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					MultiSal™ Fragrance
PID #2402!                                                                        U.S. Patent #7115282
                              Discover Fragrance “Release on Demand”

MultiSal™ Fragrance MultiSal™ is a patented
controlled release system that utilizes microspheres to
extend the benefits of fragrances and release them
upon moisture activation. The microspheres are
composed of a proprietary blend of synthetic and natural
water-sensitive polymers and oligomers. The unique
composition of MultiSal™ provides the ability to seal
and retain very volatile materials, such as aroma
chemicals and fragrances, until needed (i.e., when the
microspheres are exposed to body moisture, such as
sweating) and release them. The release kinetics of the
fragrance in response to moisture can be controlled and
extended over a longer period of time (few minutes to
12 hours).

MultiSal™ Fragrance microspheres are comprised of a
proprietary blend of water-soluble and water dispersible
synthetic and natural polymers, specially blended to
ensure that the final matrix composition has superior
sealing properties to prevent cracks and other defects
from which the fragrance can leak. The composition of
the matrix is also designed to provide a substantial
                                                           - Foot Care, Deodorant/Antiperspirant, Dry Shampoo,
barrier to the permeation or diffusion of the aroma
                                                           Aerosols, Body Powder, Aroma Therapy Tablets (Toilet
chemicals. In the presence of moisture the matrix of the
                                                           Bowl, Spa Tablets, Effervescent Tablets)
microsphere dissolves or swells to slowly release the
fragrance, providing prolonged release in response to
moisture activation.
                                                           - High retention of volatile ingredients
                                                           - Protection of aroma against oxidation
                                                           - Moisture trigger
                                                           - Easy to add to anhydrous formulations
                                                           - Particle size can be altered to incorporate in sprays

                                                           INCI names:
                                                           SEE MSDS

                                                           Usage Levels:
                                                           Add MultiSal™ Fragrance to formulation below 160° C.
                                                           Recommended usage for skin care products: 1 - 10%

                                                           Product Specification:
                                                           Appearance: Equal to approved standard
                                                           Color: White
                                                           Odor: Typical to the fragrance
                                                           Particle Size: 95% < 200 um
                                                           Storage: Closed container, room temperature
                                                           Shelf Life: 12 months
Fig. 1: Structure of MultiSal™: Sub-micron spheres         Solubility/Compatibility: Freely dispersible in
containing the fragrance, encapsulated within the          anhydrous cosmetic formulations and powders

                                                Version 4.23.11

      65 Stults Road ~ Dayton, NJ 08810 ~ Phone: (609) 655-0173 ~ Fax: (609)655-9291 ~
                                                Process Stability                                                                             Fragrance Stability:

MultiSal™ Fragrance can survive various production                                             Heat stability is used as a criteria for stability. The
processes including extrusion, homogenization, and hot                                         MultiSal™ Fragrance microspheres were tested in a
pour on a commercial scale, resulting in stable products.                                      Differential Scanning Calorimetric (figure 4) to determine
A sample of MultiSal™ Fragrance in a bar soap can be                                           the enthalpy change and weight loss of encapsulated
seen in the microscopy picture below (figure 2).                                                fragrance as a function of the temperature surrounding
                                                                                               the spheres.

                                                                                               Fig. 4: DSC TGA testing of MultiSal™ Fragrance shows
Fig 2: Microscopy of MultiSal™ taken from finished                                              that it undergoes phase transition at 160° C, and a rapid
soap bar after accelerated aging (3 months, 50° C).                                            release at 170° C. This qualifies MultiSal™ Fragrance to
                                                                                               be used in a hot pour procedure and even baking.
                                    Study: Moisture Triggered Release
                                                                                                                              Clinical Study: Longevity and Intensity
Headspace measurements were taken on skin treated
with an aged antiperspirant product comprised of free                                          A clinical study was performed to determine the odor
and MultiSal™ encapsulated fragrance. The study                                                intensity and longevity of 1.5% free fragrance (Control)
shows that MultiSal™ Fragrance technology provides                                             compared to 1.5% MultiSal™ encapsulated fragrance
significantly better retention of aroma chemicals during                                        (figure 5). Results from volunteers show that the top
the aging process compared to the free fragrance.                                              note of the free fragrance evaporates within 1-2 hours
MultiSal™ Fragrance also provides a high impact “burst”                                        from application, while MultiSal™ encapsulation
of fragrance that was easily perceivable (figure 3).                                            technology sustains the release throughout the course
                                                                                               of an entire day.

                          &#!"                                                                                           ("
                                                        Control (Free Fragrance)!                                                                                      MultiSal™ Fragrance!
                                                        MultiSal™ - Dry!
 Headspace (ppm) x 106!

                                                                                                 Odor Intensity (1-5)!

                                                        MultiSal™ - Moisture-Triggered !                                 &"


                           #!"                                                                                           #"

                                    Dihydro       Linaloo!   Benzyl Acetate!        Lillial!                                  !"   #"   $"   %"   &"   '"    ("   )"   *"   +"   #!"   ##"   #$"   #%"   #&"
                                                                                                                                                            Time (Hours)!

FIg. 3: Graphical representation of fragrance                                                  Fig. 5: Graphical representation of the results of a
performance from an aged antiperspirant product. The                                           clinical study comparing odor intensity and longevity of
performance of each fragrance was significantly                                                 free fragrance compared to MultiSal™ Fragrance.
increased when MultiSal™ technology was used. Users                                            MultiSal™ technology sustains the release of the
experienced a noticeable burst of fragrance intensity.                                         fragrance over an entire day.

                                 65 Stults Road ~ Dayton, NJ 08810 ~ Phone: (609) 655-0173 ~ Fax: (609) 655-9291 ~

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