Anticipation Guide - DOC 1 by BhLE6Hj


									                             Anticipation Guide
                                Fifth Grade
Directions: Read each statement and write AGREE in the blank if you believe
the statement and could support it or put DISAGREE in the blank if you do
not believe the statement and could not support it. After you finish reading
the selection, revisit the statements. Write the page number that supports
your choice.
                   STATEMENTS                       BEFORE AFTER         PAGE
                                                    Agree/    Agree/     #
                                                    Disagree Disagree
1. Urbanization, or the moving from rural areas
to cities, was good for the United States.

2. The mechanization of farming was beneficial
to the American people.

3.The United States was seen as “the land of
promise” by most immigrants and this was
proven to be true.

4. Immigrants to America were treated well.

5. Traveling within cities, from one part to
another, was easy.

6. America is the land of opportunity.

7. Growth is good for our country.

8. Poor immigrants were better off in America
than in their home countries.

The Urbanization of America leveled reader is from the Scott Foresman Social
Studies series for 5th grade.

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