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					                   36th VITORIA-GASTEIZ JAZZ FESTIVAL

                                   FESTIVAL PROGRAM
                                Mendizorrotza Sports Center

July 16, Monday
8:30 pm                            Sweet Honey In The Rock has been setting up an outstanding legacy as one of the most celebrated
Tickets: 15 €                      A Cappella music members during the last decades. They are venerated in some circles as an
Gospel Concert                     American national treasure.

SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK            The band is made up of five Afro-American women who sing deep-root black-church music –
                                   spirituals, hymns, gospel – as well as Blues and Jazz. These five women mix their voices together
                                   with percussions in order to make a mélange of lyrics, motions and storytelling. In that way, they
                                   pointing out injustice and encouraging activism. Their music speaks against oppression and class
                                   exploitation. The quintet asks for a more human and fair world for all mankind.
Ysaye Barnwell, vocals
Aisha Kahlil, vocals               Sweet Honey´s repertoire is based on many musical traditions, including Gospel, civil rights songs,
Carol Maillard, vocals             folk pieces, Spirituals, Jazz and other sorts. There is a caller in every performance; this is someone
Louise Robinson, vocals            who decides which song has to be performed. During the concert, singers often don´t know which is
Nitanju Casel, vocals              the next performance until the caller announces on the stage. That is the reason why every concert is
Shirley Childress Johnson-Saxton   freshly different and so interesting; allowing the caller to choose lyrics and music without bounds
                                   based on public responses and reactions.

                                   They made 23 records and a documentary. It was the only musical group to be invited during 2008-
                                   2009 Alvin American Dance Theatre 50th Anniversaries.
                                   Those who were on their 1991 Vitoria concert surely have not forget their colorful garments on stage
                                   and that extraordinary moving version of Mahalia Jackson´s hit ‘In the Upper room’ that thrilled all the
                                   Their music can impact your conscience and change you DNA if you allow them to get into your soul.
July 17, Tuesday
9:00 pm
Tickets: 25 €                      Bollani´s continuous career as a pianist is unstoppable in solo performances, orchestrations or in
                                   this Danish-musician trio. His last solo/duet ECM label piano recordings with Enrico Rava or Chick
STEFANO BOLLANI TRIO               Corea have achieved a further step for a great international musical recognition.
                                   At the age of six, and accompanied by a piano, he surely knew he wanted to be a singer. Some years
Stefano Bolani, piano              later, he recorded a tape with his voice singing and playing. He sent it to his idol Renato Carosone
Jesper Bodilsen, counter bass      attached with a letter telling him his dream. Carosone adviced him to listen more Blues and Jazz. So
Morten Lund, drums                 Stefano Bollani followed him.
                                   It was the great italian trumpeter Enrico Rava who invited him to play and advised him to quit pop
                                   music. He encouraged him to put fully in the music that he really wants.
                                   Since then, his musical career was flashing. Including his historic collaboration with Rava, he has
                                   played with Pat Metheny, Richard Galliano, Gato Barbieri, Michel Portal, Phil Woods, Lee Konitz,
                                   Paolo Fresu…
                                   He has performed in all the most prestigious and influential stages, from Umbria Jazz to Montreal Jazz
                                   Festival, from New York Town Hall to La Scala in Milan.
                                   Since 2003, he is playing with the Danish musicians Jesper Bodilsen (counter bass) and Morten
                                   Lund (drums) and they have recorded some ECM label records.
                                   Nowadays, Stefano is clearly one of the most important European musicians.

                                   What an outstanding band! Two maestros of modern Jazz!
                                   For many, Joe Lovano is the best saxophonist for the last twenty years, with his gross and terrific
Joe Lovano, tenor sax              music from his tenor sax. Nearby is Dave Douglas, one of the best and most imaginative trumpeters
Dave Douglas, trumpet              at the time.
Lawrence Fields, piano             They both met each other in Fascination: Edition two, and more recently, in John Zorn´s Stolas
James Genus, counter bass          Since 2008, they have been co-leaders of the renewed SF Jazz Collective.
Joey Baron, drums                  These two performers are the head of a quintet which is named “Sound Prints” as a clear homage to
                                   Wayne Shorter´s ‘Footprints’.
                                   The quintet is also made by a daydream rhythmic group including Lawrence Fields (piano) James
                                   Genus (counter bass) y Joey Baron (drums).
                                   This is a creative super band which its success consists of finding new musical models on Jazz
July 18, Wednesday
9:00 pm
Tickets: 25 €                      Joshua Redman and Bad Plus reunion in Vitoria is going to be a promising and enjoyable meeting.
JOSHUA REDMAN & BAD PLUS Joshua Redman is one of the most acclaimed and charismatic saxophonists from the nineties. He is
                                   son of the great tenor sax Dewey Redman and he has been honored with ‘summa cum laude’ grade
Joshua Redman, sax                 in Harvard University. His professional music premiere was a tremendous surprise due to his mature
Reid Anderson, piano               and clear style based on Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane. From its very first moments, he has
Ethan Iverson, counter bass        been playing with Jazz greats as Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins, Elvin Jones, Paul
David King, drums                  Motian, Joe Lovano y Chick Corea.
                                   Together with Joshua´s charisma, there is one of the best contemporary Jazz bands.
                                   The Bad Plus formed in 2000 and started at Siglo XXI in 2003, leading in Jazz avant-garde since
                                   They are orthodox in formation (piano, counter bass and drums), but otherwise-minded in their music.
                                   They self-defined as ‘the noisiest trio ever’. It is a rock dance hip-hop based group that shows its
                                   actual prevalence in each performance.
                                        New Orleans is one of the most alive cities for music worldwide. After Katrina, countless bands have
Marcus Hubbard, trumpet                 emerged with new sounds but with a profound respect from Brass Band tradition.
Julian Gosin, trumpet
Erion Williams, tenor sax               Soul Rebels was created by Lumar Leblanc and Derric Moss who came from Dejan´s Young
Edward Lee Jr., sousaphone              Olympia Brass Band. Their music is a presence of Rhythm & Blues, Funk and Hip-Hop with half
Corey Peyton, trombone                  rap/half sung lyrics on several occasions.
Lumar Leblanc, snare drum               ‘Music is the best way to rise up from Katrina. That Catastrophe made everybody to draw attention to
Derrick Moss, bass drum                 our music’, says Leblanc.
                                        Recent HBO Treme series or 2010 Superbowl performances have made a great band prestige and in
                                        that way also carried to play live on stage with Metallica!
                                        Soul Rebels are continously tracing new paths. Village Voice said of them that they are ‘The missing
                                        link between Public Enemy and Louis Armstrong’.
July 19, Thursday
9:00 pm                                 Considered as a counter bass prodigy and also a great Singer, Esperanza Spalding was born in
Tickets: 35 €                       Portland in 1984.
                                    She did not need too much time to shine as one of the most brilliant sparks on music worldwide. She
Universal Music Night               is deeply-root influenced by Jazz, but beyond that, she is also predestined to trace a landmark, as
                                    confirmed on February last year when Esperanza became the first Jazz performer who was GRAMMY
ESPERANZA SPALDING                  awarded on best new artist category. She has been the only female singer who has performed in an
“Radio Music Society”               intense version of Louis Armstrong oldie´s ‘What A Wonderful World’ during Oscar Awards
Igmar thomas, trumpet               Her discography started in 2006 with ‘Junjo’, following two years later with, ‘Esperanza’. That record
Tia Fuller, alto sax                introduced her into the public. In 2010, she released worldwide “Chamber Music Society”.
Daniel Blake, tenor sax and soprano On mid-march this year, she has released Radio Music Society , a shining, positive and ambitious
Aaron Burnett, tenor sax            record which is accompanied by some of whom she considers her ‘family’: Joe Lovano, Jack
Jeff Galindo, tenor sax             DeJohnette, Terri Lyne Carrington.y Billie Hart, including guitar players as Jef Lee Johnson and
Corey King, trombone                Lionel Loueke and singers Gretchen Parlato y Lalah Hathaway.
Jeff Lee Johnson, guitar            At the age of 20, she was a counter bass teacher in Berkley School of Music in Boston.
Esperanza Spalding, counter bass,   She had her premiere in Spain in 2007 Vitoria Jazz Festival, in ‘Jazz del Siglo XXI’. As her career is a
electric bass, vocals               meteoric ascent, it is a great satisfaction to us to hearing this year on the festival main stage.
Leo Genovese, piano, keyboards
Lyndon Rochelle, drums
Chris Turner, vocals

GILBERTO GIL                            Gilberto Gil is a legendary Bossa Nova member, he is one of the tropicalist movement leader
Gilberto Gil, guitar and vocals         together with Caetano Veloso, María Betânia and Gal Costa (former Minister of Culture in Brazil
Bem Gil, guitar                         nearby President Lula), and he is reinventing himself with this string quartet.
Jaques Morelenbaum, cello
Nicolas Kassik, violin                  An extraordinary career with numerous awards on his more than 65 edited records. He has been
Gustavo di Dalva, percussion            awarded with plenty of golden records (12), platinum (5), and 7 GRAMMYS awards with more than
                                        four million copies sold worldwide. In 2001, he was named as UN Goodwill ambassador for food and
                                        agriculture program.
                                        He is best known for his musical innovations than his political dedication. He is always believing in
                                        developing new projects such as ‘String Concert & The Rhythm Machines’, where he is
                                        accompanied by genius cellist Jaques Morelenbaum, his son Bem Gil on guitar, violinist Nicolas
                                        Krassik and the great percussionist Gustavo di Dalva and he will offer us an intimate music with all
                                        its finesse and a great emotional intensity.
                                        Thanks to his unwavering creative commitment to show the heart and soul of Brazilian music to the
                                        world, Gilberto Gil has been awarded by numerous institutions and personalities. He also has
                                        received countless prizes in Brazil and abroad such as Polar Prize in 2005.
                                        He is a unique composer gifted by his talent and an immense curiosity. An ambassador of music
                                        moved by his strong cultural conviction.
July 20, Friday
9:00 pm                                 The New Yorker described Fred Hersch as “a poet pianist” and The New York Times lo defined as
Tickets: 35 €                           “a master genius playing on his own way”. He has been nominated twice on GRAMMY awards to best
                                        instrumental Jazz performance and best instrumental Jazz composition in 2006. He also has been
                                        nominated in three categories in Jazz Journalists Association as Composer of the Year (2005),
                                        Record of the year and pianist of the year (2006). He had recorded more than twenty works as main
                                        piano player.
Fred Hersch, piano
                                        Fred Hersch was born in Cincinnati (Ohio). He studied in The New England Conservatory in Boston,
John Hébert, counter bass
                                        where in 1977, he graduated with honors. He went to New York City and son he became in one of the
Eric McPherson, drums
                                        best in demand piano player. He played solo or in a duet in the legendary Bradley’s Club. He has
                                        worked with Jazz masters such as Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Art Farmer, Gary Burton, Bill
                                        Frisell y Charlie Haden.
                                        Fred Hersch is the most innovative piano player of the last decades and one of the most influential
                                        and brilliant of his generation. His style is pure art y his left hand reminds us to the legendary jazz
                                        pianist Art Tatum.

                                        A guitar legend and an indisputable reference in Jazz. He is one of the unique guitar players since
Pat Metheny, guitar                     eighties until nowadays and he is immediately known by his way of performing.
Chris Potter, sax                       His first recording was with Paul Blair and Jaco Pastorious in 1974.
Ben Williams, counter bass              He spent a long period with Gary Burton Band (1974-1977).
Antonio Sánchez, drums                  In 1978, He met keyboards player Lyle Mays and formed the Pat Metheny Group, which was the
                                        ECM star label for years.
                                        Along these years, he has enjoyed music meetings with Ornette Coleman, Michael Brecker, Charlie
                                        Haden, Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau, Jim Hall, David Holland, Joshua Redman, and David
                                        In February, he has been awarded by a new GRAMMY for his record ‘What´s all about’, his second
                                        solo acoustic work, with music from Paul Simon, Lennon/ Mccartney, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Burt

                                 Pat has 19 GRAMMY awards and he has been prized as best Jazz guitarist or best contemporary jazz
                                 record in countless times. His new proposal, Pat Metheny Unity Band is formed by Chris Potter, one of
                                 the most studied and copied saxophonists worldwide!. Together with, we can mention that this year
                                 we cannot have the best three tenor sax in the world, but four!. The band is completed by the counter
                                 bass Ben Williams who has played with Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard... and
                                 the Mexican Antonio Sanchez on drums. No doubt, one of the best requested drums of his generation.

July 21, Saturday                T
                                 “ he Last Jazz Immortal” (The Village Voice). The legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins will be the
9:00 pm                          perfect guest for the 36th edition closing with an exclusive concert in Spain and one of the unique
Tickets: 40 €                    three concerts that he would perform this summer in Europe. For more than half a century,
                                 Rollins has performed his music with the majesty of a ‘Colossus’. Nowadays, he still continues as
SONNY ROLLINS                    one of the golden age Jazz survivors, probably never be equaled. At the age of 81 and after a long
                                 musical career, Rollins is in top form. Just remember that he has been recently nominated to Best
                                 instrumental Jazz record in GRAMMY awards for ‘Road Shows, Vol. 2’ and also to Best
                                 improvised Solo Jazz. Also, He has been awarded by major Jazz magazines as best artist and best
                                 tenor sax.
                                 On the 2nd of March, 2011, he was decorated with the National Medal of Arts in the White House
                                 aside with Quincy Jones and Meryl Streep and last 4th of December, he received Kennedy Center
                                 Honors with other actors and musicians as Yo-Yo Ma.
                                 Sonny Rollins is one of the best improvisator in Jazz history and a unique referent for critics,
                                 musicians and public of all times. A maestro that is and will be an inspiration for several saxophonist

                                          Jazz del Siglo XXI
                                              Principal Theatre
July 16
To be announced
Ticket €

KONEXIOA: To be announced

July 17, Tuesday                 Tigran Hamasyan was born in Gyumri (Armenia) in 1987.
6:00 pm                          At the age of 2, He started experimenting with the piano. At the age of 7, he discovered
Tickets: 12 €                    Jazz and when he was 13, he started playing in a Jazz festival. In 2003, when he was 16,
                                 he won the first prize and the award for public in the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano
tigran hamasyan trio             Competition.
                                 Since then, he started performing in concert halls (winning Thelonious Monk Prize in
Tigran Hamasyan, piano           2006 at the age of 19 and further ones) and recording his first records: World Passion,
Sam Minaie, counter bass         New Era and Red Hai.
Nate Wood, drums
                                 In 2011, he recorded A Fable (Verve), his first solo piano work. It was recently awarded
                                 with the Victoires de la Musique prize (one of the most important and prestigious in
                                 France) as Best International Record produced in this country. This 13-original-
                                 masterpiece poetic record is inspired by the poetry and folklore of his country of origin,
                                 which remains classic composers such as Aram Khachaturian in solo piano works.
                                 His music has a radiant luminosity.

                                 This scandinavian/british trio has the ability and capacity to impress, excite, inspire and
July 18, Wednesday
6:00 pm
Tickets: 12 €                    move like no other present-time Jazz band.
                                 Phronesis is leaded by danish bassist Jasper Hoiby. Their fantastic live performances
PHRONESIS                        has been described as ‘The most imaginative and exciting Trio since EST’.
                                 In 2010, Phronesis captivated British audience and developed his reputation as one of
Ivo Neame, piano                 the best Jazz trio in United Kingdom. That year, the band made some unforgettable
Jasper Høiby, counter bass       performances in Europe: Banilieues Bleues Festival in Paris, Copenhague Jazz Festival
Anton Eger, drums                and North Sea Jazz Festival as well as Jazz festivals in Brecon, Glasgow and London. On
                                 June 2011, they made his first US tour including performances in Ottawa and Montreal
                                 Jazz Festivals and in the legendary Jazz Standard Club in New York City. In August 2011,
                                 they released their ‘Pitch Black Project’ in Brecon, a completely dark concert which
                                 deserved some excellent critics, described as ‘an unmissable and unique success’.
                                 Phronesis is formed since 2005 by bassist Jasper Hoiby, who was born in Copenhagen.
                                 He is living in London where he was graduated by the Royal Academy of Music. The band
                                 is completed by British pianist Ivo Neme and Swedish Anton Eger on drums.
July 19, Friday
6:00 pm
Tickets: 12 €
                                 28-year-old Jazz trumpeteer and resident in New York City Dominick Farinacci was
DOMINICK FARINACCI               awarded by the International New Star Award, Disney New Star Award and the first place
QUINTET                          on Carmine Caruso International Trumpet Competition. He has recorded his second work
                                 in US, “Dawn of Goodbye” after releasing 7 CDs as a main artist for the Japanese
Dominick Farinacci, trumpet      market.
Kris Bowers, piano               Quincy Jones said to him that “this guy´s outright” and he was invited to play in the O2
Yasushi Nakamura, counter bass   Arena in London in first turn for the big British stars Jamie Cullum and Jeff Beck Concert
Lawrence Leathers, drums         on the occasion of his first US album release “Lover, Tales & Dances”.
Keita Ogawa, percussion          When he was only 17, Wynton Marsalis asked to play with him in the PBS (American
                                 Public Television) special concert at the Lincoln Centre. Shortly after this, he was one of
                                 the 18 worlwide musicians that took part in Opening Season Jazz Program Concert from
                                 The Juilliard School.
                                 Dominick has played in the great Jazz festivals and clubs and he had made Japan tours
                                 since 2003. He had played and recorded with Wynton Marsalis, Kenny Barron,
                                 Mulgrew Miller, Lewis Nash, Ron Carter, Joe Lovano, Jimmy Heath y Benny

                                 Ambrose Akinmusire´s Blue Note Debut has the similar energy and emotion as we all
July 20, Friday
6:00 pm
Tickets: 12 €                    felt thirty years ago when we first heard Wynton Marsalis´s wonderful premiere.
                                 We are spectators of this new emerging voice in music and his new sound and trumpet
Ambrose Akinmusire               conception.

Ambrose Akinmusire, trumpet      His first premiere in Vitoria was in 2001, when he was 18, with The Steve Coleman Band
Walter Smith III, sax            “Five Elements”. Last year, He was part of great Michel Portal´s Band and he has
Sam Harris, piano                collaborated with Wayne Shorter, Christian McBride, Vijay Iyer, Stefon Harris....
Harish Raghavan, counter bass
                                 This newcomer came to Vitoria long time ago.
Justin Brown, drums
                                 He combines three major talents: fast and fluent virtuosity, the ability to create new
                                 intervals and forms and a fresh music approximation.
                                 He was born in Nigeria and raised in San Francisco Bay (Oakland). When Jazz fans are
                                 thinking about the future, there is no doubt that Ambrose is the kind of artist that makes
                                 them blessed and hopeful.

                                 He was born in Beirut in 1980 within a family of highbrows and artists. He was the son
July 21, Saturday
6:00 pm
Tickets: 12 €                    of trumpeteer Nasimm Maalouf and pianist Nada Maalouf, nephew of writer Amin
                                 Maalouf (2010 Príncipe de Asturias Prize) and grandson of journalist, poet and
Ibrahim Maalouf                  musicologist Rushid Maalouf.
                                 His family left Lebanon during civil war and they established on the Paris suburbs.
Ibrahim Maalouf , trumpet        When he was 7, he was cheered by his family to start playing trumpet and classical arab
Yvan Robilliard, Fender Rhodes   music with his father, who was a student of Maurice André. In fact, his father was the
Laurent David, bass              inventor of microtonal trumpet, called ‘Quarter-Tone Trumpet’, in which he could perform
Francois Delporte, guitar        Arabic ‘Magans’ in his trumpet.
Xavier Roge, drums               At the age of 10, he often played Vivaldi, Purcell and Albinoni pieces with his father
Youenn Le Cam , flute, Biniou,
                                 con throughout Europe and Middle East.
                                 It was M. André himself who encouraged him to leave his scientific studies and turn into
                                 a professional musician. He was continuously developing his style meanwhile he was
                                 studying five years in the Superior Academy of Music in Paris.
                                 He was inspired by Arabic artists such as Oum Kalsoum and Fairuz, classical
                                 composers as Malher and Mozart, and Jazz musicians as Miles Davis and Dizzy
                                 Gillespie. He recorded his first work called ‘Diasporas’ in 2007, following ‘Dischronism’ in
                                 2009 and ‘Diagnostic’ in 2011. Maalouf was also the composer of Christophe Trahand´s
                                 ‘Souffle!’ film song and he depicted his relationship with his country of origin when Sting
                                 asked him for a collaboration in his 2009 record “If on a Winter´s Night”.

Mendizorrotza Sports Center:
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Season Tickets (July 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21) 108€
Principal Season Tickets (July 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21): 55€

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