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					                                           My Brother Sam Is Dead Study Questions
                                                    CHAPTERS 1-2 (I-II)

Grading: You will receive credit according to how well you do the following:
1) Write a correct answer for each question by the due date of the assignment.2) Answer questions in complete sentences.
3) Accurately correct in red or green your answers when Mrs. Miller reviews them in class.
4) YOU MUST ALSO add answers and notes while Mrs. Miller goes over the study questions.
5) By the way, these study questions will be on the Final Exam for My Brother Sam is Dead, which will be worth at least 100

Vocabulary: Look up the following words from the book. Copy the sentence from the book. Look up the
       word and copy the definition that matches the way it is used in the book.
1) prevail (6)                                           3) sloth (13)                     5) lasciviousness(14
2) treason (6)                                           4) idle (13)                      6) militia (33)
            a) Write the answers to the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES on your own paper.
            b) Skip TWO lines between each answer to leave space for correcting your work.

1)  Who barges into the Meeker tavern in 1775 and with what exciting news?
2)  Who are the Lobsterbacks and how does Sam feel about fighting them? Be specific.
3)  Who said, “Sir, it’s worth dying to be free (7)? What exactly did he mean by that?
4)  How does Sam answer when the minister, Mr. Beach, asks Sam if he thinks he knows better than the King and
    Parliament? What is Parliament?
5) Describe Sam’s relationship with his father.
6) What complaint does Sam have when Tim asks him to help with the chores? What does his answer say about his
7) What is the reason Sam came home? Where will he be going next?
8) After Sam and Father argue, what does Father do?
9) What is Father’s opinion of Sam’s cause?
10) What has Sam done with the Brown Bess?
11) Find the passage in the book that alludes (refers) to Paul Revere [the person who alarmed colonists that the British were
    coming]. Introduce and cite the sentence correctly.

Writing Activity: Write a well-organized paragraph or paragraphs, explain whether you think it was right for
Sam to take the Brown Bess. Write at least 10 sentences. You must find proof in the book to support your
answer. Use at least one direct quote in your paragraph. Be sure to number each of your sentences.

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