My Brother Sam is Dead(1) by pptfiles


									                                   My Brother Sam is Dead


3                    4                    5                    6                  7
Vocab Ch 1-2         Read Ch 2            Quiz Ch 1-2          Read Ch 4-5        Quiz ch 3-5
Read Ch 1            Questions ch 1-2     Vocab Ch 3-5         Questions ch 4-5   Read Ch 6
                                          Read Ch 3

10                   11                   12                   13                 14
Read Ch 7-8          Quz Ch 6-8           Quiz ch 9-10         Vocab ch 13-Epil   Final Test
Questions ch 6-8     Vocab ch 9-10        Vocab ch 11-12       Read ch 13-Epil
                     Read Ch 9-10         Read ch 11-12        Study for Test
                     Questions ch 9-10    Qustns ch 11-12

17                   18                   19                   20                 21
MLK Holiday          Exam Review          Exams Block A        Exams Block B      Teacher Workday
NO SCHOOL                                       Block C              Block D      NO SCHOOL

24                   25                   26                   27                 28
Teacher Workday      Computer Lab         Computer Lab         Computer Lab       Computer Lab
NO SCHOOL            Brother Sam          Brother Sam          Brother Sam        Brother Sam
                     Project              Project              Project            Project

This is the reading plan and assignments for January. All assignments are to be completed by the due
date, regardless of whether we are in school or not. If we miss school because of snow days, make sure
to complete the assignments for the day(s) missed and be ready to turn in all work on the day we
return. If we miss school on a quiz day, the quiz will be given on the first day back.

If you have questions about any of the assignments, feel free to contact me at:

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