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                                                              310PS XTC WEARABLE ACTION CAMERA
    High definition video camera and DVR in one compact, wireless unit ❖ True 1080p high def recording ❖ Starting and stopping recording is a
    simple one-button operation ❖ Focus from 5” to infinity; 16:9 aspect ratio ❖ Included rechargeable Li-Ion 1100 mAH battery provides up to
    5 hours of record time ❖ The plug-and-play feature makes sharing your video easy ❖ Recording time: 15 minutes at 1920 x 1080p (3fps)
    with a 127° viewing angle; 13 minutes/GB at 1280 x 720p (60fps) with a 170° viewing angle; or 20mn/GB at 848 x 480p (60fps) with a
    170° viewing angle ❖ Multi-coated tempered glass lens ❖ Video format: MPEG-4 (MP4) with AAC audio ❖ Light sensitivity is 1.4V/Lux.second
    ❖ USB 2.0 file transfer (cable included) ❖ Accepts Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included) ❖ Kit includes HD action camera, rechargeable
    battery, 1/2”-11/2” bar mount, universal adhesive mount with extra 3M pads and a USB cable for computer connection (battery charges
    through USB connection; AC or DC charger sold separately) ❖ Compatible with Windows XP SP2+, Vista
    and 7 and MAC OS X 10.4+                                                                                             $219.95
     NOTE: Optional case PART NO. 40-9332 is recommended if the camera is to be used in wet or dusty conditions.                                            PART NO.                        40-9322

                                                                   REPLACEMENT PARTS AND ACCESSORY MOUNTS
     DESCRIPTION                                                             PART NO.       PRICE       DESCRIPTION                                                              PART NO.    PRICE
     REPLACEMENT PARTS                                                                                  ACCESSORIES (CONT)
     Battery                                                                 20-00871      $29.95       RAM suction cup mount for any flat surface                               40-9328     $39.95
     Bar mount (1/2”-11/2”)                                                  40-9323        19.95       RAM magnetic mount                                                       40-9329      49.95
R    Universal mount
                                                                             40-9324        19.95       Rollbar mount (includes one 6” L metal bar clamp strap, one 8” L metal
                                                                                                         bar clamp strap and one 14cm (5.5”) L rubber strap protective cover)    40-9330      49.95
I    Goggle mount
     Screw mount (screws into any tree branch, etc.)
                                                                                                        RAM mount (fits bar sizes 1/2”-11/2)
                                                                                                        Waterproof submersible case
D    Universal 5/16”-24 bolt mount w/ wingnut                                40-9327        19.95       Value Pack – includes AC charger, DC charger and USB cable               40-9333      49.95


S                                                                                             Back view

R                                      COMMON FEATURES
I   Low-profile design ❖ One-button control for on/off/record ❖ LED
    status light on camera body ❖ Built-in microphone ❖ Records video
E   to memory cards (not included) ❖ Memory card slot for micro SD or
    micro SDHC cards, max memory card size is 32GB ❖ AVI video file
S   format ❖ Battery life of approximately three hours ❖ Weighs only
    3.2 oz. ❖ Measures 1.1” diameter x 3.9” L ❖ Leash loop on back
    cap ❖ Waterproof rating of IP65 (dust tight and protected against
    jets of water) ❖ Include AC and DC battery chargers, long and short
    mount straps, camera holder/goggle mount, USB cable and handlebar
    camera mount ❖ Sold each
                                           RIDERCAM 480
    Video resolution of 640x480 pixels, video file size of 850KB/minute,
    progressive scan mode ❖ Camera sensor: 0.3MP 1/4” CMOS ❖ Lens
    view angle: 120°; Aperture: f/2.8; light sensitivity: 1.5 lux
                                        RIDERCAM 720HD
    Video resolution of 1280x720 pixels, video file size of 75MB/
    minute, progressive scan mode ❖ Camera sensor: 2MP 1/4” CMOS
    ❖ Lens view angle: 120°; Aperture: f/1.5; light sensitivity: 1.5 lux
     DESCRIPTION                                 PART NO.                                   PRICE       DESCRIPTION                                  PART NO.                                 PRICE
     Ridercam 720HD                              40-9316                                  $179.95       Ridercam 480                                 40-9317                                $119.95

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Complete video camera and recording system
in one convenient package ❖ Features 3GP
technology – saves videos in 3GP format
❖ Weatherproof, bullet-style camera has
weatherproof connectors and a rugged aluminum
housing ❖ Records video and audio from camera
and remote-mount microphone; digital recorder/
playback unit has an improved full-color display
❖ Uses standard compression and file formats
for recording ❖ Videos are saved in Internet                                                                                                                         R
standard 320x240 resolution at 30 frames/
second ❖ 1GB of onboard memory ❖ Accepts                                                                                                                             I
up to 4GB SD cards (1GB SD card equals four
hours of video/audio recording) ❖ Color LCD and                                                                                                                      D
built-in speaker for on-the-go playback ❖ Built-
in MP3 player allows you to listen to music;                                                                                                                         E
Thumper helmet speakers included ❖ Transfers
video/audio files to a computer using a USB                                                                                                                          R
connection ❖ Can play videos directly to a TV
with included analog RCA video/audio output cable ❖ Can be used as an active rearview camera system ❖ Includes multiple camera mounts
and all necessary hardware and adapters for battery-powered operation (1800 MAH lithium battery will record up to 6 hours with LCD screen
on; 8 hours with LCD screen off when fully charged) and 12V DC power cable for operation off of the vehicle battery ❖ DSR DC5 power                                  A
adapter cable powers and charges the DSR-100 recorder from the vehicle’s battery or any other 12V DC power source ❖ Convenient carrying
case included for all cables and accessories ❖ Helmet and bike camera mounts also sold separately for easy mounting on another machine/                              C
helmet ❖ LCD screen size is approximately 17/16” H x 17/8” W ❖ Power cable measures approximately 6’
DESCRIPTION                                               PART NO.        PRICE     DESCRIPTION                                             PART NO.        PRICE
DSR-100 3G digital recorder and camera kit                40-8098       $209.95     Repl. helmet/universal camera mount                     40-7633         $9.95    E
Repl. motorcycle/ATV/snowmobile camera mount              40-7632          9.95     DSR DC5 power adapter cable                             40-8062         29.95
  SIDEKICK SK-1000                                                                                                                                                   R
Complete powersports                                                                                                                                                 I
communication system for use
on or off the ATV, motorcycle or                                                                                     THUMPER 1                                       E
snowmobile ❖ Unit is a GMRS                                                                                          ENHANCED
hand-held two-way radio with a
                                                                                                                    BASS HELMET                                      S
range of up to 10 miles; VOX
(voice-activated) ❖ Full-face and                                                                                     SPEAKERS
open-face microphones included                                                                                      Helmet speakers
with universal helmet headset                                                                                       with enhanced
❖ Easy mounting options using             40-7631                                                                   bass response
new modular three-way adapter                                                                                       ❖ Use hook-and-
cable and coiled extension cables ❖ Weatherproof connectors                       40-7846                           loop backing
and push-to-talk switches ❖ Desktop charger included along                                                          material for
with a rechargeable battery ❖ Includes all necessary accessories                                                    installation ❖ All connectors are weatherproof
for easy installation ❖ Sold each ❖ Optional MXR-1 music                                                            ❖ Coiled extension cable included
mixer cable lets you add an MP3 player, CD player, etc. to a                                                        ❖ Speakers measure less than 1/2” thick and
MotoComm headset system                                                                                             just 11/2” dia. (2” dia. with speaker covers
                                                                                                                    installed) ❖ Sold in pairs
   SK-1000 COMMUNICATOR                              MXR-1 MIXER CABLE
             $149.95                                      $29.95                                                                     $24.95
PART NO.                          40-7631      PART NO.                 40-7846                                      PART NO.                              40-8061

        New Part Nos.
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        in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe           800-969-7601              suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                            1011
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                               MSR2010 WATERPROOF
                          DIN STEREO RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER
    Waterproof faceplate (IPX5) ❖ 1 DIN chassis size (approximately 2” H x 7” W)
    ❖ Front panel mount (mounting screws not included) ❖ Single line dot matrix
    display with blue backlight ❖ Two wire power (acc/gnd) ❖ Selectable US/Euro
    frequency tuner ❖ 24 station presets (18 FM/6 AM); Sirius ready (GEN 3.0) ❖ Full function iPod® controls with charging capability (requires
    adapter cable sold separately; not available through Dennis Kirk) ❖ Five selectable preset equalizer (pop, jazz, classic, beat, rock) ❖ Four
    speaker capable (40W x 4) ❖ Wired remote ready ❖ Low battery alert (10.8V trigger threshold) ❖ Zero memory current draw ❖ Rear auxiliary
    audio inputs (RCA) ❖ Solid top chassis ❖ Conformal coated PCB;
    Mylar® PCB insulator ❖ UV resistant front panel (ASTM D4329)
    ❖ Corrosion resistant (ASTM117) ❖ CE certified                            $149.95                 PART NO.	                               40-8667

                    MINI AM/FM/WB STEREO
                      WITH AUDIO AUX-IN
    Sealed design is 100% water- and dirt-proof and
    features corrosion and UV-resistant faceplate
    ❖ Front panel audio aux-in for use with iPods, MP3
    players and portable CD players ❖ Electronic US/
    Euro AM/FM tuner ❖ Simple two-wire 12V DC
    power connection; clock will run up to a month
    when vehicle battery is disconnected ❖ 7-Channel
    NOAA weatherband tuner (weather alert can be
    set to automatically switch to weatherband mode
    anytime a NOAA warning broadcast is received)                                           40-7763
    ❖ Programmable station presets (12AM/18FM);
    built-in jobsite work timer; 12/24 hour clock ❖ Electronic seek up-down, volume, bass, treble                            40-7766
    and balance controls ❖ Backlit controls with selectable amber or green illumination color;
    daylight readable display with wide viewing angle ❖ 1/4” headphone jack pigtail and two-
R   channel stereo speaker output ❖ Universal mounting bracket included; two-channel amplified
    audio output; one-touch audio mute; E-mark certified ❖ Chassis size: 53/16” W x 33/8” H x

I   17/8” D ❖ Radio includes a fixed L-bracket for mounting, but an optional adjustable mount is
    also available (sold separately)
                                                                                                   NOTE: Headphones are not for use when vehicle is in motion.

D       DESCRIPTION                   PART NO.      PRICE       DESCRIPTION                  PART NO.      PRICE       DESCRIPTION                       PART NO.         PRICE
        JHD910	mini	AM/FM/WB	stereo   40-7763     $233.95       Headphones                   40-7766      $28.95       Optional	adjustable	radio	mount   40-7878         $34.95


                         3.5” MINI WEATHERPROOF SPEAKERS
E   Ideal companion to the new JHD910 mini weatherproof radio ❖ Include two deluxe

S   mini wedge speakers ❖ Can be surface mounted, flush mounted or mounted using
    included adjustable “U” bracket ❖ 30W output each ❖ Fully weatherproof and

S   UV-resistant ❖ Include wiring and hardware ❖ Sold as pair

                             $82.95                             PART NO.	                                40-7764
                                                                              HANDLEBAR MOUNTED
S                                                                               SPEAKER SYSTEM
                                                                            Use your MP3 player, satellite
                                                                            radio receiver or similar portable
                                                                            audio device ❖ For bikes or
                                                                            ATVs with 7/8”, 1” or 11/4”
       TOP/SIDE MOUNT                                                       diameter handlebars ❖ Features
        RUBBER-MAST                                                         a 50W “hide-able” amplifier with
     ANTENNA WITH CABLE                                                     MAXXBASS®, 2” custom-designed
                                                                            speakers in chromed “bullet”
    Rubber gasket allows water-
                                                                            cabinets, digital volume control and
    tight seal ❖ Angle adjustment
                                                                            a universal input for audio device
    up to 90° ❖ 14” tall antenna
                                                                            headphone jack ❖ The USB Port
    with attached 59” cable ❖ For
                                                                            allows you to charge your audio
    universal use or as replacement
                                                                            device or cell phone ❖ A customizable clear sleeve for the speaker cabinets is also
                      $22.95                                                included ❖ 12V negative ground charging system with battery is required

        PART NO.	                     40-7765                                          $379.99                         PART NO.	                                        40-8219

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                                50-7711                                                                   50-7710



The perfect hydration pack for riders who want the most water                                 VAPOR HYDRATION PACK
capacity and the ability to carry all essential tools ❖ Features           Now you can stay hydrated during those long rides ❖ This slim profile
a clamshell main body that opens for extra storage, three-liter            pack carries an adequate supply of water ❖ Two-liter bladder features
bladder capacity with easy-to-clean big bore top and larger outer          an easy-clean big bore top ❖ The
compartments to hold personal                                              exterior mesh pocket will hold a
items ❖ Also includes padded
                                                  HYDRANT PACK             few essentials ❖ Includes padded              VAPOR PACK
shoulders, sternum and waist                        $69.95                 shoulders, sternum and waist                   $54.95
straps and molded air-mesh back                                            straps and molded air-mesh back
panels to keep you cool                 PARt No.	                50-7711   panels to keep you cool             PARt No.	                  50-7710

            $7.95                                  $24.95                                $7.95                                   $22.95
PARt No.	             50-6437    PARt No.	                       50-7574     PARt No.	                50-6437     PARt No.	                      50-7573
        EXPEDITION                                                                                                                                         R
Rely on this system to handle all
the fluids and tools you need for
a trail-scouting trip or a weeklong                                                                                                                        A
expedition ❖ Durable ripstop                                                             FUEL PAK
600-denier nylon construction                                              Main compartment                                                                C
❖ Fully adjustable shoulder,                                               accommodates up to 3 liter
sternum and waist straps balance                                           hydration bladder ❖ 3 liter                                                     C
heavy loads and add comfort                                                Hydrapak® hydration reservoir
❖ Micro-pore cooling material                                              included ❖ Internal zippered                                                    E
used in shoulder straps and back                                           pocket ❖ Four hydration tube
of pack to help wick moisture                                              exit ports (two top, two bottom)                                                S
away from your body ❖ Large                                                ❖ Light shoulder straps with
padded waist belt helps distribute                                         airflow ❖ Sternum strap with                                                    S
the weight and has an an extra loop on each side to hold other carry-      integrated whistle ❖ Reflective
along items ❖ Accessory loops are reflective for safety in low light       hits ❖ “Fuel gauge” clear back to                                               O
❖ Stow extra gear or a spare tube in the quick-clip pocket ❖ Three         see into hydration content
large cargo pockets round out the 618 cu. in. of cargo capacity            ❖ Black; 7” W x 3” D x                                                          R
❖ Includes a high-quality 2-liter bladder with angled bite valve           17” H, .8 lb.
             $49.95                    PARt No.	                 50-7341                  $49.99                      PARt No.                   50-8632

Replacement fuel pak 3 liter (100 oz.) hydration reservoir ❖ Push-
button quick release hose connection (bladder and hose can be
separated allowing bladder to be removed and hose to remain
threaded through pack) ❖ Fold and slide wide opening for easy                                             KLIM HYDRAPAK
cleaning/filling (can pull inside out for cleaning and drying; cleaning
kit available separately) ❖ 48” pinch-resistant heavy duty drink
tube can be cut to desired length ❖ Constructed of FDA approved                                            CLEANING KIT
Polyurethane (TPU) ❖ Anti-microbial ❖ Extremely tough ❖ Straight valve                                 Kit for cleaning and drying
high flow rate mouthpiece with 360 degree bite ❖ One-handed locking                                    your Hydrapak reservoir ❖ Not included with
on/off positions ❖ Clear; BPA and PVC free allows “taste-free” water                                   any pack

                  $29.99                             PARt No.                               50-8633             $12.99            PARt No.       50-8634

       New Part Nos.
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       in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe     800-969-7601              suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                         1013
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                     HYDRO BACKPACK
    Water-resistant 840-denier ballistic nylon
    twill and 420-denier honeycomb nylon
                                                                     PORTAGE HYDRATION PACK
    construction; base has abrasion-resistant                     Bring it all with you with the largest hydration
    fabric ❖ Reflective piping and logo screen                    pack in the Fox lineup ❖ 102 oz. (three liter)
    prints ❖ Premium 2 liter (68 oz.) anti-                       Hydrapak® bladder ❖ Detachable hose and
    bacterial bladder included in hydration                       slide-top opening for easy filling or cleaning
    compartment ❖ Easy access to bladder                          ❖ Large main storage compartment easily fits          LOW PRO HYDRATION PACK
    for quick installation and removal ❖ Small                    clothes, tools and whatever else you need          Sleek design keeps the pack out of your
    external side pockets for extras ❖ Padded                     ❖ Secondary hydration sleeve allows you            way, but easy to access ❖ 68 oz. (two liter)
    air mesh back and shoulder straps                             to bring another hydration bladder (second         Hydrapak® bladder with wide-mouth opening
R   ❖ Sternum strap for security ❖ Measures                       bladder not included) ❖ Cinch-down straps
                                                                  and mesh outer section ❖ Sunglass pouch
                                                                                                                     ❖ Detachable hose and slide-top opening
                                                                                                                     for easy filling or cleaning ❖ Small zippered
    16” L x 3.75” W x 18.75” H
I                                $89.95
                                                                  and MP3 sleeve ❖ Bottom shock cord lock
                                                                  system ❖ Measures 19.5” H
                                                                                                                     pocket for carrying essentials ❖ MP3 sleeve
                                                                                                                     ❖ Measures 16.5” H
D       PARt No.	                                      50-7724           $99.95              PARt No.	     50-8366         $59.95             PARt No.	       50-8365


C                                                                                                                                                               Back
C                                                                                                                                                               view

S   Low-profile design ❖ 68 oz. (two liter)
    Hydrapak® bladder with wide-mouth
O   bite valve ❖ Small zippered pocket fits
    the essentials ❖ External shock cord
R   storage system ❖ Measures 15” H

I                       $39.95                     PARt No.	                     50-8367


                                                                                                              OASIS HYDRATION PACK
                       REPLACEMENT                             50-8381
                                                                                           Comfortably carries both gear and drinking water ❖ 102 oz. (three
                    HYDRATION BLADDERS                                                     liter) Hydrapak® bladder with wide-mouth opening ❖ Detachable hose
    Replacement Hydrapack® bladder with slide-open                                         and slide-top opening for easy filling and cleaning ❖ Large central
    top for easy filling and cleaning                                                      pocket with internal organizers ❖ Sunglass pouch and MP3 sleeve
                                                                                           ❖ Mesh outer pouch ❖ Bottom shock cord lock system ❖ External
        DESCRIPtIoN                               PARt No.                         PRICE   cinch and strap points ❖ Measures 17.5” H
        68	oz.	(two	liter)	Hydrapak®	bladder      50-8381                         $19.95
        102	oz.	(three	liter)	Hydrapak®	bladder   50-8382                          21.95                 $79.95                   PARt No.	                   50-8364
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    1014 in DARK BLUE
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Ultimate combination of organized
and overflow cargo options
❖ Dynamic Suspension™ harness
maximizes load stability ❖ Air
Director™ back panel delivers                                                                HYDRATION PACK
enhanced ventilation ❖ Easy-to-                                                   Easy, convenient filling with external
access MP3 pocket with weather-                                                   access to the OMEGA™ reservoir
resistant zipper ❖ Durable splash                                                 ❖ Antidote™ reservoir with quick-
guard protects pack from mud and                                                  seal cap, lightweight fillport, dryer
abrasion ❖ Removable waistbelt                                                    arms, center baffling and low-profile
offers the option to use it for                                                   design ❖ Patented Big Bite™ valve,
added stability or stash it away                                                  HydroGuard™ technology, PureFlow™
❖ Reflectivity on harness and                                                     tube, easy-to-clean wide-mouth
pack increases low-light visibility                                               opening ❖ Air channel back panel
❖ Secure cargo pocket includes                                                    ❖ Air mesh harness ❖ External Fill,
internal organizer ❖ OMEGA™                                                       pocket for multi-tool, pump, spare
HydroTanium™ reservoir ❖ Capacity:                                                tube, phone, wallet, keys ❖ Pack
100 oz. ❖ Dimensions: 17” L x                                                     weight (empty): 9.5 oz. ❖ Torso length: 15”
8” W x 5” H ❖ Cargo: 549 cu. in. ❖ Weight: filled 8.10 lb.;                       ❖ Capacity: 70 oz. ❖ Cargo: 200 cu. in. ❖ Weight:
empty 1.5 lb. ❖ Black color                                                       filled 5.43 lb.; empty 1.05 lb.

            $84.99                      PART NO.                        50-8661                  $55.99                             PART NO.                             50-8660

                            50-8773                                                                                                                                                  D
                                                                                                             SKEETER™ HYDRATION PACKS
                   CLASSIC™ HYDRATION PACKS                                                    Just for kids ❖ The 50-oz. hydration system is perfect
Easy, convenient filling with external access to the OMEGA™ reservoir
                                                                                               for outings, bike rides or car trips ❖ Features Antidote™
                                                                                               reservoir with quick-seal cap, lightweight fillport and low-                          A
❖ Antidote™ reservoir with quick-seal cap, lightweight fillport, dryer
arms, center baffling and low-profile design ❖ Patented Big Bite™ Valve,
                                                                                               profile design ❖ Patented Big Bite™ valve, HydroGuard™
                                                                                               technology, PureFlow™ tube and easy-to-clean wide-mouth                               C
HydroGuard™ technology, PureFlow™ tube, easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening
❖ External zip pocket for keys and essentials ❖ Secure Bungee Cinch System™
                                                                                               opening ❖ Comfortably fits kids ages five and up
                                                                                               ❖ Reflective for increased low-light safety ❖ Wicking mesh                            C
holds extra clothing ❖ Low-profile design keeps pack stable and doesn’t
interfere with helmet ❖ Soft mesh harness is comfortable and breathable
                                                                                               back panel keeps kids comfortable ❖ Capacity: 50 oz.
❖ Reflectivity on harness and pack increases low-light visibility ❖ Capacity:                   NOTE: Not for use by children under age five. The bite valve can come loose, which
70 oz. ❖ Dimensions: 17” L x 7.5” W x 2” H ❖ Weight: filled 5.40 lb.;                           could cause choking in small children.                                               S
empty 1.00 lb.

                                       $46.99                                                                                    $27.99                                              S
COLOR            PART NO.      COLOR               PART NO.     COLOR             PART NO.     COLOR                        PART NO.       COLOR                        PART NO.     O
Black            50-8662       Blue                50-8773      Chili             50-8774      Turkish Sea                  50-8781        Raspberry                    50-8782
    HYDROBAK® HYDRATION PACKS                                                                                                                                                        S
Ideal for all sorts of activities and features a low-
profile, comfortable design ❖ Antidote™ reservoir
with quick-seal cap, lightweight fillport and
low-profile design ❖ Patented Big Bite™ valve,
HydroGuard™ technology, PureFlow™ tube and easy-
to-clean wide-mouth opening ❖ External zip pocket
for keys and essentials ❖ Secure Bungee Cinch System™
holds extra clothing ❖ Soft mesh harness is comfortable and
breathable ❖ Reflectivity for increased low-light visibility ❖ Easy,
convenient filling with external access to the Omega™ reservoir
❖ Soft mesh harness is comfortable and breathable ❖ Capacity:
50 oz. ❖ Dimensions: 13.5” L x 8” W x 1.75” H
❖ Weight: filled 4.10 lb.; empty .80 lb.                   $36.99                             50-8663                        50-8776              50-8777
COLOR                                    PART NO.       COLOR                                       PART NO.       COLOR                                                PART NO.
Black                                    50-8663        Blue                                        50-8776        Red                                                  50-8777

        New Part Nos.
                           OrderiNg &                                   teChNiCal
        in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe    800-969-7601                     suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                                           1015
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        HYDRATION PACK                                                                           51-4324
    Women’s-specific harness
    curves to your body for
    a comfortable fit ❖ Antidote™
    reservoir with quick-seal cap,
    lightweight fillport, dryer                                                                                                                       50-8783/8784/8785
    arms, center baffling and
    low-profile design ❖ Patented
    Big Bite™ valve, HydroGuard™
    technology, PureFlow™ tube
    and easy-to-clean wide-mouth
    ❖ Diamond mesh back panel                                                                                 50-8787             50-8788
    ❖ External zip pocket for
    keys and essentials ❖ Secure
    Bungee Cinch System™
    holds extra clothing ❖ Reflectivity for increased low-light visibility                               REPLACEMENT PARTS
    ❖ Capacity: 50 oz. ❖ Dimensions: 13.5” L x 8.5” W x 1.5” H
    ❖ Weight: filled 4.10 lb.; empty .80 lb. ❖ Blue color                          DESCRIPtIoN                PARt No. PRICE      DESCRIPtIoN                    PARt No.   PRICE
                                                                                   Antidote™ insulated tube   50-8787 $16.99      Ergo Hydrolock™                51-4324    $5.99
                       $36.99                    PARt No.               50-8779    Flow replacement tube      50-8788   8.99      Antidote™ reservoir, 50 oz.    50-8783    27.99
                                                                                   Big Bite™ mouthpiece       50-4044   5.99      Antidote™ reservoir, 70 oz.    50-8784    30.99
                                                                                   Camel Clip™                50-4048   4.99      Antidote™ reservoir, 100 oz.   50-8785    32.99



R      31-0051
I                                                                                        SYSTEM
                                                                                  An optional 50 oz. retrofitted piece that
D                                                                                 fits all standard G6 Roost Deflector models
                                                                                  ❖ Keeps you hydrated during hot and high
E                                                                                 endurance riding days ❖ Hook the Hydra-
                                                                                  Pak onto the hard plastic back/spine plates
R               CLEANING KITS                                                     of your G6 roost deflector with an elastic                     G6 Roost Deflector
                                                                                                                                                 available separately. See
    Kits to help keep your CamelBak                                               cord at the inside top of the spine protector
                                                                                  ❖ Wrap hose over your right shoulder ❖ To                      Protective Gear section
    clean ❖ Brushes are mold- and
    mildew-resistant and are specially                                            prevent shifting while riding simply attach to
A   designed to clean reservoir and
                                                                                  a hook-and-loop tab on the left collar bone
    delivery tube ❖ Reservoir dryer features collapsible design for easy
C   insertion and removal without damage to filler port, and has sections
                                                                                                    $27.99                        PARt No.                              34-20193
    that are designed to be trimmed to specific reservoir lengths for
C   thorough drying ❖ PART NO. 50-6651 includes reservoir brush, tube
    brush, reservoir dryer and two cleaning tablets ❖ PART NO. 50-6652
E   includes reservoir brush and tube brush only ❖ PART NO. 50-6653
    includes reservoir dryer only
S    DESCRIPtIoN                                 PARt No.                 PRICE
S    Antidote™ cleaning kit                      50-8664                 $18.99
     Reservoir brushes only                      50-6652                   9.99
O    Reservoir dryer only                        50-8786                  11.99
     Cleaning tablets (8-pk.)                    31-0051                  11.99

                                                                                                BOOT, HELMET
                                                                                              AND GLOVE DRYER
                                                                                  PEET® Multi Dryer’s convection air
                                                                                  technology circulates air to safely dry
                                                                                  footwear, gloves and helmets – eliminates
                                                                                  odor caused by perspiration and bacteria and helps prevent mold and
               BOOT DRYER                                                         mildew that deteriorate linings ❖ Dryer doesn’t get hot or blow hot air
    Heat or no heat drying                                                        ❖ Includes two Dryports for gloves, one Dryport for helmet and four
    ❖ Three-hour timer                                                            footwear Dryports – Dryports must be used when drying gear ❖ Plugs
    ❖ One-button disassembly                                                      into standard 110V outlet

                     $89.99                      PARt No.              34-18156                     $99.95                        PARt No.                              34-12281

              New Part Nos.
    1016 in DARK BLUE
                                        OrderiNg &
                                  CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601
                                                                         suPPOrt   320-358-3831          
                                                                                                                                       click for

                                TRANSIT                                                           Back view
                              WHEELIE BAG
Wheelie bag ready and able to transport all your gear with ease;
designed to accommodate Thor helmets, boots and protective gear
❖ Polypropylene molded base provides remarkable strength and                                 JETWAY
durability, also allows for even weight distribution ❖ Two-stage
retractable handle ❖ Oversize smooth rolling wheels and reinforced
                                                                                           WHEELIE BAG
wheel housing create increased ground clearance ❖ Varying pocket               The ultimate small wheelie bag ideal for cruising around campus
sizes easily accommodate large and small items ❖ Detachable main               or the airport ❖ Features retractable handle, coffin-style opening,
storage compartment divider permits large odd shaped items ❖ Large             smooth rolling wheels and is designed to meet carry-on size
zippers and zipper pulls on main compartments allow for quick and              regulations ❖ Durable 600-denier nylon construction; reinforced
easy access ❖ Dimensions: 30” L x 16” W x 16” H                                corner piping promotes durability ❖ Large main compartment features
                                                                               two inner accessory pockets; dividers organize and separate internal
                 $199.95                 PARt No.	                   50-7233   items ❖ Outer zip pockets and integrated lower grab handle for easy
                                                                               overhead compartment access also included ❖ Dimensions: 23” L x
                                                                               14” W x 6” H

                                                                                            $114.95                   PARt No.              50-8614


                              CIRCUIT BAG
The perfect all-around gear bag ❖ Made of 600-denier polyester                   TECH VAULT TOOL PACK                                                 C
with an abrasion-resistant PVC base ❖ Features three large main
compartments that can be combined to form one large compartment;
                                                                               Made of durable 600-denier nylon
                                                                               ❖ Heavy-duty adjustable web belt
each compartment is designed for a specific task (boots, helmet
and riding gear) and shaped and sized accordingly ❖ Large mesh
                                                                               provides maximum riding comfort
                                                                               and evenly distributes weight across your waist ❖ Numerous tool
ventilation promotes airflow and helps reduce odor ❖ Adjustable
padded shoulder strap and comfortable side, front and rear handles
                                                                               slots and compartments securely hold all your riding essentials;
                                                                               easy access map pouch and side pockets also included ❖ Tools not
also included ❖ Measures 27” L x 14” W x 16” H                                 included ❖ Measures 91/2” W x 5” H x 2” D                              O
                  $79.95                 PARt No.	                   50-7227                $29.95                    PARt No.	             50-7712

                         SLAM BACKPACKS
The perfect bag for school or the pits ❖ Durable and scratch-
resistant PVC base stands up to rough use ❖ Air-mesh shoulder
straps and back panel help keep your back cooler ❖ Features
micro-fleece lined laptop compartment ❖ Separate music player                    50-8616                    50-8617
pouch with headphone grommet ❖ Internal pockets and dividers keep
contents organized

                                                        $39.95                                                        50-8618
    CoLoR                                    PARt No.       CoLoR                            PARt No.       CoLoR                          PARt No.
    Ripple                                   50-8616        Spiral                           50-8617        Wedge                          50-8618
             New Part Nos.
                                OrderiNg &                           teChNiCal
             in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601              suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                 1017
                                                                                                                                      click for

                                                                                                        SHUTTLE 180 GEARBAG
                               SHUTTLE GEARBAG                                Constructed of durable 600D polyester fabric ❖ Large main
    600-denier nylon construction ❖ Oversize, off-road urethane wheels        compartment, boot compartment and helmet compartment ❖ Durable
    ❖ Retractable aluminum handle with rubber grip ❖ Vented boot              urethane wheels ❖ Measures 35” L x 16” W x 18” H
    compartments on each side ❖ Goggle storage in top flap ❖ Metal                               $99.95            PARt No.                50-8749
    tie-down hooks ❖ Pull-out changing mat ❖ Large durable zippers with
    pulls ❖ Measures 35” L x 16” W x 18” H

                     $169.95                     PARt No.           50-8846

R                                                         50-8750

E                                                                                        50-8751


S                                 50-8847

O                                     Changing

R                              PODIUM GEARBAGS
I   Durable 600-denier nylon construction ❖ Large vented boot                                           PODIUM 180 GEARBAGS
    compartments on each end ❖ Goggle storage in top flap ❖ Pull-out          Constructed of durable 600D polyester fabric ❖ Feature a large main
E   changing mat ❖ Metal tie-down hooks ❖ Padded shoulder strap
    ❖ Measure 35” L x 15” W x 16” H
                                                                              compartment and large boot compartments on each end ❖ Measure
                                                                              35” L x 15” W x 16” L
S    CoLoR                                     PARt No.               PRICE     CoLoR                              PARt No.                  PRICE
     Covert, white/black                       50-8750              $139.95     Black                              50-8751                  $69.95
     Black                                     50-8847               129.95     Undertow, black/white              50-8752                   79.95

                                     GYM BAG
    Durable nylon construction ❖ Embroidered Fox logo and brand
    name ❖ Plenty of space to store all your race and training gear
    ❖ Large main compartment ❖ Detachable padded shoulder strap
    ❖ Measures 27” L x 8” W x 12” H

                      $49.95                     PARt No.           50-8845

              New Part Nos.
    1018 in DARK BLUE
                                    OrderiNg &
                              CustOmer serviCe     800-969-7601
                                                                      suPPOrt   320-358-3831       
                                                                                                                                     click for

Mounts to the front
of your Moose Racing
XCR Shield giving you a
versatile, handy, easily
accessed place to store
items within one of
the several internal or
external compartments                                                     UTILITY PACK
❖ Easy attachment to                                                    Now you can take
your body armor or fanny                                                extra goggles,
pack strap with hook-and-                                               tools, water and
loop fastener tabs, loops                                               food bars on your
and included nylon ties                                                 next expedition
❖ Access your wallet,                                                   ❖ Attach the pack
camera, energy bar or                                                   to your belt or
other cargo in seconds                                                  another piece of
without dismounting your                                                Moose Racing gear with the split hook-and-loop fastener tabs or
ride ❖ Made from durable                                                nylon buckle ❖ Made from durable 600-denier material ❖ Zipper
600-denier material; quick-release top-flap buckle and large fobs on    top closure opens fully ❖ Lined interior also works great to organize
the compartment zippers that you can easily slide with a gloved hand    and protect other equipment you place in your gear bag ❖ Measures
❖ Measures 11” x 6.5” x 3”                                              10.25” x 5.5” x 3.25”

           $24.95                   PARt No.	                 50-8402                 $18.95                  PARt No.	                  50-8400

                                                                                     RACE PACK
                                                                        Holds the tools and items you                                              R
Designed to give you control
                                                                        need without being a heavy
                                                                        burden ❖ Rugged 600-denier                                                 I
of what your carry ❖ Spacious
main compartment free of pre-
                                                                        material is flexible enough to
                                                                        hug your body ❖ The main belt                                              D
determined tool mounting points
❖ Rugged, flexible 600-denier
                                                                        accepts other Moose Racing
                                                                        items, like the Utility Belt Pack                                          E
material conforms to your body
and the wide waist belt designed
                                                                        ❖ Quick-release belt buckle easily
                                                                        adjusts and locks the main strap                                           R
to accept other Moose Racing                                            ❖ Fits waist sizes 28”-48”
items, like the Utility Belt Pack                                       ❖ Multiple storage options
❖ Quick-release belt buckle easily
adjusts and locks the main strap
                                                                        provided by fold-down outer flap,
                                                                        internal zippered pocket, a mesh                                           A
❖ Fits waist sizes 28”-46” ❖ Front fold-down flap provides element
protection ❖ Easy-access front zippered compartment for smaller
                                                                        storage pocket and two belt side storage pockets ❖ Integrated elastic
                                                                        bands keep your selection of tools organized and in place                  C
items ❖ Measures 10.5” x 6” x 4” ❖ Contents not included                ❖ Measures 10.5” x 6” x 2” ❖ Contents not included
           $19.95                   PARt No.	                 50-8391                 $30.95                  PARt No.	                  50-8392
SE wheeled gear
bag with removable                                GEAR BAG
padded shoulder                                 Designed to fit as
strap ❖ Outer                                   a carry-on bag
pockets are made                                for flight travel
with open holed                                 ❖ 15” retractable
grommets for                                    handle ❖ Three                                                JET GEAR BAG
ventilation ❖ Extra                             compartments with                                 Three compartments with two being
rigidity and strength                           an expandable                                     ventilated ❖ Heavy-duty construction, zippers
are provided by the                             main pocket with                                  and hardware ❖ PVC water-resistant backing
heavy-duty railed bottom ❖ Sublimated print     zippered closure ❖ Wide-based rollers for         ❖ Include a removable shoulder strap
patterns ❖ 33” L x 18.5” H x 15” W              stability ❖ 22” W x 10” H x 14” D                 ❖ 23” W x 12” H x 11.5” D

    $159.00             PARt No.      50-8926       $125.00               PARt No.      50-8927        $40.00             PARt No.       50-8928

      New Part Nos.
                         OrderiNg &                           teChNiCal
      in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601              suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                    1023
                                                                                                                                              click for

                                         Back view
                                                                                                            50-8762                       Back view

100% 600-Denier polyester construction                Pocket detail
❖ Briefcase style bag ❖ Multiple pockets
❖ Dedicated laptop sleeve ❖ Good
organization ❖ Detachable shoulder strap
❖ Available in black ❖ Measures
12.5” L x 16” W x 5” H

PARt No.                                   50-8764                                              detail

                                                                                      STEP UP BACKPACKS
                                                                                100% 600-Denier polyester
     DELUXE                                                                     construction ❖ Multi-compartment bag
                                                                                ❖ Padded laptop sleeve ❖ Organizer
    TOOLPACK                                                                    pockets ❖ Water bottle fits in side
Designed for every                                                              pocket ❖ Air mesh back panel with
trail essential, the                                                            ergonomic shoulder straps ❖ Skateboard
Deluxe Toolpack is                                                              strap system on front ❖ Big Fox                               50-8763
the ultimate mobile toolbox ❖ Intelligent storage compartments,                 branding ❖ Measure 9.5” L x 13” W x 18” H
internal tool organizers and impressive tube-carrying storage capacity
❖ Available in black; tools                                                                                   $59.50
not included

             $39.95                     PARt No.                      50-8742
                                                                                                         PARt No.
                                                                                                                                                 PARt No.

                                                                                                                                    50-8671                 S
                                    Back view

                                                                                                                       Back view
                  PRECISION BACKPACKS                                             50-8672
100% 600-Denier polyester construction ❖ Screen-printed graphics                                  RATCHET BACKPACKS
❖ Large main compartment ❖ Padded laptop sleeve ❖ Fleece-lined                  100% 600-Denier polyester construction ❖ Screen-printed graphics
valuables pocket ❖ Mesh water bottle pocket ❖ Air mesh back panel               ❖ Large main compartment ❖ Internal water bottle pocket ❖ Fleece-
with ergonomic shoulder straps ❖ Measure 8.5” L x                               lined valuables pocket ❖ Padded laptop sleeve ❖ Side pockets
12.25” W x 17.75” H                                                             ❖ Skateboard straps on front ❖ Measure 9” L x 11.5” W x 19.25” H
                              $69.50                                                                          $49.50
CoLoR                    PARt No.       CoLoR                     PARt No.        CoLoR                  PARt No.     CoLoR                      PARt No.
Black                    50-8673        Black/white               50-8675         Black                  50-8669      Green                      50-8671
Blue                     50-8674                                                  Blue                   50-8670      Black/green                50-8672

        New Part Nos.
                           OrderiNg &                                 teChNiCal
        in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe     800-969-7601                  suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                      1019
                                                                                                                                                      click for

                                                Back view

    Durable construction ❖ Single main compartment ❖ Front pocket with
    organization ❖ Water bottle pocket ❖ Big Rockstar branding
    ❖ Ergonomic shoulder straps ❖ Measures 7” L x 13.75” W x 18” H

                   $49.50                     PARt No.                 50-8765

                                                                                                                                                        Back view

I                                                                                                    50-8862
                                                                                                                    Back view
                                                                                                                                                      Pocket detail
D                                                                                                          KICKER BACKPACKS
                                                    50-8680                      100% 600-Denier polyester construction ❖ Single main compartment
E            50-8679                                                             ❖ Front pocket with organization ❖ Fleece-lined valuables pocket
                                                                                 ❖ Ergonomic shoulder straps ❖ Big Fox branding ❖ Measure
R                                                                                7” L x 13.75” W x 18” H


A                                                                                  CoLoR
                                                                                                               PARt No.
                                                                                                                                                          PARt No.
C                                                                                  Red                         50-8666      Black/yellow                  50-8862

R                                                           50-8682
I                            Pocket
E                            detail

S                                                                                  50-8683                                       50-8684
                GIRLS’ DIRT                                                                                                         Back
             VIXEN BACKPACKS
    100% polyester construction
    ❖ Embroidered Fox logo and brand                                                       50-8685
    name ❖ Large main compartment
    ❖ Rear organizer pocket ❖ Zip side                                                         GIRLS’ BORN FREE BACKPACKS
    compartments ❖ Ergonomic straps                                              100% polyester construction ❖ Large main and back compartments
    ❖ Measure 18” x 13.75” x 7”                                                  ❖ Zip side compartments ❖ Skateboard straps in front ❖ Measure
                                                                                 19.25” x 11.5” x 9”
     CoLoR                        PARt No.    CoLoR                   PARt No.
     Black                        50-8679     Carbon                  50-8681      CoLoR        PARt No.       CoLoR         PARt No.       CoLoR         PARt No.
     White                        50-8680     Fuchsia                 50-8682      Black        50-8683        Purple        50-8684        Fuchsia       50-8685

             New Part Nos.
    1020 in DARK BLUE
                                   OrderiNg &
                             CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601
                                                                         suPPOrt   320-358-3831      
                                                                                                                                              click for

                                                                                                                                        Back view

100% polyester
❖ Various Fox prints,                                                                                                                          Detail view
embroideries, and
appliques depending
on colorway choice ❖ Tons of storage
space ❖ Organizational compartments
❖ Measure 18” H x 13.75” W x 7” D

COLOR                                   PART NO.   COLOR                                   PART NO.     COLOR                                       PART NO.
Black                                   50-8853    Royal blue                              50-8854      Chili                                       50-8855

      GIRLS’ FLEXY TOTE BAGS                                                                    34-20831                    Back view
100% polyurethane construction ❖ Stylish, yet
simple, with lots of storage space ❖ Magnetic
snap closure with inner pocket ❖ Back zip                                                                                               Inside view
pocket ❖ Stitched monochrome 3D Fox patch
❖ Fox charm dangles from strap ❖ 10” strap
drop ❖ Measure 14” W x 13.5” H x 5” D

COLOR                                   PART NO.
Black                                   34-20830
Day glo pink                            34-20831
         BACKPACK                                                                                                                                               E
Provides a high level of rider
safety – pack is designed                                                         BACKPACK                                                                      R
around the Alpinestars                                                        Constructed with water-
CE-certified Bionic Back                                                      resistant 840-denier
Protector ❖ Outer is a water-
resistant fabric combination
                                                                              ballistic nylon and
                                                                              420-denier honeycomb                                                              A
of 840D ballistic nylon
twill and 420D honeycomb
                                                                              nylon with abrasion
                                                                              resistance for durability                                                         C
nylon with abrasion-resistant
qualities for durability
                                                                              ❖ Custom helmet
                                                                              carrier stores in the                                                             C
❖ Upper waist protection
provided from side impact
                                                                              front of the pack when
                                                                              not in use ❖ Zippers                                                              E
plates ❖ Padded sleeve pocket engineered to accommodate the
specifically-designed CE-certified Bionic Back Protector ❖ Logo
                                                                              are waterproof and self-locking ❖ Internal compartment has organizer
                                                                              pockets and a padded laptop pocket ❖ External side pockets                        S
screen prints and reflective piping ❖ Custom helmet compartment
stores in the front of the pack when not in use ❖ Self-locking zippers
                                                                              ❖ Sternum straps with cord management system and reinforced
                                                                              straps ❖ Mesh-backed TPR logos and trimming ❖ EVA padded front                    S
❖ Laptop compartment, internal organizers and external side pockets
❖ Sternum straps with cord-management system and reinforced
                                                                              panel, shoulder straps and air mesh back with Astar logo ❖ Hideaway
                                                                              waist belt ❖ Main compartment has a secure closure strap                          O
straps ❖ Measures 11” L x 5” W x 18.5” H                                      ❖ Measures 12.25” L x 8.25” W x 18.5” H
               $229.95               PART NO.                       50-7720             $179.95                      PART NO.                         50-7721
COMMUTER BACKPACK                                                                                                                                               E
Water-resistant 840-denier
ballistic nylon twill and                                                          DEPLOY BACKPACK                                                              S
420-denier honeycomb nylon                                                    Made of water- and abrasion-
construction ❖ Abrasion-resistant                                             resistant 840-denier ballistic nylon
fabric at the base of the pack                                                and 420-denier honeycomb nylon
❖ Main compartment has self-                                                  ❖ Padded laptop pocket, internal
locking waterproof zipper ❖ Front                                             organizers, audio port, daisy
compartment has waterproof                                                    chains and external side pockets
welded zipper with printed logo                                               ❖ Alpinestars reflective logo and
❖ Laptop compartment, audio                                                   reflective piping ❖ Large carrying
port, internal organizers and                                                 handle ❖ Zippers are waterproof and
external side pocket storage                                                  self-locking ❖ Shoulder straps are
❖ Sternum strap and hideaway                                                  reinforced ❖ Hideaway waist belt
waist strap ❖ Padded air mesh                                                 ❖ Secure main compartment closure
back and shoulder straps                                                      flap ❖ EVA padded air mesh back
❖ Measures 13.75” L x                                                         with Astars padded logo ❖ Measures
6.75” W x 18.75” H                                                            11.5” L x 7.5” W x 19.75” H

               $89.95                PART NO.                       50-7723             $139.95                      PART NO.                         50-7722

        New Part Nos.
                           OrderiNg &                              teChNiCal
        in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601                 suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                            1021
                                                                                                                                        click for

                  ROLLER BAG
    Constructed with a strong PVC exoskeleton
    and heavy-duty 600-denier fabric covering that
    tolerates rugged travel conditions ❖ Features a
    padded helmet compartment with expandable
    interior wall ❖ Easily accessible additional
    storage in the lower zippered compartment                                                           TRAVEL BAG
    ❖ Organize your riding essentials with the                                Sized for flight carry on, weekend expeditions and more ❖ Designed
    removable floor panel with mesh pocket and                                with a strong PVC exoskeleton, a heavy-duty 600-denier fabric cover
    four interior sleeve pockets ❖ Handle retracts                            and special weather-resistant lower bag coatings ❖ Padded main
    for easy towing; bag rolls smoothly on varied                             compartment opens fully with dual-direction zipper fobs ❖ Spacious
    surfaces with quality rubber tread wheels                                 secondary compartment holds medium-sized items, like shaving kits
    ❖ Measures 32.25” x 18.25” x 17”                                          ❖ External pockets expand storage capacity; permit quick access
    ❖ Contents not included                                                   to gloves and other small items ❖ Integrated business card/bag ID
                                                                              tag holder; sturdy nylon carry handles loop together to make toting
              $162.95                     PARt No.	                 50-8395
                                                                              simple ❖ Measures 27” x 15.25” x 13.75” ❖ Contents not included

                                                                                         $62.95                    PARt No.	                  50-8399

      EXPEDITION                                                                  XCR ENDURO PACK
R      BACKPACK                                                               The mid-sized pack for rough rides
    Heavy-duty ballistic nylon, polyester and                                 ❖ Rugged, flexible 600-denier
    ripstop nylon construction with front pockets that feature elastic tool   material conforms to your body;

A   loops, zippered internal pockets and a key clip ❖ Carry miscellaneous
    accessories in the side pockets ❖ Includes a fleece-lined, padded
                                                                              exclusive molded bio-foam back
                                                                              pad and extra wide waist belt add

C   laptop pocket that fits most 17” laptops and a fleece-lined pocket
    with headphone-out port ❖ Water-resistant pocket can fit up to a
                                                                              comfort ❖ Main belt accepts other
                                                                              Moose Racing items, like the Utility

C   3-liter bladder. Moose Racing 3-liter bladder sold separately, PART
    NO. 50-7574 ❖ Elevated Bio-Foam back panel for ventilation while
                                                                              Belt Pack ❖ Easily adjustable
                                                                              quick-release belt buckle locks the wide main strap to fit your torso

E   you’re under way ❖ Hide or ride, flow-mesh padded waist straps,
    adjustable sternum strap and ventilated flow-mesh shoulder straps
                                                                              and the gear you’re wearing – fits waist sizes 28”-56” ❖ Front
                                                                              fold-down flap seals out the elements and holds an easy-access

S   ❖ Pull-over rain hood ❖ Neoprene grab handle ❖ Measures 19” H x
    12” W x 6-10” D ❖ Contents not included
                                                                              exterior zippered compartment for maps, scorecards, or registration
                                                                              papers ❖ Main fold-out compartment features elastic tool loops,

S              $69.95                     PARt No.	                 50-8240
                                                                              key hook and mesh storage pouch ❖ Second large zippered pouch
                                                                              compartment holds extra goggles, gloves, a spare tube or other

O                                                                             items ❖ Unique twin compression straps and a variety of elastic
                                                                              bands keeps your selection of tools and gear organized and in place

R                                                                             ❖ Measures 10.5” x 4” x 6” ❖ Contents not included

                                                                                         $39.95                    PARt No.	                  50-8401
I        BOOT BAG
E   Redesigned to be used
    either in a standing
S   position or laying flat
    ❖ Features a strong
    PVC exoskeleton with
    heavy-duty 600-denier
    fabric ❖ Fully
    opening, padded main
    compartment; dual-
    direction zipper fobs
    make stowing boots
    easy ❖ Main compartment accommodates                                                                TOOL WRAP
    up to size 15 MX boots; vented to allow                                   An efficient and hassle-free method of organizing and carrying
    boots to dry ❖ Zippered external compartment for socks and other          tools and supplies ❖ Constructed out of 600-denier Cordura® nylon
    cargo ❖ Four nylon pedestal feet prevent wear and damage to bottom        material that won’t puncture or rip ❖ Shaped to better secure and
    of bag ❖ Flat, integrated carry handle folds smooth so you can stow       segregate your tools; attached zipper bag holds small odds and ends
    the bag with other luggage ❖ Measures 21” x 15.5” x 9” ❖ Contents         ❖ Convenient size (approximately 13.25” x 9” x 1”) is small enough
    not included                                                              to fit in a fanny pack or rear fender pack ❖ Tools sold separately

               $35.95                     PARt No.	                 50-8403              $15.95                    PARt No.	                  50-8397

           New Part Nos.
    1022 in DARK BLUE
                                 OrderiNg &
                           CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601
                                                                     suPPOrt   320-358-3831  
                                                                                                                                   click for

          GEAR BAG
    Separate helmet, gear,                                                                                                          50-8908
    and boot compartments
    ❖ Mesh venting in all
    main compartments
    ❖ Five exterior pockets
    ❖ Removable changing
    pad ❖ Interior accessory
    holder to safely hold keys,
    wallet, etc. ❖ Mesh interior pocket ❖ Fleece-lined goggle pocket
    ❖ Black color with detachable padded shoulder strap ❖ Measures
    231/2” L x 15” W x 18” H

               $89.99                     PARt No.	               50-7903

                                                                                            TRACK WHEELIE GEAR BAGS
                                                                            One large main compartment ❖ Two boot compartments ❖ Two
                                                                            small outer pockets ❖ Venting throughout ❖ Measures 33” L x
                                                                            18” H x 15” W
                                                                                CoLoR                       PARt No.                        PRICE
                                                                                Black                       50-7900                        $80.99
      MIXXER MX-3                                                               Mixxer                      50-8908                         98.99
       GEAR BAG
    One main
    compartment, two end
    boot compartments
    and three side pockets
R   ❖ Every section has mesh venting
    ❖ Detachable padded shoulder strap ❖ Black/
                                                                                   MIXXER MX-2
                                                                                    GEAR BAG
I   white color; heavy-duty zippers ❖ Measures
    30” L x 18” W x 16” H                                                   One main compartment

D              $89.99                     PARt No.                50-8910
                                                                            and two side pockets
                                                                            ❖ Every section has mesh

E                                                                           venting ❖ Black/white
                                                                            color; heavy-duty zippers

R                                                                           ❖ Measures 25” L x
                                                                            16” W x 14” H

                                                                                            $53.99                PARt No.                50-8909

S       GEAR BAG
    One large main compartment
S   ❖ Two boot compartments                                                                            KS1000 TOOL BAG
    ❖ Two small outer pockets                                               This versatile tool pack has dual fluid bottles and plenty of room
O   ❖ Venting throughout ❖ Telescoping handle
    ❖ Measures 33” L x 18” H x 15” W
                                                                            for other accessories ❖ Tough construction and secure easy access
                                                                            compartments ❖ Black color; measures 183/8” L x 11/2” W x 55/8” H
R              $89.99                     PARt No.	               50-8357                   $35.99                PARt No.	               50-7911

                                              TMX TOOL BAG
    Constructed of heavy duty 600-denier nylon ❖ Multiple storage pockets to store all your necessary
    tools ❖ Elastic straps throughout to keep tools in place ❖ Clear covered map pocket ❖ Adjustable
    nylon web belt with heavy duty buckle ❖ Foam lined back panel for comfort ❖ “Rubberized” back
    material to help minimize slippage ❖ Black/gray color ❖ Measure 21” L x 31/2” W x 61/2” H

                      $35.99                          PARt No.	                              50-7908

           New Part Nos.
    1024 in DARK BLUE
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                           CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601
                                                                    suPPOrt     320-358-3831  
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                                                                             TEAM GEAR BAG
                                                                       Super-large capacity ❖ Four
                                                                       zippered compartments
                                                                       ❖ Boot compartment ❖ Helmet
                                                                       compartment with removable
                         KODIAK BAG                                    helmet sleeve ❖ Main gear
Retractable handle ❖ Dimensions meet airport luggage requirements      compartment ❖ Front accessory
❖ Constructed of ballistic materials for longevity ❖ Separate boot     pocket ❖ Auto-compression
compartments ❖ Detachable changing mat ❖ Plastic rails protect         shoulder strap carry system ❖ Side
bottom of bag ❖ Wheeled for easy towing ❖ Black;                       and front handles ❖ Reinforced base ❖ Quilted hip panel ❖ Multiple
18” W x 16” D x 26” H                                                  venting ports ❖ Black; 36” W x 18” D x 16” H

          $154.99                  PARt No.                  50-8628             $115.99                   PARt No.                  50-8629

                                                                                  Back view

       KREW PAK
Large main compartment                                                     NAC PAK
❖ Top loading, fleece-lined                                            Large main                                                              R
goggle pocket ❖ Large                                                  compartment
accessory pocket ❖ External                                            ❖ Internal gathered                                                     I
shovel blade storage ❖ Side                                            sleeve with hook for
probe storage ❖ Separate                                               hydration reservoir                                                     D
back-loading hydration                                                 ❖ 3 liter Klim
compartment ❖ 3 liter                                                  Hydrapak® hydration                                                     E
Klim Hydrapak® hydration                                               reservoir included
reservoir included ❖ One                                               ❖ Two upper                                                             R
external hydration exit port                                           external hydration
❖ One fleece-lined internal                                            hose exit ports
shoulder strap hydration                                               ❖ Internal main
storage with zippered                                                  compartment mesh                                                        A
opening ❖ Secondary storage                                            accessory pocket opening ❖ Detachable
pocket with sleeve for tool                                            internal goggle bag ❖ Two side pockets                                  C
pouch and side shovel handle                                           ❖ Side avalanche probe storage ❖ Padded
storage ❖ Two side pockets                                             shoulder straps and sternum strap                                       C
❖ Quilted padded back panel                                            with integrated whistle ❖ Side shovel
❖ Padded shoulder straps                                               handle storage ❖ External shovel blade                                  E
and sternum strap with                                                 storage ❖ Comfort padded air flux back
integrated whistle ❖ Padded waist straps with comfortable narrow       panel ❖ Low profile waist strap ❖ Reflective panels for increased       S
lumbar connection ❖ Black; 14” W x 9” D x 20” H, 3.7 lb. ❖ Does        visibility ❖ Black; 18” W x 6” D x 18” H, 1.7 lb. ❖ Does not include
not include shovel ❖ Removable tool pouch; 1” elastic loop tool        shovel ❖ Removable tool pouch ❖ 1” elastic loop tool organization       S
organization and zippered stash pocket                                 ❖ Zippered stash pocket
          $135.99                  PARt No.                  50-8630              $95.99                   PARt No.                  50-8631
                                                                                 BRIEFCASE                                                     S
                                                                       Laptop case ❖ Two main
                                                                       compartments ❖ Four secondary
                                                                       compartments ❖ Secure laptop
                                                                       strap ❖ Removable laptop sleeve
                                                                       ❖ Four external pockets, two
                                                                       available at all times ❖ Anodized
                                                                       strap hooks and hardware ❖ Cell
                                                                       phone/camera compartment on
                                                                       strap ❖ Rolling luggage handle
                       SCRAMBLE PAK                                    attachment pocket ❖ Padded cable
1” elastic loop tool organization ❖ Zippered map sleeve ❖ Zippered     pocket ❖ Business card window
mesh pocket ❖ Two zippered hip pockets with internal mesh gathered     ❖ Carry strap with padded shoulder sleeve ❖ Available in black with
pocket ❖ Quilted Airmesh padding ❖ Reflective hits ❖ Oversized         contrast stitching ❖ Rubber carry grip ❖ Great for carry-on luggage
webbing on waist belt ❖ Black; 10” W x 4” D x 6” H, 1.3 lb.            ❖ Black; 14” W x 6” D x 16” H

           $49.99                  PARt No.                  50-8635              $99.99                   PARt No.                  50-8636

      New Part Nos.
                         OrderiNg &                         teChNiCal
      in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601            suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                   1025
                                                                                                                                                  click for

                    DRY PACK CASE
                   FOR MP3 PLAYER
    Helps protect iPod® and other MP3 players                                            DRY PACK CASE FOR PDA/GPS
    from the elements ❖ Perfect for the beach,                                          Keep your PDA/GPS dry with this stylish
    pool, boating, snorkeling and more ❖ Easy to                                        clear TPU front, blue TPU back, padded and
    view and operate through the case ❖ Durable                                         lined dry case ❖ Contains a yellow sealing
    TPU construction ❖ Integrated female jack RF                                        clip for high visibility, an adjustable neck
    welded at the bottom ❖ Waterproof earbuds,                                          lanyard and an anodized aluminum
    armband, lanyard and spring clip included                                           spring hook ❖ 6” L x 5” W
    ❖ 6” maximum circumference                                                          ❖ 9 in. maximum circumference
     NOTE: Contents not included.                                                        NOTE: Contents not included.

           $39.99                   PART NO.	         50-7079                                          $14.99                 PART NO.	                50-6275


    Keep your gear dry and clean ❖ Secures by                                                                 WATERPROOF POUCH SET
    rolling down the top and fastening the buckle                                       Waterproof pouches for your stuff ❖ Thick vinyl construction with
    ❖ Buckle doubles as a handle ❖ Great for hunting            since the bag locks     triple-fold and hook-and-loop closure to ensure contents stay dry
    odors in ❖ Available in                                                             ❖ Three bag sizes included: 5” x 7”, 7” x 10” and 101/2” x 131/2”
                                    SIZE        BLUE PART NO.   CLEAR PART NO. PRICE
    three sizes in either blue
                                    9.5”	x	16” 50-7827          50-7800        $13.99    NOTE: Contents not included.
    tri-laminate material or
                                    11.5”	x	19” 50-7798         50-7801         15.99
R   clear, nylon-reinforced vinyl
    ❖ Sold each                     12.5”	x	28” 50-7799         50-7802         21.99                  $14.99                 PART NO.	                50-6433

C   Four 3”x3” sterile
    dressings; four 2”x2”
E   sterile dressings; two
    3”x4” non-adherent
S   dressings ❖ One
    conforming gauze
S   bandage; four 1”x3” adhesive bandages; three knuckle bandages
    ❖ One 1”x10” tape; one elastic bandage; eight Motrin; two
O   diphenhydramine ❖ Two after-bite sting relief; 11 moleskins; five                       S.O.L. SURVIVAL PAK
    after-cut antiseptics; three antibiotic ointments ❖ One tincture of
R   Benzoin; three butterfly strips; two latex gloves; one tweezers;
                                                                                        Heatsheets® survival blanket
                                                                                        (60” x 96”), Slim Rescue Howler
    three safety pins; one duct tape ❖ Waterproof internal bags ❖ Kit
I   dimensions are 71/2” W x 6” H x 2” D
                                                                                        Whistle® ❖ Tinder-Quick® tinder
                                                                                        (burns 2-3 minutes), 20 mm

E                    $27.99                      PART NO.                     50-8644
                                                                                        compass, mini rescue flash™ signal
                                                                                        mirror ❖ Waterproof/windproof

S                                                                                       matches, fishing/sewing kit, duct tape, waterproof dry sack with strap
                                                                                        and clip ❖ Kit dimensions are 4” W x 61/4” H x 11/4” D

                                                                                                         $25.99               PART NO.                 50-8645

                                                EMERGENCY BIVVY
                                    Vacuum materialized polyethylene bivvy
                                    sack reflects back up to 90% of your
                                    radiated body heat ❖ Nylon stuff sack with
                                    draw cord ❖ Dimensions are 31/2” L x
                                    2” O.D.; 36” x 84” expanded ❖ 3.8 oz.
                                                                                                                          KLIM LIP BALM
                                                                                                     SPF 15+ ❖ Vitamin E ❖ UVA/UVB protection ❖ PABA free
                                                      $16.99                                         ❖ Lip moisturizer for sunburn, windburn and chapped lips

                                     PART NO.                                 50-8646                             $2.99        PART NO.                50-8647

             New Part Nos.
    1026 in DARK BLUE
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                              CustOmer serviCe    800-969-7601
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                                                                                            40-8677                             40-8678                  40-8679                                                      40-8680
          DETECTO 8000 BRAKE
            DISC LOCK/ALARM                                                                            DETECTO 7000 RS 1 LOCKS/ALARMS
Electronic brake disc lock with a 14mm                               Electronic brake disc lock with 3D position system (movement detection) ❖ Blocks brake
hardened bolt ❖ Features a 3D position                               disc and activates noisy alarm at any movement ❖ Lock body and bolt are made of special
control for immediate alarm when position                            hardened steel ❖ Patented Snap’n Go System lets you install/remove lock with one hand
changes or shocks are detected ❖ High-                               ❖ Different acoustical and optical signals for the different functional status (LED in 3 colors),
quality steel lock has ABUS X-Plus locking                           battery status, activation of the detection system and
for extreme protection against unlawful                              detection system on duty ❖ Batteries included                            $152.99
opening ❖ Batteries included
                                                                         CoLoR              PARt No.              CoLoR              PARt No.          CoLoR                  PARt No.             CoLoR               PARt No.
         $218.99                  PARt No.	             40-7920          Red                40-8677               Yellow             40-8678           Signature	white        40-8679              Signature	yellow    40-8680

                                                           40-8276                                                                                                                     40-8684

               DETECTO 7000 RS
Combines electric and mechanic lock technology into one great lock ❖ Separate                                                                                                   40-8685
locking is no longer necessary ❖ Directly bolts in one hole when mounted on
the brake disk ❖ Made from hardened steel ❖ A vibration sensor triggers a 110                                                                     77 SLEDGE DISC LOCKS
dB strong signal when tampered with ❖ RS 2 functions are supported by optic
                                                                                                                                X-Plus cylinder protects against lock picking ❖ Blocks
signals (LED) ❖ 10mm wide x 6mm pin

    DESCRIPtIoN         PARt No.               PRICE           DESCRIPtIoN               PARt No.                     PRICE
                                                                                                                                the brake disc ❖ Memo-cable reminds you to detach lock
                                                                                                                                before driving ❖ 13mm special
                                                                                                                                                                         CoLoR       PARt No.
    RS 2                                                       RS 3                                                             hardened steel closing bolt
                                                                                                                                ❖ Anti-sliding rubber cover
                                                                                                                                                                         Grip	red    40-8683                                      I
    Red                 40-8276               $115.99          Yellow                    40-8275                    $106.99                                              Grip	yellow 40-8684
    Yellow              40-8277                115.99      	                                                                                 $141.99                     Web	yellow  40-8685                                      D

                  40-7924                                                                                                                          40-8681                                                                        C
      GRANIT VICTORY X-PLUS 68                                                                                                                    330 TRIGGER DISC LOCKS
         BRAKE DISC LOCKS                                                                          40-7925                      Blocks brake disc ❖ Memo-cable reminds you to detach
Designed for brake discs up to 8mm (.315”)
thick ❖ ABUS-X-Plus locking system for
                                                                                                                                lock before driving ❖ Hardened steel body with 9mm
                                                                                                                                hardened steel closing bolt ❖ Includes two keys
extremely high protection against unlawful
opening ❖ Disc memory reminds you to
                                                                         DESCRIPtIoN               PARt No.           PRICE                                              $65.99                                                   O
                                                                         Black	brake	disc	lock     40-7924          $103.99
detach lock before starting ❖ 14mm pin
diameter ❖ Includes lighted key ❖ Optional
                                                                         Yellow	brake	disc	lock    40-7925           103.99         CoLoR                        PARt No.             CoLoR                           PARt No.    R
                                                                                                                                    Red                          40-8681              Yellow                          40-8682
carrier available separately
                                                                         Carrier                   40-7926            28.99
                                                                                                           40-7928                                                            40-7929                                             E
        PROVOGUE 300 AND 305
Small, handy, compact and secure disc
locks ❖ Feature an easy one-hand operation
❖ Impact-resistant solid cast metal with a                                                                                             40-7935                                                 40-7936
shiny gold or chrome metal finish or colored
(white/red/black) rubberized surface
❖ Hardened alloy steel locking bolt: 10mm
for Provogue 300 and 5mm for
Provogue 305                                                                              40-7927
    DESCRIPtIoN      PARt No.         PRICE          DESCRIPtIoN            PARt No.              PRICE           DESCRIPtIoN          PARt No.             PRICE        DESCRIPtIoN                  PARt No.           PRICE
    300                                              300 (CONT)                                                   305                                                    305 (CONT)
    White            40-79321        $48.99          Gold                   40-7935               $48.99          White                40-79271            $40.99        Gold                         40-7930            $40.99
    Red              40-79331         48.99          Black                  40-79361               48.99          Red                  40-79281             40.99        Black                        40-79311            40.99
    Chrome           40-7934          48.99      	                                                                Chrome               40-7929              40.99        1	   Rubber	coated.
           New Part Nos.
                              OrderiNg &                                                     teChNiCal
           in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe              800-969-7601                             suPPOrt            320-358-3831                                                                                           1027
                                                                                                                                                           click for

                                                                          STRADA 34 MINI                                                      40-8686

                                                                         BRAKE DISC LOCK                                  8900
                                                                      Special hardened steel
     GRANIT QUICK                                                     construction is small 1.96”
       MAXI AND                                                       (50mm), handy, compact                             LOCKS
                                                                      and secure ❖ All-around drill                   8mm
      MINI BRAKE                                                      protection ❖ Double-bolted                      square chain with fabric
      DISC LOCK                                                       shackle ❖ Disc memory reminds                   sleeve prevents damage of
    Special hardened-       40-7921     40-7922                       you to detach the lock before                   motorcycle’s paintwork
    steel construction features a locking system                      starting ❖ ABUS EXTRA-Class cylinder            ❖ Chain, case and supporting
    to protect against drilling ❖ ABUS-Plus                           with symmetrical dimple key ❖ 12mm pin          elements of locking mechanism are made of
    locking system for extremely high protection                      diameter ❖ 23/8” W x 1” D x 43/4” H             special hardened steel ❖ ABUS automatic
    against unlawful opening ❖ Includes disc                          ❖ Includes carrying case                        cylinder with special anti-picking technology
    memory to prevent forgetting lock in brake                                                                        ❖ Includes two coded keys
    disc ❖ Manual cylinder cover ❖ 12mm pin                                $82.99               PART NO.    40-7923
    diameter ❖ Includes carrying case ❖ Available
    in yellow
                                                                           GRANIT                                     COLOR         PART NO.       COLOR      PART NO.
     DESCRIPTION                                 PART NO.     PRICE       DETECTO                                     Black         40-8686        Red        40-8687
     70mm Maxi (21/2” W x 3/4” D x 51/2” H)      40-7921    $128.99
     53mm Mini (21/2” W x 3/4” D x 41/2” H)      40-7922     115.99
                                                                        CHAIN LOCK/
                                                                        BRAKE DISC                                       GRANIT CITY
         GRANIT                                                                                                          X-PLUS 1060
      EXTREME PLUS                                                      LOCK/ALARM
                                                                      Combines the famous
                                                                                                                         CHAIN LOCKS
     59 CHAIN LOCKS                                                   ABUS disc brake lock                            10mm hexagonal chain
    Protect against theft                                             with a hardened 47”                             is as hard as granite
    from even the most                                                x 12mm chain ❖ Electronic brake disc lock       with a high resistance
    aggressive attacks                                                features 14mm special hardened bolt             to cutting, pulling and
    with these specially                                              ❖ High-quality steel lock can also be used      torsion ❖ ABUS Power Cell technology locks
    hardened chains ❖ Chain link locks directly                       without chain ❖ 3D position control for         chain directly into lock body ❖ Interlocked
    into lock for extreme resistance against                          immediate alarm when position changes or        lock housing protects against the most
    pulling ❖ ABUS X-Plus locking system                              shocks are detected ❖ Features the ABUS         determined attacks and ABUS X-Plus cylinder
    includes more than one million key variations                     X-Plus locking system ❖ Batteries included      for high picking protection ❖ Also features an
                                                                                                                      automatic keyhole cover
     DESCRIPTION                    PART NO.                  PRICE
                                                                                      $319.99                         DESCRIPTION              PART NO.          PRICE
R    66” x 12mm
     55” x 12mm
                                                             411.99   PART NO.                              40-7913   66” x 10mm               40-7910         $196.99
                                                                                                                      55” x 10mm               40-7911          189.99
I                                                                                                                     43” x 10mm               40-7912          172.99

                                                                                                                         PLATINUM 34
        X-PLUS 68
E      CHAIN LOCK                                                                                                        CHAIN LOCKS
R   Combines the famous
    ABUS brake disc lock with
                                                                                                                      Hardened 10mm square
                                                                                                                      chain with fabric sleeve
    18” x 12mm hardened
                                                                         BORDO                                        ❖ High-quality ABUS
    steel chain ❖ Steel brake                                            X-PLUS                                       padlock for all-around

A   disc lock can be used
    separately ❖ Features the
                                                                      Protects against
                                                                      brutal opening
                                                                                                                      protection ❖ Lock
                                                                                                                      features a hardened

C   ABUS X-Plus locking system to
    protect against unlawful opening ❖ Includes
                                                                      methods and offers maximum flexibility for
                                                                      external securing ❖ Made from 5.5mm thick
                                                                                                                      shackle and body, plus
                                                                                                                      extra shackle guard to protect against bolt

C   lighted key and memory cable                                      hardened special steel ❖ Easy to transport
                                                                                                                      cutter and sawing attacks
                                                                                                                      DESCRIPTION              PART NO.          PRICE
E                          $173.99                                                    $145.99                         78” x 10mm               40-7908         $147.99
     PART NO.                                               40-7914                                                   55” x 10mm               40-7909          129.99
S                                                                     PART NO.                              40-8274

S                                                                                                                       WBA 100
                                                                                                                      LOCK ANCHOR
O                                                                                                                     16mm hardened
      CITYCHAIN                                                                                                       steel shackle for
R       1010                                                                                                          extreme resistance
                                                                                                                      against theft
I     CHAIN LOCK                                                                                                      ❖ Designed for
    Hardened 55” x                                                                                                    both indoor and
E   9mm chain with a robust                                           WINNER CHAIN 92 CHAIN LOCK                      outdoor use on floor or walls ❖ Flat shape
    textile webbing and automatic                                     Hardened shackle for extra protection against   and high-quality materials allow anchor to be
S   keyhole cover ❖ ABUS-Plus cylinder for high                       brutal attacks ❖ Strong 55” x 8mm hardened      driven over in fixed position ❖ All necessary
    picking protection                                                square chain                                    hardware is included
                           $147.99                                                     $86.99                                           $98.99
     PART NO.                                               40-7915   PART NO.                              40-7916   PART NO.                                 40-7937

                STEEL-O-FLEX 900
                  CABLE LOCKS
    Compact, flexible and secure locks protect                                                    CENTURO 860 CABLE LOCK
    against theft ❖ Hardened steel
                                                                                              Hardened steel shells protect flexible 43” x
    shell around a strong 27mm Steel-O-Flex
                                                                                              19mm steel cable ❖ ABUS cylinder features
    cable ❖ Features an ABUS high-quality
                                                                                              a self-locking mechanism
    five-pin cylinder

     DESCRIPTION         PART NO.              PRICE    DESCRIPTION     PART NO.      PRICE
     66” x 27mm          40-7917              $90.99    39” x 27mm      40-7918      $69.99     PART NO.                            40-7919

             New Part Nos.
    1028 in DARK BLUE
                                      OrderiNg &
                                CustOmer serviCe            800-969-7601
                                                                                      suPPOrt   320-358-3831 
                                                                                                                                                        click for

                                                                                           NEW YORK LOCK® U-LOCKS
                                                                                  Double security with oversized hardened steel
                                                                                  sleeve, double deadbolt and high-security disc-
                                                                                  style cylinder ❖ Feature a protective vinyl coating
                                                                                  and a sliding dust cover to protect and extend the
                                                                                  life of the cylinder ❖ Include three stainless steel
                                                                                  keys; one is lighted with a high-intensity bulb and
                                                                                  replacement battery ❖ PART NO. 40-8895 features
                                                                                  an 18mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle
                                                                                  and PART NOS. 40-8896 and 40-8897 feature a
                                         40-8905                                  16mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle to
                                                                                  resist leverage attacks and bolt cutters

                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                                   PART NO.                      PRICE
                                                                                  Fahgettaboudit® (3.25” x 6”)                  40-8895                      $94.99
                                                                                  STD (4” x 8”)                                 40-8896                       84.99
                                                                                  LS (4” x 10.25”)                              40-8897                       87.99

                                                                                        NEW YORK DISC LOCK®
                                                                                  14mm hardened MAX-Performance steel
                                                                                  shackle with double deadbolt design
                                                                                  and high-security disc-style cylinder with
                                                   40-8908                        sliding dust cover protector ❖ Features
                                                                                  a protective vinyl coating and patented,
                                                                                  hardened steel sleeve over the crossbar
                   NEW YORK CHAIN LOCKS                                           for extra security ❖ Protective pouch for
Protect against lift-away, ride-away, tow-away and roll-away thefts               transport and storage and a disc lock reminder included ❖ Includes
❖ High-security disc-style cylinders with hardened double deadbolt                three stainless steel “I” keys, one of which has an LED bulb for low
design for enhanced protection against twisting attacks ❖ Each lock               light situations ❖ Measures 2.2” x 2.3”
features hook-and-loop fasteners to hold the nylon in place                                        $67.99                      PART NO.                     40-8911
15mm round chain links constructed of 3t hardened steel and
a 16mm MAX-Performance, reinforced, shrouded steel shackle
❖ Includes a New York Padlock and three stainless steel “I” keys                                                                                                      I
14mm six-sided chain links constructed of 3t manganese steel and                     NEW YORK ARMORED DISC LOCK                                                       D
a 15mm MAX-Performance steel shackle ❖ Includes a New York Disc
Lock and three stainless steel keys: two “I” keys and one with LED
                                                                                  12mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle
                                                                                  ❖ Forged steel body and armored steel case provide
bulb for low light situations
                                                                                  the ultimate protection ❖ Double deadbolt locking
                                                                                  mechanism and high-security disc-style cylinder with
                                                                                  a sliding dust cover for protection ❖ Includes three
12mm six-sided chain links constructed of 3t manganese steel and
                                                                                  stainless steel “I” keys and protective pouch for
a 14mm MAX-Performance steel shackle ❖ Includes an Evolution™
Series 4 Disc Lock and three stainless steel keys: two “I” keys and
                                                                                  transport and storage ❖ Measures .43” x 2.95”
one with LED bulb for low light situations                                                  $65.99               PART NO.                  40-8912
     NEW YORK     NOOSE®    AND EVOLUTION™ SERIES 4 DISC LOCK                                                                                                         C
12mm six-sided chain links constructed of 3t manganese steel
including a larger cinch ring and a 14mm MAX-Performance steel
shackle ❖ Includes an Evolution™ Series 4 Disc Lock and three
stainless steel keys: two “I” keys and one with LED bulb for low
                                                                                      NEW YORK LOCK® 14P DISC LOCK
light situations
DESCRIPTION     PART NO.         PRICE   DESCRIPTION       PART NO.       PRICE   Extreme security for high theft locations ❖ 14mm
NEW YORK LEGEND CHAIN AND                NEW YORK CHAIN® AND EVOLUTION™ SERIES    hardened MAX-Performance steel pin rotates to resist
                                                                                  attacks ❖ Features a reinforced steel shell and high-
NEW YORK PADLOCK                         4 DISC LOCK
5’              40-8902        $198.99   5.5’              40-8906      $134.99   security disc-style cylinder with protective sliding dust
                                                                                  cover ❖ 4-point pin retention system for increased
3’              40-8903         151.99   3.25’             40-8907        84.99
NEW YORK FAHGETTABOUDIT ® CHAIN          NEW YORK NOOSE  ® AND EVOLUTION™         holding power ❖ Includes three stainless steel “I” keys
                                                                                  and protective pouch for transport and storage
5’              40-8904         148.99   4.25’             40-8908       113.99
                                                                                  ❖ Measures .39” x 1.57”
                                                                                              $61.99                PART NO.                  40-8913
3.25’           40-8905         119.99   2.5’              40-8909        82.99
HARDWIRE™ CABLE LOCKS                                                      R4 CABLE LOCK
High-security disc-style cylinder with                                   2.6mm vinyl-coated
anti-drill guard and over 1 million key            40-8925               steel retracting cable
variations ❖ Reinforced lock head                                        ❖ Features a 4-digit
construction with Kryptonite’s “TALON”                                   resettable combination
lock pin retention system provides                                       lock with easy-grip dials
extra holding power ❖ Lock head                                          ❖ Patented anti-reset
rotates 360° for easier handling during                                  button prevents
lockup and removal ❖ Weatherproof                                        accidental resetting
vinyl protects the surface and paint of                                  ❖ Comfortable, rubber
your bike/vehicle ❖ Feature dual sliding                                 grips provide easy
cylinder weather guards with automatic close ❖ Include two               handling even in snow
stainless steel “I” keys                                                 and ice conditions ❖ Features a detachable
                                     DESCRIPTION  PART NO.  PRICE
❖ PART NOS. 40-8925 and                                                  LED light for visibility in low light situations
                                     6’ x 20mm    40-8925  $58.99
40-8926 include hook-and-                                                ❖ Measures 3’ x 2.6mm
loop retention straps for extra      2.75’ x 20mm 40-8926   40.99
stability in transport               6’ x 15mm    40-8927   49.99                             $20.99                           PART NO.                     40-8936

       New Part Nos.
                          OrderiNg &                                  teChNiCal
       in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe       800-969-7601                 suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                               1029
                                                                                                                                                                            click for


                                                                                                        SERIES 4 U-LOCKS
                                                                                              14mm hardened MAX-Performance
                                                                                              steel shackle resists leverage attacks
                                                                                              and bolt cutters ❖ Offer double security
                                                                                              with a double deadbolt and high-security
                                                                                              disc-style cylinder with over 1 million
      40-8914                                40-8915                                          key variations ❖ Feature a reinforced
                                                                  40-8917                     anti-drill/pull cylinder protection system
                                                                                              ❖ Sliding dust cover protects and
      EVOLUTION™ SERIES 4 DISC LOCKS                                                          extends the life of the cylinder ❖ Enhanced internal          40-8899
    14mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle and                                           engineering to resist twist attacks ❖ Center key
    high-security, disc-style cylinder with over 1 million                                    location and dual overhead cam locking mechanism ❖ Include three
    key variations ❖ Features a double deadbolt and                                           stainless steel keys, one of which is lighted with a high-intensity bulb
    reinforced anti-drill/pull cylinder protection system                                     and replacement battery ❖ PART NO. 40-8898 features anti-rattle
    ❖ Sliding dust cover protects cylinder ❖ Includes three stainless                         bumpers to help control noise during transport
    steel keys, one of which is lighted with a high-intensity bulb and
    replacement battery ❖ Disc locks measure 1.8” x 2.1” ❖ Disc Lock                          DESCRIPTION       PART NO.         PRICE     DESCRIPTION               PART NO.       PRICE
    Premium Pack, PART NO. 40-8914, includes a disc lock reminder                             STD (4” x 9”)     40-8898         $61.99     LS (4” x 11.5”)           40-8899       $65.99
    and a protective pouch for transport and storage

     DESCRIPTION      PART NO.      PRICE       DESCRIPTION       PART NO.          PRICE
                                                                                                 KRYPTOLOK® SERIES 2 DISC LOCK
                                                                                             13mm hardened Performance steel shackle and high-
     DISC LOCK PREMIUM PACK                     DISC LOCKS (CONT)
                                                                                             security, disc-style cylinder and rotating dust cover
     Orange           40-8914       $53.99      Red               40-8916           $48.99
                                                                                             for protection ❖ Features a reinforced sleeve over the
     DISC LOCKS                                 Yellow            40-8917            48.99   crossbar for added security ❖ Includes two stainless
     Black            40-8915        48.99                                                   steel “I” keys ❖ Measures 1.7” x 1.9”

                                                                                                        $31.99                  PART NO.                 40-8918

      40-8919                                                     40-8921



I                    KRYPTOLOK® DFS 10 DISC LOCKS
    Constructed of hardened drop-forged steel to resist cutting, sawing
D   and freezing ❖ Stapler-style disc lock with a 10mm pin diameter for
    better protection ❖ Dual-reinforced, high-security, disc-style cylinder
E   ❖ Includes two stainless steel “I” keys and                                                                        40-8930
    pouch with belt clip for easy transporting
R   ❖ Measures 3” x 8mm ❖ Available in
                                                                     PART NO.
    chrome, yellow or orange
                                                   Yellow            40-8920                    KRYPTOFLEX® CABLE LOCKS
                      $39.99                       Orange            40-8921                 Flexible braided steel cable is more resistant
A                                                                                            to attacks ❖ Feature hook-and-loop retention
                                                                                             strap for stability during transport

C         KRYPTOLOK®                                                                                                        KEY CABLE LOCKS

                                                                                             Feature advanced cylinder and dual sliding cylinder weather guards
                                                                                             with automatic close feature ❖ Lock head rotates 360° for easier
    13mm hardened Performance
E   steel shackle resists leverage
                                                                                             handling during lock up and removal ❖ Include two reversible
                                                                                             stainless steel keys ❖ PART NO. 40-8931 is a self-coiling and
    attacks and bolt cutters
S   ❖ Feature a high-security Bent
                                                                                             flexible, twisted steel cable that includes a double deadbolt, hardened
                                                                                             steel shackle key padlock
    Foot™ design for superior
S   protection ❖ Patented deadbolt
                                                                                                                      COMBINATION CABLE LOCKS
    locking mechanism, pick-                                                                 4-digit resettable combination lock with indexed number dials for
O   and drill-resistant disc-style                                                           error-free setting ❖ Integrated, adjustable spline attachment rotates
    cylinder and enhanced internal                                                           up to 240° for a greater number of possible lock carrying positions
R   engineering to resist twisting                                                           ❖ PART NO. 40-8935 is a self-coiling and flexible, twisted steel
    and leverage attacks ❖ Offset                                                            cable with a protective cover and 4-digit resettable locking head
I   key location and overhead cam               40-8900                                       DESCRIPTION       PART NO.        PRICE      DESCRIPTION     PART NO.                PRICE
    locking mechanism resist attacks ❖ Rotating
E   dust cover protects and extends the life of the
                                                                                              KEY CABLE LOCKS
                                                                                              2’ x 15mm         40-8928         $24.99
                                                                                                                                           COMBINATION CABLE LOCKS
                                                                                                                                           2’ x 15mm       40-8932                 $24.99
    cylinder ❖ Include two stainless steel “I” keys for
S   easier operation
                                                                               40-8901        6’ x 12mm
                                                                                              6’ x 10mm
                                                                                                                                           6’ x 12mm
                                                                                                                                           6’ x 10mm
     DESCRIPTION       PART NO.      PRICE      DESCRIPTION         PART NO.         PRICE    6’ x 8mm          40-89311         13.99     5’ x 8mm        40-8935                  12.99
     STD (4” x 9”)     40-8900      $36.99      LS (4” x 11.5”)     40-8901         $38.99                                                 1   Includes a padlock.

                                                                                                     KRYPTOFLEX® LOOPED CABLES
                                                                               Double-looped cable for use with all Kryptonite U-Locks, disc locks and padlocks
                                                                               ❖ Braided steel cable is tough against cuts and features a protective vinyl cover
                                                                               ❖ PART NOS. 40-8939 and 40-8940 include a hook-and-loop strap for easy
                                                                               transportation ❖ PART NO. 40-8941 is perfect for helmet D-rings and riding gear
                                                                               DESCRIPTION          PART NO.            PRICE     DESCRIPTION                 PART NO.             PRICE
                                                                               30’ x 10mm           40-8938            $28.99     4’ x 10mm                   40-8940              $8.99
                                                                               7’ x 10mm            40-8939             11.99     2.5’ x 5mm                  40-8941               6.99

             New Part Nos.
    1030 in DARK BLUE
                                   OrderiNg &
                             CustOmer serviCe     800-969-7601
                                                                                    suPPOrt   320-358-3831       
                                                                                                                                                              click for

                                                                                                KEEPER 880
                                                                                             CHAIN AND PADLOCK
                                                                                 8mm four-sided chain links and pass-through end link for
                                                                                 easier padlock attachment ❖ 70mm stainless steel padlock
                                                                                 with armor protected shackle and deadbolt locking mechanism
                                                                                 ❖ 2.6’ chain features a durable, protective nylon cover

                                                                                                    $25.99                        PART NO.                          40-8910

                                                     40-8923                                  STRONGHOLD ANCHOR
                                                                                 Permanent locking point attaches to ground,
                       KEEPER 5 DISC LOCKS                                       wall, truck or trailer bed for both commercial or
Compact, weatherproof and lightweight ❖ Feature dual-reinforced,                 residential applications; for indoor and outdoor
high-security, disc-style cylinder ❖ 5mm pin diameter fits smaller vent          use ❖ 16mm hardened carbon alloy steel shackle
holes ❖ Include two stainless steel “I” keys and a pouch with belt               and 5/8” cement anchor bolts install directly into
clip for easy transporting                                                       the cement ❖ Steel shackle lays flat within domed
❖ Measure 1.4” x 6mm                                                             body when not in use; safe to walk or drive over
                                      DESCRIPTION             PART NO.
❖ Available in chrome or yellow                                                  ❖ Masonry bits included
                                      Chrome                  40-8922
             $26.99                   Yellow                  40-8923                               $78.99                        PART NO.                          40-8945

        KEEPER 512                                                                      DISC LOCK REMINDER
   COMBINATION CABLE LOCK                                                        4.3’ bright orange cable prevents riding
Great for locking quick-release components                                       before the disc lock is disengaged
and accessories ❖ 4-digit, pre-set                                               ❖ Flexible, tightly coiled cable loops
combination ❖ 5mm self-coiling and flexible                                      from your disc lock to your handlebar
twisted steel cable with protective vinyl                                        ❖ Designed for use with Kryptonite
covering ❖ Measures 4’ x 5mm                                                     disc locks

                     $6.99               PART NO.                      40-8937                           $7.99                    PART NO.                          40-8924

                                   STEEL PADLOCKS
Basic 44mm padlock includes two stainless steel keys ❖ Shrouded round
padlock features a deep-welded body with 70mm armor protected shackle and
5-pin brass cylinder; includes two stainless steel keys ❖ “Gripper” is a standard
right-left-right combination padlock with a 50mm steel body with hardened
steel shackle                                                                                    40-8942
DESCRIPTION             PART NO.      PRICE     DESCRIPTION         PART NO.         PRICE                                                                                      I
Basic (44mm)            40-8943       $8.99
                                                COMBINATION PADLOCK
                                                “Gripper” (50mm)    40-8944          $6.99
                                                                                                                                40-8943                                         D
Stainless shrouded
 round (70mm)           40-8942       19.99                                                                                                                    40-8944          E

                                                                                                                                                               52-9609          S
                                                                                 Durable vinyl banner                                                                           O
                                                                                 with grommets for
                                                                                 easy hanging
                                                                                                                                  52-9608                                       R
           UMBRELLA                                                               DESCRIPTION            PART NO.       PRICE     DESCRIPTION           PART NO.        PRICE   I
Sun or rain, Thor offers                                                          2’ x 2’ small banner   52-9608       $13.95     3’ x 8’ banner        52-9609        $25.95
protection ❖ Light, durable                                                                                                                                                     E
nylon umbrella with a 60” open
diameter ❖ Manual 30”                                                                                                                                       34-10808            S
black shaft

               $21.95                    PART NO.                      50-8706



                       WATER BOTTLE                                                                                   LANYARDS
Sturdy 16 oz. water bottle ❖ Features Thor name and                              Unobtrusive lanyard made of thin nylon rope with a metal fastening
Mask logo ❖ Available in white only                                              hook at one end ❖ Use to show off your pit pass at the
                                                                                 races or your everyday keys                               $2.95
                                                                                  COLOR              PART NO.       COLOR          PART NO.        COLOR           PART NO.
PART NO.                                                50-6744                   Black              34-10806       Pink           34-10807        Yellow          34-10808

        New Part Nos.
                           OrderiNg &                                 teChNiCal
        in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe         800-969-7601              suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                                         1031
                                                                                                                                                           click for


    100% full-grain leather, tri-fold design with ID                                                     LEATHER BI-FOLD WALLETS
    window and credit card slots ❖ Metal logo rivet                                   100% full-grain leather bi-fold with areas for cash, credit cards and
    ❖ Screen-printed liner                                                            ID ❖ Metal Fox head logo ❖ Screen-printed liner

     Black 34-02991   $29.99   Brown 34-14558   $29.99     White 34-19095    $24.99     Black 34-00946    $29.99    Brown 34-14559   $29.99      White 34-19096   $24.99

                                                                                               C-NOTE WALLET
                                                                                      100% full-grain black leather
                                                                                      ❖ Laser-etched logos ❖ Double
                                                                                      sleeve card holder ❖ ID window

                                                         34-19094                                      $20.99
                                                                                        PART NO.                     35-64909

    100% polyurethane construction
    ❖ Constructed card slots                COLOR                       PART NO.
R   ❖ Exterior and interior logo
    stamped with screenprint
                                            Black                       34-19092         Pocket
                                            Red                         34-19093
I                $22.50                     White                       34-19094

R           34-20820

A                                     Pocket

                                                                                                   34-20822                                   34-20823
    100% polyurethane construction ❖ Two-tone color design ❖ Chain
S   detail along strap ❖ Top zip opening with inner pocket ❖ Metal brand
                                                                                               GIRLS’ TRAVELER CROSSBODY PURSES
    name pin in center ❖ Fox head charm dangling                                      100% polyurethane construction ❖ Fold over flap closure with inner
S   off strap ❖ 12” strap drop
                                         COLOR                   PART NO.
                                                                                      pocket ❖ All-over brand name print with center stripes ❖ Brand name
                                                                                      logo pin ❖ Fox head charm dangles from strap ❖ Fashionista Fox
    ❖ Measure 16” W x 9.25” H
O                $36.50
                                         Dark shadow
                                                                                      badge in the center ❖ Adjustable
                                                                                      shoulder strap ❖ Measure
                                                                                                                          COLOR                    PART NO.
R                                                                                     10” W x 8” H x 3” D
                                                                                                                          White                    34-20822
I                                                                                                                         Day glo pink             34-20823

                               34-20824                    34-20825

                                                                                                       34-20817                                34-20818
    100% polyurethane construction ❖ Accordion style with plenty of                                   GIRLS’ MASTER CLASS WALLETS
    slots, pockets and storage spots to organize your cash, cards and                 100% polyurethane construction ❖ Snap closure with spots for cash,
    valuables ❖ Stitched brand name across center ❖ Top zip around                    cards and ID ❖ Big metal Fox logo plate up front
    closure ❖ Back zip exterior coin                                                  ❖ Zip around coin pocket
    pocket ❖ Measure 7.5” W x                                                         ❖ Measure 4.25” W x
                                         COLOR                   PART NO.                                                 COLOR                  PART NO.
    4” H x 1” D                                                                       3.25” H x 1” D
                                         Black                   34-20824                                                 Black                  34-20817
                $28.00                   White                   34-20825                         $26.50                  White                  34-20818

           New Part Nos.
    1032 in DARK BLUE
                                 OrderiNg &
                           CustOmer serviCe     800-969-7601
                                                                              suPPOrt   320-358-3831      
                                                                                                                                                                  click for

              TOWELS                                                                                                             34-18866
100% cotton construction                                                                              34-18865
❖ 30” W x 60” L ❖ Shattered                                                     34-18757                                                          34-20090          34-20692
model has printed Fox head logo
and brand name ❖ Speed model
has printed Fox brand name
repeated throughout                       34-20667           34-20855
DESCRIPTION               COLOR               PART NO.                 PRICE
Shattered                 Red                 34-20667                $36.50
Speed                     Cactus              34-20855                 36.00

                                                                                                                                 34-20693          34-20695         34-20854
                                                                               100% nylon construction with all over sublimated graphics (unless
      VORTEX WATER BOTTLES                                                     noted) ❖ Fox Head or Fox logo molded clip
Sturdy 20 oz. water bottle ❖ Features Fox                                       DESCRIPTION COLOR PART NO.             PRICE      DESCRIPTION COLOR PART NO.                PRICE
logo and brand name                                                             In To The Void Black   34-18757        $7.50      Future      Blue  34-20695                $9.50
                                                                                Born Free      Black   34-188651, 2    12.00      Revived     Black 34-208541, 2            15.00
                    $4.95                                                                      Fuchsia 34-188661, 2    12.00      1   Also has ID card holder with rubber Fox Head
COLOR                                    PART NO.                               Submersion     White 34-20090           7.50          TPR patch and moto and Fox head charms.
Translucent black                        50-8740                                AM Plaid       Blue    34-20692         9.50      2   100% cotton.
Clear                                    50-8741     50-8740       50-8741      Shattered      Red     34-20693         9.50

                                                                                            UMBRELLA                                                                                 I
                                                                               Stay out of the rain or out of
                                                                               the sun ❖ Durable nylon canopy,                                                                       D
                                                                               carbon shaft, soft grip ❖ 60”
                                                                               open diameter                                                                                         E
                                                                                                $19.95                                                                               R
                                                                                PART NO.                              50-8404

       CANOPY                                                                                                                                                                        E
Great for indoor and
                                                                                52-9314                                BANNERS                                       52-9317
outdoor events ❖ Long-lasting powder-coated steel collapsible frame            Logos look great indoors or outdoors ❖ Brass grommets for easy,                                       S
is fast and easy to set up ❖ 10’ x 10’ canopy top is made of heavy-
duty PVC-coated fabric that is water- and UV-resistant; hook-and-loop
                                                                               long-lasting attachment ❖ Track banner constructed from durable
                                                                               plastic; shop banner made from tough poly material                                                    S
inner straps ensure a tight canopy fit ❖ Durable nylon composite
fittings ❖ Comes complete with carrying bag and instructions
                                                                                Track banner, black
                                                                                                                 3’ T x 7’ W
                                                                                                                                                PART NO.
                $249.95              PART NO.                        56-0831    Shop banner, black               23” T x 47” W                  52-9314                      9.95    R
 35-65617                                                                                                                                                                            I

Made of 100% knitted acrylic for comfort ❖ Measure 60” x 60” for plenty of coverage at home or at the races
❖ Made in the U.S.A.                                                                                                                      $91.99
DESCRIPTION                              PART NO.    DESCRIPTION                                      PART NO.   DESCRIPTION                                            PART NO.
Honda                                    35-65617    Bultaco                                          35-65619   Suzuki                                                 34-10176

         New Part Nos.
                            OrderiNg &                              teChNiCal
         in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe   800-969-7601                 suPPOrt   320-358-3831                                                                               1033
                                                                                                                                                                                      click for

                                    CANOPY                                                                  UMBRELLA
    Collapses into its own heavy-duty portable carrying case                         An oversized umbrella in bright Matrix
    ❖ Increased headroom is provided by an elevated center                           Factory Team colors and logos ❖ Lightweight
    design ❖ Smooth opening and closing are allowed by the                           with a strong carbon fiber shaft and durable
    six pull-pin auto sliders ❖ Heavy-duty steel structure with                      light nylon ❖ Used by factory mechanics                          Provides instant shade or stylish
    a powder-coated finish ❖ Made from a professional heavy-                         to keep the sun and rain off their riders at                     protection from wet weather
    duty grade polyester fabric ❖ Minimizes wrinkles and has                         the gate ❖ An umbrella is a must for any                         ❖ Three-color design; measures
    the ability to hold a vibrant color ❖ Includes eight ground                      spectator or rider, it will keep you dry and                     60” diameter open
                                                                                     provide shade
    stakes ❖ 10’ x 10’                                                                                                                                                  $39.95
               $474.99                  PARt No.                          56-2033            $46.99                       PARt No.         50-8907        PARt No.	                       50-5528

        34-17414         34-17415
                                       35-71602              35-71603          35-71604       35-71605                                               35-71707
                 BIG-A BI-FOLD                                                                                                                                                         35-71709
                                                                                                                     35-71606           35-71607                       35-71708
    Genuine leather outer bi-fold
    wallet ❖ Six slot interior with i.d. window ❖ Outer has large
    deboss logo; inner has deboss blaze
             RAW                    LOGO FADER                               WINNER                            CRUMBLE                    BIG LEAGUE                        TACTICS
    100%                    Features a “washed”                        Debossed 100%                100% nylon                           100% PU                   100% nylon construction,
    crocodile skin          effect finish ❖ 100%                       polyurethane                 fabric construction                  embossed                  contrast lining and
R   bi-fold wallet          polyurethane construction                  construction wallet          ❖ Printed graphics                   design wallet             embroidered logo

I       CoLoR
        BIG-A BI-FOLD
                         PARt No.      PRICE           CoLoR
                                                       LOGO FADER
                                                                          PARt No.      PRICE           CoLoR
                                                                                                                             PARt No.        PRICE        CoLoR
                                                                                                                                                                            PARt No.        PRICE

D       Black            34-17414      $28.00          Green              35-71603      $19.00          Black                35-71606       $14.00        Black             35-71708       $18.00
        Brown            34-17415       28.00          Charcoal           35-71604       19.00          White                35-71607        14.00        Dark	olive        35-71709        18.00
E       RAW                                            WINNER                                           BIG LEAGUE                                    	
        Black            35-71602       19.00          Black              35-71605        19.00         Black                35-71707        19.00

                                                            32-8506                               32-8508
C                                                                                                                                       32-8510

C                                    32-8505
E                        32-8021

S   GP Pro glove keychain is a cool scaled-down replica of GP Pro glove, has working cuff closure and articulated
    fingers ❖ Metal tab keychain with Astar logo and bottle opener ❖ Intersection keychain is 100% zinc alloy/enamel ❖ Lewis keychain is 100%
S   aluminum ❖ Rubber keychain is 100% PVC rubber with embossed Astar design ❖ All styles are sold each

        GP	Pro	glove
                         PARt No.
                                                       Rubber,	black
                                                                          PARt No.
                                                                                                        Rubber,	green
                                                                                                                            PARt No.
                                                                                                                                                                           PARt No.

R       Bottle	opener
                                                       Rubber,	white
                                                       Rubber,	blue
                                                                                                        Rubber,	red
                                                                                                        Rubber,	yellow



                                                                                                            UMBRELLA                                  Black and white ❖ Pro Circuit
                         UMBRELLA                                                    48” diameter with O’Neal MX logo ❖ 24”                           logo ❖ 60” diameter when open
    Printed with FMF logos ❖ Ergonomic handle                                        carbon shaft ❖ Nylon canopy ❖ Rubber
    ❖ Constructed of durable nylon                                                   MX-style hand grip ❖ Includes storage cover                                        $30.99
                $28.99               PARt No.                            34-19878            $26.99                       PARt No.	        50-7912        PARt No.	                       50-6717

                New Part Nos.
    1034 in DARK BLUE
                                      OrderiNg &
                                CustOmer serviCe         800-969-7601
                                                                                        suPPOrt         320-358-3831            
                                                                                                                                                                                click for




                                                                        M25 PIT BOARDS
Now you can relay vital information to your rider ❖ Soft rubber handles with hand grip ❖ Includes a sponsor/rider graphic area ❖ 14” x 21”

DESCRIPTION                   PART NO.        DESCRIPTION                     PART NO.       DESCRIPTION                       PART NO.         DESCRIPTION                        PART NO.
Red                           28-3402         Blue                            28-3403        Yellow                            28-3427          Green                              28-3428

                   52-9308                          52-9309                52-9310                    52-9311

                       COURSE ARROWS
Heavy-duty card stock course arrows for marking enduro
courses or your own trails ❖ Ink reformulated to resist fading                                                                                                                                R
in the sun and to be less tasty to wildlife ❖ Available in a
range of colors to designate different routes ❖ Sold in packs                                                                                                                                 I
of 50 ❖ Cards measure                                                                                                                EMBROIDERED PATCHES
81/2” x 51/2”                           $6.95                                        52-9312                  52-9313
                                                                                                                             Heat-sealed backing ❖ Easy application                           D
Danger/wrong way
                          PART NO.
                                                                   PART NO.
                                                                                                                PART NO.
                                                                                                                              American Flag
                                                                                                                                                                     PART NO.
Black/white               52-9309        Red/white                 52-9311         Blue/white                   52-9313       American Flag             3”           35-48786          2.95   R

  35-71132             35-71133            35-71134          35-71135             35-71136           35-71137             35-71138        35-71139             35-71140          35-71141
                                                                                                                                           35-71149                                           O
 35-71142          35-71143          35-71144           35-71145       35-71146           35-71147                 35-71148                                          35-71150                 R
   EMBROIDERED                                                                                                                                                                                E
     PATCHES                                                                                                                                                                                  S
High-quality embroidered
patches in a variety of
sizes and designs                                                 35-71151         35-71152            35-71153              35-71154               35-71155                35-71156
DESCRIPTION                   PART NO.         PRICE          DESCRIPTION                        PART NO.        PRICE           DESCRIPTION                          PART NO.        PRICE
12” X 13” PATCHES                                             8” X 6” PATCHES                                                    MINI PATCHES
Ol Skool Reaper               35-71132         $23.99         Girl Skull Pink                    35-71142        $11.99          Ride for a Cure (41/4” x 31/2”)      35-71151        $5.99
Bandana Skull                 35-71133          23.99         Ax Clown                           35-71143         11.99          Thug Skull (33/4” x 31/2”)           35-71152         5.99
Piston Pinup                  35-71134          23.99         Jester Face                        35-71144         11.99          Skull N Bones (31/2” x 31/2”)        35-71153         5.99
Girl Skull Web                35-71135          23.99         Live Free Skull                    35-71145         11.99          Fireman Skull (4” x 33/4”)           35-71154         5.99
Skull Motor                   35-71136          23.99         Devil Girl                         35-71146         11.99          Pink Ribbon Skull (35/8” x 31/2”)    35-71155         5.99
Death Rider                   35-71137          23.99         USA Skull                          35-71147         11.99          USA Live Free Skull (41/2” x 4”)     35-71156         5.99
Skull Rip                     35-71138          23.99         6” X 14” PATCHES
Rip Tear Eagle                35-71139          23.99         USA Feather Eagle                  35-71148         14.99
Gray Skull Cross              35-71140          23.99         Fireman Skull                      35-71149         14.99
Freedom Eagle                 35-71141          23.99         String of Skulls                   35-71150         14.99

       New Part Nos.
                          OrderiNg &                                          teChNiCal
       in DARK BLUE CustOmer serviCe           800-969-7601                     suPPOrt      320-358-3831                                                                            1035
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       o   Helmets
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       o   Complete Exhaust Systems
       o   Engines
       o   Transmissions
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