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                                           LIM College Parent Meeting
                                               September 15, 2011
                                                 7:00 – 8:00 pm
                                           12 East 53rd Street, 1st Floor

Welcome                                                                             Gail Nardin
                                                                                    Senior Director of
                                                                                    Institutional Advancement
The theme of this meeting is “Informed Parents Lead to Successful Students.”

At the meeting, parents heard from the following speakers:

     Robert Peart, Chair of the Math, Finance & Technology Department and O’Rita Johnson, Assistant
      Director of the Math Center
     Dr. Robert Clark, Director of the Writing Center
     Ashley Baltuch, Career Development Counselor
     Dr. Patricia Fitzmaurice, Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs
     A panel of four young alumni

The Math, Finance & Technology Department and the Math Center                      Robert Peart
                                                                                   O’Rita Johnson
Mathematics is a fundamental element in the business of fashion, whether that is in forecasting, buying, budgeting,
etc. It is LIM College’s belief that both academic math and practical math helps students with logical thinking.
Some classes do not allow calculators, especially in remedial math courses, in order to develop the students’ minds
to process information more efficiently and become better problem-solvers. A few attendees added that certain
companies ask mathematical questions or give tests during the interview process and it must be done without a

Some students may feel embarrassed about needing help in math. The Math Center tries its best to make its
environment comfortable, encouraging, and welcoming to ensure students that they do not have to worry or be
embarrassed to get help. The Math Center also hosts events throughout the year. Some students may feel they do
not have time for tutoring. Parents are asked to encourage their students and reiterate to them that if they do not
have time for an hour of tutoring a week now, how will they have time next semester to take the course over?

Two in five LIM College students utilize the Math Center and the success rate of students who use the Math
Center and pass their mathematics courses with at least a “B” are very high.

Math Center tutoring options:
    Tutoring for all math courses: College Algebra, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Calculus
    Group tutoring
    One-on-one faculty and student tutoring
    Peer-to-peer tutoring
    Walk-in
    Appointments
    Weekend appointments at the 1760 Residence Hall

Calculus I and II are only required of honors students, although any student may take these courses if they wish.
Students pursuing a Bachelor’s of Professional Studies are only required to take Algebra. Students pursuing a
Bachelor’s of Business Administration must complete Algebra by the end of their freshman year or they will be
academically dismissed.

The Writing Center                                                                      Dr. Robert Clark
The Writing Center offers tutoring for students who need help with their writing. The Writing Center is also an
outlet for students who want to take their writing skills to the next level. It serves as a place for writers wanting to
excel. Several events throughout the academic year are offered at the Writing Center.

The communication forums that the Writing Center offers are:

      Fashion Sense: A print magazine written, edited, and designed by students
      Blog: An online blog by students
      The Writer’s Circle: A group that meets every other Wednesday to review each other’s work
      Literary Journal: A publication for poetry, fiction, short stories, and other literary endeavors

The types of tutoring that the Writing Center offers are:

      One-on-one faculty or student tutoring
      Help with writing in any course: Business Law, Visual, etc.
      Sharpening business communication and oral communication
      Help with writing outside of the classroom: scholarships, fellowships, job applications, competitions, etc.

LIM College’s goal is to graduate leaders in the industry, not workers in the industry. Clear and effective
communication is necessary to be a leader because people need to understand what they are following.

The Center for Career Development                                                      Ashley Baltuch
LIM College requires the following internships:

      Work Project I: This is required of first year students. The first nine weeks of the semester are in the
       classroom where students work on resume writing, interview skills, job search techniques, etc. The last five
       weeks are the actual internship. This internship is required to take place in a retail setting from right before
       Thanksgiving to right before Christmas; although they may start as early as October 3.

      Work Project II: This is required for sophomore students. The timeline is similar to WPI. However, this
       internship must be in a corporate or management setting. It does not have to be in a “clothing fashion”
       environment. Students in the past have interned at record labels, in the food industry, e-commerce
       companies, etc.

      Junior Year: Only junior transfer students are required to do an internship junior year. Students may do an
       extra internship called “Career Exploration” which is 1 credit and they may do this twice.

      Senior Year: The first semester of a student’s senior year contains the course ”Co-Op Prep” where students
       attend workshops and seminars to prepare them for their full-time internship their second semester and
       prepares them for their post-college careers. During the second semester students intern full time Monday-
       Thursday in any type of internship of their choosing. Then students meet in class on Fridays to work on a

       final group project, which depends on their major. Their final project could be a business or marketing plan
       or creating a new product or company.

The Center for Career Development offers students the following to assist them in their internship search:

      On-Campus Recruiting
      Internship and Career Fairs
      Symplicity Job Search Database
      Students learn of these events through emails, flyers, and Axis TV ads in all of the buildings.
      Students are also assigned one counselor (by last name) for their entire four years at LIM College.

Academic Overview                                                                  Dr. Patricia Fitzmaurice
The Academic Advising Office is here to help and assist students, not to do things for students. Students need to
complete assignments on time. Students need to get into the habit doing things as early as possible. If there are
issues and special circumstances, students need to let the Academic Advising Office know so they can help the

If a student wants to take a language course, they need to let their Academic Advisor know because language
courses are not required. LIM College offers Conversational Spanish I and II and these courses count as a liberal
arts elective.

LIM College offers a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in four majors: Fashion Merchandising, Marketing,
Management, and Visual Merchandising. Most students begin LIM College with a Fashion Merchandising major
but some students want to switch to Marketing or Management. However, sometimes this may mean the student
has to take extra courses to catch up. Therefore, a student does not necessarily need to switch majors. He or she
can get a marketing or management internship and collect marketing or management contacts to build a
background in marketing or management. He or she could also have a concentration in marketing or management.

LIM College offers a Master’s of Business Administration in Fashion Management or Entrepreneurship. This
program prefers that students have five years of work experience before applying because that makes the MBA
more applicable. It depends on the company and position a student has in the industry to decide whether or not the
student should get an MBA.

Alumni Panel
Stephanie Lim, 2011, BBA in Marketing, AAS in Fashion Merchandising, Assistant Buyer for Outlets at Burberry
Casey McKenna, 2011, BBA in Marketing, PR & Marketing Assistant at coolchange
Nina Pantano, 2011, BBA in Management, Buying/Planning Executive Development Program at Macy’s
Nicole Porco, 2010, BBA in Marketing, Assistant Product Manager at Woman Within
Moderator: Annicia Lynton, current junior at LIM College

   1. Please give a brief description of your job.

Nina: I start at Macy’s Buying/Planning Executive Development Program in October. In the meantime, I was
doing freelance work in the buying department at ideeli, which was just ranked as one of the fastest growing e-
commerce/sales companies in the US.

Nicole: Woman Within is a plus size women’s apparel line. It is a division of Redcats USA which is a part of PPR
holding company. As an Assistant Product Manager I am involved with concept shopping the plus size market,
product development, merchandising, certain aspects of buying, assortment plans, social media, writing copy, etc.

Casey: I currently work for coolchange, which is a resort women’s clothing company. It is an international
company but is very small with four people, including myself. I did my Co-Op here, then they hired me as a
freelancer, and recently they hired me full-time doing social media and assisting with public relations, marketing,
design, sales, inventory, etc.

Stephanie: I found my current position through LIM College. I am involved with ordering, buying, look books,
inventory, and communicating with stores about price point changes and promotions and markdowns.

   2. What would you have done differently while you attended LIM College?

Casey: I would have utilized the Math and Writing Centers beginning my freshman year. I felt I didn’t have
enough time and I was a little bit embarrassed to need help, so I didn’t go to either centers until my sophomore
year. The centers helped me so much and they often offer free pizza! Parents should encourage their students to
utilize the Math and Writings Centers. I also would have followed my graduation checklist more often. This
checklist lays out all the courses a student needs to take in which specific order since some classes are prerequisites
for other classes.

Nicole: I commuted from Staten Island every day and thought I didn’t have time to attend career events. Looking
back, I would have attended every career fair even if I didn’t need an internship at that time. I would have used the
career fairs to meet people, gather business cards and build my network.

Stephanie: I was also a commuter student as well as a transfer student, so I thought I didn’t have enough time to do
more internships. But I would have done at least one or two more internships than I had because employers seem
to value experience more than where you went to school. A degree is necessary but even having the names of
certain companies on a resume can help, especially during an interview – the interviewer may know someone you
worked with previously and this will help you stand out. Math classes are also so important. Spreadsheets was my
most valuable class because most of what I do is on spreadsheets. All sales are is math. Students should take their
math courses seriously because being good in math will help them in the industry.

   3. How did you find your Work Project I and Work Project II internships?

Nina: I utilized every career fair; so every internship I had, I found through LIM College.

Nicole: I found my Work Projects through Career Development and their careers fairs. Also, my current job was
my Senior Co-Op Internship.

Casey: I found my Work Project I at a career fair. I found my Work Project II through a previous position.

Stephanie: Because I was a transfer student, I was only required to do Work Project II, which I did at Bergdorf
Goodman and found through LIM College.

   4. How have your internship experiences help you choose your career path?

Nina: My Senior Co-Op was at Michael Kors assisting with retail global marketing and that helped me realize that
is not a career path I want to take. But I still took advantage of the opportunity and learned a lot. I realized I
wanted to be in e-commerce but may not have realized that if I didn’t try this internship. An internship may not
always be a great experience but there are always new things to be learned, even if it is just that you do not want to
take a certain career path. Every internship is valuable.

Nicole: I interned every summer outside of the required internships and I made a lot of contacts that helped me
along the way. I learned through my internships that I did not want to be in public relations but I wanted to be in
wholesale or buying.

Casey: My first internship was at Bloomingdales and I really enjoy it. However, after a year and a half, I realized
retail was not for me. It was at my internship at fashionista.com where I realized I wanted to work for a small
company, just like I went to a small college.

Stephanie: I was able to work in several different departments while I interned at Bergdorf Goodman and that’s
where I realized I wanted to work in the luxury industry. My next internship was at Donna Karan in the licensing
department. Between these two internships I learned I wanted to work in licensing or buying for a luxury brand.

   5. During your Senior Co-Op, how did you manage to juggle your academic workload with your

Nina: It was stressful to take advantage of every opportunity at my Co-Op, maintain high academic standards, and
be a Resident Advisor in the residence hall. What helped me the most was having class every Friday. Students
shared their experiences with one another; it was nice to know that fellow students are going through the same
thing and that you are not alone.

Nicole: It was hard but it prepares you better than students at other higher education institutions and there is a good
chance you will get a job from your Co-Op.

Stephanie: It was hard but it teaches you to get your work done or else it will pile up, which is applicable in the
working world.

Casey: It was difficult but it was worth it. I got my current job through my Co-Op. The Friday class helped a lot. It
was nice to hear feedback from your peers. The final group project, Capstone, also helps prepare you to work in a
group environment. You use knowledge from every class at LIM College to complete this project and you present
it to industry partners. You have a sense of pride and accomplishment about the project.


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