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If you are looking for the best keyboard on the market, this article is a must read. Here I'll present you
with reviews of the best keyboards on offer.

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People who spend maximum amount of their work time, keying in data through a keyboard, need to be
very discerning when buying a new one. Your comfort while working is very important and that's why,
you should go for the best keyboard on offer. Below, you'll find reviews of the best computer keyboards
on the market to choose from.

Though the structure of basic QWERTY keyboard remains the same, there are many innovations made in
its design over the years. There are different types of keyboards. You can have wireless keyboards,
specially designed ergonomic keyboards and even gaming keyboards. They come with a lot more extra
function keys, making it easier for you to navigate through your computer programs entirely through the
keyboard. In the ergonomic keyboards vs traditional computer keyboards debate, I vote for ergonomic
ones. In the next section you will find a list of few chosen products that are contenders for the title of
best keyboard ever.

Best Keyboards On the Market

What pianos are to accomplished players, computer keyboards are to people working in information
technology sector. What matters when you buy a new keyboard is your feel of it. More than the
features and everything else, what matters is how easily your fingers find their way across it. The ease of
use should be your main consideration while choosing the best keyboard for your desktop computer.
This is the main computer keyboard buying tip that I would like to share. You may need a keyboard that
is specially designed for gaming purpose or general home use. Whatever be your requirement, you will
find what you want in the range of computer keyboards presented below.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Widely acclaimed as the best ergonomic keyboard on offer, Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
is the perfect choice for home and office desktop computer users. Its ergonomic design is aimed at
providing comfort while typing and many extra features add to its usability. For example, a separate
zoom key is presented that can directly let you zoom in to the screen directly. An improved number pad,
special Internet hot keys, multimedia keys are some of the other features to take note of. With a three
year warranty, this product voted as the best keyboard overall, will cost you only $59.95.

Logitech G19
Priced at $149.99 after discounts, the Logitech G19 is voted as the best gaming keyboard. This keyboard
is for diehard gamers who need to use it as their gaming console. With an attached LCD panel for game
information display, VoIP communication, images display and videos, 12 programmable keys for games,
custom key back lighting option, two USB ports and game mode switching, you will never find a better
gaming keyboard other than this one. This keyboard will give you the edge you need in winning games
by providing speed and functionality.

Microsoft Arc Keyboard
If you are looking for a budget wireless keyboard with basic functionality, Microsoft Arc keyboard is a
great choice. Besides being very lightweight and compact in size, it comes with 2.4 GHz wireless
transmission technology and a stowable transceiver. With all these features, it comes with a price tag of
$59.95 only.

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard
One of the low budget best wireless keyboard choices is HP Wireless Elite, with a price tag of only
$32.09 after discount. This extremely stylish keyboard comes with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and can
operate within a range of 32 feet. It has a long battery life and is designed to be energy efficient overall.

Saitek Eclipse II
Another product worthy of being called the best keyboard on the market is Saitek Eclipse II. With
illuminated keys and special angle adjustment for ease of use, this keyboard will cost you only $51.22.

Logitech diNovo Edge
One of the best bluetooth keyboards is Logitech diNovo Edge. A sleek minimalistic design with
Perfectstroke silent key technology, this is one of the most stylish and silently operating keyboards on
the market. Two hour charging will keep the keyboard functional for two months straight because of its
long life rechargeable battery. The price tag is high but certainly justified at $179.99.

The best keyboard from among the above listed ones, would be the one meeting your exact
requirements and budget. Don't hesitate in spending more for a good ergonomic keyboard as it will add
to your working comfort and ultimately reduce your stress in the long run.

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