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Monticello Country Club Men's Club


									                 Monticello Country Club Men’s Club
                                              “Renewal Notice”

Dear MCC Men’s Club Member,

It’s that time of year to renew your MCC Men’s Club membership for the upcoming season. Please plan on
attending the spring meeting on April 15th, 2009.

Please complete the request for information below and send this form along with a check for $110.00 (Entry
Includes USGA Handicap) by April 1st, 2009. Please make checks payable to “MCC Men’s Club”.

Please mail your check and form to: Mike McClure

                                                   6320 Painters Cr.

                                                   Mound, MN 55364

If you have an individual interested in joining the MCC Men’s Club, please include their check for $110.00 with
yours, or give them Mike McClure’s address so they may send him their check and information.

             Please Fill Out Your Information Below And Return As Soon As Possible!!!

Name ____________________

Address ___________________________________

City ______________________

State ________________

Zip ___________

Preferred Phone Number (with area code) _(____)_____-___________

Please use the space below to make a comment or two, ask a question, offer a suggestion to improve our Men’s Club or note the
name, address and phone number of prospective new members.




If you have any questions, please contact either:

Mike McClure @ (952) 472-7706

Bill Witbeck @ (612) 232-5727
                 Monticello Country Club Men’s Club

MCC Men’s Club welcomes all members to what is expected to be a great 2009 season.

The MAIN emphasis of the MCC Men’s Club is to have fun and enjoy yourself while playing a round of golf. We at
Monticello Country Club pride ourselves in a golf philosophy to tailor our weekend games (tournament and non-
tournament days alike), to the magic of competitive golf. In addition, the members of the MCC Men’s Club also respect
the game of golf as it is meant to be played… by the rules. With this idea in mind, we feel it is each member’s
responsibility to know the rules of golf and play by them.

Since golf is an individual game, we gear our events to play on an individual basis. In addition, because golf is also a
social game, we encourage a team spirit with several assorted team events.

The following items are what you need to know about our Men’s Club.


Your dues of $110.00 are allocated to the following.

    1. Prize fund for Men’s Club events.

    2. Your MGA handicap service.

    3. The Men’s Club MGA and MPGA dues.

    4. Insurance for any Hole-In-One during our scheduled Men’s Club events.

    5. Our Men’s Club score cards.

    6. Other administrative expenses.


All members must have an established MGA handicap card. Please contact the MCC Men’s Club handicap chairman,
Kristi Dostal, with any questions concerning handicaps. 2008 MGA handicaps from other golf courses are transferable
and accepted for tournament play. As noted above, part of your dues are used to pay for your MGA official handicap
card. Your card is updated approximately every two weeks during the golfing season. It is your responsibility to enter all
ADJUSTED 18 hole and 9 hole scores played between April 15th and October 15th into our MGA computer system at the
Handicap and Scorecard Procedure:

Our handicap “Station” is located in the Monticello Country Club Pro Shop. Here you will find our official scorecards, our
computer system for handicaps, your current handicap card and a current list of all Men’s Club Member’s Handicaps. It
is suggested to enter all home and away scores as soon as possible.

Your MGA handicap card can be used for play throughout the United States. All Men’s Club competition is based on
your Men’s Club Handicap. When you travel to other courses, you need to be aware of your USGA index. Check with
the course personnel at the away course to see what handicap you should use while playing there.
Tournament Prizes:

Those who place “in the money” in our club events are issued club prize money (Tournament Credit). All tournament
credit awarded during the golf season (Approximately $5500.00 depending on number of members) will be redeemable
at the Monticello Country Club Pro Shop for merchandise (current stock or catalog orders). The tournament results are
usually available at the clubhouse within five days of the tournament. You can also check the bulletin board for all
results. Results are also posted on our MCC web site, usually with one day of the tournament.

REMINDER!!!!!! All Men’s Club tournament credit must be redeemed for merchandise on or before October 31st of
the current year. NO CARRY OVER TO THE NEXT SEASON!!!!!

Hole-In-One Award:

Every member has Hole-In-One insurance for the 2009 season for aces made at the Monticello Country Club. In order to
collect, the Hole-In-One must be made during our scheduled Men’s Club events. The insurance award is based on the
number of Hole-In-Ones and the amount of money in the Hole-In-One pool.

Standards Of Conduct:

      Thou shall abide by all USGA and all local rules

      Thou shall be courteous to other players

      Thou shall keep up with the group ahead and avoid SLOW PLAY. (NO SLOW PLAY IS ALLOWED)

      Thou shall not cheat

      Thou shall refrain from club throwing and cart bashing

      Thou shall avoid excessive and/or loud expletives

      Thou shall keep current the payment of funds to the Men’s Club and/or members of the club

      Thou shall post all scores both home and away

Unbecoming conduct of a Men’s Club member shall constitute grounds for suspension and/or dismissal from the club,
subject to review by the Men’s Club Board of Officers.

Other Notes:

All Men’s Club events are played from the Men’s club designated tees (Typically the White Tees). Some events are
played from different tees, but will be posted before the round. The Men’s Club computer automatically records your
round from the “White Tees” so make sure your rounds are entered from the appropriate tees.
More Tournament Notes:

The tournament chairman will provide for your enjoyment and at your option the following:

      Scratch Skins…………….. $5

      Handicap Skins………….. $5

      Optional Nearies………. $5

      Deuce / Eagle……………. $5

      Buy Yourself/Team….. An appropriate amount in selected events

      Racehorse Betting……. In selected events
PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE each tournament sign up deadline! Late entries will be accepted for fill-in times and
cancellations for “like handicap only”.

IF YOU “NO SHOW” for a tournament, you could be ineligible for the next tournament you sign up for.

IF YOU “NO SHOW” for a second tournament, you could be ineligible for the rest of the season. If you have to cancel,
please call the tournament chairman as soon as possible.


Tournament sign-up and tournament day procedures:

       You must sign up on the sheets on the bulletin board or Men’s Club website. The tournament sheets are taken
        down the Wednesday night (5 o’clock) before that scheduled event.

       The tee times for the tournament are usually posted at the clubhouse or Men’s Club website by 5 o’clock pm the
        Thursday before the scheduled event. You can call the clubhouse (763-295-4653) or use the Men’s Club website
        ( to get your tee time.

       If you forget to sign up, you can call Bill Witbeck (612-232-5727) and he will try to get you into the tournament.
        Again, if you have to cancel, please call as soon as possible.


YOUR MCC Men’s Club Officers

President: Brian Moores

Vice President: Tom Steffenhagen

Treasurer: Mike McClure

Handicap Chairman: Kristi Dostal

Tournament Chairman: Bill Witbeck

Secretary: Dan Gill

Honorary Board Member: Don DeJarlais

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