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					                    Cerebellar Hypoplasia

       s breeders of this            puppy. They play like their litter        I wanted to find out something

A      wonderful breed we are
       all concerned over the
health of our dogs. We have all
                                     mates and their appetites seem
                                     to be normal.
                                                                               about this as it was starting too
                                                                               appeared as if it was more
                                                                               common in the breed then I had
ex p e r i e n ce d d ifferent       Recently I had one of these               first thought. I took this puppy
difficulties with the breeding       puppies. I have seen this before          to my vet and asked him if he
aspect, and have had no              in a couple of puppies that               had ever seen this before, he
answers as to the many               friends of mine have had. I called        said he had never seen this
problems we have faced.              a few of the breeders and asked           before and had no idea what it
                                     if they had ever had a puppy that         could be and thought that it
I was told when I first started      had this shaking of the head, and         may be genetic.
to breed 17 years ago that if I      was told yes by all of them.
bred long enough that I would                                                  I then ask another vet that
experience every problem there       These puppies were not related            came to my home to buy a
was in the breed. I have been        in any way by pedigree. I ask             different puppy if he had ever
very fortunate over the years to     what became of those puppies              seen this before and what could
have not had any major               and was told that they were all           be the cause of it, he also had
difficulties with this breed. In     sold as pets. One of the breeders         no idea. He told me to start my
the last two years I have had a      told me she kept the puppy and            research by looking for some
problem that I had never seen        bred her and she had never                thing that could be related to
before and wanted some               produced it in her off spring.            the nervous system, at least
answers as to the cause and the
prevalence of this syndrome I
was now facing.

I have spoken to a few breeders
in recent years that have had a
puppy that developed a head
shake soon after the puppy
began to get up on its feet and
interact with its litter mates. At
first it is very subtle and you
have to watch the puppy for
awhile to determine if what
you're seeing is correct.

These puppies appear to be the
smaller ones in the litter. Sex
seems to be more female then
male. There doesn't appear to
be any other problems with the                                George, Lillian & Mia
now, I had an idea as where to     a possible cause of this problem.    We probably will never have an
start to look for an answer.                                            answer, but I felt that it was
                                   Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a term      important to share the research
I started my search by             used to describe a condition in      I have done to try to find a
accessing the hospital library     which the Cerebellum in the          cause for this syndrome. It
where I work and found some        brain either fails to fully          appears to be common in the
information on Shaky Head          develop or begins to degenerate      Yorkshire Terrier as I have
Syndrome in people. These          shortly after birth the cause may    spoken with a number of
articles stated it could be        be genetic or related to an          breeders who have experienced
caused by a problem with the       infection of the puppy with          this on occasion in a limited
inner ear or with the eyes.        herpes viruses. While still in the   amount.
                                   uterus or the cause is often
After reading many articles on     unknown.                             I hope this will shed some light
the inner ear I came to the                                             and help those who have had a
conclusion this didn't seem to     Herpes virus in the dog has been     puppy with this shaky head or
be a possible cause. I didn't      associated with the                  those in the future who may see
notice any problems with the       development of cerebellar            this in one of their puppies. I
puppies hearing or eye sight       hypoplasia. The genetic form is      have had no luck in finding
and there as no Strabismus         more common in certain breeds        another resources that explain
noticed in the puppy's eyes,       including Irish Setters Airedales    the cause of this syndrome.
now I was back to square one.      and Chows; there was no
                                   mention of the Yorkshire             Connie Conn
At this time the puppy was         Terrier.                             Moonlight Yorkies
about 16 weeks old and doing
well except when she became        The condition is first noticed at
excited her head would shake       about two weeks of age. The          This article is copy righted
back and forth in a tremor like    head will tremor and bob             permission must be obtained in
manner, it appeared that the       especially when the puppy            writing before circulating
shaking increased when I first     attempts to do a function. When
came home or when she was          at rest the head does not have
happy to see me. When the          tremors. The tremors may
puppy was sleeping or when it      progress and become severe. If
was playing with her litter        the tremors are severe enough
mates there was no sign of the     when to puppy tries’ to reach for
shaking. Being very determined     the nipple they will have a
to find the cause I again          difficult time nursing and do not
researched other sources and       flourish. If the tremors are non
found some information on          progressive, the dog may only
Cerebellar Hypoplasia. It          have mild intentional tremors
appeared that the symptoms         throughout its life. These dogs
were the same as I had noticed     are able to lead a very normal
in this puppy. Now if it is this   and happy life. There is no
or not I will probably will        treatment for this condition.
never now.
                                   I have kept in contact with the
                                   person who adopted this puppy
I decide to write this article     and have been told that the
j u s t t o p r ov i d e s o m e   tremors have lessened with age
information on this syndrome       and it mostly appears when the
to give breeders information on    puppy becomes very excited.

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