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					Mercer Quarter Horses                  Heza Dun Smoke 1999 grullo                         stallion
551 Wayside Inn Road                               AQHA 3794276
Wickliffe, Ky. 42087                            NFQHA F0015069 91%
[270] 335-3066                                     IBHA T-20689

                                         Shipped Semen Stallion Service Contract
                                    Does not guarantee breeding until returned with deposit.
  This certifies: ___________________________________________ [Mare Owner] here in after referred to as Mare Owner.
  Has engaged one breeding service to HEZA DUN SMOKE for the 2010 breeding season at $600.00 for the following mare:
  Name of Mare: ________________________________, Breed: _________Reg. No.: _______________, Yr. Foaled: ______.

  Dewayne and/or Michelle Mercer, owner for the above stallion, are here in after referred to as Breeder or Stallion Owner.
  This service is subject to the following conditions:
  1. A non-refundable booking fee of $150.00 of the above fee is payable with this contract. The balance of the breeding fee
      of $450.00, plus a collection and transport fee will be as follows: [1] U.S. lower 48 states – shipped Federal Express
      Priority Overnight at $260.00 per shipment or by airplane at $300.00 per shipment. [2] Canadian shipments – Federal
      Express at $275.00 per shipment or by airplane at $325.00 per shipment, which includes vet collection fees, extender,
      disposable container, Federal Express delivery, and handling per semen shipment. A collection adequate for insemination
      of one mare will be collected and shipped. All fees must be paid in full before semen is shipped.
  2. A photocopy of the mare’s registration papers [both sides] shall be sent to the Breeder with this contract and booking fee.
  3. Collections will be made on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning deliveries
      during the breeding season. There will be an additional charge of $25.00 for Saturday Federal Express deliveries.
  4. The use of cooled semen is a new technology and no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, is given. No guarantee of
      delivery within a certain time period or the quality of the semen at arrival is given. Every effort will be made by Breeder to
      ship collections in a timely manner and will not be held liable for cooled semen after it reaches its destination.
  5. Mercer Quarter Horses [270-335-3066] must be notified when the mare to be bred comes into heat and no later than noon
      [12PM] Central Time on the day before the requested collection date. Late orders will be filled if possible but no
      guarantee. Semen will be shipped on collection days only on an “available” basis. Mares sent to the Breeder will receive
      preference for semen availability.
  6. Purchaser agrees that chilled semen requires special handling and that attempts to breed the mare outside controlled
      conditions of an equine reproductive center can greatly reduce, and in some cases prevent, chances of conception. We
      highly recommend sending your mare to a vet clinic or obtain a qualified Equine Veterinarian with reproductive and
      insemination experience, regarding the use of said semen.
  7. Live Foal Guarantee: Live foal means the foal shall stand and nurse. Mare owner agrees that the stallion owner makes no
      guarantees as the quality, or confirmation of the foal, nor that the foal will be free of any infirmity, conformation defect,
      disease, or inherited trait. If the mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or if the foal, is stillborn, a return season is guaranteed
      the following year only, providing proper notification is given. Proper notification shall be defined as follows: A written
      certification by a licensed veterinarian within seven days that mare has slipped or produced a non-viable foal. The only
      fee’s that would apply are transported cooled semen shipping / collecting, and container fees. Failure to do this will void
      the Live Foal Guarantee.
  8. The breeding season in force for this contract shall begin February 1 and close July 1 of the year covered by this contract.
  9. It is further agreed that should the above named stallion die, or becomes unfit for service, Mare Owner may breed above
      mare to another stallion on the farm if agreed to by both parties. If not agreed on, the breeding fee will be refunded but the
      booking fee will at all times, be retained by the Stallion Owner. If mare dies before producing a live foal, the Mare Owner
      may substitute another mare that is agreed to by both the mare Owner and Breeder.
  10. This contract is entered into in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of
      that state. If any clause of this contract is against state law, then that clause shall be null and void. This Contract cannot be
      assigned or transferred by Purchaser. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other
      agreements or promises, verbal or implied, are included unless specifically stated in this written contract.
  11. Mare Owner will pay Stallion Owner’s costs and expenses [including reasonable attorney’s fees] if Mare Owner has
      breached any material term of this Agreement.
  12. This contract is not valid unless completed in full. When Mare Owner signs and returns the contract and booking fee to the
      Breeder. It will then become a binding contract on both parties subject to the above terms and conditions. A breeders
      certificate will be issued to Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid and/or upon notification of the birth of the foal.
      A signed copy is returned to you after the Booking Fee is received.

       SHIPPING INFORMATION                                            OWNER INFORMATION
       Date: _______________________________                           Date: _______________________________
       Ship to: __________________________________                     Owner/Agent: ________________________
       Address: _________________________________                      Signature: ________________________
       City/ST/Zip: ______________________________                     Address:     551 Wayside Inn Road
       Home Phone: ________________________am/pm                       City/ST/Zip: Wickliffe, Ky. 42087
       Work Phone: _________________________am/pm                      Home Phone: 270-335-3066       am
       Fax/Cell: _________________________________                     Work Phone: 270-665-5500       pm
                                                 Mercer Quarter Horses

                                               Shipped Semen Guidelines

                                          !! IMPORTANT PLEASE READ !!

It is very important that you work closely with a veterinarian or someone familiar with equine reproductive artificial
insemination techniques.

All charges pertaining to shipped semen are your responsibility and must be paid for before any semen will be shipped to your
mare. These include:

    1.   Booking, breeding, collection fee, shipped semen service charges, and the container deposit, or purchase price,
         depending on what type of container is used.
    2.   All attempts will be made to use a disposable container. If one can’t be used for some reason and an Equitainer is
         used, a $300.00 refundable deposit applies. No contract will be approved until all fees are paid.
    3.   You are also responsible for returning the Equitainer to the address on it in a timely manner if one is utilized. You
         need to return the equitainer by the next day after semen has been received or you will be assessed a $10.00 / day
         rental fee applied to your container deposit.
    4.   If an Equitainer deposit applies, the deposit will be refunded upon receipt of the container, the stallion owner copy of
         insemination form and notification of the pregnancy status of your mare.

Semen will be on an "as available" basis with mares that have been sent to Mercer Quarter Horses having priority on semen
availability. Therefore it is imperative that requests for shipped semen must be received by noon [12PM] Central Time the day
before the shipping day. Please do not call at noon on a shipping day to request semen. By then, the semen has all been
allocated to other mares and shipments have already been sent.

Rules of use - AQHA rule 209b. Any semen collected for the purpose of artificial insemination, whether used on the premises
of collection or transported for use at another location, must be used within 72 hours of collection. Such semen may be cooled,
but not frozen. If semen is to be transported for the purpose of breeding a mare or mares, the stallion owner and mare owner
agree to complete their respective portions of the collection/insemination certificate (provided by the AQHA) will be
completed in part by the stallion owner and will accompany the semen transported to the mare owner. Upon receiving the
semen and the collection/ insemination certificate from the stallion owner, the mare owner shall complete and sign the
certificate, including the date of insemination. It is the mare owners’ responsibility to see that the AQHA receives the white
copy of this form within 15 days from the date of insemination. It is also agreed that the mare owner shall supply the stallion
owner with his appropriate copy within 15 days as well.

It is understood that any subsequent breedings in the same season will require another certificate. Any foal resulting from the
use of transported cooled semen must have its pedigree verified by genetic testing, including sire, dam and foal and all
expenses shall belong to the registration applicant. It is understood that any stallion providing stud service, owned by Mercer
Quarter Horses, has been DNA tested and parentage verified as is required by the AQHA. Any foal resulting from the use of
transported cooled semen shall not be registered without a transported semen breeders certificate, which will be provided by
Mercer Quarter Horses upon birth of the foal.

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