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					Pet Dealer and Breeder
    Dealer      Br                                 George E. Pataki
Licensing Pr ogram                                 Governor,
                                                   New York State
           The first phase of the New York State
Pet Dealer and Breeder Licensing Program, set
forth in the General Business Law, Article
35-D, the Sale of Dogs and Cats, became            Nathan L. Rudgers                                      Answers
effective February 12, 2001. This phase            Commissioner,
requires disclosure of information to consumers    New York State
who purchase dogs and/or cats and mandates         Department of Agriculture & Markets
examination of each dog by a veterinarian prior
to the sale.
                                                   Teresa A. Santiago
           The second phase of the program,
set forth in the Agriculture and Markets Law,      Chairperson & Executive Director,
Article 26-A, Care of Animals by Pet Dealers,      New York State
became effective July, 1, 2002. In addition to     Consumer Protection Board
the requirements from the first phase, the
second phase requires annual inspections and
licensure of pet dealers and breeders.

          According to the General Business
Law, Article 35-D, the Sale of Dogs and Cats,
the consumer has the following options within                                                             About the
14 days of the sale of the dog or cat:
1) The right to return the dog or cat and          New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets   New York
receive a refund of the purchase price
including sales tax.
                                                   1 Winners Circle                                       State
2) The right to return the dog or cat and to       Albany, NY 12235
receive another dog or cat of equivalent value.
3) The right to retain the dog or cat and to
                                                   1-800-554-4501                                         Pet Dealer
receive reimbursement from a pet dealer for
veterinary services from a licensed veterinarian
                                                                                                          and Breeder
of the consumers’ choosing, for the purpose of
curing or attempting to cure the dog or cat.
The value of the services rendered to cure or
                                                   New York State Consumer Protection Board
                                                   5 Empire State Plaza, Suite 2101
attempt to cure the dog or cat shall not exceed
the purchase price of same. The refund/            Albany, NY 12223
reimbursement shall be made by the pet dealer                                                             New York State
no later than 10 days after receipt of signed                                                             Consumer Protection Board
veterinarian certification as required.                                      New York State
                                                                                                          Department of Agriculture & Markets
What is the Pet                                   Who is required to                                 What are the
Dealer and Breeder                                be licensed and how                                requirements for Pet
Licensing Program?                                often are they inspected?                          Dealers and Breeders?
                               The New York               Any person, firm, corporation,                    Pet dealers and breeders must
                            State Pet Dealer      partnership or other association that sells more   demonstrate adequate housing,
                            and        Breeder    than nine dogs and/or cats per year directly to    veterinary care for the animals and
                            Licensing             the public is required to be licensed. Two         disclosure of information regarding a
                            Program requires      exemptions apply: duly incorporated humane         dog's or cat's medical history.
                            annual inspection     societies and breeders selling less than twenty-           Pet dealers and breeders are not
                            and licensure of      five dogs and/or cats born and raised on the       allowed to sell dogs or cats less than eight
                            pet dealers and       breeders' residential premises.*                   weeks of age and they must use their
                            breeding facilities           Licensed Pet dealers and breeders are      New York State license number in their
                            that sell dogs and/   subject to an annual inspection by the New         advertisements.
or cats to the public. Licensed facilities are    York State Department of Agriculture and
inspected and rated satisfactory or               Markets. Pet dealers and breeders may be
unsatisfactory in the following categories:       subject to additional inspections during the
housing; advertising; sanitation; feeding and     course of one year if a consumer complaint is
watering; required posted license and             received and deemed warranted for
notices; handling; records of veterinary care;    investigation by the Department.
and records of purchases and sales.

What to look for when selecting                   What to look for when                              Call the Division of Animal Industry
a Pet Dealer:                                     selecting a Breeder:                               at the New York State Department
• Has the pet store been licensed and
                                                  • Has the breeder been licensed and                of Agriculture and Markets at 1-800-
                                                    inspected by the Department of                   554-4501 if you have a concern
• Is the store sanitary and clean?                  Agriculture and Markets?                         relating to housing, veterinary care
• Do the animals appear healthy?                     (*Note exemptions above)                        or sanitation.
• Does the pet dealer have their license
  displayed at their facility and are they        • Will the breeder allow you access to                    Visit our web site at
  using their license number in their               the facility?                                 
  advertisements?                                 • Is the facility sanitary and clean?                     for more information.

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