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                              September 22, 2009 - 9:30 a.m.

The Wood County Board of Supervisors composed of nineteen members convened at the Wood County
Boardroom in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin on September 22, 2009.

Chairman Pliml called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m., the agenda being properly posted.

Supervisors present were: Allworden, Ashbeck, Clendenning, Conradt, Feirer, Haferman, Hendler,
Henkel, Josephson, Miltimore, Miner, Moody, Nelson, Pliml, Polach, Rozar, Schiferl and Winch.

Supervisor Hokamp was excused.

Supervisor Miltimore came forward to give the invocation and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion by Nelson/Moody to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to accept the minutes
carried by voice vote.

Motion by Miltimore/Josephson to accept items placed on the desks. Motion carried by voice vote.

Chairman Pliml accepted a motion by Henkel/Rozar to appoint Ross Miltimore as the county board
representative to the Village of Port Edwards Joint Review Board for TID #2. Motion carried by voice

Chairman Pliml called for any comments from the public. There were none.

Minutes of various committees were reviewed. Reports, requests and resolutions relating to county board
business are as follows:

Committee minutes presented: Executive Committee reports (no minutes), Health and Human Services
Committee minutes and reports


Introduced by: Health and Human Services Committee

INTENT & SYNOPSIS: To recognize September as Fall Prevention Awareness Month and further
recognize September 22 as Fall Prevention Awareness Day in Wood County.


Motion by Rozar/Miltimore to adopt Resolution 09-9-1. Motion carried unanimously. Absent was

                                SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS
                            SUE KUNFERMAN, HEALTH DIRECTOR

Health Department Director, Sue Kunferman updated the board on Wood County Health Department’s
efforts regarding to the H1N1 flu vaccine preparedness plan. She expects the first shipment in early
October, although it may be a small one. There is a priority order established for vaccinations. 1)
Pregnant women 2) Caregivers of infants 6 months or younger 3) All infants/young adults, 6 months to 24
years of age 4) Healthcare workers/EMS personnel 5) Adults 25 – 64 years of age with chronic health
conditions, i.e. asthma, heart condition, etc. There will be clinics held in grade schools, high schools and
colleges. The department is hiring additional staff to be able to accomplish the goal of vaccinating the
approximately 40,000 people in Wood County that fit into the above plan. Vaccinations will be free of
charge through the Wood County Health Department.

Committee minutes presented: Public Safety


Introduced by: Public Safety Committee

INTENT & SYNOPSIS: To support state legislation that would impose humane regulations on large-
scale dog breeders, large dog auctions, animal shelters, and animal control facilities.

FISCAL NOTE: Unknown; implementation of the legislation could save the county money by there being
fewer problems with large-scale dog breeders or it could cost the county more if the breeders fail to
comply with the humane regulations.

Motion by Josephson/Conradt to adopt Resolution 09-9-2. Discussion centered around any costs to the
county and who would handle enforcement actions. Motion to adopt Resolution 09-9-2 carried. Voting
no were Schiferl and Winch. Absent was Hokamp.

Committee minutes presented: Conservation, Education and Economic Development Committee


Introduced by: Conservation, Education and Economic Development Committee

INTENT & SYNOPSIS: To adopt the Wood County Comprehensive Plan pursuant to Section
66.1001(4)(c) of the Wisconsin Statutes.


Motion by Henkel/Haferman to adopt Resolution 09-9-3. Motion by Winch/Clendenning to delay action
on this resolution for 30 days to the October meeting of the county board. Motion failed. Voting no were
Nelson, Feirer, Hendler, Ashbeck, Miner, Henkel, Haferman, Pliml, Allworden, Moody. Absent was
Hokamp. Discussion as to what measures were taken for public information. Discussion also centered
around the depth of the plan and what measures would need to be taken to amend the plan in the future.
Motion to Hendler/Schiferl to cease discussion and bring the resolution to a vote. Motion passed by voice
vote. Motion to adopt Resolution 09-9-3 carried. Voting no were Winch, Polach and Clendenning.
Absent was Hokamp.

Committee minutes presented: Judicial and Legislative Committee


Introduced by: Judicial and Legislative Committee

INTENT & SYNOPSIS: To turn over unused monies in escrow accounts to the County’s Miscellaneous
Revenue fund 101-2801-48900-000-000.

FISCAL NOTE: As per resolution—$289.00 to be transferred to miscellaneous revenue.

Motion by Rozar/Miltimore to adopt Resolution 09-9-4. Motion carried unanimously. Absent was

Committee minutes presented: Highway Infrastructure and Recreation, Aging and Disability Resource
Center of Central Wisconsin, McMillan Memorial Library, South Central Library Board of Trustees, The
University Commission: UW-Marshfield/Wood County, WCA Conference report by Hilde Henkel


Introduced by: Supervisors Henkel and Feirer

INTENT & SYNOPSIS: To approve the joinder of Lincoln County into the ADRC-CW upon approval of
all of the member county boards and the allocation of state funding.

FISCAL NOTE: There is no anticipated change to the level of Wood County's funding of the ADRC-CW
based upon the enactment of the agreement.

Motion by Feirer/Henkel to adopt Resolution 09-9-5. Short discussion and questions. Motion to adopt
Resolution 09-9-5 carried. Absent was Hokamp.

Motion by Schiferl/Josephson to adjourn. Motion carried by voice vote. Next scheduled county board
meeting is October 20, 2009.

Respectfully Submitted
Cynthia Cepress
Wood County Clerk

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