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									                                    BAROCK PROJECT

The Barock Project idea born from desire to spread the finest and perfect structure of classic music (mainest baroque
music) with rock-style and a little bit of jazz harmony, all supported by a pop song structure.
Our intention is to make relive the '70s progressive-rock love .
This project born from the keyboardist Luca Zabbini , pianist and composer at the "O.Vecchi" musical institute in
His passion for famous keyboardist Keith Emerson (Emerson,Lake & Palmer) , has increased in him the desire to play a
full range of style , from classical to rock and jazz. Luca is the composer of many songs of the band and since 1990 he
played in several bands (rock,blues,funky, as classical pianist , several jam-sessions).
During the summer of 2004 the bass player GB Giorgi and the drummer Giacomo Calabria joined to the band.
Giambattista Giorgi , young bassist influenced by rock sounds with big passion for jazz.
Giambattista and Luca already played together in 1996 with a progressive tribute band (ELP,PFM,ecc...)
Giacomo Calabria is a drummer that comes from large experience about progressive music .Giacomo is very good
percussionist too and he took the degree at Music University in Rome.
Luca Pancaldi sings in several bands since 1996 and in 2001 enter in an Iron Maiden's tribute band called "Children of
the Damned". With this band in 2002 he started a long tournee all around Europe with historical Maiden's singer Paul
The Barock Project music is perfect for places like theatres and festivals.
In January 2007 the band performed live with a string quartet , with arrangements wrote by Luca Zabbini , at Bologna
Theater and filmed a dvd called “Rock in Theater”.
In December 2007, with the label Musea Records , “Misteriose Voci” is the first album on the sales with very good
reviews and interviews from all the world (“Passion Progressive” France ; “Progressive World.net” USA ; “ProgNosis”
USA ; “MovimentiProg” Italy ; “Raw and Wild Magazine” Italy ; “Manticornio” Mexico ; “Prog Nose” Belgium ; “PRPM”
Brazil ; “ProgWereld” Netherlands ; ecc…)
Now in summer 2008 the band is next to complete a new album that it will be on sale on winter 2008/2009.
LUCA ZABBINI (Keyboards)
                                       Luca Zabbini born 26 March 1984 in S.Giovanni in Persiceto , near
                                       Bologna , and live in Crevalcore.
                                       His father Onelio was flautist and saxophonist and his grandfather
                                       was pianist. Massimo,the uncle , was a drummer.
                                       By this way Luca was surrounded by music from his early days ,
                                       listening father and grandfather composing.
                                       In 1990 Luca started to take the first piano's lessons and take the
                                       first steps in improvisation , listening jazz and rock from father's
                                       vinyl . On of those vinyl was Emerson Lake and Palmer.
                                       Luca was soon afascinated by ELP music and started to play Keith
                                       Emerson's parts at the keyboard.
                                       In 1995 his fiirst band called Fattore Comune, a disco-funky cover
                                       In 1996 Luca founded the K2 band , with bassist Giambattista
                                       Giorgi (GB ) and the guitarist Luca Comellini.
                                       This band started to play progressive rock music , like ELP's cover
                                       (Tarkus , Pictures At An Exhibition , Hoedown , ecc...).
                                       In 1997 Luca joined at the "O.Vecchi" Musical Institute as pianist
                                       and composer.
                                       Luca has written a large number of compositions, from jazz to
                                       rock and classical , like Guadiana (a suite for two pianos and two
                                       cellos) and soon he will finish to write a concerto for piano and
                                       In 2004 he became the keyboardist of Jesus Christ Superstar
musical's company in several theatres.
He play in several cover bands too.
Luca plays in various situations like clubs , as pianist in dinners , weddings , with deejays...
His favourite classic composers are B.Bartòk, S.Prokofev , S.Rachmaninoff , A.Ginastera but mainly
In 2003 his dream born and found Barock Project , with the intent to spread the classical atmospheres
mixed to the power of rock.

Giacomo Calabria born 10 March 1978 in
Acerra , near Naple.
His musical adventure start at the age of 14 ,
when he started to listening Queen and the
big italian artist Pino Daniele.. After two
years he jump into heavy-metal and found
his first band,that after a couple of years ,
publish an album with the Nocturnal Music.
The album is called A New Day and the band
Silent Field.
In 2000 the band split and Giacomo joined to
the Music Univeristy in Rome. In the free
time he was drum teacher in several Naples
music schools. In 2002 went to live in
Bologna and meet GB and , with him , form the Alias band.
Giacomo started to play in Coda band too , a Led Zeppelin tribute band and in the summer of 2004
nell'estate 2004 , he meet Luca Zabbini.
In this period , with Luca and GB , started the Barock Project adventure.
Giambattista Giorgi born 2 March 1982 in Bologna.
He's a contemporary bass player with rock sound and big passion for
jazz and prog-rock music.
At 12 he started to play father's guitar and at 13 the electric bass of
his uncle.
Since 1994 he learned playing by himselves , attended some courses
like Container Jazz School in Bologna , Modern Music Academy in
Modena and now Siena Jazz.
During years he played as session man in several recording studios
and since 1995 ,during his middle-school days , he play with Luca
Zabbini .

Luca Pancaldi born 20 Decembre 1981 in
Bologna.At 13 started to play bass for his love for
rock and heavy metal ; sing and play bass in
several bands since 1996 and in 1999 joined in
Icon of Hyemes(a metal band) , publishing 2 mini
cd and make concerts in Italy and other countries.
Since 2001 he is the singer in Children of the
Damned (Iron Maiden's Tribute Band) that with
this band in 2002 became Paul D'Ianno's band
(first storical Iron Maiden's singer).
With Paul D'Ianno and C.O.T.D.. make an intense
tour in all europe and he take experience as a
In 2005 he joined in Barock Project as a singer ,
leave his back Paul D'Ianno and C.O.T.D.




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