Imagine Piano The Mundi Project Monster Concert by jennyyingdi


									                                    News-Fostering a love of music, and the piano, in the world-
                                                                                                      Fall 2009

                                    Imagine a Piano...The Mundi Project Monster Concert
                                    Grandiose Display of                  higher learning through piano          recipients and the private stu-
                                    Pianism Graces Glendale               education and performance. A           dents. Special guest Jon Schmidt
                                                                          PowerPoint backdrop designed           closed each performance with an
                                    Middle School Stage                   by Addie Benson-Kingsland and          electrifying set.
                                                                          choreographed lighting by Joe
                                    A piano orchestra of over 60          Brogan enhanced each number.            The Mundi Project would like
    Important                       young pianists performed center
                                    stage at Glendale Middle School
                                                                          The program included arrange-          to gratefully acknowledge all the
                                                                          ments of “The Black Pearl”
      Dates                         through our Piano Ambassador          from the Pirates of the Carib-
                                                                                                                 piano teachers who played an
                                                                                                                 important role in making this
                                    Program in an effort to bring the     bean, “Ode to Joy”, Joplin‟s           concert a success: Laura Bayne,
                                    community together through            “Entertainer”, “Chopsticks             Alexis Boskovich, Colette Call,
        “In Four”                   piano performance. This grandi-
                                    ose display of pianism was pre-
                                                                          around the World” for 30 pian-         Merla Little, Charlotte Fife-
                                                                          ists, and “Triple Dip”. As part        Jepperson, Whitney Pizza-
     Piano in Nature                sented to Glendale‟s student          of our mission to make piano           Smith, Vedrana Subotic, Liz
                                    body, feeder schools, and the         performance and education ac-          Tabish, and Karlyn Tan.
       September 25, 2009           community reaching over 1800          cessible to all youth, the Mundi
             4:00 pm                audience members.                     Project commissioned an origi-
      Day-Riverside Library         The concerts opened with an
                                                                          nal composition, Triangles, for
                                                                          10-piano ensemble by Univer-
                &                   exciting rendition of the             sity of Utah Composition major
         September 27th             “Simpsons Main Theme” ar-             Jamie Rankin. Students experi-
                                    ranged for 20 pianists by Colette
             3:00 pm                Call. Rehearsals held at the Uni-
                                                                          enced working with a composer
                                                                          during rehearsals and perform-
Salt Lake Main Library Auditorium   versity of Utah Piano Prepara-        ances. Performers of Triangles
                                    tory Division gave students the                                               World Premiere of "Triangles"
                                                                         included past Mundi Project                 Photo: John Benson
                                    opportunity to create a bridge to     Ambassadors, YEF scholarship

  Piano on the Plaza
      Art and Science Fair
        October 10, 2009
                                    Letter from Executive Director
      11:00 am to 4:00 pm           Since our incorporation in 2006,      Project receive financial support       be held in a public school in the
     Salt Lake Main Library         The Mundi Project has been mak-       from the piano-loving community         Salt Lake area. The performances
                                    ing an increasingly positive impact   at large so that we may continue to     received so much positive feedback
                                   on young pianists in our commu-       provide this service, breaking          that we are preparing for another

  Piano Play-A-Thon                 nity. The Piano Bank has more         down the social-economic walls          Monster Concert to be held at West
                                    than doubled the number of do-        that exist in our community. I          High School in May 2010. I encour-
                                                                                                                  age and invite piano teachers and
      January 1-31, 2010            nated pianos placed into young
                                    pianists‟ homes since its begin-
                                                                          would personally like to express
                                                                          my deepest appreciation to Skip         students in the Greater Salt Lake
      Registration begins           ning. In addition, our Piano in       Daynes for purchasing 5 pianos          Area to support this program
                                                                                                                  through performance, internships,
      November 1, 2009              Public Spaces portion has placed      last summer, which were then
                                                                                                                  volunteerism, and financial support.
                                    pianos and keyboards into institu-    placed into students‟ homes along
                                    tions of learning and a parlor        the Wasatch Front.                      Utah is known as „the Piano Capital
                                   grand into a community center for     In May 2009, the Mundi Project          of the USA”, help us reach those
                                                                                                                  budding talented pianists that would
 Imagine the Earth…
                                    use by the general public. Due to     produced a Piano Monster Concert
                                    the economic climate this past        where over sixty young pianists         otherwise fall through the cracks.
                                    year, our applications for the Pi-    performed ensembles on 10 Stein-        Please be part of these wonderful
        May 27, 2010                ano Bank Program have tripled,        way, Fazioli, and Schimmel Pi-          programs and send your tax de-
           7:00 pm                  showing that there is an even         anos at Glendale Middle School          ductible donation to us today. We
                                    greater need for this program. As     (Title I) with generous support
 West High School Auditorium        the popularity of this program        from Daynes Music, Baldassin
                                                                                                                  need your support to continue our
                                                                                                                  remarkable growth.
                                    increases so do the expenses, it is   Pianos, and Barrus Pianos. This
                                    even more urgent that the Mundi       concert was the first of its kind to                  ~ Hana Janatova
Piano Bank Recipients
The following students were        tions and naturally adept. She    Superior ratings four years in a   who began studying piano two
awarded pianos from the            says, “Soyeon is filled with      row in Federation competition.     years ago. Her teacher says
Mundi Project‟s Piano Bank         music and I am enjoying the       In the last year, piano had be-    she has natural rhythm, takes
program which places donated       opportunity to help it come       come a real struggle especially    correction well, is always per-
pianos with students who           out.” Soyeon also plays the       on songs needing pedals and        fectly prepared for her lessons
could otherwise not afford an      violin, but says, “playing pi-    more keys than her keyboard        and has a determination to
instrument.                        ano is my favorite thing and      had. Now that she has a real       succeed. Yuridia says, “piano
                                   when I play the piano, it is my   piano, she plays six times a       makes me feel like I'm in a
David                              favorite thing of the day”.       week. Her teacher says she is      different, happy place”. She
                                                                     a different person when sitting    likes to accompany others and
                                   Marijke                           at a real piano. She says          perform for her family. Yu-
                                                                     Makayla has a talent for music     ridia has three brothers. In
                                                                     and does well on whatever she      addition to piano, she likes
                                                                     sets her mind on. Makayla          dancing, hiking, running, bas-
                                                                     says, “I love music. I don't       ketball, reading and science.
                                                                     think I could live without it.”    She hopes to one day be a doc-
                                                                     Makayla also likes to read         tor and an amazing pianist.
                                                                     draw and write. She hopes
                                                                     one day to be an author.           Emmanuel
David is a 14 year old from                                                                             Emmanuel is a 1st grader who
Sandy. He sings in a choir at      Marijke is a 3 grader who         Kristofer
school and church. He loves        loves to sing and play piano,
to be able to play while he        especially classical music.
sings. David's teacher says he     Her teacher says, “She is one
has a strong desire to play and    of those truly gifted, whose
a willingness to listen and        hands seem to know what to
learn. David wants to teach        do, who seems to feel the cor-
music at the Boys and Girls'       rect rhythm and who grasps
Club where his mom works.          musical concepts as if she
He says he wants to be able to     were born to it.” Marijke has                                        has played the drums since he
explore great new music and        received two Superior ratings     Kristofer is a 2nd grader from     was two. He wants to learn
soon maybe make his own.           in Federation competition and     Provo who likes dance, sports,     guitar as well as piano. For
The family had to give back a      has performed in many recit-      guitar and plays the piano         the last two years, he only had
piano they borrowed from           als. She previously only had a    every day. He is the oldest of     a keyboard. His teacher says
relatives. He says his new         keyboard. Marijke has two         four children and likes to teach   Emmanuel learns easily, he is
piano is gorgeous and sounds       autistic brothers and helps her   his sister and brothers piano.     very attentive, focused and
beautiful. He is really grateful   mom a lot. She is torn be-        His teacher says “Kristofer is     willing to practice and learn.
to be playing the piano.           tween wanting to be a piano       Samoan/Hispanic and has all        His family says he has a great
                                   teacher/professional pianist,     the natural rhythm and moxy        music talent and he is con-
Soyeon                             and being a doctor. She also      of the Island Culture He           stantly playing drums, or using
                                   enjoys gymnastics, swimming       plays with a flair and loves       his small electronic keyboard.
                                   and rollerblading.                every minute of it. He is super    They said his new piano will
                                                                     -confident.” Kristofer says        allow his interest for music to
                                   Makayla                           studying piano, “makes me          grow and it is a blessing.
                                                                     improve more and when peo-
                                                                     ple need me, I'll be there. I      William and Andrew
                                                                     want to be like my teacher”.       William is a 3rd grader and
                                                                     Kristofer's parents say his new
                                                                     piano means so much to their
Soyeon is a 6th grader whose                                         son, and because his younger
family moved from Korea so                                           siblings hope to learn the pi-
her father could be a student                                        ano as well, “it is a blessing
in the USA. While in Korea,                                          for our whole family.”
she attended lessons daily,        Makayla is a 7th grader from
sometimes twice a day. Her         West Jordan. She sings and        Yuridia
teacher says Soyeon is ex-         dances in addition to playing     Yuridia is a 6th grader at         Andrew is in 2nd grade. They
tremely eager, full of ques-       the piano. She has received       Franklin Elementary in Provo       are originally from Taiwan
                                       Pianos in Public Spaces
where they participated in mu-
sical productions and attended
a language/music school for a
year. Their older sister previ-
ously took piano and helps
teach them new songs. They                                          In January of                                            In May 2009, thanks
just started lessons with their                                     2009, the Mundi                                          to Margaret Marr, we
current piano teacher who says                                      Project placed its                                       donated a 64 key up-
they have a natural ear for                                         first baby grand                                         right to the Salt Lake
music, are very studious and                                        donation into a                                          Arts Academy, a pub-
serious about learning. They                                        public perform-                                          lic charter school for
enjoy all types of musical in-                                      ance space.                                              grades five through
struments, particularly the            Through the in-kind donation of Margaret                   eight. It was placed in the classroom of teacher
guitar. However, their mom             and Bruce Landsman, we donated a parlor                    Lamar Holley, teacher of Humanities, (English
says, “The piano is the first          grand piano to the Sorenson Unity Center,                  and History). Lamar says, “A piano in the
thing the boys run to when             which serves the Glendale and Popler Grove                 classroom is an invaluable--even indispensable--
they walk in the door. We will         communities. Since its placement, it has                   teaching tool. I compose little jingles to help
always be grateful for the             been frequently used by many of the center‟s               students memorize poems or facts, and their
chance to give them this great         patrons, including their Dental Service Pa-                learning is accelerated! Furthermore, a hammer
learning tool. What you                trons. Neighborhood piano teachers now                     and string piano is so much more organic and
dream can really come true.”           have a nearby location to conduct piano recit-             alive than an electronic keyboard. I'm the lucki-
                                       als. The piano has also provided other local               est teacher in the world--and my students feel
Elizabeth and Emma                     art organizations a venue with a piano for                 lucky, too! Thank you for this piano! Come
Elizabeth is a 4th grader who          their community outreach and performances.                 watch us rock out to learning!”
has studied piano for over five        In 2009, Spotlight Productions produced and                In July 2009, we received a baby grand from
years and her sister Emma is           presented a performance of the play Pride                  Sarah Nelson. This piano will be part of the
six years old and has studied          and Prejudice, and the Utah Opera held a                   Leonardo Art and Science Fair at Library Square
piano for two years. They had          performance which was free to the public.                  on Saturday, October 10th from 11am to 4pm.
a piano which The Mundi Pro-           Some neighborhood piano students visit the                 Come visit us at our booth where we will have
ject was able to repair thanks         Unity Center to use the instrument for piano               performances by some of our Piano Ambassa-
to one of our very dedicated           practice on a regular basis.                               dors. The piano will also be available for use by
technicians. Their teacher                                                                        the general public. We invite pianists from
says Elizabeth has determina-                                                                     around the Salt Lake valley to come share their
tion, intelligence and dili-                                                                      musical gifts on this community piano.
gence. She says Emma is one
of the youngest students she

                                       Piano Play-A-Thon
has ever agreed to teach and
that she has grasped new con-
cepts and is making excellent
progress. These sisters enjoy
playing duets together. In
                                      The Mundi Project presents our 2010 Piano Play-A-Thon.
addition to piano, Elizabeth
                                      Participants gather pledges from sponsors for piano practice
likes geography, reading and
                                      time, and are then eligible to win prizes. All proceeds will
riding her bike.
                                      help fund the Piano Bank Program, and its subsidiaries; the
                                      Pianos in Public Spaces Program which places quality pianos into individual homes as well as com-
                                      munity centers and libraries, and the Piano Ambassador Program, a community outreach performance
                                      based program.
     Many thanks to the piano
donors who made it possible for                  January 1st through January 31st, 2010 
these students to realize their                        Grand Prize: Full-Size Digital Keyboard donated by Skip Daynes
dream of owning a piano. If you
would like to donate a piano or
                                       Other prizes include: Lagoon Season Passport, House of Troy Piano Lamp, Utah Symphony tickets,
make a donation to the Piano                          Gift Certificates from Gastronomy and Jamba Juice and many more!
Bank Program , please e-mail
Leita Kingsland, Piano Bank                    Participant registration fee: $10. For registration forms go to:
chair at             Registration forms will be available online beginning November 1, 2009 
                                                                         Registration due date: December 15th, 2009
                                          Each participant will receive a 2010 Play-A-Thon T-shirt, if their registration is received by December 15, 2009.
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                                                                                           we would like to reduce our
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Above $2000                   John Benson and Leita Kingsland   Robyn Rausher-Fellows      mentally responsible.
Baldassin Music               Peggy Lewis and her daughter
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CONCERT GRAND                 Heather Conner                    The Oxford Shop
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$999-$1999                    Mark Fouxman                      Susan Duehlmeier           more efficiently. Write to us:
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$500-$999                     Jamba Juice
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Howard and Betty Clark        Mountain America Credit Union
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Hana Janatova                 Heather Bennett

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