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									                                                                                                                       SIMPLE SNACKS AND MEALS

            hile some athletes love to play to                                                                           	 If	you	are	hauling	your	own	snacks	and	meals,	
            packed audiences, others prefer                                                                                the	best	choices	are	lightweight,	energy-packed,	
            the solitude and satisfaction that                                                                             good-tasting,	and	quick-to-prepare	items	(see		
                                                                                                                           tables	inside	for	ideas).	
            come with adventurous outdoor
                                                                                                                         	 There	is	a	tremendous	variety	of	tasty,	easy-
pursuits such as hiking, rock climbing,                                                                                    to-prepare,	freeze-dried	meal	options	from	which		
backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing. It’s                                                                                  to	choose,	but	they	can	be	expensive.	You’ll		
the thrill of self-reliance combined with                                                                                  want	to	augment	these	with	dehydrated	foods,		
                                                                                                                           to	minimize	the	weight	that	you	are	carrying.		
the majesty of Mother Nature that is so
                                                                                                                           Grains,	pasta,	and	potato	flakes	are	already		
compelling. It clears the mind and gets                                                                                    dehydrated.	You	can	also	prepare	or	buy		
the heart pumping. These activities are no                                                                                 dehydrated	fruits	and	vegetables.	
less athletic than many traditional sports.                                                                              	 Package	individual	meals	in	plastic	bags	prior	
Burning lungs, aching forearms, and wobbly                                                                                 to	departing,	and	discard	the	packaging	except		
                                                                                                                           for	the	cooking	instructions.	
legs are just as inherent to these pursuits as
                                                                                                                         	 Use	squeeze	tubes	for	items	like	peanut	
they are to many others — with the added                                                                                   butter	and	syrup.	
spectre, however, of mortal danger lingering
                                                                                                                         	 Double	bag	powder	items	to	prevent	spills.	
over every step, ascent, or stroke.
                                                                                                                         	 Bring	non-refrigerated	items	for	longer	treks.
                                                                                                                         	 Bring	small	packets	of	olive	or	canola	oil	for	a	
But you can’t live on adrenaline alone —                                                                                   concentrated	source	of	calories.
proper nutrition and hydration are required
if you expect to fully enjoy these activities
for the athletic thrill rides that they are
intended to be. Extra care should be taken
to ensure that you get the right kind of fuel
in the tank before, during, and after your
outdoor adventure. After all, the last place
that you want to be when your energy levels
crash is on a steep rock face, hundreds of
feet above the ground.

Outdoor adventure sports are hazardous
                                                                                                                       PowerBar offers a variety of simple, nutritious, and convenient products
enough — let our guide help you limit your                                                                             designed with outdoor adventure sports in mind.
risks and enhance your overall performance.

Information presented in this pamphlet is intended to impart general fitness, nutrition and health information.
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You should consult your medical professional for medical advice prior to undertaking a new diet or exercise program.
Never disregard professional medical advice because of something you have read in this brochure.
                            NUTRITION & HYDRATION FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE SPORTS                                                                                    learn | train | share @ WWW.POWerBar.cOm

BEFORE HEADING OUT                                           Get the right kind of fuel in the tank
	 Start	hydrated	by	consuming	2–3	cups	of	fluids	
  (water	or	sports	drink)	a	few	hours	before	you		           before, during, and after the outdoor
                                                             adventure sport of your choice
  head	out.	
	 Keep	on	drinking	fluids,	as	needed,	before	your	
  activity	starts	—	especially	when	conditions	are		
  hot	or	humid.	
	 Eat	a	carbohydrate-based,	moderate-protein	meal	
                                                             at a Glance — What tO PacK
  2–4	hours	before	your	activity	if	feasible.	Avoid	                                                                            LENGTH OF YOUR ACTIVITY
  slow-to-digest,	fatty	and	high-fiber	foods	before-
  hand	if	your	planned	activity	is	intense.	
                                                                                                                                1–2 Hours                       Half Day                         All Day/ Multiple Days
                                                                                                                                                                Water                            Water
	 For	early-morning	starts,	or	when	time	is	short,	          Easy                                                               Water                           Snack                            Snacks and 1 meal
  go	for	an	easy-to-digest,	carb-based	snack		                                                                                                                  Sports drink (optional)          Sports drink (optional)
  30–60	minutes	beforehand.	
                                                                                                                                Water                           Sports drink                     Sports drink
                                                             Moderate                                                           Sports drink (optional)         Water                            Water
WHILE YOU ARE OUT THERE                                                                                                         Snack                           Snacks                           Snacks and 1 meal
	 Drink	small	volumes	of	fluid	every	15	minutes	or	                                                                             Sports drink                    Sports drink                     Sports drink
  so	—	start	early	during	your	activity.	                    Challenging                                                        Water                           Water                            Water
                                                                                                                                Snack                           Snacks and 1 meal                Snacks and 1–2 meals
	 If	it’s	hot	and/or	humid,	or	if	your	activity	spans	
  a	number	of	hours,	and	you	experience	heavy	
  sweating,	a	sports	drink	is	a	better	hydration		           simPle snacKs anD meals FOr YOUr OUtDOOr actiVitY
  option	than	plain	water.                                   BREAKFAST FOODS                                                    LUNCH FOODS                     DINNER FOODS                     TASTY LIQUIDS
	 No	access	to	fluids?	Carry	your	own	in	sports	                                                                                                                Quick-cook noodle soups
  bottles	or	use	a	hydration	pack	—	freeze	them	the	         Quick-cook hot cereals
                                                                                                                                Pita and tortillas              (e.g., ramen) and soups          Hot cocoa
                                                             with raisins
  night	before.                                                                                                                                                 made from mixes
	 For	activities	of	a	few	hours	or	less,	at	a	leisurely	     Oranges/apples
                                                                                                                                Trail mix, granola bars,        Pasta and rice with dried
  pace,	you	generally	don’t	need	to	refuel	as	you	go.	                                                                          energy bars                     vegetables
  Instead,	focus	on	hydration.                                                                                                                                  Camp foods and mixes with
                                                             Dry cereal or granola mixed
	 For	activities	of	a	few	hours	or	more,	at	a	more	                                                                             Dried fruit, nuts and seeds     dried potatoes, rice, lentils,   Powdered lemonade
                                                             with dry milk powder
  vigorous	pace,	consume	small	amounts	of	carb-                                                                                                                 and beans
  based	snacks	frequently	to	refuel.	                                                                                                                           Chicken breast or smoked
                                                             Dried fruit                                                        Crackers                                                         Instant coffee
                                                                                                                                                                salmon in foil packets
WHEN YOU ARE DONE                                            Rehydrated powdered milk
                                                                                                                                String cheese, peanut butter,
                                                                                                                                tuna (in foil packets), jerky
                                                                                                                                                                Wide variety of freeze-dried
	 Rapidly	replenish	muscle	fuel	reserves	by	consum-
  ing	a	carbohydrate-based	snack	or	meal	within	30	          Almond butter mixed with
  minutes	of	finishing.	                                     oats and honey

	 Consume	at	least	15	grams	of	protein	within	an	
  hour	after	your	activity,	to	help	with	the	repair	of	      POWERBAR OPTIONS
  damaged	muscle	fibers.                                     Ironman Perform™ sports drink, developed by the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar
	 Weigh	yourself	before	and	after	your	activity	in	          Energy bars and bites: PowerBar® Performance Energy bar, PowerBar® Fruit Smoothie Energy bar, PowerBar Harvest®
  order	to	gauge	your	loss	of	fluids.	Replace	lost	fluids	   Energy bar, PowerBar ® Nut Naturals Energy bar, PowerBar® Triple Threat® Energy bar, PowerBar® Energy Bites
  by	gradually	drinking	2–3	cups	of	water	or	a	sports	
  drink	for	every	1	lb	of	weight	lost.	                      Energy gels and chews: PowerBar® Gel, PowerBar® Energy Blasts gel filled chews

	 Consume	small	amounts	of	salty	snacks,	such	as	            Protein bars, bites, and powders: PowerBar ProteinPlus® protein bar, PowerBar ProteinPlus® 30g protein bar,
  crackers	and	pretzels,	to	replace	the	sodium	that	         PowerBar ProteinPlus® Bites, PowerBar ProteinPlus® protein powder drink mix
  you	lose	in	sweat.	                                        Follow refrigeration and storage instructions of all food products, as directed on packaging.

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