application, and the permit. The         removal of the tree from the parkway
ENCROACHMENT                          permit section consists of standard      and the related sidewalk repair.
                                      predefined conditions along with any
   PERMITS                            special conditions which are applied
                                                                                  WHERE DO I APPLY FOR AN
                                      to the permit, the permit fees, the
                                                                                  ENCROACHMENT PERMIT?
                                      trust fund deposit, if applicable, and
 WHEN IS AN ENCROACHMENT              construction inspection. The County
    PERMIT REQUIRED?                  must issue a permit number before it     Encroachment permit forms can be
                                      is considered valid.                     obtained      from  the    County
                                                                               Transportation Department, at the
An encroachment permit is required                                             Encroachment Permit Counter on
from the County Encroachment               FOR HOW LONG IS AN
                                                                               weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Permits office when work is done          ENCROACHMENT PERMIT
                                                                               or on line at
within the public right-of-way.                  VALID?
Encroachment permits are not                                                   www.countyof.org/transport-ation.
issued for work done on private       Generally a permit is valid for six
property. Work is performed through   months and once the permit expires,
the Engineering Services Develop-     an extension can be obtained.
ment & Inspection Division of the     However, in some circumstances a
Public Works Agency.                  new encroachment permit applica-
                                      tion must be filed. Annual permits,
                                      which can be issued to utility
                                      companies, are valid for one year
                                      from the date they are issued.

                                            HOW MUCH DOES AN
                                          ENCROACHMENT PERMIT                      WHAT ELSE DO I NEED IN
                                                 COST?                             ORDER TO COMPLY WITH
                                                                                   ENCROACHMENT PERMIT
                                      The cost of an encroachment permit
                                      varies depending on the type and
                                                                               In order to issue a valid
                                      cost of the improvements being
       WHAT DOES AN                                                            encroachment permit, the County
   ENCROACHMENT PERMIT                                                         will typically require insurance in all
       CONSIST OF?                    However, in a few cases, NO FEE          instances      where     the   County
                                      permits are issued, such as when         determines the public is at risk from
                                      parkway trees cause damage to the        the work being performed under the
Encroachment permits consist of       sidewalk. A permit is required for the   encroachment permit.
two    primary  sections:   the
A traffic control plan will be required   DigAlert Identification Number, call    APPLYING FOR AN
if the work site impacts a public         Underground Service Alert at TOLL
street. The traffic control will be       FREE 1-800-227-2600, no sooner          ENCROACHMENT
required to meet the standards set        than 14 and no later than two days          PERMIT
forth in the Work Area Traffic Control    prior to commencing excavation
Handbook (WATCH) manual, a copy           activities.
of which can be purchased from the
American Public Works Association
                                                   OTHER PERMITS
                                          Other permits available include: Film
                                          Permits, which allow still and motion
                                          picture photography within County
                                          roadways. Transportation Permits,
                                          which (under specific guidelines)
                                          allow the transporting of over-size/
                                          over-weight loads on County roads.

                                          If your project may potentially
                                          involve or a complete road closure,
                                          you will need to obtain a copy of the
                                          County’s policy on such road
IMPORTANT      POINTS    TO               closures.

                                          If you have questions, requests, or
It is important to remember the           suggestions, please call Department
following important points when           at: or through the “Contact Us” link
working in the public right-of-way.       at:     Rev. 2/21/08
Delineate the site: It is mandatory
that the proposed excavation site be
outlined with white paint or stakes.
Dial before you dig: Section
4216/4217 of the Government Code
requires a DigAlert Identification
Number be issued before a "permit
to excavate" is valid. To obtain a

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