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					9. An annual pit bull license fee of    Guidelines to follow when a
$100. A pit bull license tag will be     pit bull is outside a fully-
issued, and shall be attached to                                             3. A pit bull cannot be
the pit bull by means of a collar or
                                            enclosed structure.              transported in the open bed of a
harness. License is not                                                      truck or in a vehicle from which it
                                       1. When away from said structure,
transferable. The annual license                                             can escape. When a pit bull is
                                       a pit bull must be fastened to a
fee can be paid at Independence                                              being transported it must be in a
                                       leash not more than four feet in
Animal Control. Call 325-7207 to                                             secure temporary enclosure,
                                       length and of sufficient strength
make an appointment.                                                         which includes a top and bottom
                                       to control the pit bull. Also
                                                                             permanently attached to the sides
                                       required is a secondary restraint
10. All offspring born of a pit
bull must be removed from the
                                       consisting of an additional leash
                                                                             except for a “door” for removal
                                                                             of the pit bull. Such enclosure
                                                                                                                       Pit Bull
                                       not more than four feet in length
City within 12 weeks of birth.
                                       attached to a training collar. Both
                                                                             must be of such material, and
                                                                             such door closed and secured in
11. The owner shall notify             should be securely held by a
                                                                             such a manner, that the pit bull
Animal Control within 48 hours if      person at least 18 years of age
                                                                             cannot exit the enclosure on its
                                       who is capable of controlling the
their dog is lost or stolen.
                                       pit bull. Or, the dog must be in a
                                                                             own.                                  Animal Control Division
                                       secure temporary enclosure.                                                     City of Independence
12. The owner shall notify                                                       “Wrong”           “Right”
Animal Control within five days if                                                                                        875 Vista Drive
the dog has a litter, dies or the                                                                                       Independence, MO
                                                                                                                          (816) 325-7205
owner moves.

.                                      2. A pit bull must have a properly
                                       placed metal cage-type or leather     What if I don’t think my dog
                                       muzzle when outside of an             is a pit bull?
                                       enclosed structure.                   If a dog is impounded as a pit
                                                                             bull, the owner of the dog can
                                                                             dispute the pit bull classification
                                                                             by filing a written request within
                                                                             seven days at the Animal Shelter,
                                                                             requesting a hearing.
What is the ordinance on pit          What else should I know?               B. Must have earned a title
bull ownership?                                                            between August 28, 2003 and
                                      A pit bull must be maintained in     August 28, 2006
It shall be unlawful for any person   the following manner:
to own, possess, keep, exercise                                              C. Has had or sired offspring
control over, maintain, harbor,       1. The owner of a pit bull must      born between August 28, 2003
transport, or sell any pit bull       be 18 years of age.                  and August 28, 2006 that were
within the City.                                                           sold and registered with American
                                      2. The owner of a pit bull shall     Kennel Club or United Kennel           7. The owner of a pit bull shall
                                      have such dog permanently            Club                                   confine such dog within a fully-
                                      identified by having a microchip
Penalties for conviction of                                                                                       enclosed structure or behind a six-
                                      inserted.                            5. The owner must provide proof
violating the pit bull                                                     of continuous rabies vaccination.
                                                                                                                  foot fence with two feet of barrier
ordinance.                            3. The owner of the pit bull shall                                          buried underground; both
                                      have the dog spayed or neutered.                                            enclosures must have only one
                                                                                                                  entrance. A fully-enclosed
Upon conviction, the penalties for                                                                                structure is defined as having four
violating the pit bull ordinance                                                                                  walls with a top and bottom of
shall be:                                                                                                         sufficient strength that the dog
First Offense: A fine of not less                                                                                 cannot escape. All entrances must
                                                                           6. The owner shall post a              be locked with either a key or
than $300 and not more than                                                conspicuous and clearly legible
$500 and up to 45 days in jail.                                                                                   combination lock.
                                                                           sign at each possible enclosure
                                      4. Spay/Neuter law shall not         entrance where the pit bull is kept.
Second Offense: The penalty           apply to a show dog, which is        Such sign shall be 12 inches in
shall be a fine of not less than      used to compete or show. The         height and 18 inches wide, with
$500 and up to 90 days in jail.       dog must be registered with          letters not less than two inches
                                      American Kennel Club, American       tall.
Third or Subsequent Offense:
                                      Dog Breeders Association or
The penalty shall be a fine of
                                      United Kennel Club and meet
$500, and not less than 45 days, or                                                   DOG ON
                                      one of the following
more than 180 days in jail.
                                        A. Competed in a sanctioned by               PREMISES
The judge may order the                                                                                           8. The owner must provide yearly
                                      registry show or competition                                                proof of $300,000 of continuous
destruction of a pit bull upon a
                                      within last year.                                                           liability insurance.
finding of guilt for any offense.

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