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									Goal Setting


A. V. Vedpuriswar
             Goal Setting
This presentation will help you
- To set goals
- To be focused on meeting goals
- To convert goals into reality by breaking
  them into specific tasks and planning the
• Top down
 - Management sets broad goals
 - Employees are assigned objectives aligned with
  these broad goals
• Bottom up
 - Employees develop their own goals
 - Management integrates them into larger goals
• Involvement of people is higher in the bottom up
Attributes of well designed goals
•   Clear and easy to understand
•   Written down in specific terms
•   Measurable and time specific
•   Aligned with strategy
•   Achievable but challenging
•   Backed by suitable incentive system
•   Within our control
             Achieving Goals
•   Break the goals down into specific tasks
•   Plan carefully the execution of these tasks
•   Mobilize necessary resources
•   Execute the plan carefully
           Pitfalls to avoid
• Believing that employees are doing their
  best and not stretch them sufficiently
• Focusing on procedures instead of results
• Framing ambitious goals in vague terms
• Not regularly monitoring the progress
        After-Action Review
Ask the following questions:
• What worked and what did not?
• By attaining the goal, has the necessary
  pay off been achieved?
• If the goals had to be achieved again,
  would this be done differently?
• What lessons can be carried forward to
  future tasks?
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