Job Description: Floating Deputy Shop Manager by BhLE6Hj


									                       Bury, Oldham & District Branch
Charity No:226624

                                                           March 2012

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the post of Deputy Shop Manager for the
RSPCA Bury, Oldham and District Branch.

Please find enclosed a job description and person specification giving full details of
the duties and responsibilities together with the essential and desirable qualities
required of applicants for this position.

The successful applicant will be expected to work an average of 21 hours per week
including alternate Saturdays.

There are four posts available for our new shops opening in Ashton and Glossop.

If you wish to apply for the above position please complete and return an application
form together with a letter of application to: Mrs Mandy Tierney, Branch Manager
RSPCA Bury, Oldham and District Branch, 21a Rhodes Bank, Oldham. OL1

Closing date for applications is Friday 30th March 2012. Please indicate clearly
on your application form which shop you are applying for.

As funds are limited we are unable to acknowledge every application, therefore if you
have not heard anything further from us within 4 weeks of the closing date then sadly
your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.


Mandy Tierney
Branch Manager
Job Description: Deputy Shop Manager

(a)    Job Information

Employer:                            RSPCA Bury, Oldham & District Branch
                                     (Reg. Charity No: 226624)

Responsible to:                      Retail Shops Manager

Job title:                           Deputy Shop Manager

Hours:                               21 hours per week including alternate Saturdays
                                     (may include some evenings and weekends)

                                     The days and hours will vary but will not
                                     normally exceed 21 hours per week.

Salary:                              £6.40 per hour

(b)    Overall Purpose of Job

                 To assist in the smooth operation of the branch charity shops
                 To achieve the highest standard of merchandising through best
                  practice and customer care.
                 To maximise sales potential and address compliance with current
                  legislation and branch policy.
                 To work to budgeted sales targets within controlled shop
                 To accept responsibility (in the absence of the Retail Shops
                  Manager) for all aspects of the charity shop, including volunteers,
                  stock management and financial records).
                 To promote the work of the RSPCA.

(c)    Specific Responsibilities

Shop Premises

                 To ensure that a high level of hygiene and housekeeping is
                 To be responsible for security and to be aware of key holders.
Trading Hours

                  To open and close the shops as directed by the Retail Shops
                   Manager, ensuring that trading hours are strictly adhered to.


                  To assist with the recruitment and training of volunteers, manage a
                   rota and, in the absence of the Retail Shops Manager, to delegate
                   shop tasks to volunteers according to their skills and strengths and
                   recognising the needs of the shop.


                  To achieve sales targets and maintaining a cost effective operation
                   against agreed budgets.
                  To recognize and implement additional opportunities for income
                   and reduction in shop costs.

Stock Generation

                  To assist with stock generation and management procedure which
                   may involve excessive lifting and carrying.

Stock Management

                  To manage stock flow efficiently to realise the maximum profit
                   possible from donated goods.
                  To adhere to the established sorting, pricing and merchandising
                   policies and standards.
                  To ensure attractive and themed window displays are maintained at
                   all times.
                  To ensure that stock checks o bought-in goods (such as RSPCA
                   Giftware) are undertaken on a monthly basis.
                  To ensure that the stock level of donated goods in the sales area in
                   maintained to the required value.

Administration and Financial Procedures

                  To undertake such aspects of administration and accounting
                   procedures as required by the Branch, Charity Law and
                  To ensure that banking of monies is undertaken on a daily basis
                   where possible.
                  To maintain the strict security measures implemented by the Retail
                   Shops Manager for unbanked cash at the weekends and holiday

                   To assist in compliance with all current legislation and Branch
                    policy including Health and Safety, Trading Standards, Inland
                    Revenue, VAT and Retail Law.


                   To be aware of current RSPCA campaigns and local Branch
                    fundraising and welfare activities and to educate the public and
                    promote the good name of the Branch and the National Society
                    through effective use of campaigns and educational literature
                    within the shop.


                   To attend management meetings and training courses as requested
                   To undertake and other reasonable duties as may fall within the
                    remit of the job and as requested by the Retail Shops Manager or
                    their superiors.
                   Please note you will be required at times to work in other branch

While at work all staff are required to:

                     Take care of their own health and safety and that of others who
                      may be affected by their acts and omissions
                     Co-operate with branch policies and procedures for health and

In addition to the above all staff are required to:

                     Ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, the health, safety and
                      well-being of their colleagues, volunteers and others who may be
                      affected by branch activities
                     Be familiar and comply with branch policies and procedures for
                      health and safety

Job Context

The post provides a strategic overview across all aspects of the branch retail operation. It
drives the performance of the retail operation branch and provides guidance to the relevant
staff and managers in delivery of their performance objectives.

(N.B. this job description is a statement of the job as agreed at February 2012. It
should not be seen as precluding future changes that may be deemed necessary by
senior management or the Trustees).
                     Person Specification: Deputy Shop Manager

                              Essential                                  Desirable

Physical                            Good general health.
                                    Physically fit to lift and carry
                                     small loads.
Education and Training              Good general standard of
Experience                          Previous experience in dealing            Previous experience in the
                                     with the public.                           charitable sector.
                                                                               Experience of managing a
                                                                                gift aid system for
                                                                                donated goods.
                                                                               Experience of recruiting
                                                                                and working with groups
                                                                                of volunteers.

Special Skills and                  Good interpersonal skills.                Some basic knowledge of
Knowledge                           Ability to apply disciplined               the retail and health and
                                     practises and to use time                  safety regulations.
                                     effectively.                              Ability to identify skills
                                    Ability to work under direction            in volunteers that can be
                                     from superiors but equally able            developed and employed
                                     to use own initiative.                     to best effect.
                                    Ability to motivate and
                                     influence others.

Personality and Disposition         Sympathy with the RSPCA’s                 Patient and
                                     aims and policies.                         understanding.
                                    A proven leader with drive and            Ability to plan ahead and
                                     enthusiasm.                                to see opportunities to
                                                                                acquire donated goods.
                                    Calm under pressure.                      An eye for fashion, colour
                                    Resilient in the face of setbacks          and detail.
                                    Ability to relate well to people          Willingness to learn and
                                     from all backgrounds.                      acquire new skills through
                                    Honest, trustworthy and                    training and development.
                                    Willingness to learn and
                                     acquire new skills.
                                    Personable and with open
                                     approach to new ideas.
                                    Able to communicate at all
                                    Proven customer service skills.

                                    Willing and able to work
Special Circumstances                longer than the contracted
                                     hours when the job demands.

                          Branch Manager

                          Retail Shops

     Retail Support


                Drivers        Deputy Shop
                x2             Managers
                               x 29


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