
 available. Many of my friends who commute to class cannot             minutes. Even though the commuter comes every 10
 find a parking space (they have parking passes) if they arrive        minutes (or is supposed to), the bus is usually packed full.
 anytime later than 10am.                                              An express to the Union that comes every 15 minutes
                                                                       would be a great help.
 I noticed that it is difficult to find the CAEN service center..
 maybe a map of the building with room numbers or some
 form of signs that will make it a bit easier to find things in the
                                                                       During busy times it is hard to find a computer, especially
                                                                       if you are with more than one person.
 Locker usage instructions. More power outlets at the quiet
 study area and some partitions on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
 The Duderstadt should have a CAEN Lab. I know CAEN
 software is available, but as an engineering student we should
 be able to get free printing in the highly used Duderstadt.
 Healthier selection of food and have more dining options on           Bathrooms, study rooms and workstations are in need of
 the weekend.                                                          cleaning.
 There needs to be a Little Caesars’ Pizza. All of the food            Good work making most of the machines run windows.
 options are too expensive and I hate all of the hippie coffee         That makes my life a lot easier. You should make the rest
 shops. They suck.                                                     run windows and make the printers more reliable. They
                                                                       only work about three quarters of the time.
 Better food options                                                   The dude is a nice place. it is always clear and things
                                                                       usually work very well.
 Better numbering system for rooms or better maps.
 Cellular phone service can be available in the basement.              Too frequent announcement before the closing time during
 There is no way for the outside to contact the students who           the vacation season. 4 time from 11 P.M to 12.P.M with
 stay there by phone call in the emergency. Bell sound can be          loud sound.
 refrained through the vibration activation. My friend have
 experienced trouble that her family tried to contact her for
 baby's illness and her family has no car so, they just waited
 before his coming back.
 Indoor or at least covered bicycle parking/racks
 For PAT majors like myself, the V room is very inadequate. It
 is a very useful tool that I love using, but it's current set up
 downright sucks and it is very hard to record.
 Film chains in all formats to transfer archival film to digital
 format. Regular 8mm. Super 8mm. and 16mm. to Firewire.
 Reinstall the Mac CPUs and scanning/etc. area in the
 basement as it's very useful for after hours work--both to staff
 and students. We don't always have access to software/or
 hardware that we need within our own workstations and
 require the U to provide the resources elsewhere, i.e. at the
 Duderstadt Center.
 More drinks in vending machines. More non-computing areas
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                    Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 dedicated to study only.
 It needs more Macintosh computers, and better wireless               It needs more Macintosh computers
 Stache's Sandwiches offers poor quality food at exorbitant           Otherwise, I genuinely enjoy the Dude, and it is the most
 prices. The pricing is not reflective of similar dining options,     advanced building on campus, second to the new EECS
 and thus I ponder, why precisely they are still in business.         building.
 Irrespective of my opinion, they will be out of business and
 rotting within 2 years, due to natural market forces. If
 interested as to why, simply inspect the circumstances
 surrounding McDonalds, which closed its doors due to nasty
 food and rude employees.
 More food/drinks or vending machines with entree plus                Yay dude!
 Music at places. Conversation pits
 More electrical outlets
 Nothing, its perfect                                                 I love the dude
 It is sometimes hard to find a place to use my laptop where
 there is electricity available. Also, there are times when I
 have a group meeting scheduled in the late afternoon when
 there are no free tables - or there are but we can't readily find
 More tables, more outlets, and printers on the ground floor.         The printing with mprint! when it works is great.
                                                                      However, it often fails -- it doesn't like some aspect of the
                                                                      pdf or postscript file. Among my fellow grad students,
                                                                      the Duderstadt is a great environment to get writing done,
                                                                      by oneself and in small groups. Coffee and internet access
                                                                      are the perquisites for any research locale, and these two
                                                                      basic needs--like water and air--have been provided. The
                                                                      remaining issue is in the Duderstadt is actually finding
                                                                      seating and power outlets. The future is laptops and I
                                                                      predict that you can't go wrong with more open tables,
                                                                      chairs and those cool lights. (Good work area lighting, like
                                                                      that provided by those cool lights, is coveted by students
                                                                      and good for the eyes. I'd buy up the manufactures stock
                                                                      before they stop making the model!) With regard to power
                                                                      outlets, note that a table can hold an entire meeting of 6-8
                                                                      people writing on laptops--the number of available outlets
                                                                      needs to be doubled.
 Better maps/orientation for facilities in the center as well as      As I understand it, this facility was meant to promote
 for North Campus. More public exhibits of current student            interaction among various colleges and disciplines on
 and faculty projects and activities in various disciplines would     North Campus. However, the physical nature of the
 be welcome. More room for eating/visiting/socializing would          building does not lend itself to this at all. It presents itself
 also be an improvement, I think.                                     mostly as a hallway between other buildings, not as a
                                                                      gathering place. A better sense of arrival, more connected
                                                                      'public' space, and easier discoverability of the facilities
                                                                      seems to be needed. I'm not sure if the physical structure
                                                                      allows much improvement, though.
 A specific study section with no talking allowed. The
 basement is sort of like this already. It would be nice to just
 go ahead and denote the basement the 'quiet floor'.
 Don't know                                                           Change the name back
                                                                      It's a great place for me to study when the music library is
                                                                      closed and that way I don't have to go to central.
 ?                                                                    The recording studio is wonderful.
 More lounge areas on the first floor.
 Some forms of entertainment and recreation. More resources
 e.g. increase number of textbooks available to students instead
 of the usual one copy per course! More food places...
 currently, the choices are very limited.

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                    Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 A bagel place!! Brueggers maybe? (instead of Panda                   It stays clean which is welcoming.
 More food options
 Decent food
 I really have no idea what the Center is supposed to be. North
 Campus in general needs A LOT. More food choices
 (especially vegetarian ones), a grocery store, small businesses
 (barber shop/salon, dry cleaners), would be nice to have
 within walking distance. A place to purchase sheet music and
 musical supplies would be good. North Campus sucks.
 It is OK as is.
 More computers, during peak hours, can be near impossible to         The computers on the west side of the basement that were
 find one.                                                            removed over the summer were very useful and easier to
                                                                      find a free one.
 I would add more food service areas that are open later              I really like the Duderstadt and think that it's quite well run
 (besides the Mujo).                                                  and clean.
 I don't think it's lacking anything in particular.
 A warmer is too cold in the building most of
 the time and just plain sad that in spite of many complaints in
 the past, that the temperature is still maintained so low. It
 would also help if Mujo is less expensive...keeping in mind
 that we are students with minimal or no incomes, it is
 ridiculous that Mujo charges so much for a cup of coffee or
 hot chocolate! I don't see what ingredients in the cup add up
 to that high a cost, and knowing what they pay their
 employees, I am even more puzzled at their fleecing students!
 A 24hr restaurant
 A TV for news
 -Collating, Page Feeding, Copy Machines that charge to               -The escalators are closed too often. -Can I print from my
 printing account! -More staplers, pencil sharpeners, hole            laptop to the Duderstadt printers? -Do not empty the
 punchers etc.. -Quick Printing Sites in ground level atrium          recycled paper bins as often...they are very good scrap
 for last minute printing. -Soda vending machine on third             paper sources...when full. -I've recently had problems
 floor.                                                               printing directly from Firefox.
                                                                      Some times printers are out of order.
 More food options.
 More couches to study on
 More color copiers
 Software store, music supply shop, Taco Bell
 Maybe more comfy seats like some couches or lazy-boy-
 esques seats or some such thing. Otherwise it's very nice the
 way it is!
 Tutors                                                               I love you
 Higher tables and desks for wheelchair access, it is difficult to
 roll under the current desks and tables.
 Additional locations for quiet study without computers               The addition of Mujo and a relaxed food/drink policy to
                                                                      the Duderstadt Center was an amazingly good idea; other
                                                                      libraries should perhaps follow suit.
 Direct shuttle from central campus. Information desks with           I have no idea what services are offered where--like what
 people-not kiosks. Clear marking on street level of where            software is available on what machines where. It would
 parking is--and where commuter lots are. Decision tree               be very helpful to have software available per lab listed
 which helps you decide what part of the Dude you need to             somewhere so you could figure out what would be best for
 use. It's big and confusing.                                         you. It would be much cozier with there were fireplaces
                                                                      scattered throughout the buildings.
 More tables/spaces to study
 More tables and chairs as well as more quiet areas.
 More bus service to it after hours and on the weekends.

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                  Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 Music practice rooms.
 More tables for studying
 Have more spaces for live recording, more isolation rooms to
 record audio
 First, the default attendance is set to 0 and must always be
 changed to 1. Can the default be set to 1?      Second, you
 have to select the Duderstadt Center as the building. There
 are no other buildings, can it be set so that you don't have to
 select the Duderstadt Center before you get a list of the rooms
 when you browse events. Can it be set so that the list of
 rooms is always there?
 More food options and more parking...
 More food options, with cheaper food. Install software such        It would be nice if Windows and Mac instructional labs
 as Mono ( on Macs and Linux boxes.                were open during crunch time. It seems like these
 Books in PDF format, for easy checkout.                            computers are not being used at all!
 More tables in Mujo area laptop locks for rent at circulation      The computer services, hardware, and other services at the
 desk / places to lock to tables                                    Duderstadt center are the best I've encountered at any
 More computers in the Duderstadt basement. It’s nice that          Usually during the day (11am-3pm) the printers in the
 there are new computers, but the area that used to have            basement will become jammed or stalled and won't get
 computers should still have some computers, they don't have        fixed till much later in the day. This can be frustrating.
 to be for special software, just for e-mail and printing.
 Better climate control. It is always very cold where I study on    I really enjoy the Duderstadt Center. It has made my time
 the third floor south west side.                                   on North Campus convenient and enjoyable. Keep up the
                                                                    good work!
 More quiet study area more cubbies - like the ones on the left
 side of the second floor
 More study rooms. More outlets for laptops (for example,
 by the Mujo there are not enough outlets near the tables).
                                                                    I love the dude
 An enforced quiet space/reading room with nice lighting. A         The entire building needs a reevaluation of priorities in
 24/7 coffee machine.                                               terms of study and computing space and use of space.
                                                                    There needs to be sealed, quiet reading rooms; quiet
                                                                    computing rooms (individual work only); and then group
                                                                    computing rooms (with two chairs per screen). Better use
                                                                    of spaces near windows--those low, knee-high tables on
                                                                    the 2nd/3rd floor are not usable. More individual and
                                                                    quiet study spaces--fewer big, blank tables. Big tables
                                                                    would be okay if there were lamps in the middle of them
                                                                    to discourage group work. Groups should be segregated
                                                                    from quiet areas. Fix the terribly inefficient use of space
                                                                    where the GroundWorks facility was removed--people
                                                                    spread out and use entire desks--and the 'collaboration
                                                                    area.' Focus less on cute department names
                                                                    (GroundWorks, Checkoutpoint Charlie, etc.) and more on
                                                                    function (scanning, media dubbing, video editing,
                                                                    equipment loan office)--would be much friendlier to new
                                                                    customers. There's a lot to overcome because of the
                                                                    complicated layout of the building, so SIMPLIFY,
                                                                    consolidate, make it all clearer when you can! You've got
                                                                    great resources across the street in the architecture and
                                                                    urban planning departments--re-working spaces within the
                                                                    Duderstadt could be an awesome project for students and

 Printing from personal laptops

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                    Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 1.Please provide HOT WATER. 2.Please offer HOT                       HOT WATER, please. :)
 WATER. 3.HOT WATER please.
 More daytime parking for people without blue passes
 Little closets. Bedrooms for busy engineers
 Better parking, more cozy study atmosphere
 It's great!
 More study carrels instead of just tables and chairs--carrels
 are quieter.
 There needs to be a lot more space for general studying. All
 of the tables are always occupied and I find myself having to
 go to central campus just to find a chair and read a book. It is
 More computers in general Computers with DVD drives
 More scanners
 A non-group work floor in which only quiet studying is done,
 much like the grad library down on central campus
 Electronic versions of publications should have a central
 access portal including journals and books. Also, the
 electronic collections should be more complete. For example:
 I have been unable to locate the older AIAA papers on
 microfilm. They are difficult to find digitally and there are no
 hard copies. Also, no one after 5PM seems to know where
 they are.
 As a sound engineering major, I would like to see additional         The Duderstadt is always TOO COLD, regardless of the
 audio facilities at the Duderstadt. It is very, very difficult to    season! I have trouble focusing after spending more than a
 get good studio time with the current facilities being so            few hours there due to the uncomfortable cold.
 limited in their capacity and the current user base being so
 large. I know this is a difficult problem to solve, however.
 More scanners
 A larger number of comfortable chairs for reading.
 Parking                                                              the PC's always seem to be in much higher demand/usage
                                                                      than other OS's. Often times hard to find one
                                                                      Your staffing, especially people like Jacques Mersereau,
                                                                      Ryan Wilcox, Tom Bray and their staffs, have been
                                                                      extraordinary resources for me, and have made working
                                                                      there truly exciting. GroundWorks staff have also been
                                                                      extremely helpful with problem solving. The expertise
                                                                      they have shared with me, my faculty colleagues and my
                                                                      students has been exemplary. I am forever grateful!
 Better group work areas. Maybe more groups of PC's that are
 organized in clumps of say, four so as to allow for better
 group work. Most labs have at best groups of 3's.
 There really needs to be a large quiet reading room.
 Something similar to the Grad. Library or Law Library
 reading room. One that truly is quiet and has a lot of table
 space. The study areas are either full or noisy during the day.
 Better computers.                                                    I think bathroom should be cleaned more regularly and
                                                                      computers should be cleaned (keyboard). Also, needs
                                                                      some signs where people need to be quiet.
 I think that Mujo can be improved. As it stands it does not
 offer enough variety. If you do not like drinking coffee or
 eating muffins then Mujo does not meet your needs.       I also
 think that there could be more accessible areas for groups of
 2-3 students to work in an environment more like that of the
 Ugli where students can talk and work in small groups and
 not have to worry about disturbing other students. As it
 stands there are only a few tables near Mujo and there are
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                  Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 desks in the upper floors but these are often occupied by
 individual students, which deters groups from working there
 because they cannot be loud and they do not want to disturb
 other students. I also think that the computers that are in the
 CAEN labs are out of date. I have noticed that the Dell
 Optiplex computers have been updated in the FXB and the
 ITCS machines in the Ugli but the CAEN machines in
 Pierpont and also in the Ugli have not been updated. Some
 even feature CRT monitors. I think that the computers in the
 FXB are excellent and that students would use these
 computers if more were added to the Duderstadt. I would
 also be interested in hearing more about the Duderstadt or
 having more accessible information about what the center has
 to offer. At this point I do not even know all the resources
 that are available or the media that I have access to.
 A healthier food option which accepts Entree Plus. Mujo is         The parking lot is awful. The placement of the new
 nice but relies too much on snacks and sweets. Some place          auditorium was a very poor choice. The parking lot to the
 dedicated to just soups, salads, and sandwiches. An open-late      Duderstadt Center was ALWAYS filled. Due to the
 Subway or a mini-version of Panera. This could possibly be         placement of the auditorium, parking has been
 added on somewhere in the GroundWorks area or as a small           significantly cut and will make it much harder for
 addition to the Duderstadt Center.                                 individuals who have cars to find a parking spot. This will
                                                                    worsen when the winter comes because people will be
                                                                    forced to walk to the Duderstadt Center due to the lack of
 The option of cheaper food; Vending machines that function
 all the time.
                                                                    I like to use the Duderstadt to study. It is one of the only
                                                                    places on North Campus were quiet closed study rooms
                                                                    can be found. However, the number of rooms are too few.
                                                                    This especially becomes inconvenient when most of them
                                                                    become taken up for interviews.
 Excellent resources are currently available.
 Taco Bell
 More in-depth classes.
                                                                    I wish that there were multimedia editing workstations on
                                                                    central campus like the ones in the DC. I don't work on
                                                                    north campus and I'm not crazy about going there.
 Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking,
 Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking,
 Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking,
 Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking,
 Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking, Parking,
 Parking, Parking, More food options, Parking, Parking,
 Parking, Parking
 : ) LARGE SCREEN TV's with INTERNATIONAL NEW                       Don’t shut down during SPRG/SUMMR etc. Leave the 1
 playing 24 hrs. at least in Mujo area                              person at the desk; it must cost more and take up more
                                                                    time, to shut everything down, and then turn everything
                                                                    back on, etc... You could easily section off areas/etc...
 Install Pinnacle on Windows machines, have IBM and MAC             Have an additional multimedia room
 computers with video editing programs...currently Mac
 programs are great but I would like to train on pinnacle as
 It should look into upgrading the hardware of the multimedia       I love all the upgraded software, but perhaps there might
 computers as they are getting worn down over time,                 be classes which teach how to use them? (i.e. motion 2,
 especially multimedia room 2 since it no longer renders DVD        etc...)
 movie files properly.

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                  Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 The Duderstadt Center should have a variety of CD                  Please continue to invest in the multimedia workrooms,
 collections of royalty free music for video production. There      keeping the hardware and software as current and robust
 are currently two such CD libraries at U of M: one called          as possible. The workrooms are a brilliant resource for
 'Fresh Music' at the Askworth Library which is outdated and        everyone on campus and should be a priority.
 not specifically designed for video and a comprehensive
 collection at the film school which is unfortunately only
 available to film students. Royalty free music collections for
 video would be very useful to everyone who makes videos
 and would be an excellent investment.
 Cheap food. More parking for students.
                                                                    Could possibly do more to let the rest of the campus know
                                                                    what's going on there and what's available. There could be
                                                                    more events and 'happenings' during the week or during
                                                                    the day for faculty and staff to familiarize themselves with
                                                                    what's going on there. In some ways not visible enough or
                                                                    communicating to community about facilities and events.
 More comfy chairs                                                  The multimedia workroom staff is amazing. They are so
                                                                    helpful. I would have never gotten my project done
                                                                    without them.
 The computers in the EMS and Audio Studio should be                Comments about the VEMS scheduling system: - why do
 updated to Apple G5 PowerMacs. Wireless Internet in the            you have to select the building (i.e., the Duderstadt Center)
 Audio Studio.                                                      when browsing the schedule? - Why isn't the default
                                                                    number of people who are going to be using the room at
                                                                    least 1 and not 0 when reserving a room? - Why is it
                                                                    impossible for a user to cancel a reservation after the
                                                                    reservation has started without calling the info desk?
 BETTER FOOD, less expensive food. The main reason I do
 not use the Duderstadt more often is because the Mujo cafe is
 expensive and there is not a good selection of dining at night.
 A small health & relaxation facility such as the stress relief
 offered by UHS.
 Sleeping Arrangements, Adequate Location for Food
 Delivery Pick Up, Eating Locations, Adequate Parking, a way
 to get back in the building after 10pm if you have left your m-
 card as ID for a multimedia work room, Adequate cell phone
 More DVD burning drives more restaurants
 Use the screens in the lobby to broadcast something useful         Thank you for the survey, look forward to seeing the
 like CNN, Headline News, BBC, etc. upgrade monitors to             improvements
 large LCD screens, too
                                                                    Set the default for printers to use both sides of a page.
 MORE PARKING!!! PLEASE!!!! & more study/team
 rooms & better food
 Better 'real' food, particularly at meal hours; muffins should
 not count as dinner
 24 hour food/coffee and blank media for sale 24 hours a day        The Duderstadt has been an extremely helpful resource for
                                                                    my film and video needs
 It seems to have everything I need                                 The maps it seems never have room numbers listed on
                                                                    them just general locations. Also, sometimes the people at
                                                                    the main information desk do not know where multimedia
                                                                    resources are, like the DMC.
 Maybe some more chairs and tables for group meetings and
 Cots/couches for sleeping!
 Software to easily and directly convert PowerPoint                 I love the resources and technology that are available at
 presentation to DVD. Allow multimedia Room users to save           the Duderstadt Center. Steve Eberle, Tom Bray, Ryan
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                 Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 to their IFS space at least 5Gs; even if it means paying a        Wilcox are knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
 reasonable user fee. You could look into having a server set
 up specifically for this. This service would make t more
 convenient for users who don't mind paying a storage fee;
 specifically, if they are using the multimedia rooms
 exclusively for their projects. Establish Web or C-Tools
 User groups for the Multimedia Rooms and GroundWorks.
 FAQ in print form: located at GroundWorks and Multimedia
 Sometimes there are no trash cans in the Multimedia rooms.        I wish that my cell phone worked in the multimedia rooms
                                                                   (Sprint), but I usually can't get a signal there. Even when I
                                                                   exit the building, at the entrance near the rooms I
                                                                   sometimes have to wait a while before I get a signal. I'm
                                                                   assuming there is nothing you can do about this.
 More large group study tables.
 More fast computers (PC's specifically) and more study tables
 Everything is great for what I used it for.
 More food options. More Macs.
                                                                   Restrooms shouldn't be cleaned during peak hours such as
                                                                   the afternoon.
 Can't think of anything -- it's a great place!
                                                                   I think the Duderstadt Center is doing a great job.
 More parking. More study rooms. More outlets near all open        We love the DuDu. I think you should sell t-shirts that say
 space tables (for laptops).                                       'duderstadt' or 'I love dudu' or something of the sort.
 Signs/placards that clearly mark the various sections of the
 building where computer/printing equipment is located. As a
 relative newcomer it has been rather frustrating to search for
 computers in a specified location (with specialized software)
 and not be able to easily find them because the areas are not
 marked out. Secondly, but equally important is the matter of
 access to the DC for those of us who live on the other side of
 Hubbard. Why not cut a north/south walking path of some
 sort from the Northwoods down thru the engineering bldgs
 instead of having us negotiate our way through the awkward
 interior spaces of these bldgs in order to access the DC?
 When the enginnering bldgs are locked this is inconvenient at
 least and (during the winter months) dangerous at worst
 because of the long walk (along Hubbard and down Murfin)
 required to gain access to the DC. Thanks for permitting me
 my two cents worth.
                                                                   My greatest concern currently with the Duderstadt Center
                                                                   is the availability of book material. I can speak on behalf
                                                                   of architecture students and my experience running across
                                                                   the street to the library to grab a book that should be on the
                                                                   shelf according to MIRLYN, only to find that it is
                                                                   nowhere in sight. Access to high quality visuals like those
                                                                   found in architecture journals and books is incredibly
                                                                   important to an architecture student and the fact that time
                                                                   and time again I have had trouble locating a book that
                                                                   should be sitting on the shelf is troubling to me. Perhaps it
                                                                   requires a change in policies about checking out such
                                                                   valuable sources- maybe make them a two-day loan book
                                                                   so that they are always available to the many students who
                                                                   need them. Also, this might be a re-shelving issue. On the
                                                                   positive side, I would like to congratulate efforts to
                                                                   improve the Duderstadt through such surveys, this being

What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                 Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

                                                                   the third one I have taken as a student here. The seating
                                                                   area by Mujo is a great place to meet, work, and study, the
                                                                   improved lighting on the second floor is also a huge step
                                                                   forward for those of us trying to study in an otherwise
                                                                   dimly lit building, and the move of GroundWorks up to
                                                                   the first level is a very successful one and makes that
                                                                   space much more organized and user-friendly.
 More study rooms and spaces in general for group study -- it      In general, it's the best place to study on campus!
 has gotten very popular and sometimes there is nowhere to sit.
 Mujo should be open later, too.
 Project mentors. Having a point person to turn to with respect    Ryan Wilcox has been a real help.
 to a multimedia project undertaken for a professor has been a
 great help. Some support staff are better trained on
 multimedia software (e.g., Final Cut Pro) than others. Also,
 staff need to help plan data management issues up front for a
 project. This kind of full-project approach is better than
 piecemeal glitch-management.
 I think it should be made more appealing to students that live
 on north campus but are not affiliated with the engineering,
 art, or music departments.
                                                                   We have a symbiotic relationship with video / studio;
                                                                   when we have video support needs, we will call on Ryan
                                                                   at Check Point Charlie. When Tom Bray has scenic
                                                                   needs, he will call us first, before looking for an off-
                                                                   campus vendor.
 Actual meal-related food (not vending machine food); better       During winter, parked bikes around DMC/Pierpont often
 parking! Underground parking! Anything! The Dude used             get recklessly buried/damaged by snowplows. We should
 to have parking, but someone put a big building in the parking    be _encouraging_ this mode of transportation over cars,
 lot. What's more, it's supposedly going to house theater and      especially now that parking is gone.
 music performances. Where do they think the audience is
 going to park?? Granted, having some of the beautiful
 greenery of North Campus bulldozed is probably worse;
 however, can we have multi-level parking somehow?
 Printers in the ground floor. Whether in GroundWorks or the       The VEMS login site is not very user friendly. it is
 multimedia rooms themselves. A clearer list of multimedia         extremely difficult to cancel an appointment and yet, as
 resources available from checkpoint charlie inside                students we are expected to notify the front desk of
 GroundWorks and the multimedia rooms. working tablets,            cancellations. The website was recently updated but
 better televisions with remote controls that work, in the         should be revamped again. Also, it is frustrating to
 multimedia rooms                                                  schedule an appointment that goes past midnight but not
                                                                   be able to see the availability of rooms before doing so.
 A fully-functioning CAEN lab. (Software like ADAMS does
 not work on the Dude computers.)
 An outdoor marquee for performances in the video studio           Special thanks to Tom Bray and the video studio support
                                                                   staff - we are blessed to have such underpinnings for our
 More quiet book study space.
 More food.                                                        Cheaper food would be nice.
 More electrical outlets for laptops near tables by Mujo. Not
 all tables have an outlet.
 More computers
 Better heating                                                    After business hours it seems as though the heat is shut off
                                                                   and it is always freezing to the point that I leave the
                                                                   Duderstadt Center as soon as possible.
 State-of-the-art production and recording facilities.
 Perhaps more study rooms with white boards or blackboards         The Dude is a top notch facility overall.
 in them.
What should the DC have that it doesn't have now?                    Additional Comments, questions, or concerns?

 A couch for sleeping
 Better parking
                                                                      More space for individual study rooms would be a greater
                                                                      bonus especially since the even the quiet study area isn't so
                                                                      quiet at times!
 More advertising about what it can do for people/how help
 with projects
 More scanners with duplex trays and working faster.                  I used to work GroundWorks more, before the room
                                                                      changes. I frankly 'hate' the new first floor space where all
                                                                      the scanners are crammed into. Previous space was much
                                                                      nicer and user friendly.
 I can't really think of anything. I use it primarily for library
 An underground heated parking garage                                 What a marvel of a place, that is, when i was there to learn
                                                                      about certain resources.
                                                                      I was unaware of the DC's existence. More publicity
                                                                      would help.
 N.A.                                                                 I love the Center - it is just too far away from Central
                                                                      Campus for me to visit more frequently.
 Better signs to guide you through the building
                                                                      It's very clean and nice. I like it a lot.
                                                                      Pod cast = bad idea. Advantage for people with ipod and
                                                                      disadvantage for people who don't have or cannot afford
                                                                      an ipod.
                                                                      I have called CAEN, for personal computing assistance. I
                                                                      really don't know what resources in this facility are
                                                                      accessible to me. Knowing more about that would be
                                                                      helpful. Otherwise, I have gone there to view art,
                                                                      conduct the Space Survey (School Music) and to get
 Better parking


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